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Henry Bowen Card (1815 - 1898) served several terms as Justice of the peace in Sullivan Township. He was active politically and also served as Tioga County treasurer during the Civil War. His papers have survived by a fortuitous stroke of fate, and I managed to intercept them on their journey through time long enough to scan them. We are transcribing them for publication here on the Tri-Counties site. I will be adding to this over time - There are about 150 documents, many just torn scraps of paper. They did not waste a whole piece of paper on a short message. I will present them here in date order as they are transcribed.

These papers are important because they demonstrate the business transactions, disputes and dispute resolution of our local populace mid nineteenth century. As we see in our diaries, loans between family, friends and neighbors were common, and Henry participated in them, both as lender and as referee between neighbors when disagreements arose. We hear all the time about how litigious our society has become. If these papers are any indication, it used to be worse. These little fragments give us a glimpse into the fine details of our ancestral population, and they are recorded in no other place. It is a genuine gift that these have survived. .

Where you see a reference to a Filename, that is the transcriber's reference to the name I gave the document image when I scanned it. It helps us keep this project straight and on track.

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File: 18650502

May 2 1865

For value received I promise to pay Henry Card the sum of Forty dollars with interest

Mary G. Dodge

2 bottles medicine

Interest $2

1.25 to April 1st

Mary G. Dodge


Mary G. Dodge



March 26th



File: 18660116

Rec’d of Henry B. Card nineteen dollars

Jan 16th 1866

C. D. Chapman

C. D. Chapman Lot

94 acres

Thos. Comfort

Anson Palmer

Jackson Joiner

Case Parsons & Co. belie???

C. D. Chapman



Due to be drawn when description of lot is had from records.

File: 18660219

Mansfield Tioga Co. Pa.

Feb. 19th 1866

Mr. J. B. Card

Dear Sir

Mr. E. G. Malory wishes me to come down to Corning and see him and see what further repunes (should be repairs?) is to be made before he can make any offer.

I propose to go down a week from next Tuesday it being the 27th gnst. You told me you would go down with me and it is very necessary you should be there with me. Be sure and be at my house Monday evening before, if Mr. Malory does not want the property of course we ought to know it soon, in case you cannot come let me know soon.

Respectfully yours

T. ?. Ripley

File: 18660221

Commission House of William W. Settle,

No. 181 Reade Street.

New York, February 21st 1866

H. B. Card Esq.

Dear Sir

Your canon of the 10th inst is just at hand. In reply would say that after having occupied my store for twelve years I do not think of giving it up, or my business either as yet, in regard to butter use Jenkins or Awbry, I can do better with it than said. I would advise you to buy what good butter you can pick up, now also poultry.

Your 2 picking are sold at 2.04. Feb 10th I sent check for. Buy junk & 2 tubs butter $76.10 which you must have received as ????? was no mark upon the packages & could not remit until I know the owner.

I have one way of doing business as I would be done by.

Yours Respect

Wm W. Settle

I will send check for butter after hearing from the $76.10 check to know that you get it

File: 18660317a

Wheeling Mar 17 1966

Henry B. Card Esq

Dear Sir

As I presume you are often at the County Seat of Tioga County will you be kind enough to see how much my taxes will be and when it must be paid. You kindly promised to see that I was not overtaxed – do you think that there is any chance of my selling at a fair price as I think it best for to sell when I can get anything like a price as I cannot look after my interest – I presume you have never seen my farm and therefore may not be able to give any decided opinion in regard to it. Is there any signs of oil your lady. It looks as though that rough coal country should be a good place for oil – if you should have any chance of obtaining information in regard to the land please let me know. There was a tenant on it but he never paid me any rent – if you could spare him sometime to go and see it & give me your opinion in regard to it. I will remit you any expense you might be at if you le me know. Now there might be some good timber on the land which some persons may be cutting or some other valuable formations might be imparted if you could make a visit and see it. The former proprietor or his brother did ???? move a house off some part of the land claiming it to be his and many other things may be going on that I know nothing of.

Would it do any good to have the land advertized for sale in a County paper referring all that might want to purchase to you?

I am throwing out these ???? questions my friend to see what you think about them as you know much better in regard to these matters than I do and will take it as a great favor if you will take a little ?????? to gain the desired information and also will cheerfully pay you for any trouble you may be at – I would much like if you could visit the land look over it and tell me what you think about it.

Please write me and oblige

Yours Very Tuly

F. W. Bassett

File: 18660327a

Wheeling Mar 27 /66

Henry B. Card Esq.

