Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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1874 Directory Table of Contents
FOR 1874.

Howell Hannah A., dressmaker, bds Carr’s Corners

Howell John V., machinist, h 106 w Fourth

Howell Sarah, widow A. R., h 503 Lake

Howell William H., clerk, S Main cor Pennsylvania av h 532 Pennsylvania av

Howells Evan, shingler, h 164 E Washington av

Hower Everett, butcher, h W Hill rd n Walnut

HOWES E. W. & CO., (Lorenzo,) wines and liquors, 434 Carroll

Howes Ephraim W., (E. W. Howes & Co.,) h 108 Madison av

Howes Lorenzo, (E. W. Howes & Co.,) h 317 Madison av

Howes O. L., harnessmaker, bds Pennsylvania House

Hawkins, Benjamin O., farmer, h Maple av n city limits

Howland Howard C., bookkeeper, 308 Carroll h 206 Sullivan

Howland James B., cartman, h Franklin n Herrick

Howland Marietta, widow Asa C., h 758 Jay

Howland Sarah, domestic, 405 Lake

Howland William, carpenter, h 212 W Water

Howland William, lather, bds Franklin n Herrick

Howley Bartholomew, laborer, h 163 E Seventh

Hoyt Edward W., painter, bds 220 Ann

Hoyt Eugene, clerk, 115 Baldwin bds Ann cor Sly

All new styles of CROCKERY & CHINA, at China Hall, Lake St.

Hoyt George W., upholsterer, bds 220 Ann

Hoyt William, h 220 Ann

Hubbard Charles, blacksmith, bds 864 Lake

Hubbard Ellen, domestic, 358 N Main

Hubbard Mary, domestic, 358 N Main

Hubbell Charles, clerk, W Water cor College av, bds 315 First

Hubbell Eli S., traveling-agent, h 403 W Gray

HUBBELL SAMUEL B., furniture, &c., W Water cor College av, h 315 W First

Hubley Charles E., printer, Advertiser office, bds 315 E Market

Huckell Thomas G., carpenter, h Oak cor Clinton

Hudson Adelbert, (Foster & Hudson,) h 509 E Market

Hudson Flora, student, bds 261 Baldwin

Hudson Harriet, widow Dean, bds W Hudson n race course

Hudson Jennie, dressmaker, bds 261 Baldwin

Huely Hugh, mason, h 608 Jay

Hughes Catharine, widow Isaac, h Oak bel Harper

Hughes Edward, blacksmith, h 663 College av

Hughes George, boatman, bds Oak bel Harper

Hughes Henry C., blacksmith, bds 663 College av

Hughes John, baggage-master, bds 309 W Second

Hughes John, blacksmith, h Oak cor Washington av

Hughes John, jr., blacksmith, bds Oak cor Washington av

Hughes John, laborer, h 315 Hathaway

Hughes John J., puddler, h 850 Railroad av

Hughes Patrick, rougher, h 105 E Washington av

Hughes Thomas, laborer, h 162 Harriet

Hughes Thomas, laborer, h Oak bel Harper

Hughes Thomas, teamster, bds Oak cor Washington av

Holbert Ellen, bds 703 Lake

Hulbert Mary J., widow George, h 703 Lake

Hulett Catharine, widow Job, h 511 N Main

Hull Carrie C., widow George, h 509 E Market

Hull Lillian, bds 101 E Water

Hulse Cecelia, widow Renseler, bds 808 E Church

Hume Benjamin, clerk, 113 Lake, bds 507 Baldwin

Humiston David, carpenter, h Norton n Lake

Humiston Theron, carpenter, h 5 Erie

Hummel Charles, clerk, bds 503 Railroad av

HUMMEL GOTTLEIB, Washington Hotel, 503 Railroad av (see adv)

HUMPHREY J. MRS., florist, 701 E Second, h do (see adv)


Hunphrey John, cabinetmaker, h 701 E Second

Humphrey John D., traveling-agent, h 657 Columbia

Humphrey Joseph S., (Hunphrey, Laidlaw & Turnbull,) h 101 S Main

Humphrey, Laidlaw & Turnbull, (Joseph S. Humphrey, john Laidlaw and Alexander Z. Turnbull,) boots and shoes, Church cor Canal

