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Mt. Pleasant Cemetery


Introduction One Two Three Four Five Additional Obituaries
Name of Cemetery:  Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Read by:  Betty Cary, Faith Cary, Eleanor Hurler, Florence Parks
Date Read:  2004
Typed by:  Florence Parks
Location:  Westfield Township, PA

WDFB = Westfield Funeral Book
TCHSB = Records from Tioga County Historical Society Building, Wellsboro, PA

Introduction by Florence Parks

Mt. Pleasant Cemetery , located in Westfield Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania, was incorporated on April 19, 1892, in the court of Common Pleas by the Honorable John I. Mitchell, according to Tioga County records.

It was established to exist perpetually and “ providing and maintaining a suitable place for the burial of the dead.”  The officers and incorporators, being O.A. Tremain, president; Albert Baker, secretary; Clarence Hancock, treasurer; James Tubbs, superintendent; and J.W. Hancock, James Champlin, and John G. Bowan.  The first subscribers were:  Albert Baker, E.M. Gardner, L.H. Knapp of Westfield and Hiram Hunter, Cowanesque, PA.

It is located on over forty acres of a beautiful hillside, rising above Westfield, PA, north  of the town, with a private road leading from the east end of Mill Street, near the intersection of the California Road.  Burials are on several levels, some extending along the access roads.  The uppermost  plots, with some of the earliest burials, are at the very top of the hill and accessible by a  narrow hill road. There are many early burials in the lowest section although newer burials have been, and are continually being added.

Access roads to the lower levels are now very adequate and the cemetery has undergone much improvement since the last records were obtained.  This beautiful acreage was not appreciated during past years when maintenance was not available.  However, now it is well-taken care of by dedicated individuals who have been determined to restore it as their ancestors envisioned.

When the recording was done many years ago by Eagle Scouts Bradley Hunt and Bill Tubbs, they established a plot identification system.  This was an extremely difficult task because all but a small section was overgrown, and they worked with great disadvantages.  We have continued to list their plot numbers but sections may not follow through as consistently since it has been cleared and improved.  We have not assigned numbers to those recently found or new burials added.

There were many stones that were barely legible and we have attempted to identify them as accurately as possible.  As hard as recorders try, there will always be errors.

