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Cemetery Listings - Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Jackson Township Page
Photos by Joyce M. Tice 1997, 1998, 2000
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SEE Jobs Corners Obituaries
Name of Cemetery: Jobs Corners Cemetery
Read By: Mr. J. Kelsey Jones
Date Read: June.1981-Rechecked July 1982
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Location: Jobs Corners, Jackson Twp., Tioga Co., PA
Other Comments: Interments are still being made in new section (Newer section is not included here but wil be iclude do the 2006 version in process.)
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Saxton Charles A. 1855 19__    
Saxton Rettie M. 1863 1929    
Schofield Clifford H. 1889 1958    
Schofield Ella L. 1895 1972   On marker w/Clifford H.
Schofield Donald L. 1924 1929   On marker w/Clifford H.
Schofield Shirley 1935 1937   On marker w/Clifford H.
Searles Mary   Jul.15.1851 60y3m11d w/o John
Sedinger John   Dec.20.1881 80y3m7d  
Sedinger Lydia   Jan.7.1885 80y  w/o John-On same marker
Sedinger William E. Oct.11.1859 Apr.20.1916    
Sedinger Laura E. Apr.13.1862 Jun.15.1933   On marker w/William E.
Sedinger J. L. Aug.22.1829 Feb.13.1922   Co E 86 Reg't N.Y.V.
Sedinger Fannie Roberts Jul.9.1836 Mar.17.1873   w/o J.L.-On same marker
Sedinger John E. 1856 1932    
Sedinger Mary E. 1860 1950   On marker w/John E.
Sedinger Stanley V. 1892 1952    
Sedinger Hazel D. 1891 19__   On marker w/Stanley V.
Seely Nathaniel   May.14.1868 73 yr  
Sheive John   Mar.18.1862 77y3m28d  
Sheive Amelia B.   Jul.3.1839 51y5m20d w/o John
Sheive Albert A.   May.24.1862 51y6m29d  
Sheive Betsy Ann   May.20.1849 30y11m  w/o Albert A.--d/o Benj. & Peggy Ann Crandell
Sheive Melvin B.   Feb.18.1853 4y5m s/o Albert A. & Betsy Ann
Sheive Delila   Dec.31.1841 4y2m16d d/o Albert A. & Betsy Ann
Sheive Cynthia   Apr.6.1843 3 mo d/o Albert A. & Betsy Ann
Sheive Celestial   Dec.5.1844 1m15d d/o Albert A. & Betsy Ann
Sheive Infant Son   May.1841   s/o Albert A. & Betsy Ann
Sheive Levi B. Feb.9.1813 Apr.9.1887    
Sheive Mary Jane Mar.19.1821 Jul.12.1900   w/o Levi B. - On same marker
Sheive Mary Ann   Apr.8.1841 26y14d d/o Christopher & Mary Lefler--w/o L. B.
Sheive Infant Son   Apr.6.1841   s/o L.B. & Mary A.
Sheive Caroline L.   Sep.30.1848 2y2m16d d/o L.B. & Mary J.
Sheive Infant Son   May.4.1842   s/o L.B. & Mary J..
Sheive Jacob Dec.5.1818 Jul.29.1897    
Sheive Eliza Ann   Jun.29.1860 37y2m23d w/o Jacob
Sheive Margaret A. Bortle 1836 1903   w/o Jacob
Sheive Mary Amelia   Sep.12.1853 8m16d d/o Jacob & Eliza Ann
Sheive Erin Leroy   Sep.12.1843 3y1m4d s/o Jacob & Eliza Ann
Sheive John L.   Mar.29.1867 32y5m12d  
Sheive Austin A.   Jul.4.1865 5y2m24d  
Sheive John M.   Apr.19.1863 23y5m20d s/o George & Susan
Sheive Mary J.   Feb.10.1842 10m30d d/o George & Susan
Sheive George W. 1847 1933    
Sheive Blanche A. 1870 1960   On marker w/George W.
Sheive George W. Aug.19.1847 Oct.28.1933    
Sheive Jennie Jun.22.1856 Mar.7.1885   w/o George W.
Sheive Ella U.   Sep.20.1852 4y5m9d d/o Joel & Abigail
Sheive Levi W.   Sep.27.1852 1y4m8d s/o Joel & Abigail
Sheive Jud E.   Sep.1.1849 2y1m8d s/o Charles & Frances H.
Sheive W. E.     14 mo. s/o C. & F.H.
