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West Branch  Cemetery, Delmar Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania 2008
by Joyce M. Tice
November 2008

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Name of Cemetery: West Branch Cemetery
Deeded As West Branch Cemetery
Read By: Linda C. Reese & Joyce M. Tice
Date Read: October. 2008
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice
Location: Delmar Township, Tioga County, PA - On Cemetery Road, off West Branch Road
Approx. 1600 Burials in this listing.
GPS Coordinates 41.66611 -77.40236
Other Comments: End of T 349 / Cemetery Road / Off SR 3007 / West Branch Road
Outer Edge Section L-K Section I-J Section E-D Section C Section B Section A
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05 06 07
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11 12
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16 17
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Bartle  Clara J. 8/2/1851 4/9/1890 38y8m7d  
Bartle  Eunice Bacon 1/15/1828 9/7/1890 62y7m22d w/o J. C.
Bartle  Jacob C. 6/29/1825 10/16/1903 78y3m17d  
Just a base          
Phillips Elijah 2/28/1817 5/18/1892    
Phillips Philura J.   10/23/1885 59y7m9d w/o Elijah-On marker w/Elijah
Phillips Oliver W. 6/23/1844 1864   In Florence, S.C. - s/o E. & P.J.-On marker w/Elijah
Hotchkiss Infant   6/17/1884   s/o C. M. & F. A.
Hotchkiss Charles M. 1857 1935    
Hotchkiss Frankie A. 1857 1933   On marker w/Charles M.
Hotchkiss Lyman H. 1825 1899    
Hotchkiss Eveline 1832 1903   w/o Lyman H. - On same marker
Hotchkiss Ransom 1807 1888   On marker w/Lyman & Eveline
Hotchkiss Roxy 1803 1884   On marker w/Lyman & Eveline
Hotchkiss Cora     4y d/o L.H. & Eveline - On same marker
Hotchkiss Lyman H. 1829 1899   Sgt. 7 Pa Cavalry
Olmstead Sarah J. 10/18/1837 1/8/1913    
Olmstead Bernard 3/22/1925 1/7/1945   17th Air Born - Killed in Action
Olmstead Nettie A. 5/3/1883 11/14/1976    
Olmstead Bertha E. 8/27/1869 6/28/1900    
Olmstead Charles 9/17/1860 3/1/1942    
Olmstead Edith   12/15/1883 13y7m29d d/o G.B. & A.J.
Foot Stone A. W.          
Kennedy Lela E. 1905 1924    
Olmstead James B. 1843 1920   Co. E 43rd Reg. Pa Bucktails
Olmstead S. L. 11/18/1818 11/4/1889    
Olmstead Wealthy J. 4/10/1826 5/9/1891   w/o S. L. - On same marker
Campbell Mark C., Rev. 1881 1917    
Campbell Flossie E. 1890 1971   w/o Rev. Mark C. - On same marker
See Note Below
Campbell Ralph J. 1912 1933    
Kelim Beecher D. 1908 1933    
Putman Deroy 1850 1924    
Putman Emma J. 1857 1936   w/o Deroy - On same marker
Putman John L. 6/7/1878 11/20/1882   s/o Deroy & Emma
Putman Sybel E. 9/4/1892 1/20/1983   d/o Deroy & Emma
Vandergrift John A. 1854 1924    
Vandergrift Mary 1859 1936   w/o John A. - On same marker
Vandergrift Jesse R. 1877 1878   "Son" - On marker w/John & Mary
Vandergrift Mabel 1879 1884   "Dau" On marker w/John & Mary
Vandergrift Jesse R. 1/18/1877 7/13/1878   Children of J. A. & Mary - On same marker
Vandergrift Mabel C. 9/6/1879 1/16/1884   Children of J. A. & Mary - On same marker
Vandergrift Vera M.   1921 Infant  
Vandergrift John A. 1914 1932    
Vandergrift John 1887 1961    
Vandergrift Louise 1892 1983   On marker w/John
Jones Hiram E. 1848 1905    
Jones Samuel 1806 1889    
Jones Hannah 1808 1890   On marker w/Samuel
Jones Harry E. 1891 1896   On marker w/Samuel-c/o H.E. & Clarinda
Jones Clara 1891 1891   On marker w/Samuel-c/o H.E. & Clarinda
Wetherbee George 1879 1961    
Cole Ephraim 1880 1913    
Wetherbee Emma Cole 1883 1939    
Ford Infant   11/7/1890   s/o C. M. & Addie J.
Boatman Emeline L. 5/11/1837 3/16/1883   w/o W. S.
Boatman Emma J. 12/19/1861 7/11/1953    
Boatman William S. 1838 1905   Co. E 1st Rifles P.R.V.C.
Ford Cassius 1859 1923    
Ford Addie J. 1850 1941   w/o Cassius - On same marker
Ford Sarah A.   3/15/1882 51y1m17d w/o D. B.
Ford Darius B.   11/7/1889 62y3m29d  
Ford Elmer J. 1862 1938    
Warriner Bertha L.   5/10/1885 22y2m18d d/o J. N. & A. L.
Warriner Clarence B. 11/10/1858 5/8/1889    
Warriner James N. 1835 1903    
Warriner Adaline L. 1822 1899   On marker w/James N.
Warriner J. F.       Co K 207th Pa. Inf.
Warriner Orin 1861 1937    
Warriner Laura 1867 1944   w/o Orin - On same marker
Warriner Ira M. 1837 1919   Co G 7th Pa. Cav.
Warriner Hepsie E. 1845 1918   On marker w/Ira M.
Wilson Emma 1871 1945    
Wilson Edwin Taylor Eugene 1865 1931   On marker w/Emma
Townsend George 1879 1905   s/o D. E. & Jannie
Townsend Harry E.   9/29/1910 5m s/o H. N. & A. E.
Townsend Hugh E. 1927 1936   Grandson of Harry & Anna
Townsend Harry N. 1868 1938    
Townsend Anna E. 1878 1960   On marker w/Harry N.
Townsend Jennie G. 1848 1925    
Townsend Edgar 1844 1919    
Williams Hannah L. 10/19/1829 8/6/1909    
Navil Orrin J. 1856 1932    
Navil Mary G. 1856 1936    
Navil Samuel 1831 1905    
Navil Anna E. 1832 1909    
Torpy Ralph A. 1877 1952    
Torpy Katie E. 1881 1963   On marker w/Ralph A.
Torpy Zelma L. 2/19/1904 3/22/1917   d/o R. A. & Katie
Torpy Leona J. 5/13/1908 5/15/1908   d/o R. A. & Katie
Torpy Artie 1886 1914    
Torpy Augustin S. 6/9/1835 6/17/1890    
Torpy George A.   8/9/1877 13y1m12d s/o A. S. & P. J.
Torpy Babies       Children of A. S. & P. J.

