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In the lower picture the Brick Shool, built 1881, is shown in 1920. The  picture at left shows the old schoool in the right background with the 1927 gym addition in front. The old school was eventually torn down. In its place now stands the larger part of the present High School..

Mansfield High School Graduates

LISTINGS FROM THE 1938 MANSFIELD HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK , "MANSCRIPT" Prior to 1913, not a pupil had graduated from a four year high school course in Mansfield. The course was narrow and only the few who wanted to go on to college stayed for the new high school course. The enrollment was sixty four for four years of high school in 1914. In 1913 a class of three graduated in a three year course and in 1914, a class of seven in a four year course. Not all of the following addresses were verified. A question mark has been added in cases of extreme doubt. In a few instances, no information was available.

This information was taken from the 1938 school year book. Joyce M. Tice has added supplemental information.

1913 to 1916
1917 to 1918
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in 1938
BATES Doris 1922 16 Wilbury Place, Buffalo, NY   Eugene Pilgrim 92123 1904-1975 Maine
BRACE Margaret 1922 Mansfield, Pa.   Alex Lawson 20550 1902-1986 Oakwood Cemetery
CLARK Velma 1922 761 Laurel St., Elmira, NY   Anson Smith 14837 1905-1993 Prospect Cemetery
CLEVELAND Nellie 1922 27 Nunsell St., Binghamton, NY   Walter Kolanda 73121 1904-1983
COLLINS Irwin {Erwin} 1922 438 Market St., Sunbury, Pa. Dentist   92124 1903-1990 Broward County , FL
CORNWELL Kenneth 1922 220 Jerome Ave, Williamsport, Pa. Teacher   32848 1905-1995
COX Genevieve 1922 Mansfield, Pa   Wilford Shaw 35852 1904-1989 Oakwood Cemetery
DEUEL Neva 1922 1532 Champlost St., Apt. 10, Philadelphia, Pa Teacher   85654 MSNS 1924 1906-1976 Evergreen Cemetery
DORSETT Kathryn 1922 Monroeton, Pa.   Dunbar Lewis 92125 1905-1958 Monroeton
DOUD Helen 1922 Gouverneur, NY   John Belknap 15720 MSTC 1927 1905-1940 Prospect Cemetery
DOUD Margaret 1922 Deceased   John Plank 15721 MSNS 1925 1905-1935 Prospect Cemetery
DYER George 1922 Mansfield, Pa. Electrician [Ruth Thompson,. Agnes McCausland] 82639 1901-1984 Prospect Cemetery
DYER Lawrence 1922 468 George St., S.Williamsport, Pa.     82705 MSNS 1924 1904-
EVANS Kenneth 1922 R D 1, Crooked Creek, Pa.     92127 1905-
EVERETT Norman 1922 Millerton, Pa.     55211 1903-1979 Alder Run Cemetery
FROST Gertrude 1922 R D 1, Northampton, Pa.   Russell L. Fehnel 51765 MSNS 1922 1905-1996
GARDNER Paul 1922 103 Lloyd Ave, Edgewood, Pa. Teacher   33127   1904-
GARRISON Yolande 1922 Deceased   Kenneth Cornwell 42527 MSNS 1924 1902-1932 Prospect Cemetery
GOODALL Gertrude 1922 Westfield, Pa. Teacher Basil Trowbridge 82742 MSNS 1924 1905-
HARVEY Welch 1922 Mainesburg, Pa.   Marletta Stauffer 04295 1905-1991 Mainesburg Cemetery
HITCHCOCK Arlene 1922 1302 Hepburn St., Williamsport, Pa.   Marion Decker 22768 MSNS 1924 1904-1980 Prospect Cemetery
Mark 1922 97 Wagner Ave., Montgomery, Pa.  
JESSUP Evelyn 1922 Covington, Pa.   Cleveland 75053   1903-1992 Gray Cemetery
JONES Mildred 1922 1471 E. 133rd St., E. Cleveland, Ohio   James Baxter 92129 MSNS 1924 1905-
JUPENLAZ Ernest 1922 Mansfield, Pa. Harness Shop [Helen Fiat]  22778 1903-2000 Prospect Cemetery
KELLEY Marian 1922 Mansfield, Pa.   Henry Korb 84625 1902-1983
KUHL John 1922 Williamsport, Pa.     88258 1903-1982
MATTHEWS Rachel 1922 Mansfield, Pa.   Harry Swain, Evans 88278 1909-1999
MILLER Stewart 1922 R.D. Mansfield, Pa.     23310 1902-1992 Cherry Flats
MUDGE Doris 1922 R D Mansfield, Pa.   Ralph Benson 03546   1903-1978 State Road
ODELL Madeline 1922 Austin St., Wellsboro, Pa.   John Knaus 27067   1903-1965 Wellsboro Cemetery
PECKHAM Marguerite 1922 23 W. Third St., Williamsport, Pa.   Justus Garrison 20398 1903-1953
PRYOR Marguerite 1922     Gideon Davis 92130 MSNS 1925 pns
ROBINSON Leadora 1922 758 Constance St., Elmira, NY   John Rinwaldon 92132 1903-1983 Woodlawn. Elmira
ROSE LaVera 1922 Snedekerville, Pa   Carl Sterling 18859 MSNS 1924 1903-1995 Watson Cemetery
SCAIFE Blanche 1922 Fernwood, NY   Clarence Jones 92134
SEELYE Hugh 1922 Mansfield, Pa College Grounds Supt.   92136 MSNS
SHAW Wilford 1922 Mansfield, Pa Funeral Director [Genevieve Cox]  12768 MSNS 1924 1903-1945 Prospect Cemetery
SMITH Code 1922 Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Tx Med. Regiment   17087
STARKEY Maurice 1922 2 White St., Cohoes, NY Music Supervisor   87941 MSNS 1925 1906-1967 Riverside
STICKLER George 1922 R D Mansfield, Pa     02104   1905-1966
WARTERS Viola 1922 R D Mansfield, Pa.   Stewart Miller 23111 1904-
WATKINS Bessie 1922 Deceased     89203 1902-1933 Oakwood
WILCOX Carrie 1922 150 Juniper St., Norristown, Pa.   Damon Holton 77670 1906-1998
WILCOX Lorena 1922 Covington, Pa.   Freal Baity 75227 1905-1950 Gray Cemetery
WILCOX Valeda 1922 919 Hazel St., Elmira, NY   Charles P. Shaffer 24738 1903-1984
WOOD Janet 1922 Mansfield, Pa. Teacher, Corning NY Everett Ainey 57504 MSNS 1925 pns
TICE Abbie 1922 R D. Mansfield, Pa.   Reginald Fone 00345 MSNS 1925 1904-1981

