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Mt. Pleasant Cemetery


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Name of Cemetery:  Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Read by:  Betty Cary, Faith Cary, Eleanor Hurler, Florence Parks
Date Read:  2004
Typed by:  Florence Parks
Location:  Westfield Township, PA

WDFB = Westfield Funeral Book
TCHSB = Records from Tioga County Historical Society Building, Wellsboro, PA

Location: 2nd level - Rectangular area between 1st & 2nd roads, south of "Circle"
Last Name First Name Birth Date Death Date Age Plot No.  
Madsen Niels 1885 1918   P370 G1  
Christenson Carl M. 1901 1920   P370 G3  
Christenson Maren K. 1866 1949   P370 G2  
Christenson Christen L. 1864 1913   P370 G4 Large stone
Christenson George L. 1904 1921   P370 G5  
Johnson Gaybrella P. 1878 1968   P395 G1  
Johnson Lewis W. 1898 1960   P395 G1  
Johnson Esson L.  1877 1925   P395 G2  
Preston Fred B. 1870 1943   P345 G1  
Preston Mary E. 1870 1948   P345 G2  
Inscho Rexford S. Jun.2,1904 Nov.1,1975       Pvt. Army, WW II
Brinkerhoff Maude P. 1883 19___   P394 G3  
Phillips Jacob 1853 1937   P394 G2 On marker with Polly
Phillips Polly R. 1852 1912   P394 G1 Wife of Jacob
Deyo Rose D. Colebert 1878 1910   P369 G1 Wife of H.W. Deyo;TCHSB:d.11/1909
Deyo Rose  No Dates     P369 G2 Footmarker
Inscho James C. 1897 1981   P344    
Inscho Edwin M. 1901 1956   P344 G2  
Inscho Merritt F. 1864 1926   P344 G3  
Inscho Florence 1863 1925   P344 G4 His Wife
Inscho Donald 1906 1925   P344 G1  
Inscho Micajah S. Nov.12,1830 Apr.26,1899   P344 G5 Father - "Our Father & Mother
Inscho Charlotte E. Aug.7,1834 Jul.26,1894   P344 G6 Mother
Inscho Moses April 28,1792 Oct.1,1818        
Inscho Mary Jan.21,1793 Jan.11,1872       Wife of Moses Inscho;"Mother" beside
Inscho Florence E.   May 9,2004 103yr     No tombstone located 2004;Information from obit. "interment of ashes"
Davis Frank M.  1853 1928   P372 G5  
Knapp Mother No Dates     P346 G1  
Beach Wallace D. 1857 1909       Father;Son of J.B. & K. Beach
Beach Ida M. 1859 1922   P368 G6 His Wife;Mother;No last name on stone;in "Beach" plot
Kilbourne Leon C. 1858 1916   P368 G3  
Beach Charles L. 1860 1917   P368 G2 Father; large rectang.stone-Beach
Martin Lena C. 1881 1934   P567 G4  
Martin Randle J. 1875 1938   P567 G3  
Martin Charles H. 1849 1922   P567 G2  
Martin Olive G. 1855 1917       Mother;wife of Charles Martin
Knapp Father No Dates     P346 G2  
Butts Bell C. 1886 1920   P343 G1  
Walters Cleva M. 1884 1973   P343 G3  
Beach Clark W., Esq. 1829 1911   P393 G3  
Beach J.B. 1825 1913   P393 G2 Father; son of I. & J.M. Beach; WDFB, "Jefferson Bradford Beach; b. 4/14/1913; bur. 4/16/1913; 87y7m20d
Beach Katherine 1828 1909   P393 G4 Mother; Dau. Of W. & S. Douglass
Beach A.C./A.G. 1853 1898   P368 G1 Marker difficult to read
Beach Ezra G. 1855 1930   P368 G5  
Waterman Jennie 1863 1913   P368 G4  
Luce Ira B. 1824 1912   P343 G2 Large stone/"Butts" on one side
Luce Isabel 1830 1913   P343 G5  
Luce Ezra A. 1852 1922   P343 G7  
Luce Olive G. 1853 1924   P343 G6  
Luce Ira G. 1878 1968   P343 G4  
Luce Merit B. 1876 1946   P343 G4  
Luce Delford A. 1882 1918   P343 G8  
Luce Silas M. 1880 1894   P343 G9  
Davis Robert L. 1806 1888   P367 G3  
Davis G.B. 1806 Dec.12,1892 44y,6m P367 G2 Flat Stone by large "Davis" stone
Davis Emma R. Watrous   Oct. 12, 189__   P367 G1 Wife of G.B. Davis
Lovelace Mother 1847 1911   P342 G1  
Lovelace Father 1837 1896   P342 G2  
Baker Unknown No Dates     P391 G1  
Baker Dorlesca Oct.7,1821 Nov.10,1888   P391 G2 Wife of Hollister
