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Information on this page compiled by Joyce M. Tice

I have compiled this listing from the 1966 Officers book and the 1883 and 1897 Tioga County History books already on the site. Since the numbers were assigned sequentially it gives us the order in which the chapters were established.  Where we have resources for an individual chapter, I will link them. I also want to collect photos of all the buildings in our three county area as well as fill in the dates of establishment and date of dissolution or merger with another chapter. You can help by providing information you have to add to that. If you have other booklets such as the one I used here, please let me know so we can add to this compilation.
1966 Listing in order by Chapter number for whole state. 1966 Listing in order by Chapter number for each county

For Tioga and Bradford Counties I have noted those still existing in 2005 with a white background. I have also asterisked them.

The Patrons of Husbandry was founded in 1867, the first chapter in Pennsylvania was established in 1871.

# Chapter Name Township Established 1966
Closed From 1897 History
54 Charleston Valley  * 1873 x x Charleston Valley Grange, No. 54, P. of H., is one of the oldest granges in the county. It was organized December 20, 1873, and now numbers 116 members. It meets at Round Top, in a hall building erected for its use in 1886-87 by a stock company.
84 Sullivan  Sullivan 1873 x Merged to East Sullivan # 821 Sullivan Grange, No. 84, and the East Sullivan Grange, No. 821, represents the Patrons of Husbandry . The former was organized in February, 1873, meets in Mainesburg, and has a large membership. The latter was organized April 9, 1887. It meets at the residence of Isaac Squires, near Gray’ Valley, and numbers fifty-three members.
241 Tioga 1874 The Tioga Grange, No. 241, was organized May 6th 1874, at the house of George W. Hazlett, by District Deputy Evans, of Charleston. There were 22 charter members enrolled, and the following officers were chosen: Daniel Dewey, master; O.H. Blanchard, overseer; E. F. Bentley, lecturer; R. P.H. McAllister, steward; A. E. Niles, assistant steward; J. M. Stevens, treasurer; T. L. Baldwin, secretary; C. Hammond, chaplain; W. A. Mitchell, gatekeeper; Mrs. P. C. McAllister, Ceres; Mrs. G. W. Haxlett, Pomona; Mrs. J. H. Westbrook, Flora; Miss Ellen F. Johnson, lady assistant steward The society continued in existence only three years, and in that time Daniel Dewey, H. S. Johnston and Elisha F. Bentley were its masters. As this order still exists in other sections of the county and State, and the Tioga Grange may possibly be revived, it is here historically mentioned. It is an educational, social and protective association. A county or Pomona grange, No. 30, was organized at Mansfield June 27th 1877, and Elisha F. Bentley and Henry H. Goodrich were its master and secretary at its last organization. It had 90 enrolled members. 
293 Ogdensburg * Union x x
384 Middle Ridge  1881 x Middle Ridge Grange, No. 385, P. of H., one of the oldest granges in the county, owns a two-story hall building here in which meetings are held regularly. This grange is one of the strongest in the county It was incorporated April 18, 1881.
600 Ward Ward 1875/1883 x Ward Grange, No.900,P. of H., was first organized October 2, 1875, and reorganized March 2, 1883. It owns and meets in a hall building, erected in 1883, near the Segar school. in the eastern part of the township. It has now forty-five members, embracing the leading farmers of that section, and it is one of the strong and prosperous granges of the county. 
705 Middlebury  1874/1891 x Middlebury Grange, No. 705, was organized May 14, 1874, with a large membership, and was incorporated August 24, 1891. It now has a membership of 135, owns a fine hall, with spacious carriage sheds and extensive grounds, and is prosperous.
784 Union Center * x x
817 Fairview x
821 East Sullivan  Sullivan 1887 x 1995
841 Farmington Hill Farmington 1888 x Farmington Hill Grange, No. 841, which was organized March 8, 1888, meets in a hall near the Farmington Hill Methodist Episcopal church. It now numbers sixty-four members.
874 Aurora  1889 x Aurora Grange, No. 874, P. of H., was organized March 8, 1889. It meets in the Packard building at Cherry Flats, and has nearly sixty members.
876 Valley  Deerfield 1889 x Academy Corners - The village is the meeting place of  Valley Grange, No. 876, P. of H. Valley Grange was organized March 25, 1889, and is one of the strongest granges in the county, having a membership of 150. It owns a two-story, slate roof hall, purchased in 1889, and is in a flourishing condition.
Niles Valley Middlebury 1889 Niles Valley Grange, P. of H., was organized in 1889. It meets at Holidaytown and has a membership of seventy-five.
902 Shippen Shippen 1890 Shippen Grange, No. 902, P, of H., meets at Ansonia. It was organized January 8, 1890, and has now a membership of nearly forty.
903 Kennedy Kennedy is a post office situated in the southwestern part of the township, near the head of Campbell run. This is the meeting place of Kennedy Grange, No. 903, P. of H., which owns a hall building here and has a large membership.
