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Includes some volumes from 1953-1961, and all volumes from 1969-1998.

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"The Settler" is available for review at the Bradford County Historical Society in Towanda, PA.  The Society also sells individual copies of current and archival issues.  For more information see

Some branches of the Bradford County Library also hold issues.  To contact them see

The following libraries also own sections of "The Settler:" 

In Pennsylvania: 
Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh, 1- 1952-to date 
James V Brown Library, Williamsport, 1- 1952-to date 
Mansfield University, Mansfield, 15- 1977-to date 
State Library of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg; v.7- 1969-to date 
Some copies are also held by the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission, Harrisburg;
the Pennsylvania State University, University Park; and the University of Pittsburgh.

In New York:
Onondaga Co Pub Library, Syracuse, 1-5 1952-to date(?)
Steele Memorial Library, Elmira, 6- 1961-to date
New York State Historical Assn Library, Cooperstown, 1-6 1952-1961 

In IL, WI, OH and MI:
Winnetka-Northfield Pub Library District, Winnetka, IL, 1953-1959 (incomplete) 
State Historical Society of Wisconsin Library, Madison WI, v.1-v.23, v.30-v.36 1952-1997 
Milwaukee Public Library, Milwaukee WI, 13- 1975-to date
Also some issues held by:
Western Reserve Historical Society Library, Cleveland OH; Flint Public Library, Flint MI. 

Contact your local library for other holding libraries, citing OCLC Number: 6684424

