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Cemetery Listings - Tioga County, Pennsylvania
Jackson Township Page
Photos by Joyce M. Tice 1997, 1998, 2000
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SEE Jobs Corners Obituaries
Name of Cemetery: Jobs Corners Cemetery
Read By: Mr. J. Kelsey Jones
Date Read: June.1981-Rechecked July 1982
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Location: Jobs Corners, Jackson Twp., Tioga Co., PA
Other Comments: Interments are still being made in new section (Newer section is not included here but wil be iclude do the 2006 version in process.)
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Garrison Foster 1835 1904    
Garrison Charlotte R.   Jun.22.1869 29y6m w/o Foster
Garrison Charlotte R. 1839 1869   nee: Pellet, 1st w/o Foster
Garrison Ottie C.   Mar.22.1863 1y6m19d d/o Foster & Lottie
Garrison Malvina H. 1844 1926   nee: Queal - 2nd w/o Foster
Garrison Edmund B.   Oct.8.1866 41y9m8d  
Garrison Edmund B. 1825 1866    
Garrison Caroline A. 1830 1924    
Garrison Infant son   Jun.29.1855 10 d s/o E.B. & Caroline A.
Garrison Caleb D.   Sep.26.1865 38y8m18d  
Garrison Caleb D. Jan.8.1827 Sep.26.1865    
Garrison Carline E. Sep.17.1834 Mar.15.1913   w/o Caleb D.
Garrison Levi W. 1859 1947    
Garrison Sarah 1856 1896    
Garrison Ansel E. 1856 1938    
Garrison Hattie Maud 1861 1915   w/o Ansel E.-On same marker
Garrison Abraham B. 1829 1920    
Garrison Mahala A. 1838 1928   w/o Abraham B.-On same marker
Garrison Phoebe M.     1y1m13d d/o A.B. & Mahala
Garrison Boyd H. 1901 1908    
Garrison Reuben W. 1854 1910    
Garrison Jessie A. 1861 1939    
Garrison W. Ernest 1885 1939    
Garrison Mary E. 1891 1974   On marker w/W. Ernest
Garrison Justus   Jul.3.1858 75y3m5d  
Garrison Phoebe    Jul.8.1882 90y3m1d w/o Justus - On same marker
Garrison Harry F. 1875 1966    
Garrison Addie R. 1875 1966   on marker w/Harry F.
Garrison Ahava L. Apr.13.1901 Mar.2.1903   d/o H.M. & B.E.
Garrison Freeman C. 1872 1913    
Garrison Ada L. 1870 1955    
Garrison Infant son   1906   s/o Freeman C & Ada L.
Garrison William   Oct.24.1875 66y11m16d  
Garrison Harriet Nov.18.1812 Dec.6.1893   w/o Wm. 
Garrison R.E.   May.6.1869 28y3m6d s/o Wm. & Harriet
Garrison Nancy H.   Nov.12.1870 21y11m20d d/o Wm. & Harriet
Garrison William H. 1843 1928    
Garrison M. Amelia 1845 1924   On marker w/William H.
Garrison Infant son   Nov.28.1869 19 d s/o W.H. & A.M.
Garrison Alta L. 1882 1955    
Garrison Jesse        
Garrison Samuel    Aug.9.1846 58y2m20d  
Garrison Hannah   Sep.8.1846 1y2m12d d/o Samuel & Eunice
Garrison Chester F. 1851 1918    
Garrison Elnora S. 1853 1941    
Garrison Genevieve Benson 1882 1958   d/o Chester F. & Elnora S.
