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The town and original village are located on a peninsula encircled by hills similarly to Athens, Greece for which it was named. This was long a part of the Indian's territory of Tioga (Teaoga or Diahoga), a name that was retained in the original township. In 1797 Tioga township was divided, the north township receiving the name of Athens, and the south, the name of Ulster, thus the name Tioga, which for centuries had been given to the confluence of the two rivers, was lost to our county
Athens Township Histories including, Sayre, Athens & S. Waverly Boroughs
Athens History by H. C. Bradsby
Athens Borough History by H. C. Bradsby
Sayre, S.Waverly Boroughs by H. C. Bradsby
Athens History from Seven Counties Outline ...
Old Tioga Point - Chapter 6 - Welles
Athens History by D. C. Craft
& Biographies
A Short History of Sayre
Early Times on the Susquehanna
Athens Township Articles
Mayors & Burgesses of Athens Township - Biographies
Fire Chiefs of Athens
Athens a Hundred Years Ago (Writen 1889)
The Tioga Point Rebellion
Brule & Spanish Hill - RJM 1984
Spanish Hill Investigations 2006
Township Postcards & Photos
Some Athens Postcards
Some Sayre Postcards
The "Tom Thumb" Wedding 1909 in Sayre
1869 Post Offices
Orcutt Creek
South Waverly
Villages Past & Present
Athens Township and Borough Census Records
1800 Tioga, Luzerne County
1810 Athens, Luzerne County
1820 Athens Township Census
1830 Athens Township Census
1840 Athens Census
1850 Athens Boro Census
1850 Athens Township Census
1860 Volunteer Needed
1870 Athens Township Census
1870 Athens Borough Census
1880 Athens Borough Census
1880 Athens Township Census
1880 South Waverly Census
1880 Sayre & Orcutt Creek
1900 (Volunteer Needed)
1910 Athens Township Census 1910 Athens Borough Census 1910 Sayre Borough Census
1910 South Waverly Census 1920, 1930 (Volunteers Needed)
Athens Township and Borough Directories
1900 Athens Township Directory
1900 Athens Borough Directory
1900 Athens Street Directory
1900 South Waverly Directory
1900 S. Waverly Street Directory
1900 Sayre Street Directory
1907 Athens Borough Directory
Athens Township Tax Records
1808 Tioga Township, Luzerne County Assessment 1812 Taxables
Athens Township Cemetery Records
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Epiphany Roman Catholic (Partial List) Epiphany Cemetery Obituaries
Epiphany Cemetery 2002 Reading
Tioga Point Cemetery Tioga Point Obituaries
Col.John Franklin/ Franklin-Flower, on Walker estate, private (1999)  Stutliff Hill Cemetery (2001)
Rest Cemetery a.k.a. Old Milltown Cemetery Tutelow/ Todleton/ Tootletown
Wilawana Cemetery (1999) Wilawana Cemetery Obituaries
Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery  2005 Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery Obituaries
Riverside/ Old Athens Old Athens Cemetery [Riverside} 2011 reading
Orange Hill Cemetery (1999) Orange Hill Cemetery Obituaries
Athens Township Schools
Athens Old Academy 1883 Sayre Elementary School
Athens High School 1904 Athens Graduates
1914 Sutliff School Sayre High School
1920s Sutliff Hill School 1920s Grove School 1928 Athens High School Commencement
1932 Central School, Sayre Greens Landing School Robert Packer School of Nursing 10th Graduation
Wilawana School & Church Photo 1903 Orange Hill School 1920s Milltown Schoolhouse
1869 School Districts
1. Cayuta District 8. Elston District 15. Franklin District
2. Pine Plains District 9. Farr District 16. Hadlock District
3. South Waverly District 10. Lamberson District 17. Clover Dale District
4. Scott District  11. Sutliff District 18. Glen Valley District
5. Hurley District 12. Pine Grove District Athens School
6. Orcutt Creek District 13. White Schoolhouse District
7. Gregory District 14. Orange Hill District
Athens Township Business Histories & Photos
Hollenbeck's Store at Tioga Point 1787-1788 1907 Athens Borough Businesses
1888 Old Union Bridge Works Blacksmiths 1907 Athens Township Businesses
1907 Sayre Borough Businesses 1907 South Waverly Businesses
1947 Theetge Checrolet (Sayre) Employees
Hotels in Township
Photographers in Athens Township
Lease of Sayre Teed of Sayre
McCollum of Athens
Athens Township Organizations
Rural Amity Lodge (F & AM) Membership List
1897 Five County Firemen's Convention
Athens Township Churches
Histories, Records, Photos
1919 Directory Chemung Methodist Episcopal Circuit - Included Wilawana
Athens Township Church Photos
Athens Township Family Bible Records
Zimmerman - Zitter - Hoose Bible Records Tozer - Kinney Family Bible
Stephens - Ranson Family Bible Hunt - Holman Bible
Elsbree - Knapp Family Bible Decker - King Family Bible
Loomis - McAfeee Bible Records Smith Family Bible Records
Athens Township Families & Individuals,
Genealogies, Photos
Waverly Reminiscences of Uncle Jake
The MONTOUR Sisters, Queen Esther & Queen Catherine
Descendants of the German Schnells
Northrup Family Records
Julia Ann SHEPARD Perkins Biography
The Thurston Family
The Tozer Family
Marriage Clippings for Athens Township and Boroughs of Athens, Sayre, S. Waverly Buffington - Merrill Family Lineage Journal
Paine - Freeman Family
Athens Township Resident Photo Album
Duggan Family of Barclay & Athens
Migrations - Where did they come from and where did  they go - Tracking our people
I will be developing this section of the site further, WITH YOUR HELP,  and adding both the names of the women that the history books seldom considered, and the place of origin and family histories. For now, I am just trying to get the order of who came when established. Some of the tax records, that would demonstrate that, are missing. This immigrant section is in draft mode subject to change.
Athens Township Immigrants - Where our people came from and when 
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1832 Anne WEST Page Diary from Liverpool, England to NYC
Athens Township Emigrants - Where our people went and when

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Athens Township Diaries & Letters 
1832 Anne WEST Page Diary from Liverpool, England to NYC
Diaries of Robert Bruce Park
1933 Diary David B. Hulslander of Sayre
1910 Memoirs of Elizabeth CORNEBY "Walker - England to Athens
Athens Township Wills, Deeds, Legal Documents
Wanton Rice Land Records
Thomas Baldwin Will 1810
Athens Township Military Records
Charles Hoose Military Papers
Civil War Soldiers of Athens
Walter E. Kinne - WW1
Guy Walburn - WW1
Athens Township Sports 
1892 Athens High School Football
1900 Athens SemiPro Football Team

Population Statistics
1840 Athens township = 1532
1887 Athens Borough = 1592
1887 Athens Township including villages below = 2402
1887 Orcutt Creek Village = 80
1887 Sayre Village = 729
1990 Athens Borough = 3468