Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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1874 Directory Table of Contents
FOR 1874.

O’Driscoll Patrick, mason, h 356 Elm

O’Farrel Mary, domestic, Hoffman n Hart

O’Farrell John, laborer, bds Herrick n Franklin

O’Farrell Michael, laborer, h Herrick n Franklin

Ogden Alexander, carpenter, h 317 Baldwin

Ogden William, h 406 Lake

Ogden William D., bookkeeper, 319 E Water bds 406 Lake

O’Gorman Honora, domestic, 409 E Church

O’GORMAN JOHN, dry goods and groceries, 819 Railroad av h do

O’Gorman Patrick, heater, h 808 Hatch

O’Gorman Simon, hooker, h 805 Hatch

O’Gorman Thomas, laborer, h 350 Railroad av

O’Gradey Michael, mason, h 670 Columbia

O’Hara John, brickmaker, h 562 E Clinton

O’Hara Julia C., domestic, 104 E Henry

O’Hara Matthew, roller, bds 151 E Washington av

O’Hara Mary, widow Michael, h 151 E Washington av

O’Hara Michael, laborer, bds 151 E Washington av

O’Hare Dennis, carpenter, h 406 Elm

O’Hare Thomas, mason, 813 John

O’Heren Honora, domestic, 115 N Main

The best Imported and Domestic GLASSWARE, at DEXTER’S.

O’Herren Michael, mason, h 108 W Sixth

O’Keefe Cornelius, laborer, h 663 Magee

Olbus John, carpenter, h 654 Dickinson

O’Leary Dennis, laborer, h 104 Chesnut

O’Leary Jeremiah, mason, h 433 W Fourth

O’Leary Patrick, carpenter, h 320 Weber

O’Leary Patrick, laborer, h 369 W Fifth

O’Leary Thomas, bricklayer, bds 419 Railroad av

O’Leary Timothy, laborer, h Guiltanen n W South av.

Oliver George, roller, h Pratt cor Day

Oliver Lucy, widow Otis, bds 318 William

Oliver Thaddeus E. C., printer Gazette office, h 205 Orchard

Oliver Thomas, teamster, h Oak cor E. Fifth

Olivey William, clerk, 160 Lake

Olivey William, tailor, h 56 S Washington

O’Loughlin Bridget, domestic, 118 N Main

O’Loughlin Patrick, helper, 104 W Washington av

O’Loughlin Thomas, helper, h 154 W S Second

Olsen John, tailor, h 112 Ferris

Olster B., peddler, h 659 E Water

O’MAHER JAMES, saloon, 372 Railroad av, h do

O’Neil Daniel, watchman, 727 Lake

O’Neil Jeremiah, engineer, h 108 W S Second

O’Neil Jeremiah, painter, bds 101 Chestnut

O’Neil Mary, domestic, 304 N Main

O’Neil Mary A., domestic, 52 S Main

O’Neil Michael, saloon, 705 Railroad av, h do

O’Neil Michael J., teamster, h ft E Water

O’Neil Owen, bartender, 705 Railroad av, bds do

O’Neil Owen, laborer, h 509 High

O’Neil Thomas, laborer, h 101 Chestnut

O’Neil Thomas, laborer, h 460 W Second

O’Neill Daniel, boilermaker h S Main n Jacob

O’Neill Libbie, domestic, 213 Gregg

O’Neill Mary, widow Patrick, bds 336 W Seventh

O’Neill William, engineer, 657 Magee

O’Neill William, puddler, bds 806 Hatch

O’Reagan Patrick, engineer, h Miller cor O’Gorman

O’Regan John, watchman, h 315 W Fifth

O’Reilley Dennis, stonecutter, h Oak cor Maxwell

O’Riley John, roller, bds 150 E Washington av

O’Riley William, laborer, h 150 E Washington av

Orme George, butcher, 712 Baldwin

Orphans’ Home, Fulton cor Franklin, John B. Gale, supt

Lace CURTAINS, HOLLANDS and Curtain Fixtures, at 325 E. Water St.

