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1880 Sullivan Township Census
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Transcribed for Tri Counties by Carlton Wolfe 
Pages formatted and extensively annotated by  Joyce M. Tice
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Census records are very often difficult to read because of handwriting, microfilm quality, and spelling issues. Our early census takers were not as well educated as we'd like them to have been, and even the people bearing the names often could not spell them with the same consistency we are accustomed to in this era. The census taker wrote what he believed he heard as well as he could. These have been transcribed for you to the very best or our abilities given the difficulties mentioned. Please be tolerant of what you would consider "mistakes." If you can recognize the names you are looking for, then it is a success. If not, then you may want to find a place where you can view the originals so that you can judge for yourselves. Excessive attention to outmoded spelling issues is the sign of a beginner in family research. Those of you who have been at this a while are well aware of the "spelling errors" in our early records and have learned to take them in your stride. If you want to tell us what is right and what is wrong with the transcription, your notes will be added to the Comment Page
Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project
From Joyce M. Tice's Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project
All Pages of SRGP are presented with the expectation of RECIPROCITY. If you are descended from these people, Joyce needs your family updates to the PRESENT. 
Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project was founded in 1992 by Joyce M. Tice. Its purpose is to trace ALL the ancestors and ALL the descendants of all persons who lived in and near Sullivan and Rutland Townships in Tioga County PA. This includes people (descendants) to the present day wherever they live, and ancestry on all lines, female included, as far back as we can go.  The project is about community and is extensive in its scope. It traces the pioneers in their immigration from New England and elsewhere, and it traces the emmigrations to the west. At this writing there are over 77,000 individuals in its database with connections to Sullivan and Rutland Townships. Some people lived their entire life here and others spent only brief time in the communities of this locale. The project includes them all.  Ultimately it will include as much life history on each person as can be collected inlcuding, census, tax, church, Bible, school, newspaper, military, birth-death-marriage records as can be found - also photographs. If you are using these pages and using the information included, it is expected that you are willing to reciprocate by providing information to this vast community genealogy. I have helped thousands of researchers by presenting and developing this massive site, and I ask that you help me in return with my community project by providing me all that you have available in this scope. This 1880 census has been annotated by me with the ID for the person in the project and burial location if I know it. When you write me please reference both the SRGP ID and the particualr web page where you found it. I am looking forward to a mutually beneficial exchange and the further development of this massive library to preserve the memory of the lives of our community predecessors . Joyce M. Tice
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Joyce's Search Tip - January 2008
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You can further limit your search by choosing the find all words option and entering a year or township name along with your surname. Remember that alternate spellings of surnames WILL affect your search results.

23       Edward F. 2 M son   PA PA NY 74029    
  243 252 Watkins Justus 46 M hus farmer PA PA PA 11211   Columbia Valley Cemetery
        Irena S. 40 F wife housekeeper MA MA MA 11212   Columbia Valley Cemetery
        Liza A. 21 F dau housework PA PA MA 4833    
        Annie L. 6 F dau attend.school PA PA MA 20394   Glenwood Cemetery
        E. E. 3 M son   PA PA MA 9597   Glenwood Cemetery
      Brown W. H. 19 M   farm hand NY Eng Eng      
      Cornell Lorena 80 F moth-in-lw wido/boards MA MA MA 62802   Gladding Cemetery
  244 253 Schwenk Henry 41 M hus farmer Germ Germ Germ 13603   Columbia Valley Cemetery
        Emeline 30 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA 5012   Watson Cemetery
        Susan A. 9 F dau attend.school PA Germ PA 14807   Columbia Valley Cemetery
      Morse Dexter R. 30 M   farm hand PA PA PA      
      Davis Ida 20 F   housework PA PA PA 38529 s/b 23  
  245 254 Jennings Linus L. 36 M hus farmer PA VT PA 38971    
        Elenor 34 F dau housekeeper PA NY NY 9161   Watson Cemetery
        Elnora 13 F dau housework PA PA PA 13617    
        Alta 10 F dau attend.school PA PA PA 40899    
        Effa  7 F dau attend.school PA PA PA 70900    
        Emily  5 F dau   PA PA PA 40901    
      Gilett Louie  19 M nephew farm hand PA PA PA      
  246 255 Baily Leonard 41 M hus wks.on farm NJ NJ NJ 8117   Watson Cemetery
        Louiza C. 40 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA 7985   Watson Cemetery
        Olner C. 15 M son wks.on farm PA NJ PA 11106 Oliver C.   
