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Revolutionary War Soldiers and their Spouses Who Were Among The Pioneers of Tioga County PA
Following is a list of known Revolutionary War soldiers and their wives who are buried in, or who lived in Tioga County PA. This includes many who were residents of the county at the time they filed pension papers but about whom little is known. If you can fill in any of the gaps in the chart below, please contact me. The primary source for this material is Our Revolutionary Heritage, Rhoda ENGLISH Ladd, 1985. Supplementary material is from the database of Joyce M. Tice's Sullivan-Rutland Genealogy Project. Since Rhoda's book was published additional residents have been certified as revolutionary soldiers, such as my own ancestor, Jonathan Wood, whom I have included in the list. If you know of other soldiers who are not listed, but for whom you have documented evidence, please notify me so I can add them to the list. I will be adding family reports for those who are in my database. If you have material to contribute to the biographies and family information of these couples, please contact me. Joyce M. Tice 
If you are descended from any of these people, you may have your name listed with them in the descendants column. Contact me at Note that a few of these people are also listed on the Bradford County Revolutionary War page as they lived in both counties. If you are using a married name alias, please sign your name in the format Jane SMITH Doe.
  Dates Spouse Dates Cemetery & Descendants
Allen, Jacob 1763-1836 Susanna Alden   Prospect Cemetery
Atwood, Moses 1747-1855     Catlin Hollow Cemetery
Austin, David   Hannah Buckley -1828 (Hannah)
Babb, Sampson 1740-1814 Anne Way   Lewis Cemetery
Bailey, Robert 1756/57-1821 Asenath Wilson   Dartt Settlement (Asenath)
Baker, Samuel   Elizabeth Daniels    
Bemis, Isaac 1755-1839 Mary E. Stevens    
Bennett, Joseph Margaret -1834  
Benson, John 1759-1826 Sybil Briggs   Rutland ??
Blanchard, Abner   Hannah Curtis    Ruby Blanchard Reeser
Bockus, George 1760-1848 Susanna Alden   Old Bockus Family Burying Ground
Borden, Selden 1764-1847 Hannah Cleveland 1762-1847 Charleston ??
Elizabeth Munroz (
Bowman, Godfrey (W1812) -1851 Susanna -1853  
Brown, Daniel -1838 Toxalena -1842 Ames Hill Cemetery
Brown, John 2nd   Elizabeth   Brookfield
Buckley, Israel 1762-1828 Lucy Chapin 1767-1844 Old Pioneer Cemetery at Academy Corners
Burley, Ebenezer 1762-1835      
Burlingame, Stephen 1762-1835     Smith Burying Ground (Deerfield)
Button, Peter 1749- Hannah Ruggs, Margery    
Campbell, David 1767-1848 Philena Chase -1838 Campbell Cemetery (Burlington) / Sopertown Cemetery (Philena)
Chaplain, Obadiah   Tabitha    
Chapman, David        
Clark, Lemuel        
Clark, Seth 1753-1833 Eleanor Burr 1761-1838 Powers Corners, Dave Clark
Coates, Timothy ca1750-aft 1804 Content Stewart 1754- Fairview Cemetery,Osceola ??
Cole, Royal 1760-1849 Hannah Wheaton Stephens   Wellsboro Cemetery, Tom Wetmore
Colvin, Joseph 1750- Ruth Aylesworth   Paul Giometti
Cook, Levi        
Cook, Reuben 1747-1829 Sarah 1757-1833 Osceola
Corey, Jonathan 1750-1790     Clark Cem. Tioga/Bradford line (Soper Knoll)
Cosper, David (W1812) -1864 Elizabeth Chappell -1886 Indiana
Crippen, Roswell ca 1755- ca 1810 Sarah Griffis   Rutland Township
Culver, Timothy 1741- Rebecca Clark, Mary Brink    
Cummings, Jacob  1763-  Hannah    Barry C. K. Moravek
Cummings, Thomas 1759-1845 Elizabeth Hildreth, Lodema Blanchard Knoxville Cemetery,   Barry C. K. Moravek
Daggett, Reuben 1755-1835 Esther Cobb, Keziah Darby, Abigail Woodard   Old Daggett Cemetery
Dartt, Justus 1757-1838 Hannah Gleason   Old Pioneer Cemetery, Charleston
Dill, George        
Doud, Peleg -1849 Isabelle Rumsey   Rumsey/Doud Cemetery
Ellis, Richard 1760-1841 Eunice Chilson, Chloe Chilson    
Finch, Samuel -1839 Polly -1841 Lawrenceville Cemetery
Fletcher, Thomas       Brookfield township
Gleason, Abner 1745-1816 Abigail Rich, Deborah Baker   Fairview Cemetery,Osceola ??
Gray, James, Sr. 1761-1846 Parthenia White 1768-1833 Gray Family Burial Ground - Sullivan Township W. John Bauer
Greenleaf, Israel 1765-1847 Sarah Hoadley 1791-1840 Academy Hill Cemetery Betty McCaslin Updegrave
Harding, Samuel 1766-1850 Love Mayhew 1770-1848 Kings Hill Cemetery
Hart, Adam -1839 Nancy K -1846 Powers Corners
Hart, George -1833 Magdalena Schapert   Salem Cemetery
Hill, Ebenezer 1762-1840 Margaret Montgomery    
Holcomb, Levi        
Holiday, Andrew       Elkland
Hotchkiss, Harris 1758 -1854 Lucy Carey  1769 -1853 Pioneer Cemetery at Tioga [Marvin Focht]
Howland, John 1743-1835 Lois Eddy 1755-1825 Quaker Cemetery
Huntington, Christopher 1761-1854 Eunice Shaddock 1762- Canoe Camp
