Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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1874 Directory Table of Contents
FOR 1874.

McINERNY PATRICK, groceries and provisions, 422 W Fifth, h do

McInery Thomas, laborer, bds 322 W Seventh

McInery Thomas, laborer, h 332 W Seventh

McInte- Charles, wool-carder, bds 807 Factory

McInte- John, woo-carder, bds 807 Factory

McIntor- Charles, brakeman, bds 552 S Main

McIntyre Coal Co., C. J. Langdon, prest, J. A. Redfield, treas, W. D. Kelly, sec, 110 Baldwin

McIntyre John, blacksmith, bds 118 W S Water

McIntyre Paul, laborer, h Centre cor Benton

McKay Ferdinand C. D., h 760 E Water

McKay John C., engineer, h South av ab Erie R. R.

McKay Rosa, domestic, 303 Railroad av

McKay William L., student, bds 760 E Water

McKeel Thomas W., h 109 Madison av

McKeeler Simon, student, bds Broadway cor Main

McKeeler ---, laborer, bds Main ab blast furnace

McKeegh Mary, widow John, h 552 E Third

Mc Kerck Samuel, coachman, bds Homestead Hotel

McKe--t Maggie, domestic, 652 Park Place

McKe--t John, laborer, h 907 Magee

All new styles of CROCKERY & CHINA, at China Hall, Lake St.

McKibin Caroline, widow Henry, h 217 Mt. Zoar

McKibin Harriet J., widow George, h 155 Madison av

McKillo, Boardman & Co., commercial-agency, 112 Baldwin

McKiney Albert, carpenter, h 370 Pennsylvania av

McKiney Erastus, carpenter, h 122 W Henry

McKiney John C., carpenter, h 305 Hine

McKiney Matthew J., carpenter, h 206 Orchard

McKiney Monroe, mason, bds 817 E Water

McKiney Richard, carpenter, h 217 Judson

McKiney William A., assis’t engineer City Hall, bds 208 W S Water

McKiny Anna, shoefitter, bds Homestead Hotel

McKinrey Erastus F., blacksmith, h Main ab blast furnace

McKinrey Frank, student, bds Main ab blast furnace

McKnight Arthur B., carpenter, 241 W Water h 344 Broadway

McKnight Ephraim, laborer, h 215 Sullivan

McKNIGHT GEORGE H. REV., pastor Trinity Church, h 304 N Main

McLain Martin, machinist, bds South av n Northern Central R. R.

McLaughlin Edgar, machinist, h 352 E Fourth

McLaughlin Henrietta, widow Britton, h 710 Baldwin

McLaughlin Patrick, clerk, 325 E Water bds 217 W Gray

McLaughlin Silas, moulder, h 402 W Second

McLean John, laborer, bds 361 Railroad av

McLess Thomas, brakeman, h 54 Pennsylvania av

McLoughlin Barnard, blacksmith, bds Pattinson House

McLoughlin Bridget, widow Thomas, h 373 W Fifth

McLoughlin Frank, engineer, bds 127 Railroad av

McLoughlin Hiram, laborer, h 623 Baldwin

McLoughlin James, plumber and gasfitter, bds 373 W Fifth

McLoughlin Joseph P., (Costello & McLoughlin,) bds 309 Fourth

McLoughlin Mary, bds 105 W Market

McLoughlin Patrick, (McNamara & McLoughlin,) h 315 W Fifth

McLoughlin Sarah, student, bds 373 W Fifth

McLoughlin Thomas, clerk, bds 373 W Fifth

McMaha John, tinsmith, 655 Magee

Buy your COAL of J. H. BARNEY, 110 Baldwin Street.

McMahon Ann, widow Thomas, h 336 W Seventh

McMahon Anna, domestic, Delavan House

McMahon Bridget, domestic, 364 W First

McMahon Bridget, domestic, Delavan House

McMahon Dennis, laborer, h 810 Hatch

McMahon James, laborer, h 527 Harper

McMahon John J., carpenter, h 431 W Fourth

McMahon Katie, domestic, 327 Baldwin

McMahon Martin, laborer, bds 713 Canal

McMahon Mary, domestic, 368 W Fourth

McMahon Mary, widow John, bds 527 Harper

McMahon Mary J., domestic, 431 W Fourth

McMahon Michael, engineer, h 812 Hatch

McMahon Michael, laborer, h 562 Beech

McMahon Michael, machinist, h 336 W Seventh

McMahon Michael, mason, bds 418 Standish

McMahon Murty, laborer, h 814 Hatch

McMahon Patrick, blacksmith, bds 336 W Seventh

McMahon Patrick C., carpenter, h 432 W Fourth

McMahon Samuel, teamster, h 560 Beech

McMahon Timothy, bricklayer, h Junction n South av

McMann David, mason, h College av ab Reformatory

McMann John, student, bds 401 Railroad av

McMann Mary J., domestic, 318 W Church

McMann Patrick, laborer, h 256 W Henry

McManus James C. Rev., pastor, St. Marys’ R. C. Church, h 224 Franklin

McManus John T., tanner, h 380 W First

McManus John T. jr., bds 380 W First

McManus Rose, domestic, 224 Franklin

McMillan Frank, clerk, 313 E Water bds 100 W Water

McMillan Giles, laborer, h 523 Harper

McMullin George, machinist, bds 219 Railroad av

McMurray C. May, bds 372 W Fourth

McMurray Charles W., clerk Northern Central Railway freight office, bds 801 N Main

McNagany Susan, domestic, 218 W First

McNally James, engineer, bds 301 Franklin

McNally Maria, domestic, 318 William

McNally Thomas, cartman, h 301 Franklin

McNally William, laborer, bds Main ab blast furnace

McNamara Bridget, domestic, 416 W Water

McNamara Catharine, widow James, h Miller, bel Northern Central R. R.

