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Mt. Pleasant Cemetery


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Name of Cemetery:  Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Read by:  Betty Cary, Faith Cary, Eleanor Hurler, Florence Parks
Date Read:  2004
Typed by:  Florence Parks
Location:  Westfield Township, PA

WDFB = Westfield Funeral Book
TCHSB = Records from Tioga County Historical Society Building, Wellsboro, PA

The same level but between the two roads

Last Name First Name Birthdate Death Date Age Plot No. Notes & Inscriptions
Shirley William H. 1858 1946   P76 G1  
Shirley Eva M. 1863 1949   P76 G1  
Holley Byron Sr. 1830 1914   P76 G2  
Holley Maria J. 1827 1902   P76 G2  
Moody William O. Jul.28,1892 Apr 1,1949   P76 G3 NY Pvt. 93 Engineers, WW I, 1917-18
Moody Ruth S. 1894 1988   P76   Kenyon Funeral Home Marker
Adams Charles 1871 1899   P75 G1  
Adams William 1873 1888   P75 G2  
Adams Mother No Dates 1888   P75 G3  
Adams Father No Dates 1888   P75 G4  
Adams Thomas 1835 1902   P75 G5  
Adams Catherine 1839 1904   P75 G5 His wife
Lanning Mary A.   Feb.21,1889 72 yrs P75 G6  
Cole Mary C. 1887 1908   P82 G1 Wife of Philip Cole
Swagler Charles F. 1882 1906       Son of Jacob & Lillian Swagler
Simmons William Dec.12,1827 Mar 22,1902   P77 G1  
Simmons Arthur J. May 27,1869 Apr.27,1936   P77 G2  
Simmons Charles B. Jan.19,1862 Aug.7,1927   P77 G3  
Simmons Annis Sep.23,1833 Dec.21,1912   P77 G4 Wife of William Simmons; WDFB: Mid. Init. "C";maiden nm., Boardman
Simmons Lena R. Apr.17,1865 Oct.7,1912   P77 G5 Wife of Charles B.
      Page 4        
Clark Walter G. 1890 1972   P78 G1 WWI, 1917-1918
Clark Fred L. 1876 1962   P78 G2  
Clark Kate M. 1848 1935   P78 G3  
Clark Guy B. 1875 1956   P78 G4  
Clark William C. 1850 1910   P78 G5  
The same level but in the middle of the field on the right (north) of the first road
Last Name First Name Birthdate Death Date Age Plot No. Notes & Inscriptions
Close Leroy 1846 1901   P137 G1  
Close David 1809 1863   P137 G2 Father
Close Maria  1813 1898   P137 G3 Mother
Parshall Amelia 1841 1892   P137 G4  
Close Noah P. 1837 1881   P137 G5  
Close Ambrose 1835 1916   P137 G6  
Close Ann Vernetta 1832 1889   P137 G6 His wife
Close Roy 1866 1881   P137 G6  
Location: Second Level  - Below lowest road from Circle-East to West, Rows North to South
Last Name First Name Birthdate Death Date Age Plot No. Notes & Inscriptions
Hager Jon Ozzy   Dec.22,1994       "Forever Young"
GutKnecht Jacob 1864 1930   P446 G1 Father
GutKnecht Emil 1900 1925   P446 G2 Son of Jacob & Elizabeth
Abbey Russell J. 1898 1942   P422 G1  
Owlett Gilbert H. 1885 1955   P423 G1  
Owlett Sophie B. 1890 1943   P423 G1  
Bell Sylvester Jr. 1884 1955   P421 G1  
Cheesman Victor B. 1856 1929   P396 G1  
Cheesman Nellie S. 1863 1912   P396 G1 Wife of Victor B.
Cheesman Velma Miles Sep.29,1914 Dec.24,1957        
