Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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1874 Directory Table of Contents
FOR 1874.

Strouse Joseph, carpenter, h 154 Judson

STRUPPLER GEORGE A., Globe Hotel, 505 Railroad av

Struppler George L., polisher, bds 505 Railroad av

Struthers Daniel, laborer, bds 711 Dickinson

Struthers Robert, hooker, h 600 Sullivan

Struthers Robert jr., hooker, bds 600 Sullivan

Stuart Charles B., (Stuart & Ufford,) h 418 William

Stuart Ryerson H., conductor, h 859 Lake

STUART & UFFORD, (Charles B. Stuart and Daniel E. Ufford,) merchant tailors, 309 E Water

Stuempfle John, blacksmith, h 422 Standish

Stull E. Dayton, painter, and paper-hanger h Davis bel Second

Stull George, shoemaker, bds 108 Spring

Stull Maggie, domestic, 235 Lake

Stull William H., clerk, 139 E Water bds 112 Walnut

Stull ---, clerk, bds 412 Carroll

Sturdevant Alvin B., carpenter, h Herrick n Mt. Zoar

Sturdevant Frank, carpenter, bds Lyon House

Sturdevant Lewis J., painter, bds 454 W First

Sturges Robert, carpenter, bds 401 Columbia

Sturgess Chauncey, sewing-machine agent, bds 109 S Main

Rowland’s Carburetted Stone Works, cor. Railroad Ave. & Church St.

Stryker Mary, saleslady, 117 Baldwin bds 111 DeWitt

Stryker Samuel G., agent, h 123 W Market

Styler Moses, puddler, h 653 Lake

Styles William, mason, bds 416 Perry

Suess Philip, hairdresser, Hathaway House h 412 Carroll

Suffern Charles T., fireman, h 407 Pennsylvania av

Suffern Eliza, h 468 W Gray

Sugdan James, carpenter, h 705 Canal

Sullivan Andrew, laborer, bds 515 DeWitt

Sullivan Ann, domestic, 461 E Water

Sullivan Bartholomew, clerk, bds 257 W S Water

Sullivan Bartholomew, laborer, h 311 Broadway

Sullivan Bridget, domestic, 211 Baldwin

Sullivan Bridget, domestic, Rathbun House

Sullivan C., laborer, h 855 Dickinson

Sullivan Cornelius, laborer, bds 308 W Hudson

Sullivan Cornelius, tinsmith, h 914 Magee

Sullivan Cornelius C., night watchman, h 156 W Washington av

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, bds 803 Magee

Sullivan Daniel, laborer, h Elm n Fulton

Sullivan Dennis, cigarmaker, bds 156 W Washington av

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, h 337 Broadway

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, bds 803 Magee

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, h Jacob n Pennsylvania av

Sullivan Dennis, laborer, bds McDonald n Washington av

Sullivan Dunn, laborer, bds alley n Davis ab Cemetery

Sullivan Ellen, domestic, 419 W Clinton

Sullivan Ellen, domestic, 511 Baldwin

Sullivan Florence, newsdealer, post office, h 710 E Church

Sullivan Hannah, domestic, Main cor First

Sullivan James, laborer, h 507 Oak

Sullivan James W., policeman, h 670 Columbia

Sullivan Jeremiah, laborer, h 508 Elizabeth

Sullivan Johanna, domestic, 667 Columbia

Sullivan John, blacksmith, h 463 W Third

Sullivan John, blacksmith, h 657 Columbia

Sullivan John, laborer, h 216 Chestnut

Sullivan John, laborer, bds Kinyon n Northern Central R. W. shops

Sullivan John, laborer, h McDonald n Washington av

Sullivan John, mason, bds 364 Railroad av

Sullivan John, tinsmith, bds 156 W Washington av

Sullivan John jr., wagonmaker, bds 657 Columbia

Sullivan John D., peddler, h 300 Fulton

Sullivan Julia, widow Dennis, bds alley n Davis ab Cemetery

Sullivan Kate Mrs., domestic, 663 College av


Sullivan Lizzie, domestic, 302 W Water

Sullivan Lucy, domestic, 110 Madison av

Sullivan Maggie, domestic, 118 E S Water

Sullivan Margaret, domestic, 322 W Church

Sullivan Margaret, widow John, bds 257 W S Water

Sullivan Margaret, domestic, 428 E Water

Sullivan Mark, bricklayer, bds 800 Fulton

Sullivan Mark, saloon, 111 W Water h Pennsylvania House

Sullivan Mary, domestic, 113 E S Water

Sullivan Mary, domestic, 217 W Gray

Sullivan Mary, widow Patrick, bds 516 Elizabeth

Sullivan Mary, widow Michael h 374 W Third

Sullivan Michael, (Sullivan & Gallivan,)bds 319 W River

Sullivan Michael J., printer, Gazette office bds 610 E Water

Sullivan Minnie, domestic, 211 Baldwin

Sullivan Murty, watchman, h Kinyon n Northern Central R. R. shops

Sullivan Patrick, blacksmith, bds 803 Magee

Sullivan Patrick, foreman, h 370 W Third

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h 611 Magee

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h 1007 N Main

Sullivan Patrick, laborer, h W River n Chestnut

Sullivan Patrick K., mason, 408 Mt. Zoar

Sullivan Robert, laborer, bds 111 E First

Sullivan Roger, clerk, bds Pattinson House

Sullivan Thomas, laborer, h 319 W River

Sullivan Timothy, laborer, bds 655 Lake

Sullivan Timothy, laborer, bds College av n Reformatory

SULLIVAN WILLIAM, alderman 4th ward, carriagemaker, h 610 E Water

Sullivan William, tinsmith, bds 611 Magee

Sullivan & Gallivan, (Michael Sullivan and Patrick Gallivan,) grocers, 301 W Hudson

