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Transcribed by Pat SMITH Raymond
We are VERY fortunate to have the start of a massive project in transcribing the birth records 1893-1901 from the Bradford County Court House thanks to our very dedicated volunteer helper, Pat SMITH Raymond. Three Cheers for Pat. For She's a Jolly Good Fellow !!!

As we all know, prior to 1893 Pennsylvania had NO recorded birth records at all. They did NOT exist. After 1906 or so, they were sent to the state rather than the county, so all we have available locally are the recorded births from this limited period of time. They are very valuable to us, but they leave a lot out - example, the mother was recorded by her married alias only rather than by her real name, so if we do not know her identity, we will not discover it here. There are a few instances where her real surname was recorded but not many.  Records remain in the order in which they are originally recorded. All pages link back to the main page from the top menu, or you can use your BACK button to return to the main page of the Birth Section.

Even "Official" Vital record such as these contain errors. These were registered by the attending physician in many cases, and they made as many mistakes as anybody. I have found many errors in such records, so even these are not guaranteed to be the final word on accuracy. If you find what you consider to be errors in these, chances are good that the "error" is in the original and not in the transcription. You may submit your commentary on what is wrong or right  with the record to Joyce, and it will be included on a separate page of such proposed changes or below on this same page. you MUST include a reason why your version differs from the original and what your source is. 

It is my intention to illustrate each of these pages with an infant or early childhood photo and brief biographical information on a child born in roughly the period covered by the birth records. This person should be born in or have lived in the three counties represented by this site. You may submit such photos for inclusion. If you are scanning it, send as a JPG file, HIGH resolution preferred. I can not use photos sent in that are too tiny for me to edit and work with before I use them. Also include the relevant information about the person as represented in the samples I have done so far- full name, birth and death years, where born and or lived, where buried, name of mother and father (Please use mother's real name - not just her married name.) Here's your chance to put Grandma and Grandpa on the Internet. 

Bradford County Births 1893 to 1901
Volume #1
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Bradford County Births 1901 to 1905
Volume #2
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Delayed Birth Records - Delayed and affidavit birth registrations are those filed after the mandated 365 day period for a regular registration. The vast majority of registrations covered in this index were filed between 1940 and 1942 by persons seeking to establish Social Security eligibility. The registrations are for births occurring before the date on which the Pennsylvania State law governing vital records took effect.  The reason that these books start at Book #3 is that the regular Birth Record Books, that we have already transcribed and published here for you [see above], are numbered one and two.  The information in these records is much better than the regular birth records.  Some of the information given on the original records besides that transcribed here is where father and mother were born, how old mother was at birth of this child, and in some cases this record gives married alias of the applicant.  There are also at least 2 affidavits signed by relatives that attest to the accuracy of the date of birth.  Copies of these records are available, and I have included the book and page number for easier ordering.

Note from Joyce - I have taken all of the books that Pat sent and combined into one sequence alphabetical by surname. Book and page are included in the final column as your reference if you want to seek additional information from the original source. This includes a total of 4,681 birth records.

A-01 AB-02 B-03 B-04 B-05 C-06 C-07 C-08 D-09 EF-10 FG-11 G-12 H-13 H-14 HI-15 J-16 K-17 L-18
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You are the visitor  to the Bradford County Birth Records since the counter was installed on 11 NOVEMBER 2001
1901-1905 records added to this May 2006, July 2006. Delayed birth Records added June 2007.

Commentary and Proposed Corrections 

Subj:  Birth Records Correction
Date:  2/24/2002 4:32:00 AM Eastern Standard Time
From:  Castilianaz
To:  JoyceTice
Dubert, Crysterine      should say Crystal Irene
   Found in Section D4 of birth records, 1899 and recorded 1901

Also I am wondering if there is not a record for John G. Dubert, born on March 25, 190l.  I did find that record when I was using records at the court house.  His parents were Walter and Maud (Davis) Dubert.

