Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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1874 Directory Table of Contents
FOR 1874.
Washington Hiram, teamster, h 353 E Fifth

Washington James, whitewasher, h 419 Madison av

Washington John, policeman, h 667 Dickinson

WATERHOUSE JOHN R., carriagemaker, College av cor Third h 660 Main (see adv)

WATERS GEORGE W., artist, 21 Opera Block, also professor of painting Elmira Female College h 360 W First (see adv)

Waters John H., asst bookkeeper, 118 Lake bds 417 E Market

Waters Joseph H., farmer, h Lake ab Thurston

Waters Susan M., dressmaker, 12 Opera Block

Waters Thomas, milk-peddler, h Lake ab Thurston

Watkins Caroline, widow James, bds 430 Broadway

Watkins Fred J., clerk, 120 Lake

Watkins Harriet Mrs., h Luce cor Robinson

Watkins Stephen, laborer, h Day n Pratt

Watley Amelia, widow Henry, h 218 Mt. Zoar

Watrous Amelia L., widow Justin, h 616 Lake

Watrous Frances M., widow Riggs, bds 220 Ann

Watrous Richard N., foreman, 601 Baldwin h 308 W Third

Watson Charles, mail-agent, bds Market n Baldwin

Watson Charles W., laborer, h 50 S Orchard

Watson John H., carpenter, h al r 359 W Fifth

Byington Bros. are shippers of EARLY FRUITS and Vegetables, 119 Baldwin St.

Watson Susan, widow Leroy, h 205 E Water

Watts John R., printer, Advertiser office bds 2321 De Witt

Watts Nancy, widow John, h E S Water n Pennsylvania av

Watts Richard, carpenter, h 221 De Witt

Watts Robert M., book and job printer, 10 and 11 Arcade Block Lake h E S Water n Pennsylvania av

Watts Stephen, blacksmith, bds 221 DeWitt

Watts William, storekeeper, Erie R. W. h 427 W Fourth

Waugh E. R. Mrs., metallic place cutter manufr 215 W Second h 113 do

Weatherell James, mason, h Maxwell av n Centre

Weatherell William H., mason, h 303 W Clinton

Weatherell William H., jr., mason, bds 303 W Clinton

Weatherill William, bds S Main n W South av

Weaver Emily, teacher school No. 3, bds 213 W S Water

Weaver Erastus K., (Weaver, Worrall & Co.,) h 422 W Gray

Weaver George, fireman, h 624 Erie

Weaver George, student, bds 422 W Gray

Weaver Jesse, carpenter, 363 Railroad av

Weaver Lizzie, domestic, 405 W Second

Weaver Peter, clerk, h 51 Hoffman

Weaver Richard H., laborer, h 106 W Fifth

Weaver Samuel G., machinist, h South av n Erie R. R.

WEAVER, WORRALL & CO., 9E. K. Weaver, George Worrall and M. T. Chubbuck,) coal and wood, 109 E Second

