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Berneice REED MacDougall Diary 1907
Photo at left of Berneice REED MacDougall . 
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Berneice Reed,

Horseheads, N.Y.

Diary Cover Page:

Berneice McDougall

Dec. 25, 1906

Merry Xmas.

From Charlie

Tuesday, January 1, 1907

A rainy morning but it cleared up about 9:30 and we had a nice warm day for the reunion. Charlie had to go with the milk. The people began to arrive about 11:00. All here except Libbie and her husband. Mr. Brown came with Ed’s people. Had a fine time. Waited dinner until Charlie got back. Hattie, Charlie, Mary and I waited on the table. The crowd left about 5:00. Had quite a job getting the dishes washed and put up. Charlie and I went in to see the baby a few minutes and spent the rest of the evening in our room.

Wednesday, January 2, 1907

A nice warm day. No wind at all. The boys drew straw from the stack to the wagon house all day. Mother and I ironed the colored clothes. Swept my room, helped with the work, etc. all the forenoon. Got cleaned up after dinner and cut a lot of carpet rags. Rocked the baby to sleep and then sewed rags until dark. Father went to Millport and got a wagon of Chauncy S--. Charlie didn’t get through his chores until much later than usual. Read [bottom cut off]

Thursday, January 3, 1907

Rained and froze as it came – an awful nasty storm. Charlie had a very unpleasant trip with the milk. Sent word to Frank that we would go up to Mr. Latin’s tomorrow night. Did house work, fooled with the baby, read some and did not get any sewing done. Charlie sat in our room most of the afternoon. Grace in to visit us. Charlie sang for our entertainment. Grace studied quite a lot. Washed the dishes at night and read. Ate candy and nuts until bed time. Rained at intervals all day and [bottom of page cut off].

Friday, January 4 1907

Had a furious rain and wind storm about 7:30 a.m. but not of very long duration. Rain and snow squall all the forenoon. Grew colder in afternoon and began to freeze about 5:00. Got my work all done before dinner and sewed quite a ball of carpet rags in afternoon. The baby most sick with a cold. Charlie and I went up to Mr. Latin’s and spent the evening. Walked up. Had a very nice visit. Got home about 10:00. Frozen hard enough to hold us up. Seems good to have cold again.

Saturday, January 5, 1907

A beautiful bright sunshiny day the first sunshine in about two months. The roads partially frozen. Charlie went with the milk. Read some and did housework before dinner. Baby’s cold quite a lot better. Charlie got her some medicine. Took Aunt Emily to covenant meeting after dinner and went on to Millport – the roads something fierce – mud and hubs together. Found Aunt Lib at Jen’s so had a good visit. Took Aunt up town and then came on home. Lucy very quirky. Got home about 5:30.

Sunday, January 6, 1907

A nice warm sunshiny day. Was going to church then on down home but Charlie didn’t get around by church time so went only down home. The roads awfully bad. Mamma and papa oth quite well. Had a good visit. Brought up some shoes and a sofa pillow. Not feeling very well all day. Took us about two hours to come home. Played with baby, ate a lunch and went to our room. Charlie read quite a while and I went to sleep. A warm night.

Monday, January 7, 1907

A warm day but cloudy. About like April. Mother and I did a whopper of a washing. Had to take in the clothes about 4:00 on account of the rain. Rained hard until late in the night. Charlie had a very hard trip with the milk. Lay down after dinner – about tired out – and took a nap. Charlie up in the room the most of the afternoon. Harry started to school. Began sewing rags about 3:30 and sewed till dark. Played with baby in the evening and read some.

Tuesday, January 8, 1907

Rained at intervals all day. A very peculiar day – fog storm etc. Very warm. Got money order for father. Not feeling very well so did not do my ironing. Charlie topped his boots up in the room. Read some before dinner. Charlie did numerous odd jobs in the afternoon. Played with baby a wile then got cleaned up, went in mother’s room and sewed a big ball of carpet rags. A warm night. We wpent our evening in our room reading.

Wednesday, January 9, 1907

Got up about 4:00. Began getting colder about that time and froze all day. Charlie had the hardest trip of the year – deep mud just freezing. Ironed and did house work all the forenoon. Mr. Dayton and Mr. Hill here to begin operations for our telephone. Charlie got home about 3:30. Sewed rags some in the afternoon. Charlie read a while in our room and then went up where they were getting out poles. Mother not feeling at all well. A cold blustery, squally day.

Thursday, January 10, 1907

Rather a cold day. Thawed some in the p.m. Charlie had to go down to Matt Miller’s after our butter – he left it in a milk can. Mr. Dann up and made a morning call. The men and Mr. Dayton peeled and put up the telephone poles. Had the baby in our room a while. Ironed some and helped get dinner. Read and sewed (mended) some in the afternoon. The shone shone some – quite a phenomenon this winter so far. Received a letter from Bessie. Sadie decided to go home tomorrow.

Friday, January 11, 1907

Did house work and read in the forenoon. A warm bright day. Sadie started for home after dinner. Mother went with her for a visit in Elmira. Son and I took them to Millport. Got some cotton etc. Stopped at Jen’s to see when Aunt Lib was going up home. Charlie, father and Mr. Dann setting telephone poles when we got home. Found that Charlie had just traded horses – Gyp for a big sorrel colt with Jiff the Jew. Had to be chief cook again for a while. Read some at night. Some colder.

Saturday, January 12, 1907

Had to get up and get breakfast. A regular blizzard snowing and blowing at a great rate. Grace and I went up to the barn to see the new horse. The weather cleared up about 10:00 and Charlie and Mr. Stuart went to Elmira with loads of lumber for Mr. Grimes. Did the house work and read in the forenoon. Were going skating but didn’t want to leave. Aunt Emily, Grace and I sewed carpet rags and Jay talked to us. Had the kids tearing rags in the evening. Charlie got home about 7:00.

Sunday, January 13, 1907

Some warmer. Got breakfast, did up the work and got ready for church. Charlie and I got ready about 11:00. Aunt Jule and Uncle Jim along – on their way to Sadie’s. They feeling awfully blue. Grace rode down to church with us. After services eleven were taken to Millport for baptism. Did not stay for Sunday School. Went from church down home. Drove our new horse Isadore, got there just in time for dinner. Roads somewhat hubby and rough. Got home about 6:30. Read some and retired early.

Monday, January 14, 1907

An awful stormy morning. Cleared up about 8:00. Hustled thro’ my work, got ready and went to Horseheads with Charlie. He took the team to have them shod. Went to Edna’s. She went overtown found Charlie and made him promise to come there for dinner. Had a very nice time. Henry entertained us a while with their phonograph. Did some trading. Roads awfully bad. Found the men putting up telephone wire and Lon gone to load up lumber for Charlie. Helped Grace review for the grade examinations.

Tuesday, January 15, 1907

A regular young blizzard in the morning but it cleared up about 9:30 and Charlie went to Elmira with lumber again. Did up the work and baked a cake. Mssrs. Dayton and Hill came and put in the ‘phone. Lay down after dinner and took a nap. Harry went to Millport to meet mother. Had lots of fun with the phone at night. Charlie got home about 7:30. Very cold in afternoon and night. Froze real hard. Had to get Charlie supper and do up the work so didn’t get time to read.

Wednesday, January 16, 1907

A beautiful cold winter day. Mother and I washed – had a whopper as usual. The boys opened the silo and Charlie loaded his load of lumber for tomorrow. Ed. Up a little while. Awfully tired, so lay down after dinner and slept till Grace came from school. Changed my dress and cut out a head rest before supper. Planned to go on a skating expedition tomorrow night with the children. Read in the evening. Grew colder toward night. Charlie developed a cold again.

Thursday, January 17, 1907

Cleared up in p.m. Some snow fell. Got up and found it snowing and blowing at a great rate. Real cold too – quite a blizzard. Papers contained an account of the Kingston, Jaimaca earth quake. Mr. Stuart came so he and Charlie started with their lumber – had an awful trip. Did housework, baked cake etc. and got ready to go to the Aid. Drove and took Aunt Emily and mother. Had rather a fierce ride. Only a dozen out to attend the Aid. Had a very good time. Go a card from mamma saying Aunt Lib and Uncle Thed were there.

Friday, January 18, 1907

Not quite so cold. Charlie did his chores, put up some buckwheat to take down and we started for home. The people just finishing dinner when we got there. Aunt Lib and Uncle Thed there but getting ready to leave so we didn’t see them much. They both looking fine. Papa soon started with them for the car – drove our platform. When he returned, Chas. loaded up some corn and we started. Mamma gave me a headrest and eleven holders. The whiffletree bolt broke coming home no damage.

Saturday, January 19, 1907

Found it raining awfully hard in the morning. Soon began to freeze as it came – making an awful storm. Charlie was intending to go with lumber – but gave it up. Mr. Stuart came up and then they went and covered up the loads. Charlie just about sick. Ironed and mended all the forenoon. Had a lot of fun jollying over the phone. The men sawed wood with the buzz saw and butchered two pigs in the afternoon. Mr. Dann helped butcher. Sewed carpet rags most of the afternoon. Grace helped me straighten up my room.

