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Potter Brook or Pioneer Cemetery was established 1874. This cemetery is in Potter Brook, Tioga Co., PA. on Route 49 and on the north side of town across from the church. Many stones are too weathered to read.  Others have been overturned or broken. Faith Cary, Eleanor Hurler and Betty Cary read this cemetery in May 2002.  We compared our reading to the Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions, Vol. 7 (1972)as reprinted on Tri-County Site.  Typed by Betty Cary
CULP Frank C 1883 1890    
CULP William Dec. 2, 1840 June 23, 1886    
CUMMINGS Angeline Jan. 25, 1825 Sept. 26, 1889    
CUMMINGS Katie Grace   July 3, 1877 10m  Dau of R & E J
CUMMINGS Nina M 1875 1942    
CUMMINGS Ray 1851 June 25, 1933    
CUMMINGS Ross Apr. 30, 1850 Sept. 20, 1851   Son of H & A
DALABA Maria 1868 1903    
DAVIES Cora LaBar 1868 1940    
DAVIES Kafe[Kate?] Feb 11, 1839 Sept. 27, 1889   Wife of Edward
DAVIES Minnie Jan.15, 1873 Nov. 9, 1891   Dau of Edward & Kate
DAVIES Ustagel Jan. 18, 1863 Jan. 28, 1883    
DAVIES Vestage 1883 1883    
DECKER Ella June 18, 1885 June 24, 1885   Dau of O B & Anna
DIBBLE Amanda Young       No dates; 2d Wife of Calvin
DIBBLE Annie       No dates; 1st Wife of Calvin
DIBBLE Calvin 1840 Apr. 28, 1917   Co H INF Vol; not found 2002
DIBBLE Cynthia 1848 1889   Mother; Wife of John
DIBBLE George B W   Sept. 22, 1870 10 d Son of Henry & Martha
DIBBLE John 1847 1925   Father
DODGE A F 1833 1905   Father
DODGE Curtis Feb.28, 1862 Nov.3, 1877   Son of A F & Louisa
DODGE Edna S May 6, 1870 May 27, 1880   Dau of v & H F
DODGE Eugene  Mar. 5, 1847 Nov. 22. 1865   Son of Isreal
DODGE Gettie Oct. 5, 1871 Mar. 31, 1872   Dau of Israel
DODGE Hannah F Thomas May 17, 1844 Feb. 3, 1927   Wife of Vincent M
DODGE Isreal Sept. 26, 1808 Sept. 22, 1880    
DODGE Jane Horton 1840 1929   Wife of Martin
DODGE John Hutton   Oct. 24, 1869 9m 14d Son of J & Susan E Hutton; adopted by Martin & Jane H Dodge
DODGE Martin 1830 1906    
DODGE Martin D Feb. 15, 1891 Sept. 3, 1895   Adopted son of Martin & Jane H
DODGE Sally White May 13, 1807 May 2. 1869   Wife of Israel
DODGE Vincent M Dec. 18, 1840 Apr. 26, 1925    
DORLAND Charles E 1845 1903    
DORLAND Mary J 1848 1904   Wife of Charles E
DORR Baby       no dates
DORR Alice 1834 1910   Mother; Wife of David
DORR David 1828 1892   Father
DORR John D 1864 1947    
DORR Minnie Taylor 1874 1925    
DOUD Edward A   Aug. 10, 1865 33y 9m 17d  
DOUD Russie T   June 29, 1862 11y 6m 6d Son of Edward A & E M; verse
DRIER Jadok   Jan. 18, 1892 52y  
ELLIOT Satie Sept. 23, 1886 Apr. 9, 1888   Dau of L A & I M
ELLIS B D Apr. 20, 1838 Sept.7, 1887   1st Sgt, Co D 57th Regt. PA Vol Civil War flag; verse
EMBREE Carrie B 1872 1882    
EMBREE Frances A 1862 1863    
EMBREE Hannah 1773/79 1858/59   Great grandmother buried on Kimball lot
EMBREE L R 1831 1921   Father
EMBREE Lucy A 1838 1884   Mother
ERWAY Addie 1852 1911   Wife of Emmit
ERWAY Anna 1837 1923   Mother; Wife of McKinny
ERWAY Baby   Feb. 1878 11 d Dau of ? Erway
ERWAY Claudie   Feb 16, 1882   Son of McKinney & Anna
ERWAY Emmit 1852 1921    
ERWAY McKinny June 19, 1834 Aug. 2, 1923   Father 
FAY C M  1822 1892   GAR flag
FAY Cettie   Dec. 30, 1880 5y 7m Dau of G B & S
FAY L M  1845 1925   Not found 2002
FAY G Benjamin Aug. 15, 1850 July 15, 1935    
FAY Lillie M   Jan. 10, 1881 2y 5m 15d Dau of G B & S
FAY Olive 1821 1899   Wife of C M
FAY Rettie   Jan. 31, 1881 4y 1m 8d Dau of G B & S
FAY Sarah A  1854 1917   Mother; Wife of Benjamin
FAY Sibble 1835 1916   Mother; Wife of L M
FARNHAM Nelson D 1864 1944    
FARNUM Rollin S   Dec. 29, 1878 46y 7m 1d The victory is won
FARRELL Emeline J    Oct. 6, 1863 8y 4m 6d Dau of P D & Malvina A
FERRIS B F 1848 1916    
FERRIS Mattie K Jan. 20, 1876 Sept. 1, 1897   Dau of B E & Katie
GARDNER Nancy fEB. 11, 1836 Dec. 9, 1906    
GARDNER Sylvanus Feb. 12, 1824 Feb. 1, 1888    
GARDNER Sylvanus May 6, 1886 July 19, 1903    
GILBERT Charles A 1841 1915    
GILBERT Dorr July 1, 1885 Seot. 1885    
GILBERT Ed Durfee 1843 1942   Masons' Civil War flag
GILBERT Emily Brown Baker 1856 1939   2d wife of Ed Durfee
GILBERT George   June 7, 1886 71y GAR flag
GILBERT Harry 1880 1890    
GILBERT J F Jan 10, 1867 Jan.25, 1899   Father; I O O F
GILBERT Jennie Skinner 1846 1909   Wife of Ed Durfee
GILBERT Mary A Douglass 1850 1927   Wife of W E
GILBERT Mary E 1848 1914    
GILBERT Philena   Nov. 2, 1869 50y Wife of George
GILBERT W E 1846 1924    
GLOVER William L 1847 1886   Co H 189th NY INF; Civil War
GRAHAM Margaret Oct. 16, 1807 Mar.18, 1884   GAR flag
GRIDLEY Peter W   Mar. 18, 1873 78y See Correcton Notation Below
GRIDLEY Sarah F   Aug. 10, 1874 76y Wife of Peter W
HASKINS Betsy   unreadable 83y  
HAVENS Anna 1852 1919   Wife of J L
HAVENS Gilbert 1897 1897   Son of G E & H R
HAVENS John L 1836 1912    
HAWLEY Aaron 1860 1943    
HAWLEY Adelbert 1858 1935   Father
HAWLEY Baby Sept. 2, 1890 Nov. 15, 1890   Not found 2002
HAWLEY Edna  1890 1938   Dau of A V & Eva
HAWLEY Eva K 1858 1939    
HAWLEY L Estella 1866 1924    
HAWLEY Nettie 1873 1894   Wife of Adelbert
HAWLEY Rose M Feb. 4, 1861 Mar.4, 1887   Wife of Adelbert
 Subj:  Potterbrook Cem. correction
Date:  12/28/2002 9:13:35 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (O'Hallorans)
Reply-to: (O'Hallorans)