Mansfield Advertiser, 6 June 1962, p.1

Class of 1922 Has 40th Anniversary 

The Class of 1922 of the Mansfield High School observed the 40th Anniversary of its graduation at the home of Mr. & Mrs. M.A. Decker, 51 South Main Street, on Sunday, June 3rd. A picnic lunch was served at 1:00 p.m. Eighteen members of the class and their guests were present. The local committee had sent out questionnaires and had made up a booklet to present to the members present. They will also be  mailed to those unable to attend. Greetings were read from Neva Deuel of Abington, PA, and Erwin Collins of Pompano Beach, Florida. During the afternoon a telephone call was received from Mrs. Damon D. Holton [Carrie Wilcox], of Norristown, PA, and members enjoyed talking with her. Mrs. Decker has received a call from Gertrude Goodall Brace earlier in the day. Since the last reunion five years ago, two member of the class, Harold Chamberlain and Mrs. D.H. Lewis [Kathryn Dorsett] have died. One faculty member, present at the last reunion, has also died. She was Miss Mary Kunkle. Kenneth Cornwell of the U.S. Office of Education, Washington, D.C. called the attention of the group to the fact that there are three Mansfieldians in the U.S. Office of Education. Besides Mr. Cornwell there are Ellsworth Obourn, a former faculty member of the high school and Fred Beach. Thirty-eight of a class of 49 survive. Those present were Mrs. Alex Lawson [Margaret Brace], Mansfield, PA; Mr. & Mrs. Anson Smith [Velma Clark], Elmira, NY; Mr. & Mrs. Walter Kolanda [Nellie Cleveland], Binghamton, NY; Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Cornwell, Falls Church, VA; Mrs. W.W. Shaw [Genevieve Cox], Mansfield, PA; George E. Dyer, Mansfield, PA; Mr. & Mrs. Russell H. Fehnel [Gertrude Frost], Nazareth, PA; Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Gardner, Edgewood, PA; Mr. & Mrs. M.E. Decker [Arlene Hitchcock], Mansfield, PA; Mr. & Mrs. Mark L. James, Montgomery, PA; Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Cleveland [Evelyn Jessup], Covington, PA; Mr. & Mrs. James L. Baxter [Mildred Jones], Cleveland Heights, Ohio; Mr. & Mrs. Ernest J. Jupenlaz, Mansfield, PA; Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Miller [Viola Warters], both member of the class, Elmira, NY; Hugh Seelye, Selinsgrove, PA; Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Starkey, Westfield, PA; Mr. & Mrs. Everett Ainey [Janet Wood], Binghamton, NY; Mr. & Mrs. Herman Cruttenden, Wellsboro, PA; and Miss Kathy Decker, daughter of the hosts. Plans were made for another reunion in five years.

Wellsboro Gazette, 6 July 1977, p.2

Mansfield Class of 1922 Holds Reunion 

On June 12th the Mansfield High School Class of 1922 celebrated their 55th anniversary reunion. Those attending assembled at the Dutch Pantry at 12 o’clock for their pre-arranged dinner followed by a short business meeting. After dinner, they congregated on the front lawn at the home of Ernest Jupenlaz, where some decorations of banners added a festive touch. A happy time was spent reminiscing about old times and each one relating their own experiences since the last reunion. A bit of time was spent in up-dating the where abouts of each member. A special treat was to have the unusual talent of Margaret Lawson for writing humorous stories, two of which were written and read for this special occasion and based on a few facts and much imagination. Greetings were read and related from some who were unable to attend.

