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In the lower picture the Brick Shool, built 1881, is shown in 1920. The  picture at left shows the old schoool in the right background with the 1927 gym addition in front. The old school was eventually torn down. In its place now stands the larger part of the present High School.

Mansfield High School Graduates

LISTINGS FROM THE 1938 MANSFIELD HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK , "MANSCRIPT" Prior to 1913, not a pupil had graduated from a four year high school course in Mansfield. The course was narrow and only the few who wanted to go on to college stayed for the new high school course. The enrollment was sixty four for four years of high school in 1914. In 1913 a class of three graduated in a three year course and in 1914, a class of seven in a four year course. Not all of the following addresses were verified. A question mark has been added in cases of extreme doubt. In a few instances, no information was available.

This information was taken from the 1938 school year book. Joyce M. Tice has added supplemental information.

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List from 1938 Mansfield Year Book - Last four columns added by Joyce M. Tice from her Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project which is a study of the population of the eastern Tioga County - western Bradford County area.
MSNS - Mansfield State Normal School - Many Mansfield High School students continued their education at the Normal School.
WW1 - Served in World War one
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BEACH Stephen 1913 Mansfield, Pa. Postman Elizabeth Youngkin  05372 WW1 1895-1961 Oakwood
KING Marion 1913 Ivoringle,Mt.Penn,Pa. E.G.Meter 32127 MSNS 1915/ 
Harvard 1944
1895-1950 Prospect
LOWE Wayne 1913 17 Mill St.,Cazenovia,NY Teacher   75513 MSNS 1916 / WW1 1896-1968 Glenwood
1913 - 3           2 of 3
BEACH - Stephen S. Beach, 65, of Mansfield, died Saturday, February 25, 1961. He was a member of the First Baptist Church. Surviving are his wife, the former Elizabeth Yonkin, two daughters, Mrs. Carl Fetterman of Camp Hill, and Mrs. Edward Russell Jr. of Mansfield; five brothers, Dr. Robert of Indianapolis, Ind., Dr. Fred of Washington, Dr. Horace in Florida, Harry of Endicott, NY, and  Chester of Rochester, NY, and a sister, Mrs. Helen Radliff of Endicott. Services were held Monday afternoon. Burial was in Oakwood Cemetery. - The Wellsboro Agitator [Wellsboro, PA], 2 March 1961
Marion King graduated from Mansfield State Normal School, Battle Creek (Michigan) College and Simmons. She earned an M.A. from Harvard University in 1944. She was a dietician at the Battle Creek Sanitarium and Foods Editor of Forecast Magazine. She was a Nutrionist at the N.Y. Tuberculosis & Health Assoc. until her death. 

KING - Marion King Meter [Miter] - Rev. Richard V. Landis, Vicar of St. James Church officiated at committal services in Prospect Cemetery of two people on Saturday, Sept. 28 [1963]. Lisle W. Wright, late husband of Kathryn Wright, died in Bayside, Long Island, Sept. 16, 1963, was cremated Sept. 19, and was brought here for burial Sept. 28 [1963]  Marion King Meter [Miter], of New York City, died Oct. 2, 1950, was cremated Oct. 3, 1950, and was brought here for burial Sept 28, 1963. Kathryn King Wright accompanied the remains of her husband and sister. She and her sister were granddaughters of Mart King, who took such a prominent part in the building of Mansfield 100 years ago. Their mother will be remembered as Edna King. - Mansfield Advertiser, October 1963

Wayne Lowe b. 1 Dec 1896 NY, d. Sep 1968 Essex County NY; wife Edith M. ?
LOWE, Wayne Louis [SRGP 75513] - Wayne Louis Lowe, of Essex, NY, formerly of Mansfield and Troy. PA, died Saturday, Sept. 28, 1968. No Calling hours. Interment at the convenience of the family. In lieu of flowers donations may be sent to your local High School Scholarship Fund. Survived by wife, Elizabeth Morse Lowe of Essex; son, George E. Lowe of Elnora, NY; brother, Richard Lowe of Wilmington, Del.; two grandchildren. - Mansfield Advertiser, 2 October 1968, p.4, col.4

Class of 1914
BAILEY Mildred 1914 R D 2 Mansfield,Pa.   Frank Bryant 05447 1895-1971 Oakwood
BURTON Grace 1914 Mansfield   Robert Palmer 16104 MSNS 1916 1894-1983 Prospect
ELLIOT Alice 1914 88 Mountain Ave,Middletown,NY     85520 1894-1974
LEONARD Ruth 1914 63 South St,Auburn,NY Teacher   25821 MSNS 1916 
Elmira 1923
LEONARD Loren 1914 1870 E.Mohican St,W.Oaklane,Phila.Pa     37565 1895-1970
VANNESS Preston 1914 1923 Walnut St, Camp Hill,Pa     03800 WW1 1895-1985
WEBSTER Hazel 1914 Skippack,Pa   U.F.Grembach 83135 MSNS 1916 1893-1986 Prospect
1914 - 7           3 of 7
Mansfield Advertiser, 24 June 1914, p.1 & cont’d. on p.6

Commencement Week at the High School Mansfield-Richmond High School

Commencement week really began on Friday night, June 12, with our beautiful school opera, “Princess Bonnie,” followed by the baccalaureate sermon on Sunday evening. Monday morning dawned fair, and there was much hustle and bustle, getting ready for final examinations, which lasted until Wednesday noon. The Senior class celebrated the birthday of their baby member, Ruth Leonard, on Monday afternoon, in a picnic on the park, and all through the week their smiling faces looked calmly on at their schoolmates, struggling with exams, for the whole Senior class, fine, industrious students that they are, were exempt from examinations, having attained a mark of ninety or more in all subjects studied. On Wednesday afternoon the L.S.C. entertained, at a picnic at Oakwood, all who helped them in producing the “Great Mansfield Fair” last March, more than sixty people enjoying the good time and generous supper.

On Thursday afternoon the three Grammar Schools had their promotion exercises in the High School Chapel. The exercises were uniformly good, and reflected great credit on the teachers, Mr. Beach, Miss Shepard, and Miss Robbins, and also Miss Mathews, who had charge of the music. A large attendance of friends and parents showed the interest felt in this department of our school. After the exercises, the Sophomore Class had a picnic at Robin Hood Cabin. They presented Miss Roff a silver spoon, in recognition of her many services rendered them. On Friday morning the High School assembled to return books, and to listen to the last edition of the “High School Gabbler,” edited by the Senior class. This was much enjoyed. In the afternoon, Commencement exercises were held in the Methodist church. A large assembly of friends and relatives were present. The school marched in together, filling the entire center section of the church. The graduates are: Myldred Bailey, Alice Elliott, Grace Burton, Hazel Webster, Ruth Leonard, Loron Leonard, and Preston Van Ness. After the opening chorus, prayer was offered by the Rev. A.B. Judson.

The president of the class, Preston Van Ness, then delivered his address, “From School Life to Life’s School.” After a hearty welcome to the friends present, he discussed the problems presenting themselves in many professions, showing the need of constant struggle and labor for success, no matter what career one chose. Myldred Bailey’s subject was “The Girl on the Farm,” which she discussed in a very entertaining manner, as her own experiences have proven her statements true. In word pictures she showed the various phases of farm life, and made us feel that with her it is a glorious thing to be called countrified, since that signifies that one lives on the best food, breathes the best air, and has the best times in the world. “Settlement Work,” by Alice Elliott, was a glowing description of work done in the slums by those workers for humanity, who believe that systematized, organized charity is the only kind worthwhile, and that it brings happiness to the giver and relief to the receiver. The mantle oration, “The Golden Mean,” was ably delivered by Loron Leonard. The class of very rich or very poor miss the best in life. The life spent for pleasure or the one spent alone for gain – both are in vain. True happiness lies in the happy medium between wealth and poverty; between the life of the idler and the toiler. At the close of his address he presented the beautiful High School mantle to the class of 1915, with advice and good wishes from the graduates. The response was delivered by William Longstreet, 1915, who accepted the mantle in behalf of his class. Mildred Davis, ‘15, now presented the individual graduates with gifts from the Juniors. Each gift contained some little joke, and this number was greatly enjoyed. After singing of the class song by the Juniors, Ruth Leonard discussed “The Motives of Teaching” in a very interesting manner, showing careful thought on the subject. She proved to us that successful teachers love their work, that they are definitely helping their fellowmen, and that this occupation offers more inducements in the way of compensation, aside from money, than any other occupation. Hazel Webster’s subject, “Mother,” appealed to every one present. As in her clear, ringing voice she told of the wonderful love of a mother, many eyes were dimmed with tears, and all hearts were softened.


