Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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1874 Directory Table of Contents
FOR 1874.

Sheely Frederick, tanner, Hine n W Hudson h 108 Harmon

Sheely George, packer, 107 W Water

Sheffield Chester C., city express, h 155 Lake

Shehan Mary, dresssmaker, bds 125 Judson

Shehan Patrick, laborer, bds 125 Judson

Sheive George, real estate agent, h 208 S Main

Sheive P. J., widow John L., bds Oak cor E Third

Sheive William E., carpenter, bds 208 S Main

Shelly Henry, shoemaker, 124 Lake

Shepard C. C., (William J. Dounce & Co.,) h 751 Park Place

Shepard John, laborer, h 305 E Clinton

Shepard John, jr., waiter, bds 305 E Clinton

Shepard Lida Mrs., bds 159 Madison av

Sherman Betsey, widow Benjamin, bds 260 W S Water

Sherman Cyrus, organmaker, h 611 Lake

Sherman E. B., mason, h 120 W Second

Sherman Margaret, Mrs., bds 159 Madison av

Sherman S. D. Miss., dressmaker, bds 324 E Water

Sherman William, carpenter, h Partridge n S Main

Sheroch Anthony, teamster, bds 601 E Water

Sherwood Archie, hostler, bds 109 Madison av

Sherwood Cornelius S., salesman, 1 Opera Block bds 160 W Fifth

All new styles of CROCKERY & CHINA, at China Hall, Lake St.

Sherwood Emma, widow William, h 915 Lake

Sherwood Ira, laborer, h 500 High

Sherwood Nathan M. Rev., h 409 E Church

Sherwin William F., ticket agent, bds Rathbun House

Shey John, mason, bds 105 E First

Shey William, mason, bds 105 E First

SHIDLEN ERNST, furniture, 137 W Water h 201 E Gray

Shidlen Louis, clerk, 137 W Water bds 204 E Gray

Shields John, helper, bds 603 Dickinson

Shields John, mason, h Oak n E Clinton

Shields Peter, grocer and mason, 518 Oak h 508 do

Shields Peter, jr., clerk, 518 Oak bds 508 do

Shields William, mason, bds 508 Oak

Shillinger Nicholas, engineer, bds Lyon House

Shimp Mary, domestic, 319 William

Shipman Abram, wagonmaker, h 202 Harmon

Shipman Charlotte C., widow Anson, h 703 Columbia

Shipman Chauncey N., bookkeeper, 110 Baldwin h 517 W Church

Shobleskie Michael, laborer, bds 722 Hatch

Shoeler John, painter, h 661 Magee

Shoemaker James M., (Freeman & Shoemaker,) h 306 W Fourth

Shoemaker J. Monroe, (Bedell, Shoemaker & Co.,) h 500 Baldwin

Shoemaker Lewis, bartender, Frasier House, bds do

Shoemann Louis, tailor, h 565 E Water

Sholes William, laborer, h 318 Hathaway

Shombeaw John, shoemaker, bds 551 John

Shornstheimer Conrad, milk-peddler, h 920 W Church

Short Jeremiah, laborer, h 501 Madison av

Shreffler Levi S., carpenter, 209 W Water, h 116 S Main

Shueder Franz, bartender, 433 Railroad av, bds do

Shuett Jane, widow William, h 210 E Water

Shults George W., machinist, bds 665 Columbia

Shults Idell H., machinist, bds 665 Columbia

Shults John C., machinist, h 665 Columbia

Shults John E., bookkeeper, bds 665 Columbia

Shults, see also Schultz

Shuman Louis, butcher, h 659 Lake

Shumway Herbert, clerk, 110 N Main, bds 120 do

Shumway James C., hardware-agent, h 511 Columbia

Shurts Mary, domestic, 54 S Main

Sibley Frank, shoemaker, bds John cor DeWitt

Sibley Frank W., shoemaker, bds 551 John

Sickles C., boatman, h 406 Standish

Sickles Frank, painter, h Thurston n Baldwin

Buy your COAL of J. H. BARNEY, 110 Baldwin Street.