Cheesman Kattie S. 1859 1925   P396 G3 Wife of V.B. Cheeseman
Cheesman Mother No Dates     P396 G2  
Colebert Edna 1885 1933   P397 G1  
Colebert Savannah 1849 1917   P397 G2 Mother
Colebert Isaac 1848 1913   P397 G3 Father
Whittier Deliliah 1850 1916   P398 G1 Mother
Whittier George M. 1844 1917   P398 G2 Father
Knapp S. Mabel 1889 1936   P371 G1  
Knapp Lewis E. 1859 1934   P371 G2  
Knapp Euretta 1862 1921   P371 G3 Wife of Lewis E.;TCHSB: dau. Of George & Rachel Close
Davis Wesley 1885 1921   P372 G1 Son of F.M. & Ida
Davis Perley G. 1889 1923   P372 G3  
Davis Ida H. 1865 1954   P372 G2  
Davis Emmett L. 1855 1913   P372 G4  
Knapp L. Halsey 1832 1913   P346 G3  
Knapp Sarah E. 1840 1912   P346 G3 His Wife
Gridley Arthur V. Apr.29,1896 Feb.4,1967   P347 G1 Crary Hose Vol.F.D.,WW I;Mason
Gridley Charles L. 1862 1939   P347 G2 Crary Hose Vol. F.D. 
Gridley Olivia K. 1862 1944   P347 G2  
Gridley Howard Robert Mar.12,1909 Jun.19,1957   P347   Son of Charles L. & Olivia K. Gridley
Brehaney James 1864 1950   P321 G1 Father; large "McMahon: stone
Brehaney Minnie  1864 1949   P321 G2 Mother
McMahon James W. 1870 1942   P321 G3 Son
McMahon Mary 1839 1911   P321 G4 Mother
McMahon James 1842 1921   P321 G5 Father
VanDusen Bernice L. 1903 1916   P297 G1  
Hurlbut William N. 1835 1918   P296 G1  
Hurlbut Helen Close 1846 1927   P296 G1 His wife
Hurlbut William  No Dates     P296 G3  
Hurlbut Helen  No Dates     P296 G4  
Hurlbut Fred D. 1880 1957   P296 G5  
      Page 5        
Hurlbut Sara B. 1871 1951   P296 G2  
Williams Arthur C. 1889 1911       WDFB:, Close
Williams C.C./C.G. 1842 1919       Mason; Surgeons Steward;1864 GAR
Williams H. Elizabeth Close 1859 1922       His wife
Kizer Wayland H. 1879 1933   P295 G1  
Seamans John M. 1842 1920   P320 G1 Co I, 207th PA Vol.
Seamans Frances  1847 1916   P320 G2 Wife of John M. Seamans
Hurlbut Mattie K. 1869 1940   P320 G3  
Kane Harold 1899 1903   P320 G4  
Kane Alice G. 1889 1940   P319 G2 Wife of Glen S.
Kane Glen S. 1891 1967   P319 G3  
Kane Clara L. 1902 1994   P319   Wife of Glen S.
Pierce Dr. J.H. 1870 1910   P319 G1  
Rushmore Watson R. 1843 1901   P318 G6  
Rushmore Sophena M. 1851 1914   P318 G6 Wife of Watson R.
Trowbridge Merle O. 1897 1924   P318 G4  
Rushmore Father No Dates     P318 G1  
Rushmore William S. Aug.29,1869 May 12,1933   P318 G3 Father
Rushmore Lora Nov.24,1868 Apr.11,1917   P318 G5 Mother:wife of W.S. Rushmore
Cushing Sarah D. 1869 1921   P317 G1 Wife of Wilson Cushing
Rushmore Mother No Dates     P318 G2  
Cushing Wilson Sylvanus 1864 1930   P317 G2  
Cushing Marshall 1912 1943   P317 G3  
Johnston Clarence E. 1882 1911   P317 G4 Brother
Corey, F.L.             Flat stone after Dempsey
Dempsey William L. 1890 1963   P316 G1  
Dempsey Frances C. 1887 1970   P316 G1  
Green Father No Dates     P315 G1  
Green James B. May 11,1812 Nov.12,1894   P315 G4 "This is our resting place" -Lg.mahogany stone in back,ball on top
