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Austinburg Pioneer Cemetery, Brookfield Township, Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 2009
Photo by Donna Allen
One Two Three
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Cemetery read by Linda Reese Summer 2009
This cemetery is located directly across from the Austinburg Baptist Church. It is just before the New York State border. It is located in the town of Austinburg . The road goes from Knoxville toward Troupsburg.where in NY Sate it is called RT 36. If you have been to the Woodlawn cem. coming in from Knoxville you would have come to a road called the Austinburg Woodhull road which means you would have turned to the right as you entered town. If instead of turning you remained on that road  from Knoxville past the store about 1/10 of a mile up on the right hand side is the Austinburg Pioneer Cem. It is right on the main road. The Church sits on the left  hand side and the cem on the right.
Name of Cemetery: Austinburg Pioneer Cemetery
Deeded As
Read By: Linda C. Reese
Date Read: 2009
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Formatted and Published by Joyce M. Tice 2010
Location: Brookfield Township, Tioga Co., PA
GPS Coordinates
Other Comments: On Rte 249 in Austinburg
Number of Burials this Cemetery -  Approximately  359
One Two Three
Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Gardner C. R. 4/19/1831      
Gardner Isabella 8/22/1830     w/o C. R.-On same marker
Bingham H. V. 1830 1918    
Gardner Ellsworth 1862 1903   On marker w/H.V. Bingham
Gardner Ella 1855 1932   w/o Ellsworth - On marker w/H.V. Bingham
Gardner Benjamin   4/3/1862 33y2m Died in Washington DC while in defense of his country
Gardner G. W.   10/2/1883 83y10m1d  
Gardner Betsy   2/3/1884 83y7m5d w/o G. W.
Owen Ethan       Marker broken in half
Owen Ethel N       Marker broken in half-(Same marker)
Owen Oiens A.       Marker broken in half-(Same marker)
Owen Depa?th       Marker broken in half-(Same marker)
Owen         Marker broken in half-(Same marker) 2/15/1 (?)
Owen Slepe. SWE       Marker broken in half-(Same marker)
Cook John   7/18/1859 74y10m  
Cook Susannah   3/30/1868 70y9m26d w/o John 
Cook Infant Daughter   6/14/1857 10 days s/o W.A. & Lucinda
Haxton Frankie A.   9/13/1859 1y21d s/o J.E. & M. I.
Large Field Stone         Face has peeled off from marker
Hunt Cordelia M.   3/14/1863 39y4m9d d/o Rev. B.D. & Mehetabel
Hunt Mary Ann   5/31/1854 2y2m20d d/o Rev. B.D. & Mehetabel
Hunt Seth R.   4/27/1843 3y7m s/o Byram & Mehetabel
Hunt Infant Daughter   3/14/1838   d/o Byram & Mehetabel
Hunt Emmet E.   3/9/1862 6y4m s/o E.J. & Lydia
Hunt Jane   2/25/1860 5m19d d/o E. J. & Lydia
Hunt Lydia   4/29/1871 33y3m4d w/o E. J.
Hunt Catherine   11/1/1852 3y7m24d d/o David B. & Harriett
Hunt D. B., Rev. 12/27/1825 6/3/1900    
Hunt Harriet 9/24/1826 7/13/1900   On marker w/Rev. D. B.
Hunt Byram, Rev.   7/23/1867 76y11m14d  
Hunt Mehitabel   7/23/1868 72y9m w/o Rev. Byram-On same marker
Hunt Rosa E.   5/10/1853 1y d/o Ralph R. & Anna J.
Lane Ann    3/15/1843 3 yr Granddaughter of Stephen
Evens Nelson   2/9/1850 24y6m14d Marker grown in tree
Lane Stephen   3/30/1874 62y1m  
Lane Jane A.   5/8/1876 54y1m13d w/o Stephen
Bly Roy 1838 1913    
Bly Emily Abbott 1846 1909   w/o Roy - On same marker
Cook Elizabeth   6/1/1853 34y w/o Darwin Cook
Alvord Esther CA 10/1/1795 4/26/1882   Nee Seeley
Alvord Lyman P. 1793 1880   Capt. Benjamins Co. NY Mil. War of 1812
Sherwood Orrin 1823 1912    
Sherwood James F.   12/17/1850 7m25d s/o O. B. & L. A.