Sunday, January 20, 1907

A very windy day – a regular cyclone all day. Blew down some trees and the windmill on Mrs. Westlake’s place. Charlie not feeling well, so didn’t go to church. Harry and Grace went over to Uncle Jim’s. Read and slept all day. Read to Charlie in the afternoon. Real cold in addition to the terrific wind. Charlie got his chores finished quite early and we went over and spent the evening at Mr. Dann’s. Had a very pleasant time – also a very "galey" trip on returning.

Monday, January 21, 1907

A very cold day, but not so windy. Charlie went wit a load of lumber. Mother and I washed. Didn’t do as much as usual – not feeling well. Took a nap after dinner. Helped Jay with his examples. Charlie didn’t get home till 7:30. He left the team hitched in Horseheads and they broke loose and started for a genuine old run-a-way but were soon caught. No particular damage done – an electric light post broke, reach in wagon and some of the harness. So glad that it turned out so well.

Tuesday, January 22, 1907

About sick all day. Sewed quite a few carpet rags but lay around the most of the day. A Jew here to buy some calves. Had a picnic talking with him (Charlie and I). He not holding a very high opinion of Gyp. Visited with Coe over the phone. The boys cut wood in the afternoon. Charlie went up towards night and loaded his last load of lumber. A very cold day. The children spent the evening with us in our room. Read some after doing up supper work.

Wednesday, January 23, 1907

A very cold, bright day. Just a beautiful winter day. Charlie went with this last load of lumber. Got him some new high shoes. Received an invitation (over phone) from Mr. Latin to a party at Elmer Stewart’s so baked a cake to take. Did my ironing. About froze my feet working in the butry. Gave my room a thorough sweeping and dusting. My room like a hot house the sun was so bright. Wrote invitations for a surprise for Jay. Charlie got home about 8:00 awfully cold. A very, very cold night but still.

Thursday, January 24, 1907

24 degrees below at Horseheads

20 degrees below at Reeds

18 degrees below at Coes

A very cold still day. Mother and I decided to go down home, so heated some bricks did up our work, put on all the wraps we could find and started. Rode as warm as toast. Didn’t realize how cold it was till we saw a thermometer. Had a fine visit. Papa not feeling very well. Old Mr. Martin there for dinner ordered some spoons of him. Started home about 3:30. Bega making my new apron. A very cold night again. The boys cut wood.

Friday, January 25, 1907

Snowing in the morning and continued all day and until 2:00 Sat. morning. Charlie cut out wood. Sewed some on my apron. Uncle Thed over in the afternoon. The telephone connected with Odessa. Father had a call from Kayutaville about as soon as connected. Mr. Dayton over to give us the rings. Flossie came up with Grace at night. Went to a party at Elmer Stewart’s at night. Flossie, Grace, Charlie and I went in the buggy and the boys walked. Had a fine time. Met Miss Bartlett. Got home about 2:00. Awfully tired.

Saturday, January 26, 1907

About "all in." My head as big as a barrel. Did some house work. Grace, Flossie and I fooled away the most of the forenoon. The boys cut wood. They took Jay to the woods to give the party time to assemble. The youngsters came before we got our dresses changed. Jay very completely surprised. Played some with the children. Had their supper about 5:00. I ate and mother waited on the table. The last of them departed about 8:30. Jay took Grace and Elizabeth home. A cold sunshiny day.

Sunday, January 27, 1907

A nice day but still real cold. Charlie went with the milk. Grace, Aunt Emily and I went to church. A very small congregation. Mr. Stevens spoke to me about joining the church. Charlie got back at 1:30. He did his chores early and we went down to Ed’s and spent the evening. Raymond received a very severe cut in the morning. Had a good visit. Mary insisted on our having a lunch before going. A beautiful, cold moonlight night. Got home at 10:30. Awfully tired.

Monday, January 28, 1907

A cold bright day. Very still which was quite a change. Mother and I washed. Charlie went and helped Mr. Bush butcher also Mr. Stuart to load his last load of lumber. Mr. Dann over to get mother to stay with the children while they went to a funeral. She went about 1:30. Finished my apron and did some mending in the afternoon. Charlie came home when we were eating supper. He got worried because mother didn’t return and went over to Dann’s to determine the trouble.

Tuesday, January 29, 1907

Rather a nice cold day. Charlie went with the milk. Lon, father and Mr. Dann cut wood. Mother commenced cooking up the hams to keep for summer. I sliced up three for her – with as many cuts on my hands. Charlie about sick but had to go and help Dann load some straw as a consequence was "all in" at night. Cleaned up our room, mended and read in the afternoon. Saw a big fox quite near the house. Charlie went to bed at 7:30. Talked with Miss Bartlett over the phone.

Wednesday, January 30, 1907

A nice bright morning. Not so very cold. Took Aunt Emily to Horseheads. Drove a cutter but found poor sleighing until we reached the macadam road. Stopped and did some trading and took her down to Mrs. Abbie McD’s. Finished my errands in town and went up home. Stayed until 4:00 and went on back. Visited with Emma. Charlie went to Millport to pay the taxes and bought a cow and didn’t get home till 4:00. He not feeling much better. Much colder at night.

Thursday, January 31, 1907

Quite a lot colder. Did up the dishes ironed and got the potatoes for dinner. Charlie went with the milk tho’ he wasn’t able to. Talked with Frank and he said he was coming down at night but he failed to appear. Gave my room a thorough cleaning and washed the oil cloth. Charlie gave up work for the afternoon. Stayed in mother’s room till I got my work done, then I read to him from "The Master Mummer." Talked with Miss Bartlett again. Read to Charlie until nearly 10:30.

Friday, February 1, 1907

Some warmer – so it thawed quite a lot for the first time in two weeks. The men and Mr. Dann butchered killed three pigs. Mr. Dayton over to see about putting Mr. Dann’s phone in. they sawed a little wood with the buzz saw at night. Did housework about all day. Lay down a little while in the afternoon. Went to a party at Fenner Palmer’s at night. Had a fine time. Grace went with us. Made plans for Charlie to take a load to the Creamery Reception next week. Bessie F. there. Got home about 2:00. Rained some.

Saturday, February 2, 1907

Still warmer and thawing – the snow nearly all gone by night. Charlie took the milk and the others sawed wood – got up a nice large pile. Did housework tried out my pig’s fat etc. all day. Awfully tired and sleepy. Charlie and I got ready and started down home about 5:00. Drove Isadore – he greatly improved since we got him. Got there in time for supper. The folks quite surprised. Visited till 9:00 and retired. Rained some in the night and th wind blew a gale. Much colder.

Sunday, February 3, 1907

Clifford Theodore Bennett born.

A cold blustery day again. Charlie and I both overslept and he had a fit because he didn’t get up to help milk. Read and visited until 5:00 then started back. Had rather a cold ride. Aunt Emily came up home on the car with Aunt Lulu and bun brought her on up. Posted my book for Jan. and did some other writing. Took a bath in the evening and read quite a lot to Charlie. Grew warmer in the night again. Grace fell on some ice and cut her head.

Monday, February 4, 1907

A beautiful, bright, still, cold day. Charlie went with the milk – got a crock to pack our meat in. Mother and I washed. Sewed a big ball of carpet rags and cut out my new waist. Charlie didn’t get home until 5:00 – got his horse shod. Talked with Frank about getting some way to take the load to the Creamery Reception. Read in the evening. Mr. Dann over to borrow some pork so Charlie did not get in very early. Mr. Latin called me up to see if I could find him a girl for Friday night.

Tuesday, February 5, 1907

Found the ground covered with snow in the morning and the snow continued to fall all day. The children rove to school. Tried out my lard and got my upstairs work all done before dinner. Sewed on my waist in the afternoon. Lon and Charlie both about sick so didn’t do much. Harry stayed down to do Ed’s chores as he was sick. Lots of snow but not much sleighing. Read to Charlie and helped Grace with her examples after doing up the supper work. A cold night.

Wednesday, February 6, 1907

A cold raw day. Charlie took the milk got back quite early. Lon’s team left him at Coes when he went after the milk and ran home – no damage done. Helped with the work and ironed in the forenoon. Lon and Charlie both nearly sick. Mr. Dann over before dinner. Sewed all the afternoon – finished my waist all but the buttonholes. Harry still ad Ed’s. Nearly everyone having the Grip. Read to Charlie in the evening. Lon and I cut up the three pigs after dinner. An "expert" job (?)

Thursday, February 7, 1907

Quite a cold morning but warmed up some in the afternoon. Ate breakfast and waded into my meat job. Charlie not feeling like working so he cut up the meat for me. Mr. Dann over quite a while in the forenoon. The children drove to school again. Harry still at Ed’s. Sat down only long enough to eat my dinner until 4:30 p.m. About tired out. Packed down a 6 gal jar and two 2 gal jars of meat. Rested until supper time. Read some in evening.

Friday, February 8, 1907

Much warmer so that it thawed quite a lot in the afternoon. Charlie took the milk and brought up our box of house keeping utensils. Helped mother cut up sausage meat and straightened up. Went to Millport after dinner. Stopped to see my new cousin – a great looking kid. Jen pretty well. Went on down after Bessie. Had a cutter but found but very little snow. We walked up the hill coming up. All of our crowd (8 of us) started for Reception at 7:30 in a load. Had a fine time. Got back at 4:30.