Sheive S.J.     5 mo s/o C. & F.H.
Sheive Joel E. 1843 1915    
Sheive Mary J. 1843 1916   On marker w/Joel E.
Sheive Louesa Slocum 1824 1887   w/o Albert
Sheive Jordan   Jun.18.1879 70y8m20d  
Sheive Franklin   Jan.26.1853 1y10m6d s/o Jerdan & Henrietta
Sheive Emily   Oct.31.1874 36y8m d/o Jerdan & Henrietta
Shepard Nettie Jane Mar.8.1863 Jul.9.1941    
Shepard Angeline Garrison 1838 1920    
Shepherd E.D.   May.23.1872 36y9m4d  
Slocum James P. 1846 1917    
Slocum Frances E. Ayers 1849 1923   w/o James P. - On same marker
Slocum Louise Slocum Sorenson 1875 1945   On marker w/James & Frances
  See Sheive        
Smith Nina E.   Jun.2.1884 31y4m21d w/o J. H.
Smith Christine May.5.1796 Jan.16.1887    
Smith Soloman       Age 62 on 1860 census-Stone broken & Illegible
Smith Barnard   Mar.11.1853 26y11m11d  
Smith William T. 1836 1924    
Smith Polly M. 1838 1906   On marker w/William T.
Smith Emily 1864 1878   On marker w/William T.
Smith Annie 1873 1878   On marker w/William T.
Smith Mary L.   Jun.19.1861 1y4m25d d/o William T. & Polly M.
Smith         s/o William T & Polly M.-Stone broken
Smith William B.   Jan.13.1909 78y5m1d  
Smith Hannah   Jan.6.1859 29y7m6d w/o William B.
Smith Ann G. Oct.20.1831 Aug.29.1911   w/o W. B.
Smith Allie May.1.1862 Sep.20.1877   d/o Wm. & A.G.
Sorenson See Slocum        
Spencer J. G.   Jul.30.1847 57y5m3d  
Spencer Mary   Apr.3.1869 83y9m7d w/o J. G.
  See Miles        
Stacy Charlotte Ide  1857 1934   See Ide
Stacy Hannah   Apr.17.1849 24y28d w/o Orin
Stelle Jacob   Apr.8.1872 74y5m17d  
Stelle Broken at name   Aug.7.1857 64y5m23d Beside Jacob and same style stone
Stelle Jacob Jul.31.1825 Feb.1.1882    
Stelle Infant Son   Oct.4.1859   Infant son of Jacob & Sarah E.
Stilwell M. Della   Apr.1.1874 11y__illegible d/o Wm. M. & S. A.
Stilwell Clark 1807 1878    
Stilwell Mary 1810 1888   On marker w/Clark
Stilwell Herman Clark       s/o Clark & Mary (Stone broken)
Strait Infant Daughter   Sep.25.1867 2 wk c/o Lyman & Caroline A.
Strait Willie   Feb.26.1881 19 mo c/o Lyman & Caroline A.
Sturdevant W.B. Mar.3.1820 May.21.1901   (Per Obit- Wm. B.)
Sturdevant Mary Nov.7.1824 Jul.2.1890   w/o W. B.
Sturdevant Elmer J.   Feb.5.1861 4y4m1d s/o Wm. & Mary
Sturdevant Theron W.   Sep.20.1865 4y9m s/o W. & M.
Sturdevant Infant Son   Oct.23.1863 3m18d s/o W. & M.
Sturdevant Frances Jane   Aug.28.1849 1y9m7d d/o W.B. & Mary
Sturdevant Floyd W.   Jan.28.1851 1y5m17d s/o W.B. & Mary
Sturdevant Careolint   Mar.18.1848 1y1m23d d/o J.V. & Anna
Sturdevant Mary Holmes   Oct.3.1852 32y4m30d w/o Jesse H.
Sturdevant William A. 1866 1943    
Sturdevant Carrie L. 1861 1895   w/o Wm.
Sturdevant Glen G. 1888 1959    
Taber Samuel   Mar.31.1848 55y5m28d  
Taber Betsey   Mar.15.1849 56y6m15d w/o Samuel
Taylor Carrie E. 1880 19__    
Taylor Walter D. 1878 1922    
Thorp Isadella   Dec.6.1890 34y22d w/o Frank H.
Thorp Maud   Mar.1. 7m5d No marker-info from obituary-d/o Frank & Isabelle
Tickner Harry B. Oct.21.1862 Jan.27.1902    
Tuttle E.  Jul.29.1766 Sep.1.1836    
Tuttle Lucy Apr.10.1782 Jul.17.1866   On marker w/E.