Dear Sir

Yours of 21st is at hand & I am much obliged for your promptness – I will send you a check to pay taxes by the time you specify this June and in the mean time if you can effect any reduction in the bill I know you will do it. It seems to me that the taxes are large for unimproved land – by the less if you will be able to get over to see it. Sometimes you will put me under ??????ed obligations to pay as I cannot. Will get these myself – by the by how is the best way to reach them from Pittsburgh with the least trouble and expense. I presume you are familiar with the R. Roads ??????? these when have they got oil near them and no what part do they propose to make the experiment this summer. If oil can be found in the neighborhood I might be able to sell out to advantage.

I am asking you many things, my friend, taking it for granted that you have time to answer them all.

Please send me a Co. paper now & then.

And much obliged

Your Friend

F. W. Bassett

If you go over John Maynard if he is there yet may give you valuable information

I learn that oil is found in the adjoining country do you know where it is?


Homer Gara (drawing – doodle)

File: 18660416


Received of Elead Watkins eleven dollars ten cents in full for tax for the year 1865

April 6th 1866

V. N. ??????? to col

File: 18660614

Wheeling June 14 /66

Henry B. Card Esq.

Dear Sir

I wrote to you sometime ago asking what was the cause of the difference between the statement which was furnished you by the Co. Treas. And the tax list as published in the Co. papers. I have not as yet had any reply – I got a chk account of and sent to C. F. Miller Tr of the Co. to pay the tax which I trust he ??? ??? due twice as the sales were to come off the 2nd Tuesday in this month. Will you be kind enough to make inquiry about the matter as I have not heard from Mr. Miller yet – I presume nothing new has taken place since I heard from you in regard to my interest

Yours Very Truly

F. W Bassett

File: 18660904a

Wheeling Sep 4 /66

Friend Card

I am in rec’t of your very kind letter of Aug 30th enclosing my tax bill for which I am under renewed obligations.

I know that you will do all you can to effect a sale for me. I presume you have not yet been able to see the land. Whenever you can find it convenient to do so you would be better posted in regard to its quality and could judge better of its value. I do not wish to give you any more trouble than necessary but when you can find time to go down to Elk and see the place please write me and let me know what you think about it and also if any one is living on it to see what they are doing whether any good for me or themselves. I have never realized anything out of it yet – I understood from Mrs. Maynard that some man was living on it to keep the place in order but I do not know of late whether he is yet on it or not – in fact I am as the saying is all in the dark.

I remain as ever

Your Friend

F. W. Bassett

F. W. Bassett



File: 18660917

Mary G. Dodge

To C. V. Elliott ???? Dr.

Sept 14th 1866

To book a e ch. To date $12.50

Rec’d payment for H. B. Card

C. V. Elliott M.D.

File: 18660918a

Exeter Sept 18 1866

Dear Cosins

As Sister Mulind is here I thought I would write a few lines to you by ???. Cosin Sarah and I am very glad to hear that your health is better for I know how hard it is to be sick so long. O???? to suffer so much every day of my life I think the chill fever is better but fear it will return with the cold weather.

Dear cosin H. F. I am in need of a little money and I expect brother Le C will call on you and if you will send me $5 and 5cent dollars it will oblige me. I would ask if you are getting any money for my rent. I don’t much think I will return this fall. Physicians think it will be best for me to stay in this climate. I wish I could come home and have my friends Masters Stratence wife. I am rather in hopes that you and Loren can get that monument this fall but don’t neglect your own business to do it.

I have heard from Corning and the people of Knoxville like the change in our grocery quite well. Mr. Pier is a very different sort of a man and a man that will please the people. Mr. Mallory liked best to please himself and I have no objection as far as I know to his having it another year.

Cosin, if Orson wants to sell the property at a fair price I have no objections and I want you to act in my stead.

I must close. Write when convenient and except from a cosin

Mary G. Dodge

To Henry B. Card

Mary G. Dodge


Sept 18 1866

For money etc.

File: 18661005a

Mansfield Tioga Co. Pa.

Oct 5th 1866

Mr. H. B. Card

Dear Sir

I went to Corning the 3d last and settled up with Mr. Pier and endorsed on the lease as follows – job putting up the stoop - $60.00

Highway tax – 9.50

Paint & oil and putting on to roof – 7.37

Repairing side walk – 5.50

Filling near the wood house – 8.00

Garden fenced – 6.22



Cash – 28.41



I have now in my hands eleven dollars and seventy eight cents of Mrs. Dodge’s money.

Please call and get it or Say what I should do with it and oblige.

P. S. Ripley

File: 18661005b

?. B. I went and saw the monument set at Mr. Bissel’s grave as you directed. There is a gray brown stone base 2 feet square over a foot thick. Then a white marble 18 inches square one foot thick then the monument of clouded marble one foot at the bottom and smaller at the top seven feet high.