905 Alert Nelson 1890 x Alert Grange, No. 905, P. of H., was organized January 18, 1890. It now numbers over sixty members and contemplates erecting a hall building in the near future.
912 Mitchell's Mills  1890 x Mitchell’s Mills Grange, No 912, P. of H., was organized January 31, 1890. It meets at Mitchell’s Mills. The hall owned by this society was originally the Alder Run Methodist Episcopal church building. After being purchased by the grange it was repaired and furnished , and now is one of the best grange halls in the county. The society numbers 224 members in good standing, and is prosperous.
913 North Elk Run x
918 Tioga Valley 
1890 x Tioga Valley Grange, No. 918, P. of H., was organized February 16,1890 with thirty-one charter members. The first officers were J.F.Pitts, M.; J.E. Rose, O.; Byron Bartlett, L.; Edwin Allen, S.; C.H. Horton, A.S.; W.W. Inscho, C.; W.B. Jerald, T.; Byron J. Costley, Sec.; S. McConnell, G.K.; Mary E. Bartlett, C.; Julia E. Sturdivant, F.; Estelle Clark, P.; Nettie Allen, L.A.S. The present membership of the lodge is ninety-six, and it embraces many of the leading farmers of Richmond township. The meeting place is Allen’s hall, in Mansfield.
929 Tioga County Center x
937 Lawrence x
966 Crooked Creek x
981 Troups Creek Brookfield x
989 Sabinsville  *  Clymer 1890 x x Sabinsville Grange, No. 989, P. of H., has a membership of sixty-five. It was organized December 15, 1890, and is in a flourishing condition.
1009 Wellsboro x
1016 Covington Boro  Covington 1891 x Covington Borough Grange No. 1016, P. of H., was organized March 7, 1891, and now numbers twenty- seven members. It met in Covington borough until December, 1894, when the place of the meeting was changed to the residence of Bradley Wilkins, near West Covington.There is also a large and prosperous grange in the Frost Settlement.
1017 Charleston Union x
1033 Stony Fork  1891 x Stony Fork Grange, No. 1,033, P.of H., was chartered July 1, 1891. It owns a hall building, originally erected for a store, which was purchased in the spring of 1894 for $1,000. This grange is strong and prosperous.
1047 Sebring  * 1891 x x Sebring Grange, No. 1047, P. of H., was organized November 2, 1891, with sixteen members. It now numbers 100 members, and meets regularly at Sebrings, where it owns a hall building, erected in 1892 at a cost of $500.
1056 Nauvoo Liberty 1892 Nauvoo Grange, No. 1056, P. of H., was organized in February, 1892, with eighteen members. It now numbers fifty members. Its place of meeting is Nauvoo.
1078 Sylvester  1893 x Sylvester Grange, No. 1078, was organized February 9, 1893. In 1894 it erected a two-story, frame hall building costing $600. This grange has
grown steadily and now numbers fifty-seven members.
1088 Eulalia * Westfield 1893 x x Eulalia Grange, No. 1088, P. of H., was organized August 18, 1893. It is a flourishing condition and has eight members. 
1092 South Union Grange  Union 1894 South Union Grange, No. 1092, P. of H., was organized in 1894. There are also granges at Carpenter, at Union Center and in the Thomas neighborhood, near the Bradford county line
1095 Lorenton Morris x Lorenton Grange, No. 1095, P. of H., with about fifty members, meets at Lorenton, where it erected a two-story frame hall building in 1896. 
1107 Union Charleston 1891 Union Grange, No. 1107, P. of H., was organized March 6, 1891, with thirty-four members. In 1892 it erected a hall building in Catlin Hollow, at a cost of $800
1110 Jobs Corners Jackson 1894 x Merged to East Sullivan # 821 Job’s Corners Grange, No. 1110, P. of H., was organized May 29, 1894, in the fall of which year it erected a hall building at Job’s Corners, costing $1,200. It is a strong and prosperous society, having now about 100 members, embracing the representative farmers of that section of the county. 
1113 Marshfield  1894 x Marshfield Grange, No. 1113, P. of H., comes next in the order of time, having been organized August 14, 1894. In 1895 it erected a grange hall at Marshfield, 22x48 feet, and two stories high. This grange contains about eighty members and is in a flourishing condition.
1136 Excelsior  Chatham 1895 x Excelsior Grange, No. 1136, P. of H., which meets at the hall over Beach’s store, was organized May 16, 1895. It has a membership of twenty-six. 
1223 Tioga * x x
1497 Jemison x
Totals 34 28 7
Charleston Valley Grange
P. of H. Chapter 54
at Round Top

POH 0084 in Mainesburg - Sullivan Grange. Building erected 1888 burned 1917 POH 0084 in Mainesburg - Sullivan Grange -- IOOF Hall Where grange met from 1917 until merger with #821.

Middle Ridge Grange No. 384, Delmar township

POH 821 East Sullivan Grange at Elk Run - Closed 1995 POH 0841 - Farmington Hill- Photo 1960 - Building torn down 1980s

POH 876 - Valley Grange at Academy Corners

POH 1033 Stony Fork Grange POH 1047 Sebring Grange

POH 1107 Union Grange at Catlin Hollow POH 1110 Jobs Corners Grange - Jackson Township
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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