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Who Were Among the Bradford County Pioneers

Bradford Co., PA, residents who fought in the Revolutionary War and their place of burial or death. Taken from "Pioneer & Patriot Families of Bradford Co., Penna. 1800-1825" by Clement F. Heverly, 1915, pages 436-444. (This list amends a list previously published by Heverly in Vol. I, pages 349-364) Typed for the Bradford County USGenWeb site by John Hoff of Oklahoma. See also Corrections from Kelsey Jones at bottom of page. Todd Farmerie of Ohio went through Heverly and extracted the names of many of the spouses. 
Please send me the names of any spouses you can. Register yourself as a descendant of the pioneers of Bradford who are your ancestors. Note that a few of these people are also listed on the Tioga County Revolutionary War page as they lived in both counties. If you are using a married name alias, please sign your name in the format Jane SMITH Doe.
Moonrise at sunset over Joyce's pond.
Adams, Seth   Glenwood, Troy Troy  
Allen, David S.  Mary Smith West Franklin Franklin Bob Rice
Allen, Jesse  Elizabeth Eiklor Pond Hill Wysox  
Allen, Nathaniel Lydia Stevens East Troy Troy  
Allen, Stephen O.  Jemima Dodd Pond Hill Wysox  
Anthony, John   Unknown Athens  
Atwood, Jedediah   Unknown Wysox  
Avery, Christopher Unknown Gore Sheshequin  
Avery, Christopher   Orwell Warren  
Bailey, Oliver  Hannah Scoville Granville Center Granville Linda Mutzer
Baldwin, Jabez  Nancy Tilden Glenwood, Troy Columbia  
Bardwell, Silas  Lavina Abbott Crawford place Wysox  
Bartlett, Samuel  Miss Meigs Sheshequin Sheshequin  
Batterson, Joseph   Removed from town Ridgebury  
Beeman, Dr. Ebenezer  Hannah Lum Merryall Wyalusing  
Benjamin, Richard  Martha Bennett Storrs Farm Asylum Lorenzo P. Benjamin
Benjamin, Judah  Susannah Unknown Pike  
Bennett, Wilbur  Margaret Wickizer Wysox Wysox  
Benson, John  Sybil Briggs Rutland, Tioga Co., PA Columbia  
Bingham, Ozias  Martha Rutty Riverside Monroe & Towanda  
Birney, Henry  Rachel Shears (bur. St. Stone) Died in Ohio Standing Stone James R. Barbour
Bostwick, Nathan   Prob. LeRaysville Pike  
Bosworth, Benjamin  Mary Cole's  Monroe & Towanda  
Boulogne, Chas. Felix Bue   Old French grounds Asylum  
Brainard, Jeptha  Abigail Mack Windham Windham  
Brink, Benjamin  Elizabeth Horton Sheshequin Sheshequin  Gwen MECUM Hunt, Dale Brotzman
Brink, James   Unknown Pike  
Brink, Thomas  Mary Marsh Prob. LeRaysville Pike Thomas C. Brink
Bronson, Isaac  Joanna Beardsley Babcock Hill Windham  
Bronson, Joel   Unknown Orwell  
Brown, Daniel  Miss Wigton Grover Springfield  
Brown, Obadiah Penelope Swazey, Joanna Unknown, Amanda Ferris  Southport Columbia  
Budd, John  Polly Budd farm Columbia Descendants
Buffington, Preserved   Benj. Pendleton Farm Warren  
Bumpus, Reuben  Phoebe Gibbs Bumpville Rome  
Calkins, Moses  Thankful Stevens Hilton Burlington  
Camp, Job  Anna Oviatt Merryall Wyalusing Lois GREEN Neuber
Campbell, David Philena Chase Campbell Family plot, homestead; Philena in Rutland Burlington -  See also Tioga County  
Campbell, James Jane Knox Family plot, homestead Burlington Joyce M. Tice, Sherry Lampman Nichols, Marolyn CAMPBELLCole,Linda Mutzer, Joyce DUBERT Everingham, Lynne BERGQUIST Howell
Canfield, Oliver  Sally Bradley Austinville Columbia  
Carr, Robert  unmarried Killed by indians Wyalusing  
Carr, William   Unknown Unknown Wells  
Case, Aaron  Abigail Glenwood, Troy Troy  
Case, Benj.    Unknown Warren  
Chaapel, Isaac  Tamasin Wilcox LeRoy LeRoy  
Chesley, Simeon  Elizabeth Shaffer Windfall Granville  
Child, Cromwell   Phillips farm Smithfield  
Chubbuck, Ebenezer  Lucina Craw Orwell Orwell Eve EDSELL Martin 
Clark, Benj.   Nabbe; Keziah Yarrington Ulster Ulster Sandra Johnson
Cole, Samuel Jr.   presumably unmarried At Wyoming Asylum  
Cole, Samuel Sr. Dorothy Hutchins  Genesee, NY Asylum Patricia Martens Kainu
Conkling, Jonathan   Old burying ground Athens  
Cook, Joel  Dinah Dunbar Darling Orwell  
Coolbaugh, Moses  Hannah Shoemaker Wysox Wysox  
Cooper, Richard  single? Unknown Wells  
Corbin, Clement Mary Fillebrown  Warren Heights Warren  
Cornelius, Henry  Mary Johnson On place, near Hale's  Monroe & Towanda  
Cory, Ebenezer   Unknown Columbia  
Cranmer, John  Katura Cole's  Monroe & Towanda  
Cranmer, Noadiah  Catherine Haines Cole's  Monroe & Towanda Anne Gardner
Crawford, Benjamin Olive Carpenter Terrytown Cemetery Wyalusing Carol HOOSE Brotzman
Culver, Timothy  Mary Brink, Rebecca Clark Hornbrook Sheshequin Dale Brotzman
Curry, Wm.   Charity Lockwood Milan Ulster Joyce Kolpacoff Seltzer
Custer, Isaac  Hannah Wysox Wysox  
Mr. Cuthbertson  Molly Cole at Wyoming Asylum  
Dalton, William   Merryall Wyalusing  
Decker, James B.    Taghkannick, NY Wyalusing  
Dewitt, Paul  Elizabeth Sly Hilton Burlington  
Dickey, James  Mary Magdalena Mosier Riverside Monroe & Towanda  
Dodge, Oliver  Sarah Williams Dodge farm Terry  
Drake, James  Mary Pond Hill Wysox  
Dunham, Samuel  Martha Windham Windham  
Easterbrook, Peleg Rebecca Salisbury Wysox Cemetery Bill Benson
Eiklor, Frederick  Sarah Baker Vicinity Catskill NY Rome  
Elliott, Henry  Mary Kegwin Merryall Wyalusing  
Elliott, Joseph  Patience Brown; Deborah Lewis Merryall Wyalusing  
Elliott, William   Elliott Grounds Rome  
Ennis, Cornelius  Eleanor Decker; Deborah Clark Ennis grounds Standing Stone Marolyn CAMPBELLCole , Patty Shumway, Calvin Emery
Fairchild, Ephraim  Mary Platt Stevensville Pike  
Finch, William  Mary Huxley Cole's  Monroe & Towanda  
Fish, Jabez00  Sarah Avery, Susanna Dana Sheshequin Sheshequin  
Fitch, Lemuel  Rebecca Comstock Died in captivity Standing Stone  
Fitzgerald, Robt.   Nellie Huyck grounds Standing Stone  
Flower, Zephon  Mary Patrick Franklin burying ground Athens  
Ford, Isaac  unmarried Prob. LeRaysville Pike  
Forrest, David  Abigail Morse Union Cem.  Smithfield  Jim Duggan
Fowler, Jonathan  Sarah Cole's  Monroe & Towanda  
Fox, Rudolph  Catherine Elizabeth Miller Cole's  Monroe & Towanda Sandra Bluvias Ashton
John Mingos
Fox, Thomas  Chloe Wickham farm Windham Marcia SIMONS Jankowski
Franklin, Arnold  Abigail Foster East Smithfield Smithfield  
Franklin, Col. John  Lydia Doolittle Franklin burying ground Athens Don von Wolffradt (See Note Below)