Sickles Frank M., clerk, 330 E Water

Sigison Jacob, bds 327 Lake

Sigison Maria, widow William, h 327 Lake

Sigison William, bds 327 Lake

Silliman Charles T., shoecutter, bds 100 W Water

Silverman Heiman, peddler, h 354 Railroad av

Silwood Eliza, widow Silas, h 512 College av

Simberg Abram, peddler, h 712 John

Simmons Frank A., clerk cigar-stand, Rathbun House, bds do

Simmons William L., carpenter, h 716 Benjamin

Simons Josiah C., salesman, h 404 W Gray

Simons Mary A., teacher school No. 5, bds W Sixth n Davis

Simms Susie M., widow Samuel L., h 417 W Fourth

Simon Morris, clothing, 375 Railroad av, h 551 E Second

Simonicht Joseph, butcher, bds 664 Lake

Simons Daniel J., painter, bds Pennsylvania House

Simons Noah, painter, h 366 Pennsylvania av

Simons Pollie M., widow Jeduthen, bds 504 E Third

Simons R. M., grocer, 504 E Third h do

Simpson Elijah, teamster, bds Hart n Elm

Simpson Henry, carpenter, bds 504 N Columbia

Simpson James, teamster, h Hart n Elm

Simpson Thomas, laborer, 602 W Water

SINGERHOFF CHARLES, Mozart Music Hall, 132 W Water h do

SINGERHOFF & LA FRANCE, orchestra, 132 W Water (see adv)

Sinsabaugh David M., traveling-agent, h 611 W First

Sipher Moses, fireman, bds e 220 W Third

Sisk John, blacksmith, bds Davis ab Cemetery

Sisk Michael, bar-tender, 303 Railroad av bds do

Sittenfield Joseph, clerk, bds 113 High

Sittenfield Solomon, (Schwartz & Sittenfield), h 113 High

Skahan Edvard, helper, h 814 Walnut

Skehan James, teamster, h 101 W Henry

Skein Joseph, laborer, bds 664 Lake

Skidmore George H., express-messenger, h 110 College av

Skinner Charles W., (Skinner & Russell,) bds Rathbun House

Skinner May Mrs., bds 417 E Market

Skinner William, helper, bds 411 William

SKINNER & RUSSELL, (Charles W. Skinner and James W. Russell,) wholesale liquors, 413 and 415 Carroll (see adv)

Slack George W., teamster, h 728 W First

Slade Mary J., widow Franklin, h 812 John

The best Imported and Domestic GLASSWARE, at DEXTER’S.

