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Ackley Cemetery, Clymer Township,  Tioga County, Pennsylvania - 2006
Photo by Joyce M. Tice
April 2006
Name of Cemetery: Ackley Cemetery
Read By: Linda C. Reese
Date Read: Sept. 2006
Typed By: Pat Smith Raymond
Location: Clymer Township
Other Comments:
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Last Name First Name Date of Birth Date of Death Age Inscription/Relationship/Comments
Suttle Rozena V. 1957 1989    
Metcalf Melvin A. 1901 1977    
Metcalf Ila V. 1905 1994   On marker w/Melvin A.
Butler Conrad C. 1916 1991    
Butler Frances E. 1910 1999   On marker w/Conrad C.
Staples Clyde L. 1911 1984    
Staples Ella V. Hurd 1916 2002   On marker w/Clyde L.
Briggs James M., Sr. 1900 1975    
Briggs Clara Owen 1897 1993   On marker w/James M., Sr.
Metarko Marjorie B. 1930 1977    
Briggs James M., Jr. Mar.18.1923 Apr.9.2005    
Briggs Beatrice A. Aug.16.1931     On marker w/James M., Jr.
Guild Max Jan.5.1919 Nov.27.2004   CPL. U.S. Army Air Force WW 2
Guild Hiroko Kurata Nov.24.1929     Born in Kure Japan/On marker w/Max
Spencer Duane D. Apr.29.1926 May.23.2002   P.F.C. U.S. Marine Corp. WW 2
Spencer Rwanita Chamberlain 1928     On marker w/Duane D.
Spencer Shane Lionel 1948 1999   On marker w/Duane D.
Hallenbaugh Allen L. 1905 1978    
Hallenbaugh Lillian B. 1901 1981   On marker w/Allen L.
Butler Warren E. 1903 1991    
Butler Opal Hackett 1918 1999   On marker w/Warren E.
Young Leo U. 1906 1985    
Young Leah L. 1907 1989   On marker w/Leo U.
Young Richard J. 1944      
Young Robert E. Apr.17.1934      
Young Trudy L. Apr.24.1943     On marker w/Robert E.
Part C         Oldest Section - Graves here with no markers 
Ackley George M. 1896 1967    
Ackley Lena D. 1915 2000   w/o George M./On same marker
Hackett Menzo 1861 1929    
Hackett Adelaide 1857 1913   w/o Menzo
Eldridge Adelbert E. 1859 1912    
Eldridge Minnie Hyde 1864 1936   w/o Adelbert/Same marker
Graham Adeline 1846 1927    
Guild Adelbert  1848 1910    
Guild Eugene 1847 1903   "Brother"
Guild Olive   Dec.1.1901 77y9m w/o Alonzo Guild
Davis Charles   Jun.9.1900 48 yr  
Davis Francelia   Apr.15.1911 52 yr w/o Charles
Yale George W. Jan.10.1849 Jun.21.1900   Lodge #477 F & A.M.
Yale Sarah Jul.3.1849     w/o G. W./On marker w/George W
Atwell Carrie Taft Ackley 1869 1907    
Ackley Harry H. Sep.2.1897 Dec.28.1898    
Ackley Lovinus B. Nov.7.1836 Apr.20.1902   Co. D 11th Pa. Cav.
Ackley Elvira A. Feb.27.1837 Jun.20.1885   w/o Lovinus/Same marker
Hackett Emma S. 1858 1914    
Hackett Bessie C. Ackley 1886 1952    
Ackley Sam E. 1860 1918    
Ackley Mary Garner 1877     w/o Sam/Same marker
Ackley Cass D. 1900 1947    
Ackley Mae E. 1901 1993   On marker w/Cass D
Briggs Chenie 1859 1935    
Briggs Carrie  1865 1949   w/o Chenie
Hollenbaugh Harry R. 1914 1965    
Hollenbaugh Elizabeth A. 1920 2002   DAR/On marker w/Harry R.
Guild ??         Totally unreadable-matches S.C.'s Stone
Guild Norris Jun.26.1820 Feb.21.1901    
Guild S. C. Nov.29.1823 Jul.2.1882    
Boom George W. 1892 1942    
Boom Emma J. 1860 1941   On marker w/George W.
Boom Esson Earl 1906 1906    
Boom Vera 1890 1903    
Chamberlain Isaac 1839 1864   Union soldier/d. Salisburg Prison, N.C.
Chamberlain Marcus 1815 1843   Killed by Fall of a Tree - On marker w/Isaac
Sweazey Carrie 1839 1920   Other side of above marker
Sweazey John S. 1869 1891   Killed by electric light wire-On marker above
S. or V.         Top of stone this side-Denver Co.
Sweazey Babes   1873 & 1875   2 Still born babes/sons of Byron & Carrie
Sweazey Infant    Feb.21.1868 4 d. d/o Byron & Carrie
McLaughlin James 1858 1932    
McLaughlin Stella B. 1871 1901   On marker w/James
Gibson Mary    Dec.8.1860 78 yr w/o Nathan Gibson
Burr Emerancy E. 1843 1894   w/o David Burr
Brown Willard Jan.6.1813 Dec.29.1903    
Brown Mary Gibson Mar.20.1814 Jan.26.1890   w/o Willard - On same marker
Perry Morris J. 1837 1911    
Perry Lucinda Brown 1850 1930   On marker w/Morris J.
Mosher Nelson F.   Jul.17.1867 15y6m18d s/o Chs. & Lucy
Sykes Eunice       Nothing else readable (Probably w/o Darwin-h/w name was Eunice)
Sykes Darwin Jul.17.1812 Mar.18.1890    
Abbey Wilmot H.   Oct.1.1897 40y1m9d  
Thompson Alvah   Feb.24.1885 66y10d On marker w/Wilmot Abbey
Thompson Louisa   Sep.6.1891 69y10m7d w/o Alvah - On same marker
Thompson Sarah D.   Jun.29.1864 11y9m d/o Alvah & Louisa
          Graves here - No markers
Bates Jerome Jun.9.1838 Dec.2.1900    
Bates Jane Mar.2.1839 Feb.7.1920   w/o Jerome-Same marker
Bates Sarah Oct.28.1810 Apr.29.1899   w/o Asa Bates-On marker w/Jerome
Bates Sam M. Aug.31.1878 Dec.17.1898   s/o J. & J. Bates-On marker w/Jerome
Bates Asa N. May.14.1843 Jan.17.1930    
Bates Sarah Feb.29.1844 Dec.8.1904   w/o Asa - Same marker
Chamberlain Charles S. 1866 1947    
Chamberlain Thankful M. 1873 1922    
Reynolds Martha 1822 1893   w/o Hiram A.
Frazier Lester   Feb.2.1872 3y2m Only s/o Jacob & Estoria
Thompson Lafaette   Mar.4.1871 10m27d s/o James L. & Eunice E.
Thompson James L. 1845 1928   Co D 11th Pa Cav.
Thompson Eunice E. Guile 1848 1916   On marker w/James L.
Thompson Eva       Not found in 2006 reading
Knapp William Jan16.1804 Feb.15.1884    
Knapp Irena May.17.1822 Jul.4.1902   w/o William
Knapp Willie H.       Can hardly make out name

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