Sulson A. D., policeman, bds 158 Baldwin

Summer Julius, tanner, bds 503 Railroad av

Surgandy Joseph, tailor, h 468 E Water

Surgandy William, barber, bds 468 E Water

Surganty Frederick C., clerk, 109 Lake, bds 472 E Water

Susberry Margaret, widow Willis, h 615 Dickinson

SUSEMIHL BROTHERS, (Herman and Robert,) barbers, 412 E Water

Susemihl Herman, (Susemihl Bros.,) bds 107 Ann

Susemihl Robert, (Susemihl Bros.,) bds Homestead Hotel

Sutherley Isaac, farmer, h 808 W Water

Sutton Arnold, fireman, h 206 Haslett

Sutton Cassius M., clerk, 130 W Water

All new styles of CROCKERY & CHINA, at China Hall, Lake St.

Sutton Charles, watchman, h 371 W Second

Sutton Charles, wool-spinner, bds 812 Factory

SUTTON DAVID, carpenter, h 202 W Water

Sutton F. M. & Son, (Frederick M. and William H.,) billiards, Pennsylvania House

Sutton Frederick M., (F.M. Sutton & Son,) h 147 W Water

Sutton John, fireman, bds 206 Hazlett

Sutton Lida, milliner, bds 132 W Water

Sutton William H., (F. M. Sutton & Son,) h 110 W Water

Suydam Fred W., printer Advertiser office, bds 109 W Market

Swails Della, domestic, 663 Baldwin

Swails Jesse, porter, Frasier House

Swails Johanna, widow Peter, h 610 Jay

Swain George, mason, bds 208 Washington av

Swan Charles, bookkeeper, bds 202 E Gray

Swan Charles, insurance-agent, 123 Baldwin, h 463 W Church

Swan Charles C., bookkeeper, 344 E Water bds 421 Washington av

Swan Daniel N., clerk, 142 E Water bds 364 Fulton

Swan E. Albert, carpenter, h 421 E Washington av

Swan Hannah, widow William, bds 463 Church

Swan John V., station agent Erie R. W., Southport h 364 Fulton

Swan Matthew V., clerk, 123 Baldwin, h 109 S Main

Swan Robert, clerk, 3 Stancliffe Hall Block h 107 Partridge

Swan William, butcher, bds 109 S Main

Swank Clarence W., carpenter, bds 522 W Clinton

Swank John H., clerk, 131 W Water h 801 E Market

Swank Lutellus L., bds 609 E Church

Swarthout Mary Ann, h Jones la n Baldwin

Swartz Emanuel, boilermaker, h 520 W Clinton

Swayze Wilson, mason, h 761 Jay

Sweeney Cornelius, laborer, h 151 E Washington

Sweeney John, laborer, h 600 Beech

Sweeney Maggie, dressmaker, bds r 414 Lake

Sweeney Margaret P., widow Patrick, h 902 Factory

Sweeney Mary Mrs., domestic, 469 W Church

Sweeney Mary, waitress, Hathaway House

Sweeney Mary, widow Patrick, h 116 Chestnut

Sweeney Owen, laborer, h 759 Jay

Sweeney Patrick, laborer, h W Henry n Fulton

Sweeny Daniel laborer, bds Miller cor O’Gorman

Sweeny Daniel, stonecutter, bds 419 Railroad av

Sweeny Patrick, laborer, bds Miller cor O’Gorman

Swift George, shoemaker, bds Pattinson House

Sykes George W., teacher of music Elmira Female College, h 374 W Water

CARPETS of all kinds at W. E. Hart & Son’s, 325 E Water.

Sykes Jesse F., harnessmaker, h 209 Orchard

Sykes John F., printer Leader office, bds 209 Orchard

Sykes William, mason, h 208 E Fifth

Symonds Abigail, widow Henry, bds 402 Tuttle av

Symonds Alonzo D., quarryman, h 402 Tuttle av


Taber James R., clerk, 117 Lake bds 111 E Hudson

TABER SAMUEL C., deputy State engineer, Albany h 452 W Church

Taft Alfred A., laborer, h 559 E Water

Talcott Francis, harnessmaker, h 313 Orchard

Tallman Mary, domestic, 119 W S Water

Tandy Charles, stonemason, h 862 Factory

Tanner Mary, domestic, Frasier House

Tate Richard, gardener, Willowbrook

Tattersall John, sawmaker, 329 Carroll h 629 Gray

Taylor Abraham J., currier, h 114 E Second

Taylor Benjamin, huckster, h 715 Baldwin

Taylor Charles W., laborer, h 205 E Church

Taylor David, machinist, h Junction n Erie R. R.