Those present were – from Mansfield, Mr. & Mrs. George Deuel [Arlene Hitchcock], Mrs. Alex Lawson [Margaret Brace], Mrs. Wilford Shaw [Genevieve Cox], Mr. & Mrs. George Stickler, George Dyer, and Ernest Jupenlaz; Welch Harvey, Mainesburg; Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Miller [Viola Waters], both members, Elmira, NY, Mr. & Mrs. Howard Looney [Velma Clark], Elmira, NY; Mrs. Walter Kolonda [Nellie Cleveland], Binghamton, NY; Mrs. Tom Evans [Rachel Mathews], West Palm Beach, Fla.; Mr. & Mrs. Paul Gardner, Rector, PA;

Of the 49 graduates, twenty are deceased. Four died since the last reunion, five years ago. As the time came to disband, all that could be done was to wish each other well and hope to see each other five years hence.  

Oakwood Cemetery, Mansfield
BRACE - Margaret May Lawson, 84, of 27 Sherwood St., Mansfield, died Tuesday, Nov. 25, 1986, at her home. Her husband, Alex Lawson, died in 1960. Born Apr. 3, 1902, at Rutland Township, she was a daughter of Willard and Fannie Walker Brace. Mrs. Lawson attended Covington Baptist Church. Surviving are a son, Edward, of Mansfield; two daughters, Mrs. Beverly Williams, of Mansfield, and Mrs. Joan Knowlton, of Shortsville, NY; six grandchildren, and great-grandchild. The funeral was held Friday at the Scureman Funeral Home, Mansfield. Burial was in Oakwood Cemetery. The Rev. Benjamin E. Nevin, pastor of First Baptist Church, officiated. - Wellsboro Gazette, December 3, 1986  

St Paul’s Methodist Church, Lusby, MD
CORNWELL - Kenneth L. Cornwell, 90, [SRGP 32848] died Thursday, April 13, 1995, at Ginger Cove Health Care Center, Annapolis, MD. Born in Mansfield, he was the son of Elmer and Grace Cornwell and the brother of Christine Cornwell. He attended the University of Wisconsin, Mansfield State University and graduated from Penn State University with a master’s degree in education. Mr. Cornwell taught industrial arts in Williamsport and Penn State, and during World War II was a vocational training officer in the Navy. He was discharged from the Navy in 1945 as lieutenant commander. He then worked in Washington, D.C., for the CAA and later from the Department of the Army, from which he retired. Mr. Cornwell was a member of St. Paul’s Methodist Church in Lusby, MD, the Masonic Lodge 707, the Arick L. Lore American Legion in Lusby, MD, and the Lions Club. He also held a private pilot’s license. He was a member of the American Society of Training Directors and the Society fro Personnel Administrators. Surviving are his wife, Jean M. Cornwell; one daughter, Diane C. Meith of Diamondhead, Miss.; one sister, Olive C. Lobert of Ulysses; five grandchildren; 11 great-grandchildren. Graveside services were held Tuesday, April 18, at St. Paul’s Methodist Church, Lusby, MD - Wellsboro Gazette, May 31, 1995

A very pretty wedding was solemnized at the home of Mrs. Ada Garrison at high noon June 30, when her daughter, Yolande Mary, was united in marriage to Kenneth Lionel Cornwell. The color scheme of pink and white was delightfully carried out with beautiful June flowers, and laurel formed a beautiful arch, under which the ceremony was performed by the Reverend D. J. Griffiths, pastor of the Baptist Church. Mrs. Bryan Husted, sister of the bride, acted as matron of honor, and Mr. Husted as best man. The Wedding March from Lohengrin was played by Miss Betty Anderson, and Virginia Garrison and Jane Ann Husted nieces of the bride, acted as flower girls. The bride was charmingly gowned in white taffeta with silver trimming and wore a dainty wreath of orange blossoms in her hair. She carried a bouquet of lilies of the valley and white roses. The matron of honor was lovely in a beige costume and carried pink roses.
After the ceremony a course dinner was served to eighty-six. Those serving were Pearl Hitchcock, Gertrude Jupenlaz, Laura Newkirk, Louise Downs, Margaret Bloomster and Margaret Andrews.
Following the dinner Mr. and Mrs. Cornwell left for a motor trip to Canada, Thousand Islands and other points of interest. The bride’s going away gown was dark blue canton crepe with black hat. After August 1, they will be at home in Williamsport.
The guest from out of town were W. H. Garrison and daughter, Alta, and Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Garrison of Jobs Corners; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Vorhees and Miss Julia Vorhees of Philadelphia; Mr. and Mrs. Shirley Garrison and children, and Miss Arlene Hitchcock of Elmira; Mr. and Mrs. Damon Holton of Johnstown; Mr. and Mrs. Basil Trowbridge of Westfield; Mr. and Mrs. Dewey and son Charles of Troy.
Mrs. Cornwell is a graduate of the Mansfield-Richmond high school and the State Teachers College and has taught for the past two years in Troy. Mr. Cornwell is a graduate of the Mansfield-Richmond high school and State College, and has taught in Williamsport for the past year. (handwritten on article 1927)