French, William  Lucy Old Franklindale Franklin  
Frisbie, Levi  Phoebe Gaylord Orwell Orwell Janelle Braithwait
Fuller, Stephen  Mary Abbott Sheshequin Sheshequin Don von Wolffradt
Furman, William  Hallock, Abigail Glenwood, Troy Columbia  Penny Paris Richter, Carlton Wolfe, Jr.
Gates, Oliver  Jemima Freeman Springfield Center Springfield  
Gaylord, Ambrose  Crasy Comstock, Elizabeth Comstock Wyoming Co., PA Wyalusing Rose Marie Anderson 
Gaylord, Justus Jr.   MIss Garner; Lucretia YORK (Buck) Wyalusing Wyalusing  
Gerould, Jabez  Demaris BENNETT East Smithfield Smithfield Carol HOOSE Brotzman
Gibbs, Joseph   Windham Summit Windham  
Gilbert, Samuel  Mary Dodge Dodge farm, Terrytown Asylum  
Gillett, Alpheus  Anna Old Chemung Ridgebury  Sandra Ball, Keith L. Warters
Goff, Samuel D.   Died in 1823 in Standing Stone Standing Stone  
Gordon, Samuel  Jane Gillespie Wyalusing Wyalusing  
Gore, Obadiah  Anna Avery Gore Sheshequin  
Gore, Samuel  Sarah Brokaw Sheshequin Sheshequin Tim Traver, Marilyn WRIGHT Powers
Grant, Capt. Josiah  Miss Woodruff; Unknown Orwell Orwell  
Grant, John   Orwell Orwell  
Granteer, Jacob  Miss Tabor Griffin Canton  
Green, Willard  Jerusha RUNYAN (Coolbaugh) Unknown Wysox  
Gregg, Andrew  Nancy Santee Riverside Monroe & Towanda Lynne BERGQUIST Howell
Gregory, Stephen Elizabeth Carter  Unknown Pike Laura Sadowsky
Griffin, Samuel Mehitable Turner  Griffin Canton Doris Peirce
Grover, Isaiah  Elizabeth Grover Scioto Co., OH Canton  
Grover, Joseph  Elizabeth Grover Springfield  
Harkness, John   Rachel Harkness Springfield  
Harkness, Wm.  Esther Harkness Springfield  
Heacock, Nathaniel  Esther State of Indiana Wysox  
Head, George Sr.   Unknown Cole's  Monroe & Towanda Joyce M. Tice, Linda Mutzer, Patricia Martens Kainu
Headly, Jacob  Hannah Hindes Granville Center Granville  
Hemenway, Thaddeus  Lavina Dudley Bumpville Rome Sylvia PAYNE Higgins, Lyle D. Rockwell, Sr.
Herrick, Ebenezer  Polly Lamb; Phoebe WOLFE (Steele) Chenango Falls, NY Monroe & Towanda  
Hickok, Asa  Esther Hinman Cadis Warren Jan Smock
Holcomb, Eli  Hannah Crofut   Ulster Peggy ROGERS Rogers, Kevin Gerard Snell
Holden, Sartile  Hannah Cook Macedonia Asylum  
Horton, Elijah  Jemima Currie Hornbrook Sheshequin Richard G. Elliott, Gwen MECUM Hunt ,Stephen King
Horton, John   Sarah Wickizer Terrytown Terry  
Howden, Alexander  unknown; "Old Mother Northrup" Unknown Athens  
Howe, Asa  Priscilla Gray Unknown Columbia  
Howe, Isaac  Mary Cande East Orwell Orwell  
Howie, Daniel   Quick's Bend Wilmot  
Huff, Jacob   Prob. Spring Hill Tuscarora  
Hulett, Samuel   Old burying ground Athens  
Huyck, Wm.   Margaret Westbrook Huyck grounds Standing Stone Frank A. Packer
Ingham, Jonas  Elizabeth Beaumont Bloomsburg, NJ Wyalusing  
Judson, Solomon  Naomi Roy farm Wells  
Keeler, Elisha  Lucina Warner Stevensville Pike  
Keeler, John  Abigail Copley Stevensville Pike  
Kellogg, Samuel  Sarah Rogers; Ruth BEEBE (Pierce) East Smithfield Smithfield Carlton Wolfe, Jr.
Kent, Bela  Lucretia Grover Cemetery Springfield  
Ketchum, Amaziah   Removed from county Asylum  
Ketchum, Samuel   Removed from county Asylum  
King, Simeon  Achsah Rose King Hill, Sullivan Springfield (also in Tioga County-Sullivan Township)  
Kingsley, Nathan   State of Ohio Wyalusing  
Kinney, Amos  Margaret Old Chemung Cem.  Athens  
Kinney, Joseph  Sarah Spalding Sheshequin Sheshequin  
Knapp, John  Eunice Wilcox Harkness, Springfield Twp.  LeRoy  
Kneeland, John  Miriam Baker Rome Orwell  
Ladd, Ephraim  Lois Chapman Northumberland Co., PA Albany Lois Nancy Davis 
Lamoreaux, Joseph   Unknown Warren  
Lamphere, Samuel  Mary Hilton Burlington  
Landon, Laban  Elizabeth Gillis Glenwood, Troy Canton Jean Deal, Jan PULLEN Barnes
Lane, Alexander  Abigail Mills Luthers Mills Burlington Dennis Fleming, Lynne BERGQUIST Howell
Lent, Henry  Catherine Elizabeth Croft Ransom Corners Rome  Susan Austin, Lyle D. Rockwell, Sr.
Lent, John  Brabara Croft Pond Hill Wysox  
Leonard, Austin  Nancy Upham Leona Springfield  
Leonard, Exekiel  Rhoda Leona Springfield William Klauk, Helen Klauk
Lewis, Benjamin   Cole's  Monroe & Towanda  
Lewis, Thomas  Mary Turrell Merryall Wyalusing  
Marsh, Simeon  Jenny (Jane Cole) State of Ohio Wyalusing  
Martin, Ralph  Anna Shoemaker; widow Kellogg Wysox Wysox  
Matthewson, Elisha  Elizabeth Satterlee Old burying ground Athens  
McAfee, Benj.   Rachel Potter Leona Springfield  
McClelland, John  Anna Maria Weller Columbia X Roads Columbia John F. McClelland
McKean, James Sr.   Jane Scott Old grounds, W. Burlington Burlington  
Merritt, Thomas  Anna Glenwood, Troy Troy  
Miles, Dr. Caleb W.   Rebecca Oak Hill Monroe & Towanda  
Miller, Jacob   Unknown Columbia  
Miller, Peter  Miss Abbott Unknown Standing Stone  
Minier, Daniel  Polly Died away from home Ulster  
Mix, Amos  Amelia Pennoyer Wysox Wysox  
Moody, Nathaniel P.  Susan Griffin Osceola, PA Rome  
Morley, Isaac  Beulah Harmon Tioga Point Athens Marolyn CAMPBELLCole
Morse, Solomon  Jemima Glenwood, Troy Troy  
Murray, Noah  Mary Stowe Springfield Center Springfield  
Northrup, Amos  Sarah Platt; unknown; Susan Bowman Stevensville Pike  Louise AGER Belsby
Norton, Jared  Miss Bridlack Sheshequin Sheshequin  
Olmstead, David   Stevensville Pike  
Paine, Enoch  unmarried Old burying ground Athens  
Park, Thomas  Abigail Nesbit Park Litchfield Lee KINNAN Fazzari, Elaine PARK Burney
Parkhurst, Abraham  Ruth Spencer Bailey farm Granville  
Parkhurst, John   Prob. Springfield Center Springfield  
Parks, John  Sarah Wallen Woodburn Wysox Charlotte PARKS Stevens, Lois GREEN Neuber
Parmenter, Abram  Patience Mills Romoved to Ohio Ulster  
Parsons, Eli  Hulda Kellogg Glenwood, Troy Columbia  
Pease, Ebenezer   East Smithfield Smithfield  
Peters, Comfort   Swansey, NH Columbia  
Phelps, Jared  Rowena Fuller East Smithfield Smithfield Joyce DUBERT Everingham
Pierce, Israel  Hannah Stiles Glenwood, Troy Troy  
Pierce, John  "widow Pierce" Milan Ulster  
Plum, John  Tryphena Hunt Babcock Hill Windham  
Potter, Robert   Wilcox Albany Marolyn CAMPBELLCole, Steven Norman, Marcia SIMONS Jankowski
Powell, Stephen  Mary Burdge Milan Ulster  
HAGAR Pratt, Betsey   John Pratt Vroman Hill Granville Daryl ELDRETT Watkins, Judy CAREY Tompkins