Joyce  -  I am sending this to you as directed in the heading for the birth records section.
I wonder if you and Pat Raymond and the other volunteers realize what this site means to us "furriners".  It is a blessing  indeed.
Joyce Dubert Everingham    Tucson

 Subj:  RE: Correction to the Bradford County Birth Records
Date:  2/21/2002 12:40:59 PM Eastern Standard Time
To:  JoyceTice


I just recently was given my family bible that starts with the John T. Shirner and Sarah Johnson family (my great great grandparents) through my grandfathers family the Albert Loren Canfield family.  In that bible it lists all the births, deaths and some marriages from John and Sarah family through my grandfathers death. One of my grandfathers sisters is listed as Hattie Canfield in the Bradford County Birth Records in record C4.  Hattie was not Hattie but Mattie.  Probably a simple mistake as after reading some of my familys old deeds that I got at the Bradford County Court House I can understand how hard it is to read the handwriting from back then.

I do not have access to a scanner so I could send you a copy of the records from the bible.  Is there a another way for me to get you the record sent to you? Let me know of anything I can do to be of help on this matter.


Subj:  Birth Listings for Bradford County-Correction
Date:  3/18/2002 3:32:21 AM Eastern Standard Time
From:  Castilianaz
To:  JoyceTice

Dear Joyce,

I have two corrections for the listings of births on the Tri-Counties Site.

Della S. Herda's birth is recorded on 5/19/1897, the daughter of F W and Julue Herda.  This birth is actually that of Sophia A. Herda, born Jan 3, 1897, the daughter of F W and Tula Herda.  I know it is difficult to read in the Register of Births for I found it there and read it just as your transcriber read it.,

Recorded on 12/6/1900 is Eugenie M Herda,daughter of Fred W. and Tullie Herda.  This is my mother and is Genie M Herda, daughter of Fred W. and Tula Herda.  She was born 11/10/1900.  She fought the Eugenia thing all her life.  Her name really was Genie, like the genie in the lamp.

Joyce Dubert Everingham     Tucson

Documentation or reason is given for the following "correction"

Subj:  Bradford Babies--B1
Date: 03/23/2002 4:02:37 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Janet Webster)
To: (Joyce Tice)

Correction please and thank you:

Barrett, Alice Jane, female, white,
Father:  G. Laporte Barrett
Mother:  Francis Lovell Barrett [Frank is a commmon nickname for this name and is s listed on the original records]
Columbia Township, Father was a laborer
Birthdate:  April 22, 1894 [This date differes from the original record, but no reason is given by the submitter]
Correction by:  gr granddaughter
Janet Rinebold Webster,

Thank you in advance.
Janet Rinebold Webster

Subj:  Tri-Counties site
Date:  3/27/2002 9:01:43 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (scott l. bogardus)

Hello, Joyce,
I wanted to take the time to say thank you for your wonderful site and to set you straight on one record.  I have been finding a lot of useful
information on your site about the Learn family, my father Weldon, his father Harry A., his father Nathan, and his father Morris.  I have found
even more information on the Messersmith and related lines from New Albany.
The information that is wrong is probably a typographical error.  I hope it wasn't recorded wrong.  The information is in Bradford County Birth
Records 1893-1901.  One of them reads "Messersmith Abelena, M, W, Geo. N., Malissa...born 1/9/1896"  I knew this person as AUNT ALLENA, obviously a female, and her mother's name was spelled Melissa.
Thank you again.
Judy Learn Bogardus

 Subj:  Bradford County PA Birth Records 1893-1901
Date:  4/14/2002 9:56:51 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Judy Bird)

Hi, Joyce

I was delighted to find your website and all of the work you've put into it.  I'm trying to find out more about Henry Anson Glover and his relationship to Lilly Hand, Sadie Hand, and Theresa (Thressie) Knapp.  He married Lilly Hand in 1883.  She is said to have died in childbirth (no living children).  It appears that he also married the "widow of Dr. Knapp".  I don't know if Lilly Hand and "the widow" are the same person or was he married twice before he married Bertha Shoemaker in 1893?  They had 6 children.

