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Includes some volumes from 1953-1961, and all volumes from 1969-1998.

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"The Settler" is available for review at the Bradford County Historical Society in Towanda, PA.  The Society also sells individual copies of current and archival issues.  For more information see

Some branches of the Bradford County Library also hold issues.  To contact them see

The following libraries also own sections of "The Settler:" 

In Pennsylvania: 
Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, 1- 1952-to date 
James V Brown Library, Williamsport, 1- 1952-to date 
Mansfield University, Mansfield, 15- 1977-to date 
State Library of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg; v.7- 1969-to date 
Some copies are also held by the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission, Harrisburg;
the Pennsylvania State University, University Park; and the University of Pittsburgh.

In New York:
Onondaga Co Pub Library, Syracuse, 1-5 1952-to date(?)
Steele Memorial Library, Elmira, 6- 1961-to date
New York State Historical Assn Library, Cooperstown, 1-6 1952-1961 

In IL, WI, OH and MI:
Winnetka-Northfield Pub Library District, Winnetka, IL, 1953-1959 (incomplete) 
State Historical Society of Wisconsin Library, Madison WI, v.1-v.23, v.30-v.36 1952-1997 
Milwaukee Public Library, Milwaukee WI, 13- 1975-to date
Also some issues held by:
Western Reserve Historical Society Library, Cleveland OH; Flint Public Library, Flint MI. 

Contact your local library for other holding libraries, citing OCLC Number: 6684424