P. S. R.

P. S. Ripley


with account

of expenses



Oct. 1866

File: 18661213a & b

Mary G. Dodge

Letter Dec 13 – 1866


Exeter Dec. 13 1866

Dear Cosin,

Your very kind letter is received and I hasten to answer it.

I have no fault to find about those repairs. It was necessary. It ought to be done and you that are there can tell better about it than I can and the money that Mr. Ripley spoke about that he had for me I want you to use that toward paying you for your trouble for I fear you have not realized any thing since I came away. I want you to look out for yourself. I doubt I will want any more money before spring. I have been visiting the last 2 or 3 months and have been gaining in health and was in hope I would escape the chill this winter but it has been with cold for a few days past and I am suffering again with the chills and I expect to suffer until warm weather with them and feel as if I did not know how to be patient until that time but such is my lot and I ought not to complain. Henry as it respects that monument I am very glad if you can get it less than the 2 hundred and I don’t want anything ugly and if Loren goes he can hand out a few dollars for he is better able than I am. I will leave it all to your judgment and I will be satisfied and about the fence I have been thinking about it for a number of weeks. I don’t think I ought to build only my portion of it and I hope you can make them realize that at any rate I will stand out about it for I think they want to make me do it and I feel very grateful to you for your advice respecting it and the kindness you manifest for my interest. My whole heart is drawn in thankfulness to Mark [?]. I am blessed with such a kind friend to act for me in my troubles and loneliness. Sometimes I allow my self to feel almost friendless but when I take the second thought and remember how many kind friends I have found in 2 years I check the thought and thank God that it is as well with me as it is.

S. E. C. has received your letter but has not had a convenient time to see about the things. I will enclose that receipt and you can put it (with) the rest of (the) papers. I am soon a going to Richmond when I expect to spend the winter and will write again when I get there and will tell you where to direct my letters.

Sarah E. (wants to say) a word to you. I have had a very pleasant visit in Bristol. I thought of you and Henry when I walked out and took a look of the old stone mansion when he used to live (there). I wish you could have visited Bristol the past summer for Uncle Card would have appreciated it so much. He is very feeble and is feeling very lost. I heard from him last week and he is so that he cannot go but Don and S. E. C. says he don’t think he ever will again. James Card is very sick with the Typhoid fever. Tell Uncle Card that Uncle Mathew has failed very last. I was there about 4weeks since and then he could walk out about the streets and thought when I left him I would never see him again. I hope your health is better than it was last winter. I think mine and hope it will continue so until spring. I hope I will not weary your patience with my long epistles. Remember me to all my good friends and write to me if you can find time. Sara E. Card

Henry as respects the time engaging the monument I would do it as soon as you see fit. I will leave it all to you to see your own time to do it. I must close for the present. O how I want a visit with you but I must wait to.

H. B. Card and S. E. Card M. G. D.

File: 18670114a & b

Corning January 14, 1867

Henry B. Card

Dear Sir,

Yours of 11 January came to hand. Mr. Ripley did call upon me in reference to the property you mention and I gave him a statement in writing of what the land is upon the such assumed to be true, also therein stated – I might add that in cases where the widow continues to provide a home with her for the minor, she can keep the possession of their property until the minor shall arrive at full age, even though the minor shall leave her, if he leaves without good cause, and there the property would be divided at full age of the minor, but when the widow ceases to furnish a home, and to provide for the minor children then the property goes at once to the minor children with the articles excepted. I assumed in this case that Mrs. Dodge had broken up house keeping and ceased to provide a home with her for the minor, that being so, the property would go at once to the child.

Yours ???

  1. S. Kendall
A. S. Kendall



M. G. Dodge



think of no consequence any more

File: 18670130


Rec’d of H. B. Card fifteen dollars money paid in on land sales.

Wellsboro Jan 30 1867

D. P. Roberts

File: 18670212

Lydia Squires


Charity Smith


Term 1867 No. 22

Debt $21.21

Interest from February 12 1867

Entered February 12th 1867

Costs, $1.25 paid

J. F. Donaldson, Proth’y

3226 vs 7138

File: 18670325a & b

Wheeling March 25 /67

Dear Sir,

I do not know whether you can get over to see that unfortunate tract of land or not but you are the only one in the shape of a friend I have there and although I have never had the pleasure of seeing you et I feel that you are my friend and would (could) go to a little trouble to do me a favor – what I want you to do is to look at my land and give me your opinion of it which I would value very highly and see if parties are living on it how they are doing – I have never gotten anything out of it and it has been a constant source of expense to me. I have no means of knowing what the party who may be on the land and doing whether improving it or the reverse – what timber there may be on the land in a word anything of interest in regard to it and also whether any price to justify could be had for it for I feel as tired of my not being able to get to see it that without your thinking there is some outcome in it I had better dispose of it for what I can get for it if anything like a price.