The High School sang another chorus, after which E.B. Dorsett, president of the Mansfield-Richmond School Board, gave a very interesting address, and then presented the diplomas to the graduating class. Promotion certificates were then given to the undergraduates. The honor roll was read, those having a standing above ninety in all subjects: Freshmen – Leone Deitlin, Franklin Bixby, Wade Shaw. Sophomores – Margaret Cummings, Dorothy Hoard, Marion Kelley, Mildred Whittaker, Helen Wood, Kenneth Hart, Walter Passmore. Juniors – Mildred Davis, Mildred Warters, Gertrude Carlson, Margaret King, Elizabeth Littley, Elinor Schipbanker, Charles Jupenlaz, Asa Coveney. Seniors – The entire class. The audience was then dismissed by the benediction. On Friday evening the Senior-Alumni banquet, under the auspices of the L.S.C., was held in the parlors of the Methodist church, the Ladies’ Aid society furnishing the supper, and Helen Cass, Margaret Cummings, Helen Wood and Ora Hatfield, Sophomores, acting as waiters. The room was beautifully decorated with the class colors, red and white carnations supplying the floral parts.

Thirty-two guests were served. The supper was excellent in every respect, and the ladies deserve the vote of thanks tendered them by the society. During the progress of the banquet, frequent songs were sung, stories told, and the school “yells’ given with a zest. The program was full of jokes, sense and nonsense, and the toasts given would do credit to any assemblage. The following was the list: “The L.S.C.” – Myldred Bailey, ‘14. “Our Responsibilities” – Miss Robb. “Eats” – Loron Leonard, ‘14. “On to Washington” – Wilfred Jupenlaz, ‘15. “What Next” – Hazel Webster, ‘14. “Class of 1914” – Mildred Wright, ‘15. “Angling” – Harry Taylor, ‘15. “Stunts” – Prof. Rockwell. “Just My Kids” – Mrs. Jones. Several impromptu toasts were given, including ones from the Rev. A.W. Baitey and Albert Bates, who chanced to be onlookers. A beautiful onyx and bronze desk set was presented to Mrs. Jones, a token of the deep affection existing between the society and her. A flashlight picture of the company was taken by Mr. Bates. Reluctantly the guests departed from the scene of so much merrymaking and happiness, all feeling that the bonds of friendship are closer drawn by this crowning joy of the year of 1913-14. And thus the school year closed, a beautiful golden year for the fortunate pupils of the Mansfield High School, a year of hard work and unceasing thought for the teachers. Much has been done which money cannot repay; but if these efforts are only appreciated, as they surely are by many, the labor is not in vain.

Mrs. Mildred B. Bryant, 75, of R.D. 2 Mansfield, mother of Mrs. Dominic (Lorraine) Simonetti of Elkland, was buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Mansfield. Friday afternoon. Services were held at 1:30 at the Shaw and Robena Funeral Home in Mansfield, with the Rev. Richard Brenneman officiating. She was a member of the Mansfield Methodist Church.  Mrs. Bryant died Tuesday, February 2nd, 1971 in the Wellsboro Hospital. Calling hours were held at the funeral home Tuesday afternoon and evening. Surviving in addition to her daughter here are: husband, Frank Bryant of Mansfield R.D. 2; daughters, Mrs. Kenneth (Sylvene) Brooks of Bellflower, Calif., Mrs. George (Madge) Kruse of Montclair, N.J., Mrs. Terry (Rae) Kirkland of Montepello, Calif., sons, Waldo of Tioga, Franklin of Wellsboro, Dee (Buckie) of Mansfield R.D.; 23 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren.
Age 89 of Tampa, FL formerly of Mansfield, Saturday, October 8 1983 at the Tampa Memorial Hospital. There will be no calling hours. Kuhl Funeral Home, Mansfield in charge of arrangements. Graveside services will be held Wednesday, October 12 at 1 p.m. at Prospect Cemetery, Mansfield, Rev. Robert M. Glasgow officiating. Survived by sons, Gordon Palmer of Tampa, FL and Dale M. Palmer of Lady Lake, FL; five grandchildren; eight great grandchildren. She taught school in the Mansfield area for many years and she was the widow of Robert R. palmer who died in 1968. She was born September 20, 1894 at Rutland Township the daughter of Edmond and Emma Parks Burton.

Ruth Leonard graduated from the Mansfield Normal School in 1916. After teaching for five years she went to Columbia University Summer School, and then to Elmira College, where she graduated in 1923. She taught Latin and Spanish in Oswego, NY, Where she is now. By attending summer school Miss Leonard has obtained an M.A. degree in Latin from Michigan University.

Loron Wood Leonard b. 3 Mar 1895 Wells Township Bradford County PA [WWI registration]; d. Aug 1970 Philadelphia PA; 1930 Banker; m. Lillian B. Burdorg [taken from son's obit Loron Jr on Tri-Counties website]

LEONARD, Loron Wood [SRGP 34565] – The Philadelphia Inquirer of Saturday, August 29, 1970, carried an account of the death of a former resident of Mansfield, Loron W. Leonard. Mr. Leonard’s daughter Elizabeth L. Johnson was also a former student at MSC and graduated in the class of 1944. Loron W. Leonard, a retired insurance broker and former bank vice president, died Thursday at Chestnut Hill Hospital. He was 75 and lived at 187 East Mohican Street, West Oak Lane, Philadelphia. Mr. Leonard was a 47-member of the Undine Barge Club on Boathouse row of the Schuykill, and was its treasurer 25 years. As an oarsman he set a club record, winning its mileage trophy for 10 years. Born in Wells township, Bradford County, PA, Mr. Leonard was a graduate of Mansfield High School and attended the University of Pennsylvania. He interrupted his schooling to enlist, and became an Army lieutenant during World War I. Mr. Leonard was vice president of the Broad Street National Bank at its Lehigh Avenue branch from 1920 to 1929. He was with the sales staff of the Automobile Club of Philadelphia for 10 years in 1939 he founded the Loron W. Leonard  Insurance Agency, adding two partners in 1947 as Herr Leonard Terne Insurers, 116 South 7th Street. He retired five years ago. Surviving are his wife, the former Lillian Burdorf; two sons, Loron W. Jr. and Fred W. lightweight crew coach at the University of Pennsylvania; two daughters, Mrs. Elizabeth L. Johnson and Mrs. Ruth L. Leslie; a sister, Miss Ruth Leonard, and 14 grandchildren. Services were private. – Mansfield Advertiser, 2 September 1970, p.12, col.1

LEONARD –RUTH WOOD LEONARD, 97, Granville center died may 1, 1995, at Troy Community Hospital. She was born June 15, 1897 in Coryland, PA, the daughter of Solomon Saxton and Clara Wood Leonard. In 1916 Ruth graduated from Mansfield Normal School. She taught school in Laquin, PA, and Irvington, NJ. She finished college in 1923 at Elmira College and received her master’s degree in Latin from Michigan University. She taught Latin and Spanish in high school at Owego, NY, and Auburn, NY. She retired as a vice principal in 1956. She lived in Granville Center until October 1993, when she moved to Phyl Carlo Retirement Center. She had been a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Troy for many years. She is survived by nieces Ruth C. Kovaric, Corpus Christi, TX, Elizabeth L. Johnson, Beachwood, NJ and Ruth L. Leslie, Glenside, PA; nephews Loren W. Leonard Jr., Christiana, PA and Fred W. Leonard, Marion Station, PA; many grandnieces and grandnephews; and many friends including special friends Henry and Marsha Martin, Granville Center. She was predeceased by a sister, Esther, brothers, Loron and Emlen, and an aunt, Anna L. Taylor, with whom she resided with for many years in Granville Center. Friends may call at the Vickery Funeral Home in Troy on Friday from 10 to 11 a.m. The funeral service will be held Friday at 11 a.m. at the funeral home with the Rev. Debbie Blair officiating. Burial will be in the Granville Center Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be directed to the First Presbyterian Church in Troy in care of the Ruth Leonard Memorial fund, 121 West Main St., Troy, PA. –Canton Independent Sentinel.

WEBSTER - Hazel Webster Holland, age 92, of Burlington, NJ, formerly of Mansfield, died on Saturday, July 26, 1986. She was the widow of the late Jules Holland who predeceased her in 1950. She was a retired school teacher on Beverly, NJ. She is survived by dear friends, Mr. & Mrs. Michael LaCourte of Burlington, NJ, Mrs. Ann Parks of Hedding, NJ, Mrs. Doretta Chambers of Delanco, NJ and numerous other close friends. Graveside funeral services will be held Wednesday (today) at 12 noon at Prospect Cemetery, Mansfield. - Wellsboro Gazette, 30 July 1986 