COX - Shaw, Genevieve C. [SRGP 35852] Genevieve C. Shaw, 85, formerly of Mansfield, died Thursday, Sept. 7, 1989.  She was a resident of Westminster Towers, Orlando, Florida.  Born May 19, 1904, in New Castle, she was the daughter of Jacob A. and Jennie S. Potter Cox.  She was a senior owner of the Shaw and Robena Funeral Home in Mansfield until her retirement in 1973.  Mrs. Shaw was a member of the First Presbyterian Church and Elizabeth Rebekah Lodge in Mansfield.  Preceding her in death was her husband, Wilford W. Shaw, in 1945.  He was the original owner of the Shaw Funeral Home.  Surviving are two sons, Bryce R. and Jack W., both of Venice, Fla.; three grandchildren, David B. of Redondo Beach, Cal., Jody Beal of Lepeer, Mich. and Erin Hunsinger of Bethesda, Maryland; three great-grandchildren; and several nieces and nephews.  Private funeral services were held in Florida.  Interment will be made at the convenience of the family.  [burial in Oakwood Cemetery, Mansfield]

DEUEL - Miss Neva L. Deuel, 69, of 22 Extension Street, Mansfield, died Thursday, July 15, 1976, in Robert Packer Hospital, Sayre. She was born August 25, 1906, in Mansfield, a daughter of Fred and Myrtie Hughes Deuel. Miss Deuel, a retired teacher, taught school in Roslyn & Hatboro for 45 years. A graduate of the former Mansfield Normal School, she was a member of the Pennsylvania Teachers Assn. and the Pennsylvania State Education Assn. She was a member of First Baptist Church. Miss Deuel also was a member of the Mansfield Garden Club. Surviving is a brother, George R. Deuel, of Newcastle and 2 nephews, David Dodds Deuel, D.M.D., Austin, Texas, and Loren Hakes of Tupper Lake, NY and one grand nephew, Larry Hakes of Mansfield. A memorial service was held Sunday at the Kuhl Funeral Home, Mansfield. Burial was in Evergreen Cemetery, Tioga. The Rev. Benjamin Nevin, her pastor, officiated. - Wellsboro Gazette, July 21, 1976

DOUD - Mrs. Helen Doud Belknap, 35, wife of John Belknap, of Gouverneur, NY, died Nov. 2 [1940], at her home. She was one of twin daughters born Feb. 6,1905, to Mr. & Mrs.. Carl Doud, of Mansfield. Her sister, Mrs. Margaret Plank, died in 1936. Mrs. Belknap was graduated from the Mansfield Senior High School and Mansfield State Teachers College and was supervisor of music in the schools of Kingston for some time. She was married to Mr. Belknap April 20, 1935, and for the past five years made her home in Gouverneur. Surviving besides her husband and parents are two brothers, Howard of Saginaw, Mich., and Walter of Philadelphia, and a niece Miss Margaret Doud of Saginaw. Funeral services were conducted at the First Baptist church at Gouverneur, Dr. Arthur T. Belknap of Mansfield, an uncle of her husband, officiating. Tuesday additional services were conducted at the Mansfield Baptist church with Dr. Belknap and Rev. David J. Griffiths, pastor, officiating. - Wellsboro Agitator, 13 November 1940

DOUD, Margaret Esther [SRGP 15721] – Mrs. Margaret Doud Plank, 30, passed away at eight o’clock this, Wednesday, morning at the home of her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Carl W. Doud, on South Main Street. While she had been in ill health for some time, her death came as a shock to the community. She was born in Mansfield February 6, 1905. She graduated from the Mansfield Senior High School and from the Mansfield State Teachers College in the class of 1925. After graduation she was instructor in organ at the Mississippi Women’s College at Hattiesburg, Miss., and later was supervisor of music in the schools of Lake Ariel and Meshoppen. She was a member of the Baptist Church and for several years sang in the choir, and was also a member of the Friendship Class of the Sunday School. Mrs. Plank was one of Mansfield’s most popular young women and her untimely death is mourned by a wide circle of friends, not only in her home town, but in the communities that have known her in her work as a teacher. Besides her parents, she is survived by a twin sister, Helen, and two brothers, Walter and Howard, at home. The funeral will be held Saturday at 2 p.m. at the home, the Rev. D.J. Griffiths, of the Baptist Church, officiating. Burial will be in Prospect Cemetery. – Mansfield Advertiser, 28 August 1935, p.1, col.6