Orr Levi J., sash-framer, h 607 Walnut

Orrison George, painter, bds 413 Magee

Orvis Emerson, gardener, h South av n Perine

Orwan Charles F., salesman, 203 E Second, h 762 E Second

Osborn Carrie, tailoress, 402 E Water h do

Osborn George, teamster, bds 810 John

Osborn John H., shoemaker, bds Centre cor Benton

Osborn Oscar H., tailor, 402 E Water h do

Osborne Eliza, widow John, h Centre cor Benton

Osborne H. R. jr., bookkeeper, h 112 E S Water

Osborn John J., hackman, h 106 High

Osborne Mary A., dressmaker, bds Centre cor Benton

Osborne William J., painter, bds Centre cor Benton

Osman J. K. P., blacksmith, bds 555 E Water

Out Jeremiah, laborer, h 319 Railroad

Out Theodore, laborer, bds 107 E Washington av

Owen Ann, widow Richard, h 457 Sullivan

Owen Edwards, spinner, bds 457 Sullivan

Owen George H., h 316 Lake

Owen Henry L., yarn-dresser, bds 457 Sullivan

Owen Henry w., (Jesse Owen & Co.,) h at Chemung

Owen James H., bookkeeper, 148 W Water, bds 410 W Church

Owen Jesse (Jesse Owen & Co.,) also (Bonnell & Owen,) h 410 W Church

OWEN JESSE & CO., (Henry W. Owen,) lumber and ground bark, 210 W Water

Owen Susan M., bds 509 Park Place

Owens Joseph, foreman, woolen mills h 815 Factory

Owens Morris, laborer, h 212 Park


Pack John, laborer, h Baldwin n Norton

Pack Robert, laborer, bds Baldwin n Norton

Packard Abel O., lumberman, h 57 First av

Packard Allen, finisher, h 55 S Sullivan

Packard Hobart H.., traveling agent h 313 Lake

Packard Horatio S., machinist, bds 57 First av

Pagan Rudolph, jeweler, 121 W Water h 118 Harriet

Page Frank, axemaker, h 606 Baldwin

PAGETT WILLIAM, tanner, h 407 W Water

Paige Elliott D., clerk, h 507 DeWitt

Paige Mary, bds 507 DeWitt

Paine Horace A., carpenter, bds 72 Pennsylvania av

Paine Kate, widow John, bds 655 E Church

Paine Samuel H., shoemaker h 72 Pennsylvania av

Table CUTLERY and Plated Ware, at Dexter’s DOUBLE STORE, Lake St.

Paine Thomas, laborer, h 727 Baldwin

Painton Ernest, laborer, 217 Mt, Zoar

Painton George, fireman, h 213 Franklin

Painton Richard, switchman, 213 Franklin

Palen Arthur, leather manuf., Limestone, N. Y., h 108 E S Water

Palmer Avery M., clerk, 200 W Water h 356 Walnut

Palmer Charles H., clerk Post Office, bds 416 W Gray

Palmer Daniel, bridge-carpenter, bds 104 E Henry

Palmer Eden, bds 812 John

Palmer Edward H., (Palmer & Decker,) h 360 w Water

Palmer Edwin P., clerk, h 504 N Main

Palmer Emma J. Miss, bds 603 Hoffman

PALMER ERASTUS S., justice of the peace, 206 E Water h 108 W Gray

Palmer Fanny, widow Richard, h 221 Lake

Palmer Frank, laborer, bds 204 S Main

Palmer George, tinsmith, bds 324 S Main

Palmer George N., clerk, h 161 Washington

Palmer George W., (Palmer & Fenner,) h 420 W Gray

Palmer Griff D., clerk, 307 E Water h 414 College av

Palmer Henry T., painter, h 416 W Gray

Palmer Laura A., teacher N. 5, bds 504 N Main

Palmer La Vern W., laborer, h 621 W Church

Palmer Manley, marble-agent, h 621 W Church

Palmer Martin S., manager W. U. Telegraph Co., 150 Baldwin h 212 S Water

PALMER MARTIN W., blacksmith and wagonmaker, 227 W Water h 109 W Market (see adv)

Palmer M. Dwight, blacksmith, 309 W Water h 309 W Gray

PALMER & DECKER, (Edward H. Palmer and Casper S. Decker,) tanners, Pennsylvania av cor Ann

Palmer & Fenner, (George W. Palmer and Benjamin Fenner,) planning mill, r 201 E Gray

Palte Charles, clerk, bds 359 Railroad av

Palte Joseph, clothing, 359 Railroad av

Palte Louis, clerk, bds 359 Railroad av

Pangborn William, carpenter, h 559 E Second

Pangburn Nancy, widow Henry, h Pleasant n Franklin

Pangburn Oliver, helper, bds Pleasant n Franklin

Papineau Augustus, shoemaker, bds 123 Harriet

Papineau John, shoemaker, 123 Harriet h do

Pardoe Thomas, gardener, h Oak n Day

Parish William, cooper, bds 714 Walnut

Park S. William, carriagemaker, h Fox n Carroll

PARKER ADDISON REV., pastor First Baptist Church, h 114 W Gray

BLACK and FANCY SILKS, at W. E. HART & SON’S, 325 E Water St.

Parker Daniel D., grocer, h 301 E Fourth

Parker Edmund V., traveling agent, h 402 Hoffman

Parker Edward, fireman, h Burdick n Northern Central R. R.