Class of 1915
BLACKWELL Frances 1915 Blossburg, Pa   Stuart Bailey 34872 MSNS 1917 1896 - 1958 Maple Grove
CARLSON Gertrude 1915 90-42 206st.Queens Vill.LI,NY Teacher   83139 MSNS 1917 1896-1985 Prospect
CHILSON Florence 1915 Mansfield, Pa.   Dan Mudge 00293 MSNS 1917 1895-1980 State Road
CLEVELAND Laura 1915 Covington, Pa.   Ransford Carson 79933 MSNS 1917 1896-1977 Old Settlers
CLEVELAND Ruth 1915 Reservoir St., Elmira, NY   John Uhl 73869 1894-1970 Woodlawn
CLEVELAND Welch 1915 Mansfield, Pa. Clerk, Taylor Hardware Helen Dreas  58956 1896-1982 Prospect
CONNELLY Lura 1915 Mainesburg, Pa. Teacher Joe Maine  03685 MSNS 1917 1895-1995 State Road
COVENEY Asa 1915 45 S.Cedar St.Hazleton,Pa     83144 1896-1957 Bullock
DAVIS Mildred 1915 Box 132, Ossining, NY   Ivan Carpenter 79957 MSNS 1917 1898-1974 Prospect Cemetery
HEMMER Rose 1915 Newark, NY   Ralph E.Briggs 59398 1896-1988
JUPENLAZ Charles 1915 962 Scio St, Elmira,NY Shoe Store   17081 1896-1974 Tampa FL
JUPENLAZ Wilfred 1915 401 Sulgrave Dr,Mt.Washington,Pittsburgh,Pa See Below Mabel Smith 17080 1898-1952 Prospect Cemetery
KING Margaret 1915 Grand Rapids, Mich (?)  See Below Wright 32128 1897-
LITTLEY Elizabeth 1915 R D 2, Mansfield, Pa   Coley Starkey 85522 MSNS 1917
LONGSTREET William 1915 Ohio Univ.,Athens, Ohio Conservatory of Music   83342 MSNS 1916 1897-1983 Oakwood Cemetery
MATTESON Winifred 1915 405 William St. Elmira, NY     81605 1896-1973 Prospect Cemetery
NICKERSON Hiram 1915 Candor, NY Dist.Supt.School Florence Chilson  03545 MSNS 1917 1894-1964 Candor
PLANK Ellis 1915 Fort Meade, Fl     85523 WW1 1895-1987
SCHIPBANKER Elinor 1915 50 Gladys Ave, Hempstead,NY     83131 MSNS 1920 1897-1987 Prospect  Cemetery
TAYLOR Harry 1915 Mansfield, Pa Hardware Store Louise Farrer  82676 MSNS 1917 1896-1950 Prospect Cemetery
WARTERS Mildred 1915 22 Taft Av,Lee Pk,Wilkes-Barre,Pa   Eugene Boyle 84552
WHITTAKER Kathryn 1915 2705 Newberry St, Newberry,Pa   Leon Miller 85526 MSNS 1917
WOLCOTT Ella 1915 New York City     85530 1895-1995 Los Angeles
WRIGHT Mildred 1915 Mansfield, Pa.     85531 MSNS 1917 1896-1952 Oakwood Cemetery
1915 - 24           13 of 24
BLACKWELL - Word was received here Friday of the death in an Elmira hospital of Mrs. Stuart Bailey. Mrs. Bailey [Frances] will be remembered as a member, a few years ago of the Charleston School Faculty. - June 1958

BLACKWELL, Frances - Mrs. Frances Blackwell Bailey, 62, of 215 Liberty St., Horseheads, formerly of Mansfield, PA, died Thursday, May 29, 1958. She was a second grade teacher at the Center Street School. Survived by husband, Dwight Stuart Bailey; son, Homer of Jacksonville, Fla.; daughter, Mrs. Mary Jane Barr of Berwyn, Ill.; sister, Miss Helen Blackwell of Buffalo; five grandchildren. Funeral was in Horseheads Monday, the Rev. Augustus N. Peckham and the Rev. Ford Crippen officiating. Burial was in Maple Grove Cemetery, Horseheads. - Mansfield Advertiser, June 1958

CARLSON - Lillian Gertrude Carlson, 88, [SRGP 83139] of Princess Anne, Maryland, formerly of Mansfield, died Saturday, Jan. 19, 1985, in Peninsula General Hospital, Salisbury, Maryland. Born June 7, 1896 in Mansfield, she was the daughter of John and Josephine Nelson Carlson. She was a graduate of the Mansfield Normal School and in 1942, graduated with a BS degree in education from New York University. From 1917 to 1924, she taught school in Knoxville, and from 1924 to 1966 at Elmont, Long Island, NY. She was a member of the New York Retired Teachers Association and of TELSTAR, an organization of elementary teachers and administrators. Surviving are one niece, Mrs. William Miller of Princess Anne, Maryland, and one great niece, Diane Dykes of Salisbury, Maryland, as well as several distant relatives in Mansfield and Liberty. This Thursday, Jan. 24 at 10 a.m. weather permitting, a graveside service will be held at Prospect Cemetery, Mansfield. If the weather does not permit the funeral service will be held at 10 a.m. at the Kuhl Funeral Home, Mansfield. The Rev. Benjamin Nevin, minister of the First Baptist Church of Mansfield, will officiate. - Wellsboro Gazette, 23 January 1985

     Age 85 of 126 Main St. Candor, NY. formerly of Mansfield, PA. Thursday, Nov. 13, 1980 at Robert Packer Hospital, Sayre, Pa.  Friends may call at Allen-Manzer Funeral Home, Candor, N.Y. Saturday evening 7 to 9 p.m. where there will be a Prayer Service at 8 p.m. Rev. William Muir.  There will be calling hours at the Kuhl Funeral Home, Mansfield, Pa. Monday 12-1 p.m. followed by Funeral Services at 1 p.m. Rev. Benmamin Neven.  Burial in State Road Cemetery, Mainesburg, Pa.  Survived by one sister, Agnes Chilson of Mansfield, Pa; one stepson, Leon Nickerson of Candor, NY; one uncle, Delbert Coats of Lawrenceville, Pa.  She was member of McKenbree United Methodist Church of Candor, NY.  Eastern Star, Southern Tier Button Club, 55 Club of Mansfield, Pa.
Of note from burial permit, middle initial C., cause of death, cerebral vascular accident
Note from Joyce – Florence Chilson was married first to Daniel Mudge and then to his nephew, Hiram Nickerson.

CLEVELAND, Laura H. [SRGP 79933] – Mrs. Laura H. Carson, 80, of Covington, died Tuesday, August 23, 1977, in the green Home, Wellsboro. She was the widow of Ransford Carson. Mrs. Carson was born Sept. 22, 1896, in Covington, a daughter of Andrew and Lucina Cleveland. She was a member of Covington Church of Christ, Disciples. She was a graduate of the former Mansfield Normal School and was a seventh degree member of the Covington Grange. Surviving are three daughters, Mrs. Frank Higgins, of Covington, Mrs. Jesse Cutler, of Drumore and Mrs. Beulah Oliver, of Baldwinsville, NY; a son, Gordon R. of Troy; 17 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. The funeral was held Sunday in the Covington church with burial in Riverside Cemetery. The Rev. Archie Cruikshank, her pastor, officiated. – Wellsboro Gazette, 31 August 1977, p.12

Tribute to Laura Cleveland [SRGP 79933] Carson, Wellsboro Gazette, 31 August 1977, p.17

Among the relatives of Mrs. Laura Carson who attended her funeral on Sunday were Gordon and Rachel Carson, Troy, James W. Carson, Ft. Jackson, SC, Mark and Kathryn Belden, State College, Jesse and Elaine Cutler, Drumore, PA, Carol Cutler, Janet and Jimmie Dickson, Winchester, VA, Joan and Ross Ferguson, Kirkwood, PA, Dorotha C. Kitlinski, Harrisburg, Beulah Oliver, Butch and Terri Oliver and daughters, Pamela and Marilyn, Baldwinsville, NY, Judy and Linda Oliver, Syracuse, NY, June Higgins, Harford, CT, Jeanne C. Miller and daughter, Laura of Hummelstown, PA were here Friday. The pallbearers were Butch Oliver, Jim Carson, Mac Higgins, Sandy Higgins, Reed Zimmer and Jack Turner. Grover Cleveland played several of her favorite hymns on the organ and accompanied the congregation singing “The Old Rugged Cross”, Archie Cruikshank sang “Beyond the Sunset” and paid tribute to Laura Carson’s long service as a Christian wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and worker in the church. A dinner was served to more than forty relatives and friends in the annex following the services.

CLEVELAND - Welch M. Cleveland, age 85, of Mansfield, died on Monday, April 26, 1982 at his home following a long illness. He was born Sept. 17, 1896 in Sullivan Township, the son of Cassius and Alice Fletcher Cleveland, He owned and operated the Cleveland Hardware Store in Mansfield for 26 years before retiring in 1972. Mr. Cleveland was the grandson of Asa Cleveland, one of the first settlers in Mansfield. He was a director of the Mansfield Ambulance Co.; member of Friendship Lodge No. 247 F&AM Mansfield; member and treasurer of the Zebulun Royal Arts Chapter No. 296; member of Williamsport Consistory; member of Irem Temple Shrine. He was secretary of Tues. and Thurs. nights bowling leagues for 14 years, and charter member and past president of the 55-Plus Club. He was a member of the First Baptist Church of Mansfield; 62 year charter member of the Mansfield Hose Company where he served as chaplain for 24 years. He is survived by his wife, Helen Dreas Cleveland; 3 daughters, Mrs. Jack [Beatrice] Raymond, Stroudsburg, Mrs. Carl [Helen] Kodish of Lewistown, Mrs. Theodore [Donna] Strein of Montoursville; 14 grandchildren; 13 great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at the First Baptist Church in Mansfield on Thursday at 1 p.m. with the Rev. Benjamin Nevin officiating. Burial in the Prospect Cemetery at Mansfield. Friends are invited to call at the Kuhl Funeral Home in Mansfield on Wednesday from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m. Memorial services will be held on Wednesday evening at 8:30 at the funeral home by the Mansfield Hose Company. - Wellsboro Gazette, April 28, 1982

CONNELLY –LURA MAINE, 100, (SRGP 3685) formerly of Mainesburg, died Friday, Oct. 6, 1995, in Towanda Memorial Hospital.  Her husband, Joseph, a descendant of the original settlers of Mainesburg, preceded her in death.  She was a retired teacher of the Mosherville School and was a member of the Pennsylvania State Teachers’ Association.  She was a member of the State Road Baptist Church and the East Sullivan Grange.  Surviving are a nephew, Leonard Connelley of Arcade, N.Y.; and nieces, Elrena Wolfe of Milan, Helen Giddings of Harrisburg and Joyce Robbins of Canton.
Born March 3, 1895, on the Connelley Mountain Road farm, she was a daughter of Walter and Margaret Connelley of Mainesburg.  The funeral will be at 2 p.m. Monday at Wilston’s, 18 N. Main St., Mansfield, with the Rev. C. Franklin Helt officiating.  Burial will be in State Road Cemetery.  Friends may call at the funeral home from 4 to 5 p.m. Sunday and 1 to 2 p.m. Monday.