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Articles by Subject - then in Chronological Order
Authors & Named Persons
(Also See Buildings; Townships; Recollections)
1955/02 Azilum As Seen by a Frenchman in 1795 Duke de la Rochefoucould Llancourt
1955/02 The Restoration of French Azilum N/A
1955/02 The Village of French Azilum Alice Hagerman
1955/11 The Restoration at French Azilum N/A
1956/04 The Restoration at French Azilum N/A
1956/11 The Covered Bridge N/A
1957/09 John Ettwein / Visit to Friedanshutten on the Susquehanna Bishop Kenneth Hamilton
1959/01 Our Ruined Castle The Bradford County Historical Society
1969/03 Armenia Mountain Budd Mitchell
1969/06 The Village of Sylvania Wendell Card
1970/02 The Lewis Opera House of Canton Harriet Doll
1970/05 Spanish Hill Elizabeth G. Wilcox
1970/09 Canton & Williamsport Frederick Pomeroy
1971/02 Laquin Mabel Jefferson Holcombe
1971/05 Minnequa Mrs. Leon J. Keagle
1971/11 Saco Mattie M Howie
1971/11 The Covered Bridge Mattie M Howie
1971/11 The Ulster Library Mattie M Howie
1972/02 A History of Lake Wesauking Virginia Page Martin
1972/02 French Azilum Inc. Elizabeth Homet
1972/05 Friedenshutten J. W. Ingham
1972/05 The Drama of Early Wyalusing Norman W. Lyon
1972/09 An Abandoned Homestead Fred Bubeck
1973/05 LeRaysville The Daily Review
1973/05 Potterville The Daily Review
1973/05 Troy Marshall Case
1973/11 Canton in 1900-1910 J. Lewis Schanbacker
1973/11 Lake Wesauking Mrs. W. H. Lee
1974/11 Spring Hill Gerald Shumway
1975/02 21 Main Street Towanda Ashton Merrill
1975/05 Troy Pictures
1976/09 Mount Pisgah Dorothy Cleveland Salisbury
1976/11 The History of Ghent Inez Clark
1977/02 Barklay Reunion Malcolm MacFarlane
1980/11 Snedekerville Robert and Martha White
1982/02 Litchfield Elwyn Kie
1982/02 Ulster N/A
1982/05 Fencelor's Castle, Myersburg, Wysox Township Ashton Merrill
1983/05 Shickellemy Leo Wilt
1984/02 Towanda A Century Ago N/A
1984/11 Bourne's Mills Thomas Case
1986/02 A Leonard Hollow Story N/A
1986/09 New Albany 1910 - 1920 Aleta Campbell
1986/09 Ulster N/A
1987/09 History of Sylvania - Columbia Flats Evelyn Scott
1987/11 Austinville Rev. Kenneth Marple
1987/11 Rummerfield L. Ashton Merrill
1987/11 South Creek Township Clement H. Heverly
1988/02 A Historical Look at Ridgebury Eileen Farr
1989/05 East Canton History - Clara Smiley Clara Smiley
1990/05 History of Camptown Camptown Civic Club
1990/09 Spring Hill Mrs. Gerald Shumway/ Rev Roswell Barnes
1993/02 Rummerfield - A Memorable Village Harold Q. Sherman
1993/02 Towanda, Bradford Co., Pa. A.G. Churchill
1996/11 Barklay - 1835 Ashton Merrill
1997/09 100 Years On Main Street's Hill Lillian Larrabee
1997/09 Around: Sugar Run, HornBrook, Ulster, Minnequa The Towanda Journal
1998/05 Historic Sites/Bradford Co/Athens to Wysox T. Robert Veleker & Doris W. Hugo
1956/11 The First National Republican Convention N/A
1956/11 The History Making Convention N/A
1974/05 John Laporte-Bradford County Politician Andrew S. Johnson
1992/11 PY: Election Coverage 1860 The Bradford Reporter
1992/11 PY: Elections and The Press The Bradford Reporter
1992/11 PY: Chronicles of the Workie The Bradford Reporter
1992/11 PY: Bradford Co. Meets the Nation: 1st Natl. Rep. Conv. The Settler
1996/09 The Sanitary Commission Bulletin Vol. I No. 25
1997/05 Fair Representation N/A
1971/11 Ulster Post Office Mattie M Howie
1973/05 Postmasters in Troy Daniel F. Pomeroy Jr.
1975/11 Post Offices Alfred T. Prince
1990/09 The Towanda Post Office Marlene Whipple
1997/05 Post Office News N/A
1969/11 Lehigh Valley RR: 100th Anniversary The Daily Review
1969/11 Towanda Lehigh Valley RR's Depot Robert Archer
1969/11 Building of the Lehigh Valley RR John H Rahm-Diary
1970/02 Memories of a Penna. R.R. Telegraph Operator Floyd Schffenaker
1973/11 A New Branch Railway The Bradford Argus
1973/11 The P. B.& E. Railroad Ashton Merrill
1978/02 The Chemung Railroad The Bradford Argus
1978/09 Bradford County Railroads Towanda Daily Review
1985/11 Railroading N/A
1985/11 Coal, Canals & Railroads FrankEvans
1993/05 Railroads Edward B. Haines & Clement F. Heverly
1993/05 Bradford County Railroads Towanda Daily Review
1993/05 The Black Diamond - Valley Legacy Cathy Hannon
1953/07 Reminiscences of Early Days Charles Miner
1956/04 "Pioneer Recollections" Hannah Gore Durkee
1956/11 Reflections on Farm Fences N/A
1957/09 The Town "Square" N/A
1958/06 Towanda Seventy-Five Years Ago N/A
1958/09 The Old Almanacs N/A
1960/01 In Memoriam - Leo E Wilt The Towanda Daily Review
1961/01 Early Days in Western Bradford County Dr Hiram R Bennett
1969/06 A Dream About My Forgotten Town Eloise Corson
1969/11 Talk of the Town Ashton Merrill
1970/09 Here Is My Harvest Wendell Card
1972/02 Post Card Memories Ada Weldy
1973/09 Towanda Seventy Years Ago J. Lewis Schanbacker
1973/11 A New Look at the Society's Old Guns Ronald L. Blaine
1974/11 Sylvester Taylor's Recollections Mrs. William R. White
1976/09 Grandfather Kellogg's Story R. K. Harris
1976/09 Reminiscences of Mrs. Hasnnah Niles Mrs. Hannah Niles
1976/09 A Letter to Susan R. Peck, Smithfield H. A. Miner
1976/11 Over My Shoulder- Lucy Shumway Lucy Shumway
1976/11 Letter written by Raymond MWelles Mary Wells (Mrs. Schuyler Lawrence)
1976/11 Recollections of Boyhood Days- J. Andrew Wilt J. Andrew Wilt
1978/02 Our Early Settlers N/A
1978/02 Mr. Polk & Mr. Wilmot a Reminiscence in Point The Bradford Argus
1978/11 Boy of Appalachia 1900-1910 J. Lewis Shanbacker
1980/11 A Letter From Alanson Cole Alanson Cole
1983/09 Reminiscences of Grandmother Bales Bile Genealogical File
1983/11 Recollections of Barclay Mountain 1934-1936 Clarence Landmesser
1983/11 The Memories of Leslie John Marshall Georgiana Marshall Gunther
1984/05 Death of an Old Settler Bradford Reporter
1984/05 The Spring Lake Mammoth Richard J. McCracken
1984/11 Dolls As A Mirror Of Life Jane Parsons
1984/11 Rememberances Walter Storch
1987/05 Memoirs of Earl A. Browning, Spring Hil Earl A. Browning
1987/09 Over My Shoulder - Spring Hill Lucy Carter Shumway
1987/11 Ironing Days of Long Ago Beverly Vanderpool
1988/02 Excerpts from a Journal Rev. William Rogers
1988/09 Letter from An Old Timer - Canton Richard W. VanAuken
1988/11 Christmas Recollections William F. Kennedy
1990/09 Mertie Wayman's Autograph Book John R. Bond
1991/09 Uncovering a Bradford County Connection Larry A. Maxwell
1992/02 From the Editor - Grandmother Remembers (GR) Pat Parsons
1992/05 Visit to Barklay Collieries The Bradford Reporter
1992/05 The Story of Big Pond Pennsylvania Rev. Earl L. Smith
1992/05 Hills and Valleys Edna B. Russell
1993/09 Some Recollections of Browntown Bruce Dibble
1995/05 Interesting Excerpts from History of Beech Flats John Wright
1995/09 Buried In My Memory Canton Independent Sentinel
1995/09 "My Heritage" Debra Slocum Allen
1996/02 Baustrades, Bargeboards, and Brackets Vance C. Enck
1996/02 The Grand Old Ladies N/A
1996/02 Reflections Of The Past Lou Taft
1996/05 Memoir N/A
1997/05 Items from The Sayre Times N/A
1997/05 Snows John A. Biles
1998/05 Historic Downtown Sayre Henry G. Farley
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