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Mt. Pleasant Cemetery


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Name of Cemetery:  Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Read by:  Betty Cary, Faith Cary, Eleanor Hurler, Florence Parks
Date Read:  2004
Typed by:  Florence Parks
Location:  Westfield Township, PA

WDFB = Westfield Funeral Book
TCHSB = Records from Tioga County Historical Society Building, Wellsboro, PA

Last Name First Name Birthdate Death Date Age Plot No. Notes & Inscriptions
Johnson Roger 1931 1991       Korea 1950-55
Peet Glenn G. 1899 1973   P387 G2  
Peet Marjorie H. 1901 1988   P387 G2 Wife of Glenn G.
Chappell Blanche G. 1906 2001   P387 G1 Wife of Randolph
Chappell Randolph O. 1908 1973   P387 G1  
Stott Father No Dates     P362 G3  
Stott Nimrod   Aug.8,1897 60 yrs P362 G5 "In loving memory of Nimrod Stott who departed this life August 8, 1897
Stott Mother No Dates     P362 G4  
Stott Maria   Feb.16,1911 74 yrs P362 G5 Wife of Nimrod Stott
Fausey Caroline B. 1832 1898   P336 G4  
Yaeger Addie F. 1857 1953   P336 G5  
Yaeger Frank X. 1855 1923   P336 G6  
Batcheller Father No Dates     P386 G1  
Batcheller Jonas H. 1816 1907   P386 G1 WDFB:"James Harrison Batchaler";d.4/6/197;bur.4/11/1907
Batcheller Kezia S. 1830 1905   P386 G1 His Wife 
Stedman Mary 1865 1916       Wife of D.T. Stedman
Steadman Ross C. 1888 1927        
Stott Harry No Dates     P361 G1  
Stott Harry 1876 1912   P361 G2  
Stott Marie 1857     P361 G2 Wife of Harry
Bliss Charles G. 1863 1956   P335 G1  
Bliss Edgar A. 1868 1905   P335 G2  
Bliss Charles 1824 1897   P335 G3 Father
Bliss Anna 1834 1905   P335 G4 Mother
Bliss Cora A. 1855 1891   P335 G5  
Everitt Wilbur F. 1855 1913   P334 G1  
Everitt Clare B. 1857 1952   P334 G1  
Everitt Helen G. 1893 1977   P33 G2  
Stedman Frank A. 1827 1905   P360 G1  
Steadman Father No Dates     P360 G3  
Steadman J. No Dates     P360 G4 J.S.
Steadman F.A.S. No Dates     P360 G5  
Stedman Jane 1831 1911   P360 G1 His wife
Steadman Mother No Dates     P360 G2  
Ayers Viva M. 1887 1941   P333 G3 Dau. Of Robert & Francis
Ayers Robert Earl 1889 1909   P333 G2 Son of Robert & Frances Ayers (Crary Hose)
Ayers Robert 1865 1933   P333 G2 Father
Ayers Frances 1858 1948   P333 G1 Mother
Gurnsey  Jane 1842 1930   P384 G2 Mother; wife of Wm. H.