Parker Eliza M., widow Samuel, bds 203 Ann

Parker John, teamster, bds 50 High

Parker John E., conductor, h 103 E Henry

Parker Richard T., wagon-maker, bds 114 W Hudson

Parkhill Angeline, widow Hamilton B., h 213 Washington

Parkhill Anna, teacher No. 1 school h 213 Washington

Parkhill Berta, teacher No 1 school, h 213 Washington

PARKHURST LEWIS D., physician, 319 E Water bds W Market

Parkinson James G., auger-maker, h 513 W Fourth

Parkinson Leanidas E., brakeman, h r 220 W Third

Parkinson Thomas, clerk, h 407 W Third

Parks Chloe O., widow Henry, bds Casey n W South av

Parks Josie, domestic, 438 W Clinton

Parks Susan , bds 897 Lake

Parmalee Libbie E., teacher school No 1, bds 554 Church

Parmenter Charles H., merchant tailor, 214 E Water h 257 Baldwin

Parmenter Robert N., clerk, 214 E Water bds Pennsylvania House

Parmeter Lewis D., teamster, h 221 Mt. Zoar

Parry Philip, heater, bds Oak cor Day

Parry Sarah, domestic, Homestead Hotel

Parry Thomas, heater, h Oak cor Day

Parsons Charles, carpenter, h Maple av n city limits

Parsons Eliza, widow James, bds 312 William

PARSONS GRANVILL D., alderman sixth ward also clerk express office, h 321 W Fourth

Parsons Guilford D., photographer, 134 W Water h 244 do

Parsons Henry, tailor, h 605 E Church

Coal Oil Chandeliers, Brackets & Lamps, at Dexter’s, Lake St.

Parsons Jennie, widow George W., h 669 Park Place

Parsons Lydia, widow ---, h 509 Park Place

Parsons Marcus M., train despatcher, North Central R. W. h 851 Magee

Parsons Theodore S., painter, h 713 Davis

PARTRIDGE HENRY M., lumber, 117 E Church h 311 Lake

Partridge Samuel Hon., h 504 Maple ave

Patchen Sarah M., widow John, h Oak n Lake

Paton John S., carpenter, h 7 Erie

Pattengill Atticus A., conductor, h 378 W Fourth

Patterson Abel B., laborer, bds 919 Lake

Patterson Annie, domestic, Broadway cor College av

Patterson Electra, widow Reuben, bds 1010 Walnut

Patterson Francis, h 919 Lake

Patterson James L., heater, h 435 W Fifth

Patterson John, teamster, h 907 Railroad av

Patterson Mary J., widow Cornelius, h 401 Railroad av

Patterson William E., despatcher, h 504 Columbia

PATTINSON HOUSE, Thomas Reed, proprietor; Baldwin cor Market

Patton Madge M., patterns, 124 Lake bds 501 Lake

Paul William, engineer, h 416 W Fourth

Paulman Charles, printer, h 415 Powell

Pautz Frederika, widow Charles, h 630 William

Pautz Louis, tinsmith, bds 630 William

Paxson John K., helper, bds 701 Davis

Paxson Joseph W., bricklayer, h 701 Davis

Payne Charles, gardener, 815 College av

Payne Cora, domestic, Homestead Hotel

Payne John, laborer, h 857 Dickinson

Payne Millie, cook, Homestead House

Payne Saunders, laborer h 660 Dickinson

Payne William, laborer, h 751 Park Place

Peabody Anna, widow George, h 703 Dickinson

Pearse Charles W., baker, h 514 College av

Pearse Frank, polisher, bds 514 College av

Pease Daniel, tinsmith, bds 716 Walnut

Pease George H., foreman, 108 W Water bds 100 do

Pease Salmon D., farmer, h Sullivan n Pattinson

Pease Samuel, shoemaker, bds Sullivan n Pattinson

PEASE WILLISTON, fish, oysters and vegetables, 311 Carroll h 113 De Witt

Peat Hannah, widow Milow, domestic, 405 W Fourth

Peck Mary A., widow John A., bds 55 S Sullivan

Lehigh Coals ARE THE BEST Order from J. H. Barney, 110 Baldwin St.

Peck Sylvester B., bookkeeper, h 500 Sullivan

Peckham Aaron, carpenter, h 306 Sullivan

Peckham Edward, carpenter, h 207 E Market

Peckham Edward W., carpenter, bds 306 Sullivan

Peckham George W., shoemaker, bds 306 Sullivan

Peckham William, shoemaker, h 207 E Market

Peester George, moulder, bds 352 E Fourth

Pelbrough Kate, clerk, 309 W Fourth, bds 311 do

PELBROUGH THOMAS G., grocer, 309 W Fourth, h 311 do (see adv)