From what I have said you will know how to answer me.

The former owner claimed a ???? of ground about where the house is if I recollect rightly and really did take away at one time some improvement that was on the place – you see I am at the mercy of any rascal who may wish to rob me and am entirely ignorant of any thing in regard to it.

Please look around and ascertain about what I could get for it if possible.

Any expense you may be at I will remit to you and will also be very thankful if you can spend time to give the matter a little attention.

Am greatly obliged

Your Friend,

F. W. Bassett

Henry B. Card Esq.

File: 18670412

Towanda April 12 1867

H. B. Card Esq.

Dear Sir,

Your letter and statement are recv’d for which you will please accept my thanks; I have no account of the $90.00 payment of Huslanders, if it correct, and I presume it is, he has just paid up, and I will give him a deed when he sends all his receipts. I have been carefully over your & Fish account according to the receipts you sent a copy of, and find there will be due May 15th 1867 on the two $475.56 – you say nothing about the Charles J. Bradford lot. – Mrs. Becford wrote me she would pay all up by the 15 May – I shall be here until the 1st of June.

Hastily Yours,

B. Kingsbury

File: 18670415a & b

Wellsboro Tioga Co. Pa.

April 15th 1867

Henry B. Card Esq.

Dear Sir,

Your letter of the 10th past has just come to hand. I was absent until Saturday evening. On the other side of this sheet you will find the lien against Eliada Watkins. There are no judgments entered against him since March – but any judgment or mortgage entered since the sale to you and Monroe would not be a good lien against the land provided the plaintiff in the judgment had notice that you have bought the land, or provided you had possession of the land – If you had no possession of the land and nothing on record to give notice, and no deed and a man should ????? a him against nothing not knowing that he had told. The lien would be good – sound. A judgment note is not negotiable and it must be entered up in the name of the payee. Any notes given by you and Monroe must be entered in the name of Eliada Watkins for the use of the present holder. And you can stop the collection of them by noting ????????? of the facts. The court grants a rule to open the judgments and allow you to pay all liens against the land you payable of him first and then what remains afterward you can pay to him.

Yours Truly,

Henry Sherman

File: 18670415c
A. B. Austin vs E. Watkins No 18 – new lien 1862

Credit for $250

Int from Sept 8 1862

Entered Sept 8 1862

same vs same No 588 – May Lien 1866

Credit for $309.94

Int May 19 1866

Entered May 30 1866

same vs same No 589 May Lien 1866

Credit for $291.10

Int from January 9, 1865

Entered May 30, 1866

same vs same No 590 – May Lien 1866

Credit for $785.98

Interest from ???? 8 /66

Entered May 30 1866

F. A. Parsons vs E. Watkins & Seth S. Watkins No 276 January Lien 1867

Credit for $300.00

Int August 5 1867

Entered May 31, 1867

same vs same No 277 January lien 1867

Credit for $250.00

Interest from Aug 5 1867

Entered May 31, 1867 (I don’t think some of these date are right as they don’t make sense)

File: 18670509a & b

J. B. Potter

Mid Center, May 9, ‘67

H. B. Card, Esq.

Potter Dear Sir,

I presume that you have heard ere this that I am a candidate for the office of sheriff, as it has been talked some for the past four weeks.

At this present stage of the contest it would seem that J. M. Phelps would be my chief competition. I have heard that Israel Squires and Lafayette Gray are both talking of being candidates. Is there any thing in it?

Do you understand that either of them will come up? If not I would like very much to know how you would stand as between Phelps and myself. If you do not deem the question imputinent (I think he means "impudent") – and as to what would be my ????? picks in question.

Of course I would expect him to carry it as he is much better known probably than I am in his own part of the county.

Our mutual political friend Donaldson will oppose me, but I offset Shff Tabor against him. The shff will help me all he can. Dir. will no doubt go in for Phelps.

The soldiers generally are my friends – You will be over to Court I presume – then I will see you, but I shall hope to hear from you by letter as soon as convenient.

Truly Yours,

J. B. Potter

My address is Middleburg Centre

File: 18670622a & b

Mary Dodge


on Orsons


Richmond June 22 1867

Dear Cosin H. B. C.,

I received a letter from Dorcas last evening stating that Orson is married and wants my things. I thought when he got married he ceases to be a minor any longer and if so I don’t see how he can claim my things but if it is so we must make the best of it. I don’t understand what part of the things were set up for the widow are the minor child’s. I think Kendel the lawyer can explain it to you. They were set up in two parts and if you can go to Corning next Tuesday I think you had better see the ??????? and if not go to Ball and get his council on this affair for I don’t know what to say about it. It is a going to rock my feeble health but this world is full of trouble of various kinds and Mr. Bissell is my evidence on Orson leaving me and you had better see him and learn what you can as covers us. I have not received your letter yet. Wish I could have had your advice before I wrote but I want you to do just as you think best within ease and about the things that I have disposed of to pay my way because the rent was all paid out on the property if the law will allow them to take that. ????? please let Dorcas have 30 to help her another stove and about rest of the things do just as you would for yourself if you are not qualified to do business for me according to law. Perhaps you had better go before a trustee and start ????. I entrust you to do business for me and after all if you think best to let them have the farm then it is only one year perhaps it is best. I don’t want to get into any trouble with them. I don’t want any law suits with them nor do I want to give them what belongs to me.

