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1840 Census of Pensioners, Revolutionary or Military Service - Bradford County
Pensioner Age Head of Household Township
Christopher Avery 75 George Avery Warren
Ozias Bingham 89 Cornelius Coolbaugh Wysox
Benjamin Bosworth 85 John Haythorn Burlington
Daniel Brewster   Daniel Brewster Wyalusing
Benjamin Brink 76 John Brink Sheshequin
Isaac Bronson 81 Isaac Bronson Windham
John Budd 77 John Budd Columbia
Preserved Buffington 80 Preserved Buffington Warren
Reuben Bump 84 Hiram Drake Rome
David Campbell 72 David Campbell Burlington
Oliver Canfield 72 Oliver Canfield Columbia
William Carr 79 Moses J. Carr Wells
Simon Chesley 74 Simon Chesley Granville
Ebenezer Chubbuck 78 James Cleavland Orwell
Samuel Cole 54 Samuel Cole Wysox
Joanna Corey 84 Ebenezer Corey Columbia
Henry W. Cornelius 81 H. W. Cornelius Asylum
Isaac Custard 80 Isaac Custard Wyalusing
James B. Decker 102 Levi Decker Wyalusing
James Dickey 86 James Dickey Borough of Towanda
James Drake 84 James Drake Wysox
Martha Dunham 77 Henry Dunham Windham
William Elliott 88 Samuel Elliott Rome
Joseph Elliott 83 Joseph Elliott Wyalusing
Zephon Flower 74 Zephon Flower Athens
Isaac Ford 76 Isaac Ford Pike
Daniel Gardner 62 Daniel Gardner Wysox
Joseph Gibbs 77 Joseph Gibbs Windham
Alpheus Gillot 80 Alpheus Gillot Ridgebury
Sarah Gore 76 Sarah Gore Sheshequin
Stephen Gregory 86 Jesse Gregory Pike
John Harkness 80 John Harkness, Jun Springfield
Esther Heacock 81 Reuben Heacock Warren
Sartile Holden 89 Octavius A. Holden Wysox
Asa Howe 80 Asa Howe Columbia
William Huyck 77 William Huyck Wysox
Lucretia Kent 78 Isaac Cooley Springfield
Simeon King 82 Alvin Parmenter Springfield
Joseph Kinney 84 Joseph Kinney Sheshequin
John Kneeland 75 Hiram Frost Orwell
Alexander Lane 78 Alexander Lane Burlington
Joseph Lomoreaux 87 John Dickerson Warren
Elizabeth Mathewson 75 E. Mathewson Athens
Benjamin McAffee 77 Benjamin McAffee Springfield
Anna M. McClelland 80 Peter McClelland Columbia
Walter S. Minthorn 56 Walter S. Minthorn Rome
Amos Mix 85 Hiram Mix Borough of Towanda
Jared Norton 83 Jared Norton Sheshequin
Abigail Park 79 Thomas Park Litchfield
Ebenezer Pease 80 Ebenezer Pease Smithfield
Rowena Phelps 76 Augustus Phelps Smithfield
John Plum 75 John Plum Windham
Levi Preston 76 Ebenezer Preston Troy
John Putnam 72 Luman Putnam Granville
Benjamin Reynolds 79 Benjamin Reynolds Leroy
William Salisberry 82 Chauncey Guthin Springfield
James Satterlee 77 James Satterlee Smithfield
Cynthia Satterlee 71 J. F. Satterlee Athens
Mary Scott 88 John Scott Smithfield
Jacob Scouten 85 William Nicholls, Jr Burlington
Samuel Seeley 98 Amos Ackler Monroe
Azuba Severence 77 Samuel Severence Springfield
Stratton Sherwood 91 Stratton Sherwood Windham
Christopher Simonson 79 Garret Simonson Ulster
Wealthy Ann Spalding 73 Zebulon R. Spalding Sheshequin
Mary Squires 97 Charles Squires Herrick
Jonathan Stevens 75 Jonathan Stevens Wysox
Job Stiles 81 Job Stiles Ridgebury
Elijah Towner 81 Jos. Towner Rome
Julius Tozer 76 Julius Tozer Athens
George Upham 53 George Sergeant Springfield
Anthony Vanderpool 95 Henry Pool, Jr. Asylum
Godfrey Vought 79 Godfrey Vought Rome
Abraham Whitaker 76 Henry Whitaker Warren
Caleb White 79 David White Granville
John Wilber 79 John Wilber Troy
Noah Wilson 79 Noah Wilson Canton
Margaret Wolcott 83 Benjamin Wolcott Litchfield
John Wood 86 John Wood, Jun Asylum

Published On Tri-Counties Site On 7/24/2001
By Joyce M. Tice