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Name of Cemetery:    Niles Valley Cemetery
Read By:  Linda Cornell Reese, Joyce M. Tice
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Date Read:   August 2005
Location:  From Rte.287 in Niles Valley turn onto Cemetery Road, cross railroad tracks.Bear right and go about 1/2 mile.Cem. Is on right, along the road.
NOTE: There are many burials without markers in this cemetery
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Surname First Name Birth date Death Date Age Inscription or note
Zinck Travis V. 1971    
Zinck Amy L. 1969 1998    
Zinck John V. Nov.19.1910 Apr.29.1987    
Zinck Hazel I. Apr.11.1913 Apr.5.1988    
Bailey Ransom R. 1913 1983    
Bailey Gertrude L. 1914      
Wood Theodore R. 1914 1969    
Wood Aleida S. 1915 2003    
Bauman Leroy May.2.1909 Jun.14.1986    
Bauman Dorothy Apr.14.1918      
Clark Milton Dec.5.1917 Oct.12.1978    
Clark Charlotte May.28.1926      
Boyce Leroy W. 1928 1973    
Boyce Norma B. 1928      
Morley James Edward Aug.5.1917 Mar.10.1988    
McKnight Marcus H. Jun.2.1926 Sep.10.1979   US Army Korea
Howard Lloyd L. 1921      
Howard Margaret V. 1923 1998    
Dochstader Robert C. 1921 2004    
Dochstader Doris Sweet 1921      
Kapitzke Lester C. 1906 1979    
Kapitzke Flora M. 1914 1997    
Starkweather Donald J. 1935 2000    
Starkweather M. Marguerite 1925 2005    
Sours ? Thomas H. Jun.28.1943 Jan.13.1986   Funeral Home marker
Cornell Albert 1914 1995    
Cornell Marie (Mary) 1917 1999    
Kennedy Wanda R. 1924      
Kennedy Mahlon L. 1925 1985    
Corbin William Tom Feb.18.1915 Apr.11.1997   WW 2 US Army
Corbin Edna Florence Mar.24.1908 May.23.1999    
Goodwin Chester A. 1921      
Goodwin Thelma S. 1918 1989    
Morgan Tony W. Dec.25.1966 Sep.13.1990    
Tipple Charles L. Oct.9.1932 Mar.26.1988   Novy Korea
Tipple Florence A. Dec.21.1938      
Boyce James Paul Dec.12.1974 Jul.10.1979    
Boyce Gordon F. Apr.12.1931 May.6.1985    
Boyce E. Helen May.19.1932      
Briggs Benjamin J. Oct.20.1940      
Briggs Hazel Sprague May.3.1943      
Smith Mildred D. Apr.26.1913 Dec.26.1984    
Rice Donna Stocum 1947 1972    
Hayes Walter J. Aug.25.1927      
Stocum Genevieve I. Jul.11.1917 Jan.26.1996    
Moore Eugene S. Sr. Feb.2.1945 Jun.4.2001    
Seddon Thomas G. Dec.2.1937      
Seddon Carol A. Nov.13.1938 May.8.1996    
White Donald D. Jun.22.1930 Mar.21.2005    
Decker Laurence H. 1914 1998    
Cole Ransom R. 1960 1997    
Cole Richard S. 1933 1998    
Cole Lois A. 1934      
Towner Sandy L. 1943      
Towner Robert W. 1942 2002    
Smith Ronnie G. 1946 2005    
Fuller Allen B. Jun.10.1926      
Fuller Ruthann Stermer Oct.23.1934 Apr.4.2003    
Paris Raymond B. 1919 1996    
Paris Mary E. 1920 2005    
Fink Harold L. 1926 1998    
Metzgar William H. 1857 1931    
Metzgar Amelia K. 1873      
Moffitt Harriet 1871 1939    
Moffitt William H. 1870 1934    
Winnie Wallace 1894 1968    
Winnie Rachell E. 1906 1940    
Mosher Fanny M. 1877 1960    
Mosher Harry D. 1890      
Saxbury F. Belle 1889 1935    
Saxbury Claud E. 1887 1951    
Saxbury Florance A. 1905 1935    
Saxbury Leona M. 1915 1986    
Whitney Edna M. 1901 1941    
Saxbury Oliver E. 1912 1958    
Mosher Irma L. 1908 1978    
Bowers Clara Whitney 1897 1965    
Whitney William G. 1885 1948    
Blazier Alfred F. Oct.2.1920 Mar.3.1968   WW 2
Heineken Victor Jun.9.1872 May.18.1945   NY PCT 8 Inf.
