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1880 Sullivan Township Census
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Transcribed for Tri Counties by Carlton Wolfe 
Pages formatted and extensively annotated by  Joyce M. Tice
South of Mainesburg
Census records are very often difficult to read because of handwriting, microfilm quality, and spelling issues. Our early census takers were not as well educated as we'd like them to have been, and even the people bearing the names often could not spell them with the same consistency we are accustomed to in this era. The census taker wrote what he believed he heard as well as he could. These have been transcribed for you to the very best or our abilities given the difficulties mentioned. Please be tolerant of what you would consider "mistakes." If you can recognize the names you are looking for, then it is a success. If not, then you may want to find a place where you can view the originals so that you can judge for yourselves. Excessive attention to outmoded spelling issues is the sign of a beginner in family research. Those of you who have been at this a while are well aware of the "spelling errors" in our early records and have learned to take them in your stride. If you want to tell us what is right and what is wrong with the transcription, your notes will be added to the Comment Page
Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project
From Joyce M. Tice's Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project
All Pages of SRGP are presented with the expectation of RECIPROCITY. If you are descended from these people, Joyce needs your family updates to the PRESENT. 
Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project was founded in 1992 by Joyce M. Tice. Its purpose is to trace ALL the ancestors and ALL the descendants of all persons who lived in and near Sullivan and Rutland Townships in Tioga County PA. This includes people (descendants) to the present day wherever they live, and ancestry on all lines, female included, as far back as we can go.  The project is about community and is extensive in its scope. It traces the pioneers in their immigration from New England and elsewhere, and it traces the emmigrations to the west. At this writing there are over 77,000 individuals in its database with connections to Sullivan and Rutland Townships. Some people lived their entire life here and others spent only brief time in the communities of this locale. The project includes them all.  Ultimately it will include as much life history on each person as can be collected inlcuding, census, tax, church, Bible, school, newspaper, military, birth-death-marriage records as can be found - also photographs. If you are using these pages and using the information included, it is expected that you are willing to reciprocate by providing information to this vast community genealogy. I have helped thousands of researchers by presenting and developing this massive site, and I ask that you help me in return with my community project by providing me all that you have available in this scope. This 1880 census has been annotated by me with the ID for the person in the project and burial location if I know it. When you write me please reference both the SRGP ID and the particualr web page where you found it. I am looking forward to a mutually beneficial exchange and the further development of this massive library to preserve the memory of the lives of our community predecessors . Joyce M. Tice
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Joyce's Search Tip - January 2008
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You can further limit your search by choosing the find all words option and entering a year or township name along with your surname. Remember that alternate spellings of surnames WILL affect your search results.

29     Dodge Huldah 67 F moth-in-lw wido/grocery PA VT VT 3858    
  302 313 Dewitt J. W. 29 M hus hdwe.dealer PA NY PA 7809    
        Julia L. 28 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA 6802    
        James Ray 5 M son attend.school PA PA PA 7812    
        Claud W. 6m M son   PA PA PA 7813   Prospect Cemetery
      Finnegun Kate 11 F servant attend.school PA Ireld Ireld      
  303 314 Shelton R. L. 28 M hus blacksmith PA Eng PA 9437    
        Josephine 27 F wife housekeeper PA NY PA 11128    
        Minnie 6 F dau attend.school PA PA PA 11129    
        Lee R. 4 M son   PA PA PA 11130    
  304 315 Clark J. H. 39 M hus merchant PA PA PA 9731 Jesse Miller Clark Prospect Cemetery
        T. E. 39 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA 8992   Prospect Cemetery
        Coley M. 13 M son attend.school PA PA PA 9732   Prospect Cemetery
  305 316 Stauffen George 45 M hus blacksmith MD PA PA 9723 Stauffer Mainesburg Cemetery
        Alice M. 32 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA 7075   Mainesburg Cemetery
        Hamilton S. 11 M son attend.school PA MD PA 9724    
        Mack 8 M son attend.school PA MD PA 9725   Mainesburg Cemetery
        Maggie 5 F dau attend.school PA MD PA 9725    
        Grace M. 3 F dau   PA MD PA 9727   Mainesburg Cemetery
        John Gale 3 M son   PA MD PA 9728    
  306 317 Rumsey O. S. 67 M hus chores PA VT VT 6508   Mainesburg Cemetery
        Fanny A. 63 F wife housekeeper NY NY PA 6524   Mainesburg Cemetery
