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Mt. Pleasant Cemetery


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Name of Cemetery:  Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Read by:  Betty Cary, Faith Cary, Eleanor Hurler, Florence Parks
Date Read:  2004
Typed by:  Florence Parks
Location:  Westfield Township, PA

WDFB = Westfield Funeral Book
TCHSB = Records from Tioga County Historical Society Building, Wellsboro, PA

Location: Lower & Eastern part of "Circle" section

Last Name First Name Birthdate Death Date Age Plot No. Notes & Inscriptions
Howland Malvin D. 1910 1985       SGT,CoC,302nd Eng.Batt.,77th Inf.Div.WW II
Tubbs Derwood S. 1923     Circle    
Tubbs Doris M. 1926     Circle    
Tubbs John H. Jun.25,1920 Dec.23,1985   Circle   Sgt. US ARMY-WWII
Hawkins Carolyn Tubbs 1921 1990   Circle    
Hawkins Gerald E.Simpson 1922 Uncut   Circle   Missouri; Obit; d. 3-2-04

Location: Lowest and northeast part of "Circle" section

Last Name First Name Birthdate Death Date Age Plot No. Notes & Inscriptions
Crance W.D. 1858 1934   P49 G1 Located on corner by Tubbs
Horton Thomas J. 1896 1923   P49 G2  
Daum Phillip   Jan.13,1916   P49 G3 Infant son of C. & J. Daum
Horton Elizabeth E. Sept.14,1854 Jan.5, 1930   P49 G3 Located on corner by "Tubbs"
McFall Edwin  1865 1935   P49 G5 Locatedon corner by "Tubbs"
McFall Medora 1872 1939   P49 G5  

Location: TOP OF HILL - Roads lead up from "Circle"

Last Name First Name Birthdate Death Date Age Plot No. Notes & Inscriptions
Hoover Lawyer A. 1818 1907   P550 G6  
Boom Charles T. 1843 1917   P550 G5 Co.G 35th Reg.PA
Boom Sarah King 1847 19___   P550 G4  
Boom Francis A. 1888 1896   P550 G3  
King Louisa H. Mar 4, 1826 Nov.15,1893   P550 G1 Wife of James
King James Apr.9,1820 Apr. 4, 1894   P550 G2  
Tremain Cop. G.H. 1843 1913   P551 G4 Co.D,141stReg.NY"Tremain"
Tremain Adelia 1845 1922   P551 G5 Wife of G.H. Tremain;TCHSB;Maiden name: King
Tremain  M.W. No Dates     P551 G6 M.W.T.
Pritchard Thyrza Tremain 1880 1918   P551 G3 Wife of B.V. Pritchard
Pritchard Balfour Vernon 1878 1920   P551 G2  
Pritchard Edith Iretta 1905 1940   P551 G1  
Bevier Edgar 1840 1902   P555 G1 Large "Bevier" stone
Bevier Maggie 1874 1894   P555 G2  
Walker Maria L. Mar.27,1851 Feb.15,1893   P551 G8 Dau.of John & Abigail Tremain
Walker Robert P. Nov.6,1844 May 26/28/1898   P551 G7 Co.F,179 Reg,NY Vol.,GAR flag
Tremain Betsy 1823 1903   P552 G3  
Tremain L.M. No Dates     P552 G4 L.M.T.(T. is broken beside it)
Tremain Luther D.   Dec.25,1868 2y,7m,24d P552 G8 Son of John M. & Betsy
Tremain John M.   Jan 15,1878 61y11m13d P552 G2 "Why should we departed friends or shake at death alone but the faith that hath and calls us to his arms"
Tremain Abigail   Jun 30,1854 39 yrs. P552 G11 Wife of John M. Tremain
Tremain Lieut. Seth No Dates     P552 G12 Co F, 86thNY Inf.,GAR flag
Murdock Mabell T. 1883 1909   P552 G1 Wife of W.H. Murdock;dau.Orrin & Clara
Tremain Amelia   Jul 14,1888 43y 5m 16d P556 G2 Wife of Seth Tremain
Tremain Seth K.   Sep.7,1901 62y,1m,17d P556 G4  
Tremain F. Mary 1864 1936   P556 G1 Wife of Seth Tremain
Tremain Johnie   Jul. 7,1887 10m,3d P556 G3 Son of Seth & Amelia -"Gone Home"
Tremain Clara  1855 1914   P552 G10 Wife of O.A. Tremain - OES Star
Tremain Orren 1849 1902   P552 G9 Co.D,207PaVol,GAR flg,1861-65;Mason
Tremain Roy D. 1880 1906   P552 G7 Son of Orrin & Clara; Mason,IOOF
Tremain A. No Dates     P554 G6 A.T.
Tremain J. No Dates     P554 G5  
Whipple  Martin No Dates     P553 G1  
Whipple  M.D. May 17,1847 Jan.12,1900   P553 G2 Co.D,53 Pa Inf.-GAR flg,61-65

Location: Lone stone at intersection of upper roads

Last Name First Name Birthdate Death Date Age Plot No. Notes & Inscriptions
Wilson William H.   Nov.15,1928   P402 G1 Mech.Coast.Art.Corps,NY Spanish American War Marker

Location: On west hillside at intersection of upper roads  - On west hillside of upper intersection of roads

Last Name First Name Birthdate Death Date Age Plot No. Notes & Inscriptions
Miller Phillip 1839 1912   P475 G1  
Miller Ellen E. 1865 1935        
Miller Mother No Dates     P475 G2  
Miller Father No Dates     P475 G3  
Miller Mother No Dates     P475 G4  
Miller Willis   1893   P475 G5  

The following information is from “Westfield, PA Funerals,” located at the Tioga County Historical Building, Wellsboro, PA.

