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Henry Bowen Card (1815 - 1898) served several terms as Justice of the peace in Sullivan Township. He was active politically and also served as Tioga County treasurer during the Civil War. His papers have survived by a fortuitous stroke of fate, and I managed to intercept them on their journey through time long enough to scan them. We are transcribing them for publication here on the Tri-Counties site. I will be adding to this over time - There are about 150 documents, many just torn scraps of paper. They did not waste a whole piece of paper on a short message. I will present them here in date order as they are transcribed.

These papers are important because they demonstrate the business transactions, disputes and dispute resolution of our local populace mid nineteenth century. As we see in our diaries, loans between family, friends and neighbors were common, and Henry participated in them, both as lender and as referee between neighbors when disagreements arose. We hear all the time about how litigious our society has become. If these papers are any indication, it used to be worse. These little fragments give us a glimpse into the fine details of our ancestral population, and they are recorded in no other place. It is a genuine gift that these have survived. .

Where you see a reference to a Filename, that is the transcriber's reference to the name I gave the document image when I scanned it. It helps us keep this project straight and on track.

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File: 18630129

William N. Baxter Dr [debit]  to three dollars over paid on the 28th day of Jan 1863. Paid eleven dollars seventy five cents. Paid for 6 days should be paid for 4 days.

Jan 29th 1863

Henry B. Card


File: 186300129a

Receipts upon Judgments for the year 1863
John Benson & Isaac Benson Jan 29th 1863 2.50
Lewis Daggett Mr. C. F. Miller on Yonkin Judgment 50.00
Peter Hulslander & J. Benson Judgment 40.52
George Mudge & N Davis - Nov 18th 1863 100.00
N. S. Mosher & W. B. Rich - Sept 1st 1863 9.00
G. S. Cook & Alpheus Willard afc 10th $60. May 20th $70. Oct 15th $30 160.00
D. B. Closom - May 6th 1863 44.16
J. G. Seeley Mr. Wm. F. Mathers – Apr 9 31.08
S. J. Powers – Sept 20, 1863 50.00
N. A. Elliott – Aug 12th 1863 50.00
Wm. Rowland – May 3rd 1863 30.00
Stewart Daily – Feb 3 1863 10.00
J??? Furman – Jan 27th $10, July 7th $12, Sep 8th $15 37.00
Philander Hurd – May 26th 1863 20.00
S. A. Mack July 31st 1863 $25, Aug 12th $19.73/100 19.73
S. A. Mack from above 25.00

Settlement Papers 1864

File: 18630129b

Acct Moneys Rec’d Col’s Duplicates 1863
  County State Note of Interest
Rutland 520.00 158.00 124.00  
Sullivan 807.64 308.95 258.86 19.9
Shippen 120.00 30.00 20.00  
Township of Tioga 568.69 176.41 142.26 20.4
Boro of Tioga 291.00 100.97 72.96 7.1
Union 294.85 152.36 127.37 24.2
Ward 329.64 99.10 82.63 10.9
Westfield 127.85 100.00 50.00  
Wellsboro 501.00 250.00 211.00  
  ------------------- ----------------- ----------------- ----------------
  $3570.67 $1375.79 $1089.08 $83.1
  8460.31 2813.37 2278.04 149.7
  ------------------- ----------------- ----------------- ----------------
On Duplicate 1863 12,030.98 4189.16 3367.12 232.8
On Duplicate 1862 3806.56 243.08 264.67 66.6
St Spe   88.92    
  ------------------- ----------------- ----------------- ----------------
  15,837.54 4521.16 3631.79 249.5







451.05 – Common fund year 1863



File: 18630304

Rec’d on March 4th 1863 of H. B. Card ten dollars the balance upon our matters

Thos. Allen

File: 18630421

Blossburg April 21st 63

Friend Card your letter came to hand and in reply would say that the day I got your letter I left for Washington and I left the matter with my brother in law and he has neglected it and he has lost the letter and I can not tell the amt, so you writ me the amt of the mistake and I will send it to you so no more at present