Saturday, February 9, 1907

Bessie and I slept until 10:30. Frank came to take her home before we were up. Ate some breakfast then Frank and Charlie came in and we opened our box of house hold utensils. They are simply o.k. Charlie feeling awfully bad. He and I lay down after dinner and took a nap. He became worse about 5:00. Went to bed – had chills and a burning fever. He got some better about 9:00 and I went to bed. He didn’t sleep much all night. Rather cold.

Sunday, February 10, 1907

Quite a cold, blustery day which grew worse toward night with snow squalls. Harry and Aunt Emily went to church and father and mother over to Uncle Jim’s. Stayed with Charlie and read to him most of the forenoon. He some better but with a terrible pain in his head. I got dinner and did up the work then he and I lay down for a while. He out at night a little while. Had three visits over the phone. A cold bad night. Read some and wrote two letters and retired.

Monday, February 11, 1907

A terrible day – cold, stormy and windy. The snow drifted until the roads were full of drifts in some places. Mother and I washed but could not hang the clothes out of doors. Mother about sick. Charlie in the house all day. Finished my waist and put it on as perfect fit. Lay down with Charlie a few minutes toward night – he quite a lot better. A bitterly cold night. Bertha drove and took the children to school.

Tuesday, February 12, 1907

Harry went up the road after the milk and had quite a hard time on account of the drifts. Lon went with the milk. Charlie drove down to help him through the worst of the drifts. Charlie in the house then until Dann came over and he went down to Rob Chapman’s. Did house work all the forenoon and part of the after. Received a lovely doily from Charlie’s Aunt Franc. Mother quite bad off with the Grip so I became chief cook. Made Valentines for Grace to put into the school box all the afternoon till supper time.

Wednesday, February 13, 1907

A warm sun-shiny day. Mother some better – so she was downstairs. Charlie helped Mr. Dann draw logs. Got stuck with one load – broke the tongue and had a great time. Grace not feeling very well so did not go to school. Did house work all the forenoon and part of the after. Sewed a big ball of carpet rags and Grace made her doll a skirt after we finished our work. Got supper and read in the evening. Telephoned to Mrs. B. Wager and found some butter.

Thursday, February 14, 1907

A nice warm day. Thawed some. Mother came downstairs and went at cooking up meat. Went to take Grace and Bertha to school. Came back and got ready to go over to Mr. Wager’s after butter. Was just starting when Mamma came so Harry went. Had a fine visit with mamma. Showed her my new utensils etc. Cleaned up my room after she went. Got supper did up the work and read and helped the children with examples in the evening. Charlie read till 10:30.

Friday, February 15, 1907

Still warm and thawy. Charlie drew logs – Mr. Dann helped him. Bertha drove to school and took the children. Did a lot of housework as usual and mended some before dinner, and did my ironing. Did up the dinner work and sewed carpet rags till 4:00. Lay down till the children came home. Jay, Harry, Lond and Grace went to a party at Updike’s. Had a lot of fun with Lon because Maude couldn’t go with him.

Saturday, February 16, 1907

Still warm. Charlie went with the milk. Lon got logs in the forenoon and helped Mr. Dann butcher in the after. Charlie went over and helped after he got back. Swept, dusted, fixed my meat to be put away, mended etc. all day. Jay smoked the pork barrels. Took my bath in the afternoon and got ready to go down home. Charlie got back and we started about 5:30. Mamma and papa just finished supper when we got there. Visited till 10:00 and retired.

Sunday, February 17, 1907

Found a change in the weather on arising. Real blustery, cold and stormy. Read, visited, helped mamma and made a batch of candy before dinner about 1:00. Fooled around and did not get started for home until 5:30. Awfully cold – the coldest ride of the winter. Weren’t long on the road. Visited with Mr. Latin over the phone and read in our room till bed time. Grace spent the evening with us. Retired at 9:00. A very cold night.

Monday, February 18, 1907

A bright day but rather cold. Mother and I washed. I about "all in" all day. Kept up till washing was finished and went to bed and didn’t get up till Tuesday morning. Couldn’t go down for supper. Charlie went with the milk and drew out manure in the afternoon. Wrote a note to Grade D. about her getting "huffy" at the Valentine I made for her. Read some in the afternoon. Had a nice day for drying our clothes. Charlie brought me some milk for supper and we retired.

Tuesday, February 19, 1907

A rainy morning. Did not continue very long but the rain froze as it came thus coating everything with ice and later changed to sleet. A strong south wind. Wrote to Charlie’s Aunt Franc. Cleaned up my room and helped with the dinner. Charlie cleaned up a load of buckwheat and took it to Horseheads after dinner – did not get back till 7:00. Sewed carpet rags all the afternoon. Mr. Dann over and spent the evening – brought home some "pork" which he had borrowed.

Wednesday, February 20, 1907

A nice day – quite warm. Thawed quite a lot. Charlie went with the milk. Did my ironing, mended and helped get the dinner. Uncle Thed came over just at noon after mother as Aunt Jule was sick – a spell with her heart. Got my work all done and went with Lon after a load of wood. Had a fine time in the woods watching father and Lon trimming up their big logs. Counted the rings on a white oak stump and found it to be seventy years old. Grew colder in the night.

Thursday, February 21, 1907

Got up and got the breakfast. Had the worst time with the stove smoking. Frank down before we had breakfast. Charlie drew logs to the saw mill all day. A raw, cold and windy day. Was just getting ready to go over to Aunt Jule’s when Mrs. Dann and her three children came to spend the afternoon while Mr. D. went to Odessa. Had a good visit. Uncle Thed came over and brought mother home about 5:00. A man here trying to buy Ziff at noon, but didn’t get him!

Friday, February 22, 1907

Still cold and windy. Charlie went with the milk – got colder coming home than any time yet. Father went down to Ed’s to fix Chapman’s engine. Harvey Couch here to get the boys to draw milk to Odessa. Sewed some carpet rags before dinner. Grace home on account of Washington’s birthday. Charlie went over in Johnson Hollow after he got back to a van due and I went down to Jen’s and stayed while he was gone. The baby grown a lot! Had a cold ride home. Read to Charlie in the evening.

Saturday, February 23, 1907

A very cold day. The boys worked in the woods almost all day. Helped do up the work and sewed some carpet rags before dinner. Figured out the required wall paper for hall, parlor and kitchen. Sewed rags all the afternoon. Jay tried his hand at helping me. Charlie brought up a load of hickory wood at night. Harry about sick with the worst cough! Mowry’s got their phone in so we had several calls. Grace, Jay and I sewed in the evening.

Sunday, February 24, 1907

A terrible day. A furious south wind and some snow. Drifted steadily all day and all night. Charlie went with the milk – had rather a hard trip. No one went to church on account of the weather. Spent most of the forenoon getting the fires to burn – all of them on a strike. Nearly froze. The water at the barn gave out and the boys had to carry water for the stock. Sat in our room in the afternoon and I read to Charlie. Was going down home but gave it up for fear we would be considered crazy.

Monday, February 25, 1907

Still blowing and drifting. Charlie decided to go to the Stoddard sale so I went down home and stayed. Took Grace to school on our way. Found some drifts but none to bother. Charlie put his horse out and went to the sale. Ern Stowe and a friend also put their horses in the barn. Sewed some carpet rags and weighed all of them. Charlie got back about 4:00. He ate his dinner and we started. Dreaded the return on account of the north wind but did not get cold at all. Brought Grace up. Clarence Davis up to look at fan.

Tuesday, February 26, 1907

Quite cold but not so blustery. Charlie slipped with a can of milk and wrenched his side so he couldn’t work any all day. Lon took the milk. Sent our order for wall paper. Mr. Ahart told me that he tipped over getting through banks (with a wagon) Lon had to wait to be shoveled through in one place. Read to Charlie all the afternoon from "To Have and To Hold." He got out and helped with the chores. He talked with Harvey Couch about drawing milk to Odessa. Had an awful sick headache.

Wednesday, February 27, 1907

Some warmer. Charlie went to have Major shod and to Kellogg’s sale. Lon went over toward Montour after the tank and got stuck in the snow banks and had to leave it. Mr. Latin and Mr. Dayton here in the afternoon put the backboard on the phone. Had a jolly visit with Mr. Latin. Charlie came home about 4:00. He came with Fred Burgess and Mr. Dann brought his rig. He traded Fan toward a "broncho" five years old. Went out to see it. A real wild wolly western horse. Read to Charlie in the evening.

Thursday, February 28, 1907

Quite a nice day. Charlie took the milk and father and Lon went over and got the tank. Did housework and sewed carpet rags. Charlie brought me a new waist. Mr. Dann up driving his colts. Frank sown after some horse medicine. Charlie hitched up his broncho – didn’t have as much trouble as he thought for. He and I went to the donation for Mr. Stevens at night – had a fine time. Not very many there. Took in $17.78. Mr. Latin rode up home with us. Got home a little after 12:00.

