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Includes some volumes from 1953-1961, and all volumes from 1969-1998.

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"The Settler" is available for review at the Bradford County Historical Society in Towanda, PA.  The Society also sells individual copies of current and archival issues.  For more information see

Some branches of the Bradford County Library also hold issues.  To contact them see

The following libraries also own sections of "The Settler:" 

In Pennsylvania: 
Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, 1- 1952-to date 
James V Brown Library, Williamsport, 1- 1952-to date 
Mansfield University, Mansfield, 15- 1977-to date 
State Library of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg; v.7- 1969-to date 
Some copies are also held by the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission, Harrisburg;
the Pennsylvania State University, University Park; and the University of Pittsburgh.

In New York:
Onondaga Co Pub Library, Syracuse, 1-5 1952-to date(?)
Steele Memorial Library, Elmira, 6- 1961-to date
New York State Historical Assn Library, Cooperstown, 1-6 1952-1961 

In IL, WI, OH and MI:
Winnetka-Northfield Pub Library District, Winnetka, IL, 1953-1959 (incomplete) 
State Historical Society of Wisconsin Library, Madison WI, v.1-v.23, v.30-v.36 1952-1997 
Milwaukee Public Library, Milwaukee WI, 13- 1975-to date
Also some issues held by:
Western Reserve Historical Society Library, Cleveland OH; Flint Public Library, Flint MI. 

Contact your local library for other holding libraries, citing OCLC Number: 6684424