Slair George W., conductor, bds Guiltanen cor W South av

Slasson Abram D., bds 155 Baldwin

Slater Annie, domestic, 657 Davis

Slater Catharine, widow Isiah, h W Hudson cor Hine

Slattary Minnie, domestic, bds 509 Park Place

Slattery John, shoemaker, h 904 E Market

Slattery William, blacksmith, h 356 W Third

Slattery William, stonecutter, bds Davis ab Cemetery

Slee John D. F. (J. Langdon & Co.,) h 218 W First

Slocum Augustus F., printer, Advertiser office bds Homestead Hotel

Slocum Fred J., telegrapher, 150 Baldwin bds Market cor Orchard

Slocum James C., contractor, h 751 E Market

Sly Catharine M. Miss, h Maple av cor Sly

Sly Emma Miss, clerk W. U. Tel. Co., bds 212 W S Water

SLY JAMES M., real estate and insurance-agent, 109 Baldwin h 106 W Second

Sly William H., salesman, 1 Opera Block bds 112 Sullivan

Small George S., fireman, bds 360 E Fifth

Smedes Sarah, widow Levi, h 837 Canal

Smelligar John, carpenter, h 609 E Church

Smith Alfred, blacksmith, bds 833 Canal

Smith Algernon N., conductor, h 105 Partridge

Smith Alonzo C., laborer, bds 1051 Walnut


Smith Amanda C., widow David, 217 De Witt

Smith B. Addison, butcher, h Pennsylvania av n Lewis

Smith Benjamin A., deputy sheriff, h 503 Sullivan

Smith Benjamin D., laborer, bds Benton n Norton

Smith Benjamin F., carpenter, h 654 N Main

Smith Catharine, widow William, h 372 W Clinton

Smith Charles, laborer, h 707 Dickinson

Smith Charles, Opera House agent, h 114 W Market

Smith Charles, shoemaker, 111 College av h do

Smith Charles E., clerk, 607 Railroad av bds 607 Magee

Smith Chauncey L., carpenter, h 214 W Hudson

Smith Daniel, (Smith, Lawrence & Co.,) h 661 Park Place

Smith David C., plumber, 338 E Water, h 214 Madison av

Smith Delia, widow Benjamin F., bds al r 359 W Fifth

Smith E. B., baker and confectioner, Corning, h 362 W Church

Smith Edward, laborer, bds 217 De Witt

Smith Eleanor, widow George, h 415 W Fourth

Smith Eliza, domestic, 235 Lake

Smith Emily E., widow Andrew S., h 20 Arcade Block, Lake

Smith Ernest A., clerk, 317 E Water bds 20 Arcade Block

Smith Ezekiel, driver, h 207 E Market

Smith Ezra J., carpenter, h 652 N Main

Smith Fanny G., teacher branch school, bds 513 E Union

Smith Frank, confectioner, 140 W Water, bds 104 E Hudson

Smith Frank, farmer, Maple av beyond city limits

Smith Frank V., salesman, 118 Lake bds 159 Madison av

Smith Fred., watchman, bds 508 Perry

Smith Frederick, clerk, bds 465 E Market

Smith Frederick W., bookkeeper, 161 Lake, bds 309 Carroll

SMITH GABRIEL L., lawyer, 216 E Water h 404 Sullivan cor Second

Smith George, laborer, h 416 De Witt

Smith George S., (Smith & Elliott,) h 109 High

Smith Hannah, bds 105 E Henry

Smith Hannah E., phonographer, bds 1016 East Hill

Smith Harrison, carpenter, bds 904 Lake

SMITH HARVEY, Alderman Fifth Ward, also clerk, 200 E Water, h 106 S Main

Smith H. Boardman, (Smith, Robertson & Fassett), h 380 Pennsylvania av

Smith Henry, blacksmith, h 833 Canal

Smith Henry carpet weaver, 527 E Union h do

Smith Henry conductor, h 530 W Church

Smith Henry, laborer, bds 127 Railroad av

Smith Henry, peddler, h Benton n Norton

Table CUTLERY and Plated Ware, at Dexter’s DOUBLE STORE, Lake St.

Smith Hiram F., tailor, 202 E Water h 216 Pennsylvania av

Smith Hiram T., lumber inspector, E Fifth cor canal h 304 E Clinton

SMITH HOWARD M., coal 119 E Church also (E. St. John & Co.), treas Elmira Slate Co., and alderman First Ward, h 423 W Church (see adv)

Smith Huron O., carpenter, h 206 Harmon

Smith Isaac S., carpenter, h 108 E Hudson

Smith I. S. Mrs., dressmaker, 108 E Hudson

Smith James A., waiter, 140 E Water bds do

Smith James B., sales agent, h 127 W Henry

Smith James H., laborer, h 902 Factory

Smith Jennie, domestic, 115 Baldwin

Smith Jennie, domestic, 212 Gregg

Smith John, gardener, h 616 Dickinson

Smith John S., bds Pennsylvania House

Smith John T., carpenter, h 859 E Market

Smith John W., teamster, h 604 E Water

Smith Joseph, gardener, h 115 E First

Smith Joseph A., tanner and currier, 257 W Clinton h 307 do

Smith Joseph H., agent rolling mill, h 658 N Main

Smith Kirk J., clerk, 149 W Water bds 109 W S Water

Smith, Lawrence & Co., (Daniel Smith, Thomas Lawrence, M. Richardson, B. W. Topping and George Carpenter), confectioners, 151 Lake