Emily T. J. Hall

File: 18630609a

To all People to Whom these Presents shall Come:

I, Henry B. Card, Treasurer of Tioga County, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, send Greeting: Whereas, a tract of unseated land, situate in Tioga township, in the said County of Tioga, containing one hundred & eight acres, surveyed and returned to the Board of Commissioners of Tioga County, in the name of Herms & Fisher No. 1586 was rated, charged and assessed, pursuant to the laws of the Commonwealth for raising rates and levies, with the payment of divers taxes, amounting in the whole to the sum of four dollars and sixty three cents, legally due and unpaid on the said tract. And Whereas, I, the said Henry B. Card, after having given at least sixty days notice in two newspapers published in the County of Tioga aforesaid, stating the sale of unseated land for arrearages of taxes would commence the second Monday in June, in the Year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-two, at the Commissioners’ Office, in Wellsborough, in the county aforesaid, did commence the sale of the said lands, by public vendue and outcry, [and no person appearing on that day to purchase said tract, the sale was continued by regular adjournment until the 14th day of July next following] when the said tract was sold (a part thereof not being sufficient to pay the taxes and costs due thereon and no person appearing to pay said taxes and costs) to Ambrose Barker, Job Rexford Charles F. Miller Commissioners of Tioga Co. for the price and sum of Seven dollars and forty fivecents, lawful money of the United States they being the highest and best bidders and that being the highest and best price bidden for the same.

NOW KNOW YE, That I, the said HENRY B. CARD, Treasurer of Tioga County aforesaid, for and in consideration of the sum of Seven dollars and forty five cents, lawful money of the United States, (it being the amount of taxes and costs accrued on said tract of land) to me in hand paid by the said Commissioners at or before the ensealing and delivery hereof, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, have granted, bargained and sold, and by these presents, according to the directions and by force of the several acts of Assembly directing the mode of selling unseated lands for taxes, do grant, bargain and sell unto the said Commissioners their successors in office heirs and assigns, all that aforesaid tract of land sold at vendue aforesaid, and situated as aforesaid, Together with all and singular, the ways, waters, water-courses, rights, liberties, privileges, hereditaments and appurtenances whatsoever thereunto belonging, or in any wise appertaining, TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said premises, hereby granted to the said Comm. their successors heirs and assigns, to the only proper use, benefit and behoof of the said Comm. their successors heirs and assigns, FOREVER, according to the form, force and effect of the several acts of Assembly in such case made and provided.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I, the said Henry B. Card, have hereunto set my hand and seal, this 14th day of July A. D. one thousand eight hundred and sixty-two.

Sealed and Delivered in Presence of

Henry B. Card [L.S.]



Personally appeared before the subscriber, a Justice of the Peace in and for the county aforesaid, on the 9th day of June 1863 HENRY B. CARD, Treasurer of said County of Tioga, and acknowledged the foregoing Deed Poll to be his act and deed, pursuant to the Act of Assembly in such case made and provided. Witness my hand and seal, at Wellsborough, the day and year above written.

Ambrose Bailey

Justice of the Peace.

Received, on the date of the foregoing instrument of writing, the full consideration-money therein mentioned.


File: 18630609b


H. B. Card




No 1586 – 108 acres

Herms & Fisher


File: 18630804a

Account With Lorain Dodge Dr.??
To 7 bunches of shingles two dollars per bunch $14.00
" 1 " " " " " " " 2.00
" 2 cedar window boxes 1.00
" 43 feet pine boards 2 cts per foot .86
" 42 feet Hemlock " 1 " " " .42
" 41 feet Old " " " " " .41
" 150 plank from mill 1.50
Aug. levied on the above $5.00  
Cg two Turkey Balance 1.75  
To tea & sugar 2.35
Twenty dollars paid Aug 4th 1865 20.00
Timothy Seed 12.00
Cr by Timothy Seed 54.54
Twenty dollars from Henry Rexford 20.00
Turkeys, Timothy Seed, Old Account 59.14
Card August 1865 $21.00