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Articles by Subject - then in Chronological Order
Authors & Named Persons
1955/02 The Historical Markers at French Asylum N/A
1961/01 Historical Markers in Bradford County N/A
1961/01 Historical Markers & Monuments in Wyalusing Twp N/A
1971/09 Court House Monument Towanda Daily Review
1983/09 Notable Markers in Bradford County Bradford County Historical Society
1985/09 An Unknown Tomb for Unknown Soldiers Rev. Charles H. Card
1986/11 Earle Bidlack Memoriam N/A
1994/11 In Memoriam N/A
1996/09 The Madill Monument Reporter Journal & Bradford Republican
1997/05 Monuments Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
1958/06 Presidents of the Bradford County Historical Society N/A
1961/01 Historical Society's Meeting at Spring Hill Elizabeth Homet
1993/02 Ott and Hay Negatives Available for Prints N/A
1994/02 New Winter Museum Hours Announced N/A
1994/11 An Invitation from the Society N/A
1995/11 The Bradford County Historical Society Doris Wilcox Hugo
1996/02 Historical Society Awards N/A
1996/05 Bradford County History Up-Date The committee
1997/02 1996 Society Awards Henry G. Farley
1998/02 Bradford County Historical Society Annual Awards N/A
(Also See Buildings)
1957/09 The Log Houses in Wilmot Township J. W. Ingham
1970/09 Gates Century Farm Wayne C. Gates
1971/05 Besley Century Farm Lucille Besley
1971/09 McKean Century Farm Rebecca Mingos
1975/11 Bradford County Farm Life Towanda Daily Review
1980/05 Morningside Farm Sally Monro Card
1981/11 Century Farms in Bradford County N/A
1989/02 Fox Chase & Jenningshurst Farms, Towanda L. Lang Dayton
1990/09 A Century Home in North Towanda Ashton Merrill
1990/09 The Oldest House in Towanda Borough Ashton Merrill
1996/02 Application for Century Home Award N/A
1996/02 Century Home Program Henry G. Farley
1996/02 Century Home Tenants - 1898-1907 Thomas J. Humphrey
(Also See Businesses)
1969/03 Lumbering on the Schrader James S. Smith
1969/06 Lumbering on the Schrader watershed James S. Smith
1977/02 The Laquin Lumber Company Stanley E. Clarke
1981/05 Sawmill Memories Donald L. Moody
1997/02 Logging On The River: Ark & Raft Trip From Towanda N/A
1997/02 Logging On The River: Excerpts From Diary N/A
1970/09 Atlas of BradfordCounty Alma Edler McNett
1977/05 A Genealogical Map of Bradford County N/A
1993/05 Maps: Indian Trails of Bradford County N/A
1993/05 Maps: Roads in Bradford County N/A
1993/05 Maps: Railroad Map of Bradford County N/A
1970/05 Medical Progress in Bradford County Dr. Thomas B. Johnson
1983/09 The People's Cooperative Hospital Sayre Evening Times
1995/02 Eradication of Smallpox/ Bradford County Perspective Todd Farmerie
1953/07 Indian Deeds and Purchases N/A
1954/04 Joseph Brant, Thayendanegea of the Mohawks N/A
1954/04 The Wyalusing Indians "Thanks" to the Penns N/A
1956/04 Indian Highways of Pennsylvania Paul A. W. Wallace
1956/04 Joseph Brant, Indian Leader Dr. Milton W. Hamilton
1957/12 Corn - The Indian's Gift to Civilization N/A
1957/12 The American Indian N/A
1957/12 The Indian Treaty Held at Tioga Point N/A
1957/12 The Indians and the United States N/A
1957/12 The Indians in Bradford County N/A
1957/12 The Indian's Psalm N/A
1957/12 Were the American Indians Savages? N/A
1957/12 What To Read on the American Indian N/A
1959/01 An Indian Kidnapping L E Wilt
1961/01 An Outline of Bradford County Indian History Catherine McCann
1961/01 Corn: - An Indian Contribution Gene McCracken
1970/02 Indian Antiquities continued in May
1970/05 Indian Antiquities N/A
1970/09 Lightfoot Talking Eagle Lightfoot Talking Eagle
1971/11 Ulster Totem Pole & Park Mattie M Howie
1977/09 Indian Paths Paul A.W. Wallace
1977/09 Indian Paths Paul A.W. Wallace
1977/09 Queen Esther & Joseph Brant Paul A. Wallace
1979/05 The Christian Indians N/A
1984/09 Bradford Co/Historic Indians/Legend of Etienne Brule Richard J. McCracken
1985/09 The Ulster Totem Pole Jim Pfiffer
1988/05 An Indian Treaty at Athens Schoolcraft/Everts/Wallace