Smith Lewis A., machinist, bds 503 Sullivan

Smith Lewis M., (Smith & Hall), h 313 Columbia

Smith Lucius M., sash and blindmaker, h 360 W Fourth

Smith Lucy, domestic, 310 Pennsylvania av

Smith Marie, widow Lewis, h 127 Railroad av

Smith Mary, domestic, 311 Lake

Smith Matilda, domestic, 163 Washington

Smith Matilda L., widow Asa, bds 1100 Lake

For the best kinds of COAL, go to J. H. Barney, 110 Baldwin St.

Smith Matthias, tin peddler, h 306 W First

Smith Millie C., teacher school No. 4, bds 515 E Union

Smith Minnie E., hair work, h Day n Sullivan

Smith Oliver, laborer, bds 101 E Water

Smith Orlando N., (Mosher & Smith), h 114 E S Water

Smith Otis H., tinware, stationery, &c., 607 Railroad av, h 367 W Sixth

Smith Philip, laborer, h Hall n Centre

Smith Robert, carpenter, h 904 Lake

Smith Robert, laborer, h 662 Dickinson

Smith Robert T., street-commissioner, h 1100 Lake

Smith Robert V., laborer, h r 121 E Church

SMITH, ROBERTSON & FASSETT, (H. Boardman Smith, Archibald Robertson and Newton P. Fassett,) lawyers, 4 and 5 Opera block

Smith Rose, widow Daniel, bds 408 Madison av

Smith Ruth, widow Orrin, h 101 E Water

Smith Samuel B., bds 530 W Church

Smith Samuel C., carpenter, h 1051 Walnut

Smith Sarah, widow John F., bds Perine n Franklin

Smith Sarah C., teacher school No. 4, bds 512 William

SMITH SEYMOUR, master-carpenter, Northern Central R. W., E Fifth cor Hatch, h 658 College av

Smith Simeon T., engineer, bds Benton n Norton

SMITH SOLOMON P., cooper, 321 W Water, h 322 do

Smith Theodore G., deputy county clerk, county clerk’s office, h 124 E Hudson

Smith Thomas, blacksmith, h 715 Walnut

Smith Thomas, laborer, bds Second n Davis

Smith Thomas, packer, h 408 Madison av

Smith Timothy J., clerk, 327 E Water, bds 109 S Main

Smith Walter L., student, bds 380 Pennsylvania av

Smith Watie L., domestic, 104 E Hudson

Smith William, farmer, h 500 Tuttle av

Smith William, hostler, Pennsylvania House

Smith William B., bds 118 W Second

SMITH WILLIAM S., carriage-manufacturer, 448 E Water, h 109 High

Smith Wilton M., student, bds 380 Pennsylvania av

SMITH & ELLIOTT, (George S. Smith and George W. Elliott,) grocers, 111 E Water

Smith & Hall, (Lewis M. Smith and Francis G. Hall,) bankers, 116 Baldwin

SMITH & HILL, (G. L. Smith and David B. Hill,) lawyers, 216 E Water

Coal Oil Chandeliers, Brackets & Lamps, at Dexter’s, Lake St.