Huyler, John 1764- Hannah Whitney, Phebe Slocum   Helen Bowers 
Jackson, Ebenezer 1762-1839     Academy Corners
Jay (Gee), David 1752-1833 Mary Ryder 1760-1843 Holiday Cemetery
Joseph, John 1754-1823 Sarah Teed 1756- Bacon Cemetery,Brookfield
Keeney, Thomas 1751-1840 Mercy Lamb 1748-1839 Riverside Cemetery,Chemung
King, James 1765-1844 Rebecca ??, Rhobe Howland   Krusen Cemetery Wendy Marani
King, Simeon 1757-1844 Achsah Rose 1775-1880 King Hill Cemetery
Kiphart, Jacob -1813 Anna Marie Grove -1815 Berry Burying Ground, Tioga Ruby Blanchard Reeser
Knowlton, Henry 1756-1835 Sybil Wright -1793 State Road Cemetery
Marilyn Madden
Knox, George        
Lamb, Gad 1744-1824 Penelope Leonard, Jerusha Ripley   Lamb's Creek Cemetery
Lamphear, Abel        
Lapham, Porter        
Lee, Daniel 1762-1841 Jerusha Page, Hannah Barnes 1776-1857 Quaker Cemetery
Leffler, John        
Lefler, John -1844  Unknown   Jobs Corners Cemetery, Jodi Roper
Locey, Jesse 1760-1845 Patty, Zilpha Adams   Old Cemetery at Holidaytown
Locey, Stephen        
Lownsberry, Isaac 1757-1851 Anna Sloat, Susannah Wright 1767-1788 Canoe Camp Cemetery, Dave Morehouse
Luddington, William L. 1764-1835 Ruth Ann Minor -1835 [Marvin Focht -] 
Mattison, David 1742/3- Massey Sweet  1752 Free Church Cemetery Ken Sullivan, Deborah Economidis
Mattison, Jonathan -1859 Lydia Colvin   Knoxville Quaker Cemetery
Merrick, Joseph 1739-1826 Deborah Leonard    
Miller, Garrett 1758-1824 Mary Smith 1759-1824 Millerton Cemetery
Moody, Nathaniel P. 1760-1832 Susan Griffen -1814 Osceola Cemetery
Morgan, Simeon 1761-1838 Elizabeth Farnum   State Road Cemetery
Morrill, Stephen        
Mudge, Joshua 1737-1821 Mary Cornish 1742-1808 both in New York State (Chili & Unadilla) Joyce M. Tice
Newell, John 1745-1836 Mary Willard, Hannah Grant   Rutty Cemetery Barb Conrad
Niles, Nathan 1755-1839 Irene Russell 1755-1848 Dailey Cemetery
Nobles, Azel/Azer/Asa 1764-      
Paul, Mott        
Phelps, Oliver 1765-1848 Roxanna Owen 1765-1847 Nelson Cemetery
Phillips, Sylvester 1758-1841 Rachel Chilson 1758-1840 Champlin Cemetery
Pond, Phineas 1758-1846 Rhoda Wood 1764-1818 State Road Cemetery
Powers, Manassah        
Putnam, Elijah 1761-1825 Betsey Fayron, Lucy Reddington -1831 Covington Cemetery
Rathbun, Thomas -1832 Elizabeth    
Reynolds, Abijah 1760- Margaret    
Rixford, Simon 1763-     Family Plot in Clymer
Rose, Russell 1753-1830 Phoebe Orvis, Lydia Orvis   State Road cemetery
Alice Taychert
Rowley, Nathan 1758-1833  Anna  Canoe Camp Cemetery   Jack Stringfellow, Dave Morehouse
Rumsey, Jeremiah 1763-1842 Asenath Doud 1773-1854 Rumsey-Doud Cemetery - Judy Longley
Dawn Green, [Marvin Focht -] 
Ryon, John 1748-1832 Sarah Goodale, Sarah Walker, Isabelle   Elkland Cemetery
Schoonover, Christopher 1763-1851 Hannah Carpenter, Mary    
Seeley, Benjamin 1750-1828 Sarah Moon 1768-1859 Pioneer Cemetery, Austinburg
Seeley, Ebenezer 1756-1837 Mehitabel Todd 1756-1839 Old Quaker Cemetery,Knoxville
Sharp, Andrew        
Short, Asa -1824 Olive Burrell -1841 Clymer township Helen Heyart
Short, David        
Short, John        
Shumway, Peter 1753-1832 Lydia Sleeman, Dolly Nichols   Shumway Hill Cemetery
Steele, Robert 1753-1836 Esther Rowe   Butler Cemetery, Delmar
Stone, Amos        
Strait, Daniel -1815 Mary Nelson   Smithville NY
Sweet, Paul 1765-1842 Hannah 1774-1854 Ames Hill Cemetery
Thomas, Ezekiel 1747-1808 Susannah Russell   Westfield
Thompson, Joseph 1757-1842 Catherine Coates   Academy Hill Cemetery
Tubbs, Samuel 1755-1841 Sarah Susannah Dorrance 1760-1838 Osceola Cemetery
Tuttle, Ayres 1762-1837 Rhoda Bassett,Hannah Barnes 1764-1792 dates of first wife Champlin Cemetery
Tuttle, Ebenezer 1766-1836 Elizabeth, Lucy 1771-1813 and 1782-1866 Jobs Corners Cemetery
VanGorder, Moses        
VanGorder, Samuel 1762-1840 Catherine Sheridan 1767-1833 Bullock Cemetery
Waklee, John 1759-1838  Elizabeth Cummings   Quaker Cemetery Barry C. K. Moravek
Warden/Worden, Benjamin        
Washburn, Isaiah 1754-1840 Priscilla Wood -1817 Windham Cemetery (Bradford County) Priscilla buried in Cortland NY 
Deborah Seaton
Wattles, Daniel 1761-1839     Bentley Cemetery (Rutland)
Welch, Nathaniel 1754-1832 Lura Dickenson 1764-1857 State Road Cemetery; Robert N. Odell
Westbrook, Abraham        
Wheeler, Isaac 1754-1833 Bethena    
Whitmore, Nathan 1753-1860      
Wood, Jonathan* 1756-1842 Hannah Whitlock, Wife 2, Elizabeth   Wood Cemetery Joyce M. Tice, Joan NASH O'Dell, Anne PRATT Slatin, Charlene FISCHER Koltermann
Woodcock, John -1848 Hannah -1849 Austinburg Pioneer Cemetery
Subj:  Jacob STOLL
Date:  11/25/2001 4:14:37 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: (Jacqueline Thurlow)