WEBB JOHN, grocer, 701 Lake, h 703 do

Webb Sarah R., teacher school No. 3, bds Lake n William

Webb William, produce-dealer, h 420 E Market

Webber Lorenzo W., h 615 Columbia

Webster Daniel, grocer, 671 Dickinson, h 522 Baldwin

Weed Julia A., widow William B., bds 463 Powell

Weed Samuel E., contractor, h 617 College av

Weed Sewing Machine Co., J. K. Tillotson, manager, 6 Opera Block


Weeks Charles, carpenter, h Norton n Benton

Weeks Mary, widow Chauncey, h 119 Washington

Wegner Robert, gardener, h r gas house E Water

Wehnes Conrad, laborer, h bds 423 Railroad av

Wehnes Michael, saloon, 423 Railroad av, h do

Weibel Joseph, saloon 615 Railroad av, h do

WEICK FREDERICK, grocer, 664 Lake, h do

Weir John, gardener, h 54 Pennsylvania av

Weiss Libbie, domestic, 127 Railroad av

Weiss William, tanner, bds 127 Railroad av

Welby Martin, laborer, bds 419 Railroad av

Welch Abby, widow Richard, h 104 E Henry

Welch Alexander, carriage-trimmer, h 426 W Church

Welch Arraspus, cabinetmaker, h 153 Baldwin

Welch Catharine, widow Morris, h 251 W Henry

Welch Heber F., painter, h 426 W Church

Welch James, cigarmaker, bds 251 W Henry

Welch James, laborer, bds 105 E First

Welch James M., peddler, h 107 S Walnut

Welch John, laborer, h 421 Columbia

Welch John E., engineer, h 406 W First

Welch Julia A., dressmaker, bds 153 Baldwin

Welch Mary E., h 406 W First

Welch Michael, laborer, h 318 W Seventh

Welch Patrick, laborer, h 407 Pennsylvania av

Welch Robert D., clerk, 142 E Water bds 318 W Seventh

Welden James, carpenter, h 663 Baldwin

Weller James M., clerk restaurant Eire depot, bds 608 Park Place

Weller Leroy, boots, shoes, hats and caps, 300 E Water h 370 W Water

Welles M. H., lumber, h College av cor Washington av

Wellington L., Gertrude teacher Elmira Academy, bds 313 William

Wells Cassie, widow Henry M., 216 W Church

Wells Elizabeth, widow Franklin, bds 714 N Main

Wells George, painter, bds 315 E Market

Wells Hanry M., bookkeeper, 12 Arcade Block bds 417 E Market

Wells Henry M., teamster, bds Hoffman n North

Wells Horace D., insurance-agent, h 380 W Water

Wells Isaac L., bds 470 W Water

Wells James, clerk, 434 Carroll bds 315 E Market

Wells Sarah, hotel, 315 E Market h do

Wells Warren, teamster, h Hoffman n North

Wells William, carpenter, bds 315 E Market

Welsh David S., blacksmith, h 512 Madison av

Welsh Grafton, laborer, h 706 Benjamin

Welsh James, brass finisher, h 217 Franklin

Welsh James, clerk, bds 161 E Seventh

Table CUTLERY and Plated Ware, at Dexter’s DOUBLE STORE, Lake St.

Welsh James, laborer, h 104 Park

Welsh John, machinist, bds 217 Franklin

Welsh John C., cartman, h 154 High

Welsh Kate, domestic, 410 William

Welsh Mary, domestic, 659 N Main

Welsh Mary, dressmaker, bds 500 E Water

Welsh Mary, widow John, h 859 Canal

Welsh Michael, miller, h 161 E Seventh

Welsh Patsay, brakeman, bds 221 W Third

Wendell Peter, foreman, bds Davis ab Cemetery

Wentz William F., h 502 William

Wescott Arthur, musical instruments, 204 Baldwin h do

WEST CHARLES F., flour and fee mills, foot of Water h do

Westbrook Betty, dressmaker, h 112 Baldwin

Westbrook William W., mason, h 418 S Main

Westcott Mortimer B., carriage-painter, h 108 De Witt

Western Union Telegraph Co., Martin S. Palmer, manager, 150 Baldwin

Westlake Arthur M., clerk, 107 W Water h 455 W Gray

Westlake Ellis J., bookkeeper, 108 W Water bds Hathaway House

Westlake Isaac, bds 110 W Church

Westlake Peter S., machinist, bds 110 W Church

Wey William C., physician, 433 E Water h do

Weyer J. Philip, (Weyer & Walzer,) h 517 William

Weyer & Walzer, (J Philip Weyer and Mrs. Walzer,) brick manufacturers, Sullivan cor Pattinson

Whalen Mary, domestic, 207 W Gray

Whalen Patrick, laborer, bds 419 Railroad av

Wheadon C. F., salesman, 107 W Water

Wheadon Charles H., (Wheadon & Cramer,) h College av cor Second

Wheadon Henry G., saddler, bds 362 College av

WHEADON & CRAMER, (Charles H. Wheadon and William Cramer,) harnessmanufacturers, also trunks, blankets and sporting goods, 206 E Water, (see adv page 9)

Wheat Asa, laborer, h r 118 E Hudson

Wheat John, laborer, bds Baldwin n Norton

Wheaton Calvin S., conductor, bds Casey n W South av

Wheeler David R, engineer, h South av n Northern Central R. W.