Maine let her gentle humor guide her through 45 years of teaching
(Star-Gazette, Sunday, March 19, 1995)

 The bible says, "A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches," and a lady at Straits Personal Care Home for the Elderly in Centerville, shows how it's done. Lura Connelly Maine, daughter of Walter and Maggie Connelly, was born on March 3, 1895, in the Armenia Mountain area west of Troy, PA. She was married to Joseph Maine, whose grandparents were the original settlers in the Mainesburg area. When I saw her on March 3, she was doing fine at the Straits home on her 100th birthday. Harlan Press, principal of the Mosherville school for 34 years, was there.  He had a kind, gentle manner with Lura, a famous teacher in the area with 45 years' teaching experience. He asked, "Would you teach if you had it to do over again?"  She replied, "Of course.  The kids were precious and still are.  I've always taught primary grades, and they were wonderful."  Harlan also asked if she used a hickory stick. "I always had a big one standing in the corner, but rarely had to use it," she said. Lura said at times she had to teach eight grade in one room, with as many as 40 kids. Elrena Wolfe, Lura Maine's niece, said when Lura lived in Mainesburg during her teaching years, she was a fine neighbor, at times paying for repairs on her neighbors' homes without their knowledge. She used to drive a horse and buggy to school.  Asked how much she was paid at that time, Lura said, "Oh, every now and then they gave me $20." Elrena said Lura's hobbies were collecting old buttons, many Civil War types, and old coins, and she liked to fish.  She told Elrena her biggest problems with the kids were talking and chewing gum. "I used to make them stand in the corner for that," she said. Mary Seymour, a lady who lived near Mainesburg, told me that in 1921, Lura Maine was her third-grade teacher in the Mainesburg school, and even today, she can remember how neat and well-dressed and what a natural leader Lura was. "I never heard Lura say an unkind word about anyone," Mary said. "Instead, she would make a humorous comment, with malice toward none." Lura is a member of the State Road Baptist Church near Mainesburg and has been since her mother carried her there when she was a baby (which means nearly 100 years). When she had a car, she hauled kids to youth activities and was very interested in the church foreign missions programs.  Lura also was church clerk. Bessie Baker, a retired teacher with 30 years' experience, said Lura was her first-grade teacher in the Mosherville school in 1927 when she was 4 years old. Lura also was her son Don's first-grade teacher at the Mosherville school. Carolyn Wright, of Mosherville, said both her son, Edgar, 50, and her daughter, Patricia, were Lura's students. They remember hot soup on the old stove on cold winter days, nature hikes, taffy pulls, and Lura dressed like a bunny, passing out Easter candy. Lura attended the Red School, Mansfield High School, and Mansfield College for her teaching degree. Lura Connelly Maine makes a fine lasting impression on all who know her.

Coveney, Asa - Wellsboro Agitator, 19 September 1957
COVENEY - Mrs. Rena Coveney of the Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital, was called to Philadelphia last week to attend the funeral of her brother-in-law, Ace Coveney.

COVENEY, Asa Alanson [SRGP 83144] – Asa Coveney, son of the late George and Lelia Coveney of this vicinity, died in Philadelphia, Sept. 19, 1957. He was born on the Coveney Homestead on the old Wellsboro Road, Oct. 13, 1896. He graduated from Mansfield High School and attended State College. He was a veteran of World War I, and a member of Potter Masonic Lodge. The Lodge conducted the funeral service at the Videon funeral parlor Thursday evening and the funeral was held there on Friday, conducted by the Lutheran pastor. He is survived by his wife, daughter Carole and one granddaughter, Lary. Also, by three brothers: Vail, of Mansfield RD, and Lawrence and Floyd. – Mansfield Advertiser, 18 September 1957, p.6, col.6

 Mildred D. Carpenter, age 75, of Sherwood Manor, Mansfield, died Sunday January 6, 1974 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Stephen (Phyllis) Blatchly, Groton, NY. Funeral will be held Thursday at 1 pm at the Canoe Camp Church of Christ Disciples.  Rev. Kermit Clickner will officiate.  Burial in Prospect Cemetery in Mansfield. In addition to her daughter, she is survived by four sons, Keith R. Carpenter of Glen Gardner, NJ, Kenneth E. Carpenter of San Jose, Calif., Lynn R. Carpenter of Denver, Colo., James P. Carpenter of Burlington, Mass.; sister, Mrs. Lyle (Marian) Cleveland, Mansfield; eight grandchildren. She was a member of the Canoe Camp Church of Christ Disciples and graduated from Mansfield Normal School in 1917.  She was the widow of Ivan Carpenter.  She taught in the Tioga County Schools for seven years. She was born February 16, 1898 in Mansfield, the daughter of Fred and Cora Baynes Davis.

HEMMER, Rose [SRGP 59398] - Mrs. Rose H. Briggs, 91, formerly of Grace Ave., Newark, died on Saturday, March 26, at the Episcopal Church Home in Rochester. Mrs. Briggs was born in Mansfield, Pennsylvania, on October 14, 1896. She had been employed at Clifton Springs Hospital as a nursing supervisor until her retirement. She had been a member of St Mark's Episcopal Church, Newark. She was the widow of Ralph E Briggs, who died in 1964. Scott Funeral Home of Newark. was in charge of arrangements. There were no calling hours. Interment will be in Clifton Springs Cemetery, at which time there will be a graveside service. Survivors include one niece and one nephew in Pennsylvania. Contribution in her memory may be made to St Marius Episcopal Church. - Courier-Gazette, Newark, New York, Friday, April 1, 1988

JUPENLAZ Charles A. [SRGP 17081]
Funeral services for Charles A. Jupenlaz, age 77, of 4314 Vasconia St., Tampa, Fla., were held at 11:00 Wednesday morning, May 1, 1974, at the graveside in the Garden of Memories Cemetery. Mr. Robbins Ralph, minister of the United Church of Christ officiated. A native of Blossburg, Pa., Mr. Jupenlaz had been a resident of Tampa for 20 years. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Carolyn W. Jupenlaz, Tampa; three daughters, Mrs. Frank (Carolyn) Deodene, Catham, NJ, Miss Mary Jupenlaz, Washington, DC, and Mrs. George (Marjory) Yater, Louisville, KY; two sisters, Miss Augusta Jupenlaz, Cleveland, Ohio and Mrs. Gerhard Krause, Aurora, Ohio. Charles Jupenlaz was also a resident of Mansfield, a graduate of Mansfield High School (1915). His father was a baker at the old Normal School and ran a bakery in Mansfield.

Subj:Wilfred Jupenlaz - Mansfield High class of 1915
Date:  5/16/2002 11:22:17 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From:    TAMMYM@BES.CI.PORTLAND.OR.US (Munger, Tammy)
To: ('')

Hi Joyce,
My name is Tammy Munger, and I work for the City of Portland, Oregon's Bureau of Environmental Services (BES).  Among other things, BES is the sewerage agency for the City of Portland.  We are preparing to have a 50th anniversary event to celebrate (and I know this is odd) the opening of the original wastewater treatment facility.  At any rate, the engineer who was in charge of the design of that original plant was a man named Wilfred Jupenlaz.  I've been doing research to see if I could find out a little more about him, and stumbled across your web site of Mansfield High School Graduates.  Since Wilfred Jupenlaz is not exactly a common name, and the age is about right, I'm assuming that the engineer, Wilfred Jupenlaz, who designed the treatment plant in Portland Oregon is the same 1915 graduate of Mansfield High.

I noticed you had a column for occupations, and thought you might like to add Wilfred's occupation to your site.  Thanks for posting that stuff on the web, it was a fun surprise to find it.

