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Below - Birth Records Transcriber - Kathryn Ann (Kelly) Wilcox
Transcribed by Kelly WILCOX Kimball (and hopefully more volunteers to come)
A Year ago in November 2001, Pat SMITH Raymond started transcribing the Bradford County Birth Records 1893-1901. She finished them up about July 2002 and they are widely used by our site guests.  Now we are very fortunate to have the same project underway for Tioga County. Kelly Kimball has started us off with the A records and has started the Bs. 

As we all know, prior to 1893 Pennsylvania had NO recorded birth records at all. They did NOT ever exist. After 1905 or so, they were sent to the state rather than the county, so all we have available locally are the recorded births from this limited period of time. They are very valuable to us, but they leave a lot out - example, the mother was recorded by her married alias only rather than by her real name, so if we do not know her identity, we will not discover it here. There are a few instances where her real surname was recorded but not many.  Records remain in the order in which they are originally recorded. All pages link back to the main page from the top menu, or you can use your BACK button to return to the main page of the Birth Section.

Even "Official" Vital record such as these contain errors. These were registered by the attending physician in many cases, and they made as many mistakes as anybody. I have found many errors in such records, so even these are not guaranteed to be the final word on accuracy. If you find what you consider to be errors in these, chances are good that the "error" is in the original and not in the transcription. You may submit your commentary on what is wrong or right  with the record to Joyce, and it will be included on a separate page of such proposed changes or below on this same page. you MUST include a reason why your version differs from the original and what your source is. 

It is my intention to illustrate each of these pages with an infant or early childhood photo and brief biographical information on a child born in roughly the period covered by the birth records. This person should be born in or have lived in the three counties represented by this site. You may submit such photos for inclusion. If you are scanning it, send as a JPG file, HIGH resolution preferred. I can not use photos sent in that are too tiny for me to edit and work with before I use them. Also include the relevant information about the person as represented in the samples I have done so far- full name, birth and death years, where born and or lived, where buried, name of mother and father (Please use mother's real name - not just her married alias.) Here's your chance to put Grandma and Grandpa on the Internet. 

BEFORE submitting "Corrections" PLEASE read Warning & Disclaimer

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Commentary and Proposed Corrections 

Attached are the birth records for "A". I'm enjoying this project, it's just the kind of thing I like to do. It's interesting to see the number of ways a name can be spelled. I surely hope I have not made any typos. There are places where there are two names separated by a /. In these cases the name was changed and I have the notation of the Orphan's Court record if anyone is interested.

Below is the dedication I'd like you to add wherever appropriate;

My work on this project is dedicated in memory of my father, Frederick M. Wilcox, who shared many hours with me digging through records, driving the back roads of Tioga County, and wandering through cemeteries in seach of out ancestors. He was not only interested for himself but recognised the importance of preserving the past for future generations.


Subj:  Tioga County Birth Records
Date:  3/31/2003 8:30:38 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Lynne)

Dear Joyce:

Hi! Just for fun I was searching for my grandfather's birth record today, and WOW! Talk about your phonetic spellings (see pg. 12)!

BURKQUST, Daniel, b. 13 Oct 1894 in Arnot to John Burkqust and Matilda Burkqust should be BERGQUIST, Daniel b. 31 Oct 1894 in Arnot to John Bergquist and Matilda Bergquist. Notice the dates are changed also. 31 Oct 1894 is what is used as his date of birth in the military and social security (he enjoyed the fact he was a Halloween baby). His name is listed as Nils Daniel Bergquist on his christening certificate from Gethsemane Lutheran Church in Arnot. Daniel died 6 Jun 1976 in Canton, Bradford Co., PA, and is buried with his wife (Bernice Irene Phinney) and one of his daughters (Nancy Lee Bergquist) in Windfall Cemetery, Windfall, Granville Twp., Bradford Co., PA.

Also, his youngest sister is found as follows:

BURKQUIST, Esta, b. 21 Jul 1897 in Arnot to John Burkquist and Matilda Burkquist should be
BERGQUIST, Esther Christina, b. 21 Jul 1897 in Arnot. She died at the family home in Arnot from complications from TB on 26 Dec 1937. She, her parents, and her youngest brother, Paul (b. 1903) are buried in the Lutheran Cemetery in Arnot. Paul is buried next to his parents, but he has no headstone.

Other siblings are:

1) Augusta Elnora (Nora) who married Clarence Ogden, had a large family and lived in and around Blossburg. Nora was b. 14 Aug 1887, d. 8 Apr 1958. She is supposed to be buried in the Arbon Cemetery, but I have not been able to locate her grave (I could be overlooking it).