1990/02 The Lenape & Their Migrations in the 17th Century Marshall Joseph Becker, Ph.D.
1991/02 "We Are Lenape" Marshall Joseph Becker, Ph.D.
1954/11 A Bradford County "Spa" Mrs. Leon J. Keagle
1969/11 Newspapers of Bradford County David M. Turner
1973/11 The First Newspaper 1813 Bradford Co. Historical Society
1975/02 Towanda Daily Review Volume I N/A
1976/02 A History of Shorthand Reporting in Pennsylvania Jane Culver Tobin
1982/05 Reporter-Journal, Towanda 1888 Many Articles
1987/09 Northern Tier Gazette - Pisgah Northern Tier Gazette
1998/02 Clement F. Heverly Newspaper Collection T. Robert Veleker
1954/04 Notes from the Director N/A
1961/01 Sponsors Adv.
1973/05 Settler Echoes Settler
1973/09 Settler Echoes Settler
1973/11 Settler Echoes Settler
1977/09 Popular Misnomers The Knickerbocker
1982/05 Settler Settler
1984/11 Life Members Settler
1986/11 Donor List 1986 N/A
1991/05 Our Editor Resigns N/A
1991/09 A Message From the Editor Patricia W Parsons
1991/11 A Message to the Editor Dr. D. Gregory Van Dussen
1992/05 Qualities and Character DHIA
1992/05 From the Editor Patricia W Parsons
1992/11 From the Editor: Policies of Yesteryear(PY) Patricia W Parsons
1992/11 New Arrangements The Bradford Reporter
1993/02 From the Editor Patricia W. Parsons
1993/02 Errata N/A
1993/05 Awards N/A
1993/05 Errata N/A
1993/05 Introduction Dickerson Rogers
1993/09 Introduction Prof. LeRoy Bugbee
1993/11 Introduction Miss Gladys Gay
1994/02 Introduction Eugene Paluzzi
1994/02 Honors N/A
1994/05 Introduction John Kenneth Galbraith
1994/11 Introduction Pat Parsons
1994/11 Notes By the Wayside Tillie Moody Mills
1995/02 Introduction Patricia Parsons
1995/05 Introduction James Sterrett Smith
1996/09 Errata N/A
1997/05 Dedication C. F. Heverly
1998/02 Introduction Henry G. Farley
1998/05 Introduction Henry G. Farley
1998/09 Introduction Henry G. Farley
1998/11 Introduction Henry G. Farley
(Also See Early Life)
1953/07 Our Pioneer Families The Coolbaugh Family
1953/12 Our Pioneer Families The Gores
1954/04 A Journal from Pioneer Days Col. Thomas Proctor
1954/04 An Early Visitor N/A
1954/04 Our First Great "Land Baron" N/A
1954/04 Our Pioneer Families The Lewises
1954/11 Johnson of Johnson Hall N/A
1954/11 Journal of Colonel Proctor Col. Thomas Proctor
1954/11 Our Pioneer Families The Browns
1955/02 Journal of Colonel Proctor Col. Thomas Proctor
1955/02 Our French Families Homet
1955/02 Our French Families LaPorte
1955/02 Our French Families LeFevre
1955/11 Journal of Col. Proctor (conclusion) Col. Thomas Proctor
1955/11 Our Pioneer Families The Inghams
1955/11 Sketch of Col. Matthias Hollenback Edward Welles
1956/11 Our Pioneer Families The Frisbie Lineage
1957/09 Our Pioneer Families The Newells
1957/12 Our Pioneer Families Lewis
1958/09 David Wilmot, the Statesman and Political Leader James H Duff
1969/03 The Durands of Herrick Myra E. Durand
1970/09 Anna Taylor N/A
1970/11 Wilmot and Lincoln Dr Hiram Rockwell Bennett
1971/02 Family of Joseph & David Ingham Nathan W. Ingham
1971/05 A Tribute to Eleanor Parsons Keagle Harriet Doll
1971/09 John Charles Tomlinson John Charles Tomlinson
1971/09 Pastor's Memorial Rebecca Mingos
1971/11 A Tribute to Mattie Howie Edith Dixon Fuller
1972/05 Count Zinzendorff in Pennsylvania J. W. Ingham Esq.
1972/09 A Ross Reunion at Granville Center Ruth O. Denning
1972/09 Rev. Joel Jewell Nellie Gernert Murray
1973/02 Charles M. Homet Elizabeth Homet
1973/02 John A. Codding John A Codding
1973/09 Fred W. Card Wendell Card
1973/09 Wendell T. Card: A Man in Motion Donald Mack/Jeryl Phillips
1974/02 Colonel John Franklin Rev. David Craft
1974/02 Rebekah Rose Packard Wellsboro Chapter D.A.R.
1974/05 The Dodge Family Memorial Joseph R. Weir Dodge
1974/09 The Pioneering Pierces Eda Pierce Coeyman
1975/05 Dr. Hiram Rockwell Bennett Troy 1886-1972
1975/05 G.F. Redington, Merchant Janice R, Mitchell
1977/02 Capt. E. Hale Codding Memoriam N/A
1977/05 Alonzo Mingos John F. Mingos
1977/05 Mott Genealogy Patricia Mott Gobea
1977/05 The Hickok Family Edith Andrews Harmon