Smith, see also Schmidt

Smyth Mary J., domestic, 403 W First

Snedeker Charles (Pixley & Snedeker,) bds 316 W Gray

Snell Henry C., carpenter, h 415 W Water

Snell William, coachman, 211 Lake, bds do

Sniffin William, shoemaker, bds 232 Mt. Zoar

Snook Alonzo L., photographer, bds 114 W Church

Snook Martin V., engineer, h 367 W Third

Snowden Frederick J., barber, Pattinson House, bds do

Snowden John, laborer, bds 430 Broadway

Snowden Philip, laborer, h 655 Dickinson

Snowden Mary, nurse, h 716 Dickinson

Snyder Charles, bartender, 511 Railroad av bds do

Snyder Elias, truck-farmer, h 522 W Hudson

Snyder Harrison H., carpenter, h Balsam n Franklin

Snyder Henry S., carpenter, h 531 W Church

Snyder Jacob, restaurant and saloon, 511 Railroad av h do

Snyder John, gardener, h 700 John

Snyder Louis, saloon, 330 Carroll h do

Snyder William, millwright, h 357 Elm

Snyder, see also Schneider

Soble Bernard, peddler, h 204 Ann

Solomon Sabba, peddler, h 55 S Washington

Soper Daniel, carpenter, h 454 E Water

Soper Darius, carpenter, h Miller bel O’Gorman

Soper Manley, carpenter, h 309 Washington

Soper Richard R., traveling agent, bds 159 Madison av

Sossong Casper, saloon, 123 Railroad av h do

Sossong Thomas, laborer, bds 123 Railroad av

Sonders Samuel H., clerk Erie depot, h 518 College av

Soule D. E., patternmaker, bds 219 Railroad av

Southerland John, fireman, h Casey n W South av

Southern Abraham, sawmaker, bds Pattinson House

SOUTHERN TIER LEADER ASSOCIATION, James S. Thurston, pres.; Horace A. Brooks, sec. and treas.; P. C. Van Gelden, supt., 153 Lake, (see adv)

Southern Tier Savings Bank, 305 Carroll

Southwick Thomas T., shoemaker, h 306 W First

Southworth Philander B., carpenter, h 102 E Henry

Souvey Alexis, carriage-painter, h 57 South Sullivan

Soy Emma, telegrapher, 150 Baldwin

Spadt Andrew, cabinetmaker, bds 102 W Clinton

Spalding Clarence M., physician, 117 Lake bds 220 W Water

Spaulding Charles C., painter, h 801 Lake

Lehigh Coals ARE THE BEST Order from J. H. Barney, 110 Baldwin St.

Spaulding Charles H., lumber, h 203 Pennsylvania av

Spaulding Frank, carpenter, h Norton n Benton

Spaulding George, mason, bds 60 Pennsylvania av

Spaulding H. C., (H. C. Spaulding & Co.,) h 357 N Main

SPAULDING H. C. & CO., (H. C. Spaulding and C. C. Crane,) lumber, sash, blinds, &c., E Fifth cor Canal (see adv page 2)

Spaulding Katie, widow Square S., nurse, h 380 W Fifth

Spaulding Margaret, widow Sylvester S., nurse, h 380 W Fifth

Spaulding Rose, housekeeper, 504 Pennsylvania av

SPAULDING THOMAS S., county judge and surrogate, h College av cor Broadway

Spaulding William, carpenter, bds Norton n Benton

Speakman Ludwig, laborer, bds 118 E Second

Spear William, laborer, W Water n city limits

Spence David, shoemaker, bds Pennsylvania House

Spence Thomas, (DeWitt & Spence,) h Pennsylvania House

Spencer George S., carpenter and joiner, 422 W Fourth, h do

Spencer Judson R., clerk, 130 W Water, bds 634 do

Spencer Louisa, dressmaker, bds 511 Lake

Spencer M. H., grainer, bds 505 Park Place

Spencer Orrin D., (Clark & Spencer,) h 609 Market

Spencer Richard, barber, bds 522 Baldwin

Chinese, Japanese & Choice Fancy Goods, at Dexter’s Lake St.