The building is mostly mine that I took. Then I would like to have that reserve. Mr. Bissell knows that Orson said that he would not stay with me. Consequently I had to brake up keeping house and that was not the only reason I had to give up the house under the circumstances if he left me. I think if these things are all talked over with Ripley and you and Mr. Bissell and Orson too at same time it can all be understood without any misunderstanding as he has had a guardian all the time and the responsibility was on him and not on me.

I must close as I have had but a few minutes to write in as we are 3 miles from the office and I saw a chance to send it. Excuse last and do all things as you would for yourself and I will satisfy it. I close with my best wishes to your family. I have written after lines to Dorcas and will forward to her.

From M. G. D.

to Henry B. Card

File: 18670709a

G. P. Monroe




Providence July 9th 1867

Geo P. Monroe Esq.

Dear Sir,

Yours of the 1st past came duly to hand.

In reply would say that the price of new ????? has opened at various points at about 40 cents per foot. For instance we had letters this morning from Chicago from a Commission House saying they can buy the different grades of good condition fluco, mashed wool, from 35 or 37 cents for coarse to 43 cents for ¾ blood on their finest wool.

In Michigan they quote 43 cents to 45 cents for choicest wools. In Ohio from 40 to 50 cents. We are taking in wool here at about 40 to 42 cents. So much for market quotations. The finer grades are most wanted and as far as I can judge from 40 to 45 cents for medium and 50 cents for ++ will be paid by those who go into the country to buy.

At present there is no good reason for hoping for higher prices, as the woolen manufacturing business is and has been very much depressed during the season and they are unwilling to pay high prices for wool this season.

If you have any desirable combing wools in your section, they will bring relatively higher prices than common coarse wool, varying according to condition and quality.

I can sell desirable grades of five and combing wools in this market at the best market prices and should be glad to receive any such that might wish to consign and will advance from ½ to ¾ their value on receipt of wool when desired.

If it were possible for me to get away I would like to visit your place and see what it had to offer in the wool line. But cannot get away just now.

We are all as well as usual and desire to be remembered to all our friends at your place. Hoping to hear from you again, I remain,

Yours Truly,

G. P. Monroe

p.s. I have changed my office to be south Maten St. for the present.

File: 18670717a & b

F. W. Bassett



Wheeling W. Va. July 17 /67

H. B. Card Esq

Dear Sir,

I wrote you some time ago asking you if you could give me any information in regard to that unfortunate land I happened to get in Tioga Co. – in one of four letters you gave me a sort of a promise to go and see the land but I presume you have been too busy to do so. I do not wish you to go without remuneration for your trouble but it seems that you are the only person I can call on to give me any information and the place is so far out of my way that it is almost impossible for me to go there. Now my dear Sir if you could go and see the ground and give me your opinion of it, it would be satisfactory and also you might ascertain if it would sell or not for if I could sell it at anything like a fair price and I had better sell it if possible. If you go and see it of course you will give me all the information you can as to improvements and ??? if any are living on it are they doing any good – is there any good timber on it or what kind of a country is around it & etc. What prospect there is for general improvement of the country surrounding. Is there coal on the land and or ????? – anything that may different itself to you and which you may think would give me satisfaction.

Is Mr. J. Maynard living in the neighborhood yet? If you should see him give him my best respects.

Please write me when convenient and much obliged.

Your Friend,

F. W. Bassett

File: 18670925a & b

F. W. Bassett

Letter 1867

Wheeling Sept 25 /67

Henry B. Card Esq.

Dear Sir,

I have written to you twice and I am really in trouble about you fearing that you may not be well or something gone awry with you but I hope not.

Now my good friend have you yet got any offer for the land I do wish you could sell for me as I am too far away to do any good with it. Have you ever seen it yet and if so what is your opinion of it. How is the tenant doing on it? Nobody has ever paid me any rent. Is he doing any good on it? Is the Timber of any value on the land? Is the country around improving and if you were in my place would you sell?

Now I do not wish you to be at any expense on this matter and I will refund to you any money you may pay out for me and will be much obliged to you also. I think the taxes do not have to be paid until next summer some time.