Pelham Austin, carpenter, h 429 W Fourth

Pelham Frederick H., boxmaker, h 813 W Church

Pelham Henry, box-factory, 417 Columbia, h do

Pelham Isaac, real estate agent, h 416 W Clinton

Pelton Aaron R., express-messenger, h 151 W Third

Pender Anna, domestic, 359 College av

Pengelly Jennie, domestic, Willowbrook

PENNSYLVANIA HOUSE, DeWitt & Spence, props, 117 W Water

Penrith Adelia, widow Isaac, h Pennsylvania av n Ann

Percival Alexander W., blacksmith, bds 763 Jay

Percival Arthur T., blacksmith, bds 763 Jay

Percival Thomas, blacksmith, h 763 Jay

Perine Eliza, bds Pennsylvania av n Lewis

Perkins Frederick, painter, bds 156 W Third

Perkins Margaret, widow David, h 408 Walnut

Perry Albert, conductor, h 715 Kinyon

Perry Alfred, carpenter, bds Mansion House

Perry Asenath, widow Robert, h 716 Walnut

Perry Edgar, shoemaker, bds 328 Baldwin

Perry Ellen, domestic, 1019 Factory

Perry Henry, engineer, h 714 Walnut

Perry Henry, engineer, 1019 Factory

Perry Hiram, teamster, h Day n Oak

Perry John K., druggist, 317 E Water, h 428 do

Perry Martha, domestic, 657 Park Place

Perry Miners, miller, h 806 N Main

Chinese, Japanese & Choice Fancy Goods, at Dexter’s Lake St.

Perry Thomas, (Perry & Scott,) h 158 High

Perry Theodore B., druggist, 317 E Water, bds 429 do

Perry William H., clerk, County clerk’s office, bds E Water

PERRY & CO., (---,) druggists, 317 E Water

PERRY & SCOTT, (Thomas Perry and Edwin A. Scott,) insurance and real estate agents, 344 E Water

Personius Lucius M., watchman, h 507 Harper

Peterman James C., despatcher, h 508 Pennsylvania av

PETERS GEORGE, alderman 7th ward, also engineer, h Hall n Centre

Peters George C., clerk, 314 E Water, h 430 W Clinton

Peters Henry W., mason, h 430 W Clinton

Peters Sarah, domestic, 413 W Second

Peters Willie E., clerk, 117 Lake, bds 300 Sullivan

Peters William H., clerk Erie depot, bds Hall cor Centre

Peters William H., conductor, bds 430 W Clinton

Peterson Gaylord Rev., pastor U. M. P. Church h 618 Baldwin

Petrie William, clerk, h 510 DeWitt

Pettengill Catharine Mrs., bds 620 W Gray

Pettengill Nellie, widow Milton, bds 462 E Church

Pettengill Philander L., conductor, h Jacob n S Main

Pettis Martha Mrs., domestic, 105 W S Water

Petts Ida, domestic, 154 W Fourth

Petzold Charles F., carpenter, bds 970 East av

Pew Daniel, clerk, bds 109 S Main

Pfaltzgraf Firmus, mason, Clinton ab E Union

Pfannmuller Charles, bookbinder, bds Pattinson House

Phelps Frank, patent-rights, bds 382 W Water

Phillips David, bds 709 N Main

Phillips John, cradlemaker, bds 905 Lake

Phillips Mary, widow Charles, bds 122 Harriet

Phillips Shadrach R., conductor, h W South av n S Main

Phillips William, agent, h 54 S Orchard

Pickering Adell, widow James, bds 358 Columbia

Pickering Daniel F., livery-stable, 402 E Market h 260 Baldwin

Pickering Edmund B., carpenter, bds 500 E Church

Pickering Frank, clerk, 402 E Market bds 260 Baldwin

Pickering John C., carpenter, h 500 E Church

Pickering William E., clerk, 305 E Water, h 912 College av

Pierce Almira W., widow Joel, h 609 William

Pierce Annie, widow Billings, bds 610 Baldwin

Pierce Eli G., flagman, h South av n Pennsylvania av

Pierce Esther A., seamstress, bds 217 Baldwin

Pierce Francis M., salesman 111 Railroad av bds 302 W Water

Go to HART & SON’S for the largest assortment of MOURNING GOODS.

Pierce Ichabod M., carpenter, h 703 W Water

Pierce Ida, dressmaker, bds 433 Railroad av

Pierce Minerva, widow Peter, bds 108 Madison av

Pierce Rebecca A., bds 102 W Hudson

Pierce Samuel P., newsboy, bds 703 W Water

Pierson Amanda M., widow Cyrus, h 554 Church

Pierson George, carpenter, h 318 W Third

Pike Alvah N., mason, h 461 Powell

Pike William R., machinist, bds 461 Powell

Pines Squire, musician, h 414 S Main

Pitcher Henry F., carriage-painter, Pennsylvania av cor Ann

Pitcher Mary Ann, widow Frank, bds 510 Madison av

Pitts Pembroke P., stonecutter, h 204 S Main

Pitts Samuel, engineer, h 620 W Gray

PITTSTON & ELMIRA COAL CO., anthracite coal mines and shippers, E. N. Frisbie, president; F. H. Atkinson, sec and treas, 114 and 116 Baldwin