Tammy A. Munger
Engineering Tech III/CAD
Bureau of Environmental Services

WILFRED JUPENLAZ DIES IN OREGON-Wilfred Jupenlaz, 54, of Portland, Oregon formerly of Mansfield, died unexpectedly Friday, August 8, 1952 at Portland. A son of Mrs. Belle Jupenlaz of Aurora, Ohio, and the late Charles Jupenlaz, he was born at Blossburg, He spent his boyhood here. He graduated from Mansfield Senior High School and completed a civil engineering course at Pennsylvania State College. Mrs. Jupenlaz, the former Miss Mabel Smith, died about two years ago. Surviving are his mother; sisters, Mrs. Lillian Krause and Miss Augusta Jupenlaz, all of Aurora, Ohio; brother, Charles Jupenlaz, of Elmira; several nieces and nephews. The body arrived at the Shaw and Robena Funeral Home Tuesday, where the funeral was held today at 2 p.m., the Rev. David J. Griffiths officiating.Burial in Prospect Cemetery.

Margaret King - Margaret and Lyle lived at Bayside NY. She was a graduate of Radio School in Valparaiso, Indiana and held the first radio operator's license issued to a woman. She was the first woman to be a radio operator on a a battleship, the U.S.S. Arizona.

 Miss S. Winifred Matteson, age 77, of Elmira, formerly of Mansfield, died Friday, March 16, 1973.  The Funeral was held at the Barrett Funeral Home, Tuesday at 10 am.  The Rev. Edward R. McCrzcken officiated.  Burial was at Mansfield. The family gratefully requests that donations be made to the Emmanuel Episcopal Church in her memory. She is survived by three nieces, Mrs. Joseph (Jean) Augustine of Pine City, Mrs. Harry (Pauline) Moran of Millerton, Mrs. Herbert (Maru) Tower of Wellsboro; three nephews, Robert Matteson of Mansfield, Earl Matteson of Endicott, Gerald Matteson of Horseheads. She was a communicant of Emmanuel Episcopal Church, retired employe of Brady Supply Corp.

Hiram Martin Nickerson, 69, of Candor, who was district superintendent in the First Supervisory District of Tioga County for 25 years, died at his home Thursday, July 9, 1964, after a short illness. He had lived in Candor 30 years.
Born in Tioga Co., Pa., on Nov. 10, 1894, he was graduated from Mansfield, Pa. State Teachers College, Albany State University and Columbia University. He had taught in Nichols and Apalachin School systems and was a member of the New York State Teachers Assn.
He was a member and trustee of McKendree Methodist Church of Candor and was a Mason. An overseas veteran of World War I, he was a member and past commander of Arden Kelsey American Legion Post. Mr. Nickerson had served as president of the Tioga County Tuberculosis Assn.
He is survived by his wife Mrs. Florence Nickerson; a son, Leon Nickerson of Candor, and several cousins.
Funeral services were held at 2 p.m. Sunday in the Allen Funeral Home, Candor. Officiating were the pastor of McKendree Methodist Church, the Rev. M. Erford Freelove, and the Rev. Henry Mosley of Candor. Burial was in Maple Grove Cemetery.

SCHIPBANKER - Miss Elinor Schipbanker, 89 years of age, of the Green Home, Wellsboro, died Feb. 19, 1987, in the Green Home. She was born Apr. 1, 1897 in Mansfield, the daughter of Michael and Marie Jupenlaz Schipbanker. Miss Schipbanker was a graduate of the Mansfield Normal School and Syracuse University. She was an art instructor for many years in the schools of Shouthampton and Hempstead, NY. A member of St. James Episcopal Church, she was also a member of the Twilight Chapter OES, Mansfield, the New York State Retired Teachers' Association, and AARP. Surviving are several cousins. A memorial service was held at the convenience of the family.

TAYLOR - Harry A. Taylor, aged 53 years, a lifelong resident of Mansfield, died Wednesday morning at his home. He was proprietor of the Twain Theater and had been engaged in the hardware business many years. He was a member of St. James Episcopal church, various Masonic orders, American Legion, Lions Club, Mansfield Business Men's Association, president of the Symthe Park Association. He was an organizer of the Mansfield Frozen Food Locker Company of which he was secretary until the time of his death. He was choir director and Vestryman of St. James church for several years and was secretary of the church at the time of his death. He was a son of Harry B. and Fredericka Goldmeyer Taylor and was graduated from Mansfield High School and State Normal School, class of 1917. He was a veteran of World War I. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Louise Frazer Taylor; son, William; two sisters, Mrs. Roy Kendrick of Phoenix, NY, and Mrs. R.T. Stull of Washington, DC. The funeral was held Saturday at St. James Church, Rev. John Hilton officiating; burial in Prospect cemetery, Mansfield. - Wellsboro Agitator, January 11, 1950   

WRIGHT, Mildred E. [SRGP 85531] – Miss Mildred E. Wright, of South Main Street, died unexpectedly Friday, March 28, 1952, at the White Haven Branch of the Jefferson Hospital. The second daughter of Ira and Minerva L. Wright, she was born at Mansfield June 11, 1896. At an early age she exhibited unusual musical talent, both as a vocalist and as a pianist and later as a pipe organist. She made her debut as a church organist at the age of 12 years, when she played a reed organ in the Mansfield Universalist Church. She was a member of the Methodist Church. Miss Wright graduated from Mansfield Senior High School in 1915, and from Mansfield State Teachers College in pipe organ in 1916 and public school music and piano in 1917. During her years in high school she took a prominent part in school musical events and composed the music for the class song. After graduating from college she was employed by Doyle Marks & Son, of Elmira, as musical instrument saleswoman in the Elmira area, which included Elmira and surrounding area. After leaving Doyle Marks she was organist for some time in a Scranton theatre. Returning to Mansfield, she was employed as saleswoman by T.W. Judge Company and Shepard’s women’s apparel shop. For several years she conducted a studio at her home, giving instruction in piano. She also served as organist at the Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian and Episcopal Churches. She was accompanist for a mixed quartet and also sang the second alto part when needed. Miss Wright gave of her time and talent whenever she was called upon, playing at public and social gatherings. “Her kindness and consideration to persons in sorrow and to the shut-ins was one of her outstanding attributes. To quote a neighbor, she was a very kind and considerate person and brought cheer to many shut-ins. She will be greatly missed by many.” Another friend wrote: “ Mildred Wright will be missed for the little things that count, but are never mentioned. A visit to a sick friend with a small token to be left to cheer. Her musical talent will be missed also. It is the small, unsung things that leave the most cherished memories. These memories enrich those left behind.”  While Miss Wright had been in ill health for some time, the seriousness of her condition was not realized until an X-ray a few days before her death revealed a serious lung condition. She is survived by a sister, Maybelle Wright, of Mansfield. The funeral, which was largely attended, was held Monday at 2:30 p.m. at the Methodist Church, the Rev. Stanley C. Robinson officiating. Burial was in Oakwood Cemetery.

Class of 1916 - For the Class of 1916, I have been able to obtain many photos from the 1918 Mansfield State Normal School Yearbook. While it is apparent that the descriptions are less than worthless, they are included here to remind us that young people are just as foolish in one generation as another.
BLAIR Gladys 1916 Crooked Creek, Pa   Ralph Sampson 03896 MSNS 1918 1899-1977 Wellsboro
BRAINARD Elizabeth 1916 117 Williams St, Bradford,Pa   Robert F.Brownell 79008 MSNS 1918 1897-1992 Smethport
CANFIELD Alice 1916 Columbia Cross Roads, Pa   Arthur Burnham 08617 MSNS 1918 1898-1981 Glenwood
CASS Helen 1916 Mansfield, Pa   Fay Killgore 82484 MSNS 1918 1897-1968 Prospect
CHILSON Agnes 1916 109 Bridge St, Corning,NY Teacher    82429 MSNS 1918 1898-1988 Prospect
CLEVELAND Alfred 1916 R D 1, Mansfield, Pa   Zula Smith  73870 1895-1957 Oakwood
CLEVELAND Ross 1916       83266 1898-1977
COREY Flossie 1916 Campbell, NY Teacher  Fred Huginor 83267 MSNS 1918 1897-1965 Campbell NY
COVENEY Lawrence 1916 1st & Pinehurst Av,Hudson View Gardens, NYCity   Margaret Pettijohn  83148 1898-1981
CUMMINGS Margaret 1916 412 Race St., Elmira, NY   Myron Gelatt 83149 MSNS 1918 1896-1987
FARRER Maryon 1916 Mansfield, Pa. Teacher, S.T.C. Arthur Powell 82674 MSNS 1918 1898-1991 Oakwood
FORREST Walter 1916 Arcadia Ave,RD3,Elmira,NY   Lottie Scaife  83153 MSNS 1918 1895-1959 Woodlawn, Elmira
GREEN Theodore 1916 Box 1197, Danville,Va     85532
HART Kenneth 1916 16 Harriet St,W.Englewood,NJ   Ruth Husted '18 39449 1899-1975 New Jersey
HATFIELD John 1916 8th & Spruce St,Philadelphia, Pa Hospital Administrator   54086 1897-1974
HATFIELD Ora 1916 Tioga, Pa   Arlie Niles 54085 1895-1950 Prospect
HOARD Dorothy 1916 59 Broad St., Lyons, NY   Thad Logan 83271 MSNS 1918 1899-1986
JAQUISH Martha 1916 8001 St. Road, Philadelphia, Pa MD.Dept Public Welfare   55127 MSNS 1918 1897-1957 Whitaker-Jaquish
KELLEY Marion 1916 10 Suydam St, New Brunswick,NJ Rutgers Univ.   85533 MSNS 1918
OBOURN Ellsworth 1916 53 Jefferson Rd,Webster Grove,Mo     85534 MSNS 1919 1897-1972
ODELL Maude 1916 R D 1, Mansfield, Pa   Earl Trask 01193 1896-1983 Prospect
PASSMORE Walter 1916 State College, Pa. H.S.Teacher   83141 MSNS 1918 1900-1952
SHERMAN Reva 1916 128 Main St, Sussex,NJ   James Williams 88715 MSNS 1918
SMITH Mabel 1916 401 Sulgrave Dr,Mt.Washington,Pittsburgh,Pa   Wilfred Jupenlaz 17082 1897 - 1959 Prospect
SMITH Ray 1916 Box 1205, Baytown,Tx     17086 1899-1958
TROWBRIDGE George 1916 439 4th Blvd, Mineola, L.I., NY     79486 1898-1963 Malden, Mass.
WEBSTER Wayne 1916 Montrose, Pa Asst.Co.School Supt   23142 1897-1954
WHITTAKER Mildred 1916 Mansfield, Pa.   Ross Bailey 34885 1896-1974 Prospect
WOOD Helen 1916       10690 MSNS 1918 1898-1988 Prospect
1916 - 29           15 of 29
Gladys Blair
BLAIR -  Gladys B. Sampson, 76, wife of Ralph W. Sampson, of RD#2, Wellsboro died Wednesday, March 23, 1977 in Wellsboro following a lengthy illness. She was born in June 24, 1900 in Covington, a daughter of James S. and Kitty Rockwell Blair. She was a retired teacher with 25 years of service in the Wellsboro School District. Mrs. Sampson was a member of the First Baptist Church and Business and Professional Women, Charleston Union Grange and Mary Wells Chapter No. 452 Order of the Eastern Star. Mr. & Mrs. Sampson observed their 50th wedding anniversary June 15, 1972. Surviving besides her husband are a son, Ralph B. Sampson of Wellsboro, a daughter, Janet Cowoski of Cleveland, Ohio; two brothers, Paul Blair of Covington and Glenn Blair of Wellsboro; eight grandchildren; two great grandchildren and several nieces and nephews. The funeral was held at 2 p.m. Saturday, March 26, 1977 at the Tussey Funeral Home, Wellsboro. Burial was in the Wellsboro Cemetery. The Rev. Richard T. Purchase, her pastor, officiated. Eastern Star services were held at the Funeral Home Friday evening at 8 p.m. - Wellsboro Gazette, March 30, 1977
 Elizabeth Brainard