McNamara Peter, (McNamara & McLoughlin), h 413 W Third

Go to Byington Bros., For Your GROCERIES, cheap and reliable, 119 Baldwin St.

McNamara & McLoughlin (Peter McNamara and Patrick McLoughlin), boots and shoes, 103 E Water

McNamee Andrew, cartman, h 208 Franklin

McNamee William, puddler, h 103 E Seventh

McNarny Maggie, waiter, Pennsylvania House

McNearney Martin, carpenter, h 315 W Fourth

McNeary Maggie, domestic, 223 Baldwin

McNeil John H., h 356 W Water

McNeil L. B., h 102 Railroad av

McNeil Peter S. S., groceries and provisions, 257 W Fourth h 615 Park Place

McNeil Rufus R., clerk, 156 Lake h 354 W Fourth

McNerney Julia, widow James, bds 112 W Fifth

McNerney Michael, watchman, h 112 W Fifth

McNerney Michael, blacksmith, 448 E Water h 117 Washington

McNett John, conductor, bds Frasier House

McNevin John, tailor, h 353 Railroad av

McNierney Kate, domestic, 110 Madison av

McNierny Minnie, domestic, 118 W Market

McNirney Susan, domestic, 109 Columbia

McPherson John, keeper, h Main ab blast furnace

McPike Henry, silver plater, 110 N Main h 120 do

McQuan Laura, domestic, 303 N Main

McQuhal Azubah B., widow John, bds Lake ab Third

McQuinn George, coachman, 113 E S Water

McQuinn Mary, bds 715 Davis

McVicker Margaret J. Mrs., clerk, 419 N Main bds 509 Park Place

McVicker William, stone-mason, bds 509 Park Place

McVickor Maggie Mrs., nurse, Orphans’ Home

McWilliams J. A. Mrs., bds Magee cor Washington av

Mead Allen, bds 501 Lake

Mead Elizabeth, widow Isaac, bds 420 W Water

Mead E. O. Mrs., dressmaker, h 149 W Water

Mead Frank, shoemaker, bds 905 E Market

Mead Helen, widow William, h 58 S Washington

Mead John, h 149 W Water

Mead J. T. Mrs., druggist, 144 W Water h 408 W Gray

Mead Peter B., carpenter, h 416 W Third

Mead Rachel, widow Franklin, bds 116 Harriet

Meadowcroft Thomas, carpenter, h Diven av n Baldwin

Mecann James, carpenter, h Sullivan n Carpenter

Meddaugh Belden, engineer, h South av ab Erie R. R.

Meddaugh Henry, fireman, bds Jacob cor S Main

Mee Mary, domestic, 118 W Second

Meeker Charles, blacksmith, h S Main n Jacob

Lace CURTAINS, HOLLANDS and Curtain Fixtures, at 325 E Water St.

Meeker Samuel, laborer, h r 414 Lake

Meeker William H., hackman, h 219 W Second

Meeney Mary, domestic, 513 E Union

Mehan John, laborer, bds 154 W Sixth

Mehan Margaret, widow Thomas, h 154 W Sixth

Meisel Brothers, (Moritz and Henry) druggists, 157 Lake

Meisel Henry, (Meisel Bros.,) h 311 Baldwin

Meisel Moritz, (Meisel Bros.,) h 311 Baldwin

Meister William, barber, 304 Carroll bds Homestead Hotel

Mekeel Byron J., collector of claims, 314 E Water h 324 do

Mellon John, shoemaker, bds 551 John

Melville Martin, tailor, h 760 E Market

Mengle Herman, cabinetmaker, h 661 Baldwin

Menkst John, carpenter, h 602 Dickinson

Menster John, slater, h 119 Sullivan

Merchant F. A. Miss, teacher, School No. 2 bds 420 W Gray

Meres Walter F., milkman, h 970 East av

Merrill Eleazor E., carpenter, h 740 W First

Merrill Luke T., carpenter, h 623 W Gray

Merrill Rensselar, h 622 W Water

Merrills James, flagman, bds 552 S Main

Merriman Lorenzo L., clerk, 130 W Water h 430 W Clinton

Merrithew Grant, laborer, h 103 E Second

Merritt G. Albert, law-student, 4 Opera Block bds 210 W Third

Merritt Peter A., farmer, bds 210 W Third

Merwin Wisner, clerk, 400 E Water h 701 E Church

Merwin Mary, widow Lyman, bds 701 E Church

Merwin Wakeman, (Merwin & Dickinson,) h 214 Washington

MERWIN & DICKINSON, (W. Merwin and Henry B. Dickinson) saddlers and harnessmakers, 302 E Water (see adv)

Messier George, shoemaker, bds 216 W Henry

Messing John, painter, bds 204 E Gray

Metevier Eugene, shoemaker, bds 218 Baldwin

Metz William, laborer, bds 1117 Elm

Metzger Daniel M., carpenter, 145 W Water h 260 W S Water

Metzger Jacob (Friend & Metzger,) bds 100 W Water

Metzger Seth X., (Seth X. Metzger & Son) h Broadway n city limits

METZGER SETH X. & SON, (Theodore G.,) meat-market, 409 Railroad av

Metzger Theodore, clerk, bds Broadway n city limits

Metzger Theodore G., (Seth X. Metzger & Son) bds Broadway n city limits

Meyer Caroline, domestic, 412 Madison av

Meyer Joseph, shoemaker, 706 John, h do

Meyer Joseph, jr., clerk, 420 E Water, h 706 John

Table CUTLERY and Plated Ware, at Dexter’s DOUBLE STORE, Lake St.