Pixley Charles, (Pixley & Snedeker,) h at Buffalo

Pixley & Snedeker, (Charles Pixley and Charles Snedeker,) sewing machines, 167 Lake

Plant Joseph, shoemaker, bds 218 Baldwin

Platt Hosea, farmer, h Sullivan n city limits

Platt Minerva, widow Elijah, h 153 Baldwin

Plowman Peter, coppersmith, bds 419 W Gray

Plowman William H., (Plowman & Wyckoff,) h 419 W Gray

PLOWMAN & WYCKOFF, (William H. Plowman and C. Wesley Wyckoff,) hardware and stoves, 126 W Water, (see adv page 4)

PLUM H. A., carpenter and builder, W First cor Elm h 418 W First

Polak Isaac, tobacconist, 402 E Water h Pennsylvania av cor E S Water

Polhamus Mary, domestic, 100 W Water

Pollack Lewis, cigarmaker, bds 106 Pennsylvania av

Pollock Edward, laborer, bds Main ab blast furnace

POLLOCK ROBERT, founder, blast furnaces, h Broadway cor Main

Pollock William J., ass’t founder, bds Broadway cor Main

Pomeroy Louise, student, bds 313 Columbia

Pond Caroline, widow Horace P., bds 207 E Gray

Pond Horace N., (Turner & Pond,) h 207 E Gray

Pool Orline, widow John, h 458 W First

Poole John, porter, Hathaway House

Pope Fanny, domestic, Pennsylvania House

Pope Joseph, laborer, bds Oak n Day

Willow & Cane Sewing STANDS & BASKETS, at China Hall, Lake St.

Poppino Richard, laborer, h Oak n Day

Porter Charles H., carpenter, h 404 W Second

Porter Daniel, engineer, h S Main n W South av

Porter Tabitha, widow March, h 704 Dickinson

Post David, h 206 W S Water

Post Jacob N., builder, h 915 Davis

Post James H., conductor Northern Central R. W., bds 914 College av

POST WILLIAM T., city treasurer, also real estate agent, 101 E Market bds 315 E Church

Potter Aaron F., bookkeeper, 203 E Second h 364 W First

Potter Alfred R., student, bds 202 College av

Potter Betsy R. Mrs., h 202 College av

Potter Charles H., artist, h 202 College av

Potter Cranston S., livery, 430 Carroll h 411 William

Potter Edward C., clerk, 101 Baldwin, bds 411 William

Potter Elizabeth, widow Henry, h 651 E Market

Potter Elmer, conductor, bds W South av n S Main

Potter Fernando D., bookkeeper Gazette office, bds 651 E Market

Potter Henry, clerk, bds 651 E Market

Potter John, clerk, bds 651 E Market

Potter John, clerk, Rathbun House, bds do

Potter Lydia S., milliner, 327 E Water, bds 651 E Market

Potter Mary A., teacher school No. #, bds 651 E Market

Potter Sarah A., widow Bradford, bds 411 William

Potts Hugh Mrs., bds 220 W Water

Pound William, carpenter, h Norton n Benton

Poutz William, tinsmith, bds 59 S Sullivan

Powell Annie, domestic, 558 E Church

Powell Ellen, widow Michael, h 851 Railroad av

Powell Hanora, widow Patrick, bds Walnut ab Water

Powell James, student, bds 324 W Fourth

Powell James L., piler, h Hatch cor E Washington av

Powell John, student, bds 350 W Fourth

Powell John C., mason, bds 401 Railroad av

Powell John C., mason, h 607 Jay

Powell John G., drayman, h 908 E Church

Powell John M., clerk, 101 E Water, bds 318 W Fourth

Powell Kate, domestic, 611 College av

Powell Margaret, widow John, h 312 W Fourth

Powell Margaret, widow John M., h 318 W Fourth

Powell Martin, clerk, 201 Clinton, bds 318 W Fourth

Powell Martin, laborer, h 916 E Church

Powell Martin, laborer, h Fourth cor Columbia

Powell Martin, stonemason, h 324 W Fourth

Full stock of House Furnishing Goods at Hart & Son’s, 325 Water St.