File: 18630804b
by 10 lbs nails .80
by 50 bushels corn 50 cts 25.00
by cash five dollars 5.00
Balance on Turkeys 1.75
Timothy Seed 2.17
Old Over 24.42
Old over 59.14
Old Agreement 30.00
nails .80
corn  25.00
Cash 5.00
Turkeys 1.75
Timothy 2.17
Old account 24.42

Henry B. Card


with L. Dodge

File: 18630818

Mr. Card

K. M. Baskow
Aug 18 /65 3 lbs Steak 30
Oct 5 3 lbs Steak 30
  4 2/16" veal @’ 2.5 8.5
17 6 ¾ lbs beef 3.4
24 2 10/?? steak 1.89 2.6
  Rec’d payment Oct 24 /65 M. Baskow 4.4

File: 18630919

Henry B. Card ??

For Treating son C. H. in case of Typhoid Fever
June 8th /62 For visit & treatment 2.00
" 9th " " " " 2.00
" 10th " " " " 2.00
" 11th " " " " 2.00
" 12th " " " " 2.00
" 13th " " " " 2.00
" 14th " " " " 2.00
" 15th " " " " 2.00
" 16th " " " " 2.00
" 17th " " " " 2.00
" 18th " " " " 2.00
" 19th " " " " 2.00
  For visit & treatment at sundry times in Sylvania Boro 3.00
  For one syringe & visit to Welsboro 5.00

Sept 19th 1862, The above bill is really what I generally charge for my services varying in some cases according to circumstances.

Yours Truly

Bateman Monroe

File: 18631024a

Oct the 24 1863

Mr. Henry B Card. I am in need of some money very much and if you can lend me 6 or 8 dollars until I get my pay you will oblige me very much.

respectfully yours

Mrs. Matilda Burgess

File: 18631024b

M. Burgess



six dollars

received payment

? ??????? H Burgess

File: 18631218

New York, Dec 18 1863.

For value received in Advertising, from the publisher of Banner Wellsboro Pa I will accept this Due Bill as half payment for one of my No. 1 Excelsior Burr Stone Mills, advertised in his paper, at my nett cash price; said Due Bill will be honored by me, and Machine delivered upon the payment of half its price in Cash.

$60.00 or $10.00

E. H. Bennet

42 & 44 Green St

Mr. Publisher – Dear Sir: Enclosed I hand you an advertisement of such machinery as I am manufacturing, and which I am desirous of bringing to the notice of your subscribers and others. I should be pleased to have you insert the same in a conspicuous place in your paper with an editorial, provided you will do so upon the following terms.

Upon receipt of your paper containing my advertisement, by the American Advertising Agency, 308 Broadway, N. Y., I will forward you a Due Bill, like the one enclosed, and upon receipt of it, endorsed by you, and the sum of Fifty Dollars in Cash, I will deliver one of my Excelsior Mills of the No. 1 size; the price of which is $100, nett cash. It is understood that the rate you shall charge me will not exceed your Lowest Cash Prices.

Every Machine is tested before it is sent from the factory, and they are warranted to be and to perform as represented in the Circular.

Believing that you will appreciate the advantage of this mill over the miserable Iron Mills with which the Western Farmers have been humbugged, and bring them properly to their notice,

I am truly yours,

E. H. Bennet.

Mail paper to office of Phrenological Journal, 308 Broadway, N.Y.

R. Jenkins

File: 18631218b



Burr Stone Mill,



Horse Power.