Taylor Elias W., livery-stable, Clinton n Main h 320 W Fifth

Taylor Henry L., clerk, 311 E Water bds 309 William

Taylor Henry W., bds 309 William

Taylor Horace, agent, h 117 E Henry

Taylor Isaac R., livery-man, bds 320 W Fifth

Taylor John, harnessmaker, bds 591 Lake

Taylor John W., drayman, h Reformatory av n College av

Taylor Lewis P., puddler, h 705 N Main

TAYLOR MANSEL, fruit-dealer, 124 W Water h Market cor Harriet

Taylor Nathaniel N., h 304 Pennsylvania av

Taylor Richard, laborer, h 606 Dickinson

Taylor Rollin N., bds 304 Pennsylvania av

Taylor Samuel, boarding house, 309 William

Taylor Samuel B., auctioneer, 200 E Water h 403 W First

Taylor S. Benjamin, artesian well-borer, h 850 E Market

Taylor Silas G., cartman, h 750 E Church

Taylor Sylvester S., lawyer, court-house h 225 William

Taylor William D., cradle-maker, h Norton cor Benton

Taynton James, fireman, bds Kinyon, n Northern Central R. R. shops

Taynton John, machinist, bds S Main n Jacob

Taynton William F., engineer, h S Main n W South av

Teal Martha L., widow William, h 716 Benjamin

The best Imported and Domestic GLASSWARE, at DEXTER’S.

Tearny Mary, domestic, 110 W Second

Teed C. Francis, agent, h 310 DeWitt

Teed Rodney A., clerk, Erie R. R. car-shop bds 709 N Main

Teeter Smith, conductor, h 429 W Fourth

Temple Nancy C. Mrs., h 375 W Gray

Ten Broeck Hattie L., teacher school No. 5, bds 210 Washington

Ten Broeck Peter B., h 210 Washington

Ten Broeck William R., salesman, 203 E Second bds Washington n Church

Tenny Martha, widow De Witt C., bds 414 William

Tennyson Richard, carpenter, bds 156 W Third

Terneur Henry, (Covert & Terneur), h 500 William

Terry Charles A., office sample rooms, 151 Baldwin h Canton

Terwilliger Wyatt W., flagman, bds Casey n W South av

Teuton Edward, sales agent, h 104 W S Water

Thacher Charles C., foreman Advertiser office, h Diven av n Lake

Theetge Daniel, carpenter, h Baldwin n Norton

Theetge John E., carpenter, h 406 Standish

Theler Gottfied, tailor, h 556 John

Theuer Louisa, domestic, 367 W Church

Thomann Maria A., music teacher, bds 374 W Water

Thomas Albert, shoemaker, h 207 E Market

Thomas Albert F., shoemaker, bds 814 W First

Thomas Anson A., agent, bds 114 W Church

Thomas Barbara Mrs., h 814 W First

Thomas Charles, machinist, h Madison av n Harper

Thomas Dandridge, shoemaker, h E Clinton n De Witt

Thomas Daniel, carpenter, h 309 W Fourth

Thomas David (Couch & Thomas) h 513 William

Thomas David, puddler, bds 155 E Washington av

Thomas Eliza, laundress, h 312 E Clinton

Thomas Evan, helper, bds 150 E Washington av

Thomas James F., puddler, bds 711 Columbia

Thomas John, puddler, bds 624 Baldwin

Thomas Joseph, roller, h 711 Columbia

Thomas Josiah, puddler, h 406 Standish

Thomas Madeline, domestic, 740 W First

Thomas Maggie, domestic, 523 W Water

Thomas Maria Mrs., nurse, 410 N Main

Thomas Maria, widow William, h 612 Dickinson

Thomas Morgan, puddler, h 155 E Washington av

Thomas Napoleon, laborer, bds 814 W First

Thomas N. Spencer, extract manufacturer, h 368 W Clinton

Thomas Samuel, laborer, h 704 Baldwin

Thomas William, 513 Lake

Lace CURTAINS, HOLLANDS and Curtain Fixtures, at 325 E Water St.

Thompson Abram, carpenter, bds 404 W Gray

Thompson Alexander, coachman, h 404 De Witt

Thompson Alfred, tanner, 207 Hudson

Thompson Bradley, polisher, h 416 Washington av

Thompson Charles E., cartman, bds 160 Sullivan

Thompson David L., laborer, bds 360 E Fifth

Thompson Delia, widow James, h 421 Columbia

Thompson Edward, waiter, Arbor Hotel

Thompson E. S., carpenter, bds 505 Magee

Thompson Eugene B., augermaker, bds 416 Washington av

Thompson George, engineer, h 207 E Market

Thompson George F., barber, h 663 Baldwin

Thompson George W., brakeman, bds 223 Franklin

Thompson Headley, (Thompson & Keeton,) h 721 College av

Thompson Henry, h 223 Franklin

Thompson James, laborer, h 708 Dickinson

Thompson Jeremiah, carter, h 104 W First

Thompson John, watchman, h Day cor Pratt

Thompson John M., carpenter, h 316 High

Thompson John M., laborer, h 440 E Water

Thompson John R., boots and shoes, h 902 Lake

Thompson Joseph A., (Woolley & Thompson,) h 408 W Clinton

Thompson Martha O. Mrs., ass’t matron Elmira Female College, h 206 W Washington av