Location:  Lowest level - First road to the left, beginning on the left (south) side, running westward
Last Name First Name Birthdate Death Date Age Plot No. Notes & Inscriptions
Rumsey George H. 1913          
Rumsey Thelma C. 1919         Obit: b.1-1-19;d.5-21-2003
Parry Laura Stalcup 1892 1962   P6 G1 Daughter
Stalcup Harry H. 1856 1916   P6 G1 Father
Stalcup Minnie Dyer 1872 1945   P6 G1 Mother 
Taft Jennie Stalcup 1888 1976   P6 G1 Daughter
Blow Mildred Stalcup 1900 1977   P6 G2  
Blackman Onalee E. 1918 1994        
Stalcup Harry L. Aug.11,1896 Jan 13,1969   P6 G3 Pvt. Co D,155th Depot Brig. WW I
Weaver O.B.W.       P5 G1 Small stone
Weaver L.O.W.       P5 G2 Small stone
Weaver Lucina O. 1829 1901   P5 G3 His wife
Weaver Rev. O.B. 1825 uncut   P5 G3  
Hunt Barton 1824 1906   P8 G1 Father
Hunt Anna 1840 1926   P8 G2 Mother; wife of Barton
Hunt W.S. Dec.31,1865 Nov.16,1892   P8 G3 "Gone but not forgotten"
Plank Isaac Warren 1885 1967   P7 G1 Large "Plank" stone
Plank Mary Rose 1890 1976   P7 G1  
Thompson Edith L.  1873 1940   P7 G2 Daughter
Plank Lovel 1843 1924   P7 G3 Father; GAR
Hancock Clarrisa 1836 1893   P7 G4 Mother;wife of J.W. Hancock
Plank Mary A 1852 1938   P7 G5 Mother
Hancock Clarence 1855 1944   P7 G6  
Hancock Josephine M. 1857 1923   P7 G7 Wife of Clarence
Plank Bert B. 1877 1934   P7 G8  
Plank Lena E. 1878 1947   P7 G8  
Hancock Clarissa P. Jan. 25,1836 Sept. 9,1893   P7 G9 Wife of J.W. Hancock
Hancock James Warren 1830 1906   P7    
Pride Flora B. 1862 1936   P29 G1  
Pride Fayette B. 1856 1926   P29 G2 Large "Pride" stone
Pride Herman Z. 1851 1930   P29 G3  
Pride  Roy T. 1876 1936   P29 G4 TCHSB: b. 9/19/1875
Pride  Thomas 1822 1892   P29 G5 Father
Pride Deborah Jane 1826 1920   P29 G6 Mother
Holcomb Edwin S. 1870 1947   P29 G7  
Holcomb Mae Pride 1878 1945   P29 G8 Wife of E.S. Holcomb
Pride Addie E. 1857 1921   P29 G9 Wife of Herman Z.
Pride Allen T. 1882 uncut   P29 G10  
Phillips Thankful July 30, 1820 Apr.16,1890       His Wife of C. Phillips
Phillips C. Feb.27,1815 April 2,1896     G5 Name "Charlton" on Eva's marker;TCHSB gives b.d. as 2/27/1814
Phillips Eva   Feb.8,1863 6 m,7d P3 G5 Dau. Of Charlton
Phillips Capt. S.D. Oct.22,1840 Dec.6,1886   P3 G4 S.D.P.footstone;GAR;Mason
Phillips Dellvin May22,1851 Sept 8,1879 . P3 G6 "The sweet rembrance of the past, Shall flower ___when they slip in dust"
Phillips William D. 1849 1904   P3 G1 "At Rest"
Phillips Daughter       P3 G2 "At Rest"
Phillips Father       P3 G3  
Phillips B. or G. Oct.22,1810 Mar.6,1886        
Phillips         P3 G7 Unmarked
Ellis Mother       P2 G1  
Ellis Father       P2 G2  
Ellis Chester   Nov.15,1887 63y7m22d P2 G5  
Ellis Chloe 1829 1911   P2 G7 Wife of C. Ellis
Ellis Simon W. 1857 1942   P2 G3  
Ellis Maud A. 1866 1912       "His Wife" (With Simon's)
Ellis Mildred  1888 1890       Dau. Of S.W. & M.A. Ellis
Gardner John   Apr. 24,1888   P28 G13  
Gardner Abagail   Dec.29,1869 73y,3m,12d P28 G10 Wife of John Gardner - Month uncertain
Gardner Chloe   Feb. 1818 26 yrs. P28 G11 Aunt of John & Abigail Gardner
Gardner Sarah D. 1849 1938       Mother;Large stone with E.Milo;Date on small stone
Gardner E. Milo 1845 1902       Father
Harris F. No Dates          
Gardner Lydia A. 1853 1911   P28 G12 Mother; "At Rest"
White Mother No Dates     P28 G2  
White H.L.W. No Dates     P28 G3 H.W.