Dear Joyce, I would like to add the name of Jacob STOLL (sometimes spelled as "STULL") to the list of Rev. War soldiers of Tioga County. This has been
a difficult search partly due to Jacob's association with "Newtown (Newton), Sussex County, NJ and then "Newtown", NY. Also members of the original
"STOL" family settled in different counties in NJ. Jacob was a member of Newtown's(Newton's), NJ "committee of safety" as well as Captain of the local "6 Company" which served in both PA and Delaware during 1778. I have copies of the original payment records signed by Cap't Jacob Stoll for his company of 60 men of Col. Hankinson's Regiment. These records vary according to # of men involved and where service took place. On 26/May/1784, Jacob sold his 50 acre tract, containing the old mill etc., in "Newton", NJ to his brother, John.  The next record of Jacob STULL is when he purchased lot #69 in Oct. 1788, 104 acres, in what was to be Southport, Chemung Co., NY.  Jacob, son of John (Jans) STOLL was b. circa 1741 m. Sara Pittenger (1773--1764) d. 14/Nov/1809 in Tioga (Chemung Co) NY.
His son, Jacob Jr., b. circa 1775 m. "Phebe CASE of Newton", NJ d. 13/Jan/1852.  I have much info re: son of Jacob, Jr. and Phebe, James STOLL.
I would like to know where 1st and 2nd mentioned Jacobs are buried. I do know where James and his wife, Adeline McKeel SMITH are buried although your site lists them as "STROLL".  This is not the name on the tombstones. I would appreciate any information anyone might have re: Phebe CASE.  Jacob
probably returned to NJ to marry Phebe as she is listed by Justice of the Peace John Gustin to be living in Newton (later Frankford) Township, NJ.
Although I know gr-parents of Adeline McKeel SMITH (m. James STOLL) were Gabriel SMITH and Polly Peterson and parents were Gabriel SMITH Jr. and #1 wife, Sarah MCKEEL, I cannot sort out the Gabriel L. SMITH and just Gabriel SMITH mentioned in History of Chemung County.  If you know of anyone who could help, I'd be grateful.  I had emailed a person but she just replied that if I could substantiate that Adeline was a member of her Gabriel SMITH, it would be interesting. Thanks for your attention. Jacqueline (Jackie)
Pulver Thurlow

