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Potter Brook or Pioneer Cemetery was established 1874. This cemetery is in Potter Brook, Tioga Co., PA. on Route 49 and on the north side of town across from the church. Many stones are too weathered to read.  Others have been overturned or broken. Faith Cary, Eleanor Hurler and Betty Cary read this cemetery in May 2002.  We compared our reading to the Tioga County Cemetery Inscriptions, Vol. 7 (1972)as reprinted on Tri-County Site.  Typed by Betty Cary
ABBOTT Bell 1863 Oct.21, 1865 2y 7 m Singing praises forever
ABBOTT Caroline 1855 1948    
ABBOTT Clark 1858 1910    
ABBOTT John 1885 1912    
ABBOTT Leone Fay May 9, 1904 Sept. 11, 1904   On Fay lot
ABBOTT Susie M 1889 1969   Wife of John
AKINS Franklin no dates no dates   Co L 2d Regt PA Cav GAR Civil War
AKINS Mary Potter no dates no dates   Dau. of Stephen Potter; Wife of Franklin
ALDRICH Halsey 1797 Dec. 6, 1873 76y 4m 25d  
ALDRICH Halsey I   Feb. 29, 1869 1y 1m 17d Son of H N & Elizabeth J
ALDRICH Harvey no dates     Son of Halsey & Matilda
ALDRICH Horatio N   June 25, 1876 44y 7m 18d  
ALDRICH James    May 30, 1822   Age unreadable
ALDRICH James    Mar. 30, 1837 10 d  
ALDRICH James C   Oct. 26, 1863 24y 28d Son of Halsey & Matilida; Co D Regt 136th PA S Vol GAR Post 258 long verse
ALDRICH Matilda Works Nov. 27, 1805 July 31, 1886   Wife of Halsey
ALLEN Charlotte   May 18, 1853 30y 31d Wife of Steven
ALVORD Lawrence 1899 1915   Son of William & Emma J
ATKINS Franklin       Co I 2d PA Cav GAR; marker not found
BALCH Mary   Dec. 11, 1854 52y 4m 12d Wife of Archibald
BARTOO Mrs. Eli W       No dates
BENN Ardene   1850 11m Dau. of Calvin & Betsy Ann
BENN Mary 1850 1852   Dau. of Calvin & Betsy Ann
BENNETT Huebert   Sept. 23, 1900 10m 20 d Son of P & M
BENNETT Maria   Oct. 25, 1868 61y 5m 20d Wife of A S
BLEND Clara Aug. 16, 1825 May 18, 1897   Mother
BLEND Hiram       CO S 2d Regt NY Vet Cav GAR; Wife Susannah is bur White's Corners
BLEND Jennie   Mar. 27, 1891 31y 2m 2d Wife of Hirom [sic]
BOWMAN Alpheus   Aug 22, 1877 82y  
BOARDMAN Eliza S Dec. 8, 1810 Aug 10, 1880   Wife of Elkanah
BREESE Henrietta 1819 1897   Wife of James D
BREESE James D 1822 1893   GAR
BREMIGEN Mark V 1898 1921    
BROOKS Calvin Nov.3, 1819 Jan. 15, 1899    
BROOKS Matilda Jan. 18, 1822 Jan.29, 1898   Wife of Calvin
BUCK Abel Nov. 24, 1824 Aug. 12, 1863    
BUCK Ammerilles   Mar. 3, 1881 73y 3m Wife of Hiram
BUCK Emily A Wheaton 1849 1922    
BUCK Eugene A 1850 1903    
BUCK Hiram   Feb.6,1879 78y 10m 4d  
BUCK Loren Apr. 6, 1858 Mar. 6, 1885    
BUCK Loretta Wheaton Aug. 14, 1822 May 1, 1893/90   Wife of Abel
BUCK Mary E Ellis 1850 1920    
BUCK Norman Aug. 25, 1856 Sept. 18, 1863    
BUCK Orilla Hurlburt Nov. 20, 1823 Feb. 23, 1885   Wife of Samuel
BUCK Randolph H 1852 1934   Odd Fellows flag
BUCK Samuel A Sept. 20, 1826 Feb.8, 1871    
BULLOCK George W 1878 1927    
BULLOCK Nellie Farnham 1873     Uncut death date; Riverview has Nettie M Bullock, 1878-1960;Wife of George
BURLINGAME Abigail   Oct. 21, 1851 87y 7m Wife of Stephen
BURLINGAME Stephen, Jr   Dec. 5, 1832 36y 11m  
BURDICK Alvord 1899 1915    
BURDICK Betsy 1856 1903    
BURDICK Jane Potter Mar. 8, 1848 Aug. 19, 1892   Wife of W H
BURDICK Lawrence H       Son of William & Emma J
BURDICK Nettie E Jan. 20, 1881 Jan. 12, 1887   On same marker as Ellen Larkins
BUTTON Samuel A 1855 1924   Father