White L.W. No Dates     P28 G4 L.W.
White F. No Dates     P28 G6  
White ? ?     P28 G7 Inscription illegible
White Mother 1849 1938   P28 G8  
White Father 1845 1902   P28 G9  
White Harriet   Feb.25,1875 48y,22d P28 G15 Wife of Daniel A.;on stone with Dianna
White Dianna Layton   Jan.6,1892 65 yrs,5mo. P28 G14  
White D.A. No. Dates     P28 G1 Footstone behind Dianna
Layton Thomas   Jan.23,1874 16yrs,6mo. P28 G16 stone is broken;2 small stones beside
White T. L. No Dates     P28 G5 T. L.
Scott  Lizzie 1857 1893   P50 G1 Wife of W.O. Scott
Scott  W.O.           on stone with "Lizzie"
Gardner Father No Dates     P51 G1  
Gardner Mother No Dates     P51 G2  
Walter Rhoda   Mar.16,1872   P25 G1 Large "Walter" stone;small R.W. stone
Walter Gaston D. May 28,1824 May 16,1902   P25 G2  
Walter Susannah   Dec.14,1830   P25 G3  
Eldridge Mrs. Edgar Jan. 6, 1863 June 10,1888       Wife of Edgar Eldridge
Eldridge   Jan.6,1863 1926   P25 G4 Illegible inscriptions
Brown Celia A. 1828 1899   P25 G5  
Walters Gordon G. 1882 1939   P25 G6  
Guile Gertrude K. 1856 1907   P26 G1  
Resue Lee M. 1912 1913   P50 G1 Son of Melvin and Flora Resue
Widger Gettie 1875 1926       Mother
Widger Clark C. Mar.19,1896 Feb.27,1953       Born NY;Cpl 2nd Hv.Mbl.ORD REP-Shop; WW I
Guile Horace L. 1855 1913   P26 G2  
Guile H.L.  1855 1913       Uncertain initials
Hicks Catherine 1842 1922   P26 G3  
Guile Henry L.   Jun.27,1882 52y,9m,3d P26 G4 TCHSB.:age 51y,9m,15d
Seagers Allie L.   Oct.5,1887 18 yrs. P26 G5 Wf.of J.L.Seagers:dau.of H.L.&M.A.Guile
Guile Jay M.   April 24,1888 22y,5m,14d P26 G6 Son of H.L.&M.A.,:Westfield Council, FA&P,IOOF; 1880 Census lists age 18;would be descrepancy
Guile H.L.G. No Dates     P26 G7 H.L.G.
Guile  J.M.G.       P26 G8 Separate stone,"J.M.G.
Hicks Horace H. 1832 1901   P26 G9  
Seagers Almira 1821 1909   P27 G1 Mother
      Page 2        
Seagers Henry  1817 1906   P27 G2 Father
Seagers A. L. No Dates     P27 G3 A.L.S.
Seagers ?       P27 G4 Inscription illegible
Rumsey Huldah A. 1835 Aug.17,1885   P51 G3 Wife of W.H. Rumsey
Rumsey W.H. Apr 6,1833 Feb12,1896   P51 G3 Co C, 141st Reg. NY Vol.
Gardner Hannah A. 1843 1883   P51 G4 His wife
Gardner J. Nelson 1835 1883   P51 G4  
Rumsey Karyl Joy   1942   P51 G5 Dau. Of D.H. & Elvira Rumsey
Sweazey Joseph  Oct.12,1812 Oct.17,1889   P53 G1  
Sweazey Harriet French Mar.30,1815 Nov15,1892   P53 G2 Wife of Joseph
Sweazey Harriet French Mar.30,1815 Nov.15,1892   P53 G9 Wife of Joseph Sweazey as in G2
Decker Eliza Sweazey 1846 1908   P53 G3  
Decker Harriet Ackley 1868 1946   P53 G4  
Pride Maude Decker 1884 1957   P53 G5 Wife of Allen T. Pride
Decker Joseph M. 1832 1892   P53 G6  
Decker Walter J. 1893 1956   P53 G7 WW I
Decker Charles F. 1862 1928   P53 G8  
Decker Charles L. 1935     P53 G10  
Decker Alice R. 1897     P53 G11  
Decker Charles H. 1886 1945   P53 G11  
Mintonye A.S. 1833 1899   P54 G1  
Mintonye L.C. 1829 1904   P54 G2  
Mintonye Orson P. 1841 1917   P54 G3 Co D, 136 Reg.PA Vol., GAR
Spaulding Hattie 1834 1917   P54 G4  
Mintonye Susan E. 1842 1922   P54 G5  
Bowman Walter Jan.1,1868 Nov 22,1893   P55 G1  
Bowman Carrie May 4, 1871 Sept.3,1890   P55 G2 Death date is now sunken underground
Bowman John G. Dec.9,1834 Nov.6,1910   P55 G3 Father - GAR 1861-65
Bowman? Unknown No Dates     P55 G4  