Friday, March 1, 1907

Rather warmer. Charlie went down to Kellogg’s after 50 bu. of corn that he bought at the sale. I went up on the hill with Lon and Harry after a load of water for the cows. Made a visit to father’s "office." Did my mending and helped with the work. Awfully sleepy. Lay down after dinner and slept till 5:00 – had a call from Miss Bartlett so had to get up. Charlie got home about 3:00. They hitched up the broncho and went down to B. Chapman’s to return his wagon box.

Saturday, March 2, 1907

Rained some in the morning but stopped before Charlie started with the milk. Finished sewing the last of my carpet rags and Grace and I went on the hill with the boys after a sleigh load of straw. Grace and I pasted receipes in my scrap book all the afternoon. Received a letter from Libbie saying she wanted us to be sure and come down Sunday. Charlie got a horse shod and visited on his way home so didn’t pull in till 5:30. Grace and I listened to a phonograph over the phone all the evening. Mr. Dann over till 11:00.

Tuesday, March 5, 1907

Colder. Not feeling well all day – spent most of my time in bed. The men commenced building a box stall in the wagon house. Shelled a pan of corn for the chickens. Read some in the afternoon. Henry W—called me up and accused me of getting him out of med Monday eve – wonder why? Went to bed early to try and make up some sleep. Began to snow about 8:00 and a little later had a fierce gale. Mr. Bush had to come after a lantern to get home with. Terribly dark.

Wednesday, March 6, 1907

Lorrie Goodyear married.

A terrible day. Snowing and blowing "40 mi an hour." Lon had to go through fields in order to get the milk from up the road. Charlie had rather a hard blutery trip. Grace did not go to school on account of the bad weather. Did house work in the forenoon. Odessa Creamery meeting here in the afternoon – a large crowd. Grace and I had to wade through the whole push to get Charlie’s dinner. Meeting lasted until after 5:00. Finished pasting my recipes. Read to Charlie at night. Weather some better toward night.

Thursday, March 7, 1907

A much pleasanter day but colder. I developed a sore throat – the first time this winter. Charlie and his father built a box stall in the wagon house – up and called on them a couple of times. Cut out my waist and did my mending before dinner. Did up the dinner work and read in the afternoon. Mrs. John Decker up – getting a soap order. We received an invitation to a party at Mott Millers next week. Grace stayed all night with Flossie. Jay went back to the skating ice – on the school house pond.

Friday, March 8, 1907

A nice day and some warmer. Sore throat worse. Charlie took the milk. The boys drew wood with Kit and Ziff. Cleaned my room and hemmed my table cloth before dinner. Charlie worked on the box stall in the afternoon. I read in the new Ladies World and took a nap before the children came from school. Harry run the engine to pump water. Charlie went to make a bargain with the Creamery Co. but could find no one. Read aloud in the evening.

Saturday, March 9, 1907

Did house work and fooled around all the forenoon. A very nice pleasant day – thawed a lot. Got my room cleaned up and fussed with making a box for Grace to take to school to keep her "traps" in. Went out to the wagon house and visited with Charlie where he was drawing manure. Then we went to the barn and played basket ball with Jay – had a "circus." Read to Charlie in the evening. Decided to go down home in the morning. The night warmer.

Sunday, March 10, 1907

Quite a nice day. The men found Ziff sick in the morning. We were intending to start quite early but Charlie couldn’t leave him. Mother, Grace and Harry went to church. Horse got better, so we got ready and started about 2:00. Drove Kit. Found papa and mamma both well and papa full of the dickness as usual. Mamma got us a bite to eat. Made a acquaintance of papa’s new man (?) – a second edition of Jim. Heard of Mr. Hake’s dog being shot. Didn’t get to bed until 10:00.

Monday, March 11, 1907

A warm beautiful day. Ate our breakfast – got ready and went to Horseheads. Went to Dr. bush’s and got some medicine for my throat. Did some trading at Witermute’s got a fine new table cloth. Charlie and I went to both hardwares and looked at stoves – picked out one at Rockwell’s – a perfect beauty. Started home about 12:30. Charlie made a bargain with Creamery Co. to draw milk the coming season. Had a lovely drive going home. Found the people just eating dinner and Aunt Lule and Uncle Jim there.

Tuesday, March 12, 1907

Another warm thawy day. Charlie took the milk – got our wall paper. Aunt Jule and Uncle Jim stopped here for dinner on their way from Odessa. Rained some and dark and foggy all day. Finished hem stitching a tray cloth – making some out of cheap table cloth. Grace out of school on account of a hard cough and cold. Jay had some trouble with teacher – she hinting at my setting him up to be mean. Charlie did’t net home until quite late – about 3:00. Read aloud to Chas. in the evening – until after 9:00. Warm night.

Wednesday, March 13, 1907

A foggy, rainy day. Grace still at home. Charlie cut posts all day. Did my ironing before dinner. Got ready and went over to Ben Wager’s after butter. Drove Ziff. Think Mrs. Wager very pleasant. Went on over to the school house and spent an hour with Maude and her flock – seemed quite natural. Took Maude home. Had a hard time getting from Bennetts home. Snow banks soft and water under them. Thought I would tip over several times. Read to Charlie in the evening.

Thursday, March 14, 1907

Still warm, thawy and rainy. Helped do up the work then Lon took mother and I down to Dalrymple’s to the Aid. Had a large crowd – proceeds $4.82. Had a good time with Mrs. Goodwin’s baby – cared for it while she ate. Rode home with Mr. Latin. Charlie and I changed our duds and went to a surprise party at Mott Miller’s – found several bad water holes. We were the first arrivals – thought we had just called. They completely surprised. Not very many there – got home at 1:00. Colder at night – froze quite hard.

Friday, March 15, 1907

A dark windy day. Started down home immediately after breakfast. Drove Lucy. The roads awfully rough. Went via Middle Road on account of bad water holes on the Ridge. Couldn’t find any one at the house but put out the horse and then found them alright. Had a good visit. So sleepy I could hardly keep awake all day. Started back about 4:00. Saw Emma and had quite a visit with her. Found Charlie away when I got back – gone over to Uncle Thed’s after some milk cans he left there in the winter.

Saturday, March 16, 1907

A bright pleasant day. Did housework and took a nap before dinner. Made a cake and helped Jay drive the cows to the reservoir to drink. Charlie went with the milk – had the hardest trip of the season. Decided to go every day. He went in and closed the bargain for our stove. He got back at 4:00. He, Grace and I started for Satie Pelham’s about 6:00. Found most dreadful roads. Didn’t arrive until quite late. Visited all the evening until 11:00 and retired. Julia she cutest little thing any one ever saw.

Sunday, March 17, 1907

Did not get up very early. A dark, stormy looking morning. Charlie went up to John Pelham’s to see to the horse before breakfast. Helped Frances do up the dishes. She and Grace took Julia out for an airing. The house over run with wasps – I met one the night before. Fooled around, visited and played with the baby until dinner – 2:30. Ate and got ready and started for home. Had a good hard trip. Ziff found at so alright. Charlie walked some. Got home just at dusk. Read aloud in the evening.

Monday, March 18, 1907

A beautiful warm day. Mother and I washed in the forenoon, Charlie went with the milk – had another hard trip. Fixed his three horse rigging to drive tomorrow. Father and mother went to Kayutaville after dinner – had fine roads for such a trip. I hemstitched a tray cloth and was out doors with Charlie quite a while. Took in the clothes. Got supper and Grace and I did up the work. Aunt Emily on the war path as usual. Went to bed early. Dann and Mr. Mosher over. Charlie went to bed at 10:00.

Tuesday, March 19, 1907

A cold windy morning. Snowed furiously for a while. Grace did not go to school on account of the bad weather – she made a cake (her second). Charlie drove three horses. Aunt Emily ironed. Charlie got home in time to eat his dinner with us. Mr. Stuart came up and got the buzz saw. Father and mother got home about 4:30 – had a hard cold ride. Heard that Mr. Couch was worse. Developed a nice full-grown cold and cough. Coughed all night so didn’t sleep very much.

Wednesday, March 20, 1907

Still cold and windy. Wrote a letter to Bess and two for Charlie and cards to mamma and Arvilla. Did my ironing in the forenoon. Did up my new napkins – they looked fine. Mr. Couch died at 3:00 p.m. Every one mourning his death. Began to take things out of our room and get ready to take up the carpet and have the paper put on. Got a lot of things out. Grace had to stay after school and Aunt Emily nearly had a fit about it. Coughed worse all day but less during the night. Heard Miss Allen was sick.

Thursday, March 21, 1907

A beautiful warm spring day. Helped do up the breakfast work and made some cough medicine. I got ready and went down to see Miss Allen – had a fine morning walk. Mrs. Everhardt there. Miss Allen quite sick. Got dinner and washed up a lot of dirty dishes for her. Was coming back with Charlie but she didn’t want me to. Mrs. Stevens and Matie in during the after noon. Charlie came after me with the big wagon about 5:00. Drove the broncho. Roads real muddy. The boys drew wood all day. A warm night.