Alice Canfield
Helen Cass

CASS, Helen [SRGP 82484] – Helen Cass Killgore, age 71, of Mansfield, PA, died Thursday, July 11, 1968 at the Williamsport Hospital. Funeral was at the Shaw & Robena Funeral Home, Mansfield, Sunday at 2 p.m., the Rev. Harry Sagar officiated. Burial was in Prospect Cemetery, Mansfield. Survived by husband, W. Fay Killgore of Mansfield; son, William Robert Killgore of Allentown, PA; grandson, William Robert Jr.; sister, Mrs. Rena Nelson, of Elmira. Mrs. Killgore was a member of the First Methodist Church of Mansfield. She was a 1918 graduate of Mansfield State College. – Mansfield Advertiser, 17 July 1968, p.7

 Miss Agnes S. Chilson, 90, a resident of Broad Acres Nursing Home in Wellsboro, formerly of 141 South Main Street, Mansfield, died Saturday, April 9, 1988, at the nursing home. Born Feb. 3, 1898, at Ulysses, Potter County, she was the daughter of Horace and Myrtle Coates Chilson. A graduate of Mansfield Normal School in 1918, receiving the bachelor degree there in 1935, she had been a teacher in the Corning, NY area for 33 years. She was a member of the First Baptist Church in Mansfield, the Retired Teachers Association in Corning, NY and a charter member of the Mansfield 55-Plus Group. Preceding her in death was a sister, Florence Mudge Nickerson. Surviving is a nephew, Leon Nickerson of Candor, NY, and several cousins. Services were held at the Scureman Funeral Home, 130 South Main Street, Mansfield, Tuesday, April 12.  The Rev. Benjamin E. Nevin, her pastor, officiated. Burial will be made in Prospect Cemetery
Flossie Corey - 1897-1965
Lawrence Coveney
The Wellsboro Agitator, July 23, 1919
Lieut. Lawrence Coveney, son of Mr. & Mrs. George Coveney, of Mansfield, has a position with the Government Shipping Board in the new Merchant Marines. He sailed from Hampton Roads, Va., July 1, on the S.S. Conlee, for Rio Janero, South America, to be absent until September. Lieut. Coveney enlisted in the Officers’ Reserve Corps, Aviation Service, when nineteen years old and graduated from the ground school of aeronautics at Princeton University last September. He was three months at Southern Field, Ga., and five months at Kelley Field, Texas, receiving his commission and honorable discharge May 15 of this year. He was flying alone the last four months, his training including proficiency in vertical banks,. Immelmanns, tail spins, formation flying, and a cross county flight of one hundred miles.

The Wellsboro Agitator, August 5, 1931
Announcement has been made of the marriage of Miss Margaret Pettijohn, of Los Angeles, and Lawrence Coveney, of New York, July 25, in the Little Church Around the Corner, New York. The bride has been the head of the Department of Pre-School Psychology at Mills College, California. Mr. Coveney, son of Mrs. Lelia Coveney, of Mansfield, is assistant manager of the Export Department of the Pillsbury Flour Company, of New York.

COVENEY - Lawrence G. Coveney, 83, of Foulkeways, Gwynedd, died July 26, 1981. He was born March 19, 1898 in Richmond Township, the son of George W. and Lelia Bullock Coveney. Surviving is a daughter, Lelia Coveney of Denver, Colorado; nieces and nephews. A memorial service will be held in the Gwynedd Meeting House on Friday, August 7, at 11 a.m. - Wellsboro Gazette, August 5, 1981

Margaret Cummings

Maryon Farrer

Maryon Farrer m. Arthur Phillips Powell
Wellsboro Gazette, January 9, 1991
FARRER - Maryon Farrer Powell, 92, died Thursday, Jan. 3, 1991 at Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital, Wellsboro. Born Nov. 13, 1898 in Mansfield, where she resided at 154 South Main St. until June 1990, when she entered the Green Home, Wellsboro. She held degrees from Mansfield Normal School, Simmons College and Columbia University. Her entire life was devoted to teaching Home Economics at Mansfield State Teachers College. She retired in 1960 and then married the late, Arthur Powell of Blossburg in 1964. She was an active member of the American Cancer Society, Columbian Literary Exchange, PEO and Mansfield Presbyterian Church. She was a lifelong supporter of civic and welfare activities. She was recognized for her many community contributions and received the Benjamin Rush award from the Cancer Society. She will be missed by her many friends and especially her family who knew her as “Nannie”. There were no prior calling hours. Funeral services were held at the Scureman Funeral Home, 130 South Main St., Mansfield, Sunday, Jan. 6 at 2 p.m. Flowers were furnished by the family. Memorial contributions may be made to the Maryon Farrer Powell Scholarship Fund at the Mansfield University. [570-662-4852]

Walter Forrest

Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira.......................Mansfield Normal School
FORREST - Walter L. Forrest, [SRGP 83153] a former resident of Mansfield, died June 29, 1959. He was born in Lambs Creek November 22, 1895, son of Bert and Dianthia Forrest. He was a graduate of Mansfield State Normal School and was a first World War veteran. He married Lottie Scaife of Covington, who survives him. Also three sons, Richard L. of Nahant, Mass., Thomas E. of Kenmore, NY, Lawrence K., U.S. Air Force; daughter, Thressa Barnes of Rochester, NY; one brother, Harold G. Forrest of Covington, PA; 10 grandchildren. Burial Thursday in Woodlawn Cemetery, Elmira, NY. He was a active member of the First Methodist Church, Elmira. He drove street car and busses for many years, was an active Boy Scout leader. Last year he received the Silver Beaver award. He will be greatly missed by his many friends and relatives. - Mansfield Advertiser, July 1959

HATFIELD – Niles (SRGP 80052)
       Mrs. Cora Marie Niles, aged 54 years, formerly of Tioga, died Aug. 16 at the home of her son, Dr. Robert A. Niles, of Rouletta, Pa. She is survived by her son; mother, Mrs. Harriet Hatfiled, of Tioga, daughter, Mrs. Phyllis Heck, of Lindley; sister, Mrs. E. Earl Smith, of St. Louis, Mo.; brothers, John N. Hatfield, of Philadelphia, and Waldo Hatfield, of St. Louis, Mo.; two grandchildren. The funeral was held Saturday; burial in  Prospect cemetery in Mansfield. (1950)

John Hatfield
SSDI- b. 14 Jan 1897; d. Jun 1974, Palm Beach, Florida; SS#193-26-3675

Tioga Eagle, January 15, 1919
John Nye Hatfield, son of W.H. Hatfield, has been awarded the French Cross of War. It is not known at the present time for what deed of valor he received this decoration, but it is understood that he won it November 9. He graduated from the Mansfield High School, and later attended State College. While employed in the Westinghouse Electric Works at Pittsburgh he enlisted in the Marines and was trained at Quantico, VA. He arrived in France October 25 and probably got into action soon afterward. Mr. Hatfield and the late Orson Wilcox, of Wellsboro, are, so far as we are able to ascertain, the only Tioga county boys to win this decoration.