Coburn Hazel Sep.2,1888 Feb.10,1894   P56 G1 Dau. Of C.W. & E.M
Stanley Flora B. 1874 1894   P56 G2 Wife of John Stanley;dau. Of E.W. & E.M. Coburn
Coburn Mother No Dates     P56 G3  
Coburn Father No Dates     P56 G4  
Coburn Clarence 1883 1884   P__    
Coburn Edith 1880 1884   P__    
Coburn Edward 1850 19__   P__    
Coburn Flora B. 1874 1894   P__   Wife of John Stanley
Coburn Sophronia 1858 1907   P__   Wife of Edward
King Charlotte S. Nov.5,1818 May 10,1887   P225 G1 Our mother
White Truman E. 1891 1918   P226 G1 Pvt. Co.33,9thBN,DB, WW I,1917-1918
White Edward B. 1862 1937   P226 G2  
White Sarah L. 1865 1948   P226 G2 Wife of Edward B.
Ingersoll E.J. Oct.29,1893 16y,7m, 20d P227, G1 Son of Walker & Olevia R. Ingersol-"He confessed his sins and was forgiven. Jesus took him home to heaven."
Davy Edwin 1832 1909   P228 G1  
Davy Sarah 1827 1908   P228 G2 Wife of Edwin
Davy Angie 1890 1908   P228 G3 Dau. of N.C. & I.A. Davy
Davy E.C. 1886 1911   P228 G4 Son of N.C. & I.A. Davy
Davy Ruth Nov.24,1897 Dec.4,1897   P228 G5 Dau. of N.C. & I.A. Davy
Davy Ida A. 1863 1934   P228 G6 Wife of Norman C.
Davy Norman C. 1863 1938   P228 G7  
Smith  Aaron No Dates     P229 G1  
Smith  Aaron A. May 4,1860 Feb.9,1893   P229 G2  
Thompson Father No Dates     P230 G1  
Thompson Mother No Dates     P230 G2  
Thompson H.T. No Dates     P230 G3 H.T.
Thompson C.A.T. No Dates     P230 G4 C.A.T.
      Page 3        
Thompson Elijah H. 1849 19__   P230 G6 Mason
Thompson Eliza 1849 1918   P230 G6 His wife
Thompson Hannah Mar.3,1878 Apr.14,1896   P230 G5 Dau. of E.H. & E.A. Thompson
Thompson Charles A. Sep.11,1876 May 28,1893       Son of E.H. & E. A. Thompson
Hurst Thomas April 5, 1842 ?   P255 G1 GAR ("Hurst" writing was hand cut
Hurst ? Dec.19,1844 May 17,1894   P255 G2 Wife of Thomas
Hurst B.M.H. Dec.1,1886 May 18,1894   P255 G2 B.M.H.; TCHSB: Dau. Of Mrs. Thomas
Amacher Peter Mar.18,1896 Mar.17,1897   P281 G2 Son of Peter & Annie Amacher
Amacher ? L.L. No Dates     P281 G3  
Leuthold Louisa Sep.16,1897 Sep.19,1902   P281 G1 Dau. Of Katrina & Casper Leuthold
Brees Orville Apr.14,1813 Dec.27,1889   P231 G1 GAR Veteran 1861-1866
Brees Phebe Aug.6,1824 Apr.5,1893   P231 G2 Wife of Orville
Gayer Edward C. Dec.21,1891 Sep.10,1892   P233 G2 Son of Carl & Amalia Gaier
Gaier Carl 1860 1928   P233 G1  
Gaier Amalia 1858 1911   P233 G1  
Weihonig W. Renata Seigel 1826 1914        
Martin John  1861 1905   P282 G1 Son of A.P. & Laura Martin
Martin Almond P. 1828 1905   P282 G2  
Martin Laura 1839     P282 G2 His wife; WDFB, "d.3/1/1917;bur. 3/3/1917"
Martin  John No Dates     P282 G3 Father
Moore H.G.       P283 G1 Co H,148th Inf.
Warring B.  June,1868 Aug,1904   P258 G1 tombstone not located 2003
Warring Hattie  No Dates     P258 G2  
Warring W. W. June 1868 Aug.1904   P258 G3 Father: B of RT on top of stone;Footstone "WWW"
Waring Corp. Ira No Dates     P258 G4 Co.D,104th NY Inf., GAR
Seely Wesly 1899 1900   P234 G1 Son of W.& N.S. Seely
Seeley W.V.       P234 G2  
Seeley Walter V. 1870 1899   P234 G3 W.V.S.
Seeley No name 1899 1900   P234 G4 Son of W. & N.S. Seely
Simmons Joseph P. 1834 1913   P235 G5  
Simmons Lucy M. 1838 1910   P235 G4  
Simmons Arthur W. 1870 1915   P235 G3  
Simmons George H. 1857 1919   P235 G2  
Smith  Harrison H. 1847 1918   P235 G1 Father of Belle

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