Meyers M., laborer, h 209 Harriet

Michael William, carpenter, h 670 Baldwin

Michaelis John H., carpenter, h 509 W Fourth

Micks Andrew, laborer, bds 107 E Washington av

Micks Henry R., bookkeeper, bds 318 W Gray

Micks William W., clerk rolling mill, bds 318 W Gray

Middaugh Benjamin, house-mover, bds 514 DeWitt

Middaugh Benjamin T., (Wyckoff Paving Co.,) h at Chemung

Middaugh Levi, boatbuilder, h 514 DeWitt

Miedl John, mason, bds 619 Lake

Milburn Samuel, shoemaker, h 131 W Water

Miles Jesse, coachman, W Church cor Woodlawn av

Miles William, shoemaker, h 271 W Hudson

MILFORD HENRY A., ticket agent Erie depot, bds Delavan House

Milican Bridget, domestic, 915 College av

Millard Edgar T., painter, h 703 Clinton

Millard James, carpenter, h Tuttle av cor Glenn

Millard Jennie, domestic, Lyon House

Millard Mary G., widow Ambrose, h 655 College av

Miller Alanson B., ironworker, h Norton n Baldwin

Miller Alfred, teamster, bds 402 Tuttle av

Miller Andrew, carpenter, h Thurston n Lake

Miller Caroline, widow Stephen, bds 327 Baldwin

Miller Christian, carpenter, h 408 Walnut

Miller Curtis W., machinist, h First av n Chemung River

Miller Edmund, (John Brand & Co.,) h Maple av beyond city limits

Miller Eldred B., bartender, Rathbun House

Miller George, engineer, h 356 W Fifth

Miller George B., mason, h 101 E Henry

MILLER HECTOR L., (McDonald & Miller,) also alderman 1st ward, h 460 W Gray

Miller Jacob, clerk, 118 S Main, bds do

Miller Jacob, laborer, bds 410 Standish

Miller Jacob, laborer, h 616 Jay

Miller James, fireman, bds 506 W Clinton

Miller James C., fireman, h 414 W Church

Miller James L., bds 381 W Church

Miller James M., carpenter, h 373 W Second

Miller Jesse B., clerk, 119 Lake h 312 Gray

Miller J. Hiram, carpenter, h Hall n Centre

Miller John A., shoemaker, bds 270 W S Water

Miller John D., farmer Pennsylvania av n toll gate

Miller John H., roller, h 379 W Fifth

Miller Judd, teamster, h 540 Tuttle av

For the best kinds of COAL, go to J. H. Barney, 110 Baldwin St.

Miller Letitia, milliner, bds 815 E Market

Miller Marcus, grocer, 118 S Main h do

Miller Netta L. W., music teacher, bds 374 W Fifth

Miller Peter, laborer, h 204 Broadway

Miller Peter W., salesman, h 219 W First

Miller Philip, farmer, h 1309 College av

Miller Samuel, shoemaker, h 270 W S Water

Miller Samuel C., saloon, 104 E Water h do

Miller Valentine, grocer, 221 S Main h do

MILLER WILLIAM, Buffalo House, 501 Railroad av

Miller William, teamster, h 813 E Market

Miller William L., blacksmith, h 370 W Fourth

Millius Henry E., grocer, 381 W Second h do

Mills Asa, clerk, 311 Carroll h 505 E Water

Mills Elizabeth, widow Richard, bds 54 S Main

Mills Frank H., clerk, 117 E Church h Hart cor Westhill

Mills Hannah, domestic, 861 Factory

Mills James H., clerk, bds Perine n Franklin

MILLS J. HERBERT, physician, 137 W Water h 512 Perine (see adv)

Mills J. Chandler, root beer manufacturer, 419 Standish h do

Mills John S., clerk, 109 Lake bds 504 E Water

Mills Joseph P., shoemaker, h E Fifth n Oak

Mills Mabel, widow Uri, h Perine n Franklin

Mills Sarah, clerk, 116 Baldwin

Millspaugh L. M., clerk, 344 E Water h 108 Harriet

Millspaugh Theodore, salesman, 107 W Water h 608 John

Minar Henry, pattern-maker, h 121 W Hudson

Minch Christiana, domestic, 664 Lake

Minch Gottlieb, farmer, Jones n Robinson

Minget John, carpenter, h 602 Dickinson

Mingow Fred, porter, Homestead Hotel

Minier Abram B., carpenter, bds W South av n Lewis

Minier Samuel J., baggage-master, bds W South av n Lewis

Minier Solomon, speculator, h 107 E Hudson

Minohan Bridget, domestic, 517 W Church

Minor Frederick, coachman, 129 E S Water

Minster John, slater, h 119 Sullivan

Mirteenes David C., grocer and tailor, 321 S Main h do

Mirter William, bds Homestead Hotel

Mischler Medard, bartender, 513 E Market

Misner C. C., carpenter, bds 315 E Market

MITCHELL EBENEZER W., div supt United States Express Co., 4 Stancliffe Hall Block h 368 W Fourth

Coal Oil Chandeliers, Brackets & Lamps, at Dexter’s, Lake St.