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Articles by Subject - then in Chronological Order
Authors & Named Persons
(Also See Travel)
1957/09 Steamboats on the Susquehanna N/A
1977/02 Canal Days in Pennsylvania Lida Sill Lund
1977/02 The Pennsylvania Canals James MacFarlane Ph. D.
1980/05 Bridges in Bradford County N/A
1984/09 Movements Along the Susquehanna Leo Wilt
1985/11 Pennsylvania Canals James Mcfarlane Ph. D.
1993/09 Rafts and Rafting Clement F. Heverly
1993/09 North Branch Extension Prof. LeRoy Bugbee
1993/09 How Lehigh Began Business With Canal N/A
1993/09 Canal Bride Samuel Hopkins Adams
1993/09 The North Branch Canal L. E. Wilt
1958/06 State Roads - Burwick Turnpike N/A
1975/11 Bradford County Roads The Towanda Review
1983/02 The Old Sullivan Road C.F. Heverly
1985/02 Report / Muncy-Monroe Turnpike Road Company The Northern Banner, Towanda
1985/02 The Genesee Road Doris Hugo
1993/05 Bradford County Roads The Towanda Review
1993/05 Highways and Byways Clement F. Heverly
1993/05 Milford - Owego Turnpike Sally Eggleston Race
1958/06 A Century of the "Three R's" in Bradford County N/A
1969/11 Costs of Education 1860-1969 Miss Martha Morrow
1971/05 Bradford County Schools Thomas-History of Pa-1913
1971/05 Troy High School Professor W. R. Croman
1971/09 Passport to Success in 1800 Richard A. Wells A.M.
1976/09 Parson Hill School -1914 Picture
1978/09 The Troy Joint School System W.R. Croman
1980/09 Orphan School E. E. Higbee
1982/02 The Old Van Fleet School Wilmer Wilcox
1986/02 Schools in Bradford County Clement F. Heverly
1989/11 Fisher School Ellen J. Franklin
1990/11 A Letter to The Department of Common Schools A. C. Gustin
1992/09 The Small Academies N/A
1992/09 A Century of the Three R's in Bradford County The Settler
1992/09 Teachers' Salaries N/A
1992/09 Teacher's Institute The Towanda Review
1992/09 Public School Administration Robert S. Lent
1992/09 Costs of Education 1860-1969 Martha Morrow
1995/02 Early Schools of Athens and Vicinity NA
1957/09 Andaste Chapter Revived N/A
1975/11 The Grange in Bradford County Towanda Daily Review
1978/02 Free Masonry in Pennsylvania Richard Robinson
1978/11 The Towanda Musical Society Then and Now
1985/09 Boy Scouts of America N/A
1996/05 The Secret Society N/A
1958/09 Song of a River Hubertis M Cummings
1971/09 Faith of Our Fathers Guthrie Capwell
1972/02 Stephen Foster in Bradford County Leo E. Wilt
1972/09 History of Sacred Music Rev. Joel Newell
1972/09 Wedding Music Rev. G. Clayton Melling
1974/02 We Thank Thee, God Abel Johnson
1991/11 The Sound of Music N/A
1995/02 Time Like An Ever Rolling Stream The Doane Family & Their Descendants
1996/02 Mid Pleasures and Palettes N/A
1996/05 Gentle Daughter of Song Miss S. Edgarton
(Also see Fires & Floods; Courts...)
1973/05 The Towanda Victory Ashton Merrill
1974/05 "The Escape of the Dauphin" William Matchett
1978/02 The Gold Fever The Bradford Argus
1982/09 The Pennsylvania Tercentenary Pennsylvania Historical Society
1987/02 Anniversary Observations N/A
1987/09 Bradford County's 175th Anniversary N/A
1987/11 Towanda & The X-Ray Machine The Evening Times
1991/02 Prohibition Sylvia L. Wilson
1993/02 An Influx of Settlers N/A
1993/02 Annual Parade of The Towanda Fire Department The Bradford Reporter
1995/11 100th Ann. -the 1st United Methodist Ch. Towanda Pa Linda L. Mackie
1997/05 Thanksgiving Day The Bradford Republican
(Also See Native Americans)
1972/09 Indentures Stevenson Whitcomb Fletcher
1973/09 The Underground Railroad in Bradford County Sylvia Wilson
1976/11 Neath or the Welsh Settlement Luther R. Davis
1989/05 The Amish in Bradford County - LeRaysville N/A
1994/02 The Irish in Bradford County Henry G. Farley
1973/05 The Bear That Went to Church Gladys Burnham
1973/09 The Elephant Walking Stick Dorothy Cleveland Salisbury
1981/05 Sudden Spring Alma Edler McMett
1984/05 The Story of a Town Unknown
1986/09 The New Mammoth Revisited Richard J. McCracken
1986/09 The Steamboat "Cordorus" Pa. Historical Commission
1989/09 Pennsylvania History Quilt Ulster School 4th Grade
1989/11 A Butter story Bradford Reporter
1991/09 Oh, Where Did All The Aprons Go? Sally Eggleston Race
1993/05 Talk of the Town Ashton Merrill
1994/02 The Englishman Who Fell in Love With a View Charlotte C. Hilke
1994/09 A 100 Year Start on Tomorrow The First National Bank of Canton
1994/11 We Prepare for Winter in East Smithfield Ruth Summers
1995/05 Hotel-less Future Possible for Canton Eleanor Reagle
1996/02 If One Is Good... N/A
1996/05 Oh! Pioneers A. T. Lilley
1996/05 Doctor in side Saddle N/A
1996/05 The Funeral Hat Sally Eggleston Race
1996/05 East and West Towanda Daily Review
1996/11 Coming to America Amelia Corneby Weller
1997/05 Fruit Jars Tumble The Bradford Republican
1997/09 Out With The Old N/A
1997/09 In With The New Henry G. Farley
1997/09 Wise and Otherwise Reformed Church Herald