Thompson Mattie H., teacher School No. 5, bds 206 W Washington av

Thompson Minerva, widow John, bds 902 Lake

Thompson Nathan, laborer, h 707 Benjamin

Thompson Orpah W., teacher School No. 4, bds 515 E Union

Thompson Samuel E., boilermaker, h 422 Fulton

Thompson Susan, grocer, E Fifth, cor Dickinson h do

Thompson Thomas C., foreman, 717 Baldwin h 360 E Fifth

Thompson William, heater, h 817 Canal

Thompson William, laborer, bds 202 Ann

Thompson William G., engineer, bds 550 E Water

THOMPSON & KEETON, (Headley Thompson and Frank A. Keeton,) boots and shoes, 204 E Water

Thorn John, farmer, h 513 E Union

Thorniley George W., polisher, h 448 W Fifth

Thornton William, laborer, h 709 Dickinson

Thorp Charles, blacksmith, bds 405 W Second

Thorp John, teamster, h 405 W Second

Thrall Carydon W., carpenter, h 514 College av

Thro Charles T., bds 515 Railroad av

Thro David, machinist, h 524 William

Thro John J., h 215 High

Byington Bros., Shippers of ORANGES and LEMONS, 119 Baldwin St.

Thro Joseph, (Thro & Schlosser,) h 650 Lake

THRO & SCHLOSSER, (Joseph Thro and Jacob Schlosser,) Western Hotel, 515 Railroad av

Thurber Delia, dressmaker, h 407 N Main

Thurber Robert, hammerman, bds 107 Washington av

Thurston Ariel S., lawyer, 115 Lake, h 413 N Main

Thurston Charles P., lawyer, 115 Lake, bds 413 N Main

Thurston Chester P., laborer, bds 403 William

Thurston Clarissa Miss, editress “Orphans’ Home,” bds 413 N Main

THURSTON JAMES S., prest Southern Tier Leader Association, 153 Lake; see Noble’s Manufacturing Co., also alderman 3d ward, also, treas Sourthern Tier Savings Bank, h 403 William

Thurston Michael H., wagonmaker, Carr’s corners, h do

Thurston Reuben, carpenter, h 1113 Elm

Thurston William K., carpenter, h 1109 Elm

Tice Elizabeth, widow Joseph S., h 261 W Clinton

Tice Fannie, teacher school No. 3, bds 307 S Main

Tice James W., teamster, h 623 Hart

Tice Thomas E., clerk, 110 W Water, bds 114 W Church

Tidd Charles, building-mover, h 307 S Main

Tierney Hannora, widow Daniel, h 706 Hatch

Tierney James, messenger, bds 706 Hatch

Tierney Margaret, domestic, 815 College av

Tierney Michael, grocer, S Main cor W South av, h do

Tierney Nora, domestic, 303 N Main

Tiffany Owen, shoemaker, h 208 Harriet

Tilliness Elizabeth, domestic, 106 W Second

Tillison Mary, widow Erastus, h 205 E Church

Tillman J. M. Mrs., florist, 218 High, h do

Tillman John M., h 218 High

Tillotson James K., sewing-machines, 6 Opera Block, bds Hathaway House

Tillson Carrie E., teacher, bds 613 Lake

Tillson James, machinist, h 613 Lake

Tillson Melinda R., teacher, bds 611 Lake

Timm Carl, shoemaker, h 415 W Fourth

Titley John, coachman, r 302 W Clinton

Titus George S., shoemaker, h 461 W Sixth

Toamy Thomas, grocer, Oak cor Harper, h do

Tobey T. Julia, h 670 Baldwin

Tobin Edmund, laborer, h 658 Columbia

Tobin Edward, cooper, h Jones’ la n Baldwin

Tobin Edward, laborer, h Columbia n Fourth

BLACK and FANCY SILKS, at W. E. HART & SON’S, 325 E Water St.