DYER - George E. Dyer, 83, of 60 Elmira St., Mansfield died Saturday, Oct. 6, 1984 in Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital, Wellsboro. Born April 9, 1901, at Ainsworth, Neb., he was a son of Edward and Stella Dyer. He was a member of the Knoxville Baptist Church. Mr. Dyer was a life member of the Mansfield Hose Co. He was a 50-year member of Friendship Lodge 247, F&AM, and Zebulum Royal Arch Chapter 296, Mansfield. He also was a former high priest of the chapter. Surviving are: his wife, Agnes McCausland Dyer of Wells & Goodall Trailer Court, Mansfield; stepson, H. Douglas Dart of Mansfield; five grandchildren; three great-grandchildren; nephew, Neal Dyer of Arlington, Va.; nieces Patricia Dyer of Del. and Sally Pedroza of Chicago, Ill., several grand nieces and nephews.The funeral was held at 10:30 a.m. today, Wednesday, Oct. 10 at the Scureman funeral Home, Mansfield with the Rev. Benjamin E. Nevin, pastor of the First Baptist Church officiating. Burial was in Prospect Cemetery, Mansfield. Friends were invited to call at the funeral home from 7 to 9 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 9. A Masonic service was held at 8:30 p.m. the family provided the flowers. Donations may be made to First Baptist Church of Mansfield or Tioga county Historical Society, Wellsboro or Mansfield Ambulance Association. - Wellsboro Gazette, 10 October 1984

MR. NORMAN C. EVERETT age 76 of Millerton RD 1, Thursday August 2, 1979 at his home.  Private funeral and committal services will be held at the convenience of the family at the Olthof Funeral Home.  Rev. William Barnes, a close personal friend will officiate.  Interment Alder Run Cemetery.  The family will provide their own flowers and would appreciate donations to the Jackson Center United Methodist Church or the American Cancer Society.  Survived by wife of 53 years, Leora White Everett; daughter, Mrs. Donald (Janis) Vinsek of Troy RD 3; son, William Everett of Millerton; 8 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren; sister, Mrs. Eva Smith of Painted Post, N.Y.; two brothers, Morgan and Wilbur Everett, both of Millerton; several nieces and nephews.  He was a member of Jackson Center United Methodist Church, retired area farmer and lifelong resident of Jackson Township.  –Elmira Star-Gazette 8/3/1979

Gertrude Grace Frost Fehnel, 91, of Costa Mesa, CA and formerly of Putnam Township, Tioga County, PA died January 28, 1996 of congestive heart failure. She was the daughter of John S. and Eleanor Jacquish Frost. Mrs. Fehnel was an elementary teacher in PA areas schools, retiring after 43 years. During her retirement she also taught at Martha Lloyd School in Troy, PA and Delta Christian Academy in Stockton, CA. She was a foster grandmother for Fairview Developmental Center in Costa Mesa. She is survived by her daughter, Eleanor Swavely of Oceanside, CA; four grandchildren; five great-grandchildren; brothers, Leonard Frost of Covington, PA; Daniel Frost of East Rochester, NY; sisters, Bea Russell of Corning, NY and Roselyn Thompson of Phoenix, AZ. Her sister, Louise Pellor of Pine Grove, CA predeceased her by one day. She was also predeceased by her husband, Russell Herber Fehnel. Memorial services were held for her in Costa Mesa and another is planned in Pennsylvania at a later date. (TGR Thursday, March 21, 1996)

Obituary from Wellsboro Gazette : HARVEY, Welch W. Age 86, of PO Box 298 Mainesburg, PA, Monday, December 23, 1991. Friends may call at the Scureman Funeral Home, 130 S. Main St., Mansfield, Thursday, 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 PM. Funeral will be Friday at 10:30 AM at the Mainesburg Methodist Church with the Rev. James F. Bellamy officiating. Burial, Mainesburg Cemetery, Mainesburg, PA. He was born May 29, 1905 in Sullivan Township, son of Vivon & Viola Cleveland Harvey. He is survived by two sons and daughters-in-law, Gordon and Roberta Harvey of Mainesburg and Lee and Mary Harvey of Mansfield, PA; one daughter and son-in-law, Jeanne and Richard Wise of Mansfield; 12 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. He was an active member of the Mainesburg Methodist Church having served on several official boards. He retired in 1975 as Sullivan Township Road Supervisor. He also had worked as a State Construction Foreman and had done carpentry work in the area. He is predeceased by his wife of 45 years, Marleta Stauffer Harvey on November 11, 1975. Those who wish may make Memorial Donations to the Mainesburg Methodist Church, PO Box 87, Mainesburg, PA, 16932.

Hitchcock, Arlene H. Deuel
Arlene H. Deuel age 75 of Mansfield died on Friday March 14, 1980, at the Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh. She was born August 15, 1904 in Delevan, NY the daughter of Lennie and Eldena O'Neil Hitchcock. She was previously married to M.E. (Spotts) Decker. She was a member of the First Baptist Church of Mansfield. She was a 1924 graduate of Mansfield State College. She taught school in Elmira, NY, the R.B. Walters School at Tioga and the Warren Miller Elementary School at Mansfield. She was a member of Delta Kappa Gamma, a member of the retired Teacher's Association of Pennsylvania, a member of the Columbia Literary Club of Mansfield, the Mansfield Garden Club, and she was a member of the Baptist Women's Council. She is survived by her husband, George Deuel, 2 daughters, Mrs. Charles (Marlene) Engle of Bedford, Pa., and Mrs. Louis (Kathryn) Hart of Maytown, Pa., one brother, Wendell Hitchcock of Mansfield, and four grandchildren. Funeral services were held at the First Baptist Church with the Rev. Benjamin E. Nevins officiating. Burial was in Prospect Cemetery at Mansfield.