Pratt, Ephraim   State of Ohio Burlington  
Pratt, Isaac Theodosia Wells, Rhoda BRONSON Pike Charlene FISCHER Kolterman, Lyle D. Rockwell, Sr.
Prentice, Dr. Amos  Miss Owen Rest Cem., Sayre Athens  
Preston, John Hunt Cem.  Troy  
Preston, Levi Martha Matson Hunt Cem.  Troy  
Putnam, John  Fiche VanDensen; Lendy Andrus Granville Center Granville Janet Rinebold Webster
Quick, James  Hannah Phelps Quick's Bend Wilmot  
Rathbone, Ezra   East Smithfield Smithfield  
Rich, Elisha  Phoebe Batchelder Glenwood, Troy Troy  
Robbins, Miner  Miss Phelps Killed during the war Wyalusing  
Roberts, Asahel "Sale"   Died at Breakneck Wysox  
Roberts, Libbeus  Esther Thompson Woodruff's Corners Orwell  
Rogers, Zepheniah  Elizabeth Rood Franklin Co., OH Canton Jean Deal, Peggy ROGERS Rogers, Nancy A. Coleman
Rowlee, Shubal  Elizabeth Wright Wells Wells   Sandra Ball
Rowley, Reuben  Susannah Campbell Alba Troy  Jack Stringfellow
Runnels/Reynolds, Benj.   Lydia; Unknown Main St., Canton Canton  
Russell, Hezekiah  Ruth Fairchild, Lydia Grover Ransom Corners Orwell Nancy R. Ferber
Russell, John  Mary Woodruff Windham Windham  
Rutty, Ezra Sr.   Anna Mary Simons Riverside Monroe & Towanda  Susan Austin, Lyle D. Rockwell, Sr., Barb Conrad, Rebecca THOMAS Seehusen, Joyce DUBERT Everingham
Salisbury, Wm.   Hannah Brown Leona Springfield  
Satterlee, Elisha  Cynthia Stephens Tioga Point Athens  
Satterlee, James   Allen burying grounds Smithfield  
Schrader, John  Catharine Harmon Cole's  Monroe & Towanda Alan Wells & Lourayne H.Grannis
Scott, William Mary Stancliff  East Smithfield Smithfield Lenore Murray
Scouten, Jacob  Charlotte Roberts Mountain Lake Burlington  
Seeley, Samuel  Deborah Benjamin Durell Asylum  
Sellard, James  Lydia DeWolf Main St., Canton Canton  
Sergeant, Mara Joseph Grace Leona Springfield  
Severence, Samuel  Azuba Smith Grover Springfield  
Shaw, Jeremiah  Abigail Campbell Sheshequin Sheshequin  
Shepard, John  Anna Gore; Deborah Hawkins Rest Cem., Sayre Athens  
Sherwood, Stratton   Cadis Windham  
Shoemaker, Garrett   Removed from town Wysox  
Shores, Samuel  Polly Stephens Post Sheshequin Stephen King
Shumway, Reuben  Mariam Town Spring Hill Tuscarora Patty Shumway
Sill, Jabez  Elizabeth Noyes Macedonia Asylum  
Simons, Adrial  Sarah Bingham Ulster Ulster  
Simonson, Christopher   Ulster Ulster  
Skiff, Stephen   Removed from town Wyalusing  
Sleeper, Robert  Catharine Fox Sleeper Warren  
Smiley, Thomas  Nancy Tucker White Deer Valley, PA Franklin  
Smith, Joseph   Milan Ulster  
Smith, Lockwood  Nancy Mead ; Deborah Buck; Rachel Platt Milan Ulster Marolyn CAMPBELLCole
Lynn Sundholm, Gwen MECUM Hunt
Snell, Jacob  Anna Margaret OZIAH Died away from home Athens Nancy Griffith, John Mingos, Kevin Gerard Snell
Spalding, Ezra  Hannah Eaton Cedar Ledge Canton  
Spalding, Gen. Simon   Sheshequin Sheshequin  
Spalding, Gen John  Wealthy Ann Gore Sheshequin Sheshequin  
Spalding, Joseph  Eunice Shepard; Anna UNKNOWN (Snell) Old burying ground Athens  
Spear, Joshua  Miriam Spear Springfield  
Starks, Samuel Abigail Skeel  Prob. Spring Hill Tuscarora  
Stephens, Ira  Sibyl Ransom Angelica, NY Athens  
Stevens, Jonathan Eleanor Adams, Mary Tracy  Stevens Cem.  Standing Stone Marolyn CAMPBELLCole, Rose Marie Anderson 
Stiles, Job  Esther Burnham Old Chemung Ridgebury  
Strait, Samuel  Jerusha Burton Glenwood, Troy Troy  
Strickland, Stephen Sr.   Nancy Wilcox Died away from home Wysox Doris Peirce
Strope, Sebastian  Lydia VanValkenburg Wysox Wysox Marnie NORTON Weeks
Stuart, Charles  Mary LeRoy LeRoy  
Taber, Abraham  Puella Bunker Griffin Canton  
Talladay, Solomon  Chloe Couch Old burying ground Athens  
Taylor, Abraham  Mary Stone Stevensville Pike  
Temple, Archelaus  Emma  Old burying ground Athens  
Terry, Jonathan  Abigail Terrytown Terry  
Towner, Elijah  Mary Knapp Towner Rome Sylvia PAYNE Higgins, Marilyn WRIGHT Powers
Tozer, Julius  Hannah Conklin Tioga Point Athens  
Tracy, Nehemiah Lucy Olmstead East Smithfield Smithfield  
Tracy, Solomon  Mary Wells Canandaigua, NY Ulster  
Turrell, Job  Keziah York Unknown Wyalusing  
Tyler, Ephraim   Susquehanna Co., PA Wyalusing  
Vancise, John C.   Deborah Murray Sheshequin Sheshequin Charlotte PARKS Stevens
Vanderpool, Anthony  Elizabeth Johnson Ellis Hill  Asylum Lorenzo P. Benjamin, Patty Shumway
Vandyke, John  Martha Ulster Ulster Richard Runge
Vargeson, Daniel   Pine Creek, PA Wysox  
Vaughan, Richard  Ellen Race Wyalusing Wyalusing  
Vought, Godfrey  Polly Croft Rome Rome Anne Gardner
Warner, Thomas  Belinda Dickerson Coryland Wells   Sandra Ball, Lee KINNAN Fazzari
Washburn, Silas   Windham Windham  
Watkins, William  Lois Jenkins Greens Landing Athens  
Watts, Francis  Jane Means Died away from home Monroe & Towanda Jean Deal
Webber, William  Lois Baldwin, Hannah GRANT (Wheeler) Unknown Columbia  Todd Farmerie , Steven Norman
Wells, Lt. James  Hannah Loomis Killed at Wyoming Wyalusing  Charlene FISCHER Kolterman
Wells, James Jr.  NY State Wyalusing  
Westbrook, Cherick  Rachel Unknown Standing Stone  
Westbrook, Leonard   Removed from town Ulster  
Westcoat, Dr. Joseph   Danbury, NY Ulster  
Wheeler, Isaac Eleanor State of Indiana Asylum  
Wheeler, Isaac Bethena Columbia  See also Tioga County
Wheeler, Thomas  Hannah Grant  
Whitaker, Abraham   Warren Heights Warren  
White, Caleb  Chloe Hamilton Granville Center Granville Lynne BERGQUIST Howell
Whitney, Elisha  Esther Clark Wysox Wysox  
Wilber, John  Abigail Johnson Glenwood, Troy Troy  
Wolcott, Silas  Margaret Rowen Park Litchfield Elaine PARK Burney, Don von Wolffradt
Williams, Caleb  Abigail Andrus; Eunice BENSON (Hathaway) Glenwood, Troy Troy Louise JOHNS Neu
Wilson, Nehemiah  Polly Grover Grover Springfield Bob Phillips , Gwen MECUM Hunt
Wilson, Noah  Mary Rowley Alba Canton  
Winton, Nathan   Removed from town Wyalusing  
Wood, Consider  Mary Adams LeRaysville Pike  
Wood, John   Standing Stone Standing Stone  
Wood, Samuel  Anna Califf; Huldah Cole East Smithfield Smithfield Georgia Starr
Woodburn, Moses  Sena Wright Macafee farm Sheshequin  
Woodruff, Samuel  Mary Wysox Wysox  
Wright, Matthew   Joseph Vought farm Sheshequin  
Wythe, Joshua  Elizabeth Brewer Died in Columbus, OH Monroe & Towanda  
Yarrington, Abel Sandra Johnson