Wheeler Eli, old metals, h 505 Lake

Wheeler Edward R., pres. Elmira Slate Co., bds Hathaway House

Wheeler Orrin H., book and job printer and flour sack manufacturer, 327 Carroll h 415 W Church

Whipple Daniel A., bridge-carpenter, bds 104 E Henry

Whitaker Frelove, domestic, County Jail

Whitcomb Cyrus, shoemaker, bds Pattinson House

White Abner, supt, repairs, h 104 W Hudson

For the best kinds of COAL, go to J. H. Barney, 110 Baldwin St.

White Albert, tinsmith, bds 507 E Water

White Calvin s., shoecutter, bds 607 E Second

White Charles W., hooker, h 665 Davis

White Charles W., watchmaker, 110 N Main h 212 W Second

White Ed., engineer, bds W South av cor Casey

White Ellen, domestic, 508 College av

WHITE EZRA M., physician, 218 W Water bds 220 do

White Holland, painter, h Benton n Norton

White Jerome B., lawyer, 4 Opera Block bds 730 Maple av Southport

White John, laborer, h 102 E Washington av

White Mary E., widow William, h 557 E Second

WHITE MERRITT P., bookkeeper, 119 Railroad av h 269 W Gray

White Peter, porter, Rathbun House

White Robert H., agent Elmira Advertiser, h Pennsylvania av cor E Henry

White Spencer H., (White & Barron,) h 607 E Second

White & Barron, (Spencer H. White and Joseph H. Barron,) shoemakers 112 W Third

Whiting S. F., Mrs., h 266 Baldwin

Whitley John H., photographer, 201 E Water h 110 Baldwin

Whitlock Albert, farmer, h Jacob n S Main

Whitlock George S., clerk, bds 302 W Water

Whitlock George S., clerk, 435 Railroad av bds 160 W Clinton

Whitlock Guy, farmer, h 1329 College av

Whitlock Laura, widow Aaron, bds 751 E Second

Whitman Albert G., shoemaker, h 358 S Main

Whitman Wentzel, laborer, h 619 Lake

Whitmore George, clerk, 305 E Water bds 417 E Market

Whitney George G., carpenter, h Diven av n Lake

Whitney Samuel A., shoemaker, h 123 Railroad av

Whiton George L., postal clerk, h 451 W First

Whitson John, coachman, h 401 Sullivan

Whitston Thomas, laborer, h 424 Standish

Whittenhall Eliza A., widow Otis, bds 402 W First

Wicker Mahlon, operator, h W South av cor Casey

Wickham Kate, waitress, Hathaway House

Wickham Maggie, waitress, Hathaway House

Widman Frank, machinist, bds 605 Dickinson

Wiegand George C., barber, Rathbun House bds do

WIENECKE FERDINAND, grocer, 600 Jay cor High h do

Wiener Felix, barber, 355 Railroad av h 511 E Third

Wilbur D. C., carpenter, h 1350 Lake

Wilbur William E., clerk, 121 Lake h 119 do


Wilcox Anna R., widow William, h 209 E Gray

Wilcox James A., (M. C. & J. A. Wilcox,) bds 119 Lake

Wilcox John C., patent medicines, h 203 Ann

Wilcox John E., printer, Gazette office h 850 John

Wilcox John W., shoemaker, Pennsylvania av n E W Water bds John cor Harriet

Wilcox L. A. Miss, bds 310 E Water

Wilcox M. C. & J. A., (Merritt C. and James A.,) drygoods 119 Lake

Wilcox Merritt C., (M. C. & J. A. Wilcox,) bds Hathaway House

Wilder Leonard G., chief clerk, E R R car shops bds 124 W Second

Wildhagen Conrad, storekeeper Elmira car-works, h 605 Magee

Wilds Abraham R., cutter, 309 E Water h 202 do

Wilds J. Grove, cutter, bds 202 E Water

Wilferth William, pressman, h 310 Orchard

Wilhelm Frank, helper, bds 958 N Main

Wilkey James A., shoemaker, 300 E Water, h 854 E Market

Wilkin Moses B., carpenter, h 1001 Davis

Wilkinson Augustus, carpenter, h Day n Sullivan

Williams Ann C., dressmaker, bds 520 Lake

Williams Benjamin, puddler, h 701 Davis

Williams Charles, shoemaker, h 617 W Gray

Williams De Ver W., boots and shoes, 115 Lake h 111 Penna av

Williams De Witt A., upholsterer, bds 753 Harper

Williams George, barber, 507 Railroad av bds 711 Dickinson

Williams Grant, clerk, bds Pennsylvania House

Williams Henry, laborer, h rear 121 E Church

Williams Henry, laborer, h 620 Baldwin

Williams H. H., fireman, bds Casey n W South av

Williams James, laborer, bds Stowell ab E Washington av

Williams James jr., puddler, h Stowell ab E Washington av

Williams James W., clerk, h 640 W Water

Williams J. Grant, clerk, 325 E Water bds Pennsylvania House

Williams John, laborer, h 611 Dickinson

Williams John, puddler, bds 713 Walnut

Williams John D., bookkeeper, Rolling mill h 520 Lake

Williams John E., puddler, bds 958 N Main

Williams Kate, domestic, 113 W S Water

Williams Libbie, domestic, 146 W Water

Williams Llewellyn, puddle mill, h 410 W Fifth

Williams Nathan, laborer, h 753 Harper

Williams Nettie, widow Thomas, h 112 E Water

Williams Otto G., dentist, 310 E Water bds Pennsylvania House

Williams Priscilla, domestic, 408 College av

Williams Richard P., printer, Advertiser office, h 856 E Market

Williams Samuel, laborer, h 560 E Clinton

Williams Samuel, laborer, h 705 Dickinson

Williams Sarah, widow Edson, h 302 W Water

Full stock of House Furnishing Goods at Hart & Son’s, 325 E. Water St.