Mitchell George, carbuilder, h 615 Jay

Mitchell Jerome, laborer, h 756 E Market

Mitchell John, street-sprinkler, h 161 Orchard

Mitchell Patrick, laborer, h 622 Erie

Mitchell William O., carpenter, h Hall n Centre

Mitstifer Hattie, domestic, 455 Sullivan

Mixter Horace, shoemaker, h 133 W Water

Moarn Daniel, laborer, h 1001 Davis

Moaran James, laborer, h 554 E Clinton

Moaxley Ellen, widow Richard, h 109 Fulton

Moaxley James, laborer, h 109 Fulton

Mocarie Edward J., laborer, h Fifth n Sullivan

Moe Mortimer M., h 374 W First

Moffat William, master carbuilder, h 109 College av

Moffat William jr., carpenter, bds 109 College av

Moffet Mary Mrs., teacher School No. 2, bds 411 Baldwin

Moffet James M., machinist, bds 411 Baldwin

Moloney Delia, domestic, 507 E Water

Molony Mary, domestic, 312 Columbia

Molyneaux Robert, laborer, h 529 Harper

Monell Elrude, mason, bds 432 Balsam

Monell George, laborer, h 207 E Market

Monell George, mason, bds 432 Balsam

Monell Reuben, mason, h 207 E Market

Monell Samuel, carpenter, h 432 Balsam

Monks James R. Prof., principal Elmira Free Academy, h 104 College av

Monks Thomas, engineer, h 301 E Fifth

Monroe Charles, mason, h 213 Judson

Montgomery Bessie, domestic, Rathbun House

Montgomery Mary, h 505 E Third

Moody Warren L., harnessmaker, h 423 Pleasant

Moon Philemon F., laborer, h 521 Mt. Zoar

Moon Russell C., laborer, bds 521 Mt. Zoar

MOONAN JAMES, grocer, 800 Hatch h do

Mooney James, car-inspector, h 410 Magee

Mooney Julia, domestic, 260 Baldwin

Mooney Margaret, confectionery, 311 Railroad av h do

Mooney Michael, laborer, bds 114 W Henry

Moore Alexander, mason, h 419 Walnut

Moore George C., carpenter, h 268 W S Water

Moore Harry W., clerk, 121 Lake bds 511 W Water

Moore Horace D., clerk, 102 Water h 365 W Gray

Lehigh Coals ARE THE BEST Order from J. H. Barney, 110 Baldwin St.

Moore Hugh M., florist, 51 Fulton h do

Moore James J., brakeman, bds 51 Fulton

Moore Jane Mrs., florist, 51 Fulton h do

Moore John, harnessmaker, bds 127 Railroad av

Moore John, laborer, h 53 S Washington

Moore John, law-student, 346 E Water bds Franklin cor Broadway

Moore John M., policeman, bds Pennsylvania House

Moore Michael, sexton, h Franklin cor Broadway

Moore Morris, laborer, h South av ab Maple av

Moore Samuel T., bookkeeper, bds 451 Pennsylvania av

Moore Thomas, engineer, bds Lyon House

Moore Thomas B., carpenter, h 209 E Gray

Moore Timothy, laborer, 708 Magee

Moore William, brakeman, h Miller bel O’Gorman

Moore William, laborer, h Tuttle av n East av

Moran Bridget, domestic, Rathbun House

Moran Edward D., ironworker, h 813 Hatch

Moran James, laborer, h 554 E Clinton

Moran Nicholas, moulder, bds 203 DeWitt

Moran Patrick, laborer, h 556 E Clinton

Moran Patrick M., laborer, h 704 Hatch

Moran William, laborer, bds 604 E Water

Morden William S., shoemaker, h 652 Clinton

More Susan, widow Lewis, bds 404 W Second

Moreau George, shoemaker, bds 216 W Henry

Morehouse James W., traveling-agent, h 957 East av

Morey Andrew B., gilder, 311 E Water, h 758 John

Morgan Demetrius A., bartender, Arbor Hotel, bds do

Morgan Goodwin, laborer, h 2 Erie

Morgan Mary, domestic, 209 W Hudson

Morgan William W., stairbuilder, h Kinyon n W South av

Moriarty Elizabeth, widow --, h 509 Oak

Moriarty James, clerk, 108 E Water, bds Sherman House

Moriarty James, bookkeeper, h 452 High

Moriarty John, machinist, bds 404 Madison av

Morley Annie, domestic, Broadway cor Main

Morley Dwight, carpenter, h 118 E Hudson

Mornsey Samuel M., shoemaker, bds 110 W Water

Moroney Bridget, domestic, Rathbun House

Moroney Bridget Mrs., h 753 E Water

Moroney Thomas, engineer, h 858 Lake

Moroney William H., feeder Gazette office, bds 858 Lake

Morrell G. Orlando, (Gerity & Morrell,) bds Hathaway House

Morrell Joseph, carpenter, bds Mansion House

Morrell Lott W., farmer, h 328 Pine

Chinese, Japanese & Choice Fancy Goods, at Dexter’s Lake St.