These machines have taken ten first premiums at Western State Fairs, and are justly considered superior to all others. The grinding surfaces of the Mill are Burr Stone, of conical form, so adjusted that the finest Flour or Meal and the coarsest Feed may be ground with the same Mill. They may be driven by Horse, Water or Steam Power, and do their work as well as the old fashioned flat Stones in milling establishments. Any person can operate and keep the Mill in perfect grinding order, and for Farm use

It Will Last a Life Time.

Driven by Horse Power, our smallest Mill (No. 1) will grind from 8 to 15 bushels of Feed the hour; if run by Water or Steam Power, 12 to 20 bushels.

Price of No. 1 Mill…………………………...$120

Nos. 2 and 3 Mills, for Millers’ use………..$160 and $180.

The undersigned also makes a Wire Bolt For No. 1 Mill, with which Farmers living at a distance from milling establishments are enabled to make their own Flour.

Price $50 extra.

The Horse Power

For Driving Threshing Machines, Farm Mills, Hay Cutters, Cotton Gins, Circular Saws, Moulding and Planing Machines, Lathes, etc., has proved itself to be

The Best Ever Invented.

The friction is reduced by Iron Balls, so arranged in all the bearings, that the whole weight of the castings runs upon them.

Three Pounds of Draught,

at the end of a 10 feet lever, will keep the power in motion; thus permitting the

Entire Strength

of the horse to be used on the machine to be driven.

Four horses will do as much work on this Power as SIX HORSES on the Powers in general use.

It is Portable,

and may be used in the field as well as in the house. It is simple in construction, not liable to get out of order, and having less friction is more durable than any other Power.

Price of Power for 1 to 6 horses …………………………………..$150.00

Price of Power for 1 to 6 horses, with Bevel-geared Jack………$170.00

All goods Guaranteed, Packed and Delivered at depot or wharf, at above prices.

Agent wanted in every county.

The undersigned is ready to make arrangements with Western Machinists for manufacturing this power.

Send for Illustrated Circular, to:

E. H. Bennet, Patentee,

42 and 44 Greene street, New York.

N. B. Display the above as per copy.

File: 18640109

J. P. Magill

now for case of

Laughn Bache


S. E. Ensworth

In Conv. Pleas

Tioga Co Sept Term

1859 to 305 A. A.

Wellsboro Jan’y 9, 1864

Laughn Bache assigns two hundred twenty five dollars of the above entitled Judgment to Henry B. Card—on which assignment of said amount I agree that the said Card shall receive ten per cent interest – the amt hereby assigned to be paid in one or two years at my option – if allowed to run two years then the interest to be paid annually – I agree to pay said interest.

A. L. Ensworth

File: 18640128

H. B. Card

To Thos. Allen Dr.
To Recpt of deed ????????? paid to him by Middlebury Township $119.66
" Bal due on Elk order 4.61
Cr by Dero House & lot – Jackson $4.58
" " Cash pd on by Recpt on Dates Decbr 15 8162 55.70
" " Cash pd on by Recpt - Dates March 4th 1863 10.00
" " Cash pd on by Recpt – dates Oct 30th 1863 .82
" " Cash pd on by Recpt – dates Jan’y 15 1864 still ??? this because of the service card and to be given ???? when ?????? 20.29
Cash pd this day 33.88
inful of all Dr amt to this date January 18th 1864 $124.27

Thos. Allen

Henry B. Card

Rectd above ???? to this day January 28th, 1864 given wk to use.

Thos. Allen

File: 18640202
United States Draft 75.
Loan Pe?????????? 100.
O. F. Taylor Sub 50.
Cash in Bank 100.
Notes 1404.89
Feb 2nd 1864 Total 3784.89
Cash not included  

File: 18640214

Aud Gen’s Office

Harrisburg, Feb. 19, 1864

H. B. Card, Esq.

Dear Sir,

Enclosed you will find copy acct. with State Treasurer & receipt for balance due $6.35, which I paid, & which, if satisfactory to you, you can at convenience leave with Henry Williams. Your recent remittance left so little to pay I thought you would not care to wait a statement.