Williams Theodore, laborer, 52 S Main

Williams William, carpenter, bds 640 W Water

Williams William B., puddler, bds 958 N Main

Williams William L., iron master, h 400 Madison av

Willihan Mary, domestic, 854 N Main

Willmot Thomas, heater, h Stowell ab E Washington av

Willmot William, helper, bds Stowell ab E Washington av

Wills Henry B., carpenter, bds 837 Canal

Wills James L., carpenter, h 658 Columbia

WILLSON SAMUEL I., manufact’r mineral water, Ferris n S Main h 106 Ferris

Wilox George, painter, h 750 John

Wilson Benjamin, shoemaker, bds 110 W Water

Wilson Benjamin, shoemaker, h 255 W Hudson

Wilson Byron, carpenter, bds 258 W Water

Wilson Byron H., conductor, h 405 Lake

Wilson Delarane, carpenter, h 59 S Orchard

Wilson Emily Y., teacher School No. 3, bds 307 S Main

Wilson Frank Miss, music-teacher, bds Rathbun House

Wilson Humphrey, carpenter, 310 Pennsylvania av h do

Wilson James, laborer, h 503 Madison av

Wilson James, watchman, h 317 W Second

Wilson James H., plumber, bds 317 W Second

Wilson Jennie, tailoress, bds 158 De Witt

Wilson John M., carpenter, h 107 E Second

Wilson Jonas D., clerk, bds 118 W Market

Wilson Miles, blacksmith, bds Davis ab Cemetery

Wilson Richard, porter, Hathaway House

Wilson Robert, hostler, Pattinson House

Wilson Sarah, domestic, 205 Columbia

Wilson Thomas, machinist, bds 531 Pennsylvania av

Wilson William, bookbinder, bds 109 W Market

Wimble James S., bookkeeper, bds 106 W Gray

Winans William S., engineer, h S Main n W South av

Windsor Lloyd D., insurance agent, h 469 W Gray

Winfield Gertrude, bds 413 Davis

Winfield William, printer, Gazette office bds 202 E Gray

Wing Angelina B., milliner, 327 E Market bds 651 do

Wing Edson, baggage-master, Erie depot bds 100 W Water

Wing John A., clerk, 126 Lake h 651 E Church

Wing Lorenzo, carpenter, h 602 Beech

Winn Alfred, laborer, h 720 Baldwin

Winn Mary, domestic, Rathbun House

Winslow John T., prop’r Winslow House, 100 and 102 W Water h do

Winsor Nicholas S., h 722 W Water

Winter Belle, shirtmaker, h 137 W Water

J. H. BARNEY’S COAL OFFICE with J. Langdon & Co. 110 Baldwin St.

Wintersteen D. T., carpenter, bds 156 W Third

Winterstein John B., music-teacher, bds 217 Ann

Winterstone Solomon, peddler, bds 515 Railroad av

WINTON HENRY C., cough-medicine, 161 Railroad av

WIPFLER GEORGE, cigarmaker, 225 High, h 562 E Church