Now my dear Sir I may be plying you with too many questions and giving you too much trouble but you must excuse me for my assurity to sell and get short of this trouble is my excuse.

Be kind enough to answer this and give me as much ????? ????? as you can find time to do.

Am much obliged

F. W. Bassett

File: 18680324

Oberlin, Ohio

March 24 /68

Mr. Card

Dear Sir,

I cannot understand why I do not receive the remainder of the money. I sent you a receipt for the check of $30.

Think you said that you still had $17 and some cents. You may have sent it, but it has failed to reach me.

Yours Truly,

Arnie Compton

File: 18680407

April 7th 1867

Record and letter

Reconed (Reckoned)) and settled all book and cash accounts up to this date with Henry B. Card and gave him my notes in full for balance due him amounting to three hundred forty one dollars twenty cents.

Lorain Dodge

File: 18680413 – H. Sherwood letter on sale of Chapman Lot by Sheriff

Hillsboro Tioga Co. Pa.

April 13th 1868

Henry B. Card Esq.

Dear Sir,

Your letter of the 8th past reached me Saturday. Enclosing two dollars for which I thank you.

I have issued an execution on the Chapman judgment, but it cannot be sold before the August term unless you get Chapman to sign a paper waiving inquisition. You will remember that inquisition is not waived in the note; and it will be necessary to serve a notice to hold inquisition ????? to next May Term. If the property is condemned then it can be sold at the August Term. If not condemned it cannot be sold till six months from the May Term or perhaps later. You had better get Chapman to sign a paper waiving inquisition and send it to me by the first of May and then I can sell at the May Court..

Yours Truly

Henry Sherwood

File: 18680419a & b

If you see fit to write me ?????? within 4 or 5 weeks direct to New Albany, Ind.

New Albany Apr 19 1868

My very dear cousin,

Your very welcome letter is just received. I was more than glad to receive it for the last few weeks I have felt so anxious to hear from you. I heard of your sickness. I know so well how hard it is to endure sickness. These frail bodies ?? ???? to so much sufferings and was it not for the Grace of God that was bestowed upon us to enable us to bare up under the trials with all that life is ???? we would much sooner sink under them. I for one feel at a loss to find language to express the mercy of God in sparing me and now I feel that my prospect for better health is increasing. I have found a physician that seems to perfectly understand my case. I am taking his medicine and I am better. We are having cold stormy weather and that always has a very unfavorable affect on me. I have been able to keep about all the time as yet and now I think when the weather comes settled I will be better. I came to New Albany 2 weeks since. When I came here peach trees were in bloom and since that time we have had quite a winter since that time. The 9 of Apr the snow fell 2 ½ inches deep and it has been very cold and rainy ever since. The people think the fruit is bad by ??????.

Dear cousin, you say Orson won’t give up what belongs to me. If he don’t don’t give up the stove until I come and that won’t be until warm weather, perhaps the first of July. While I was in Corning last fall Mr. Pier received a letter from Orson in answer to one that he had written to him concerning renting the property another year. Orson told him he could have it this year and wanted him to let him have one room next February that he could store his goods in until the first of April then he would take possession of the property and do business. Knew himself a mighty little business will he do then with those that are acquainted with him there and then I am afraid I will have trouble to get my rent. When I was there I received of Mr. Pier the rent up to Nov. I believe and have have had none since and I would like to have you write to Mr. Pier and get what is due and use it. I don’t need it at present and when I get to Corning I will draw what is due then. I must close your letter. Went to westboro and ???? not get it as soon.

From M. G. Dodge to H. B. C.

Sarah E: O how happy I would be if I could see you and learn if you have recovered your health. If not you must have had much more to endure since your family has been sick in such cold weather. O I suffer so much with cold weather. We will soon have warm weather and then I hope you will all recover your health for I realize health to be the greatest blessing that we can enjoy. My health is considerably improved to what it was one year ago. I expect to return to Penn. before the weather comes very warm. I like this country very much but fear I would not be benefit to stay through the bad weather. Remember me to Henry and mother. I will close by wishing you all health and prosper.

From Mary G. Dodge to S. E. Card

File: 18680421

Troy April 21, 1868

Mr. Card

Dear Sir,

Will you please send me the deed for my place by the mail as you are not coming to Troy your self. According to your promise if you will be so kind as to send it to me it will save me the time and expense of going after it – as I must have it very soon. I will enclose the postage in the inside of this note.

Your Friend,

Lewis Chapman

File: 18680522

Wheeling May 22 /68

Henry B. Card, Esq.