Tobin Patrick, carpenter, h 502 Columbia

Todtman Julia, widow Isaac, h 708 E Church

Todtman Myer, clerk, 203 E Water bds 708 Water

Todtman Nathan, clerk, h 326 E Water bds 708 E Church

Toles James J., clerk, 112 W Water bds 519 E Union

Toles Sarah M., widow James, h 519 E Union

Toles Wallace H., framemaker 311 E Water h Centre n Maxwell av

Toliver Elizabeth Mrs., nurse, h 859 Davis

Tomillo Jacob, shearer, bds 167 E Seventh

Tomlinson Charles, photographer, 116 Baldwin h 718 College av

Tomlinson Charles, student bds 157 W Fourth

TOMLINSON SOLOMON B., lawyer, 113 Lake also alderman 2d Ward h 214 N Main

Tomlinson William, machinist, h 308 W Third

Tompkins Charles M., bds 1019 College av

Tompkins Cornelius B., bookkeeper, 152 Lake h 128 E Hudson

Tompkins Frank, shoemaker, h 207 E Market

Tompkins George P., h 402 W First

Tompkins Mac, teamster, bds Pratt n Matthew

Tompkins Solomon, painter, h 459 W Third

Tompkins Tamerlane, K., lumber, h 1019 College av

Toner Alexander, carpenter, h 713 Railroad av

Tong Jonathan, carpenter, h 158 W Third

TONG THOMAS, meat-market, 502 N Main bds 158 W Third

Tooker Georgiannie M., bds 417 N Main

Tooker Jeremiah, tailor, bds 121 Fox

Tooker Joseph Y., h r 511 Columbia

Tooker Reuben, h e 511 Columbia

Toole J. B. Mrs., (Ryan & Toole,) h E Water cor Orchard

Toole Mary, widow John V., h 714 E Water

Toomey Hannah, tailoress, bds 209 Washington

Toomey John, laborer, h 505 College av

Toomey Michael, carpenter, bds 505 Park Place

Topping Benjamin W., (M. Richardson & Co.,) also (Smith, Lawrence & Co.,) h 452 W Water

Tough George, laborer, bds Davis ab Cemetery

Touthey Annie, domestic, 407 Pennsylvania av

Tourtellot Ransom S., carpenter, h Franklin cor Herrick

Tousey Elbert A., bds 606 N Main

Tousey Thomas Rev., h 606 N Main

Tousey Thomas E., clerk, post-office h 606 N Main

TOWNER AUSBURN, sec Advertiser Association, Lake cor Market h 215 W Church

TOWNER JAMES A., sec Elmira Water Works Co., 212 E Water h 215 W Church

Coal Oil Chandeliers, Brackets & Lamps, at Dexter’s, Lake St.

Towner Maria, widow D. A., h 411 E Church

Townsend Elijah, bds Lyon House

Townsend Henrietta, domestic, 716 Benjamin

Townsend Margaret, bds Lyon House

Townsend Peter, teamster, h 666 Baldwin

TOWNSEND THOMAS S., propr Lyon House, 113 W Third (see adv)

Tracy Charles M., shoemaker, bds 100 W Water

Tracy F. M., builder, bds Pennsylvania House

Tracy Julia A., widow Nathan U., h 210 W Third

Tracy Thomas, barber, bds Canal n E Seventh

Tracy Winfred Mrs., washerwoman, Canal n E Seventh

Tragenza Thomas, agent, h Pleasant n Mt. Zoar

Trainor James, laborer, h Baldwin cor Diven av

Trapp Sarah, widow William, bds 159 Madison av

Trautman Anna, wid John h Gray n Davis

Traver Catharine, widow Solomon, h 409 Davis

Traver John, laborer, bds 114 E Second

Traver William, laborer, bds 114 E Second

Traynor James, laborer, h 825 Canal

Treat Ansel, laborer, h College av ab Reformatory

Treat Malvina, domestic, 626 W Water

TREMAIN GEORGE W., blacksmith, Hoffman n W Hill, Carr’s Corners h do

Tremain Warren H., clerk, 117 Lake bds 454 First

Trescott Jonathan W., saddler, h 362 W Gray

Trevethan Charles, tailor, bds 718 Benjamin

Trickey H. M., blacksmith, bds 413 Magee

Trigs Robert, laborer, h 271 W Hudson

Trowbridge Henry O., clerk, 208 W Water bds 258 do

Trout Miles, (Miles, Trout & Co.), h 107 Madison av

Trout Miles & Co., (Charles H. Rowland), blacksmith and carriage manufacturer, 450 E Water

Truelove John, cigarmaker, bds 220 Gray

Trumble Benjamin C., laborer, h Reformatory av n College av

Trumble Mary, domestic, 109 W Market

Tschan Philip, saloon, 605 Lake h do

Tuck Isaac, dry goods, 412 E Water h do

Tuck Morris, clothing, Blossburg, Pa., h 319 High

Tuck Robert, clerk, 412 E Water bds do

Tunison Lagrange, carpenter, h 811 E Water

Tuomey Maggie, nurse, 243 Lake

Turnbull Alexander Z., (Humphrey, Laidlaw & Turnbull,) bds 217 W Hudson

Lehigh Coals ARE THE BEST. Order from J. H. Barney, 110 Baldwin St.