Garrison Nelson W. Oct.19.1833 Mar.26.1900    
Garrison Ann  Jan.7.1838 Apr.2.1900   w/o Nelson W.-On same marker
Garrison Abram G. Nov.18.1819 Nov.27.1866    
Garrison Harriet S. Nov.17.1819 Feb.2.1892   w/o A.G.-On same marker
Garrison Twin boys Abe   Sep.4.1855   Infant 2d's (sons of Abram & Harriet)
Garrison Hattie  May.21.1858 Feb.5.1861   d/o Abram & Harriet
Garrison Spencer Oct.18.1851 May.21.1861   s/o Abram & Harriet
Garrison John Jan.14.1819 May.10.1883    
Garrison Deborah Mar.21.1817 Jul.12.1886   On marker w/John
Garrison Charles N.   Feb.15.1859 1y4m10d s/o John & Deborah
Garrison Mary L.   Sep.19.1849 8m5d d/o John & Deborah
Garrison Irvin L.   Oct.15.1849 2y11m16d s/o John & Deborah
Garrison Justus J. Mar.4.1837 Oct.7.1906   Private Co G 1 Reg't PA VOL RIFLES
Garrison Lita Nov.22.1846 Feb.19.1927   w/o Justus J.-On same marker (nee Wells)
Garrison May Belle Apr.23.1871 Jun.10.1878   Children of J. J. & Litta
Garrison Rose Berthi Nov.23.1878 Feb.23.1894   Children of J. J. & Litta
Garrison Lew W. Feb.13.1881 Jul.27.1922   Children of J. J. & Litta
Garrison Maud E. Apr.10.1875 Jun.4.1878   Children of J. J. & Litta
Garrison Frank W. Nov.11.1872 Jun.12.1878   Children of J. J. & Litta-All children on same marker
  See Benson, Phillips, Ripley        
Gerelott Margaret   Jun.13.1873 72y10m13d Elmira City Death Rec.-Widow/d/o Geo.& Catherine Sheive
Gray Jonathan   Apr.18.1845 75y3m29d  
Gray Ann   Dec.24.1847 63y4m30d w/o Jonathan
Gray Phebe   May.4.1844 26y4m13d d/o Jonathan & Ann
Gray Eli Jan.23.1820 Sep.8.1878    
Gray Lydia       On marker w/Eli
Grenell Rev. Sam'l   Apr.25.1872 73y6m25d  
Grenell Rosannah   Jun.30.1841 34y11m1d w/o Rev. Sam'l.-On same marker
Grenell Mercy Mar.21.1801 Feb.21.1882   w/o Rev. Samuel
Harris Alex Jun.19.1815 Jun.24.1889    
Harris Adrian Aug.25.1823 Nov.11.1898   w/o Alex - On same marker
Harris Willard K.   Feb.24.1905 60 y On marker w/Alex & Adrian
Harris Mary   May.28.1902 52 y On marker w/Alex & Adrian-w/o Willard K.
Harris Lou B.   Jun.20.1898 28y8m8d On marker w/Alex & Adrian
Harris Marian   Feb.7.1896 1y5m On marker w/Alex & Adrian
Harris Infant Daughter       Infant daughter of W.K. & M.
Hogaboom Vincent   Dec.21.1874 31 yr  
Hogaboom Elsie   Sep.2.1912 65 yr w/o Vincent-On same marker
Hogaboom Emma Jun.21.1819 Aug.24.1881    
Hogaboom Margaret B. Mar.22.1822 Jan.9.1900    
Hogaboom Carrie Oct.15.1878 Nov.30.1879   d/o F.F. & M.D.
Holdredge Daniel   Aug.23.1850 73y8m10d  
Holdredge Sally   Jan.17.1855 71y7m w/o Daniel
Holmes James   May.8.1831 42y10m8d  
Holmes Charity L.   Aug.5.1846 20y2m16d d/o James & Amelia
  See Sturdivant        
Holton Thomas   Jan.2.1881 86y11m9d Native of Old England
Holton Mary   Jun.8.1874 79 yr w/o Thomas
Holton Alford 1863 1919    
Holton Eliza Cadd 1863 1953   w/o Alford (Born Gawcott, BuckinghamShire England
Holton James 1830 1917    
Holton Mary A. 1838 1878    
Holton Mary Ann   Feb.23.1878 40y11m1d w/o James
Holton Mary E. 1886 1981    
Holton Frank M.       s/o Wm. T & Mary E. - Stone broken
Holton Jacob S. 1888 1975    
Holton Ida L. 1898 1972   On marker w/Jacob S.