Wise Ambrose, tobacconist, 125 Lake, h 113 Madison av

Wise Daniel W., (Wise & Irvine,) h 455 Sullivan

Wise John A., clerk, 125 Lake bds 113 Madison av

WISE & IRVINE, (D. W. Wise and O. G. Irvine,) grocers, 160 Baldwin

WISEMAN EDWARD, passenger and freight agent Northern Central R. W., h 721 Columbia

Wisner Frank, clerk, 323 E Water, bds 323 Sullivan

Wisner Jeffrey A., conductor, h 323 Sullivan

Wisner Libbie, bds 655 E Church

Wisner Maria, widow Harry, bds 357 N Main

Wisner William H., harnessmaker, h 655 E Church

Witbeck Clara J. Mrs., seamstress, h r E S Water n Railroad av

Witkowski Simon, clothing, 371 Railroad av, h do

Witt Charles F., watchman, bds 413 Davis

Witt Jane A., widow Daniel T., bds 413 Davis

Witt John G., patternmaker, h 413 Davis

Wittenberg Bertha, widow Samuel, bds 461 E Water

Wittenberg Joseph, (Guttenberg, Rosenbaum & Co.,) h 222 W Church

Wittenberg Rosa, widow Charles, h 112 Madison av

Witmann Vensel, helper, h 619 Lake

Wixon Onesimus M., bookkeeper, 307 E Water, bds 443 W Fifth

Wixon Silas, farmer, h 443 W Fifth

Wolcott Ella L., h r 1016 E Hill

Wolcott Lyman, bds 118 W Water

Wolcott S. Smith, watchmaker, 400 E Water, bds 159 Madison av

Wolf Deitrich P. H., cabinetmaker, h 422 W Fifth

Wollcott C. A., mason, bds 505 Magee

Wollheim Aaron, (S. Wollheim & Son,) bds 305 Railroad av

Wollheim Simon, (S. Wollheim & Son,) h 305 Railroad av

Wollheim S. & Son, (Simon and Aaron,) merchant-tailors and clothiers, 112 E Water and 307 railroad av

Womelsdorf William E., brickmaker, h Standish n Oak

Wood Alvah N., conductor, bds 651 College av

Wood Andrew J., steam-fitter, bds Pattinson House

Wood Benedict, tinsmith, h 105 W S Water

Wood Caliste, domestic, 374 W First

Wood Charles H., blacksmith, bds 755 E Church

Wood Curtis A., conductor, h Guiltanen n W South av


Wood Enoch, student, bds 618 Dickinson

Wood George F., brakeman, bds 651 College av

Wood J. Edgar, boilermaker, h 107 E Church

Wood John, laborer, h n Carr’s Corners

Wood John B., gardener, n 618 Dickinson

Wood Morgan L., conductor, h 651 College av

Wood Sarah, widow Charles, h 762 Jay

Wood William H., carriagemaker, h 755 E Church

Wood William H., mason, h 428 W Fourth

Wood William M., (Wood & Edgerton,) h 306 College av

WOOD & EDGERTON, (William M. Wood and Frank M. Edgerton,) machinists, 118 E Church (see adv)

