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Middlebury Township

in Tioga County,


Middlebury Township Histories
Formed 1823 from Delmar and Elkland
Middlebury History 1883
Middlebury Biographies 1883
Middlebury History 1897
Middlebury Biographies 1897
Middlebury Township Articles
Journey to the Day Before Yesterday
Touching Thanksgiving Story of Niles Valley Folk is told By Syracuse Newsman
Middlebury Township Postcards & Photos
Photos from Hammond
More Middlebury Photos
Middlebury Township House Photos
Still More Middlebury Photos
Photos from Holiday
Post Offices
Keeneyville PO
Crooked Creek PO
Hammond PO
Middlebury Centre PO
Niles Valley PO
1960 Dedication of Middlebury PO
Villages Past & Present
Middlebury Township Census Records
1800 Census, Tyoga Township, Lycoming County
1820 Delmar Census
1820 Elkland Census
1830 Middlebury Census
1840 Middlebury Census
1850 Middlebury Census (REL)
1850 Middlebury Census (FM)
1860 Middlebury Census
1870 Middlebury Census
1880 Middlebury Census
1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 
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Middlebury Township Directories
1899 Middlebury Directory 1908 Tioga County Directory-Middlebury Township
Township Tax Records
1812 Delmar Taxables
Middlebury Township Cemetery Records
GPS coordinates are included in top title of each cemtery page. 
Briggs Burial Gounds One and Two
gps 41.85241-77.26550
Briggs Cemeteries - Obituaries
Carpenter Burial Ground
gps 41.95813-77.41231
French Hill Cemetery [1970s]
gps 41.89784-77.32867
Lone Grave on Lanny Gee Property
Hammond Cemetery (2005)
gps 41.88443-77.20340
Hammond Cemetery Obituaries
Hammond Dam Cemetery Relocations Hammond - Tioga Dam Project
Holiday Cemetery  1970s (Relocated) Fairview (Holiday) Cemetery (2005)
Fairview (Holiday) Cemetery (Partial 1970s
gps 41.85946-77.23602)
Fairview (Holiday) Obituaries
Locey Creek Cemetery Locey Creek (Day Family) Obituaries
Middlebury #3 (2005) Middlebury Cemetery #3 (1970s) (Relocated) (Hammond)
Middlebury Union Cemetery [1970-1972]
gps 41.85779-77.31804
Middlebury Union Cemetery Obituaries
Middlebury Union Cemetery (2007)
Niles Valley Cemetery (2005)
gps 41.82011-77.28651
Niles Valley Cemetery Obituaries
Old Niles Valley Cemetery Niles Family Cemetery (1972)
Palmer-Pease Cemetery
gps 41.89273 -77.29854
Stratton Burial Ground
West Family Cemetery 1973 West Family Cemetery 2005
Middlebury Township Schools
1896 Shinglebury School 1900 Middlebury Teachers
1901 Middlebury Teachers 1902 Middlebury Teachers
1903 Middlebury Teachers 1904 Middlebury Teachers
1905 Middlebury Teachers
ca 1898 Keeneyville School
1901 Keeneyville Graded School
1906 Keeneyville School
1912 Keeneyville School  (District No. 4)
1913 Keeneyville School (Both Lower & Upper Grades)
1915 Keeneyville School
1916 Keeneyville School
1918 Keeneyville Graded School
(Upper & Lower Grades)
1930 Keeneyville School
Shinglebury School
1903 Roe Town School
1903 Palmer School
1906 State Road School
1910 Middlebury School
1922 Niles Valley School
1929 Middlebury School
1952 Middlebury Teachers
1875 School Districts
Westbrook School.
Remaining School Districts Unnamed
1898 School Districts
Keeneyville School
Hammond School
Locey Creek School
Norris Brook School
Palmer School
French Hill School
Roe School
Dan Gee School
Niles Valley School
West Brook School
Middlebury Township Business Histories & Photos
1899 Middlebury Township Business Directory
1895 A. J.Smith Store in Keeneyville
Hotels in Middlebury Township
Potter's Hotel at Middlebury Center
Starkey's Hotel and Livery
Middlebury Township Organizations
1899 Middlebury Societies
2002 Middlebury Volunteer Fire Department
Middlebury Township Churches
Histories, Records, Photos
1904 Keeneyville M.E. Sunday School
1899 Church List From Directory
Middlebury Township Family Bible Records
Shaff / Roe Bible Brigden - DeLand Bible
Johnson - Bates Bible Hymes-Stevens-Beene Bible
Adams - Cole Family Bible West - Lent Bible
Middlebury Township Families & Individuals,
Genealogies, Photos
Charles O. Palmer & Sionelli Coventry
Jesse LOSEY, Wife One, Zilpha ADAMS
Middlebury Township Resident Photo Album
Barnes Family Photos from Hammond More Barnes Photos
The Neal Family Pleasant Valley Family Photos
More Family Photos Linda CORNELL Reese Family Photos
Potter - McLean Family Photos
Hi Joyce, 
Attached is an aerial photo of Keeneyville (Middlebury Township, Tioga County) that was taken in 1963. At the very top is a two-room schoolhouse that I attended (grades 1 thru 8). My mother (Dorothy Palmer Briggs) taught here before my time. 
Both my mother and father went to school here. 
Chuck Briggs
Middlebury Township Diaries & Letters 
1864 Diary of Augustus Lyon - Died at Salisbury Prison
Middlebury Township Sports 
Hammond Baseball Team (no date)
Population Statistics for Midlebury
1887 Middlebury Township Incl. Keeneyville = 1737
1887 Keeneyville Village = 133
1891 Middlebury Township = 1658
1900 Middlebury Township = 1549
County Population Statistics 1810 - 1992