Friday, March 22, 1907

An excessively warm day for the time of year. Had doors and windows open all day. Charlie’s horses nearly sweltered. The boys cut and drew wood all day. Took the tacks out of my carpet, helped mother with her baking etc. in the forenoon. Father put the hams to smoke in a barrel and barrel hams and all got on fire and mother and Aunt Emily had a picnic rescuing them and getting them cleaned up. Read to Charlie in the evening. So warm at night that it was uncomfortable. Had a thunder storm.

Saturday, March 23, 1907

Some cooler – threatened rain all day. Did house work and took out a lot more things from our room. Carried more "treasures" from the parlor and stored them away. The boys, Mr. Dann, Mr. Mosher and father sawed wood – finished here in the p.m. and moved the outfit over to Dann’s. Charlie clipped Major after he got back. Grace and I out to watch him (and also helped). Mother walked over to Mrs. Dann and back in the afternoon. Read to Charlie in the evening. Grew colder.

Sunday, March 24, 1907

A cool windy day. Grace and I walked to church. Harry took Aunt Emily. Had a fine sermon. Hard walking coming back as the wind blew furiously. Charlie got home about the same time as we. Ate our dinner and he hitched up the broncho and Maude to the buggy and we went down home. Had a very foxy(?) team. The roads full of sink holes. Found mother and father both well. Didn’t have long to stay as we had to get back before dark. A real cold night again. Read some.

Monday, March 25, 1907

Got up at 4:00 and helped get breakfast. Lon went after Will Crouch to do the papering – got back at 7:00. The men all over to Dann’s to finish sawing the wood. Jay stayed at home to help. Pasted over the cracks I nour kitchen and helped wash before dinner. Pulled off the paper in our room and got that ready. Had our carpet cleaned. Got the two rooms nearly done by night. Charlie went to help Ed Turner drive a colt after he got back. So tired I could hardly get to bed. Slept in the extra bed in the boys’ room.

Tuesday, March 26, 1907

Quite warm and "muggy." Crouch walked up to finish the papering – he hustled all day in order to get through. Helped tear paper off the kitchen and pasted flour sacks over the bare places. Jay at home to help again. He gathered up the old paper and cleaned up the "musses." Washed the window and paint in our room and mopped the floor. Everything "topsy turvy" for sure. The roads getting worse all the time. Lon went to take Crouch to Millport after supper. Slept in our new quarters for the last time.

Wednesday, March 27, 1907

Warm and showry. Put down our carpet. Aunt Emily and Harry papered the pantry. Got our bed up and quite a few things put to rights. Hurried around after Charlie got home and went down home after a load of my stuff. Rained most of the way down. Got two barrels of dishes and my bureau. Came near losing everything in the sink holes. Lon, Dann and father loaded the engine and machine to go to Auburn. Went up to Mr. Latin’s and spent the evening, in company with Mr. and Mrs. T. Muller, Mr. Coe and Maude. A fine time.

Thursday, March 28, 1907

Very warm. Lon went part way with an extra team to help Charlie. He got stuck in a sink hole and it took four horses to get the empty wagon out. Lon went over to Aunt Jule’s on his way back and got her cupboard for us. I washed all my tin ware etc. before dinner. Washed and put up my two barrels of dishes after cleaning the cupboard. The darky came up and put the new pieces in our stove and sat it up. He awfully scared on account of the sink holes. About used up at night. Getting things quite well along.

Friday, March 29, 1907

A hot day. Mother finished painting the pantry. Father made and put up my selves and I got my utensils in place. Harry helped me clean up the papers etc. Charlie got out groceries, a couple of hand lamps and some new wheel clippers. I turned them a short time but didn’t like the job. Wright arrived about 5:30 – he left Mowry’s – stayed all night with Lon. He and Lon went up to Bennett’s at night. Didn’t get supper work done until nearly 9:00.

Saturday, March 30, 1907

Some colder. Wright went to Horseheads with Charlie. Lon went part way again. Finished straightening up my rooms – mopped the floors and washed the windows. Charlie got the curtains. Did some mending in the afternoon. Charlie clipped horses and got kicked by the broncho – his knee either out of joint or sprained – so he could hardly get around. Built a fire in my new stove and made a batch of cookies. Got rather spunky at Wright. Went to bed quite early. Bathed.

Sunday, March 31, 1907

Quite cold. Grew colder all day. Quite a notable change. Charlie’s knee so he could not do anything. We had quite a morning nap – the first in some time. Lon and harry and Henry went with the milk. We waited till Harry returned then got ready and went down home. Grace dressed up in white to recite at the Easter services. Got a buggy load of things to aid us through our first day of housekeeping. Charlie and Father had a good time eating eggs for dinner. Got my fire ready etc to get breakfast.

Monday, April 1, 1907

Ground frozen hard and a fierce cold north wind. Got up and got breakfast in our new quarters – our first meal at our own table – enjoyed it immensely. Did up the work and washed – mother and I washed together. A very cold job hanging up the clothes. Snowed and blowed at a great rate. Got dinner. Charlie did some odd jobs and drew out some manure. His knee some better. Read to Charlie in the evening – finished our book. Another quite cold night.

Tuesday, April 2, 1907

Some warmer. Charlie and Harry drew manure with two teams all day. Charlie not feeling well at all. Father left for Auburn. Covered an ironing board and did my ironing. Baked bread using my new round tins – had fine luck. Awfully tired. Grace and I lay down in the afternoon and took a nap. Lon took the milk drawing job for his work. Made a fringed doily. Charlie went over to Dann’s at night – got back at 9:30. I sound asleep. Quite a warm night.

Wednesday, April 3, 1907

Real warm again. Baked a cake. Have splendid luck with all my "stuff." Charlie and Harry drew manure all the forenoon. Mother cleaned two rooms upstairs. Grace about lined out at night. Charlie and I went down home in the afternoon after a load – got my work table and seven chairs. The roads much better but awfully rutty. Didn’t stay but few minutes. Mamma promised to come up Sunday. Maude invited us up to spend the evening tomorrow. Went to bed real early. Aunt Jule and Uncle Jim over.

Thursday, April 4, 1907

A warm, close, smoky day. Many fires around in the brush lots. Charlie drew manure all day with one team. Did my house work etc. Swept our chamber. Mother got all three rooms upstairs put to writes. Wrote to Eva. Took a nap in the afternoon. Charlie and I went up to Coe’s in the evening. Miss Latin, Miss Bartlett there also. Had a fine time – played games etc. Rained hard when we came home 12:20 and so dark we couldn’t see a thing.

Friday, April 5, 1907

A cool, rainy day. Charlie went over and got a load of Uncle Jim’s goods. Harry got a load also. Charlie didn’t get back till 4:30. Grace ate dinner with me. Sewed some in the afternoon and took a nap. Lon and Harry went on to Odessa with one load. Lon doubled a load of movers as far as Bennett’s. Wrote to George – Grace and I. Grace and Aunt Emily cleaned her clothes press. Many presents. She gave me a picture – a real nice frame. Didn’t get the chores done until late. I retired at 8:30 and read some.

Thursday, May 2, 1907

Another nice day. Harry and I worked out on our clearing up pile until 10:00. Not feeling very well – my head so dizzy I could hardly get around. The men put up Dann’s telephone – three new ones on the line. Did up my work and lay down and slept quite a while. The Jews here and bought three veal calves. Could not read nor sew on account of my head. Talked with Miss Bartlett and Mrs. Stowitts over the phone. Got to bed late as usual. A nice comfortable night.

Friday, May 3, 1907

A cloudy morning which cleared off into a beautiful day. Hurried around with my work and got ready to go to the School Entertainment. Jay, Grace and I drove down. Early when we got there so I drove up and got Mrs. Banks. Had a very pleasant time – the entertainment real good. Stopped at Mrs. Stevens on my way home. Got some invitations to direct – for the Thanks Offering Meeting. Got home at 11:30. The children and I worked in the yard in the afternoon. Mrs. Vary sent me some flowers to set out. Went up with Chas. to see lambs.

Saturday, May 4, 1907

Another rainy day. For a change (?). Charlie went down home after seed oats in the forenoon and over to Odessa after fencing in the afternoon. I baked steady until noon. Hired Grace to put clean papers on my shelves. Aunt Jule came up to stay until tomorrow. Did my mopping in the afternoon and went down to Mr. Stevens after Aunt Emily (covenant meeting). Aunt Jule came in and ate supper with us. The rain cleared away and it got cold enough to freeze at night. Froze quite thick ice during the night.

Sunday, May 5, 1907

A nice bright day but with a real chilly south wind. Did up our work and got ready for church. Grace went with us. Not a very large congregation. Went on down home after church with out waiting for Sunday School. Found Lewis, Nettie and Aunt Jule there. Had a real good visit with them. Brought up the books out of my book case. Got home about 6:30. Helen wood here in the evening – her brothers went back to church and left her. Burr up – he and Jay walked over to Uncle Jim’s. Geo. and Mildred up after Aunt Jule.

Monday, May 6, 1907

A foggy damp morning. Baked muffins for breakfast, did my washing. Finished at 10:30. Began to rain about 1:00 and rained all the afternoon. Charlie and Harry drew out manure on the hill until they had to stop on account of the rain. The saw mill man down after a few more "cents." Charlie went up after a load of lumber. Got back about 6:00. Received two post cards from exchanges. Took a good nap in the afternoon. Charlie about discouraged on account of the constant rain.

