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Soldier's Monument in Towanda from 1905 postcard in the Joyce M. Tice collection
Information on Record Availability provided by Dick McCracken
Vital Records in Bradford County PA
Records Available At The Bradford County Register and Recorder's Office
Towanda, PA. as of 5/10/2001.

 Shirley Rockefeller, Recorder
Bradford County Court House
Towanda, PA 18848

Hours:  Monday through Friday,9 AM to 5 PM

WILLS:  Start in 1812
 Indexed by name by decedent's name in Register's Docket.
 Indexed by name of Executor/Administrator in Executor's Docket.
 Indexed also by decedent's name in Inheritance Tax Docket after

DEEDS:  Start in 1812
Indexed by Grantors and Grantees until 1984.  Then all recorded instruments are indexed in a Record Book Index.

MORTGAGES:  Start in 1812
Indexed by Mortgagors and Mortgagees until 1984.  After that they are indexed in a Record Book Index.

OIL LEASES: Start in Sept. 1930
 Indexed in Oil Lease books until 1984 then in Record Book Index.

MARRIAGES:  Start in 1885.
Indexed by name of male in front of book and female in back of book.  Starting in book 24 index to male and female are both in front of book.  Starting in Book 45 (approximately 1940) are indexed in a general index.

ORPHANS COURT:  Start in 1812
 Indexed by names of both parties in Orphans Court Book Index.

CORPORATIONS:  Start approximately 1840 - NON profit corporations  only.  Indexed by name of Organization.

BIRTH INDEX:  1893 through 1905.

SOLDIERS DISCHARGE BOOKS:  Not open to public (during lifetime of the veteran)

ADOPTIONS:  Not open to public

FINAL ACCOUNTS:   Start in 1812
 Indexed by Decedent's name and also by Executor/Administrator's  names.

MAP BOOK: Start in 1812.  Not very many recorded.

Records Available in the County Department of Veterans’ Affairs
As of 5/10/2001

Mr. Kenneth Montgomery, Director
Bradford County Department of Veterans Affairs
Court House
Towanda, PA 18848
Hours:  Tuesday through Thursday, 9 AM to 5 PM

Also available at Tri-Counties Genealogy & History Site of Joyce M. Tice at:


 All known veterans buried in Bradford County from the Revolutionary War Era to present.  The county does not have records of all persons who served in the military; only burial records of those living in the county at time of death.  In recent years, record was also made of county residents who lived died here and were buried outside Bradford County.


 A listing of all known cemeteries in the county in which a veteran is buried, with name, address and phone number of person(s) responsible for cemetery maintenance.  In some cases these caretakers will also have cemetery records.