  307 318 Doud Thomas 45 M hus hotel keeper PA VT OH 7258   Mainesburg Cemetery
        Mary L. 41 F wife housekeeper PA     3164   Mainesburg Cemetery
        Wm. 21 M son farm work PA PA PA 9238    
        Damalle 18 F dau-in-law housework PA PA PA 13009 Deidamia  
        Charlott 17 F dau housework PA PA PA 9987    
      Wright L. N. 27 M boards M.D. NY NY NY 74196    
  308 319 Doud Mary A. 79 F   housekeeper PA NY PA 6788   Mainesburg Cemetery
        Josie 25 F dau teaching PA PA PA 6790    
  309 320 Austin L. R. 48 M hus merchant PA NY VT 5961   Mainesburg Cemetery
        Mitt E. 25 F wife housekeeper PA NY NY 4498    
  310 321 Doud R. H. 66 M hus merchant PA CT VT 6144   Mainesburg Cemetery
        J. H. 66 F wife housekeeper PA NY CT 6735   Mainesburg Cemetery
  311 322 Ford Argalos 60 M hus harnessmakr NY VT VT 5773 Argalus Mainesburg Cemetery
        L. A. 54 F wife housekeeper PA NY VT 5774   Mainesburg Cemetery
    323 Dewey Harry E. 25 M hus blacksmith PA PA PA 7078    
        A. E. 32 F wife housekeeper PA NY PA 7272    
  312 324 Dewey Wm. E. 28 M hus laborer PA PA PA 7077   Mainesburg Cemetery
        Elizabeth B. 29 F wife housekeeper PA NY NY 11494   Mainesburg Cemetery
        Anna L. 7 F dau attend.school PA PA PA 11495    
  313 325 Lovell E. G. 42 M hus wks.in quarry PA PA PA 51497   Mainesburg Cemetery
        M. G. 33 F wife housekeeper PA VT PA 7770   Mainesburg Cemetery
        C. G. 14 F dau attend.school PA PA PA 74197    
        F. E. 10 M son attend.school PA PA PA 74198    
        B. C. 3 M son   PA PA PA 74199    
  314 326 Maine G. D. 56 M hus MD PA     6808   Mainesburg Cemetery
        Jane E. 52 F wife housekeeper PA VT VT 7642   Mainesburg Cemetery
        Grace D. 19 F dau housework PA PA PA 6807   Mainesburg Cemetery
29     Holcomb Kate G. 27 F dau   PA PA PA 7643   Mainesburg Cemetery
30     Holcomb Geo. H. 1 M gr. son   WI PA PA 11496    
        Grac 2m F gr. dau   PA PA PA 11497    
  315 327 Peters D. S. 46 M hus blacksmith PA VT PA 9572   Mainesburg Cemetery
        Alpheus 79 M father boards VT RI VT 9570   Mainesburg Cemetery
        Nancy 75 F mother boards PA NY NY 9571   Mainesburg Cemetery
        G. A. 14 M son attend.school PA PA PA 9576    
      Lunn Susan 21 F son housework PA     69950 son ??? S.b. servant  
  316 328 Barkhurst B. 48 M hus merchant PA NH MA 9741 Parkhurst Mainesburg Cemetery
        C. E. 44 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA 9094   Mainesburg Cemetery
      Maine Charles L. 15 M nephew attend.school PA PA PA 9749    
  317 329 Hall W. B. 50 M hus painter NY MD NY 9418   Mainesburg Cemetery
        Sarah H. 48 F wife housekeeper NY NY NY 9714   Mainesburg Cemetery
        Charles W. 14 M son on farm PA N Y NY 9716    
        Emma E. 13 F dau attend.school PA NY  NY 9757   Mainesburg Cemetery 
        Lillian A. 11 F dau attend.school PA NY  NY 9758   Mainesburg Cemetery
        Arthur E. 7 M son attend.school PA NY NY 9717    
        Hattie E. 4 F dau   PA NY NY 9718    
  318 330 Simpson Joseph 71 M hus carriagemakr PA NY   74203    
        Polly 67 F wife housekeeper PA RI RI 9757    
        A. C. 35 M son wagonmaker VT PA PA 74202    
        M. F. 28 F dau housework NY PA PA 74204    
  319 331 Strong John B. 57 M hus farmer PA NY NY 9565   Mainesburg Cemetery
        Theadreia 51 F wife housekeeper PA NY NY 9566 Theodotia Mainesburg Cemetery
  320 332 Smith Ephram 53 M hus farmer PA NJ NY 1916   King Hill Cemetery
        Louisa 45 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA 1915   King Hill Cemetery
        Dennis 16 M son wks.on farm PA PA PA 5071   Mainesburg Cemetery
        Hannah 13 F dau attend.school PA PA PA 5072   Sylvania Cemetery
  321 333 Doud L. M. 47 M hus sawmill oper. PA VT MA 7257   Lawrence Township
        E. E. 45 F wife millinery NY NY NY 9239   State Road Cemetery
  322 334 Lovell C. E. 37 M hus farmer PA VT NY 6917    
        Elizabeth A. 34 F wife housekeeper PA PA VT 6905   Mainesburg Cemetery
        Genie 11 F dau attend.school MI MI PA 74205    
        Ray 2 M son   PA PA PA 3918    
        Glen 8m M son   PA PA PA 3919    
      Linderman Amos 37 M hired hand farm hand NY NY NY      
        Rittie Sweny 32 F   housework NJ Scotld PA   Kittie  
  323 335 Rumsey E. G. 26 M hus farmer PA PA VT 5860   Mainesburg Cemetery
        Emma  25 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA 5859    
        Daisy 7 F dau attend.school PA PA PA 6366    
        Lillian  4 F dau attend.school PA PA PA 6367    
  324 336 Doud Warren 44 M hus farmer PA VT NY 6812   Mainesburg Cemetery
        Ida 29 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA 9144    
        Martha 4 F dau   PA PA PA 11504    
        Georgianna 2 F dau   PA PA PA 11505    
  325 337 Austin Emily 36 F   housekeeper PA CT PA 6856    
        Alvin 80 M father wido/boards NY  CT CT 5954 Father-in-law Mainesburg Cemetery
        Aaron B. 15 M son attend.school PA PA PA 9759   Mainesburg Cemetery
        Becky 10 F dau attend.school PA PA PA 10360    
  326 338 Jones G. W. 33 M hus blacksmith NY PA PA      
30       Flora A. 24 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA      

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 08/24/2003
By Joyce M. Tice
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