Morris Henry, clothing, 329 Railroad av, h do

Morris Jacob, carpenter, bds 709 Baldwin

Morris Melleville E., painter, 206 E Water, h 214 Harmon

MORRIS RICHARD, teas and fancy groceries, &c., 109 Lake, h 504 E Water

Morris Simon, clerk, 138 E Water, bds do

Morrison Lydia, widow John, h r 161 Baldwin

Morrison Robert J., laborer, bds r 161 Baldwin

Morrissey Bridget, cook, 417 E Market

Morse Alton J., (O. F. Vinton & Co.,) h 204 W Water

Morse Augustus, (Morse & Blampied,) h 357 W Second

Morse B. Wisner, physician, 110 W Second, h do

Morse Charles H., confectioner, h 306 W Third

Morse Edward, bookkeeper, h 215 S Main

Morse Emery M., shoemaker, r 611 Hart, h 610 do

Morse Henry C., druggist, bds 351 N Main

Morse Jerome B., laborer, h 514 Perry

Morse John, baker, bds 361 Columbia

Morse Joseph O., baker, h 361 Columbia

Morse Nehemiah, laborer, h 504 Perry

MORSE ROSCIUS, physician, 351 N Main h do

Morse Roscius jr., (Preswick, Morse & Co.,) h 210 W First

MORSE & BLAMPIED, (Augustus Morse and Samuel Blampied,) bakers, 106 Exchange Place, (see adv)

Mortimer George H., shoemaker, bds 508 W Second

Mortimer Jacob, shoemaker, h 508 W Water

Mortimer John, laborer, h 50 Pennsylvania av

Mortimer John J., shoemaker, bds 508 W Second

Mortimer Peter, engineer, h 158 W Third

Mortimer Samuel J., shoemaker, bds 508 W Second

Mortimer William, shoemaker, h 466 W Second

Mortimer Samuel, puddler, bds 806 Hatch

Mosher Albert F., (Mosher & Smith,) h E S Water n Railroad av

Mosher Alvin J., carpenter, bds 312 W Gray

Mosher Clara, widow Joseph, bds 312 W Gray

Mosher Edmund, peddler, h Main cor W Water

Mosher George, grocer, 118 W Water h Second cor Walnut

Mosher Humphrey, bds 118 College av

Mosher Humphrey J., meat-market, 208 W Water h 112 College av

Mosher Nelson, farmer, foot Miller

Mosher & Smith, (Albert F. Mosher and O. N Smith,) grocers, 110 W Water

Moss Arthur H., clerk, 111 Lake bds 100 W Water

French GLASS SHADES & Wax Material, at Dexter’s, Lake St.

Moss Hiram, teamster, h Sullivan n city limits

Moss Roswell R., lawyer, 4 Opera Block bds 100 W Water

Mossesson Jacob, peddler, 119 Harriet

Moulton Maria, widow Michael, h 604 E Water

Mowry Festus, painter, bds 408 W Second

Mowry George H., (Givens & Mowry,) h 408 W Second

Mowry Gileon D., carpenter, h 408 W Second

Mowry T. G. Mrs., dressmaker, h 106 Lake

Mulcahey Mary, domestic, 325 Lake

Mulcahey Morris, flagman, h Canal ab E Washington av

Mulcahy Daniel, helper, bds Broadway ab city limits

Mulcahy Daniel, laborer, bds 655 Magee

Mulcahy Katie, domestic, 212 W S Water

Mulcahy Michael, laborer, h Broadway ab city limits

Mulcahy Michael jr., laborer, bds Broadway ab city limits

Mulcondry John, mason, h 905 John

Mullen John, shoemaker, h 338 W Seventh

MULLER WILLIAM L., city recorder City Hall, h 217 Washington

Mulligan John, boilermaker, bds South av n Northern Central R. R.

Mulligan Sophie Mrs., bds 124 W Second

Mullin Michael, brickmaker, h Carpenter n Oak

Mullins Hanora, domestic, 657 Davis

Mungovan Anthony, blacksmith, h 380 W Third

Mungovan James, blacksmith, h 422 W Second

Munroe John, coachbuilder, h W Gray cor Grove

Munroe Robert, carpenter, h 617 Magee

Munsell Charles, engineer, h W South av cor Casey

Munson Almira C., widow Edwin, h 308 Columbia

Munson David W., (Rhodes & Munson,) bds Hathaway House

Munson Eunice, bds 112 W First

Munson Henrietta E., teacher, Elmira Academy bds 313 William

Munson Joseph, broker, h 514 W Gray

Munson Lydia Miss, h 112 W First

Munson West, farmer, bds 112 W First

Murdoch John, lawyer, 346 E Water, h 306 W Gray

Murdock Luther N., sash-blinds and doors, 145 W Water h 713 N Main

Murdock Milton L., glazier, h 205 W Sixth

Murphey Charles, teamster, h 315 High

Murphey Charles A., clerk, 160 Baldwin h 315 High

Murphey Frederick R., clerk, 305 E Water

Murphey William E., supervisor 5th ward, h 113 W S Second

Murphy Anderson, sexton h 652 Baldwin

Murphy Bridget, domestic, 315 William

Willow & Cane Sewing STANDS & BASKETS, at China Hall, Lake St.