However there is a record in the Bradford County Birth records that is incorrect.

Glover Louis Delphine Male should be Glover Lois Delphine Female.  This is my husband's mother.

Thanks, Judy Bird

Subj:  Birth Records
Date:  7/28/2002 1:08:33 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Tim Drake)

Dear Joyce,
      My records show that Tillson, Unknown; Tillison, Oscar A; Tillison, Orrie M;and Tillitson, Milo D would all be Tillotsons, children of Denton and Minnie Tillotson. Unknown would be Pearl L. Tillotson.
      Also, Wilcox, Earl, listed twice as the son of J. Denton, and J. Derrister Wilcox would be the child of John Dempson and Jennie Wilcox..
       Thanks for the Bradford Birth Records.

Tim Drake

 Subj:  Thank You
Date:  8/13/2002 9:17:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:  JPANDA97
To:  JoyceTice


It has been awhile since I was on your site but I just came across the birth records and found the record for my great uncle - James Murray born 10/1/1986 under the M2 section.  His mother, Mary McKay, is listed as deceased.  Does this mean she died when he was born?  I have been trying to find out when Mary McKay died and where she died so I think this will solve the puzzle.

I hope you know how grateful we are for all you have done with this website.

Judy Beswick

Hello Joyce, (August 2006) Thanks for the effort in putting up the birth list!

I have found some things that are wrong but humourus.

the four children born between these dates for Guy Walter Abell and his wife Grace Maude Forbes

your transcription records:

5/1/1899  Abrell, George Lester  M  W  Abree, Gary W  Abree, Grace M  Rome Boro  Buttermaker  3/18/1899  Rome

5/22/1901  Abel, LeLeon  M  W  Abel, Guy W  Abel, Grace3  Rome Boro  Buttermaker  1/25/1901  Rome

12/01/1903  Abell  Augustus Eugene  M  W  Guy W. Abell  Grace Abell  Rome  Farmer  05/29/1903  Rome Twp.

05/24/1905  Able  Helen Ida  F  W  Guy W. Able  Grace M. Able  Rome  Farmer  01/30/1905  Rome

The 2nd child is DeLeon (he is my great grandfather) and the 3rd child is Ferdinand Augustus. Funny how all the last names are different!

Next on the list is Guy Walter Abell's brother Dana Abell and his wife Mary E Allyn

transcription reads:

12/11/1900  Infant  F  W  Abell, Dana  Abell, Mary E  Warren Centre  Farmer  8/5/1900  Warren Centre

05/30/1903  Abell  Ruria ? A.  M  W  Dana Abell  Mary Abell  Warren  Farmer  01/20/1903  Warren

the first is Rena, she died 12 days old, the second is Runa

Adam Dewing

Hi Adam. I will forward this to Pat to look at. In most cases, actually all cases examined so far, the error is in the original record and not in the transcription. Pat transcribes what is written in the book. Often she notes in the far right column, when she notices inconsistencies, that she has transcribed as written. She may want to look at this. Pat does not claim perfection, but to date all reported "errors" have been in the original and are not hers.  I will put your note in the "proposed comments and corrections section." we can not change the original records and must transcribe them as they are or we have a different product altogether, no longer a transcription. Joyce M. Tice

Oct 2007 - I searching these records for my mothers family, I found her name in B5.  But her given name was misspelled as well as her mothers given name.
Mothers birth was recorded on 5/25/1897.  Her name was Nellie, not Nettie.  And her mothers name was Effie Ann Rubert Barrett instead of Effa.  The other data is correct.  
I found her sister, Mertie on B9 and the mothers name was spelled correctly there.
I have transcribed information from census rolls and know how hard it is to read some of those handwritten notes.
The information that I am passing on to you is not only widely known by family members, it appears on her death certificate.
Elizabeth Ann Pearce Bennett
Franklin, N.C.
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