                Ernest J. Jupenlaz, 97, of Mansfield died Friday, Sept. 8, 2000, at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital, Wellsboro.  Born May 30, 1903, in Richmond Township, he was the son of Ernest G. and Rosa Groh Jupenlaz.  He was the retired owner of Jupenlaz Harness Shop, Mansfield.   He was a member of the First United Presbyterian Church of Mansfield, and a World War II Army veteran.  Preceding him in death were his wife, Melinda Fiat Jupenlaz, in 1971; one brother, Henry Jupenlaz; and one sister, Helen Beard.  Surviving are his sister, Elise Jupenlaz of Mansfield; and several cousins. Calling hours were held at the Wilston Funeral Home, Mansfield, on Monday, Sept. 11.  Funeral services were held there Monday, Sept. 11, with the Rev. Thomas D.  Thomas, his pastor, officiating.  Burial was made at Prospect Cemetery, Mansfield

KELLY, Marion [SRGP 84625] – Marion K. Korb, 81, of RD 2, Mansfield, died on Thursday, Oct. 6, 1983, at the Divine Providence Hospital at Williamsport. She was the widow of Henry Korb who died in 1978. Born Jan. 18, 1902, at Mansfield, she was a daughter of William and Margaret Kerwin Kelly. She was a member of Holy Child Catholic Church, Mansfield. Surviving are a son, Eugene, of Mansfield; a daughter, Constance, at home; a brother, Francis Kelly, of Mansfield; two sisters, Mrs. Regina Mudge, with whom she lived, and Mrs. Elizabeth Woods, of Elmira, NY; and a granddaughter. Mass of Christian Burial was held on Saturday at the Holy Child Catholic Church in Mansfield with the Rev. Joseph Greskiewicz officiating. – Wellsboro Gazette, 12 October 1983, p.12

KUHL, John - Services will be Wednesday for Dr. John Randolph [Doc] Kuhl, St., 78, of 24 Lake St., local physician for nearly 50 years. He died Monday, Feb. 15, 1982 in Ira Davenport Memorial Hospital, Bath, following an illness. He was born in Lindley May 29, 1903, the son of Richard and Ina Whitney Kuhl. He married Myrtle Wombacher in 1937 and she predeceased him. He was graduated from Mansfield High School in 1922, from the University of Connecticut at Storrs in 1926 and from the University of Buffalo Medical School in 1931. He opened a private medical practice in the Village of Hammondsport in 1933 and served the community for 48 years. He was known throughout the community as a dedicated physician and avid community leader. He served as Hammondsport Central School physician and local health officer for many years, and was director of the Steuben County Infirmary at Bath until his retirement June 30, 1981. He was a 55-year member of Hammondsport Masonic Lodge; a member of the Hammondsport Rotary Club, having served as president and chairman of many events and having been awarded that organization's highest honor, the Paul Harris Fellowship. Kuhl was a member of the American Medical Association, New York State Medical Society and the Steuben County Medical Society, having served the latter group as president. He was chairman of the Reginald Wood Memorial to Scouting for many years and also a member of Bath Country Club. He received a Distinguished Citizen Award from the University of Connecticut in May 1981 and was presented a service award for 50 years in medicine from the State of New York. He served for many years as camp physician at Boy Scout Camp Gorton on Waneta Lake and was named to the Hall of Fame there. Surviving are: a son, Assemblyman John R., Kuhl, Jr. of Hammondsport; three daughters, Betty Lou Herter of Pulteney; Sarah Jane Kuhl of Hammondsport; and Cleo Ellen Kuhl of Pulteney; three sisters, Leila Briggs of Ormand Beach, Fla., Ellen Austin of Palm Beach, Fla., Viola Hill of Williamsport, Pa.; three brothers, Rockwell of Venice, Fla., Waldo of Big Flats and Brainard of Mansfield, Pa.; four grandsons; several nieces and nephews. There will be no calling hours. The services Wednesday will be at 2 p.m. in St. James Episcopal Church, Hammondsport with the Rev. Canon Means, retired Episcopal rector, officiating, assisted by the Rev. Clair Statham, of the Hammondsport United Methodist Church. Friends who wish may make memorial contributions to the Dr. John R. and Myrtle W. Kuhl Medical Scholarship at Hammondsport Central School, in care of Richard McCandless, guidance counselor. Arrangements are by the Kuhl Funeral Home, Mansfield, PA. - Corning Leader, February 16, 1982

Cherry Flats Cemetery, Covington Township
Stuart L. Miller, 89, of Elmira, NY died Tuesday, April 21, 1992 at the Arnot Ogden Medical Center in Elmira, NY. He was a retired employee of National Homes Inc. and a member of the Elmira Christian Center. Mr. Miller is survived by his wife of 69 years, Viola W. Miller; sons and daughters-in-law, William and Betty Miller of Elmira and Gaylord and Arlene Miller of Jonesboro, GA; daughters and sons-in-law, Marie (Polly) and Jervis Boughton of Gillett, PA and Sara and Leon Hall of Gillett, PA; eight grandchildren; 14 great-grandchildren. Funeral services were held at the Olthof Funeral Home in Elmira with the Rev. John Bedzyk officiating and interment to be in Cherry Flats Cemetery, Cherry Flats, PA. (TGR, Thursday, April 30, 1992)