(2) Emma Dorothea who married John Adolph Anderson (his second marriage). He owned a store in Blossburg for a long time. Later they moved to Massachusetts. They had a large family. Emma was b. 20 Sep 1889, d. 5 Mar 1962 in Franklin, MA. She is buried in the Historical Cemetery in Franklin.

(3) Andres Wilhelm, never married. Died in the state hospital in Danville about 1922 (family was not notified of his death until several years after the fact). We do not know where he is buried.

(4) Paul Reinbold Bergquist, b. 10 Dec 1903, d. 19 Jul 1937. He is buried in the Lutheran Cemetery next to his parents in an unmarked grave.

The parents names were: John Albert (Anderson) Bergquist. He changed his surname between the birth of his second daughter and my grandfather because on Emma's christening record their surnames are Andersson, but on my grandfather's certificate it is Bergquist.
Matilda's full name was Augusta Matilda Bengtson. She was the daughter of Nils Peter Bengtson and Ingrid Kristina Jonsdotter (Jonsson, Johnson). Nils died at sea, and Christina (her anglicized name) is buried in the Lutheran Cemetery in Arnot.

If anyone wishes to contact me regarding the Anderson/Bergquists, my new e-mail address is

Lynne Ber gquist Howell

 Subj:  Tioga County Births 1893-1901
Date:  5/23/2003 10:40:28 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:  NYsnowball512
To:  JoyceTice

Dear Joyce:

Hope all is well with you.  I know that you are very busy, but I would like to call your attention to my father, Rex Farr's birth as stated on your site incorrectly.

It is listed as:   Farr, Rick  7/6/1893....Hammondtown..(M.) (.W.).
      A. J.   Farr, father.    Maggie Farr, mother.

It should read Farr, Rex    7/5/1893    the rest is correct.

I'm sure it was a typo and can be corrected, but I wasn't sure who I should contact to correct it. {Note from Joyce - Not necessarily a typo. The original records have as many errors as any others.}

Thank you for your time, Mary FARR Norwood

Subj:  Birth corrections
Date:  02/25/2004 3:24:18 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Veronica DeMent)

Dear Joyce,

I first wanted to say how very much I have enjoyed this site. I am Veronica Lois (Hutcheson) DeMent. My paternal Grandparents were Fred & Minnie (Wilcox) Hutcheson.
Their second child listed as ? is Rexford Hutcheson 4/20/1905. Their first child is Lois Margaret not Mangurette, it is listed twice both born 9/19/1903. There are so many Hutchenson and Hutchison and Hutchinson listings in the three counties that I am not surprised that Hutcheson is most of the time spelled wrong. But your site is great, I have found sources that are no where else. Thanks so much. By the way the 1930 census have them listed as Fred and Minnie Hutchason. Aren't we having fun? 

Subj:  correction
Date:  03/20/2004 3:47:45 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (janice bolt)
Reply-to: (janice bolt)

In the Tioga county births Roy Garrison's mother is listed as Ada and it should be Addie. His brother Rex is listed just above him and it is right there. His father is Harry Foster Garrison.           Janice Garrison Bolt  [ Note from Joyce - Mother is Addie MUDGE]

Subj:  Correct Name Birth Record
Date:  03/25/2004 11:37:48 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Marian Schmidt)

Listed under B10 for Tioga County Birth Record:

Carl Brown is Clarence   parents are Frank Brown & Louisa Zimmerman Brown. Our family has his birth year as 1899

Submitted by Marian Schmidt 

The following entry is NOT part of the Tioga County Birth records, but the correspondent wants it added anyway:  Warning & Disclaimer

Subj:  add birth record
Date:  03/25/2004 11:45:55 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Marian Schmidt)

Tioga County PA

Samuel Henry Brown -  5/26/1889  -  M - W  - Frank Brown -  Louisa Brown - Gaines - Farmer

I have no Date of Record

Submitted by:  Marian Schmidt  Grand daughter

Kenneth Fuller (Delmar) was my grandfather. His name is given in the  record online as "Kenneth Lamore", when in fact it was "Kenneth  Lenore" (per family Bible). His parents are wrong, too. He is the son  of Hiram J. Fuller and Anetta (Polly) WEST Fuller (not Richard and  Anna, as listed).
Thanks to you and all your volunteers for this wonderful website. It  provides so many links for those of us searching for our loved ones'  pasts.
Ruth Randall
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