Wellsboro Gazette, Thursday, April 13, 1950
County Native gains Position thru Diligence
John N. Hatfield, A.H.A. President, carried Group through Critical Years

Benjamin Franklin, who founded the Pennsylvania Hospital in 1751, was fond of uttering aphorisms, lauding industry, resolution and the like. And one who has achieved a large degree of success through hard work is the present administrator of Franklin's hospital and president of the American Hospital Association, John N. Hatfield, according to a "portrait of the new A.H.A. president,"  by R.M. Cunningham, Jr., writing for The Modern Hospital.

Born on his father's farm, he is the son of the late William and Mrs. Hatfield, lifelong residents of Tioga county. His father had been prominent in county politics and served a term as Sheriff of Tioga county.

He planned and directed strategy in the nation's capital in critical war and post-war periods when priorities, surplus property, social security, income taxes, veterans' care, licensure and federal aid for hospitals have all been in negotiation between the American Hospital Association and various departments of government. It was through Hatfield's untiring efforts that the governmental red tape surrounding surplus property was penetrated making available surplus which has been set aside for hospitals.

You have to work hard to get the breaks, Hatfield tells his two sons, now in college, and you have to work hard to take advantage of them. For as Poor Richard said and as Hatfield believes. "Diligence is the mother of good luck." John Hatfield has ploughed deep all his life and today the corn-crib is full.

World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
John Nye Hatfield- born 14 January 1897 Rutland Township, Tioga County, PA
Employer - Westinghouse Electric & Mfg., East Pittsburgh, PA
Home address - Mansfield, PA
Father - William H. Hatfield, born Wells Township, Bradford County, PA

The Wellsboro Gazette, September 4, 1919
Ex-Sheriff Hatfield’s Son won French Cross of War
John Hatfield, son of ex-Sheriff and Mrs. William Hatfield, formerly of Wellsboro, returned home a few days ago from overseas, honored with a much coveted French Cross of War. The following interesting story of the fight in which he silenced a machine gun alone and single handed, with an empty gun, is furnished by the Mansfield paper:
“John saw only seven day of actual fighting, but in those seven days he saw war aplenty. On the 9th of November he won the Cross. From what we can get [not from John, however], a party of 15 men, including a sergeant in charge, had moved forward in order to find a place to dig in for the night and establish an outpost.
“John had gone on ahead somewhat in advance of the rest and apart from them. They may have been what saved his life, as the party ran into a German machine gun nest, and the Huns proceeded to lay waste to the little party, soon putting them out of the running, killing or wounding all but Hatfield and one other.
“As the Huns kept up continuous fire and they had come to a place where there was no getting back or going ahead. John thought that he might just as well go forward and so he started toward the machine gun, exchanging fire with them as he went forward. Two of the Germans were killed and five more piled out of that nest crying their famous ‘Kamerad’ stuff.
“It was then John discovered that he had run out of ammunition for his gun, but this did not phase him as he had hung the Indian sign on that bunch of Heinies, so he made them gather up the machine gun and the sergeant in command of the little bunch of Yankees, who had been shot through the leg, and marched them back into camp at the point of an empty gun.
“After delivering up his prisoners and booty, he again joined his company and went forward, little realizing that he had shown the stuff we knew he was made of. The Croix de Guerre came later as rather of a surprise.”

The Wellsboro Gazette, October 7, 1926
John N. Hatfield, son of Tioga County Republican Chairman, Close Friend of [Gene] Tunney
Of the thousands of fight fans in Philadelphia, probably none was more pleased with Tunney’s victory over Dempsey than John N. Hatfield, purchasing agent at the Pennsylvania Hospital, Eighth and Spruce streets. Mr. Hatfield was Tunney’s bunk mate at Paris Island and Quantico and is a staunch admirer of the “fighting marine.” They also went overseas together, but were separated soon after reaching France. Mr. Hatfield recalls that Tunney boxed a lot at Paris Island and Quantico and says he spent a good deal of his spare time teaching dubs the rudiments of the fistic art.
Mr. Hatfield and Gene were members of the model marine company that made the moving picture, “Around the Clock with the Marines” that was used for recruiting purposes. So Gene’s work in “The Fighting Marine” and his current appearance in the fight pictures are not the first the popular idol has been in the movies. Mr. Hatfield’s father, William H. Hatfield, Republican County Chairman in Tioga county, attended the Dempsey-Tunney battle as a guest of State Chairman W.L. Mellon and also was pleased highly to see Gene wrest the championship from the redoubtable Jack. - Philadelphia Record.

The Wellsboro Agitator, March 7, 1934
Named Intern
D.J. Preston, son of Joseph J. Preston, of Mansfield, has been appointed intern in the Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia, and will take up his duties after graduation from Temple University in June. John Hatfield, a former Mansfield man, is superintendent of the hospital.

The Wellsboro Agitator, 2 May 1934
J.N. Hatfield Honored
At the 1934 annual convention of the Hospital Association of Pennsylvania, in Pittsburgh, John N. Hatfield, formerly of Mansfield, was elected first vice president. He was also made executive secretary of the association. Mr. Hatfield is Superintendent of the Pennsylvania hospital in Philadelphia, and also treasurer of the Hospital Association of Pennsylvania.

The Wellsboro Agitator, April 22, 1936
Former Mansfield Man is Executive Secretary of Hospital Association
John N. Hatfield, formerly of Mansfield, enters upon his third year as executive secretary of the Hospital Association of Pennsylvania when that organization meets in annual conference in Pittsburgh, April 22-24. The retiring president, Dr. J. Allen Jackson, Supt. Of Danville State Hospital, will be succeeded by Melvin L. Sutley, Supt. Of Delaware County Hospital, who was elected president-elect last year. The association which includes in its membership most of the 291 hospitals in the state, meets yearly to work for improved hospital care of the sick. Records reveal that those healing institutions, which have a total value of more than $200,000,000., cared for 500,000 bed patients and more than 1,000,000 dispensary patients last year. Mr. Hatfield, who is the administrator of Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia, the oldest hospital in the country, is nationally recognized as a hospital administrator and association executive.

The Wellsboro Agitator, November 4, 1936
John N. Hatfield, formerly of Tioga, administrator since 1931, of the Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia, the oldest hospital in the United States, founded in 1751, is also Executive Secretary of the Hospital Association of Pennsylvania since 1931, the largest state hospital association in the country and was elected to the Board of Trustees of the American Hospital Association at the 38th annual convention in Cleveland. The American Association represents almost 7,000 hospitals in the United States and Canada. This honor has been given to only two other Pennsylvania men, Dr. Joseph C. Doane, of Philadelphia and the late Daniel D. Test, former Supt. Of the Pennsylvania Hospital of Philadelphia.

The Wellsboro Agitator, July 14, 1937
John N. Hatfield, formerly of Mansfield and Tioga, who has won wide reputation as hospital administrator, and who has served several years as Executive Secretary of the Pennsylvania State Hospital Association, has again been honored by being named President-Elect of the State Association at its annual meeting at Buckhill Falls. He will begin his service as president at the next annual meeting. Besides being named President-Elect he has also been placed on the following committees: Public Relations and Publicity, and the Council on Policies and Administrative Practices. On this latter committee Dr. Joseph C. Doane, of Mansfield, is chairman.

The Wellsboro Agitator, January 17, 1940
John Nye Hatfield, formerly of Mansfield, has been made chairman of the American Hospital Association Committee on Simplification and Standardization of Hospital Furnishings. He has served on the committee for several years and his appointment as chairman is in recognition of his service and ability. He is also a member of the Board of Governors of the Council for the Clinical Training of Theological Students.

U.S. World War II Draft Registration Card, 1942
John Nye Hatfield, born January 14, 1897 Rutland, PA
Employer - Pennsylvania Hospital, Philadelphia, PA
Residence - lived on hospital grounds; 8th & Spruce Sts., Philadelphia, PA
Wife - Alfretta Hatfield

The Wellsboro Agitator, November 3, 1948
John N. Hatfield, administrator of the Pennsylvania General Hospital, Philadelphia, a former resident of Wellsboro and Mansfield, has been elected president of the American Hospital Association. He is the son of Mrs. Harriet Hatfield, of Tioga.

The Wellsboro Agitator, June 28, 1950
Hatfield to be Consultant - New S. & S.M. Hospital Wing to be built Next Year
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The hospital has been fortunate to secure the services of John Hatfield as consultant on the new expansion. Mr. Hatfield is a native of Tioga county and is president of the American Hospital Association and director of the Pennsylvania Hospital of Philadelphia. He is nationally known as an authority on hospital design and equipment.