Can I be of any further use to you in looking after military claim & if so, let me know & I will aid you with great cheerfulness.

Trusting this will reach you safely.

I remain,

Very Truly Yours,

E. ?. Williams

File: 18640219

Registered and Countersigned

To Isaac Slinker

Auditor General.

Treasury Department, Pennsylvania,

Harrisburg, Feb. 19, 1864

Received from Henry B. Card late Treas. Tioga Co. Six Dollars and thirty-five Cents, on account, to wit:

Retailers Licenses


Wm. McGrath

State Treasurer.

File: 18640219b

Henry B. Card late Treasurer of Tioga County,

In a/c with the Commonwealth of Penna.
Retailers Licenses
To amount of said licenses for 1863 as per Auditor’s report herewith filed   $767.50
Deduct amount uncollectible as per Auditor’s report $56.00  
" amount paid for publishing Mercantile Appraisers list as per receipts herewith filed 20.40  
" Treasurers commission on $711.50 @ 5 per cent 35.57 111.97
  ---------- ------------
Due Commonwealth   $655.52
=============================================   ======
Tavern Licenses
To amount of said licenses for 1863 as per Auditor’s report   $165.00
Deduct Treasurer’s commission @ 5 per cent   8.25
Due Commonwealth   $156.75
=============================================   =======
Eating House Licenses
To amount of said licenses for 1863 as per Auditor’s report   $50.00
Deduct Treasurers Commission @ 5 per cent   2.50
Due Commonwealth   $47.50
=============================================   =======
Pamphlet Laws
To 18 copies of said laws for 1863 as per report from Secretary & offices   $9.00
Deduct Treasurer’s Commission@ 5 per cent   .45
Due Commonwealth   $8.55
=============================================   =======
Recapitulation of Account
To amounts due Commonwealth as above, vis;    
Retailers licenses   $655.53
Tavern drs   156.75
Eating House drs   47.50
Pamphlet Laws   8.55
By balance due Treasurer per Settlement of March 19, 1863 $14.05  
" Sundry payments into State Treasury, viz:    
On Retailers Licenses 640.88  
On Tavern dr 198.50  
On Pamphlet Laws 2.55 $861.98
  ---------- ------------
Balance due Commonwealth   $6.35
==============================================   =======

Auditor General’s Office

Harrisburg February 19, 1864

Settled & Entered

Isaac Slinker

Auditor General

Treasury Office

Harrisburg February 19, 1864


Wm. Y. McGrath

State Treas.

File: 18640326a

Harrisburg Mar 26 /64

Henry Card

I am in rec’t. of a letter from S. A. Bilings offering me 50 cents per acre & pay the taxes for the past 2 years which he says is about 47$.

I want you to know what I shall say to him as you may be able to ??? in May name as same person who is a better acquaintance with the land.

He says that all the pins is but off & that he bought better land alongside Miss for 20 cents per acre.

Do you think this man any more honest than you consider his brother. He wants me to answer him soon but I think I will wait at least until I get your reply.

Yours Very Truly

H. N. Bassett

Town of 2D at hand am much obliged to you

File: 18640326b

I was not sure about your PO address & so direct to the old place.

I think it is Sylvania but cannot title whether it is bid for county or not.

Please inform me so that when I wish to write I may direct right.

H. B.

T. W. Bassett



File: 18640918

Money received, belonging to H. B. Card Sept 18th 1864

J. A. Bach note $140.38 & Int 4.44 $144.82

R. G. Whites 115.34






File: 18641220

Slingerland Deceased

To Alfred Parsons Dr.

Dec. 24, 1857 – visit for self in basement --- $2.00

Jan. 1, 1858 – visit for S. " 2.00



Dec. 30, 1864

Alfred Parsons

I wish you would collect the above, you would be a witness also my demand against DeMotts and Mrs. Dodge

Yours Truly,

Alfred Parsons

Henry B. Card, Esq.
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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