Holton Joseph T. 1856 1924    
Holton Rachel L. Stelle 1865 1913   w/o Joseph T.-On same marker
Holton Sarah Ann 1895 1895   d/o Joseph T. & Rachel-On same marker
Hull Betsey   Oct.14.1842 27y7m9d w/o R. R.
Ide Arland B. 1891 1910   (See Charlotte Ide Stacy)
Job Sarah   Dec.1837 8 yr w/o John (Stone reads 8 Y, should read 8_ Y)
Johns Albert     51 yr No marker
Johnson Mary Ann Oct.23.1806 Mar.19.1896    
Johnson Albert A.   Jun.1.1853 30y11m17d  
Johnson Francis A.   Sep.21.1853 1m29d s/o A.A. & Emiline
Johnson Ransom T.   Mar.3.1861 11y3m6d s/o Albert A. & Emeline
Judson Sarah   Feb.28.1851 82 yr  
Lane Ezekiel G. Apr.21.1833 Jun.24.1905    
Lane Mary Dec.20.1838     w/o Ezekiel G.-On same marker
Lane William A.   Jul.22.1878 49y6m4d  
Lane Ursula M.   Apr.5.1873 40y3m19d w/o William A.
Larison Elizabeth   May.11.1842 30y11m4d w/o Jacob
Lefler John 1754 1844   Vet. Rev. War
Lefler John   Mar.31.1844 90 A Revolutionary Soldier
Lefler Mary   Jul.8.1847 55y8m29d w/o Christopher
Lefler Mary Ann   Apr.8.1841 26y14d w/o L.B. Sheive--d/o Christopher & Mary
Lefler Sally J.   Jul.22.1847 14y11m19d d/o Christopher & Mary
Lefler Richard   Jul.29.1846 28y2m14d  
Lefler C. H. Aug.17.1821 Sep.17.1872    
Lefler Lucinda Dec.28.1823 Feb.28.1880   w/o C. H.-On same marker
Lefler Lola T. Nov.29.1843 Jul.29.1872   On marker w/C.H. & Lucinda
Lefler Lucinda Dec.26.1823 Feb.28.1880   (2 stones-dates differ)
Lucas Uriah   Apr.1.1893 72y23d  
Lucas Jane   Aug.29.1896 73y6m27d On marker w/Uriah
Lucas Son   Jun.17.1861   Children of Jane & Uriah
Lucas Daughter   Dec.28.1857   Children of Jane & Uriah-On same marker
Lucas Ellen Theodotia   Jun.29.1857 2y9m16d d/o Uriah 2nd & Jane
Lucas James   Jan.31.1839 11 da Her Brother-On marker w/Ellen
McIntyre Waterman   Nov.9.1870 69y6m29d  
McIntyre Polly   Sep.15.1861 57y4m w/o Waterman
McIntyre W. S. Oct.5.1823 Jul.30.1908    
McIntyre Phoebe G. Aug.18.1834 Feb.28.1916   w/o W. S.-On same marker
McIntyre Lorena C. Mar.13.1830 Jan.16.1864   w/o W. S.-On same marker
McIntyre Infant Son   Sep.22.1867   s/o W.S. & P.G.
McIntyre Willard A.   Sep.2.1850(56?) 2y1d s/o Wm. S. & L.C.
McIntyre Belle   Aug.8.1863 3y2m28d d/o Wm. S. & Lorena C.
McIntyre Sylvenus   May.13.1870 19y1m s/o John H. & Ann
McIntyre H. H. Feb.22.1822 Aug.6.1881    
McIntyre Sophia Feb.15.1822 Feb.16.1908   w/o H. H.
