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Town of Catlin
in Chemung County,
New York
Town of Catlin Histories
Catlin was formed in 1823 from Elmira
Town of Catlin History by A. Towner
Catlin History from the Seven Counties Outline ...
Four County History - Chapter 51 - Catlin
1879 Chemung County Map
1836 Chemung County Map
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The Haunts of Long Ago - Bert Bentley
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Catlin PO
Post Creek PO
Chambers PO and Station
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Town of Catlin Census Records
1790 Chemung Census
1800 Newtown Census
1830 Town of Catlin Census
1840 (Volunteer Needed)
1850 (In Process DH)
1860 Town of Catlin Census
1870 (In Process CW)
1880 Town of Catlin Census
1890 Town of Catlin Veterans Census
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Town of Catlin Directories
1872 Town of Catlin Farmers 1880 Catlin Business Directory
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Town of Catlin Cemetery Records
If You can Provide GOOD Driving Directions or GPS coordinates for any of our 700 cemeteries, please send to Joyce
Barber Cemetery (5) Briar Hill Cemetery (15)
Carter's Hill Cemetery (20) Tompkins Corners Cemetery (124)
Quigley Cemetery (1975) (92)  Wilcox Cemetery (138)
Survey of Cemeteries in Town of Catlin by Mark Claypool 2012
Post Creek Cemetery (1975) 88) Martin's Hill Cemetery, South School Cemetery (1998) (66) Matthew's Cemetery, Youman's Cemetery (1933 / 1975) (67)
Johnson Hollow (Maple Grove) MM (undated) (63) Johnson's Hollow, Maple Grove Cemetery DAR (1930s) (63) Johnson's Hollow (Maple Grove) Obituaries
Pine Valley Cemetery (Partial) 1930s (86) Pine Valley Cemetery 1999/2003 Pine Valley Cemetery Obituaries
Pine Valley Cemetery 2008
Carr Cemetery (Actually in Big Flats) (1999) (19) Savory Cemetery (1975) (107) Wilday (Widley) Cemetery (1975 / 2004) (139)
Miles Burial Ground [2008]
82. Oak Tree Cemetery (Destroyed) West of Rte. 14 n. of Horseheads
Town of Catlin Schools
Pine Valley School Marguerite Murphy, Tompkins Corners Teacher
1932 Johnson Hollow School
Town of Catlin Business Histories & Photos
1868 Catlin Business Directory 1880 Catlin Business Directory
Town of Catlin Churches
Histories, Records, Photos
17 SEP 2006 - 125th Anniversary Celebration - Catlin United Methodist Church 
Brochure in JMT files - no history
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Woolsey Family
Elizabeth Frank & J. J. Cooper
The Saunders Farm at Tompkins Corners
Town of Catlin Wills, Deeds, Legal Documents 
Reuben Barber - Harriet Chaugham Family
Wills Filed in Tioga County NY by Chemung County residents pre 1834
Ostrander Estate Records
Livingston Will 1887
From what Bill told me the Oak Tree cemetery is located on (or under) the exact spot now occupied by the "Hickory House" in Pine Valley.  (Seems we have another cemetery that was done away with and no documentation)  This land was once a farm, quite possibly part of the Golden family farm in Pine Valley.  It is quite possible that only 2 people were buried there.