Murphy Charles, bartender, bds 113 W S Second

Murphy Charles, bartender, h 205 E Market

Murphy Charles F., fireman, bds Kinyon n W South av

Murphy Charles T., traveling-agent, 112 W Water bds 405 W First

Murphy Christiana, dress and cloakmaker, 100 Lake h do

Murphy Cynthia Mrs., h 405 W First

Murphy Daniel, grocer and saloon, 101 E Water h 516 N Main

Murphy Dennis, carpenter, h 409 W Fourth

Murphy Edmond, laborer, h 808 Lincoln

Murphy Eva, domestic, 469 Gray

Murphy Frank, cigarmaker, bds 914 N Main

Murphy Frank, shoemaker, h 413 W Clinton

Murphy George, machinist, bds 113 W S Second

Murphy George E., laborer, bds Kinyon n W South av

Murphy Hanorah, widow Jeremiah, h 106 W Church

Murphy Harry S., printer Gazette office, h 966 Magee

Murphy James, laborer, h 703 E Second

Murphy James B., clerk, 207 E Water bds 210 W Hudson

Murphy James E., boarding h Kinyon n W South av

Murphy James J., machinist, bds 518 Pennsylvania av

Murphy Jeremiah, carpenter, h 375 W Third

Murphy Jeremiah, carpenter, h 433 W Fourth

Murphy John, cutter, h 210 W Hudson

Murphy John, laborer, bds 106 W Church

Murphy John, roller, bds 914 N Main

Murphy John, shoemaker, h 257 W S Water

Murphy John, stone-cutter, bds 217 Ann

Murphy John D., clerk, 516 N Main bds do

Murphy Joseph H., engineer, h 801 Hatch

Murphy Laurence, carpenter, h Jones n Robinson

Murphy Martin, coachman, Main cor First

Murphy Martin C., clerk, 405 Railroad, bds 427 do

Murphy Mary, ironer, Frasier House

Murphy Michael, carpenter, bds 433 W Fourth

Murphy Michael, laborer, h 857 Lake

Murphy Miles, stone-cutter, h W Third cor Walnut

Murphy Owen, laborer, h 914 N Main

Murphy Patrick, laborer, h 328 Weber

Murphy Patrick, shoemaker, h 809 E Market

Murphy Patrick A., switcher, h r 356 W Third

Murphy Peter, clerk, 516 N Main bds do

Murphy Rosa, domestic, Arbor Hotel

MURPHY SARAH, milliner, 106 Lake h do (see adv)

Murphy Simon, laborer, h South av n E. R. R.

Buy your COAL of J. H. BARNEY, 110 BALDWIN ST.

Murphy Thomas, blacksmith, bds 914 N Main

Murphy Thomas, laborer, h South av cor E. R. R.

Murphy Thomas, laborer, bds 427 Railroad av

Murphy Timothy, laborer, h 224 W Third

Murphy Timothy, laborer, h 502 College av

Murphy William, laborer, h 106 W Church

Murphy William, shoemaker, bds 210 W Hudson

Murphy William J., carpenter, bds Kinyon n W South av

Murray Alexander, h 225 Mt. Zoar

Murray Alexander, jr., carpenter, h 418 Fulton

Murray Ella L., domestic, 303 N Main

Murray Ellen, domestic, 203 Pennsylvania av

Murray Horace E., boilermaker, bds 418 Fulton

Murray James, shoemaker, bds 408 High

Murray John, shoemaker, bds 408 High

Murray John, teamster, h 655 Lake

Murray Lawrence, (Haight, Jones & Co.,) h 217 Orchard

Murray Maggie, cook, 100 W Water

Murray Maggie, domestic, Lake cor Division

Murray Maggie, domestic, Maple av n city limits

Murray Michael, laborer, h Jones n Robinson

Murray Nellie, widow James, bds 161 Baldwin

Murray Nicholas P., engineer, h Guiltanen n W South av

Murray Patrick, laborer, bds 509 Magee

Murray Patrick, laborer, bds 605 Railroad av

Murray Patrick, mason, h 861 Railroad av

Murray Patrick, tinsmith, h 811 John

Murray Peter, coachman, h 310 W Fourth

Murray Sarah, cook, Hathaway House

Murray Theron L., machinist, h 209 W Third

MURRAY THOMAS, china and glassware, 106 W Water, bds Pennsylvania House

J. H. BARNEY’S COAL OFFICE with J. Langdon & Co., 110 Baldwin St.

Murray Thomas, mason, h 366 W Third

Murray Timothy, shoemaker, h 408 High

Murray Walter, laborer, h Day cor Pratt

Murray Walter McD., butcher, h 360 W Gray

Murry Agnes, waiter, Pennsylvania House

Murteh Michael, grocer, 400 Broadway

Musgrave Hathaway, carpenter, h 50 Harmon

Muth Charles, shoemaker, 351 Railroad av, h 60 Pennsylvania av

Myer Christina, domestic, 515 Railroad av

Myers Charles, cabinetmaker, bds 219 Sullivan

Myers Fred., laborer, bds 505 Sullivan

Myers George, barber, h 220 High

Myers George, furniture-polisher, h 705 E Church

Myers John, mason, h 505 Sullivan

Myers M. Frances Miss, teacher school No. 1, bds 554 E Church

Myers Rosa, domestic, 511 Railroad av

Myers William, collarmaker, bds 219 Sullivan

Myers William, painter, h 217 Mt. Zoar


Nafe William, painter, 115 W Gray h do

Nagell Barnett, (Ryan & Nagell,) h 51 S Orchard

Nagle James, laborer, bds 800 Magee

Nagle Mary, domestic, 114 W Gray

Nagle Mary, domestic, Rathbun House

Nagle Patrick, laborer, h 800 Magee

Naglee John P., carpenter, bds W South av n S Main

Naglee Joseph C., (Brownell & Naglee,) h 212 W South av

Nahrgang Anna, dressmaker, bds 500 E Water

Nalan James, laborer, h Harper cor Madison av

Nash Patrick, laborer, h McDonald n W Sixth

Nash Sarah, widow John, bds McDonald n W Sixth

Nathan Hannah, domestic, 135 W Water

Neal Abraham, painter, h College av ab Reformatory

Neeger John H., filler, bds Stowell al n Stowell

Neelin Michael, tanner, h 311 W Second

Neeney James, laborer, 300 E Washington av

Neff John F., machinist, h 354 Fulton

Negus Angelina, widow Lucius, h 302 W First

Neilitz Michael, laborer, h 600 E Church

Neilson Robert, supt Elmira and C. div. Northern Central R. W., h 703 Park Place

Neily George, carpenter, h Coburn n Pine

Neily Georgia A., widow John, bds Coburn n Pine

Neily John A., carpenter, h Coburn n Pine


Nelan Michael, tanner, h 311 W Second

Nelson Alexander, tobacconist, 113 S Main

Nelson D. Brainard, inventor, h 751 E Church

Nelson Emily A., teacher, bds Church cor Washington

Nelson Patrick, fireman, h Thurston n Baldwin

Nelson Robert, upholsterer, 115 Orchard h do

Nelson Thomas, shoemaker, 807 Canal h do

Nett Christiana, widow Conrad, h 619 Lake

Netterville William McC., Captain, recruiting officer, 102 Lake bds Rathbun House