2nd obit
MILLER - On Saturday, Mr. & Mrs. Wilferd Whitney attended the funeral of Wilferd’s cousin, Stuart L. Miller, in Elmira, NY. Stuart Miller was born in Charleston Township in October 1902, the son of Leonard and Sadie Jones Miller. He graduated from Charleston High School in 1920 and married Viola Warters, on Mansfield. He is survived by his wife and four children. He is buried in the Cherry Flats cemetery. - Wellsboro Gazette, April 29, 1992

MUDGE, MRS. DORIS M. BENSON, Former Tax Collector, died at S&S Hospital
     Mrs. Doris M. Benson, 74, of Mansfield RD 3, died Saturday, May 6, 1978, in Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital, Wellsboro.  She was the widow of Ralph H. Benson.  Born December 29, 1903, in Richmond Twp., she was a daughter of Cornish and Kittie Hubbard Mudge.  Mrs. Benson was a former Richmond Twp. tax collecor and a past Republican committeewoman for the township.  She was a member of the First Baptist Church.  She also was a member of North Elk Run Grange 913, the Tioga County Pomona Grange, the Tioga County Agricultural Assn., the Mansfield Chapter of the Women's Christian Temperance Union and Elizabeth Rebekah Lodge 291 in Mansfield.  In addition, she was a past regent and registrar for the Wellsboro Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, a past registrar and treasurer of the National Society of the United States Daughters of 1812, the organizing president of the local chapter of the Grand Army of the Republic and a member of the National Society of the Colonial Dames of the 17th Century and the Daughters of American Colonists, Forbidden Trail Chapter, New York State.  Surviving are a son, Wendell (Bud), of Mansfield RD 1; a daughter, Mrs. Deo Carlyle, of Towanda; three sisters, Mrs. Wilbur Whitbeck, of Newark, N.Y., Mrs. Gordon Carson, of Troy, and Mrs. Edward Heyler, of Westfield; two granddaughters and two great-grandchildren.  The funeral was held Tuesday at the Kuhl Funeral Home.  Burial was in State Road Cemetery, Mainesburg.  The Rev. Benjamin Nevin, her pastor, officiated.  The Elizabeth Rebekah Lodge conducted memorial services.

ODELL, Madeline [SRGP 27067] – Madeline O. Knaus, 61, of Austin Street died July 29th at the Wellsboro Hospital following a long illness. The widow of John Knaus, she was born Sept. 7, 1903 in Mansfield, the daughter of Earl and Agnes Baynes O’Dell. Mrs. Knaus was a member of the Trinity Lutheran Church, and a former Gray Lady at the hospital. Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Wilbur Smith and Mrs. Jack Maynard of Wellsboro; 2 sons, Kenneth of Wellsboro, and John at Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas; one step-daughter, Mrs. Geraldine Durkee of Williamsport; a step-son Donald Knaus of Wellsboro; 3 brothers, Kenneth O’Dell of Sacramento, Calif., Dean of Hornell, NY, and Horace of Mansfield; three sisters, Mrs. Henry Fralic of Lopez, Wash., and Mrs. Ralph Bentley and Mrs. Margaret Butler of Mansfield; and 6 grandchildren. Funeral service were held on Saturday in the Trinity Lutheran Church with the Rev. Kitts officiating. Arrangements by Kuhl Funeral Home. Burial in Wellsboro Cemetery. – Wellsboro Gazette, 5 August 1965, p.8

 LaVera Sterling, 92, formerly of Roseville, died Sunday, Dec. 3, 1995, at the Green Home, Wellsboro. Born Jan. 31, 1903, in Roseville, she was the daughter of Herman and Mary Wilson Rose. She was a lifelong, active member of the Roseville United Methodist Church.  She had been a Sunday School teacher for many years, and was one of the originators of the Bible School for Roseville. She was a graduate of Mansfield Normal School, (Mansfield University), and taught for several years. She was well known for her tatting abilities. Preceding her in death was her husband, Carl and a son, Howard. Surviving are a son and daughter-in-law, Verle and Janice Sterling; two daughters and sons-in-law, Barbara and Bob Seeley and Carol Rice, all of Roseville; grandchildren Ralph and Karen Seeley Thomas, Bobby and Jeanie Seeley, Bob and Kathy Seeley Dinger, Kevin and Lisa Seeley, Richard and Lisa Sterling, Daryl and Nancy Sterling, Michael and Dr. Sara Sterling D'Ancona, Matthew Sterling; 11 great-grandchildren; a sister, Dorothia Knowlton of Blossburg; two sisters-in-law, Helen Rose of Horseheads, NY and Geraldine Steffin of Pine City, NY; several nieces and nephews. Calling hours were held Tuesday, Dec. 5, at the Scureman Funeral Home, Mansfield. Funeral services were held Wednesday, Dec. 6 at the Roseville United Methodist Church. The Rev. Dr. James Bellamy will officiate. Burial was made in the Watson Cemetery, Roseville. Donations may be made to the Roseville United Methodist Church building fund.