Corrections from J. Kelsey Jones

1) Wm Carr was buried in the old Baptist Burying Ground also known as Wisner Park Burying Ground in Elmira. Had marker there. Bodies and markers were removed to other cemeteries when they made a park. Many went to Woodlawn so he is perhaps buried there now. Woodlawn Cemetery office would have record if there. They are real helpful and perhaps Joan or someone could call them during regular hours. When just one look-up they will do over phone. His association with Wells was when he was living with his son for a period of time.

2) Solomon Judson and wife have a monument in Mosherville Cemetery. This is a four-sided 1800 period monument placed there sometime in the 1800's and they were evidently reinterred there. Judsons lived where later became John Roy farm. This is the first residence on main road north of Mosherville where Shutts now live and have an antique shop. Just north of this residence on main road is a bridge across Seeley Creek. At south end of bridge is a private road you can drive out and where they are getting gravel from. If you follow this road along tree line and look over you will see a sap house. North Wells Cemetery is on small knoll there. This could be same place where Judsons were buried as I believe this small cemetery was on land that was part of their farm or if it wasn't it bordered their farm, but I have no proof that Solomon and wife were buried there or elsewhere on their farm. Thus, I would just say they are buried at Mosherville vs John Roy farm. No one is going to know where John Roy farm was except for me and perhaps one or two others.