Date:  01/09/2004 6:55:03 PM Eastern Standard Time
From:  HSteven899
To:  JoyceTice

You have listed John G. Huyler and his wives 1) Hannah Whitney 2) Phebe R. Slocum on your page for Rev. War Veterans and their spouses.  I would like to add addition data on John.

John G. Huyler was born 4 Oct 1763 in Hackensack, Bergen Co., NJ.  He died 10 Sept. 1846 in Westfield, Tioga Co., PA.  John G not only served in the Amer. War but in the War of 1812 as well.  He was wounded in the battle of Queenstown, N.Y. and taken, a prisoner, into Canada.  This information is from affidavits filed to obtain a military pension.

John G Huyler and his first wife Hannah Whitney are my 4th great grandparents.

Helen BOWERS Stevenson

Hi Joyce,

I don't find Sylvester Bailey amongst the compiled list of Bradford or Tioga revolutionary Soldiers.

Pennsylvania Pensioners - 1835
County: Tioga Co.
Name: Sylvester Bailey
Rank: Private
Annual Allowance: 24.00
Sums Received: 178.53
Description of service: Gill's infantry
When placed on the pension roll: March 28, 1826
Commencement of pension: March 28, 1826

Selected Final Pension Payment Vouchers - Pennsylvania
Bradford County, 7 Sept 1836
Sylvester Bailey died 9 July 1835
Served in Captain Jett's Company 20th Regiment, U. S. Infantry
Resident of Elmira, Tioga County, 2 years and previously of Sullivan, Tioga
County, PA
Widow Zilpha signed by mark J. Kelsey Jones

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 5/27/98
By Joyce M. Tice

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