        Sarah 10 F dau attend.school PA NJ PA 11107    
        Walter 8m M son   PA NJ PA 11108    
  247 256 Hawly J. W. 59 M hus farmer PA NY NJ 199 Holly Wood Cemetery
        Mary 55 F wife housekeeper PA CT CT 95   Wood Cemetery
        Mary E. 20 F dau teaching PA NY PA 610   Prospect Cemetery
        E. A. 18 F dau housework PA NY PA 611    
        F. Ella 7 F dau attend.school PA NY PA 197    
      Reynolds Daniel  29 M   farm hand PA RI VT 5526    
  248 257 Woods S. L. 42 M hus farmer PA CT CT 526 Wood Prospect Cemetery
        Emma  40 F wife housekeeper PA NY NY 527   Prospect Cemetery
        Sollomon 78 M fath/board widower CT CT CT 299   Wood Cemetery
        Frank L. 17 M son on farm PA PA PA 599    
        May  15 F dau housework PA PA PA 600   Tyrone NY
        Willard 11 M son attend.school PA PA PA 601 Welland  
        Norton 6 M son   PA PA PA 6448   Woodlawn Cemetery
        Earnest 2 M son   PA PA PA 6447   Glenwood Cemetery
        Libbie 1 F dau   PA PA PA 2476 Lelia North Dakota
      Hawly Nelson 26 M   farm hand PA PA PA 1654 Holly Tyrone NY
      Payne Fanny 17 F   teaching PA NY NY 74121    
  249 258 Doty Jerustie 75 F widow  housekeeper NY NY NY 530 Jerusha Wood Cemetery
        Cordelia E. 43 F dau housework PA NY NY 758   Woodlawn Cemetery
        Alice  3 F gr. dau   PA PA PA 3082   State Road Cemetery
      Smith Grace 13 F gr. dau attend.school PA PA PA 3078    
  250 259 Doty Esther 33 F widow housekeeper PA PA PA 276    
23       Sophia 10 F dau   PA PA PA 11109    
24 251 260 Smith Rufus 80 M   farmer CT CT CT 248   Wood Cemetery
        Matthew 40 M son farmer PA CT CT 17   Wood Cemetery
        Polly M. 38 F dau housekeeper PA NY PA 516   Wood Cemetery
        Edson W. 15 M gr. son on farm PA PA PA 533   Woodlawn Cemetery
        Minnie E. 13 F gr. dau housework PA PA PA 603   Watson Cemetery
        Cora M. 10 F gr. dau attend.school PA PA PA 9   Gray Valley Cemetery
        Maud E. 5 F gr. dau   PA PA PA 2198   Stull Cemetery
        Florence A. 9m F gr. dau   PA PA PA 441   Wood Cemetery
  252 261 Smith Northrup 61 M hus farmer CT CT CT 188   Wood Cemetery
        Sally A. 59 F wife housekeeper NY NY CT 430   Wood Cemetery
        S. L. 42 F dau boarding PA CT NY 432   Prospect Cemetery
        Mary E. 30 F dau teaching PA CT NY 187   Wood Cemetery
        Bell 24 F dau teaching PA CT NY 604   Wood Cemetery
        Joseph N. 21 M son attend.school PA CT NY 607    
        Augustus B. 18 M son on farm PA CT NY 608    
        Mark S. 16 M son on farm PA CT NY 190   Wood Cemetery
  253 262 Smith Clarence 38 M hus fruit agent PA CT NY 606    
        Edith L. 20 F wife housekeeper PA PA NY 3022    
        Lewis P. 3 M son   PA PA PA 3023   Mainesburg Cemetery
  254 263 Decker Joshua 76 M hus   NJ NJ NJ 74172    
        Caroline 57 F wife housekeeper NY CT NY 74173    
      Stephens Lydia L. 17 F step-dau   PA CT NY 74174    
  255 264 Nash Elisha 39 M hus farmer PA     1943   Prospect Cemetery
        Matilda 32 F wife housekeeper PA PA VT 1942   Prospect Cemetery
        Herman 17 M son wks.on farm PA PA PA 4091    
        Mabel 11 F dau attend.school PA PA PA 4092    
        Willard 1 M son   PA PA PA 4093 Millard  
  256 265 Davis F. G. 36 M hus farmer NY NY PA      
        Carra A. 28 F wife housekeeper NY MA DE      
        C. S. 13 M nephew attend.school NY NY NY      
  257 266 Cripen George 44 M hus farmer PA NY NY 7300   Prospect Cemetery
        Sussan P. 47 F wife housekeeper PA NY CT 11110   Prospect Cemetery
        Betsey 70 F moth/wido knitting NY NY NY 3180   Crippen Cemetery
      Robert Jesse 16 M step-son wks.on farm ? PA PA 11486    
      Mudge Menzo A. 26 M hired farm hand PA PA PA 170   State Road Cemetery
  258 267 Sherman John C. 24 M hus wks.on farm PA PA PA 72722   On Family Property- John C. Sherman Road
        Diania 25 F wife housekeeper PA PA PA 72723   On Family Property- John C. Sherman Road
  259 268 Tears Lorinda 77 F   housekeeper NY NY NY 4261   Mainesburg Cemetery
  260 269 Smith P. P. 55 M hus farmer PA NJ NY 4465   Mainesburg Cemetery
        R. C. 54 F wife housekeeper NY NY CT 4466   Mainesburg Cemetery
        Jenny A. 19 F dau housework PA PA NY 4501   Mainesburg Cemetery
        Savina 17 F dau housework PA PA NY 4502 Lavina Mainesburg Cemetery
      Rumsey Lizza E. 29 F dau housework PA PA NY 4496 Lydia Mainesburg Cemetery
        Minnie E. 10 F gr. dau attend.school PA PA PA 6357   Mainesburg Cemetery
        Grace L. 2 F gr. dau   PA PA PA 6358    
  261 270 Richmond Lyman 37 M hus farmer PA NY NY 5577   Watson Cemetery
        Adaline 35 F wife housekeeper PA NY NY 2102  
        Fred 15 M son on farm PA PA PA 7012    
24       Eva M. 8 F dau attend.school PA PA PA 7013    

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By Joyce M. Tice
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