3) Reuben Rowlee of Wells should be Shubal Rowlee. I would assume perhaps typo because of two Reuben beside each other. I have no proof where Shubal is buried. Could be Mosherville, Coryland or family cemetery unknown to me. He has son Shubal Jr., in Mosherville but that does not mean his father is. Some of the old records refer to him as being buried Wells and this to me just means Wells township and is not referring to a cemetery. Elizabeth wife of Shubal died in Apr 1813 and William Keyes was suppose to be first death of an adult in Wells and he died 1813. Thus, Elizabeth would have been buried in one of the very early cemeteries Coryland or Mosherville or private family cemetery and Shubal most likely buried with her. I have always wanted to research and find out where they owned land in Wells which could give better indication of where buried. 

Subj:  Revolutionary War Soldiers
Date:  7/5/2001 5:12:54 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:  DJCarn47
To:  JoyceTice

Hi Joyce,

I noticed on the Revolutionary War page that the following soldiers are not listed: William Webber, Bradford County, lived in Columbia Twp., Bradford County, buried in unknown and unmarked grave, married Lois Baldwin; David Brown, buried in the Spear Cemetery, Bradford County, married Catherine Avery; Elisha Andrus, buried in Granville Cemetery. Also, Abraham Parkhurst is listed as a soldier buried in the Bailey Cemetery, but there is a field stone making his grave in the Granville Cemetery along with a metal marker from the Morse Funeral Home in Canton.

Jim Carn
Williamsport, PA.

Subj:  Revlution Patroits of Bradford County
Date:  7/21/2001 2:05:51 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (L. Sundholm)
Reply-to: (L. Sundholm)

#1. I am a descendant of Lockwood Smith and his wife Rachel Platt, through their son Platt Smith.

#2. Why are Philip Rogers and his son Jacob not listed? They both served and are buried in Warren Centre, Luzerne County, Pa  and Warren, Bradford County, Pa. [Answer -  because Heverly did not include them and no person has since submitted them for inclusion]

Philip = Service in the Revolution: enlisted in the 13th Regiment Albany County Militia, commanded by Col. John Mc Crea and Col. Cornelius Van Veghten.
Signed Petition for Protection-1778.
Service listed: New York in the Revolution as Colony and State by Roberts, 2nd Ed, 1898, Vol 1, pg 122. Certificate No. 382459 (date burned off) for L6 7S 1 3/4d. Issued to Philip Rogers for services as lieutenant in the above regiment.
PS-Public Papers of George Clinton, Vol 3, pg 211.

Jacob = from the records of Dickerson Rogers (son of Jacob Rogers).
"Before the removal of the family down the Hudson, my father, then a lad of some fifteen years, enlisted for three months to assist in the building of Blockhouses and forts at Fort Miller, Fort Edward, and Fort Ann. The work being completed before the expiration of the full term of three months, my father was discharged and returned to his home, and soon after was employed as before related in the removal of the family to a place of safety, down the Hudson. For the service thus rendered by my father, my mother, after his death in 1830, received a small pension by virtue of an act of Congress passed later."
In 1966, my great-aunt Mildred made mention that Jacob is buried in a meadow of Wayne Antidsdel, West Warren, Bradford County, PA.
He also served in the War of 1812, with the 32 Reg't (Krickbaum's) Pennsylvania Militia.

Do you know if the Antidsel family still owns this land, or who does?
Maybe some day I will have a chance to visit Bradford County. I would really like that. Jacob's son Dickerson moved to Wisconsin  and until my father the family has lived there.

Thank you for your time,
Lynn Sundholm

Subj:  Revolutionary War Veterans
Date:  5/3/2001 2:03:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Terry Callen) To:


My great-great-great-great-great-grandfather:

Uriah Terry, born Southold, Long Island, NY in October, 1728; died in Terrytown, PA on June 29, 1804.

First wife was Abigail Case. Second wife was my great-great-great-great-great-grandmother, Bethia Wells.

Was a Revolutionary War Veteran as well as an Elder in the Presbyterian Church.

Buried in Terrytown Cemetery.

Clement Heverly's History of Bradford County, Pennsylvania (your site) describes Uriah as "the schoolteacher, moralist, theologian and also the Poet Laureate of Terrytown, Wyalusing and all that section of county."

Terry Callen

Subj:  Revolutionary War Couples and their descendants
Date:  03/12/2002 10:52:18 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (pk)

Hello Joyce,

After receiving your latest email stating you were updating the Revolutionary War Couples page, decided I'd better register while there is still time.

I am a direct descendant of Samuel Cole, Sr., b. 8 June 1733 - married 10 March 1756, Pomfret, Windham Co, CT. to Dorothy Hutchins, b. ca. 1728 in Dudley, Worcester Co., MA (She was christened on 25 May 1729).  They are my 5G Grandparents.  Their son, Elisha Cole and his wife, Amy Salisbury Cole are my 4G grandparents.

I am also a direct descendant of George Head (my 6G Grandfather) through their daughter, Catherine Head, who married Henry Salisbury.  Amy Salisbury married Elisha Cole (the same Amy and Elisha noted above).  Amy was born 26 March 1777; Elisha was born: 15 August 1769 in Pomfret, Windham Co., CT.  They were married on: 27 June 1798 in Monroe Township.  Elisha and Amy are both buried in Cole's Farm Cemetery.

By the way, Henry Salisbury was also a Revolutionary Soldier, although I only saw William Salisbury mentioned on your page.  Henry's name is found among those persons whose services are evidence by a manuscript on file in the Comptroller's Office at Albany, NY.  Other records of Henry's War service may be found on page 275 of, New York in the Revolution as Colony and State, by James A. Roberts, Nat'l number - 77613.  His service is also noted in, The History of Monroe, by C. F. Heverly, pages 51 and 68. He was an early settler in the lower part of the Monroe township. At that time this part of the country was Lucerne County, which was later divided and the part in which Henry built his home became Bradford County. He and his wife, Catherine Head are also buried in Cole's Farm Cemetery.  Henry and Catherine are my 5G Grandparents.

If you need any further information, please let me know.  Am not sure how much you wanted sent.  Your site just keeps getting better and better!!

Patricia Martens Kainu
Billings, MT 

Subj: Update
Date:  3/24/2002 11:00:19 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Tom Brink)

Dear Joyce,

When perusing your wonderful site I researched my family of Brink's in the BRADFORD COUNTY VETERANS, PENN. Found one of my grandfathers that had been in the Rev. War but there was not much on him other than where he was buried in LeRaysville, PA. He was in the Revolutionary War.