Sherwood Wesley J.   12/19/1861 3y7m7d s/o Orrin B. & Lucy
Sherwood Hannah E.   5/5/1865 3y11m11d d/o Orrin B. & Lucy
Sherwood Lucy A. 1826 1913    
Schoonover Martha   9/29/1860 66y1m13d  
Charles H.       s/o Nathan & Harriet M. -Rest is set in cement-Navy Anchor [Surname of Cornell is covered with cement patching]
Fitch Minerva   10/14/1863 43y3m23d w/o John W.
  Charley F.   2/18/1861 2y1m s/o Charles F. & Mary E.
Hubell Wheeler   1/22/1864 79y5m  
Hubell Sally   1/4/1862 62y6m18d w/o Wheeler
Kilburn Mary S. 7/9/1854 9/17/1886   w/o S. P.
Cummings Abner   12/28/1876 20y10m9d s/o Geo. W. & Sally J.
Cummings Mrs. S. J.   11/28/1889 64y7m28d  
Murdock Hannah   11/20/1855 79y w/o Edward
Murdock Edward        Rest of marker missing
Burch John 1820 1901    
Burch Susan 1833 1901   w/o John
Burch Rubie   5/9/1878 92 yr  
Burch Louisa 5/17/1797 2/22/1886   w/o Reuben
Kilburn Peter   8/6/1890 80 yr  
Kilburn Sophia 1814 3/21/1899   w/o Peter - On same marker
Bush Archie   5/12/1875 9m6d s/o J.B. & S.A.
Bush Willie    11/12/1872 4y1m10d s/o J.B. & S.A.
Bush Mary C.   12/27/1875 6y5m1d C/o Jackson & Serena - On same marker
Bush Lena H.   11/13/1876 4y7m C/o Jackson & Serena - On same marker
Woodcock John   4/10/1848 85y25d  
Woodcock Hannah   5/24/1849 96y7m9d On marker w/John
Clarkson Eliza   4/9/1861 29y11m9d w/o Peter 
Watkins Evaline D.   1/21/1875 37y3m5d  
Wolcott George   2/26/1875 85y7m7d  
Wolcott Sarah   1/16/1875 80y3m10d On marker w/George
McFall/McFail Daniel B.   11/15/1873 65y5m12d  
McFall/McFail Martha M.   2/18/1886 73y11m10d w/o Daniel B.
McFall/McFail Willard J. 1877 1909    
McFall/McFail Augustus 1843 1908   Co B 179th NY Vol.
McFall/McFail Rhoda P. 1844 1847   On marker w/Augustus
Rowley Jennings J. 1/12/1881 3/5/1883   s/o John W. & Atheada
NOTE:         Following markers lying at back of cemetery
Clark  Infant    4/1845 3 days d/o Wm. H.
Schoonover Ardell   9/17/1866 8y9m7d  
Schoonover ??   11/1/1866 32y4m6d (Top of stone missing with first name - identified as Polly Grinolds Schoonover with son, Ardell.)
Seeley Nabby R.   3/2/1853 10m14d d/o L. D. & Emily
George Olive   3/29/1865 63y?m4d  
Ives Albert A.   10/11/1861 3y10d s/o A. & C.
Jordan Julia   10/3/1872 37y8d w/o E. P.
  Mary T.   3/6/1852 4 mo c/o ???
  Elizabeth O.   4/19/1862 3y4m5d c/o ??? - (Same marker as above)
  Esther   10/9/18??   w/o Rufus - Rest gone
Cook H. E.        

Published on Tri-Counties 04 MAY 2010
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