Tuesday, May 7, 1907

Another rainy morning. Seemed likely to clear off so mother McDougall and I started for Horseheads to do some shopping. The roads fierce. Men drawing in stones which made them worse. Began to rain before we reached H-H- and didn’t stop until we reached home at 6:00. Stopped at Uncle Morg’s a few minutes. Got some carpet and a new center table. With our groceries etc. had a full load. Stopped at Uncle Morgans and stayed until 3:30. Enjoyed the visit very much. Did up Charlie’s dinner work and retired.

Wednesday, May 8, 1907

A nice sunshiny day – quite a novelty. Charlie and Harry went with a team to work on the road. Not feeling very well. Mother and I dug a mess of greens – the first we had had. She cooked them and I went in for dinner. Aunt Emily and I sewed my carpet and put it down – made quite a change in the room. Took in my clothes – washed Monday morning – and sprinkled them. The boys didn’t get home until about 7:00. Charlie about sick with an immense sty. Paid the taxes $43.

Thursday, May 9, 1907

Found the ground well soaked up – rained in the night. Had showers at intervals all day – one thunder storm and one hail storm for variety. Charlie went to Pine Valley for a load of feed. He didn’t get back so left his dinner on table and mother and I started for the Aid Society. Had a fair crowd. Our thank offering service quite a success – rained - $3.85. I recited and Mrs. And Miss Dalrymple sand a beautiful duet. A appointed as committee o a soap order. Had quite a visit with Mr. Miller. Got home about 7:00.

Friday, May 10, 1907

A clear day but real cold. Charlie went to work on the road again, I did up my work did my ironing before noon. Got my satchel packed, and sowed my sweet peas before mamma came after me. Mother went to a cousin’s funeral in Elmira. Mr. M. Hill over after a die but I couldn’t find the right one. Mamma and I started back about 3:30. The roads so bad we didn’t make very good time. She and I played dominoes with Willie in the evening. Real cold.

Saturday, May 11, 1907

Found the ground covered with snow quite deep and cold enough to freeze. Helped mamma do up the work and I took her and Mrs. Ahart to Horseheads in time for the 10:18 train. Came right back to get dinner. Picked and cleaned greens most of the afternoon for a mess for Sunday. Was quite surprised to see Charlie come driving in at night – most awfully glad too. His father came home and would help with the chores so he could come. Visited all the evening. A real cold night again.

Sunday, May 12, 1907

Charlie took an extra nap – quite a treat for him. Left him sleeping while I got breakfast. Father went up to Fred Stowe’s in the forenoon and Will up to his sister’s so Charlie and I kept house. Had dinner about 1:00 – my greens just fine. Did up the dinner dishes and Charlie and I lay down and slept until 4:30. Got him a lunch etc. and he started home about 5:30. Hated to have him go most awfully. Quite a nice day and much warmer – good prospect for work.

Monday, May 13, 1907

A real hot day – quite a sudden change. Every one working full force to get their oats in. Papa went to H-H- to get a horse shod while the boy dragged. Did up the work and worked on my waist – did a lot. Cleaned up after dinner and started to meet the "travelers" at 3:00. Did some trading and found them awfully hot. Mrs. Ahart much in love with Lake Keuka. They brought home some fine trout. Had trout for supper – a rare treat. Mamma brought me some pretty little dishes.

Tuesday, May 14, 1907

Still hot with a brisk south wind. Worked on my waist nearly all the forenoon. Got it all done but the eyelets. Willie cleaned the door yard and papa drilled. Mamma not feeling very well after her trip. Got my duds together and mamma took me home after dinner. Met Lon going down after seed oats. Found Charlie drilling for dear life – worked till 7:00. Cooked our trout for supper. Charlie enjoyed it greatly. Seemed good to get back to our little home.

Wednesday, May 15, 1907

Very warm. Seemed natural to be with my boy again. Washed my windows and some paint. Set out some "golden glow." Did several other odd jobs before dinner. Charlie dragged and drilled. Worked until about 7:15. Did up my dinner work and swept and dusted upstairs and put a new band on an under skirt. Mrs. Bush sent down for some ginger for a sick horse. Didn’t have supper until after eight. Charlie and I took a bath and got to bed about 9:30.

Thursday, May 16, 1907

Found that it had rained some but not enough to hinder the farm work. The boys worked on the hill and took their dinner. I washed all the forenoon washed a bed spread, etc. Didn’t finish until 11:30. Ate dinner with mother and Aunt Emily – had greens and short cake. Lay down after dinner and went to sleep – slept two hours. Had supper a little earlier. Charlie so tired he could hardly take his bath and get to bed. Quite a cold night.

Friday, May 17, 1907

A nice day but not quite so warm. Charlie worked on the hill again and took his dinner. I ironed all the forenoon and baked a cake. Lay down to rest and went to sleep. Didn’t eat any dinner. Van Buskirks’s man came up with my chairs and table – he could not bring my book case because of such a large load. Sewed quite a lot before supper time. Charlie turned out a little earlier. Jay did some of the milking before the others stopped their work. Quite warm at night.

Saturday, May 18, 1907

Another warm day. Threatened rain all day but did not come until night – then had quite a thunder storm. Charlie on the hill again all day. Did some baking, cleaning up, etc. in the forenoon. Ate dinner in the other part. The boys and Grace helped me and I fixed quite a large flower bed – planted part of it to lettuce and radishes. C. Judson and C. Wheeler up by here – while I was working in the dirt. Went with Grace to hunt the eggs. Had a real early supper.

Sunday, May 19, 1907

Nice until about 10:30 then rained hard till about 2:00. Everything growing rapidly. Grew real cool in the afternoon. Burr up until after dinner. Grace, Harry and I went to church – only 19 present. Acted as secretary and taught Mrs. Dalrymple’s class. Had dinner as soon as I got home – did up the work and read to Charlie until chore time. Wrote to George. Grace and I stayed at the wagon house with Charlie quite a while. Got my wash water ready for morning and read until 8:30.

Monday, May 20, 1907

Real cold again. Put up Charlie’s dinner for him to take on the hill but John Sterling came to shear the sheep so he didn’t go. Had to hurry with my washing to get dinner – got all through at 9:30. Had a show listening to old John’s lies. Did up my dinner work and took a nap in the afternoon. John here for supper – had supper before they milked so got my work done early and had some evening. Stayed out of doors with the children most of the evening.

Tuesday, May 21, 1907

Colder – most like winter. Charlie took his dinner. I ironed, baked, etc. all the forenoon. Took dinner in the other part. Aunt Jule and uncle Jim there for dinner too. Been over after some of their things. Sewed all the afternoon. Mrs. Rosa called with a soap order. Elizabeth Updike came home with Grace. They in my room till supper time. The youngsters had a great time. Mr. Dann over in the evening – the first call he ever honored us with. Froze the ground during the night.

Wednesday, May 22, 1907

Still cold enough to freeze. Got my work done up in good season and mended until dinner time. Charlie plowed potato ground in the forenoon and fixed fence in the afternoon. Mrs. Stevens called on me. Mr. Stevens cut his foot quite badly. Did the rest of my mending and darning and cut out an apron. Read some in the evening. Mrs. Stevens wanted me to take a Sunday School class. Got to bed some earlier than common – both of us most awfully tired. A cold night.

Thursday, May 23, 1907

Still very cold. Charlie dragged on the potato ground. The horse (Ziff) not feeling very well so he could not do much. Did house work about all the forenoon. Wrote a letter to father McDougall. Didn’t have dinner very early. Did up my work and made my apron. Warmer toward night, Mrs. Dann and her two babies over and called on me for the first time – didn’t stay long. I made quite a mask with Gladys. Did up my work after they went home and so didn’t retire very early.

Friday, May 24, 1907

A real nice day and quite warm. Charlie was getting ready to plow corn ground and Mr. Latin sent for help to fix line fence so he went. Baked cake. So sleepy I could hardly keep awake. Charlie plowed in the afternoon and Lon dragged the garden. Did up my work and lay down and slept till Grace came home from school. Seemed good to have it even a little warm again. Went with Grace to gather the eggs. Had quite an early supper for us.

Saturday, May 25, 1907

Still a little warm. Worked hard all the forenoon to get my Saturday work done. Ziff sick again. Made "dope" for him and helped Charlie give him some medicine. Had dinner at 4:30. Grace and I took our long talk of trip up to Mr. Latins pines – a beautiful place. Got back at 3:00. Charlie and Jay cutting potatoes for seed. Helped them a few minutes. Received a post card from N. H. and a letter from mamma saying they couldn’t come up tomorrow. Had supper at 8:00. Begin to rain some.

Sunday, May 26, 1907

Found it just pouring when we got up and cold enough to freeze and continued to rain until nearly night. A dreadful day. Couldn’t go to church nor down home either. I read quite a lot during the day to Charlie from the Heritage of Unrest – think it a real good book. Wrote to aunt Franc and fixed a post card to send to my exchange in N. H. Grace and I hunted the eggs. Never saw such cold weather for the time of year. Ate a lunch and retired early.

