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Elk Run School District # 12, Sullivan Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Sullivan Township
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Elk Run School District from 1875 Atlas
School: Elk Run School
Township: Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
Teacher - Fred A. Sutton
Year: 1905
Submitted by: Joyce M.  Tice
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The Elk Run School District borders Rutland Township on the North and Columbia Township in Bradford County on the east.  The school is near the top of a very steep hill. Later than 1875, one of the Smith women marrried a Richmond, so the place labeled C. G. Smith on the map was under the name of Richmond, and the hill is now called Richmond Hill.

This book belonged to Mildred Mudge, paternal grandmother of Joyce M. Tice. In later years my maternal grandmother lived next to the school and her photo is at the bottom of this page. They never knew each other as Mildred died at age 30, long before Betty moved to the neighborhood, but their children married.

Fred A. Sutton, Teacher
Bessie Fethers (4323)
Myrtle Welch (3621)
Nellie Smith (14798)
Lillian Smith (11391)
Mildred Mudge (169)
Addie Welch (4731)
Pearl Wood (47143)
Edna Kilgore
Martin Pierce
Edson Wood (4506)
John Wood (47141)
Harry Smith (3173)
Gus Welch (3622)
Neil Austin (19690)
Joe Updyke (5082)
Tessie Squires (3177)
Florence Bockus
Kittie Squires (19075)
Helen Welch (4727)
Mildred Gray (19691)
Annie Wood (594)
Sadie McConnell (2467)
Bernita Strouse (11085)
Colie Updyke (8917)
James McConnell (2236)
Orin Wood (1456)
Grant Fethers (4075)
Thomas Wood (593)
Faye Kilgore
Irwin Hager (45460)
Lonnie Wood (11087)

This 1939 photo of Betty (Blanche) CLARK Miller and her son Bob MILLER shows the Elk Run School in the background. They are Grandma and Uncle Bob to me. The house Grandma lived in shows on the map as the Dann place in 1875. The house itself burned not many years  after Grandma's death in 1960. The school house still exists but it is used as a vacation residence and is painted red which it never was during its tenure as a school house. It was used as a school until the 1940s. 
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