Gurnsey Wm. H. 1837 1911   P384 G1 Father; Co D, 136th PA Vol. - GAR Flag
LaBar Leon May 11,1894 Apr.19,1902   P562 G1 Son of W.E. & E. LaBar
Dibble Fred M. 1886 1946        
Dibble Angie M. 1892 1932        
Miller S. Byron Oct.7,1856 Jun.29,1908   P332 G2 WSFB: Father, William;Mother,Katherine Vance
Rukgaber Robert J. 1891 1910   P561 G2  
Rukgaber ? No Dates     P561 G3 Father
Rukgaber G. W. 1865 1899   P561 G1  
Rukgaber Charlotte V. 1864 1931   P561 G1  
Rukgaber   No Dates         Mother
McCullen Shirley A. 1937 1953   P383 G1  
McCullen Robert E. 1944 1955   P383 G1  
McCullen Peter Aug.19,1907 Mar 8,1960   P383 G6 Pa.Maint.Tec,Co A,136thOrd,Maint.Btn,WWII
McCullen Lucile G. 1911 1962   P383 G5  
Grenolds Bert            
Grenolds Anna            
Fay William T. 1859 19__        
Fay Nora G. 1861 1924       Wife of William T.("His Wife")
Bulkley Melvina 1837 1926   P358 G1  
Bulkley Edwin B. 1835 1907   P358 G2 GAR Flag
Bulkley Rachel S. 1862 1952   P358 G3  
Dibble Reid M. June 18,1924 Oct.26,1942       WW II, F2, US Navy
Kocher Marianna 1866 1948   P557 G1  
Kocher Balthasar 1869 1937   P557 G2  
Sutton Emma K. Dec.3,1852 uncut   P331 G1 Wife of G.W. Sutton
Sutton G.W. Nov.19,1846 Aug.6,1918   P331 G2  
Little John C. May 8,1875 uncut   P331 G3  
Little Jennie L. Jun.5, 1876 uncut   P331 G4 Wife of J.C. Little
White Edward W. 1882 1955        
White  Benjamin F. 1883 1904   P560 G4  
White Pearl B. 1886 1900   P560 G3  
White Mary 1856 1904   P560 G2 Mother
Sutton Lemuel 1878 1920   P356 G1  
Phillips Ellis D. 1847 1907       Mason
Phillips Jane A. 1849 1938        
Stephenson James 1866 1947   P330 G1 I.O.O.F., 3 rings; Masons
Stephenson John L. 1856 1937   P330 G1  
Stephenson Frank 1873 1896   P330 G2  
Stephenson George 1879 1924   P330 G2  
King Hellen 1861 1925   P355 G1 Wife of A.P.King
King A.P. 1860 1935   P355 G2  
King Jimmie J. Jul.24,1885 Nov.18,1886   P355 G3 Son of A.P. & Nellie King
Stephenson Mathew M. Dec. 4, 1859 Nov. 29,1917        
Stephenson Abigail Nov. 16, 1862 Oct. 11,1935        
Stephenson Verl Jun.8,1897 Sep.19,1910   P330 G6 Dau. Of W.D. & Laura E. Stephenson; Born in Deerfield; Died in Westfield
Stephenson Laura E. 1867 1916   P330 G7 Wife of W.D.;Born in Maine;died in Westfield
Stephenson William D. 1859 19___   P330 G5 Born in Canada
Stephenson Agnes Nov.26,1837 Jul.16,1920   P330 G4 Mother;Wife of J.P.Stephenson
Stephenson J.P. Aug.12,1826 Aug.12,1897   P330 G3 Father
Stephenson Sadie 1895 1946        
Stephenson Charles L. 1895 1990        
Reynolds Dr. Jacobs Jun 5, 1831 Dec.23,1894        
Reynolds Almeda E. May 9, 1847 Mar.19,1922   P329 G1 His wife
Dayton William H. Apr.19,1817 Apr. 3,1857   P559 G2 Erected by their dau.FlorenceREYNOLDS "Father has gone home."
Dayton Louisa M. May 26,1830 uncut   P559 G1  
Beach L. No dates     P328 G1 L.B.
Beach Francis L. 1852 1932   P328 G4  
Beach Ambrosia 1855 1900   P328 G3 Wife of Frank Beach
Beach Ruth E. 1925 1929   P328 G2  
McMahan Edith 1875 1895   P327 G1 Wife of D. McMahan
Labar M.  No Dates     P563 G3  
Labar Mercy Vincent Jun.20,1844 May 24,1905   P563 G2 "Gone home to rest"
Labar L. No Dates     P562 G2  
Tubbs Lenore Dec.16,1873 Aug.29,1964   P55 G7  
Tubbs Loran L. Jun.9,1869 Jun.9,1944   P558 G8  
Tubbs Gertrude Sep.25,1869 Jan.23,1891   P558 G6 Wife of L.L. Tubbs
Tubbs M.Lucina Jul.4,1860 Feb.5,1872   P558 G5 Dau. Of Samuel & Mary
Tubbs Mary E. Mar.7,1823 Dec.9,1872   P558 G4 Wife of Samuel
Tubbs Samuel Nov.6,1821 Mar.27,1898   P558 G3, 11/6/1820
Tubbs Mary A. Jan.15,1845 Jun.13,1903   P558 G2 Wife of J.B. Tubbs
Tubbs James B. July 3,1843 July 1, 1905        
Belcher Myrtle J. 1884 1933   P326 G2  
Belcher Clarence E. 1875 1947   P326 G1  
Kizer Nett May 4,1845 Dec.16,1901       Wife of WM. Kizer;Genealogy notes
Kizer Morgan Aug. 17,1842 Nov.15,1905       Co.__;2nd PA Cav.