Netth Julia, domestic, 107 W Church

Nettlinger Martin, carpenter, h Church ab William

Neubauer Peter C., telegrapher Erie depot, bds 709 N Main

Neuer Jacon, tailor, h 456 E Clinton

New Ellen, domestic, Pennsylvania House

New George, engineer, h 656 E Clinton

New John W., laborer, bds 656 E Clinton

Newal David, mason, h Hart cor Elm

Newcomb Clay M., (Newcomb & Wyckoff), bds 417 E Market

Newcomb Emma, domestic, 413 Lake

Newcomb Scott K., clerk, 108 W Water bds Pennsylvania House

Newcomb Webster T., (Newcomb & Bocarde) h 651 College av

Newcomb & Bocarde (Webster T. Newcomb and Joseph Bocarde) boots and shoes, 119 Railroad av

NEWCOMB & WYCKOFF, (C. M. Newcomb and E. L. Wyckoff) boots and shoes, 108 W Water

Newell Baker, boilermaker, bds W South av n S Main

Newell Nancy, domestic, 223 Ann

Newkirk Lucy, widow Jacob h 102 E Hudson

Newkirk Luman, carpenter, h 102 E Hudson

NEWMAN JAMES M., physician and surgeon, 1024 Lake h do

Newman Joseph, foreman, Main ab North h Main cor Broadway

Newnon Margaret, domestic, h 914 College av

Newsom Thomas, heater, bds 656 Baldwin

Newton Annisteen, widow Squire, bds 418 N Main

Newton Charles, engineer, h 417 Balsam

Nichols Amelia Miss, h 203 E Gray

Nichols Daniel, hostler, 301 College av

Nichols Etta Miss, bds 203 E Gray

Nichols John Q. A., boot and shoe manufacturer, 301 Railroad av

Nicholson Jack, bookkeeper, 6 Opera Block, bds Hathaway House

Nicholson Ralph, peddler, h 510 W First

Nicks John E., clerk, 143 E Water bds 358 N Main

NICKS JOHN I., tobacconist and cigar manufacturer, 143 E Water h 358 N Main

Byington Bros are Shippers of EARLY FRUITS and Vegetables, 119 Baldwin St.

Niles Sarah, widow Hiram, bds 713 N Main

Nilligan James, bricklayer, bds 419 Railroad av

Nimbs William, express messenger, bds 610 Main

Nims William, harnessmaker, h 373 W First

Niver Charles, augermaker, h N Oak bel Harper

Nixon Elizabeth, widow Dennis, bds 807 Magee

Nixon John, heater, h Stowell ab E Washington av

Nixon Thomas, helper, h 801 Magee

Nixon William Rev., h Hoffman n North

Noble Edward M., printer Gazette office, bds 312 W First

Noble Julia, widow William, h 312 W First

Nobles Caroline M., widow Milton V., h 310 W First

Nobles John C. Rev., h 654 E Church

Nobles Nellie B., saleslady, 327 E Water bds 654 E Church

Nobles Wilber, clerk, bds 654 E Church

Nolan John, clerk, bds 803 Canal

Noland Ella, domestic, 370 W Church

Nolen Bridget, domestic, 376 W First

Nolton Amasa, carriagemaker, h 556 E Clinton

Noonan Jerry, laborer, h College av ab Reformatory

Noonan Julia, domestic, Elmira Female College

Norman Charles P., clerk, bds 650 E Church

Norman Cornelia, teacher, No 1 school bds 210 Sullivan

Norman George M., blacksmith, h 310 E Second

Norman John G., hay-inspector, 428 E Market h 650 E Church

Norman Prentice P., bookkeeper, Second Nat Bank h 210 Sullivan

Normile John, shoemaker, 707 Railroad av h do

Norris Peter, teamster, bds 106 Ferris

North Anne B., widow Theodore, h 527 W Water

North Kate, cook, Pattinson House

North Mary, waitress, Pattinson House

North Norris, tinsmith, h 216 W Gray

NORTHERN CENTRAL R.R. office, Fifth n Railroad

Northrup Nelson H., h 54 S Main

Northrup Phay S., (Northrup & Creed), h 515 W Clinton

NORTHRUP & CREED, (Phay S. Northrup and Jas. A. Creed,) painters and paper hangers, Exchange Place n Market (see adv)

Norton Alfred F., despatcher, Erie R. R. office h 417 W Clinton

Norton Andrew C., bds 109 W Gray

Norton Elmer K., clerk, bds 322 W Clinton

Norton Emma, saleslady, 151 Lake

Norton Helen, washerwoman, h 117 W First

Go to HART & SON’S for UPHOLSTERY GOODS. 325 E Water St.