Spencer Theodore C., carpenter, h 411 Elm

Sperl Christina, domestic, 166 Lake

Sperl John, (Steger & Sperl,) h 206 Madison av

Sperry Aladine, dressmaker, h 714 Park Place

Spickerman Levi, cabinetmaker, 754 E Water

Spillan Ellen, widow John, bds 256 W Hudson

Spillan John, shoemaker, h 619 W Church

Spillane Jeremiah, laborer, h 104 S Walnut

Spires Anthony, laborer, h Benton n Centre

Spitzer Ignotz, tanner, bds 375 W Water

Sprague Charles, carpenter, h Norton n Baldwin

Sprigg Charles, carriagemaker, bds Homestead Hotel

Springer Ann, widow James, h 719 Dickinson

Springer Theresa, domestic, 513 Railroad av

SQUIRE CHARLES L., (T.H. Squire & Son,) bds 409 E Church

SQUIRE T. H. & SON, physicians, 409 E Church

Squire Truman H., (T. H. Squire & Son,) 409 E Church, h do

Squires Hannah W., housekeeper, Elmira Female College

Squires Montgomery N., clerk, h 221 W S Water

Staeker Conrad, carpet-weaver, 111 DeWitt

Stage Chancey, laborer, h 1112 Ovid

Stage Converse, blacksmith, Hoffman n W Hill

Stage Isaac H., carpenter, h 1004 Walnut

Stage Judson, painter, bds 1004 Walnut

Stage Martha, domestic, 110 W Gray

Stage Rexford J., wagonmaker, bds 459 W Water

Stagg Charles E., telegrapher, 150 Baldwin, bds 105 College av

Stagg George W., upholsterer, bds 105 College av

Stagg William E., collector, 336 E Water, h 105 College av

Stagg William E., jr., produce, h 312 College av

Stahl Jacob Rev., h 112 High

Stahl Knight, clerk, bds 112 High

Stahl Nathan J., clerk restaurant Erie depot, bds 112 High

Staley Henrietta, domestic, Hart cor Walnut

Stall James A., conductor, h 517 Pennsylvania av

Stamp Peter P., barber, 607 Lake h W Water ab Main

Stampp Adam, (Schornstheimer & Stampp,) bds 526 Lake

Stanchfield John K., physician, 111 N Main h do

Stanley Fidelia E., Mrs., matron Elmira Female College h 206 W Washington av

Stanton Jerome I., jobber h 364 W Church

Stanton Wilber M., carpenter, h Benton n Centre

Stanwood E. Harriet Miss, preceptress Elmira Female College bds do

French GLASS SHADES & Wax Material, at Dexter’s, Lake St.

Stapleton John, painter, bds 102 W S Second

Stapleton John, tanner, h 102 W S Second

Stapleton Patrick, teamster, h 463 Powell

Stapleton William, fireman, bds 102 W S Second

Starks Charlotte, widow Washington, 205 E Water

Starks Edwin, painter, bds 205 E Water

Starks Volney, laborer, h 207 E Market

Starky Carl, upholsterer, h 605 Magee

Stasch Emil, tinsmith, bds 158 DeWitt

States Sylvester M., physician, 908 Factory h do

States William, foreman, h 605 Beach

Staub John, painter, 712 Baldwin

Stauch Louis, painter, h 307 Mt. Zoar

Stedge Clark, slater, h 50 High

Stedge Jacob, laborer, h 50 High

Stedman Elwin, clerk, 321 Carroll

Stedman James, carpenter, h 509 W Second

Steege Albert, laborer, h N Oak n Harper

Steege Ann, widow Charles, h N Oak n Harper

Steele Frederick C., h 355 W Church

Steele George, custom-house officer, h 611 College av

Steen A. G., clerk, Second National Bank bds 557 E Second

Steeples Martha, widow John, h 605 E Church

Steer Charles, shoemaker, bds 110 W Market

Steese Harriet Mrs., h 308 W Gray

Steger Michael, (Steger & Sperl,) h 166 Lake

Steiger Conrad, weaver, h 111 DeWitt

Steiger Mary, bds 111 DeWitt

Steinhauser George H., tailor, h 108 Orchard

Steinmetz Conrad F, upholsterer, h Oak n Jay

Stephens Anna, domestic, 451 W Gray

Stephens Daniel, h 230 Lake

STEPHENS ROBERT, lawyer, 346 E Water cor Lake h 230 Lake

Stephens William G., carpenter, h 408 W Fourth

Stephens Williiam H., bartender, Hathaway House bds 752 E Church

Stephenson Helen Mrs., boarding, h 417 E Market

Sterling Charles H., laborer, 722 W Water

Sterling Fred. H., clerk, 160 Lake bds 302 W Water

Stermer Mary, domestic, 206 Baldwin

Stevens Arthur, telegraph operator, bds 212 W S Water

Stevens George O., mason, bds 752 E Church

Willow & Cane Sewing STANDS & BASKETS, at China Hall, Lake St.