Tuttle Edward H.   Mar.1.1848 4y19d s/o E.G. & Mary
Tuttle Ella A.   Feb.20.1848 7m16d d/o E.G. & Mary
Updike/Updyke Foster   Oct.3.1845 67y1m26d  
Updike/Updyke Nancy   Jun.28.1847 61y7m19d w/o Foster
Updike/Updyke Theodore   Jul.5.1847 42 yr Stone broken
Updike/Updyke Sarah   Aug.11.1880 2y22d d/o ___
Updike/Updyke Hiel Oct.14.1831 Mar.16.1896    
Updike/Updyke Sarah Jane Nov.15.1834 Mar.26.1892   w/o H.-On marker w/Hiel
Updike/Updyke Mary Ann Johnson Oct.23.1806 Mar.19.1896   "Mother"-On marker w/Hiel & Sarah
Updike/Updyke Richard   May.19.1878 74y3m1d  
Updike/Updyke Emma   May.18.1900 83y8m  
Updike/Updyke Theodore B.   Apr.4.1848 7m18d s/o Richard & Emma
Updike/Updyke Phebe Ann   Oct.19.1841 18m8d d/o Richard & Emma
Updike/Updyke Eunice Sophia   Apr.23.1863 18y3m24d c/o Richard & Emma
Updike/Updyke Ann Estella   Apr.23.1863 12y1m29d c/o Richard & Emma-Eunice & Ann on same marker
Updike/Updyke Wm.   Jun.11.1862 59y9m1d  
Updike/Updyke Druzila   Oct.5.1886 79 yr w/o William 
Updike/Updyke Reuben   Dec.21.1877 56y10m2d  
Updike/Updyke Catharine   Apr.17.1859 33y2m13d w/o Reuben
Updike/Updyke Levi J.   Mar.12.1853 4y1m15d s/o Reuben & Catharine
Updike/Updyke Morgan   Oct.7.1854 2y9m24d s/o Reuben & Catharine
Vaughan Mary J.   Feb.16.1860 16y6m5d w/o Herman
Walker Sarah Ruth        
Walker Sam Anson        
Wells Loesa   Dec.6.1846 3y4m5d d/o Warren & Samantha
Wells Samantha   Jun.30.1848 37y7m12d w/o Warren
Wells Lewis E. 1869 1930    
Wells Alice M. Rogers 1873 1910   w/o Lewis E.-On same stone (Obit Apr.23)
Wells Kittie       Headstone of Lewis & Alice plot
Wells Norman   Dec.26.1853 73y3m16d  
Wells Elizabeth   Feb.7.1864 78y6m16d w/o Norman
Wells Benjamine   May.27.1882 71y4m13d  
Wells Eliza    Apr.17.1875 60y3m18d w/o Benjamine-On same marker
Wells May E.   Feb.3.1853 2y7m d/o Benjamine & Eliza-On same marker
Wheat Polly Ann   Apr.24.1850 25y3m20d w/o C. G.
Wheeler Edward  Apr.16.1818 Nov.1.1909   Tingwic was my birth place, England is my nation, America is my dwelling place, and Christ my Salvation
Wheeler Mary Ann  Nov.24.1811 Mar.23.1890   w/o Edward-On same marker
Wheeler Elizabeth 1845 1920    
White Carlos C.   Jan.5.1849 14y9m2d s/o Tylee & Mari (e or a)stone broken
White Michael   Jan.11.1843   Stone broken
White Caroline   May.17.1843 26y7m20d  
White Edna B. 1886 1946    
White Fred C. 1881 1941   On marker w/Edna
White Delos E. 1952 1976    
White Kenneth S. Nov.7.1915 Jul.8.1953   PFC 848 QM Truck Co. WW 2
White Gilbert 1882 1941    
White Delos E. 1933 1951   US Army
Wilson See French        
Wood Ezra   Oct.11.1840 62y11m11d  
Wood Rachel   Feb.9.1854 73y2m11d w/o Ezra
Wood Hannah M.    May.29.1884 73 yr w/o Paul Aldurson
Wood Earl G. 1906      
Wood Gladys L. 1911     On marker w/Earl G.
Wood Wilbur K. Jr. Oct.8.1950 Oct.2.1974    
Misc:     Oct.3.1868 5y10m God, bless little Kate (No other info on marker)
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