Norton Norman R., supt ore-mines, h 402 College av

Norton Philander, general ticket agent, LakeShore R. R. h 322 W Clinton

Norwood Clarence, tinsmith, bds 626 W Water

Nugent Margaret Mrs., domestic, 56 Pennsylvania av

Nunan Kate, widow Daniel, h 328 W Seventh

Nunnamaker Mumford, fireman, bds 154 W Fifth

Nurss Soloman, teamster, h 421 Broadway

Nye George M., clerk, postoffice bds 312 Columbia


Oarther Elizabeth, widow George, h Washington av n Grove

Oberholser Frank P., clerk, 119 Lake bds 111 E Hudson

Obertin Adolph D., shoefitter, h 213 Orchard

Obertin Adolph J., cutter, bds 213 Orchard

Obertin Julia E., shoefitter, bds 213 Orchard

O’Brien Bridget, domestic, Davis ab Cemetery

O’Brien Daniel, laborer, h 860 Magee

O’Brien Daniel, mason, h 450 High

O’Brien Ellen, widow Daniel, bds 450 High

O’Brien Humphrey, mason, h 261 W S Water

O’Brien James, mason, h Madison av cor the canal

O’Brien Jeremiah, laborer, h 107 Fulton

O’Brien John, mason, h 263 W S Water

O’Brien John, plumber, bds 661 Lake

O’Brien John, upholsterer, bds 379 W First

O’Brien John, (O’Brien & Brink,) h 758 E Market

O’Brien Kate, domestic, 222 W Church

O’Brien Lizzie, domestic, 320 E Water

O’Brien Lizzie, domestic, Rathbun House

O’Brien Lizzie, domestic, Maple av opp Caldwell av

O’Brien Margaret, h Clinton pl n E Third

O’Brien Mary, domestic, 622 W Water

O’Brien Matthew, teamster, h O’Gorman n Northern Central R. R.

O’Brien Nellie, domestic, 465 E Water

O’Brien Patrick, laborer, bds 439 W Fourth

O’Brien Patrick, Laborer, h Railroad ab blast furnace

O’Brien Patrick, laborer, bds W South av n S Main

O’Brien Peter, laborer, h 348 W Seventh

O’Brien Richard, laborer, bds West Hill rd n Carr’s corners

O’Brien Richard, shoemaker, bds 809 E Market

O’Brien Thomas, drayman, h 379 W First

O’Brien Thomas, jr., shoemaker, bds 383 W First

O’BRIEN & BRINK, (John O’Brien and A. C. Brink,) marble works, 432 E Water (see adv)


O’Bryon Edward, stonecutter and flagger, bds 440 W Fourth

O’Bryon Lyman, stonecutter, h 440 W Fourth

O’Condry Bridget, domestic, 158 High

O’Connell Daniel, clerk, 516 N Main, bds First n Main

O’Connell John, painter, bds 114 W First

O’Connell Mary, domestic, 465 E Water

O’Connell William, shoemaker, h 264 W Henry

O’Conner Timothy, laborer, h 533 Harper

O’Connor Bros., (Jeremiah J. and Dennis J.,) liquors, 108 E Water

O’Connor Daniel, laborer, h 803 Magee

O’Connor Dennis J., (O’Connor Bros.,) bds Rathbun House

O’Connor Jeremiah J., (O’Connor Bros.,) h 108 E Water

O’Connor John, seaman, h 152 E Washington av

O’Connor John, tallyman Erie depot, h 367 W Third

O’Connor Kate, domestic, 405 Lake

O’Connor Maggie, domestic, 313 Baldwin

O’Connor Maria, tailoress, 714 E Water

O’Connor Martin, bds 371 W Second

O’Connor Mary, domestic, Kenyon n Northern Central R. R. shops

O’Connor Mary, widow David, h 371 W Second

O’Connor Patrick, sawyer, h 373 W Second

O’Daniels Jerome, engineer, h Lewis n Jacob

O’Day Andrew, blacksmith, bds 117 Washington

O’Day Cornelius, helper, h 458 Powell

O’Day Mary, domestic, 751 E Market

O’Day Simon, blacksmith, bds 117 Washington

O’DEA ANDREW, grocer, 415 High bds do

O’Dea Andrew, laborer, bds South av n Erie

O’Dea Jane, dressmaker, bds 114 W Henry

O’Dea John, laborer, bds 324 W Seventh

O’Dea Mary, widow Michael, h 114 W Henry

CARPETS of all kinds at W. E. Hart & Son’s, 325 E Water

O’Dea Michael, laborer, h 328 W Seventh

O’Dea Michael, laborer, h 614 Jay

O’Dea Michael, tinsmith, bds 114 W Henry

O’Dea Patrick, switchman, h 409 Powell

O’Dea Simon, stonecutter, h 369 W Fifth

O’Dea Thomas, laborer, h 324 W Seventh

O’Dell Abram, mason, h 730 Hatch

O’Dell Adeline, widow William, h 730 Hatch

O’Dell Isaac, groceries and provisions, 316 W Fifth h 312 do

O’Dell James, foreman, h 730 Hatch

O’Dell Jennie Miss, h 602 W Water

O’Dey Elizabeth Miss, domestic, 666 Columbia

O’Donnell Arthur, laborer, h Junction n South av

O’Donnell Bryan, shoemaker, 331 E Water h 753 E Market

O’Donnell Charles, laborer, bds 167 E Washington av

O’Donnell Charles, jr., laborer, h 167 E Washington av

O’Donnell James, laborer, h 700 Jay

O’Donnell John, shoemaker, h 420 S Main

O’Donnell Mary, domestic, 510 William

O’Donnell Patrick, shoemaker, bds 420 S Main

O’Donnell Susan, waitress, Hathaway House

O’Donnell William, shoemaker, bds 420 S Main

O’Drisco Michael, laborer, bds 655 Lake