Stevens H. Hartley, carpenter, h 1020 Lake

Stevens Maggie E., bds 752 E Church

Stevens Margaret, widow Patrick, h Day n Sullivan

Stevens Mary, widow William, h 752 E Church

Stevens Sarah, dressmaker, h 331 E Water

Stevens Thaddeus, coachman, bds Day n Sullivan

Stevens Thomas P., painter, bds 752 E Church

Stevens William H., bartender, h 752 E Church

Stevenson Carrie M., saleslady, 142 W Water bds 115 Harmon

Stevenson Eliza H., saleslady, 142 W Water bds 115 Harmon

Stevenson George S., salesman, 142 W Water h 115 Harmon

Stevenson Leander, laborer, h Tuttle av n East av

Steves William, tinsmith, bds 376 W Sixth

Stewart Alfred, blacksmith, bds 109 W Market

Stewart Daniel J., brakeman, h W South av cor Lewis

Stewart Elizabeth, domestic, h 902 College av

Stewart George H., laborer, h 304 S Main

Stewart J., machinist, bds 108 W Hudson

Stewart Margaret G., widow John D., h Junction n South av

Stewart Martin, laborer, h 708 Dickinson

Stewart Thomas H., janitor, h 607 Dickinson

Stewart William, boatman, h 218 W Church

Stewart William, paper hanger and painter, h 718 Columbia

Stickler Peter A., laborer, bds 612 W Church

Stiles George, news agent, h 365 S Main

Stiles Isaac, boots and shoes, 202 W Water h 365 S Main

Stiles Isaac P., shoemaker, bds 365 S Main

Stiles Milton D., clerk, 208 E Water h 364 W Church

Stiles Samuel S., printer Leader office, bds 154 High

Still Charles, coachman, 52 S Main

Stillson Jennie, widow, bds 370 W Gray

Stillwell Mary A., art-flowers, bds 216 Ann

Stilson George, carpenter, 368 W First

Stilson William, (Stilson & Fitch,) h 609 Lake

STILSON & FITCH, (William Stilson and William H. Fitch,) boots and shoes, 212 E Water (see adv)

Stilwell William M., carpenter, h 404 W Third

St. John Edgar, (E. St John & Co.,) h 407 W Church

ST. JOHN E. & CO., (Howard M. Smith,) coal, wood and lumber, 102 W Partridge (see adv)

St. John Frank J., brakeman, bds 508 College av

St. Mary’s Infirmary, Dr. Aaron Rice, proprietor, Hudson n race course

Stobo John, boots and shoes, 207 E Water, h 111 Harmon

Stobol Mary, bds 159 Madison av

Stocker E. M., insurance-agent, bds Homestead Hotel

Stocum E. Miller, patternmaker, h 110 E Water

Stocum Emily, milliner, 110 E Water, h do

Stoddart George H., student, bds 705 Davis

Stoddart Holmes, roller, h 705 Davis

Stoddart Robert L., student, bds 705 Davis

Stoeltzlen Zavier, bartender, 330 Carroll, bds do

Stoll Aaron, boatbuilder, h 617 Jay

Stoll Adam, shoemaker, h 600 Jay

Stoll Donleavy, carpenter, h 617 Jay

Stoll Joseph C., h Oak cor E Third

Stone Beulah F., widow Isaac, bds 365 W Fourth

Stone Clara, widow Henry, h 621 W Gray

Stone D. J., carpenter, h 373 W First

Stone Err M., foreman Elmira Car Works, h 313 W Fourth

STONE JOHN K., insurance-agent, 200 E Water, h do

Stone Lewis D., lumberman, h 365 W Fourth

Stone Lorin J., carpenter, h 369 W First

Stone Martha W., teacher school No. 5, bds 621 W Gray

Stone Myron C., machinist, h 357 Walnut

Stone Newton A., (Stone & Bassett,) h 466 W First

Byington Bros., dealers in choice Groceries, Flour & Provisions, 119 Baldwin St.