Kizer Susannah Oct.27,1819 May12,1900       Wife of Wm. Kizer
Kizer William Mar.7, 1808 Sep17,1858        
Converse A. No Dates     P60 G1 Father
Converse Mother No Dates     P60 G2 Probably Margaret
Converse A. Nov.27,1834 Oct.23,1915   P60 G3 Co.J;2nd Art. GAR flag
Converse Margaret May17,1838 Oct.3,1904   P60 G3 His wife
Williams Charles R. Aug.16,1881 Sep.7,1911   P325 G1 Crary Hose
Location: "Circle" section of 2nd level
Last Name First Name Birthdate Death Date Age Plot No. Notes & Inscriptions
Champlin Luman Aug.27,1874 Nov.25,1886   P100 G1  
Champlin Eddy June 30,1879 Nov.18,1886   P100 G2  
Champlin Jimmy Jul.13,1876 Oct.30,1876   P100 G3  
Champlin Mary Apr.10,1841 uncut   P100 G4 Wife of James
Champlin James Mar.13,1831 Nov.27,1897   P100 G5  
Champlin Sherman Jan.7,1867 Oct.28,1886   P100 G6  
Champlin Harrison Jan.17,1864 Nov.11,1886   P100 G7  
Pease Delford Jun.8,1848 uncut   P100 G8  
Pease Mary Champlin Apr.10,1841 Feb.13,1926   P100 G9 Wife of Delford Pease
Yaeger Robert E. 1867 1930   P418 G1  
Yeager Lizzie M.   May 10,1879 17yrs. P418 G2 Dau. Of A.&C.Yaeger;"Sleep on sweet girl and take thy rest. God took her home. He thought it best."
Yaeger August 1859 1918   P418 G3  
Yaeger Mother No Dates     P418 G4  
Yaeger Father No Dates     P418 G5  
Yaeger Aloysius 1810 1881   P418 G6  
Yaeger Crescentia 1822 1897   P418 G6 His wife
Martin Theresa Yaeger 1859 1911   P418 G7  
Eick Emma W. 1881 1954   P205 G3  
Eick Edward H. 1881 1954   P205 G4  
Eick Nina Rushmore 1879 1947   P205 G6  
Eick Roland A. 1877 1949   P205 G5  
Eick Charles F. 1868 1937   P178 G5  
Eick Rose Huggler 1866 1936   P178 G4  
Eick Hattie Labar 1869 1919   P178 G9 Wife of Fred Eick-stone left of Fred Eick
Eick Bertha W. 1892 1966   P__    
Eick John H. 1883 1918   P178 G7  
Eick Augusta T. 1847 1929   P178 G8 Mother
Eick Henry 1847 1916   P178 G6 Father
Eick Willie H. Jun.27,1875 May 11,1895   P178 G11 Son of H.F. & A.C. Eick
Eick Faye A. Lewis 1918 1999   P__    
Eick John Frederick 1920 1980   P__    
Eick Fred H. 1870 1956   P205 G2  
Eick Fannie W. 1890 1964   P205 G1  
Swanson Sophena Eick 1905 1944   P178 G3  
Eick Essent R. 1886 1926   P178 G2  
Eick Mary Rose Jun.23,1833 Mar.20,1911   P178 G1  
Eick Mary K. May 3, 1879 Apr.27,1881   P178 G10 Dau. Of H. & A. Eick
Meek Crescence E. 1881 1974   P444 G1 1879-1963 - Walter, Jr.
Eberle Mary H. 1852 1907   P444 G2 Mother
Eberle Frank  1845 1895   P444 G3 Father
Eberle Frank Jr. 1877 1883   P444 G4  
Eberle Fannie C. Apr.5,1879 Aug.2,1880   P444 G5 Dau. Of Frank & Mary
Schwartzenbach Celia E. 1838 1923   P444 G6 Aunt
Eberle Joseph F. Jr. 1921 1989   P444   Crary Hose Company
Eberle Sara Forward 1923 1995   P444    
Eberle Joseph F.,III 1948 1967   P444 G7 Son
Eberle Joseph F. 1875 1943   P444 G8 Father
Eberle Margaret H. 1880 1945   P444 G8  
Eberle Sons No Dates     P444 G10 Infant sons of Joseph Jr. & Sara Eberle
Eberle Eben H.   May16,1924   P444 G1 Son

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