1977/05 The Prevost-LeFevre Family Ashton Merrill
1977/11 Samuel McKean Thomas B. Case
1978/05 A Biographical Sketch of General John Sullivan Oscar E. Rising
1978/05 The Blaisdell Family Mrs. Mary Anne Shields
1978/11 Phillip P. Bliss Sylvia Wilson
1979/11 Clement F. Heverly Ash Merrill-Towanda Daily Review
1979/11 Elizabeth Hagar Phyllis Patten
1979/11 Mary B. Wilt Towanda Daily Review
1979/11 Nathaniel Allen Ted Calkins
1979/11 Samuel Severance Rush Gates
1980/05 The Peckhams Elizabeth J. Beachley
1981/02 The Diary of Emeline Tracy Emeline Tracy
1981/05 The Bowman-Bauman-Fox-Fuchs Families Mrs. Myron B. Beck
1982/09 The Autobiography of Eliphalet Mason Eliphalet Mason
1982/11 The Autobiography of Eliphalet Mason-continued Eliphalet Mason
1983/02 The Delpoech Family Robert C. Hascall
1983/02 The Woods of East Smithfield-Roots Trees & Branches Ansel Scott Wood
1983/05 The Journal of John Barttam 1743 continued in Sept issue
1983/09 The Journal of John Bartram - 1743 (continued) N/A
1984/02 Clement Ferdinand Heverly J. Andrew Wilt
1984/02 Mrs. Elizabeth Jennings' 94th Birthday Towanda Daily Review
1984/02 The Memories of Leslie George Marshall (continued) Georgianna Marshall Gunther
1984/05 The Strope Family Katherine Scott Hills
1984/09 A Tribute to Ed Spencer T. R. McIntosh
1984/09 The Burlington Boys Oscar Gustavus Morgan
1985/02 Horace Greeley N/A
1985/05 Henry & Ulysses Mercur N/A
1985/05 The McKean Family N/A
1985/09 The Parsons Family N/A
1985/11 Mahlon C. Mercur N/A
1986/02 The Burlington Farm Boy 1871 Montgomery 'Frank' Cleveland
1986/09 Rev. Joel Jewell's Diary N/A
1986/09 The History of William Bunyan Judy Schrader
1986/11 Rufus Rockwell Wilson, 1865-1949 Edward Strong Wilson
1987/02 Dr. William R. Campbell of East Smithfield Ruth Campbell Summers
1987/02 Summary on the Life of Philo Wooster William J. & Mary (Wooster-Carter) Tanski
1987/05 The Palmer Family of Leroy Gertrude Palmer Kelley
1987/09 The Means Family - Towanda The Bradford Star
1988/05 Towanda's William Scott N/A
1988/09 David Wilmot - Towanda John Brutzman
1988/11 Clarence R. Robbins Clarence R. Robbins
1989/11 General Henry Madill Mrs. William Madill
1990/05 Dr. L. V. Stoll - Rome Ashton Merrill
1990/05 Leo Wilt Daily R4eview - Towanda
1990/09 Rev. Hiram Bennett Rev Hiram Bennett
1990/11 A Letter form Rev. Joel Jewell Rev Joel Jewell
1991/09 The Cash Brothers: Texas Martyrs Charlie McCabe
1991/09 The Indiana Jones of Towanda [Part 1] C. J. "Gus" Spentzas
1991/11 Identity of Lois, 1st Wife of Wm Webber/Columbia Twp Todd A. Farmerie
1991/11 The Indiana Jones of Towanda-Part 2 C. J. "Gus" Spentzas
1992/02 GR: Father C. J. "Gus" Spentzas
1992/02 GR: Photographs from the Past N/A
1992/02 The Indiana Jones of Towanda- Part 3 C. J. "Gus" Spentzas
1992/09 Edith of Cadis Sally Eggelston Rice
1992/09 J. Washington Ingham The Bradford Star
1992/09 Lyman S. Chubbuck The Bradford Star
1993/02 Colonial William Bradford The Bradford Star
1994/02 Bailey Reunion The Bradford Republican
1994/02 The Story of Doane Vanderpool The Towanda Daily Review
1994/11 Capt. John Ingham, Settler & Early Science-Fiction Writer? N/A
1994/11 Dickerson Rogers' Notes Dickerson Rogers
1994/11 Friend Alvin N/A
1994/11 John Hite John Hite
1994/11 Judge William Rosenberg Duane Campbell
1994/11 Zephon F. Flower Zephon Flower Walker
1995/09 Canton's Heritage - Charlie Siegrist, Iron Man of the Circus Francis Brown
1995/11 David Wilmot James H. Duff
1996/05 Betsy The Blacksmith Phyllis Patten
1996/05 Gladys E. Gay Henry G. Farley
1996/05 In Memoriam: Carlton Wilson N/A
1996/05 Joyce Hewitt Beck N/A
1996/09 Diary of I. P. Spalding N/A
1996/09 Lois Crandell Henry G. Farley
1996/11 Theodore Calkins Jr Henry G. Farley
1997/02 Letter Frank Ward N/A
1997/05 Board Recognition: Doris W. Hugo Henry G. Farley
1997/05 Guy C. Hollon Ashton Merrill
1998/09 Frank E. Detrick The Daily Review
1998/11 Charles Francis Moore - First to Die from Typhoid Henry G. Farley
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