Woodard G. P., carpenter, bds 324 E Water

Woodcock Sarah, widow Edward, h 505 Sullivan

Woodford Charles N., bds 410 Baldwin

Woodford James F., printer, bds 105 E Hudson

Woodford Joseph, machinist, h 105 E Hudson

Woodruff Albert, carpenter, 207 W Water h 118 College av

Woodruff Fred L., druggist clerk, bds 118 College av

Woodruff Lyman B., teamster, h 514 W Hudson

Woodruff T. A. Co. news-room, Erie depot

Woods David H., lawyer, 214 E Water bds 416 W Water

Woods James L., lawyer, 214 E Water h 416 W Water

Woodward Annie E., bds 272 Baldwin

Woodward Emeline, widow William, bds 413 Baldwin

Woodward Henry F., chief clerk, Northern Central R. W. bds 657 Park Place

Woodward Maggie, domestic, Elmira Surgical Institute W Hudson n Railroad av

Woofter Royal, express-messenger, 113 W Second

Woolf Harvey P., laborer, h 131 W Water

Woolley Thos. T., (Woolley & Thompson) h Baldwin cor E Second

Woolley William S., clerk, Baldwin cor Second bds 505 Park Place

WOOLLEY & THOMPSON, (Thomas T. Woolley and Joseph A. Thompson,) grocers, Baldwin cor E Second

Woolverton William G., meat-market, 201 Clinton h 207 W Third

Wooly William W., grocer, bds 218 Baldwin

Wooster Alfred, laborer, bds 709 N Main

Wormley Henry P., cooper, bds 223 Ann

Wormley John, cooper, h 223 Ann

Wormley Lucretia, domestic, 403 W Church

Worrall George, (Weaver, Worrell & Co.,) h 511 Lake

Wray James D., tinsmith, bds 208 Ann

Wright Allen M., carriage-trimmer, h N Oak bel Harper

Wright Ann E., widow Nelson, h 203 Ann

Wright Augustus, baggage-master, h 356 W Sixth

Wright Charles H., saloon, h 378 W Water

Wright Charlotte, widow Alfred, bds 316 E Water

Witney’s Celebrated Children’s CARRIAGES, at DEXTER’S.