CADY Caroline A   Nov. 3, 1863 4y 9m 2d dau. of Elanson & Sarah Cady
CADY Ira   Sept. 20, 1864 13y 9m 23d son of Elamson & Sarah Cady
CALKINS Myron 1862 uncut   Has a marker in Riverview also
CALKINS Nellie 1872 1942   Has a marker in Riverview also
CARR Tempie A Aug.2, 1863 July 7, 1886   Wife of Charles A
CASE Eliza A   Mar. 7, 1880 71y 9m 17d Wife of John
CASE John   Sept. 23, 1861 67y  
CERSENHOF Frank Nov.22, 1885 July 7, 1886   Son of G K Cersenhof
CHAPIN No name   Sept. 2, 1890   Dau. of B D & Orpha Chapin
CHAPIN Delwin D 1848 1928   Father
CHAPIN H C   Nov. 13, 1890   Son of B D & Orpha Chapin
CHAPIN Mabel C 1887 1936    
CHAPIN Orpha Hubbard 1862 1937   Mother
CHAPPELL Grace S 1851 1878    
CHAPPELL Helen O 1885 1913    
CHAPPELL O Guy 1883 1949    
CHISHOLM Amelia Price 1844 1890   Wife of George W
CHISHOLM George W 1826 uncut    
CHISOM Margaret 1873 1941    
CHISOM W E 1869 1914   Father
CHRISMAN Sophia A Apr.25, 1851 Jan.12, 1887   Wife of S P
CHRISTIE Archa Lee   Feb. 19, 1886 5 m 19d Dau of Charles & Hulda
CHRISTIE Hulda July 6, 1846 Feb.14, 1903   Wife of Charles
CHRISTIE Sarah Iva   Feb. 7, 1881 2y 4m Dau of Charles & Hulda
CLARK Byron 1863 1952    
CLARK Emma J 1867 19--    
CLARKE Ava Dorothy Strang May 31, 1882 May 4, 1943   Wife of Andrew; born in Westfield, PA
COLE Anna M   Mar. 3, 1881 71y 7d Wife of Eleazer
COLE Cynthia 1810 1888   Wife of Eleazer
COLE Eleazer   Sept.3, 1879 76y 7m 6d GAR flag holder
CONVERSE Harriet J 1797 1880   Wife of William Joseph
CONVERSE Libbie J       no dates; wife of Mathias
CONVERSE Mathias 1834 1896   CO H, Regt NY Vol.
CONVERSE William Joseph 1792 1874   Veteran of War of 1812
CORNISH Alvina Nov. 21, 1821 Apr.7, 1891   Mother
CORNISH Stella A May 2, 1865 May2, 1885   Wife of Thomas M
COUNCILMAN Adelbert 1842 1892   Civil War marker
COUNCILMAN Alfred D 1896 1918   Son of F D & Hattie
COUNCILMAN Frank D 1868 1927    
COUNCILMAN Harry A 1883 1937   Wife of Frank D
COUNCILMAN Hattie M 1866 1898   Wife of Frank D
COUNCILMAN John 1865 1956    
COUNCILMAN Josephine 1849 1917    
COUNCILMAN Josie 1869 1910    
COUNCILMAN Philip E 1866 1914    
Subj:  Additional cemetery data
Date:  9/24/2002 8:43:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time

For several years I've wanted to say THANK YOU for all the time and effort that you've put into the Tri-county website. I've found much useful and needed data therein, and have used it when we've gone to Tioga County. I thought I'd say that now, when I can add a little to the tremendous amount of information you have.

I have additional information about 2 burials in POTTERBROOK CEMETERY.
1)  To the left of the gravestone for "Charles Stebbins   May2,1854-May 11,1884" is a slate grave marker with the initials "CLB" scratched on it. That is the grave of CHAUNCEY L. BUTTON , 1872-1921, son of Abner Button" [What would it take to have that engraved on it????}
2) To the left of that one is a now-almost-unreadable gravestone; it marks the  gravesite of "JULIA BUTTON JEFFERS, Mar 31,1878-Feb 11,1939, daughter of Abner Button, wife of George Jeffers".

I hope that the above info about those people can be entered into permanent records.
Again, thank you for all your work on behalf of all us.

Anthony, husband of Carol Schiraldi

Published on Tri-Counties 27 APR 2004
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