Dorothy Hoard

Martha Jaquish

Marion Kelly

Run over by car on Route 15.
 ODELL - Maud E. Trask, age 86, of RD3, Mansfield, died suddenly on Friday, March 25, 1983. She was born May 16, 1896 in Richmond Township, the daughter of Lafayette and Jean Hogg O'Dell. She was a lifelong member of the Canoe Camp Church of Christ Disciples. She is survived by one son, Edwin W. Trask, Mansfield; three grandchildren, and six great grandchildren. Funeral services were held on Monday, March 28, at the Canoe Camp Church of Christ's Disciples with the Rev. Deborah Casey, her pastor, officiating. Burial in the Prospect Cemetery at Mansfield. - Wellsboro Gazette, 30 March 1983

Walter Passmore

Passmore, Walter- Walter Passmore of State College, formerly of Mansfield, died Dec. 31, 1952, following an illness of several weeks. A son of Mrs. Velma Passmore of State College, and the late Edwin Passmore, he was born at Mansfield and attended the local schools. He was a graduate of Mansfield Senior High School and of Mansfield State Normal School, class of 1918. He had taught for many years in the State College public schools until a few weeks before his death. He is survived by a son, Robert, a student at Pennsylvania State College and his mother, at home. Funeral services were held Saturday at 2 p.m. at State College. Burial at State College.

PASSMORE, Walter Hull [SRGP 83141] – Walter Hull Passmore of 145 W. Prospect Ave., State College, principal of the State College Junior High School, died in Geisinger Hospital, Danville, Wednesday Dec. 31 at 7 p.m. Mr. Passmore, who had spent 33 years in public school work, 22 1/1 of which were in the State College schools, was 52. An active volunteer leader in Boy Scout work. Mr. Passmore was born June 27, 1900 in Mansfield, the son of Edwin and Velma Peck Passmore. He was married to Ethel Jones who survives with his mother and one son, Robert W. Passmore, both at home. He was graduated from the Mansfield High School in 1916. Mansfield State Teachers College in 1918. State College in 1926 and received his master of arts degree from Penn State in 1930. He taught for two years in the Costello High School, Potter County, four years at the Mansfield High School and three and one-half years in the Altoona High School before coming to State College as principal of the high school in 1930. During his many years of active Scout service, Mr. Passmore held almost every job in Scouting. Starting as the Scoutmaster for the State College Methodist Church troop, he served as neighborhood commissioner, district commissioner, council commissioner, as chairman of various district and council committees and as vice president of the Juniata Valley Council Board. In 1951 he was awarded the Silver Beaver insignia for outstanding service to Scouting. His son, Robert, a Scout, made the presentation. His particular interests were the Seven Mountains Boy Scout Camp and outdoor activities for Scouts. He was a member of St. Paul’s Methodist Church, State College; F&AM of Mansfield and the Coudersport Consistory. Funeral services were held in the Methodist Church, Saturday at 2 p.m. Rev. Frank W. Montgomery officiated. Interment was in Centre County Memorial Park. [From Center Daily Times, State College] – Mansfield Advertiser, 14 January 1953, p.8


 Reva Sherman

Mabel Smith m. Wilfred Jupenlaz
The Wellsboro Agitator, July 12, 1922
Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Smith, of Mansfield, announce the engagement of their daughter, Mabel, to Wilfred Jupenlaz, also of Mansfield. Miss Smith is a graduate nurse of the Packer Hospital at Sayre and Mr. Jupenlaz is a civil engineer in the employ of the State Highway Department.  

SMITH, Mabel [SRGP 17082] – Mrs. Mabel Smith Jupenlaz died Sunday, August 6, 1950, at her home in Portland, Ore., following several months of ill health. She was born at Phillipsburg, PA, June 18, 1897, a daughter of Charles and Frankie Cruttenden Smith. While she was a small child the family came to Mansfield where she attended the public schools, graduating from the Senior High School and later from the Robert Packer Hospital Training School for Nurses, Sayre. She became a member of the Baptist Church and was active in the work of the church and Sunday School. She retained her membership here until her death. August 2, 1922, she was married to Wilfred Jupenlaz, of Mansfield, who survives her. Besides her husband she is survived by two sister, Mrs. Luther C. Allen, of Elmira, and Miss Eleanor Smith, of San Francisco, Calif., and two brothers, Ray T. Smith, of Baytown, Tex., and Capt. Code Smith, with the Army in Japan. Funeral services were held at the Mansfield Baptist Church Sunday at 2:30 p.m., the Rev. David J. Griffiths officiating. Burial was in the family plot in Prospect Cemetery. – Mansfield Advertiser, 16 August 1950, p.1 

SMITH - Ray Thomas Smith, 59, of 507 San Jacinto St., Baytown, Texas, died Saturday Sept. 6, 1958 in a Baytown Hospital after an illness of only three days. Mr. Smith was born in Mansfield on Jan. 18, 1899 and moved to Baytown 25 years ago. He had been an employee of the Humble Oil Co. for 22 years. He was a past master of the Mansfield Masonic Lodge, past commander of Kennedy Commandry, Knights of Templer and a member of KYCH. Surviving are his wife, Mrs. Margaurite Smith, Baytown; two sons, Frank Shelby Smith of Boston, Mass.; Ray Thomas Smith Jr. of Berkley, Calif.; one brother, Code A. Smith, Augusta, GA; two sisters, Mrs. Roger C. Bennett of San Carlos, Calif. and Mrs. Luther C. Allen, Elmira, NY. Funeral services were held in Baytown with the Rev. A.L. Jordon, pastor of the Memorial Baptist Church and Dr. Wayne McClekey, pastor of St. Mark's Methodist Church officiating. Graveside services were conducted by the Baytown Masonic Lodge. Mr. Smith was a nephew of R.R. Cruttenden. - Mansfield Advertiser, Sept. 1958

Trowbridge, George D. (SRGP 79486)
George D. Trowbridge, 64, of 19 Huntley St. Malden, Mass., was stricken and died at work Monday, Jan. 28, 1963. The deceased was born at Trowbridge, Pa., October 24, 1898. He graduated from Mansfield High School in 1916. He had lived in Malden for ten years. He had been employed as an ironworker for the Atlantic Roofing Co. He was a member of the First Baptist Church in Malden and Local 7 of the Ironworkers Union. He is survived by his wife, Jane Biesecker Trowbridge;' two sons, George B. of Stoneham, Mass., and Charles A. of Philadelphia;' a daughter, Jane E. Brunn of Pittsburg;' seven grandchildren;' two brothers, Albert of Rochester and Harry of Millerton;' three sisters, Mrs. Sara Hurd of Ontario, Miss Minerva Trowbridge of Rochester and Mrs. Jay (Ettie) Kent of Millerton. Services were held Friday at 2 p.m. at the Weir Funeral Home, 144 Salem St., Malden, with Rev. Hillyer H. Straton, D.D., of the First Baptist Church officiating. Burial was in Forest Dale Cemetery, Malden.

Wayne Webster
The Wellsboro Agitator, August 20, 1919
Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Daggett, of Daggett, PA, announce the engagement of their daughter, Beulah Maud, to Wayne C. Webster, of Rutland, PA. The wedding will take place in the near future.

 WHITTEKER - Bailey, Mildred L. (SRGP 34885)
   Age 78 of 171 South Main St., Mansfield, at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital, Wellsboro, Pa., Saturday, August 17, 1974.  Friends are invited to call at the Kuhl Funeral Home, Mansfield on Monday 2:30 to 4:30 and 7 to 9 p.m.  Funeral there Tuesday 3 p.m.  Rev. Richard Brenneman officiating.  Burial in Prospect Cemetery, Mansfield.  Survived by her husband, Ross; two sons, Laurence R. Bailey of Shinglehouse, Pa., Leonard M. Bailey of Elmira; two sisters, Mrs. Anna Fast at the Bethany Center, Horseheads. N.Y., Mrs. John (Carrie) Strong of Mansfield; five grandchildren; three great grandchildren.  She was a member of Mansfield Methodist Church and Rural Letter Carriers Association Auxiliary.  She was born August 17, 1896 in Covington, Pa., the daughter of Nelson and Carrie Knowlton Whitteker.
Mildred Whittaker m. Ross Bailey
SSDI - b. 17 Aug. 1896; d. Aug. 1974 Mansfield, PA

Helen Wood

Helen C. Wood
SSDI- b. 22 Mar. 1898; d. 12 May 1988 Montoursville, Lycoming County, PA

MISS HELEN CATLIN WOOD, 89 formerly of Mansfield, PA died May 12, 1988 at the Sycamore Manor, Williamsport, PA. Miss Wood was born March 22, 1899 in Mansfield, PA the daughter of Dr. Fred Green Wood and Isabelle Saxton Wood. She was a graduate of Mansfield Normal and Elmira College and taught school in Galeton, PA, Bayshore, Long Island and South Orange, NJ.

2nd listing of death
WOOD - Helen Wood - On May 15 [1988] Esther Jerald of Mansfield phoned Carol Balch to tell her of the death of her dear friend, Helen Wood, age 90, at a nursing home in Montoursville. Helen’s father was the Crossley family doctor and he helped bring Carol into the world on Helen’s 8th birthday. Helen is survived by two brothers, Harold of Washington, DC and Hallock of Florida, and a very dear cousin, Ruth Leonard of Granville Summit. - Wellsboro Gazette, May 25, 1988
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