Powell Mary, domestic, 100 W Water

Powell Mary, milliner, 139 E Water

Powell Michael, laborer, h 428 W Fifth

Powell Thomas, piler, h 350 W Fourth

Powell William, laborer, bds 851 Railroad av

Powilson, Dennis, flagman, bds 552 S Main

Praetorius Theodore H., music-teacher, 312 E Water, h do

Prall Benjamin, dentist, bds 421 W Church

Prall Justus H. R., carpenter, h 421 W Church

Prall Rose J. Miss, teacher, bds 421 W Church

Pratt Aaron G., student, bds 258 Baldwin

Pratt Arthur, student, bds 326 W First

Pratt Charles R., lawyer, 214 E Water h 318 William

PRATT DANIEL R., (F. A. Stowell & Co.,) also prest Second National Bank h 415 Lake

Pratt Elisha L., gardener, 602 W Hudson h do

Pratt George D., student bds Davis ab Cemetery

Pratt George E. lawyer, 306 E Water h 326 W First

Prate George E., shoecutter, h 416 W Clinton

Pratt Harden D. V., h 652 Park Place

Pratt James P., speculator, h 367 W Gray

Pratt Hector, paymaster Elmira Reformatory, h Davis ab Cemetery

Pratt Lycurgus D., track supt Erie R. W., h 352 W Clinton

Pratt Sarah, widow Ransom, h 318 William

Pratt S. E. Mrs., physician, 367 W Gray h do

Pratt Timothy T., (Durland & Pratt) h 308 William

Pratt Ulysses, clerk, h 367 W Gray

Predmore John H., express-messenger, h 417 W Fourth

Prendergast Catharine, widow Michael, bds 433 W Fourth

Prendergast James, mason, bds 433 W Fourth

Prescott Frank W., plumber, bds 309 Carroll

Prescott Gardiner H., painter, bds 309 Carroll

Prescott Joseph S., h 309 Madison av

PRESCOTT WILLIAM H., wines and liquors, tobacco and cigars 309 Carroll h do (see adv)

PRESSLER ANTHONY, butcher, Lake cor Fifth h Benton n Norton

Preston Benjamin G., (Bennett & Preston) h 118 W Water

Preston Lucy, seamstress, bds 306 W Third

Preston Mary E., teacher, Orphans’ Home bds do

Preston William A., laborer, h 417 Standish

Preswick Christopher, (Preswick, Morse & Co.,) h 102 S Main

Preswick Edmund T., watchman, h 308 Washington

Byington Bros., dealers in choice Groceries, Flour & Provisions, 119 Baldwin St.

PRESWICK, MORSE & CO., (C. Preswick, R. Morse, jr., and H. E. Baker,) booksellers, stationers and wall-paper dealers, 321 E Water

Price Edward F., laborer, bds 457 Sullivan

Priest Frank W., sawmaker, bds 728 W First

Primmer Hattie, teacher, bds 310 Washington

Primmer Judson, fireman, h 657 N Main

Pritchard James, policeman, bds Frasier House

Pross Joseph, carpenter, h 356 W Second

Prothero Susan, dressmaker, bds Jacob n Pennsylvania av

Prudhon Joseph, cooper, h 51 First av

Prudhone Eddie, shoemaker, h 753 E Market

Pryke Arthur C., laborer, h 1105 Davis

Puff Ann, widow John, bds 660 N Main

Pugh Daniel E., clerk, 130 W Water, h 109 S Main

Pulford Charles, carpenter, bds 156 W Third

Pullar Rebecca, widow Charles, h 864 Lake

Pulpress Julia, widow Isaac, bds 353 E Fifth

Pumpion John J., laborer, h 1114 Walnut

Purcell Hanora, widow Robert, bds 146 W Water

Purcell John, real estate agent, h 156 Washington

Purcell Patrick B., shoemaker, h 509 DeWitt

Purdy Fanny L., widow Jotham, bds 203 Baldwin

PURDY HENRY H., physician, 201 Baldwin, h 203 do

Purdy Willie J., student, bds 203 Baldwin

Purington William E., engineer, h 468 W Gray

Purtell Fannie, music-teacher, bds 506 W Gray

Purtell John R., clerk, 118 W Water, bds 506 W Gray

Purtell Martin, laborer, bds 326 W Seventh

Purtell Patrick, laborer, bds 326 W Seventh

Purtell Robert M., livery, Woodlawn av cor Gray, h 506 W Gray

Purtell Susan, domestic, 302 William


PUTNAM WILLIAM M., mattress-manufacturer, W Fifth cor Main, h 206 W Fifth

PUTNEY JEDIDIAH M., engineer Erie R. W., h 356 W Fourth

Pyman Henry, carver, Rathbun House


Qualey James, puddler, h 220 Park

Quawsky John, laborer, h r gas house E Water

QUEEN CITY WOOLEN MILLS, Factory cor Newtown creek

Quick Charles, blacksmith, h 112 W Partridge

Quick Joseph W., conductor, h Powell n W S Second

Quick Morgan, brakeman, h 151 Franklin

Quigley Franklin, laborer, h Elm ab Sixth

Quigley John, shoemaker, bds 350 Railroad av

Quigley Michael, machinist, h 383 Pennsylvania av

Quilkin Mary, widow David, bds 704 Hatch

Quilkin Thomas, heater, h 704 Hatch

Quillen Michael, laborer, h S Main W South av

Quinn Lawrence, pipemaker, bds 709 Railroad av

Quinn Morris, brakeman, bds 221 W Third

Quinn Samuel, rolling-mill, h 851 Dickinson

Quinn Simon, mason, h 803 John

Quinn William, laborer, h 221 W Third


Racklyeft Samuel, shoemaker, h 115 Partridge

RADEKER JOHN H., (coal and lumber,) 1332 College ave h 813 Davis (see adv)