1988/09 A Canton Tour Elwyn Kie
1996/02 Century Home- 302 2nd St Towanda Pa Victorian Home Tour - 1989
1996/02 Guided Tour N/A
1996/02 Sampling the Self-Guided Walking Tour of Towanda Towanda High School Students
1998/05 A Walking Tour of 1912 Canton Elwyn Kye
1998/05 Driving Tour/Wyalusing-Camptown-Homet's Ferry Area N/A
1998/05 Tour of the Civil War Monuments in Bradford County From C.F. Heverly's "Our Boys in Blue"
1998/05 Walking Tour of 1998 Towanda N/A
(Also See Places)
1953/07 Ulster Township N/A
1953/12 Towanda Township N/A
1954/04 Canton Township N/A
1954/11 Burlington Township N/A
1955/02 Orwell township N/A
1955/11 Smithfield Township N/A
1956/04 Springfield Township N/A
1956/11 Pike Township N/A
1957/09 Warren Township N/A
1957/12 Sheshequin Township N/A
1958/06 Asylum Township N/A
1958/06 History of Smithfield Township Mrs. Nancy L. Bird
1958/09 Wells Township N/A
1959/01 Windham Township N/A
1960/01 Standing Stone Township N/A
1961/01 Chronology of Wyalusing Township N/A
1961/01 Spring Hill - Tuscarora Township Mrs. David T. Smales
1970/02 Ulster Township Mattie M. Howie
1972/02 Our Neighbor - McNett Township Alma McNett
1972/09 Granville Township The Towanda Daily Review
1976/09 History of Springfield Township Rush Gates
1981/09 Athens Township N/A
1982/02 History of Warren Township Earle Bidlack
1986/05 Rome Township & Boro History George Lester Abell
1988/09 Monroe Township - Monroeton Daily Review
1990/11 Warren Township N/A
1993/02 Warren Township Percy L. Arnold
(Also see Rivers & Canals)
1969/03 Launch Time: 1800 Eloise Corson
1969/06 Handy Oxen Dawes Markwell
1975/02 A Short Sketch of a Journey South Francis X. Homet
1975/02 A Short Sketch of a Journey to Ohio Francis X. Homet
1982/11 Stage Coaching from Towanda to Wilkes-Barre J. W. Ingham
1983/05 A Journey from Tulpehocken Pa to Onondaga in 1737 Conrad Weiser Esq.
1990/11 The First Automobiles in Bradford County N/A
1993/05 The First Automobiles in Bradford County The Settler
1956/11 The Upper Susquehanna in the French and Indian War William A. Hunter
1957/09 The Gettysburg Address N/A
1959/01 Historical Address J Washington Ingham
1961/01 Fifteen- year old Boy in the Civil War J. Andrew Wilt
1970/11 The Line of March C. Wilson-Thos. Fenton
1970/11 The Gettysburg Ceremonies Guthrie Capwell
1971/02 The Line of March C. Wilson-Thos. Fenton
1971/09 By Land & By Sea Willard B. Long
1972/05 The Moravian Massacre 1779-1782 Roosevelt
1976/05 Mara Sargeant Grace - Revolutionary War Heroine Dorman J. Grace & others
1976/05 Patriots in Petticoats Lonelle Alkman
1977/09 Sullivan's Expedition Leo E. Wilt
1977/09 The RevolutionaryWar Period Henry Rowe Schoolcraft, LLD
1978/05 General John Sullivan's March in Bradford County Hon. A. C. Fanning
1978/09 The Pennsylvania Rifle Heverley's History of Bradford Co.
1979/02 The Clinton-Sullivan Expedition 1779 Sylvia Wilson
1979/05 Hartley's Expedition Ted Keir
1979/05 Chronology Sullivan-Clinton Campaign Thomas E. Bryne
1979/05 Military System in Pennsylvania Pa. Historical & Museum Comm.
1979/09 The War of the American Revolution Neilson Wood Jr.
1979/11 A Letter from a Revolutionary War Soldier Miss Rachel Neiley Secy. DAR Wysox
1979/11 The Critical Period 1777-1787 N/A
1979/11 Revolutionary War Descendants N/A
1980/02 Fort Monroe Sylvia Wilson
1980/09 Patriotism Sylvia Wilson
1985/02 Save The Flag Joseph R. Pitts
1985/05 The Civil War N/A
1990/11 Grand Army of The Republic Leo Wilt
1990/11 Sullivan's March George Clymer Chapter D.A.R.
1995/11 "There were air raids night and day" Pam Williams
1996/05 Cadet Nurses Beryl Boardman Cleary
1996/09 Union Patriots - The Griswold Brothers of LeRoy Anthony Wicks Turner
1996/09 Pennsylvania and The Civil War Pa. Historical & Museum Commission
1996/11 Dear Sake - Letters From The War E.W. Scott
1996/11 The Civil War Room at the Museum N/A
1997/11 Remembering the Battle of the Bulge Tom O'Toole- Daily Review
1997/11 D-Day Alive in Diary of Burlington Resident Bob Jamison - Daily Review
1997/11 Shangri-La Sally Eggleston Race & Binghamton Press
1997/11 World War II in the Pacific Robert Veleker
1997/11 Women in WW II who freed Men to Fight Charlotte Gates
1997/11 Behind the Lines Jack Beahan - Evening Times
1997/11 Protecting Our Freedom Duane Hunter - Sayre Quarterly
1998/11 Company M & Capt. F. N. Moore Doris Hugo
1998/11 Letters Home from Captain Moore N/A
1998/11 Frank N. Moore--Politician, Soldier, Farmer, Friend Henry G. Farley
1998/11 Photos of Company M. Bradford Co. Hist. Society Archives
1998/11 A Volunteer Company Bradford Star
1973/09 The Year Was 1906 Henry Earl Benedict
1990/11 The Year 1789 N/A
1992/11 Happenings of the Year 1920 N/A
1993/11 January through December, 1918 Gladys Gay, Researcher
1995/11 >1845 N/A
1995/11 >1870 N/A
1995/11 >1895 NA
1995/11 >1920 N/A
1995/11 >1945 NA
1995/11 >1970 N/A
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