TURNER ALEXANDER S., lumber, sash and blinds, 203 E Second, also (Turner & Pond,) h W Church cor Walnut (see adv page 3)

turner Benjamin F., engineer, h W South av n Lewis

Turner David, laborer, h 560 E Clinton

TURNER, DEXTER & VAN DUZER, (Robert T. Turner, Seymour Dexter and Edward C. Van Duzer,) lawyers, 214 E Water

Turner Edward, shoemaker, bds 102 W Water

Turner Frederick, fireman, h Miller bel O’Gorman

Turner George W., brakeman, h 716 Columbia

Turner John, laborer, 603 Hoffman

Turner Lawrence A., salesman, 203 E Second bds 464 W First

Turner Nancy Mrs., h W South av n Lewis

Turner Robert T., (Turner, Dexter & Van Duzer,) bds Hathaway House

Turner Sarah, bds 618 Baldwin

Turner Thomas, roller, bds 414 Standish

Turner Thomas H., laborer, h 717 Dickinson

Turner William, shoemaker, h Elm n School No. 3

Turner William J., heater, h 414 Standish

Turner William S., shoemaker, bds Elm n School No. 3

Turner & Pond, (A. S. Turner and H. N. Pond,) prop’rs Phoenix Furnace, Railroad av cor Church

Tuthill Francis G., Painter, h 1353 Lake

Tuthill Marinda E. Mrs., bds 417 E Market

Tuthill Sarah, widow David H., h 243 Lake

Tuton Ann J., widow George, h 408 W Third

Tuttle Stephen, (Reitenbach, Tuttle & Co., ) bds 126 N Main

Twining Lucy H., widow Thomas, bds 617 College av

Twohey Catharine, widow Matthew, bds 413 W Third

Tyler Asher, h 129 N Main

Tyler Lucy M., h 214 W Water

Tyrrell Miles O., carpenter, h 157 High


Ufford Daniel E., (Stuart & Ufford,) h 315 Madison av

Ulrich John, laborer, bds John cor De Witt

Umbenhower Charles, teamster, h Oak ab Fish

Underhill Harry C., bookkeeper, 110 Baldwin bds 218 W First

Underwood A. B., lumber, bds 109 S Main

Underwood A. Henry, conductor, h 521 W Water

Underwood Edwin H., fireman, bds 521 W Water

Unger Aaron, peddler, bds 135 W Water

Unger Morris, shoefitter, bds 100 W Water

Unger Simon, fancy goods, 135 W Water h do

CEMETERY FENCES of elegant designs, of the CARBURETTED STONE.


Up De Graff Bros., (Jacob B. and Elbridge G.), house and sign painters, 326 Carroll

Up De Graff Elbridge G., (Up De Graff Bro’s), h 506 E Church

Up De Graff Jacob B., (Up De Graff Bros.,) h 750 E Water

Up De Graff Thaddeus, Elmira Medical Institute, W Hudson n Railroad av h 114 W South Water

Updegrove Eden, carpenter, bds 154 W Fifth

Updegrove Wesley, news agent, bds 518 College av

Updike Alice, student, bds 122 E S Water

Updyke Lewis L., ice dealer, h 460 W Hudson

Updyke Mercy Mrs., h 102 W S Water

Updyke Morgan, carpenter, h 121 W Hudson

Ustick William, (T. Briggs & Co.), h 656 N Main


Vail Eliza, widow Benjamin, bds 114 W Market

Vail George E., clerk, 130 W Water bds 634 do

Vail George W., painter, bds 505 Magee

Vail Margaret A. Mrs., nurse, bds 610 W Church

Vail Rufus C., clerk, 130 W Water h 610 Baldwin

Valentine Harvey, carpenter, h Maxwell av n Centre

Valentine Margaret Mrs., bds 208 Ann

Valentine Frank, upholsterer, bds 406 E Water

Valeriaus Sophia, domestic, 406 E Water

Valerius Joseph, laborer, bds 712 College av

Valerius Louis, tinsmith, bds 217 Ann

Valerius Rosa, domestic, h 714 College av

Valois August, barber, 304 Carroll bds 304 Orchard

Valois August, cabinet maker, h 117 Orchard

Van Aken Elisha M., photographer, 134 W Water h 529 W Gray

Van Allen Leonard R., h 267 W S Water

Van Auken, Margaret, dressmaker, 604 Pennsylvania av

Van Buren William H., printer, Leader office h 449 W Fifth

Van Buskirk Alice, widow Dermont, bds 516 De Witt

Van Buskirk Hannah, bds 311 Washington

Vance Vivian, tinsmith, h 147 W Water

Van Cleaf George, coachman, 359 W Church

Vanderhoof Aaron, farmer, h n Carr’s Corner

Van Dorn Joseph, brakeman, bds 508 College av

Van Duyne John R., farmer, h Diven av cor Benton

Van Duzer Edward C., (Turner, Dexter & Van Duzer,) h 510 Lake

Van Dyne James A., carpenter, h 223 Gregg

Van Dyne Susan, widow Oliver, bds 223 Gregg

Van Etten Ida, teacher school No. 3 bds 213 High

French GLASS SHADES & Wax Material, at Dexter’s, Lake St.