Radey Anna, domestic, Rathbun House

Radey John, laborer, h 112 W Partridge

Radey Michael, piler, bds 408 Walnut

Radey Patrick, laborer, bds 408 Walnut

Radey Patrick, laborer, h 706 Magee

Radway Albert R., carpenter, h 53 S Orchard

Rae James M., transfer express agent Erie Depot, h 30 Orchard

Rafter Thomas, heater, h 654 Lake

Ragan Ellen, domestic, E S Water n Pennsylvania av

Ragen Dennis, clerk, Delaware House bds do

Rahally Ellen, domestic, 507 W Water

Rahilley Margaret, domestic, 115 Walnut

Rainey Andrew, painter, bds 521 W Second

Rambar Marks, notions, 162 De Witt h do

Rammett Frank, carpenter, h 708 E Church

Ramsdell Frederick D., bookkeeper, 107 W Water h 451 W Gray

Ranck James C., printer Advertiser office, bds Homestead Hotel

Whitney’s Celebrated children’s CARRIAGES, at DEXTER’S.

Randall John, machinist, h 925 College av

Randall Joseph, carpenter, h 1122 Walnut

Randall Reuben W., bookkeeper, bds 925 College av

Randall Robert A., painter, h 1118 Walnut

Ransom Henry B., bookkeeper, bds 459 W Water

RANSOM R. H., lawyer, 304 E Water, h 459 W Water

Ranson Zenis, wood-turner, h West Hill rd n Walnut

Rapelyea Charles E., (Rapelyea, Richards & Hill), h 109 Columbia

RAPELYEA, RICHARDS & HILL, (Charles E. Rapelyea, Charles H. Richards and John T. Hill,) millinery and fancy goods, 327 E Water

Rapp august, supt car works, h 605 Magee

Rasman Levi, peddler, h 124 Harriet

Rathbone Catharine, h 318 W Gray

RATHBONE HENRY W., sec., tres. and supt. Elmira Steel and Iron Rolling Mill Co., h W First cor N Main

Rathbone James, supt blast furnace, bds Main cor First

Rathbone James B., bookkeeper, Main ab North, bds 353 Main

Rathbone Mary, music teacher, bds 161 Washington

Rathbone William H., clerk rolling mill, h 359 College av

RATHBUN HOUSE, E. R. Abbott, propr., E Water cor Baldwin (see adv page 5)

Rathbun John, mason, h Pennsylvania av cor Ann

Rathbun John jr., mason, bds Pennsylvania av cor Ann

RATHBUN JOHN T., real estate, Rathbun Block h 414 Lake

Rathbun Peter, engineer, bds 455 Pennsylvania av

Rathbun Simeon B., bds 414 Lake

Rathbun William R., law student, 4 Opera Block bds 414 Lake

Raver William, clerk, 114 S Main h do


Ray David, polisher, h Day n Pratt

Ray James, gardener, Maple av opp Caldwell av

Ray Maggie, widow William, h 903 E Market

Raymond Elizabeth, domestic, 326 E Water

Raymond J. H. Mrs., millinery, 326 E Water h do

Raymond John H., machinist, h 326 E Water

Rea Carmi, laborer, h 360 W Second

Read Virgil B., grain and produce, r Union Block h 411 W Water

Read, see also Reed, also Reid

Ready John, mason, bds 308 E Washington av

Ready Kate, domestic, 203 Baldwin

Ready Michael, helper, h South av n Northern Central R. W.

Ready Michael, laborer, h Jones n Robinson

Ready Patrick, railroader, bds 322 Pennsylvania av

Ready Timothy, bds South av n Northern Central R. W.

Reagan Margaret, domestic, Pennsylvania House

Reagan Patrick, laborer, h 525 Broadway

Reall Catharine F., widow John, h 663 Columbia

Reall Henry, tinsmith, h 663 Columbia

Reardan Ann Mrs., domestic, 817 Hatch

Reardon Jeremiah, engineer, h Jefferson n Franklin

Reardan Maggie, milliner, bds 106 E Henry

Reardan Thomas, engineer, h 106 E Henry

Reardan Jeremiah, engineer, h Lewis n W South av

Reatzea John, bartender, 114 E Water bds do

Redder Sophia, widow Jacob, h 913 E Market

Redding Mary, domestic, 360 W Gray

Reddy Leander, collector, h 665 Park Place

Redfield Jared A., gen. agent Northern Central R. W., also treas McIntyre Coal Co., h Park Place cor Fifth