SHAW, Wilford - Death Claims Mansfield Businessman-Wilford W. Shaw, 41, funeral director here for many years, died at the Blossburg State Hospital to add for a.m. today after being ill since Wednesday. He was born here are April 15, 1903, graduated from the high school, State Teachers College and the Eckels School of Embalming. He was associated in the furniture and funeral business with his father until about 20 years ago when his to parent retired and he assumed the management. Mr. Shaw was trustee of the Presbyterian Church, past master of Friendship Masonic Lodge , member of  Zebulon Royal Arch Chapter, past noble grand of the I.O.O. F., member of Corey Creek Golf Club, Tioga County Undertakers Association, and  past President of the Business Man's Association. He is survived by his wife; two sons, Bryce R. and Jack W.; parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.. B. Shaw of Mansfield; brothers, Nelson B. Shaw, Kankakee, Illinois; Corporal Lester, Pacific area; Captain John, Georgia; 1st Lieutenant LB, Germany; Edson Shaw, Mansfield; sisters, Miss Martha Shaw, Philadelphia, Mrs. Vincent Ferrer, Charleston, South Carolina.. Services will be held at the Shaw  Funeral Home Wednesday at 6:30 p.m., the Rev. M.E. Bartholomew officiating. Burial in Prospect Cemetery.

Riverside Cemetery, Knoxville
STARKEY, Maurice Randall [SRGP 87941] – Mr. Maurice Randall Starkey, age 61, died after a brief illness at his home in Knoxville, PA, on Sunday, March 26, 1967. He was Director of Music in the Cowanesque Valley Joint Schools, a position he held since moving to the Knoxville area in 1960. Mr. Starkey is survived by his wife, Elenor Emeline Starkey; brother, Mr. Colie M. Starkey, Mansfield, PA; nieces, Mrs. Genevieve Hoover, Silver Springs, MD, and Mrs. Alice Smith, Eton, Colo.; nephews, Mr. Merle Starkey, Millerton, PA; and Mr. Paul Starkey, Troy, PA; cousin, Mr. R. Hugh Lugg, Knoxville, PA; twelve grand nieces and nephews. Son of Frank Lewis Starkey and Alice Randall, and native of Mansfield, PA, Mr. Starkey was graduated from the Mansfield Public Schools, and held music degrees from Mansfield State College, Mansfield, PA, and New York University, NY. Mr. Starkey was a member of the Cohoes Lodge No. 116 F&AM, Cohoes, NY, the First Baptist Church, Knoxville, PA, the National Education Association, and the Penna. State Education Association. He was active in music affairs, belonging to the Music Educators National Conference, the Penna. Music Educators Association and was responsible for organizing and directing the Cowanesque Valley Choral Society. He also served as Minister of Music in the First Baptist Church of Knoxville. Prior to coming to the Cowanesque Valley he was Director and Supervisor of Music in the city of Cohoes, NY and was prominent as a music educator in the Empire State. He was also a well-known organist and choir director and had held many prominent posts in this capacity in the Capital district of the Empire State and in New York City. During his long service in Cohoes he also maintained private studies and with his wife carried on an opera group known as the “Shoestring Opera” which appeared both in that section of New York State, in New York City, and in Pennsylvania. Mr. Starkey, with his wife, conducted summer choral workshops previous to his permanent residence in Knoxville and was the source of guidance and inspiration to many young people in this area. Funeral will be conducted in the First Baptist Church, Knoxville Wednesday at 2 p.m. Interment will be in Riverside Cemetery, Knoxville. – Mansfield Advertiser, March 29, 1967

WATKINS, Bessie - Mrs. Bessie Watkins Drew  [SRGP 89203] died Friday at her home in Charleston Township. Funeral services were held Sunday with burial at Mansfield. Born 30 years ago in Mansfield, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Osmer Watkins, she was married to Frank Drew, who survives. Also surviving are her parents, a brother Harold of Mansfield; and a son Duane Franklin, aged two and a half years. Mrs. Drew was employed in the Corning Glass Works. Mr. Drew is an employee of the State Highway Department. - Wellsboro Gazette, January 12, 1933

WATKINS, Bessie  - Mrs. Bessie Watkins Drew, wife of Frank Drew, of Charleston, died Friday at 5:15 o'clock. She is survived by her husband; one son, Duane; her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Osmer Watkins; and a brother, Harold, of near Mansfield. The funeral was held Sunday afternoon at the home of Frank Klock, Rev. D.H. Chapman officiating; burial in Mansfield. - Wellsboro Agitator, January 11, 1933  

WILCOX, Carrie Viletta [SRGP 77670] – Carrie V. Wilcox Holton, 92, of Norristown died Friday, Oct. 16, 1998, at Montgomery Hospital. Born Feb. 3, 1906, in Rutland Township, she was the daughter of Sheriff John and Leda Wilcox. She was a graduate of Mansfield High School and Mansfield University. Surviving are one son, two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Arrangements were handled by the Boyd-Horrox Funeral Home, Norristown. – Wellsboro Gazette, 21 October 1998, p.6

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