Monday, May 27, 1907

Still cold and cloudy. Got my washing done at 9:30. The clothes got nearly dry and I brought them in on account of the rain. Rained several showers before noon. Mother and I went to Millport in the afternoon. She took her eggs. I went to supervisor for an order for Charlie. Visited with Mrs. Parsons and Kittie. Stopped at Bank’s and got mother’s butter. Went on over to Ed’s after some beans. Went and saw their chickens in the brooder – 82. Got home about 6:30. Cold.

Tuesday, May 28, 1907

Still cold and the wind blowing fiercely. Charlie and I went to Elmira and took 12 bu. potatoes. Got started about 8:30. Had real good luck in selling them at $.75. I did my shopping before noon and then we went to Fox’s and had dinner. Mrs. M. Miller and Mrs. VanDuzer there and went for us about joining the grange. Started home about 2:00. Stopped in Horseheads a few minutes. Had a cold windy ride home. Had supper some earlier. A sheep died and left a lamb to be brought up.

Wednesday, May 29, 1907

Cold – as usual. Charlie plowed all day on the hill in the forenoon and down by the house in the afternoon. I took up the job of mothering the little lamb. Had to feed it every hour and a half so didn’t get much else done. Did my ironing and had a lot of straightening up to do. The employees of the town working on the road along here. Wrote to mamma telling her I would be down this week. Charlie about sick – looked like a ghost but wouldn’t own up that he was sick. A hard frost.

Thursday, May 30, 1907

Still cold. Polished my chairs with a preparation I got of VanBuskirk – they looked fine. Did some mopping and cleaning up in general. Grace at home on account of its being Memorial Day. She ate dinner with Charlie and I. did up my dinner work and Grace and I lay down and slept quite a while. Transplanted my sweet peas – they not a very prosperous crop – been too cold. Charlie and Harry plowed and Marked potato ground. Mother over to Mrs. Dann’s in p.m. and supper.

Friday, May 31, 1907

Cold – cold – cold. Something fierce. Mended, baked, etc. Got my Saturday work done so I could go down home tomorrow. Charlie finished marking potato ground and he and Harry planted in the afternoon. Received four post cards. Blacked my stove and sewed in the afternoon. Grace and I went up to the woods to help Shep get a woodchuck. I shot it and wounded it. Went with Grace to hunt eggs etc. Had another frost. Didn’t have supper until real later. A cold night.

Saturday, June 1, 1907

A cold misty day. Hurried around and did up my work and baked bread and was ready to start down home at 8:30. Drove Joe. Had a real cold drive. Folks rather glad to see me – hadn’t been down in over two weeks. Finished embroidering my waist and cut it out. Mamma tucked the back for me. Mamma just finished her house cleaning. Father got his corn all planted, garden etc. Willie gone down home for over Sunday. Started home at 4:30. Misted most of the way home. Sat out of doors in evening.

Sunday, June 2, 1907

Another cold rainy Sunday though not quite as bad as last Sunday. Harry had to take part of the milk so there was neither boys nor horses to take us to church. Read to Charlie most of the day. Finished the last library book. Had a great time with a can of spoilt salmon. Most of the family in the other part spent the afternoon sleeping. Had our lunch and got to bed rather early. Grace and I had quite good luck in finding eggs. Cleared off toward night, but awfully cold. Snow fell in N.Y. City.

Monday, June 3, 1907

Some warmer. Got at my washing in good season and finished a few minutes past mine. Rested and read after I cleaned up until time to get dinner. Spent all afternoon in mopping, etc. Jay at home to cut potatoes. Harry rolled and dragged the garden with Maude and Joe. Maude got on a regular "tear" and gave the kid a great racket. The big wagon up for repairs so two rigs had to go again. Had a show watching Harry and Maude. Most awfully tired at night.

Tuesday, June 4, 1907

Not so cold as usual. Had a terrible distress in my side. Had rather a hard time to get my ironing – got through just at noon. The boys planted potatoes in the forenoon and all hands made garden (including me) in the afternoon. Had a shower about 5:00 so had to stop. Got most of ours made and some of the other. Flossie came up to stay all night with Grace. They both took supper with us. The youngsters had a great time all the evening.

Monday, July 1, 1907

A damp foggy morning but it soon cleared up and became real warm. Did up my work, baked a cake, washed the windows and straightened up in general. Grace helped me. Charlie and Ed went to Breeseport, Erin, Park Station and Cayuta looking for cows. Charlie bought 3. They did not get home until 2:00. I got about crazy before he came. Got his supper and then went to bed. About tired out. Worked an hour in the garden. Rested some in the afternoon. Warm night.

Tuesday, July 2, 1907

Got up a early and hustled around to get ready to go to Elmira. A cool misty morning. Grace went with me. Got in H-H- shortly after 9:00. Wend and got our hats before going on the Elmira. Got Grace some slippers and they gave me a new pair of shoes on account on mine pulling out. Did the trading for my Aid gathering. Got home about 3:00. Put my quilt on and cooked the meat before bed time. Charlie and Ed went after their cows – got back just as we did. Mother had several jobs done for me.

Wednesday, July 3, 1907

A nice day but real cool. Worked every minute as hard as possible to get everything ready. Mamma came up. We ate in the other part so I could set my table. Mamma helped with the dishes and I got ready. The people began to arrive real early. Had a large crowd – 37 – took in $3.81. So glad there was a good turnout. They tied a quilt for me in about 15 minutes. Had 4 tables full. I washed all of the dishes. Just about tired out at bed time. Charlie went down to Ed’s in the evening.

Thursday, July 4, 1907

A very cool day. Rather chilly for the fourth. I was nearly sick – Aid too much for me. Did up my breakfast work and got things somewhat straightened up. Lay out in the hammock and rested till noon. Charlie and I in the other part for a chicken pie dinner. Helped Grace wash the dishes and rested all the afternoon. Grace, Charlie and I went down home for supper and to see Willie’s display of fireworks. Mr. and Mrs. Thorne down too – he stopped at Furman’s and got somewhat "foggy." Cool.

Friday, July 5, 1907

A very hot day. Did my washing. Had all of the lines about full. Jay helped me – saved me a lot of hard work. Got through a little after 10:00. Did up my dinner work, cleaned up and rested in the hammock, until time to take down the clothes. Sat out some pepper plants that Mrs. VanDuzer sent me. Charlie went with one of the milk loads. Maude sick so they couldn’t use her. Grew some cooler and looked like showers but we didn’t get any.

Saturday, July 6, 1907

Hot again but with a brisk breeze. Did my ironing. Had mother’s five yard table cloth, etc. Got thro’ just in time to get dinner. After dinner Grace and I went after butter. Picked wild strawberries on our way. Got to Bank’s just as a hard shower reached there. Rained in torrents and lightninged some. Had to stay quite a while. Came home via Church and picked some more strawberries – got enough for Charlie’s and my supper. Much cooler after the shower.

Sunday, July 7, 1907

A nice pleasant day – quite warm. Did up my work, got cleaned up first before papa came. Charlie went with the milk. Papa and Jay took a tramp through Mr. Latin’s pines and all over the country. They told us of seeing lots of strawberries in Mr. L’s pasture field. Had a good visit. Mamma having some trouble with her leg again. They went home about 3:30. Charlie and I lay in the hammock and took a nap before chore time.

Monday, July 8, 1907

A very hot day. Did my washing – had rather a small one. Did up the work and Grace and I went after strawberries – found them quite plentiful – got enough for a can. Had to go to the house on account of the rain. Hulled the berries etc. The boys began cutting brush along the road. After the shower Grace and I drove up to Mr. Woods and got 15 qts. of strawberries. Hulled those and put the sugar on before I went to bed. Somewhat tired when I did get there.

Tuesday, July 9, 1907

Some cooler. Canned my berries – had 13 cans. Baked two cakes – one for the social, and did my ironing. Bertha came down and spent the day with Grace. Charlie helped Mr. Banks finish draw his hay. I ate dinner with the family. Grace, Bertha and I went after berries. Found the best patch ever heard of – the ground just red with them. I got enough for nearly four cans. Came down at 5:30 – about tired out. Got supper fixed my berries, mixed bread and retired. A hot night.

Wednesday, July 10, 1907

A clear beautiful day – not as warm. Grace helped me do up my work and I started at 7:05 to collect the provision for the social at Miller’s. Miss Allen went with me. Took Aunt Emily down to Ed’s on my return and made another trip to Millers with some coolers. Rested most of the afternoon. So tired we didn’t venture after berries. The whole family went to the social. Mr. and Mrs. Grant Latin there. Charlie and I visited with them most of the evening. We came away early and had to get in by window.

Thursday, July 11, 1907

Some cooler. Hurried up my work and Grace and I went after strawberries. Stayed until it began to rain. Got enough for over 3 cans. Rained at intervals all day and about 5:00 had a very hard shower – just poured. Grace entertained her. Sewing Society in the afternoon – took a nap. Bertha fell down in the mud on her way down and got just soaked. Mildred came up and stayed all night. They had a great time initiating Bertha into their society. Didn’t get to bed very early.