Redner Henry, shoemaker, h 112 W Water

Redner Lansing, shoemaker, h 216 W Henry

Reed Augustus, shoemaker, bds 100 W Water

Reed Daniel, express-messenger, bds 309 W Second

Reed Eben M., clerk, Pattinson House

Reed Elbridge C., mail-carrier, bds 502 W First

Reed Eliza C., widow Elbridge G., h 502 W First

Reed Fred W., clerk, 303 E Water bds 502 W First

Reed G. Edgar, watchmaker, bds 502 W First

Reed Henrietta, domestic, 664 Lake

Reed Margaretta E., physician, bds 100 W Water

Reed Rial J., shoemaker, h 454 Carroll

REED THOMAS, proprietor Pattinson House, 164 Baldwin cor Market

All new styles of CROCKERY & CHINA, at China Hall, Lake St.

Reed Walter S., carpenter, bds Pattinson House

Reed William, hostler, bds 121 Fox

Reed, see also Read also Reid

Reedy James, fireman, bds 206 Hazlett

Reedy Mary, domestic, 4213 Lake

Rees John W., carpenter, bds Elm n School No 3

Rees William, roller, h 613 Dickinson

Rees William H., tinsmith, h 227 Franklin

Regan Elizabeth, domestic, 427 Railroad av

Regan John, shoemaker, h 111 Sullivan

Regan John G., grocer, 429 Railroad av h do

Regan Thomas, helper, h 213 Chestnut

Regan Timothy, carpenter, h Kinyon n Northern Central R. R. shops

Regan Timothy, carpenter, h McDonald n Washington av

Reid James R., (Reid & Cooper,) h Lake cor Church

REID & COOPER, (James R. Reid and John N. Cooper,) Elmira City Foundry Washington av cor Canal

Reid, see also Read also Reed

Reidy Anna, domestic, 925 College av

Reidy John, laborer, h Miller n South av

Reidy Nora, domestic, 664 Park Place

Reidy Patrick T., painter, h South av bel Northern Central R. W.

Reiff Anna, domestic, Delaware House

REILLY EDMUND, grocer, 804 Lake h do (see adv)

Reilly Roe, conductor, bds 804 Lake

Reilly, see also Riley

Reimer Carl, laborer, h Sullivan n city limits

Reitenbach Fred, (Reitenbach, Tuttle & Co.,) h at Boston

Reitenbach J. M., (Reitenbach, Tuttle & Co.,) h at Boston

REITENBACH, TUTTLE & CO., (J. M. and Fred Reitenbach and Stephen Tuttle,) tanners and curriers, 381 W Water

Renney Henry, shoemaker, bds 220 Gray

Reno James, fireman, bds 154 W Fifth

Retan Artemus, bds 114 W Henry

Retan David, laborer, h 114 W Henry

Retan Lucretia, widow William A., 114 W Henry

Reuben Isaac, peddler, h 117 Harriet

Rew James, tailor, h 56 S Orchard

Rew Samuel, student, bds 56 S Orchard

Reynolds Abner G., constable, h 304 S Main

REYNOLDS ABSELOM G., city assessor, h 304 S Main

Reynolds Adna G., lumber, Red House, h 323 Baldwin

Reynolds Amanda C., domestic, 368 W Fifth

Reynolds Charles E., clerk, 159 Lake bds 504 E Church

Reynolds Charles K., clerk, 407 Railroad av bds 304 S Main

CARPETS of all kinds at W. E. Hart & Son’s, 325 E Water.

Reynolds David S., axemaker, h 504 E Church

Reynolds Frank, agent, bds 807 E Market

Reynolds G. Gardiner, insurance-agent, 101 and 103 Baldwin h 315 William

Reynolds Isaac S., druggist, 407 Railroad av h 413 W Second

Reynolds Israel, mason, h 450 W Clinton

Reynolds Jane, widow Isaac, bds 374 W First

Reynolds Jane, widow William, bds 223 Baldwin

REYNOLDS JOHN A., lawyer, also city attorney, 340 E Water h 312 Lake

Reynolds Peter, laborer, bds 616 Dickinson

Reynolds Samuel N., (E. B. Satterlee & Co.,) h 511 W Water

Reynolds Sarah, domestic, 471 W Water

Reynolds Sarah J., bds 374 W First

Reynolds Stephen T., 210 E Water, h Lake cor Church

Reynolds William B., axemaker, bds 504 E Church

Rhinesmith Mary, shoe operator, h 320 E Water

Rhoades Christian G., drayman, h 913 E Church

Rhoads Sarah A., bds 309 Washington

Rhoads William, carpenter, h 609 Jay

Rhodes Charles W., (Rhodes & Munson,) h Maple av opp Caldwell av

Rhodes Hannah, teacher School No. 3, h 121 Market