Would like the following information to be included if possible:

Thomas Brink, son of Nicholas Brink and Catherine Decker was an Ensign in Capt. Manuel Hover's Co., Third Battalion, Sussex., N.J. He married Mary Marsh and died on 10 March, 1812 at Pike, Bradford County, PA. He was buried with his Wife  Mary at LeRaysville, Pa.

He had an interesting life as he was captured by the Indians, with two of his sons, in 1781 but apparently got away because his youngest son Simeon. of 10 children, was born in 1799 in LeRaysville, PA.

Thank you for your time in reviewing this note and thank you in advance for any consideration that you can give to this matter.

Thomas C. Brink
Phoenix, AZ

 Subj:  Clement Corbin
Date:  11/7/2002 6:19:54 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Joan and Steve Kushner)

Dear Joyce,
On your website for Rev. War Soldier,
Clement corbin's wife's name is Mary Fillebrown.  Clement b. 1 May 1733 in Dudley, Worcester County, MA and d. 1825, warren, Bradford county, PA
Joan (Hamilton) Kushner
Las Vegas, Nevada

Subj:  Samuel STARKS and Abigail SKEEL" Whittlesley Richards Starks"
Date:  11/12/2002 1:27:43 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (McCann, Julia)
To: ('')

Samuel Starks (Revolutationary War Sgt.) spouse was Abigail SKEEL (Whittlesley Richards Starks). They were my great-great-great grandparents. Samuel is the son of  Samuel Stark and Elizabeth Joyner  of New London, Conneticut.  I assume Samuel and Abigail came with the other settlers from Conneticut to the Wyoming Valley after the Revolutionary War and ended up in Wyalusing, where they lived until their deaths.  He is buried in The Spring Hill cemetery and there is a Revolutionary War soldier grave marker there.
Abigail had 2 daughters from Capt. Whittlesley and one son from Richards. Abigail and Samuel had four children:  Charles, William, Samuel,
and Elizabeth.  .  Charles remained in Pennsylvania with his father, while William and Samuel came to Mississippi with Andy Jackson in 1811. William and Samuel are cited in a plaque at the Gulf Islands National Seashore Headquarters, Ocean Springs, Mississippi by the National Park Service, as heroes of the War of 1812.
William married Nancy Ann Davis and most of the  Mississippi Gulf Coast Starks' descend from those two people.   Later, their sister, Elizabeth--a school
teacher,  traveled overland to Kentucky and then down the Mississippi on a flatboat, to join them in Mississippi to "help William's wife with the children".   Samuel died at an early age, without issue and Elizabeth never married.
In the 1950s, my Aunt, Lillian Starks Kucera, and a cousin, Francis Xavier Starks, wrote a book on the geneology.  They traveled to Wyalusing and learned of a story about Abigail Starks encountering a bear in the woods.
I hope this brief history will add to the history of Bradford County. I am constantly  learning more of these people and if I get new information, I'll be happy to pass it along.
Julia Isabelle Starks McCann 

Subj:  Revolutionary War Soldiers and their Spouses
Date:  08/20/2003 5:09:49 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Jack Butler)

First let me express my appreciation for all your work in assembling this list.

I note that you have my ancestor, Simeon Marsh, listed with what I believe is some incorrect information. According to cemetery records of Kinzua, Warren County, PA, Simeon died in Kinzua on 2/28/1825. His wife's correct name was Jane Cole; Jenny was her nickname. Simeon and Jane lived in Wyalusing township for many years before removing to Kinzua.
Best regards,
Jack Butler

Subj:  Clement Corbin
Date:  11/7/2002 6:19:54 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Joan and Steve Kushner)

Dear Joyce,
On your website for Rev. War Soldier,
Clement corbin's wife's name is Mary Fillebrown.  Clement b. 1 May 1733 in Dudley, Worcester County, MA and d. 1825, warren, Bradford county, PA
Joan (Hamilton) Kushner
Las Vegas, Nevada

Subj:  Revolutionary War Soldiers of Bradford County.
Date:  08/19/2004 5:16:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:  Mrswat99
To:  JoyceTice


I am a direct descendant ot  Elizabeth HAGAR Pratt:

1 Elizabeth HAGAR 1755 - 1843
.. +John PRATT 1760 - 1851
...... 2 Lewis PRATT 1807 - 1882
.......... +Polly VROMAN 1818 - 1895
............... 3 Weltha Ann PRATT 1840 - 1921
................... +William R COON 1842 - 1886
....................... 4 Sylvester COON 1866 - 1895
........................... +Minnie Adelia DECKER 1876 - 1934
................................ 5 William James COON 1895 - 1976
.................................... +Lena May SMITH 1901 - 1999
........................................ 6 Bernice Irene COON 1924 - 1990
............................................ +Edward Warren ELDRETT, Jr 1921 - 2004
................................................. 7 Daryl Alice ELDRETT 1952 -

Daryl ELDRETT Watkins

 Subj:  Betsey Hagar Pratt... Revolutionary War Decendant
Date:  08/20/2004 7:38:22 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (judy tompkins)

Joyce, I'm a direct decendent of Betsey. Could you please put my name...Judy Carey Tompkins along with Daryl Eldrett Watkins.Thank you

   Direct Descendants of Elizabeth HAGAR
1 Elizabeth HAGAR 1755 - 1843
.. +John PRATT 1760 - 1851
...... 2 Lewis PRATT 1807 - 1882
.......... +Polly VROMAN 1818 - 1895
............... 3 Weltha Ann PRATT 1840 - 1921
................... +William R COON 1842 - 1886
....................... 4 Sylvester COON 1866 - 1895
........................... +Minnie Adelia DECKER 1876 - 1934
................................ 5 William James COON 1895 - 1976
.................................... +Lena May SMITH 1901 - 1999
........................................ 6 Geraldine Ethel COON 1927 - 2003
............................................ +Gordon Arlin CAREY 1926 -
................................................. 7 Judy Lynn CAREY 1948 -
thank you

Subj:  Rogers Clan Bradford County
Date:  09/05/2004 11:04:17 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: (Pedi)
 Hi Joyce,
I was very interested reading all your work.  I was wondering why my ancestors Philip and Jacob Rogers are not listed in the Rev War Veterens. This was also asked by Lynn Sundholm several years ago.  She offered the information but they are still not listed.  I am a member of the DAR and my
mom spent 20+ years researching our family.  How can I get them included on your lists.  I would appreciate a reply and would be happy to share what
information I have.  Many of the Rogers are buried in Bradford.  Also, did you know my friend Adelle Wheaton?  She and my mom were very close.  Thanks for your help  Karen Pedi
      Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
      Revolutionary Soldiers of the Tri-Counties

      Bradford County, Pennsylvania
      101 Revolutionary War Veterans

Dear Joyce:

Congratulations on the great work you continue to do!  I am unsure as to whether this is the appropriate e-mail address to submit additions to the
above web page but being unable to find the alternative, I herein submit three additions to the above Tri-County website.