Hi Joyce,

I have been researching some new-found ancestors who lived in Tioga co., PA. The names were Peter W. GRIFFIN and Sarah (FOSDICK) GRIFFIN who lived in Clymer twp., Tioga co., PA from 1852 until their deaths after the 1870 census.  (They were both born in 1795 in Clinton, Dutchess co., NY & moved to Steuben co., NY before 1840.)  They were buried in Potter(brook) cemetery Tioga co., PA /Potter co., PA - but were listed as Peter W. and Sarah F. "GRIDLEY" instead of GRIFFIN.  This occurred on both versions for the Potterbrook cemetery.  However, has a 3rd version that lists them as GRIFFIN.  I am sure that the "GRIDLEYS" are a match for my GRIFFINS, from their birthdates and the fact that they are buried next to
Jane GRIFFIN TANNER (their daughter, b. 1829).  They also have a son-in-law in the cemetery (Osborn WYATT, husband of their dau Mary GRIFFIN) and a grandaughter (Sarah WYATT, wife of Alvah STILES) in Potterbrook cemetery.  I could find no other burial for a Peter & Sarah GRIFFIN in Tioga co. or surrounding area.

All the best to you in the New Year,

Linda Z. O'Halloran 

Hi Joyce,
I don't know if you make the corrections or additions to cemeteries or not but wanted to tell you that in Potter brook cemetery there is DALABA Maria
1868 1903  (Mariah Myra MARVIN "Dalaba") Her husband Soloman Dalaba is also supposed to be there. Another stone that I have information on is Julia Lillian Button Jeffers b. March 31, 1878 d. February 11, 1939. wife of George Benjamin Jeffers. I also have her parents names if you want it.
Thanks Bea Daggett
April 2008

You do nice work.  I thought you might like the complete names of several Dodges in your cemetery you have listed.

Norman E. Dodge, Dodge Family Association.

Dodge Martin 1830 1906
Dodge Jane H. 1840 1929 Wife of Martin  Jane Horton is her maiden name.
Dodge Martin D. Feb. 15, 1891 Sept. 3, 1895 Adopted son of Martin and Jane H. Dodge
Dodge `John P. ct. 24, 1869 9mo. 14 da. Son of J. and Susan E. Hutton, adopted by Martin and Jane H. Hodge.

Dodge A.F. 1833 1905 Father  His Full name is Alfred Frederick Dodge.
Dodge Louisa A. 1840 1930 Mother  Her full name is Louisa Augusta Moore before she married.
Dodge Curtis Feb. 28, 1862 Nov.3, 1877 Son of A.F. and Louisa.

Dodge Edna S. May 6, 1870 May 27, 1880 Daughter of V. and H.F. Dodge.
Dodge Vincent M. Dec.18, 1840 Apr.26, 1925
Dodge Hannah F. May 17, 1844 Feb. 3, 1927  Her maiden name was Thomas
Dodge Israel Sept. 26, 1808 Sept.22,1880
Dodge Salley May 13, 1807 May 2, 1869 Wife of Israel Dodge.  White was he maiden name
Dodge Eugene Mar.5,1847 Nov.22, 1865 Child of Israel Dodge & Salley White
Dodge Gettie Oct.5, 1871 Mar.31, 1872 Children of Israel Dodge.  S/b child of Isrel Dodge & Rhoda H. Unknown.  

Published on Tri-Counties 31 AUG 2002
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