Hi Joyce, [February 2012]
I have never seen anything else like your site--it is wonderful.  My families came from Bradford & Tioga Co., PA and Chemung Co., NY.  I wish I had such an extensive site as yours for Steuben Co., NY
Your site is a goldmine--I can't begin to tell you how much help it has been for me.  Thank you so much, Joyce, and all your associates.
I was looking at the 2008 listing of the Westbranch Cem.--I'd say it is a much better listing that the 1970 listing.
I thought it was really helpful to list those who did not have markers, but was gleaned from Burial Permits.
In Section A #15, I noticed my grand-mother listed there as:
    Louden, Flossie E., d. 12/25/1971, 82 yrs.
    Actually she is listed in Section C #14 on the same marker as her First husband, Mark C.CAMPBELL;      along with their son, Ralph Campbell and her parents, DeRoy and Emma J. VanDyke PUTMAN.  She is  listed there as Flossie E.Campbell
    So, she actually does have a marker in the cemetery.  It just doesn't reflect her surname from her second     marriage to Robert F. Louden.  He chose to be buried with his 1st wife in the Wellsboro Cem.
    I leave it up to you if you want to make an explanation to that effect or not.
I can't figure out where her middle initial of "E" came from.  Her name was:  Flossie D. PUTMAN Campbell Louden.  Perhaps the E was meant to be "D", and was an error by the stone engraver. 
Thanks again for all you do--it has to be a labor of love,

Published on Tri-Counties 16 APR 2009
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