Stone Roy, lumber, bds Rathbun House

Stone Russell, switchtender, h 240 W Water

Stone & Bassett, (Newton A. Stone and Palmer H. Bassett,) carpenters and builders, 307 W Second

Stonemets John H., pressman Gazette office, h 122 Harriet

Storch Frederick, laborer, h N Oak n Harper

Storch Gottleib, laborer, h N Oak n Harper

Storms William, farmer, h W Hill rd n Carr’s corners

Story Charles F., architect, h 218 Washington

Stout Emma, widow Joseph, bds 216 W Henry

Stover William, porter, 161 Lake h 755 Jay

Stowe Charles W., carpenter, h 403 DeWitt

Stowell Abel, carpenter, h 319 William

Stowell Alexander, bds 710 N Main

STOWELL BROTHERS, (John E., Rufus R. and Henry C.,) hardware and stoves, 328 E Water

Stowell Charles, carpenter, bds 319 William

Stowell Emery, clerk, bds 319 William

STOWELL F. A. & CO, (Frank A. Stowell and Daniel R. Pratt,) wholesale hardware, 152 Lake

Stowell Frank A., (F. A. Stowell & Co.,) h 551 E Church

Stowell Henry C., (Stowell Bros.,) bds 319 William

Stowell James H., (Stowell & Averill,) h 710 N Main

Stowell John E., (Stowell Brothers,) h 319 William

Stowell Rufus R., (Stowell Bros.,) h 553 E Church

Stowell William H., (Stowell & Young,) h 319 E Church

Stowell & Averill, (J. H. Stowell and Levi Averill,) lime and cement works, E Washington av junction Canal

STOWELL & YOUNG, (William H. Stowell and John Young,) merchant tailors, 155 Lake, (see adv)

Strachen Esther, widow Thomas, h 603 Dickinson

Strachen John, blacksmith, h 1124 Lake

Strachen Robert, mason, bds 603 Dickinson

Strader Alfred, cradle-manufacturer, Lake cor E Thurston h do

Straight William E., iron-dealer, h First cor Grove

Strait David, teamster, h 328 Baldwin

Strait E. Burton, carpenter, h Junction n Erie R. R.

STRANG HENRY W., jeweler, 218 E Water h 415 N Main

Stratton William D., bridge builder, bds 104 E Henry

Straub Louis, (John Graff & Co.,) bds 603 Lake

Strauss Herman, (Herman Strauss & Co.,) h 412 Carroll

Strauss Herman & Co., (Albert Samuels and Louis Strauss,) clothiers, 205 E Water

Strauss Louis, (Herman Strauss & Co.,) also (Strauss & Samuel,) h 465 E Water

W. E. HART & SON, DRY GOODS, 325 E Water St.

Strauss & Samuel, (Louis Strauss and Albert Samuel,) dry goods, 189 E Water

STRODE JAMES, master-mechanic, Northern Central R. W. shops h 410 S Main

Stroman Charles B., painter, h 116 Sullivan

Strong Amelia M., teacher No. 1 School, bds Southport Corners

Strong Eliza Mrs., dressmaker, 133 E Hudson h do

Strong Florette, domestic, 513 Lake

Strong James, mason, bds 723 Lake

Strong William H., laborer, bds 133 E Hudson

Stroup Annie, domestic, 140 E Water

Strouse Harvey, teamster, h W Hill rd n Walnut

Strouse Jacob, laborer, bds W Hill rd n Walnut

Strouse Joseph, laborer, bds W Hill rd n Walnut