Dear Sir,

I have executed a deed for the land in favor of Silas H. Billings and enclose it, but I would like to have the entire amount of $500 and he pay the taxes which will fall due soon. I think you said about $16 more or less – he wants to deduct the tax from the $500 but I think I should have the whole amount – what do you think? I rather think he will give the $500 and pay the tax but you may feel about the matter for me and do the best you can. Perhaps if he will not pay all the tax he would pay half of it. Do the best you can for me but I need not say so to you for I know you will. He is to pay cash down and you had better get a check on New York to my order so it may not be lost if it should miscarry. Now if it should be any advantage to you to buy the land at the same price I am not under any obligations to let him have it, but he wrote me to send deed if I accepted his office to you and you can let him know what time you could meet him in Hillsboro and fix it up if you can agree about the tax the price I am willing to take is $500 but I would not like, as I have said, to take much off it. He is now satisfied so he write me about the survey you had made being right. I thinkif I was near the land that I would hold on to it but I am so far away that I cannot give it any attention. If you make the bargain put the necessary ??????? on and deduct it from the amount also for your troub and send me a York check for balance. You did not send me the photograph we talked about. Be sure and send me one. I shall prize it highly. With many thanks for your many acts of kindness I remain as ever

Your Friend,

F. W. Bassett

File: 18680708

Troy, Pa 8 July 1868

H. B. Card, Esq.

Dear Sir,

Enclosed I forward policy of Insurance in home of N. Hairn on barn &c. and also remind of you insurance on home in Wyoming.

I also send blank note for amount of both (40.50) so that in case of loss the payment of premium may be unquestionable. Which, if you file on you can sign & forward to me. Make the time of payment three or 6 months as you may choose.

Yours Truly,

C. C. Paine

File: 18680710

Wellsboro Tioga Co. Pa.

July 10 1868

Henry B. Card, Esq.

Dear Sir,

I have just received a letter from F. D. Webster of your town requesting me to have the estate of Philander Webster settled up by next court. I see by the books in the Register’s office that you are the administrator. In case you intend to settle it up by next court your should file your account here and advertise in the paper by the first of August. If you do not do it as soon as the first of August you will be too late for next court.

Yours Truly,

Harry Sherwood

File: 18680724

Wheeling July 24 /68

Henry Card

I sent you the plat of the land in answer to your very kind letter and your said that you were fearful a new deed would have to be made out. Did you get my letter and ill a deed have to be made in accordance with the survey? I do not wish to get into any trouble and I am much obliged to you for your suggestions. After a careful examination of the deed sent are you still of opinion that we will have to make another?

Sorry I am giving you so much trouble about it but I presume it is pretty well through. Let me hear from you often.

Yours Truly,

F. W. Bassett

File: 18680806

Office of the Treasurer of Tioga County.

P.O. Box 210,

Wellsboro, Pa., Aug 6th 1868

H. B. Card Esq.

Dear Sir,

Enclosed please find copy of receipt which I have in my possession from the Coll. Of Elkland Boro for year 1863. Benj. Dorrance. He came here last week to settle his old duplicate and paid the same excepting this $40 which he says should have been placed to his credit at that time but was not put on the book here. He wishes to settle his duplicate but thinks this ought to balance the same. I cannot receive it from him to apply. Please let me hear from you soon and oblige.

Yours Truly,

H. C. Bailey, Treas.

File: 18680810

Wellsboro Aug. 10, 1868

H. B. Card Esq.

Dear Sir,

I am informed that John Adams of Mauswild, is quietly running against me for Dist. Atty. I am surprised to hear of this as he had voluntarily told me he was for me, and I can’t think he will seriously attempt to get it. Yet I have not been about any, and had reason to think there was no opposition.

I wish you would see Gray, the Roses, Baity, Packard &c and do what you can for me at Can???? Saturday.

I shall not probably have any time to tget into the eastern part of the county.

In haste Yours

John Mitchell

File: 18680821

Wheeling Aug 21 /68

Friend Card,

I have never learned whether you received the plat of the land I sent you or not or if so how you fixed the matters ???? whether you thought the deed as it was would do or not for you were of opinion when you wrote me that it might give me trouble if he did not find as much land as he thought the deed called for.

I have not received that photograph yet either.

Be kind enough to drop me a few lines when you find it convenient to do so.

Hoping that you are well I remain with much respect

Your Friend,

F. W. Bassett

File: 18680828

Received of P. P. Smith five dollars as retaining fee in care of your matters of bounty for Sullivan Township. Aug 28 1868


Henry Sherwood

File: 18681120

Aug 20th 1868

Received of Mary G. Dodge Administrator of Derin Dodge, one hundred and fifteen dollars in full for all claims and demands against her as administrator and personally on a field and find settlement between them of all matters at variance each keeping whatever personal property in their possession the same being an amicable compromise between the parties for a settlement the above not to include any store fixtures.

