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Phoenix Cemetery, Gaines Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania 2009
Phoenix Cemetery 1969 Listing
Photo by Micheal LeCrone Aug 12 2003
Phoenix Cemetery Obituaries
Name of Cemetery: Phoenix Cemetery
Deeded As 
Read By: Linda C. Reese
Date Read: 2009
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice 
Location: Gaines Twp, Tioga County
GPS Coordinates gps 41.74591 -77.59629
Other Comments: Located on Rte. 6, just before the Potter Co. line
Number of Burials this Section Approximately   360 
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Phoenix Cemetery 2009 Page One Page Two Page Three Phoenix Cemetery Obituaries
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Prouty Chester Leroy 1924 1924    
Grant Eva E. 9/3/1902 9/25/1914    
Peer June Marie 4/26/1922 6/9/1922    
Grant Lauren A. 1895 1936   US 325th Inf.
Grant Walter W. 1871 1949    
Grant Rosa B. 1869 1938   w/o Walter W. - On same marker
Andres Catherine 1881 1913    
Goodwin John W. 1839 1912   Co F 1st Marine Cav.
Goodwin Mary E. 1850 1931    
Fenderson Ernest 1884 1910   Marker not found in 2009
Shultz Frank 2/13/1835 7/8/1912    
Shultz Theresa 3/11/1838 6/1/1923   w/o Frank - On same marker
Maynes Elias 1840 1915    
Maynes Emma Fisk 1851 1910   w/o Elias - On same marker
Maynes Emma C. 1884 1951   On marker w/Elias & Emma
Maynes Hyla F. 1881 1948   On marker w/Elias & Emma
Gowdy Alice Margaret   1914    
Mengee George F. 1876 1904   s/o G.A. & M.T.
Mengee George A. 1850 1915    
Mengee Mary T. Bookmiller 1849 1932   w/o George A.
Foley Thelma S. 1904 1980    
Smith Charles Wayne 1916 1943   Elec.Mate 1st Class-US Navy -Lost at sea
Smith Hyla Rae 1918 1941   On marker w/Charles Wayne
Smith Edith C. 1882 1919    
Chapin Emma J. 1864 1923    
Chapin Warren J. 1848 1914   Co E 95th NY Inf.
Alexander Lillian S. 1890 1914    
Foster Chester E.       Co D Pa. Res. Cav.
Johnson Andrew 1852 1915    
Johnson Anna K. 1850 1922   w/o Andrew - On same marker
Baker Martha 1905 1963   Marker not found in 2009
Groger Florence G. 1846 1915    
Campbell Eli G. 1843 1917    
Campbell M. E. 1885 1935    
Campbell David 1872 1926    
Campbell Margaret 1869     w/o David - On same marker
Brown Lucy A. 1850 1928    
Smith Albert E. 1864 1939    
Snyder Elizabeth Smith 1893 1966    
Smith Charles D. 1873 1964    
Bryson Dorotha E. 1915 1977    
Bryson Edgar A. 1912 1984   On marker w/Dorotha E.
Peer Harry M. 1883 1971    
Peer Grace M. 1894 1981   On marker w/Harry M.
Prouty Naomi M. 1912 2001    
Prouty Lawrence M. 1907 1989   On marker w/Naomi M.
Robbins Herman A. 8/19/1928 8/24/1980   Tec. 5 Army WW 2
Robbins Berta Uschi 4/3/1927      
Phoenix John C. 1871 1957    
Duell Nellie E. 1886 1962   Marker not found in 2009
Gowdy E. Melvin 1870 1956   This marker is big and face down
Gowdy Carrie M. 1875 1955   On marker w/E. Melvin
Losey Terrell R. 4/4/1970 4/7/1970    
Losey Jolley R. 1883 1963    
Losey Alice L 1884 1962   On marker w/Jolley R.
Prouty Margaret V. 1906 1993    
Prouty Harold W. 1904 1966   On marker w/Margaret V.
Seeley Louise N. 1909 1943    
Prouty Nellie J. 1877 1968    
Prouty William M. 1872 1942   On marker w/Nellie J.
Unmarked graves          
Cole Robert W. 1906 1939    
Cole Mable E. 1906 1984   On marker w/Robert W.
Watrous Earl M. 1881 1959    
Watrous Alice R. 1874 1939   On marker w/Earl M.
Backes Joseph L. 1919 1919   s/o J. A. & Margaret
Backes Leroy 1895 1896   s/o J. A. & Margaret
4 Unmarked graves          
Losey Mose 1877 1959    
Losey Amanda 1867 1955   On marker w/Mose
Losey Rex 1880 1905    
4 Unmarked graves          
Bowman Miles V. 1844 1906    
3 Unmarked graves          
Field Stone Marker          
Thomas Nellie 1882 1911    
Orford John E. 1874 1898   s/o Sidney L. & H.
Burger August 1881 1957   Funeral Home Marker
Atwell Marvin E. 10/29/1894 3/4/1911   s/o Marvin W. & Hattie
Stevens Frank F.   11/8/1902 19y3m22d  
Stevens Grace L.   12/23/1899 12y9m22d d/o Frank J. & Emma M.
Stevens Luella D.   11/6/1899 9y7m8d d/o Frank J. & Emma M.-On w/Grace
Lewis Lucian L. 1843 1909    
Lewis Mollie E. 1844     w/o Lucian - On same marker2
2 Field Stone Markers          
Raddock D. A.        
2 Field Stone Markers          
Homans Cora   10/13/1900 42y3m21d w/o C. O.
Homans Clarence Oliver   6/9/1911 56y24d  
Mahoney J. G., Rev. 1844      
Mahoney Diana 1832     w/o Rev. J. G. - On same marker
McCoy Mother        
McCoy Hiram       Co C 141st NY Inf.
McCoy Hiram 1845 1929    
McCoy Emma 1848 1923   w/o Hiram - On same marker
McCoy Millie 1878 1957   "Dau." - On same marker
Rhoads George W. 1881 1975    
Rhoads Tona A. 1882 1962   On marker w/George W.
Alysworth James E. 1884 1931    
Dugan Daniel 1864 1941    
Losey Grace B. 1903 1971    
Losey John R. 1904 1978   On marker w/Grace B.
Grant Albert S. 1904 1968    
Grant Christine A. 1904 1984    
Lehman Robert F. 1925 1981   R.D. 2 Navy WW 2
Cassel Sherry Diane Lehman 3/16/1953 2/3/2002    
Lehman Esther M. 1958 1996    
Lehman Ronald D. 1959     On marker w/Esther M.
Lehman Robert F. 1925 1981    
Lehman Jolene C. 1928 1997   On marker w/Robert F.