The additions are David Sprague Allen, Stephen Oney Allen and Isaac Allen all residents of Bradford County, PA in its very early history. Each is the
son of Daniel Allen a settler to Bradford County in 1797.

Each of the above proudly served the Colonies during the Revolutionary War. The following chronicles their participation and their Revolutionary War
bona-fides have been verified on several occasion. My Mother was Ruth Francis Allen, thus detailed ALLEN HISTORY genealogy information is
available on request to interested parties.

Your work will preserved throughout the world and time!

Bob Rice
11 Andes Drive
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055-5504

Pertinent details of their service is as follows:

DIED, - at Towandee 25th of April, Mr. Daniel Allen, of a mortification in his foot, in the 87th year of his age: He was one of the first settlers in
the Susquehannah purchase; professed experimental Christianity, when he was more than 80 years old; and was the baptised on the profession of his faith;
and at last died in peace. His body was interred 1805 in West Franklin, Luzerne Co, PA.

He married Sarah Sprague Allen 11 Nov 1745 in Smithfield, Providence Co, RI.(598)

Sarah was born 21 Nov 1728 in Providence, RI.(599) (Additional notes for Sarah Sprague Allen(600) Sarah died 21 Feb 1813 in Franklin, Luzerne Co, PA at 84 years of age.(601) Her body was interred 24 Feb 1813 in West Franklin, Luzerne Co, PA. She was listed as a resident in the census report 1800 in Luzerne Co, PA.

Daniel was employed at as a carpenter in Beekman Patent, Dutchess Co,NY May 1760. A census listed Daniel as head of household 1800 in Luzerne Co, PA. Daniel Allen was born 25 Apr1718 near Providence, R.I. After he and Sarah Sprague, of Smithfield, were married in 1745, they removed with their family to Dutchess Co, NY, then on to the Wyoming Valley in Luzerne Co, PA. During the Revolutionary War, they, their three sons and their families, all fled back to Dutchess Co. All three sons served in the Rev War. Returning to Luzerne Co around 1796, the three brothers set up a grist mill near Towanda Creek, Franklindale. Daniel Allen joined them from Dutchess Co in 1797.
345 v. DAVID SPRAGUE ALLEN (604) was born in Cumberland, Providence Co, RI 25 Apr 1756.(605) David died 29 May 1837 in Franklin, Luzerne Co, PA at 81 years of age. His body was interred aft 29 May 1837 Bradford Co, PA. He married Mary Smith Allen est 1776.(606)

He was inducted into the military Sep 1777 Bradford Co, PA. From the Pension papers of David Sprague Allen

:DAVID S ALLEN of Bedford Co, PA was a Private in the company of Capt Blanchard of the Regt of Col Butler in the PA Militia for 19 months. He was
allowed pension of 63.33 per annum to commence on the 4th day of March, 1831. Died May 26, 1837.

David stated he was born in April, 1756 in Smithfield, RI. He lived at Lackawanna; since the war he lived six years in Goshen, NY, 10 years at
Wyoming and the residue on Towanda Creek near Franklin twp, Bradford Co, PA. His claim is signed with his mark. George Scott and Eliphalet Mason attest.

A letter dated 24 Feb 1933 to Mrs. Leslie O Campbell, 401 No High Street, Georgetown, OH from A.D. Heller, Asst Administrator states that David S. was living in Lackawanna, Wyoming Co, PA in Sept 1777 when he enlisted with the PA troops. He enlisted again in July, 1779, in Goshen, Orange Co, NY while living there
346 vi. STEPHEN ONEY ALLEN (607)
was born Dutchess Co, NY 17 Sep 1758.(608)

There is some controversy on the birth place of Stephen. The Allen family Bible says he was born in Dutchess Co, NY, and the DAR application says CT.
Stephen died 17 Apr 1831 in Wysox, PA at 72 years of age. His body was interred 20 Apr 1831 Bradford Co, PA. He married Jemima Dodd Allen 7 Sep
1790 prob Bradford Co, PA.(609)
Jemima was born 3 June 1763. Jemima died 8 Feb 1844 at 80 years of age.Stephen served in the military 1779-1780 NY Militia.(610) Stephen was a
Private enlisting in NY during the Revolutionary War. His records all show his name as "Oney", but it is presumed that he was named after the Olney
family of Rhode Island.
From the DAR application of Isabel Consuelo Sairs Keeney, wife of G.T. Keeney, 117 Edward, Athens, PA, 20 Jan 1933 - Tioga Chapter. (Note: Her
mother was the Chapter Secretary, Mabel L. Crum Sairs)

Mrs. Keeney states that she is a descendant of Stephen Oney Allen, b CT 17 Sep 1758, d Wysox, PA 17 Apr 1831, and that he went to Dutchess Co., NY after the Wyoming Massacre in 1778. She was b in Litchfield, Bradford Co, PA., the d/o Leslie M. Sairs b 21 May 1882, and Mabel L. Crum b 28 July 1884 md 2 Jul 1902.

Mabel was d/o G. Wilbur Crum b 17 May 1859 & Hattie Clarissa Allen b 2 Jun 1859 md 14 Oct 1879.

Hattie was d/o Stephen Oney Allen b 7 Apr 1835 d 15 Mar 1903 (written above 13), & Martha Clarissa Parks b 22 Jun 1838 d 4 Jan 1903 md 17 Oct 1857.

Stephen was s/o Joseph Allen b 18 Sep 1795 d 7 Jun 1872 & his 2nd wife Clarissa White b 24 Nov 1802 d 7 Apr 1873 md 14 Mar 1831. 1st wife was Polly Johnson.

Joseph was s/o Stephen Oney Allen b 17 Sep 1758 d 17 Apr 1831 & Jemima Dodd b 3 Jun 1763 d 8 Feb 1844, md 7 Sep 1790.

Stephen Oney Allen was a Private during 1779-1780 and served in Van Woert's Regiment, NY Albany County Militia.

347 vii. Sarah Allen was born Dutchess Co, NY 7 Jul 1761.(611) Sarah died 12 Apr 1780 in Orange Co, NY at 18 years of age.(612)
ISAAC ALLEN:  It should be noted here that Isaac was resident to early Bradford County, PA as a taxpayer in 1812 Franklin Township.