Green Mother No Dates     P315 G2  
Green Arvilla 1851 1936   P315 G3 Mother -(Large "Green" stone on plot)
VanDusen Ruth G. 1892 1983   P315 G5  
VanDusen Lee 1891 1962   P315 G5  
Washburn Father No Dates     P314 G1 Probably for Isaiah O.
Washburn Mother No Dates     P314 G2 Probably for Mary J.
Washburn Isaiah O. 1853 1926   P314 G3  
Washburn Mary J. 1867 1936   P314 G4 His Wife; Mother-Father stones in front
Steenburg Bennett M. 1861 1934   P313 G1  
Steenburg Minnie G. 1868 1957   P313 G1  
Gardner Walter Ernest 1885 1955   P313 G2  
Gardner Mary 1842 1922   P313 G3 Wife of Charles;"My memories stay though dark the night & dreary dear mother but bright & dear the morning when joined in home above when the sun girl pours its gold"
Gardner Charles G. 1837 1914   P313 G4 "It is hard for me to bid adieu to earthly friendships and_____to be snatched from earth and all that's dear and all its pleasures here."
Gardner Mother No Dates     P314 G5 Probably for Mary E.
Gardner Father No Dates     P314 G6 Probably for Charles
Leach Savallah No Dates     P288 G1 Possibly "Mallory"
Mallory Savallah M. Feb.4,1853 Mar 9,1898   P288 G2 D/o Eliz.Leach; "Dearest Daughter Thou hast left us & thy loss we deeply feel;Of thy form death hath bereft us but Christ will all our sorrows heal"
Butler A.D.B. No Dates     P312 G1 A.D.B.
      Page 6        
Butler A.B.B. No Dates     P312 G2 A.B.B. 
Butler C.W. 1847 1917   P312 G3 Father, Co D, 57th PA Vol.
Butler Ann D. Dec.30,1820 Mar.7,1899   P312 G4  
Butler Alvin B.   Nov.8,1866 49yrs P312 G4 Co.D,57th PaVol.,GAR flag 61-65
Mattison George P. 1906 1946        
Pierce  Clinton R. 1855 1937   P311 G2  
Pierce Matilda S. 1851 1931   P311 G2  
Pierce Earl 1880 1902   P311 G1 Son of C.R. & M.S. Pierce
Pierce Samuel 1833 1911   P311 G3 Father; Co.D, PA Vol.,GAR
Pierce Susan A. 1841 1926   P311 G4 Mother; Large stone "Pierce"
Pierce George L. 1911 1925   P310 G2 Son of V.S. & Zullah Pierce
Thomas Hollis D. June 24,1902 Oct.18, 1902   P310 G1 Son of W. & A. Thomas
Watkins W. Merton 1892 1954        
Watkins Grayce E. 1890 1921        
Steadman Richard No Dates     P309 G3  
Steadman Richard Dec.21,1886 Sep.27,1903   P309 G4 Small stone
Steadman Leroy A. 1862 1923   P309 G2 Small stone
Steadman Leroy        P309 G5 Footstone
Steadman Ella M. 1867 1923   P309 G5 His wife
Myers Cholie 1870 uncut   P308 G1  
Myers W.G. 1867 1944   P308 G2  
Myers Betha 1868 1915   P308 G3  
Tormey Thomas 1854 1923   P307 G1 Big stone -"Tormey"
Tormey Hattie Cornish 1860 1914   P307 G2 Wife of T. Tormey
Holley A.W.  1835 1922   P306 G1 Co.H, 189th NY Inf.-GAR flag 1861-65
Holley Mary E. 1839 1908   P306 G1 His wife
Holley Mother No Dates     P306 G2 Probably - Mary E.
Flat stone A.T.           Unable to read inscription

Published on Tri-Counties 02 OCT 2004
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