Lorain Dodge

Orson Dodge

Henry B. Card

File: 18681123

Towanda Nov 23rd, 1868

Henry B. Card, Esq.

Dear Sir,

Along time I wrote you, and directed it to Sylvania. Will you please get that letter and answer it and oblige.

Yours Truly

B. Kingsbury

File: 18681208

Elkland Tioga Co. Pa.

Dec 8 /68

Mr. Henry B. Card

Dear Sir,

When you was treasurer of this county and I was collector of Elkland Boro for year 1863 I took a receipt of you as treasurer for forty dollars and you did not enter it in the books at the Treasurers office. In about six months since I settled up my old duplicate and produced the receipt and they would not allow it for the reason that you did not give me credit on the book. Mr. Baily said he would write you about the matter, but told me this Court you had not answered his letter. I left the receipt in his hands so that you can see it if you go to the Boro. As the matter need be settled immediately you will give it your early attention. You will find the necessary papers at the Boro.

Your &c

Benjamin Dorrance

You might write me

File: 18690109

Wellsboro Tioga Co. Pa.

January 9th 1869

Henry B. Card Esq.

Dear Sir,

Your letter of the 7th past reached me yesterday.

The sheriff’s costs which ????? I. Mitchell is now calling for against Sullivan Township was paid to me. Before I received them I was ???????? to upon the subject and I called on sheriff Stoud. He agreed with me to collect them and apply them on a debit I had against him and I did so.

I will see the ex-sheriff today and ???? I switched also upon the subject. You may say to Mr. Monroe that it is all right. I will save the Township from trouble or costs in this matter.

Yours Truly

Henry Sherwood

File: 18690126

Received January 26, 1869 of H. B. Card Esq. two 30/100 dollars for recording deed heirs of Bradfor debited to L. D. Bradford

D. L. Deane


File: 18680316

No. 311 Munich St. ??????

March 16 /69

H. B. Card, Esq.

Dear Sir,

We ????? your office sales box turkies net proceeds $12.18 and our check for amt. Please excuse our carelessness in not responding sooner. It being a small matter we had not given it due attention.

Thanking you as one

Yours Truly,

King??? Packaging

File: 18691021

Rutland Oct 21st 1869

Received of J. S. Sweet one hundred and forty three dollars and forty four cents in full and in satisfaction for debt, interest and costs of a certain judgment on the Prathimaters docket at Wellsboro that I have and hold against Preceptor Wood.

E. W. Updike

E. W. Updike


Preceptor Wood

Sullivan Oct 21st 1869

Mr. G. F. Donson Glea

Enter satisfaction on the named within judgment.

J. S. Smea

File: 18691226

Oberling, Ohio

Dec. 26, 1869

My Dear Friend Mr. Card,

I have received the draft of $30.00 thirty dollars and got it cashed without any trouble. I am very grateful to you for your kindness to me. Think you had ought to charge me something for your trouble.

May God bless you

Yours Truly,

Orville Compton

File: 18700608a & b

Taxes upon 96 acres of land seated

Owned by Henry B. Card in ????? Township

Assessment of A.D. 1867





School - $2.07

Building – 1.11

Town – 1.59

Costs advertising - .50



Received the above bill, taxes and costs in full

R. C. Cox, Treas.

Paid the above June 8th 1870

Henry B. Card


????? Tax

?????? Gen.

R. C. Cox

Entered on my

Book page 100

June 10th 1870

File: 18700820

$55 for value received I promise to pay to Sarah E. cummings on order fifty five dollars with use one year from date.

Henry B. Card

Saturday Aug. 20th 1870 received $30.00

File: 18700927a & b

Mainsburg Sept 27 /70

Henry, I was at Bloss yesterday. Armstrong F. Downs was there. Judge Williams and John r. Bowman was there. They told us that we must put forth every effort that they were raising money to carry on the convass with Armstrong. Said he would give $250.00 and there is about $100 ???? in Bowens hands. They went back and any going to advertising in the papers, meetings, up to election. I told them I was willing to do my share of the expense but they told if I would do what I could and get my friends to canvass with me they thought that would be my part. If you will do what you can I will pay you for anything interim or money you do. I wish you would go and see George Farncess. I have ?????? and ??????? the affidavitt I send you sworn to and put in proper ??????. I have put in the facts as they were an you can alter it as you think best as to form. I am going to Elkland and will be back as soon as the tickets are printed at Wellsboro. I have them to distribute and is you can spend next week for me I will be safe. I think I mean to do all I can to make things safe. I will see you as soon as I get around then I shall want the affidavitt to use to meet anything that comes up. I am in such a hurry that I cannot think of half I want to say so do what you think best and help me all of next week.


E. H. Finn
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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