Baker Dorlesca 1821 1888   P391 G6  
Baker Hollister 1816 1909   P391 G3  
Baker Thomas   Aug.23,1863 75y,2m,17d P391 G4  
Baker Lois   Oct.29,1852 62y,23d P391 G5 Wife of Thomas
Buck Victoria A. 1845 1881   P366 G1  
Buck Francis 1840 1904   P366 G1  
Buck Father No Dates     P366 G2  
Buck Mother No Dates     P366 G2  
Rood Almond G. Sr. 1808 1892   P341 G4  
Rood Theodore 1845 1908   P341 G1  
Rood Melva A. 1892 1933   P341 G5  
Rood Lucy A. 1829 1915   P341 G3  
Rood Amelia R. 1812 1904   P341 G7  
Rood F. Ernest 1865 1950   P341 G2  
Rood Phyllis M. 1848 1920   P341 G6  
Trimmer  Rhobie 1859 1952   P390 G3  
Trimmer  Joseph L. 1861 1958   P390 G3  
Trimmer  J.B.   Feb.27,1892 33y,4m,15da P390 G2 J.B.T.
Baker Drescella No Dates     P365 G5  
Baker Albert No Dates     P365 G3 WDFB,"Albert D.Baker;son of Hollister and Dorlesca; d. 10/21/1906
Baker Donna  No Dates     P365 G4  
Baker Francis   May 6, 1895   P365 G6 Baby
Baker Vida No Dates     P365 G2 Sister of Klein D.
Baker Klein D. 1874 1961   P365 G1  
Baker Elsie F. 1877 1942       Wife of Klein D.
Sayles Edmund Kirk 1868 1931   P389    
Sayles Helen Louise 1881 1946   P389    
Sayles Sarah A.   Feb.27,1865 9yr,4m,18d P389 G3 Dau. Of J.K. & Lucinda H. Sayles
Sayles Christopher 1791 1884   P389 G2  
Sayles Sarah 1793 1866   P389 G2 His wife
Edgecomb Carrie B. 1869 1951   P340 G3 Daughter
Edgecomb Peter B. 1840 1922   P340 G2 Father
Edgecomb Sarah M. 1835 1918   P340 G1 Mother
Johnson Donna Lois 1933 1941   P364 G1 Dau.of F.C. & Emma Johnson
Whitesel Christopher 1983 1983       Funeral Mkr beside Francis C. Johnson
Johnson Emma L. 1910 1985       Wife of Francis C.
Johnson Francis C. 1908 1985       "Together Forever"
Sayles Jimmie   Apr. 29,1870 6m,11d P389 G4 Son of A.K. & Martha Sayles
Sayles Father No Dates     P389 G1  
Sayles Adriel K. 1832 1920   P389 G1 Co.A2nd Sargt.,1st Rifle,Reg. P.R.V.V.,GAR
Sayles Martha B. 1832 1914   P389 G1 Wife of Adriel
Sayles Mother No Dates     P389 G1  
Stott Nimrod Jr. 1867 1930   P339 G2 Father
Stott N.Jr. No Dates     P339 G4 Father
Stott Harriet 1868 1928   P339 G1 Mother
Stott Joe Jan.16,1892 Feb. 19,1894   P339 G3 Son of Nimrod & Harriet
Dodge Adaline No Dates     P566 G1  
Dodge Adaline Champlain Feb.5,1842 Nov.12,1890   P566 G2 Wife of James Dodge-"Where immortal spirits reign, there we shall meet again"
Hunter Hiram Sep.26,1834 Feb.15,1913   P388 G1  
Hunter Mary R. 1839 1894   P388 G2 Wife of H. Hunter - "At Rest"
Emens Gaylord L. 1884 1894   P388 G3  
Tucker Mary E. 1865 1927   P391 G7  
Outman Paul W. Mar.2,1893 Feb.6,1953   P363 G2 NY PFC HQ CO7 Infantry, World War I
Outman Delphia 1854 1929   P363 G1  
Sherwood Mabel L. 1887 1961   P337 G1  
Smith Minnie M. 1850 1925   P337 G2 Mother
Outman Inez M. Mar.9,1897 Apr.15,1898   P337 G8 Dau. of Ralph & Ada
Outman Mildred L. Feb.11,1895 Apr.5,1898   P337 G7 Dau. of Ralph & Ada
Outman M.L.            M.L.O.
Outman Ada M. 1871 1939   P337 G3 Wife of Ralph C.
Outman Ralph C. 1863 1952   P337 G4  
Outman Ella Jan.1,1893 Apr.7,1894       Dau. Of W.H. & Maggie Outman
Outman William H. 1861 1951        
Outman Margaret A. 1866 1947        
Outman F.M. No Dates     P337 G5 F.M.O.
Stott Jane 1863 1915   P362 G2 Mother
Stott George 1864 1931   P362 G1 Father
Yaeger Edna C. No Dates     P336 G2  
Mendler Theresa Yaeger No Dates     P336 G3  
Yaeger Pearl H. No Dates     P336 G1  
Selleck Susan Aug.31,1819 Jul.18,1897   P564 G1 Wife of Noah B.
Selleck Noah B. Jan.5,1813 Sep.20,1911   P564 G2 Son of W. & N. Seely

Published on Tri-Counties 02 OCT 2005
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