Tombstones for these persons were not located in 2004, but this information is listed in the above book as burials in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.  There were many other burials listed that did not name any cemetery.   Possibly, some of those could be additional burials in Mt. Pleasant.

The information has been typed exactly as it is entered in the book.  Spelling may vary from the correct spelling.

Last Name First Middle Maiden Date of Death Burial Date Age Other Information
White Lyman     7/3/1906 7/6/1906 75y Buried in Potter's Field
White Henry     10/12/1906 10/14/1906 76y11m13d Father:Fred White
Olenack Wessel     9/3/1906 9/4/1906 11m22d Father:John; Mother: Maiden name:Faxler
Bailey Albert Henry   11/12/1906 11/15/1906 1y3m  
Tubbs Harry Lee   9/29/1907 10/1/1907 5m10d Father: Joseph G. Tubbs; Mother's maiden name:Rose McCaslin
Biedermann Ann Celia   10/6/1907 10/8/1907 70y11m17d Father: A. Boabach
Hoover Adam     10/15/1907 10/16/1907 89y Father: John; Mother: Sarah Jane Albert
Fritz Lulu     10/14/1907 10/16/1907 29d Father: Adam; Mother: Jennie Surgit
Weber Marie   Kocher 2/27/1907 2/29/1908 60y4m14d Father: Ballasar Kocher; Mother: Marie
Freligh John Wallace   11/13/1908 11/16/1908 1m29d Father: John; Mother:Lora May Jackson
White       12/21/1908 12/22/1908   Stillborn child, buried in Potter's field; Father: Elmer White; Mother: Inez L. Erway
Guild Claud     7-24-1910 7/28/1910 30y Father: Frank; killed by car
Olinick George     9-5-1910 9/7/1910 3m8d Father:Paul;Mother:Josie Slava; Parents from Austria
Nickerson Stanley     12/3/1910 12/5/1910 12d Father:Lewis;Mother Addie Ford
Pritchard Kenneth     5/25/1911 5/26/1911   Father:Walter;Mother:Lillie Moore
Blakert John     3/19/1912 3/21/1912    
McGee Minnie     12/4/1912 12/6/1912 40y8m8d  
King Lottie     1/21/1913 1/23/1913 71y5m24d  
Button Clohey May   2/6/1913 2/9/1913 17y9m4d  
Tubbs Coral Arthur   9/13/1913   1m20d  
Fleishman Cora  Estella   10/14/1910   19y  
Tubs Charley     10/30/1913 11/2/1913 63y8m9d  
Boothby William Robert   4/15/1914 4/17/1914 68y11m26d  
Sweet Adelbert     11/13/1914 11/15/1914 54y  
Vanziel Alvin Deforest   1/31/1915 2/3/1915 10m3d  
Tubbs       7/5/1915 7/7/1915 2m Billed to Joe Tubbs
No name       7/15/1915   79y Billed to Charley Koucher
King Candace T.   8/23/1915 8/27/1915 60y9m10d  
Rumsey George H.   7/4/1916 7/6/1916 60y1011d  
Watkins Dorothy Mae   9/29/1916 10/1/1916 9m9d Billed to Merton Watkins
Stalcup Frank     10/27/1916 10/30/1916 57y1m15d  
Guile Mary  A.   12/31/1916 1/3/1917 79y5m27d  
Rowland Michal     11/17/1916 11/19/1916 84y  
Hodge Lucy  P.   5/9/1917 5/11/1917 28y  
Button Violet     8/10/1917 8/13/1917 7y4m  
Pritchard Mary  Isabelle   4/28/1918 5/2/1918    
Tubbs Joseph Gilbert   5/14/1918 5/17/1918 49y6m15d  
Glover Albert  H.   12/17/1918 12/20/1918 61y23d  
Last Name First Middle Maiden Date of Death Burial Date Age  
Tubbs Ada May   9/12/1919 9/15/1918 54y1m26d  
Corey Iva     10/15/1922   8y7m30d Billed to Fred
Pierce Grace E.   8/6/1924 8/8/1924 39y1m6d  
Mays Harry Edward   7/10/1925 7/13/1925 82y9m24d  
Williams Edwin S.   10/7/1941 10/10/1941 63y4m23d  
Beach Cora D.   3/16/1943 3/19/1943 81y6m21d  
McMahon Lena     9/2/1947 9/5/1947 59y6m8d  
Guiles Fred     2/7/1920 2/9/1920    
Corey Florence     3/2/1920 3/5/1920 40y11m18d  
Seymour Frances     5/18/1920 5/20/1920 58y6m14d  
Luther Martin     5/25/1920   73y  
Knapp Euriela  C.   8/14/1921 8/17/1921 59y29d  
Potter Jessie Mildred   8/30/1921 9/1/1921 59y7m16d  
Long Mary      9/29/1921 10/2/1921 59y7m16d  
Coburn Alemeda     3/19/1922 3/22/1922 74y1010d  

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