Heineken Adelaide F. Aug.6.1872 Jul.10.1944    
Conte Bernice Aug.28.1912 Dec.19.1944    
Sweet Lenora 1930 1935    
Sweet Ivan L. 1888 1966    
Sweet Jessie K. 1889 1968    
Dalsis Barbara 1950 2003    
Gleason Howard E. 1921 1939    
Gleason Henry W. 1878 1951    
Gleason Ella E. 1897 1979    
Gleason Foster H. Mar.4.1918 Nov.28.2000   WW 2 Army
Gleason Carrie R. Sep.1.1917 Oct.14.1991    
Gleason Baby Arthur T.   Mar.30.1962    
Holley Rosilla   Feb.7.1953   Child
VanOrder H. Arthur 1882 1950    
VanOrder Frank 1884 1953    
VanOrder Aaron A. 1907 1982
Button Leon C. Apr.24.1933 Dec.2.1990    
Hoaglin John R. 1905 1981    
Hoaglin Violette W. 1908 1995    
Clymer Mae A. 1902 1981    
Clymer John K. 1901 1998    
Gleason Frederick H. 1953 1992    
Gleason Willard S. Dec.26.1963 Oct.14.1964    
Gee Irene B. 1905 1955    
Gee Robert E. 1934 1956    
Gee Leland T. 1902 1988    
Gee Creta M. 1915      
Baker Donald R. Dec.18.1902 Feb.5.1986   WW2 Navy
Baker Annabelle 1909 1994    
Degorat Alonzo 1864 1942    
Davis George W. 1899 1980    
Davis Harriet R. 1902 1982    
Harding Althea W. 1903 1958    
Harding Clinton L. 1902 1975    
Sargent Robert Jr.   Apr.7.1954   Child
Douglas Frederick E. Nov.10.1952 May.5.2003    
Douglas Jane M. Jan.10.1965      
Gardner Vernon L. Dec.29.1940 Jan.9.2003    
Gardner Katherine A. Feb.9.1941      
Freeman Ivan A. 1913 1992    
Freeman Susie K. Gee 1918 2001    
Wilson Elwood L. Aug.9.1933 Jul.11.1994   Army Korea
Warriner Carolyn I. 1926 1990    
Warriner Donald R. 1921 2003    
Stafford Warren G. Jr. 1926      
Stafford Thelma I. 1930 2002    
Kohler Doris M. Jan.19.1951 Jun.28.2000    
Kohler Donald B. Oct.13.1934      
Weeks Benjamin B. Sep.7.1935 Aug.11.2002    
Weeks Edith B. Oct.26.1938      
Weber James B. Nov.12.1960 Sep.20.2001    
Weber Cynthia L. Sep.14.1962 Sep.15.1991    
Wolfe John E. Aug.24.1918 Apr.25.1986   WW 2 Army
Shulenski Peter Paul Jun.23.1921 Mar.6.1988   WW 2 Coast Guard
Shulenski Leah E. 1921 1997    
Driebelbies Erie Phillip Mar.23.1965 Apr.14.1985    
Driebelbies Vera J. Mar.4.1933 Jul.6.2000    
Heck Hugh W. 1926      
Heck Barbara J. 1933 2003    
Murray Philetus L. Jr. 1933      
Murray Fulvia C. 1934 1989    

Published on Tri-Counties  22 SEP 2005
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