: 25 April 1818, Litchfield Co, CT - Isaac Allen of Norfolk appeared, state she is 63 years of age, that he enlisted at Fort Stanwick on the Mohawk
River, NY, where he then was a soldier, the month of March 1777; he was honorably discharged in the state of NJ at the close of the war. He was at
the Brandywine Battle, the Germantown Battle, a Battle on Staten Island, and was at Yorktown at the taking of Cornwallis and his Army. He was in the
service of his country about one year and seven months before he enlisted.He received the Badge of Honor for six years faithful service. Michael J.
Mills Esq. of Norwalk attested for Isaac.

Mrs. Leslie O. Campbell of Georgetown, OH wrote the Pension Commissioner on 18 Feb 1834 asking for the above information. In the answer provided by A.D.Hiller, Assistant to the Administrator, he notes that Isaac Allen died 8 Oct 1818. This conflicts with the Ohio DAR records which state that Isaac died
in 1825 (based on Bible Records) in Madison Co, OH where he had gone with his family from PA.
DAR APPLICATION OF JENNIE M. WILKINSON, wife of Joseph Wilkinson, 509

Stanton Ave., Springfield, OH, 25 Mar 1935. (Note: Mrs. Wilkinson wasendorsed by Celia H. Campbell of Georgetown, OH)

Mrs. Wilkinson states that she is a descendant of Isaac Allen b Cumberland, RI 18 Dec 1753 d Madison Co, OH 16 Jan 1825, at the time of the Revolution he was living in Wyoming Valley, PA and escaped the Massacre with his fathers family.
Mrs. Wilkinson was b in Wenona, Marshall Co, IL She was the d/o William McMorris b 24 Jan 1830 d 9 Dec 1894 & Melissa Ann Durflinger b 13 June 1838 d 15 Jan 1914 md 27 Jan 1859.

Aloha, Joyce -

On this page,, you asked us to register if we are descendants, so here is my lineage from Sebastian Strope (wife Lydia Van Valkenburg).  I'd be proud and happy to list my email ( on your page.

Thanks for everything.

Marnie NORTON Weeks



I hope this is the way you wanted this submitted; I'm still finding my way around your site.=======================================

Direct Descendants of Sebastian Straub/Strope

1 Sebastian Straub/Strope b: Bef. 01 Jan 1743 in West Camp, Ulster Co., NY

d: 04 Jun 1805 in Wysox Twp, Luzerne (now Bradford), PA

.. +Lydia Van Valkenburg d: 1814 in prob Wysox, Bradford, PA

.. 2 Jannetze "Jane" Strope b: 15 Mar 1770 in Catskill, NY

d: 06 Jul 1852 in Toulon, Stark Co, IL

...... +Gideon Whitaker b: 27 Apr 1761 in Killingly, CT d: 1822-1823 in nr Owego, NY

....... 3 Oliver Whitaker b: 12 Apr 1807 in nr Owego, Tioga, New York

........... +Catharine B. Broadhead b: Abt. 1816 in New York

............ 4 Hannah J. Whitaker b: 1836 in Mansfield, Pennsylvania

................ +Samuel S. Kaysbier b: in Wayne Co, OH

d: Aft. 1883 in prob Seneca, Nemaha, KS

................. 5 Minnie Maude Kaysbier b: 16 Aug 1865 in Toulon, Stark, IL

d: 21 Mar 1955 in Orange Co, CA

..................... +George Byron Norton b: Aug 1864 in Bucyrus, Crawford, OH

...................... 6 Fred Byron Norton b: 13 Apr 1887 in Kansas

d: 31 Oct 1981 in Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA

.......................... +Marie Alice Seltzer b: 17 Dec 1887 in Denver, Arapahoe Co., CO

d: 28 May 1956 in Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA

.......................... 7 Ted Raymond Norton b: 16 Nov 1919 in Stockton, San Joaquin Co., CA

d: 20 Oct 1998 in Kailua, O'ahu, HI (at home)

.............................. +Dorothy Ruth Bartholomew b: 15 Jul 1920 in Stockton, San Joaquin, CA

                                                d: 12 May 2002 in Kailua, O'ahu, HI (at home)

............................... 8 Marnie Marie Norton b: 27 Mar 1947 in Pittsburg, CA

Hi Joyce,
I would like to have my name added as a descendant of three prominent Bradford County, PA pioneers.

Col. JOHN FRANKLIN. John Franklin had no children but he did marry Abigail Fuller, the widow of Capt. James Bidlack of Conneticut who was
killed at the battle of Wyoming in 1778. Abigail Fuller is my 5th great grandmother. I guess that would make Col. John Franklin my 5th step great grandfather.
STEPHEN FULLER. Steven is my 6th great grandfather on my mother's side.
SILAS WOLCOTT. Silas is my 4th great grandfather.

Thank you,
Don von Wolffradt
Four Seasons, Missouri

In a message dated 5/10/2008 6:10:33 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
I believe that your Web site contains some incorrect info.
According to the page:
Who Were Among the Bradford County Pioneers,
Jabez Sill and his spouse, Elizabeth Noyes, are buried in Macedonia.

Jabez Sill and his spouse, Elizabeth Noyes, did have a son, also named Jabez Sill.
Your are correct in stating that Jabez Sill is buried in Macedonia.  But it is the Junior, not the Senior, that is buried there.  Jabez Senior was buried in Wilkes-Barre.  My source is:
Patricia Law Hatcher, Abstract of graves of revolutionary patriots, 1988, 4:34, which lists both of them.

Elizabeth NOYES "Sill", wife of Jabez Senior and mother of Jabez Junior, died in Windsor, CT & is buried in Windsor's Palisado Cemetery.  I believe that this can be verified in: Charles R. Hale collection of Connecticut vital records.

A fellow researcher brought your Web page to my attention.  If you accept my facts and sources, please remove the reference of Elizabeth Noyes, so that this incorrect info is no longer promulgated.

Thank you.
Ted Mudge

Date:  6/09/2009
From:  William Dell Woodburn,
To:  Joyce Tice
Re:  Moses Woodburn, MacAfee Farm, Sheshequin Twp
Always enjoy going through all of your hard work!  Rather intimidating!
Moses Woodburn's spouse was Asenath "Sena" Wright.
Also, contrary to the History of Sheshequin 1777 - 1902, Bradford County Pa, by
Clement Heverly; records at Stonington, Conn show that Moses was the son of George and Mary (Culver) Woodburn and not George and Mary (Putnam) Woodburn.
I also have a copy of Moses pension request for serving during the Revolution should the Tri-County like to have a copy.
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA

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