Friday, July 12, 1907

Much cooler. Rained a little and everything soaking from the rain last night. Charlie coaxed me to read to him after breakfast and we both went to sleep. Didn’t get my morning work done until after 10:00. Mended and fixed over my white dress and did a lot on my new waist – worked buttonholes etc. Jay, Charlie and I went to the Grange. 5 took first degree and then went through the second with us. Mr. Stowe there himself. Had a shower while we were there. Got home about 11:15 tired and sleepy.

Saturday, July 13, 1907

A nice day. Did up my work and Grace and I went after berries. Were busily picking when Jay and Willie appeared on the scene. Mamma at the house. Jay took our berries down for the mothers to hull. We tired out about 10:15 and went to the house. I had enough for nearly 4 cans and a whopping short cake for dinner. Willie and Jay went in the afternoon so mamma got quite a nice lot to take home. Finished sewing buttons on my waist and rested. Hoed in garden and set out cab. plants.

Sunday, July 14, 1907

Quite hot again. Did up the work, cleaned up, and got ready to go down home. Uncle Jim and Aunt Jule came just as we were ready to start. Visited with them a few minutes. I read to Charlie all of the way down. Encountered an automobile (broken down) and as we had Major we took quite a brisk ride. Picked us a mess of peas and some beet greens. The first peas of the season. Started home about 5:00. Had a lovely ride – quite cool then.

Monday, July 15, 1907

Very warm. Did my washing – finished at 9:30. Had peas, greens etc. to get ready for dinner. Got word to go to Millport after Clarabell baby. Charlie and Jay cultivated and raked and put up hay in forenoon. Drew in the hay in the afternoon. Did up my dinner work mopped etc. and Grace and I went down after the baby. Did some trading before car time. Found Will there with her alright. She got along fine. Clung to me as her only friend among so many strange faces. She slept with mother – contented.

Tuesday, July 16, 1907

A windy day but most dreadfully hot. Did my ironing, helped mother hull strawberries and played with the baby. The boys worked in the hay. Had to finish my ironing after dinner also the sweeping etc. Grace and I had a great time getting the baby to sleep. She finally succeeded. I went to sleep and didn’t wake up till Charlie came in for the milk pail. Got supper and lay around until Charlie finished his chores. The hottest night yet – almost impossible to sleep.

Wednesday, July 17, 1907

Another scorching day. Will went down on the milk wagon. Did up my work and played with baby. She took her nap in my Morris chair. Had a great time getting her to take one in the afternoon. Rained several light showers. Will came up again at night – got soaked coming through the grass. Sadie been operated on – doing well. He feeling awfully bad. Everyone surprised by father’s coming home – got here about 11:30. A hot night again.

Thursday, July 18, 1907

Not quite so hot. Quite a cool north breeze in the p.m. Charlie finished putting in the buckwheat – trying an experiment. Did my work sweeping and dusting etc. Mother and father went to Montour in the afternoon. I cared for baby. Did some mending while she took her nap. She full of funny tricks. Charlie cultivated corn. His back hurting him again. I had a picnic taking the lamb to the barn. Quite a cool, comfortable night – a treat.

Friday, July 19, 1907

Not quite so warm. Charlie cultivated in the forenoon. I hoed in the garden, did my work etc. Mr. Dann along and stopped and wanted us to go on an excursion to Rorick’s at night. Decided to go. Charlie took his father to Horseheads after dinner. Got him a new hat, shoes and light pants. Got started 5:50. Ate our supper on the way. Frank and Bessie went. Had a fine time play "Dorothy" just fine. Had seats up in balcony. The grounds prettier than ever. Got home at 1:30 – mixes bread and retired.

Saturday, July 20, 1907

Hot again. So tired and sleepy I could hardly do my work. Baked bread and cake. Did my work and played with baby till dinner time. Charlie about "all in" too. Received a fine post card from N. H. Tried to get baby to sleep after dinner but didn’t succeed so went to sleep myself. Didn’t wake up till the boys went to milk. Had supper and got to bed quite early in order to get some much needed sleep and rest. Quite a cool, comfortable night.

Sunday, July 21, 1907

Quite a comfortable day. Charlie nor I neither feeling well so stayed at home and read and slept etc. Had dinner at 1:00. Will came up on the milk wagon – only stayed a short time. I cleaned up after dinner and Charlie, Will and I visited till he had to go. Sadie getting along finely. Grace and I and baby started over to Dann’s but saw they weren’t at home. Charlie and I went over at night and took baby. She wanted to scrap with the Dann children. Came home at 9:00

Monday, July 22, 1907

A strong north wind all day – as usual on wash day. Did my washing. Looked very rainy but no rain appeared. Swept, dusted, mopped and sprinkled my clothes after dinner. Began to feel bad – came near having a spell. Took a nap before supper time. Could eat no supper – sick all over. Fed the baby and played with her and retired. A cool nice night to sleep. Got a letter from mamma – her Canadian girl coming to see her.

Tuesday, July 23, 1907

Quite hot but a nice breeze. Did my ironing – finished before noon. Feeling some better but not very well yet. Sat in mother’s room and mended in the afternoon. Charlie and I worked in the garden in the evening. I hoed cabbage and tomatoes. Mr. and Mrs. T. E. La France going past in an auto got stalled in front of the garden. I went down to invite them up – they nearly ready to go so visited with them and their friends a few minutes. Addie very jolly.

Wednesday, July 24, 1907

A hot day. Got my work done at 8:00 and worked 1 ½ hour in the garden. Aunt Emily also worked in garden. Mrs. Woodruff came up ad spent the day with her. The boys worked in the hay, etc. Swept and dusted upstairs and played with baby. Grace and I went over to Mrs. Dann’s to get some patterns of little dresses. Mr. Dann gone after berries so we did not stay long. Laurance caring for the two youngest. Had our supper some earlier and Charlie and I pulled weeds till dark.

Thursday, July 25, 1907

Some cooler – a brisk north wind. Baked bread. Charlie having lots of trouble with his back – quite worried about him. Went after huckleberries up on Mr. Latin in the afternoon – found that someone had been before me. Went and got a quart of black raspberries. Grace went to the meeting of her Society. Baby very glad to see me when I got back. Carried her around on my back. All hands pulled weeds after supper. Rained awfully hard in the night. Jay got kicked – not serious.

Friday, July 26, 1907

Still raining in the morning, but cleared off about 9:00. Read and took a nap with Charlie before it stopped. Baked two cakes before dinner. Had beet greens for dinner. Frank promised to bring Bessie up Sunday. Did some mending after dinner. Jay, Charlie and I went to the Grange at night. Took third degree. Had a fine meeting. Mr. and Mrs. Benj. Wager there. Got home at 11:30. A real chilly almost cold night. Somewhat tired and slept very soundly. Written with Clara Bell in my lap.

Saturday, July 27, 1907

A real chilly day. So sleepy I could hardly see. Took a short nap in the forenoon and had to work all the afternoon to pay for it. Got my sweeping, dusting and mopping done. The wind blew a perfect gale. Mamma and Miss Poole drove up a few minutes on their way after butter. I didn’t have my work finished. Charlie "gathered" potato bugs in the forenoon and they drew hay in the afternoon. So windy they had a hard job. Expect Frank C. and Bess F. tomorrow.

Sunday, July 28, 1907

Some warmer. Did up my work and Charlie and I went down home for dinner. Had a fine visit with Miss Poole. Started home about 2:45. Found Will and Uncle Chas. Folks here. They went home about 4:30 and Frank and Bessie came. Will ate supper with us. Ed up a little while. Charlie and Frank went up on hill to see to sheep. Maude Coe came down to ride down to Mrs. Banks with Frank. A Mr. Shepard came looking for Miss Latin. Maude took him up to their house. Two girls waited here for Elmer S’s to get home from church.

Monday, July 29, 1907

A warm day. Had neither wood nor water so I couldn’t wash. Cleaned by silver fixed over the table for us two. Worked all the forenoon just straightening up. Charlie sprayed the potatoes. Will went down on the milk wagon. They began drawing milk with one rig again three horses. Lon doing the drawing. I took a nap in the afternoon and began making a little eating apron for baby. Awfully warm toward night.

Tuesday, July 30, 1907

An unusually hot day. Did my washing and kept the water hot with perspiration. Had a very large washing. Didn’t get through as early as common. Got the mopping and cleaning up done about 2:00. Took a nap. Aunt Jule came up at night and brought Mrs. Horace McDougall and little boy for a visit. She was Laura B. Latin’s sister. Did up my supper work and went in the other part and visited with her until bed time. Think she is real nice and pleasant. Didn’t get to bed very early. A very warm night.

Wednesday, July 31, 1907

A beautiful clear morning and much cooler. Did up my work and helped dress chicken for dinner. All of us ate dinner together. Visited and cut out an eating apron for baby in the afternoon. Ella and William ate supper with us. She some larger than I only 196#. Cleared off the table and I went and took team up to Bartlett’s. Met Mrs. Bartlett and Miss Ruth. Drove Colonel – got back just at dusk. Baby on a regular "tear." Looked very rainy – got a shower after midnight.