Van Gelder Amos, laborer, h Pratt n Matthew

Van Gelder Charles J., printer Leader office, h 464 W Gray

VAN GELDER PHINEAS C., manager Southern Tier Leader Association, 153 Lake, h 464 W Gray

Van Gorder John, laborer, bds 107 High

Van Gorder Martha, domestic, Pennsylvania av n Lewis

Van Gorder Mary, widow Samuel, bds 374 S Main

Van Gorder Rachel, housekeeper, 709 Canal

Van Gorder Selah T., (Hunt & Van Gorder,) h 517 Davis

Van Gorder Warren, carpenter, bds 709 Canal

Van Horn Ezra, conductor, bds Madison av cor Standish

Van Horn John, teamster, h 402 Tuttle av

Van Horne Herman E., dentist, 218 E Water, bds 159 Madison av

Van Keuren William, engineer, h 105 Partridge

Van Kirk Samuel, carpenter, bds 208 Ann

Van Kuren Clark P., carpenter, h 210 W Third

Vanorder, Walter D., clerk, 327 E Water, bds 516 DeWitt

Vanover George, collector, h Elm n S Main

Vanpelt Aaron, shoemaker, h 232 Mt. Zoar

Van Scoy Cornelius, saloon, 201 W Water, h do

Vanscoy Jonas, h Perine ab Franklin

Vansickle Clarissa Mrs., bds 657 Columbia

Van Steenburg John, mason, bds Pattinson House

Van Syckle Charles, carpenter, bds 135 W Water

Van Tassel George, news-agent, bds W First cor Walnut

Van Tassel Richard W., blacksmith, h W First cor Woodlawn av

Van Tassel William, bookbinder, bds W First cor Woodlawn av

Van Tassell Jennie M., widow John, bds 211 W First

Vantyne Chester W., coal-oil, h 316 W Seventh

Van Wagenen Edward P., expressman, bds 360 Columbia

Van Wagenen William H., express-messenger, h 360 Columbia

Van Wagner Cornelius, teamster, h 363 Hoffman

Van Wagner Jane, widow John P., h 210 W Church

Van Wagoner Alvin, express-clerk Erie depot, h 610 W Church

Van Wagoner Charles, baggage master Erie depot, h 109 Grove

Van Wagoner Clarissa, widow Henry, h 374 W Fifth

Van Wagoner John, student, bds 374 W Fifth

Van Wie Allison K., tinsmith, bds 223 DeWitt

Van Wie Henry, carpenter, h 223 DeWitt

Van Wie Jerome B., tinsmith, bds 223 DeWitt

Van Wie Joseph, carpenter, h 106 DeWitt

Van Wormer, George, flagman, bds Casey n W South av

Varian Charles, shoemaker, 500 E Water

Vaughn John A., carpenter, h 417 Walnut

Veal Amanda, h 662 Dickinson

Willow & Cane Sewing STANDS & BASKETS, at China Hall, Lake St.

Venzie Laban, carpenter, h 859 E Market

Veilant John, brickmaker, h Oak n Pattinson

VELDER LOUIS, physician and surgeon, 151 High h do

Veldner George, shoemaker, 428 E Water h do

Veldner George jr., shoemaker, bds 428 E Water

Verguson Reed, carriage manufacturer, 450 E Water h 555 do

Vermilya Edgar D., fireman, bds 363 College av

Vermlya Hannah, widow John, bds 363 College av

Vermilya Jane, bds 162 Sullivan

Vermilya John J., tinsmith, bds 106 Columbia

Vermilya John L., tinsmith, h 106 Columbia

Vernooy Amelia, widow Samuel, h 208 Gregg

Vernooy Charles, marblecutter, bds 208 Gregg

Vernooy Epenetus, carpenter, h 850 E Market

Vernooy James E., carpenter, h 661 Columbia

Vernooy Mary C., seamstress, bds 661 Columbia

Vial Ethan, bds 701 E Church

Viall William, lumberman, h 316 W Gray

Vickers William, caulker, h 414 E Clinton

Vickery Albert J., bds 711 Lake

Vickery Edmund, shoemaker, h Herrick n Mt. Zoar

Vickery Samuel, janitor, h 711 Lake

Vincent Clayton, conductor, h 438 W Clinton

Vincent Cora, domestic, 420 W Gray

Vincent James, fireman, h 301 E Fourth

Vincent James R., (Collingwood & Vincent), h 614 Park Place

Vincent Joseph, laborer, h Grove cor W Fourth

Vincent Rebecca, widow Morris, h Grove n W Fourth

Vineyard Alonzo W., bds 118 W Second

VINTON C. E. & CO., (Charles E Vinton and Jas. A. Adams,) wines and liquors wholesale Railroad av cor Market

Vinton Charles E., (C. E. Vinton & Co.,) h 210 William

Vinton O. F. & Co., (Otis F. Vinton and A. J. Morse,) produce, 204 W Water

Vinton Otis F., (O. F. Vinton & Co.,) h 204 W Water

VOCKEROTH FREDERICK, saloon, 315 Carroll h do

Vogelgesang Frederick, puddler, h Church ab Sullivan

Vohres Augustus, traveling-agent, 108 W Water h 744 W Church

Volbrecht Herman, (Volbrecht & Hardung,) h E Water upper end

Volbrecht & Hardung, (Herman Volbrecht and Frank Hardung,) shoemakers, 168 Lake

Voorhies Henry, engineer, h 661 Lake

Vredenburg Rosa L., domestic, 405 W Fourth

Buy your COAL of J. H. BARNEY, 110 BALDWIN ST.