McIntyre David   Dec.31.1844 8 d s/o Waterman & Polly 
McIntyre Owen   Sep.4.1847 1y3m15d s/o Waterman & Polly 
McIntyre John H.   Jul.7.1916    
McIntyre Ruth   Apr.12.1893 64y4m15d w/o J. H.
McWhorter Robert L. Aug.5.1832 Sep.23.1901    
McWhorter Caroline B. Jul.30.1842 Oct.6.1914   w/o Robert L. - On same marker
McWhorter Leman R. Jan.25.1869 Sep.23.1878   s/o R.L. & C.B.
Murdaugh Minerve   ___1_.18__ __11m__d Illegible
Murdaugh Isadore M.   Aug.9.1858 22y9m4d d/o Malachi & Minerva
Murdaugh Orrin B.   Jun.30.1847 4y6m5d s/o Andrew & Susannah
Miles Huldah   Mar.29.1844 23y10d w/o Henry - d/o J.G.Spencer Esq.
Osborn Elizabeth   Oct.11.1847 60y2m w/o Wm.
Osgood Levi K.   Feb.22.1883 89y2m28d  
Osgood Olive   Feb.8.1873   w/o Levi - Stone broken
Osgood John   Jun.12.1875 48y9m7d s/o Levi & Olive
Osgood Miranda R.   Mar.22.1861 17y8m14d d/o Levi & Olive
Osgood Abraham A. 1854 1918    
Osgood Sarah E. 1857 1933    
Palmer Infant Son   Oct.2.1874   s/o G.W. & Flora M.
Parmerter Stephen L.   Jan.23.1881 75y1m3d  
Parmerter Rachel   Apr.1.1876 67y13d w/o S. L. - On same marker
Parmerter Lyman   Aug.7.1848 3y7m17d s/o Stephen L & Rachel
Parmerter Louis   Mar.9.1855 13y10m17d d/o S.L. & Rachel
Parmerter Allen B.   Mar.1909 76 yr  
Parmerter Sarah   Jan.14.1890 53y4m11d w/o Allen B. - On same marker
Parmerter John S.   Jan.10.185_ 21d s/o Allen & Sarah - Marker broken
Pettingill T. H. Benton   Dec.3.1843 7y9m26d s/o John G. & Amanda
Phillips Mary J. Aug.10.1871 Nov.19.1916 45y3m9d w/o John B. Phillips (nee Garrison)
Prutsman Jefferson Sep.30.1821 May.3.1893    
Prutsman Eliza J. Oct.4.1824     w/o Jefferson
Prutsman Mary   Aug.29.1849 1y5m24d d/o Jefferson & Eliza
Redfield Henry K.     38y7m  
Redfield Luman W.   Jul.21.1863 6y2m15d s/o H.K. & M.M.
Redfield Stephen  1798 1874    
Redfield Charlotte 1802 1849   w/o Stephen - On same marker
Redfield Fanny 1810 1895   w/o Stephen - On same marker
Ripley Louise Garrison 1846 1932    
Roberts see Sedinger        
Rockwell Laban Apr.2.1799 Dec.24.1854    
Rockwell Nancy May.19.1810 Jan.19.1891   w/o Laban - On same marker
Rockwell George F.   Nov.13.1873 8m19d s/o H.L. & Mira
Rockwell Sarah   Sep.25.1867 28y5m  
Rockwell Almira P.   Oct.17.1861 12y6m17d d/o Laban L. & Nancy
Rockwell Kate   Oct.31.1866 24y2d d/o Laban L. & Nancy
Rockwell Rebecca L.   Nov.9.1875 31y22d d/o Laban L. & Nancy
Rozell Joseph  1850 1920    
Rozell Lucy E. 1834 1919    
Rozell Perlene   Oct.16.1879 1y9m27d d/o Joseph & Lucy
Rumsey R.J. 1872 1934    
Rumsey Edith E. 1878 1901   w/o R.J.
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