 Subj:  Phoenix Cemetery
Date:  02/05/2004 8:37:00 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Lane, Sue)
To: ('')


I would like to make some additions/corrections that are listed in your Phoneix Cemetery web page.

KERN, Esther A.
Husband:  William J.
Born:  6/10/1907            Died:  4/22/1983
AGE:    75
Comments:  Oldest of 3 daughters of Harry Lloyd & Ora Van Aken

Husband:  Harry Andrew Lloyd
Born:  9/15/1885            Died 5/11/69
Age:    83
Comments:    2nd daughter of Solomon Van Aken and Mary Low


Harry A. Lloyd is also buried along side his wife Ora
Wife:   Ora Van Aken
Born:  9/16/1883            Died:  11/2/1938
Age:  55
Comments:  Son of Jasper Lloyd & Myra Phoenix

The other child that is buried under the tree along with Susan Ann Kern in the Phoenix Cemetery is Harry Kilbourne (son of I.Dorr Kilbourne and Ollie Jane Lloyd Kilbourne).  Ollie Jane was the youngest daughter of Harry Lloyd and Ora Van Aken.  There is no marker stating that the children are buried here.


Susan Ann Kern   Born 8/19/1942 and died the same day -  is also buried in that row along with Esther Kern and Lloyd and Phoenix.  There is no marked tombstone but there is a stone that leans up against the tree to the right of Esther's grave.
There is also another young child buried around that tree - I can get more information on that and send it to you.

Esther Kern was my mother and Ora Lloyd was my grandmother and I was just surfing the other day and came across this information and would like to have it more complete.  My brother and I also contribute generously to the the Phoenix Cemetery Association every spring to keep it taken care of and mowed.

I have post cards of local things - like an oil well burning in Watrous, a Deer Trail (below Gaines) post card - I don't know the dates but it was when the domestic mail cost one cent.  I have a post card of a view of Gaines with a dirt road and a livery stable plus Lloyd's Tourists' Home.

I also have a calendar from 1924 that was given to my father from the Knowlton School, Gaines Twp, Pennsylvania in 1923 that lists the teacher and has her photograph (Miss Dolly Mae Thomas) on the front page and the school board is also listed.  I can scan these items and email them to you, if you are interested in adding them to the web pages.

Thanks for your efforts and time spent on these things - it is so important to reserve as much local history as we can.

Sue Kern Lane  

Published on Tri-Counties 17 APR 2011
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