Wackham John, machinist, bds 329 Broadway

Wackham Thomas, carpenter, h 329 Broadway

Wade Joseph, laborer, h 51 S Washington

WADHAM SAMUEL D., insurance-agent, 319 E Water bds 118 W Market

WADSWORTH SAMUEL H., prop’r Hathaway House, Lake cor Market, (see adv)

Wagner Bertha, domestic, 213 College av

Wagner John, tinsmith, bds 108 Washington

Wagner Peter, h 108 Washington

Wagner Peter Jr., tinsmith, bds 108 Washington

Wagner Samuel H., clerk, 113 Railroad av bds 108 Washington

Walcer Mary A., widow Peter, h 306 W Water

Waldo Lewis T., salesman, 111 Railroad av h W First n city limits

Waldorff Lewis H., carpenter, h 528 W First

Waldron David T., (Waldron & Griffes,) h 511 E Union

Waldron & Griffes, (David T. Waldron and Wilber G. Griffes,) shirt-manufacturers, 112 Baldwin

Wales Eugene, boot counter maker, bds 652 N Main

Wales Ira, cutter, h 310 W First

Wales Theron A., (Gleason & Wales,) water-cure, bds 1019 Factory

Wales T., & Co., (Theron A. Wales,) boot county manufac’rs, 652 N Main

Wales Zippie Brooks, physician, Water-Cure bds do

Walker Albert, foreman, 201 E Gray h 110 Walnut

Walker Emmon T., (Berry & Walker,) h 211 High

Walker George, merchant tailor, 332 E Water h do

Walker George T., clerk, 420 E Water bds Homestead Hotel

J. H. BARNEY’S COAL OFFICE with J. Langdon & Co. 110 Baldwin St.

Walker James, (E. H. Cook & Co.,) h 121 E S Water

Walker John, plumber, bds 332 E Water

Walker Lucy, domestic, 859 Lake

Walker Rial, laborer, bds 518 College av

Walker Robert H., plumber, bds 320 E Water

Walker Thomas, gardener, h Davis n Second

Walker Thomas, laborer, h 664 Baldwin

Walker Thomas jr., gasfitter, h 400 W Hudson

Wall Elizabeth, widow Daniel, h 557 E Water

Wall James, fireman, h Jacob n S Main

Wall John, laborer, h South av cor Erie

Wall John, painter, bds 111 W Second

Wall Joseph B., shoemaker, bds 557 E Water

Wall Michael, shoemaker, h 104 W First

Wall Thomas, laborer, h W South av n S Main

Wallace Charles R., carriage painter, 213 W Water h 402 William

Wallace Dorcas, widow Richard K., bds 402 William

Wallace George, grocer 434 E Water h do

Wallace Irene P. Miss., teacher school No. 2, bds 402 William

Wallace Lizzie, domestic, W., Hill rd n Walnut

Wallis Thomas G., express messenger h 110 College av

Walsh James, laborer, h 818 Hatch

Walsh Michael, salesman, bds 550 John

Walsh William, clerk, 800 Hatch bds 818 do

Walster Conrad, shoemaker, h 111 College av

Walster George, shoemaker, bds 220 Gray

Walster Joseph, boarding h , 220 Gray

Walter Catharine E. widow Orrin C., h 117 W Second

Walter Edward, clerk, bds 253 W Sixth

Walter L. A., matron Elmira Surgical Institute, W Hudson n Railroad av

Walter R. E., conductor, h 253 W Sixth

Walter William, machinist, h 108 W Hudson

Walzer Mrs., (Weyer & Walzer), h Water n College av

WANAMAKER M. F., speculator, h 216 Ann

Ward Clarence, shoemaker, h 464 W Second

Ward Clarence H., clerk, 126 Lake

Ward Elton, shoemaker, h 203 Ann

Ward Fred J., fireman, h W South av cor Lewis

Ward George R., clerk, bds 210 W Water

WARD J. R., lawyer, 315 E Water

Ward James N., bookkeeper, bds 203 Ann

Ward John L., cigarmaker, bds 205 Gregg

Ward Lewis, teamster, h 57 S Sullivan


Ward William, engineer, h 442 W Clinton

Ward William, teamster, h 916 Benton

WARD WILLIAM A., blue stone dealer, Main n First also Alderman Sixth ward, h 356 W Clinton

Ward Willie, clerk, bds 210 W Water

Ware James D., rougher, h 801 Davis

Ware John S., blacksmith, h 412 Standish

Ware Thomas, shoemaker, h 111 W Second

WARE WILLIAM M., bar-mill-roller, h 801 Davis

WARNER AUGUSTUS J., prop. Commercial College, 301 E Water h do

Warner E. B., h 206 W Washington

Warner Edwin, drayman, bds 640 W Gray

Warner Jacob, teamster, 113 Railroad av h 640 W Gray

Warner Spencer, bds 206 W Washington av

Warner U. A., letter-carrier, bds 109 W Hudson

Warrell Henry, bds 919 W Water

Warren Archie J., carpenter, h Diven av n Lake

Warren Edwin F., printer, Leader office bds 111 E Hudson

Warren James H., carpenter, h 515 Harper

Warren Smith P., carpenter, h 318 W Third

Washington George, laborer, h 500 High

Washington Henry, barber, h 658 Dickinson