Wright Daniel, boarding h, Kinyon n Northern Central R. R. shops

Wright Eliza, dressmaker, bds 158 W Third

Wright Eliza, widow John, bds 513 E Union

Wright Emeliza, domestic, Rathbun House

WRIGHT GEORGE B., conductor, h 380 W Fourth

Wright James, (Wright & Baker,) bds Pattinson House

Wright James A., constable, bds 516 DeWitt

Wright John S., constable, 208 E Water bds De Witt n Clinton

Wright Martha, widow William, 655 Dickinson

Wright Peter, blacksmith and wagonmaker, 237 and 289 W Water h 451 W Water

Wright Robert, keeper, h Main ab blast furnace

Wright Thomas S., h 381 W Fourth

Wright Wallace W., brakeman, h 313 S Main

WRIGHT & BAKER (James Wright and Leroy A. Baker,) lawyers 206 E Water

Wrightson Ellen, domestic, 718 Walnut

Wrigley John, supt Erie Railway water works, h 310 W Fourth

Writeson Eliza, domestic, Rathbun House

Wudrock Emma, domestic, 206 Madison av

Wyckoff Albert, shoemaker, bds 256 W S Water

Wyckoff Arealous, patentee Wyckoff Pavement, 100 W Water h 115 E S Water

Wyckoff Charles W., wooden water pipe, h 262 W S Water

Wyckoff Charles W. jr., supt., 118 Railroad av

Wyckoff C. Wesley, (Plowman & Wyckoff), h 122 E S Water

Wyckoff F. Mrs., wooden eave trough manufacturer, h 118 E S Water

Wyckoff Ernest L., (Newcomb & Wyckoff), h E S Water n Railroad av

Wyckoff Frank T., clerk, 126 W Water, bds 122 E S Water

Wyckoff George W., (Wyckoff Paving Co.), h 113 E S Water

WYCKOFF PAVING CO., 100 E Water, agencies established in Pittsburg, Pa., Detroit, Mich., Buffalo, N. Y., Lawrence, Kansas, Indianapolis, In,., and Louisville, Kentucky

Wyckoff Peter, (P. Wyckoff & Co.,) h 1300 Lake

WYCKOFF P. & CO., (Peter Wyckoff and C. H. Hale), dry goods, 117 Lake (see adv)

Wyckoff Rhoda, widow Elias, h 256 W S Water

Wyckoff William, bds 256 W S Water

Wykoff John P., machinist, h 516 Madison av

Wyman John M., shoemaker, h 118 Sullivan

Wynn Alfred, laborer, h 720 Baldwin

Wynn Catharine, widow Dennis, bds 720 Hatch

Wynn Frank, roller, bds Maxwell av n E Washington av

Wynn Hugh, laborer, h 811 Canal

Wynn James, laborer, h 720 Hatch

Buy your COAL of J. H. BARNEY, 110 BALDWIN ST.

Wynn John, iron-worker, h Maxwell av n E Washington av

Wynn Kate, domestic, 520 Lake

Wynn Thomas, hooker, h 718 Hatch


Yaple Jacob, machinist, h 316 Weber Place n College av

Yarington, Nelson, carpenter, h 359 North

Yarington Tracey H., clerk, bds 359 North

Yarington William A., carpenter, h 219 Park

Yates Charles G., boarding, h 102 W Clinton

Yates Horace G., bds 138½ W Water

Yates William P., watchman, 318 E Water h 138½ W Water

Yeager Adam, carpenter, h 612 W Church

Yenger Bertram, (Yenger & Schumacher,) h 670 Columbia

YENGER & SCHUMACHER, (Bertram Yenger and Peter Schumacher,) stone dealers, 655 Baldwin, (see adv)

Yinitzski Adam, laborer, h r Gas House E Water

Yonka Frank, laborer, h Canal n E Seventh

Yonowski Fred, teamster, Robinson n city limits

YONTZ BROTHERS, (Matthew W. and Edwin A.,) cabinetmakers and builders, 203 E Market, (see adv)

Yontz Edwin A., (Yontz Bros.,) h 415 W Sixth

Yontz John V. B., baggage-master, h 407 E Union

Yontz Matthew W., (Yontz Bros.,) h 357 Walnut

Yontz Melissa, widow Conrad, bds 415 W Sixth

YOUMANS E. B., lawyer, 210 E Water h 220 William

Youmans Milton, carpenter, h 216 W S Water

Young Charles, barber, 507 Railroad av h 512 College av

Young Jesse, tailor, Esty cor Robinson

Young John, (Stowell & Young,) h 812 E Church

Young Peter C., laborer, h 205 High

Young Stewart, mason, h Oak n Pattinson

Young Thomas, (T. Young Y Co.,) h 897 Lake

J. H. BARNEY’S COAL OFFICE with J. Langdon & Co. 110 Baldwin St.

Young T. & co., (Thomas Young,) lumber and coal, 207 E Church

Yuengst Frank, laborer, h Market ab Washington


Zepowski Martin, laborer, h 54 S Washington

Zimmer John J., blacksmith, h 423 Baldwin

Zimmerman Frank, pianomaker, h 216 Harriet

Zittenger Louis, tailor, h 52 S Orchard

Zorvschinski Anthony, laborer, h 722 Hatch

Zweizig Edward, machinist, h Third bel Elm