Humphrey Lucius A., boots and shoes, 107 E Water h 51 S Main

Hungerford Elizabeth, widow John, bds 59 S Sullivan

Hunt Alfred, carpenter, h 409 Pleasant

Hunt Charles, rollturner, bds 624 Baldwin

Hunt Elizabeth A., widow William G., h 203 E Gray

Hunt Franklin K., laborer, h 206 College av

Hunt George A., asst bookkeeper, 104 Lake bds 203 E Gray

Hunt Jason, (Hunt & Van Gorder,) h at Andover

Hunt John, laborer, bds 624 Baldwin

HUNT ROSWELL, propr Delavan House, 523 N Railroad av

Hunt William P., clerk Erie freight office, bds 203 E Gray

Hunt & Van Gorder, (Jason Hunt and S. T. Van Gorder,) grocers, 500 N Main

Hunter William H., laborer, h 422 Standish

The best Imported and Domestic GLASSWARE, at DEXTER’S

Huntington Richard J., clerk, 151 Baldwin, h 340 E Water

Huntley E. S., collector, h 511 Lake

Huntley George W., farmer, h 807 John

Hurd Moses O., printer, Advertiser office, h 319 Sullivan

HURLBURT JOHN S., painter, 324 E Water h do (see adv)

Hurlburt L. D., constable, bds 106 W Gray

Hurlburt William, painter, bds 324 E Water

Hurley Daniel, helper, h Miller n O’Gorman

Hurley Dennis, helper, h 1010 Magee

Hurley Ellen, domestic, 455 W Water

Hurley John, laborer, h 207 S Walnut

Hurley John, laborer, h 1014 Magee

Hurley Lawrence, laborer, h 416 W Hudson

Hurley Lizzie, seamstress, bds 218 Gregg

Hurley Margaret, cook, Frasier House

Hurley Mary, waitress, Pennsylvania House

Hurley Patrick, laborer, h 321 W North

Hurley Timothy, laborer, h 1001 N Main

Hurty Hiram, conductor, h 850 N Main

Husbands Susie, domestic, 250 W Water

Husted J. W., painter, bds Pattinson House

Huston James C., supt Gazette office, h 319 Sullivan

Huston John W., (Hoffman & Huston,) h 507 Lake

Huston Prudence, widow Charles, bds 216 DeWitt

Hutchinson Charles E., clerk, post-office bds 354 W Sixth

Hutchinson Edward P., bookkeeper, Rathbun Block h 354 W Sixth

Hutchinson Eliza, widow William, h 210 Orchard

Hutchinson William, woodturner, bds 413 Magee

Hutchinson Samuel, h W Water n city limits

Hutton James, hammerman, bds 410 Washington av

Hutton John, hammerman, h 908 N Main

Hutton John R., shingler, h 160 E Washington av

Hyde Abram T., h 410 Lake

Hyde Charles H., clerk, freight office bds 114 W Second

Hyde Frank, shoemaker, bds 410 Lake

Hyde William, machinist, bds 101 W S Water

HYLEN ROBERT F., city assessor, h 306 Baldwin

Hylen William L., bookkeeper, 111 Lake bds 306 Baldwin


Igel Charles, varnisher, h 806 E Church

Impson Elijah, laborer, h W Elmira


Ingersoll Fred H., engineer, bds 636 W Water

Ingersoll Henry H., clerk, 325 E Water h 636 W Water

Ingersoll Orrissa, widow Herman, h 636 W Water

Ingersoll Seely E., clerk, 327 E Water bds 636 W Water

Ingham John Q., carpenter, h 381 W Third

Ingraham Clark S., (C. S. & F. Ingraham,) h 417 E Market

IINGRAHAM C. S. & F., (Clark S. and Francis,) druggists, 104 W Water

INGRAHAM DAVID P., insurance agent, 206 E Water bds 312 W Fifth

Ingraham Francis, (C. S. & F. Ingraham, ) bds 124 W Second

Innes Diana, domestic, 407 Madison av

Inscho Obediah, quarryman, h 813 E Water

INSCHO PRISCILLA MRS., milliner and dressmaker, Union Block, E Water h E Water cor Orchard

Inscho William F., brakeman, bds Lyon House

Ireton C. Ernest, brakeman, bds 509 N Main

Ireton Cynthia S. Mrs., dressmaker, 509 N Main h do

Ireton Mary, widow Edwin, h 509 N Main

Irvine Orville G. (Wise & Irvine,) h 915 College av

Irvine William, lawyer, h 915 College av

Irwin Lizzie, domestic, 208 W S Water

Isabel Amanda, domestic, Homestead Hotel

Isbell Mary A., widow James, h 215 Fulton

Isbell Mary E., dressmaker, 215 Fulton bds do

Ise Elizabeth, domestic, Pennsylvania av n toll-gate

Isham Morris, harnessmaker, h 213 De Witt


Jack George W., machinist, bds Union House

Jackson Andrew, laborer, bds 730 Hatch

Jackson Benjamin, laborer, h N Oak ab Fifth

Jackson Francis, whitewasher, h 552 E Clinton

Jackson Fred M., clerk, 501 E Church bds 503 E Church

Jackson George W., cartman, h 858 John

Jackson George W., harnessmaker, h 753 E Washington av

Jackson Henry, waiter, h 403 Madison av

Jackson James N., laborer, bds Walnut cor Hart

Jackson Jason J., jr., coachman, 112 Pennsylvania av

Jackson John A., laborer, h Walnut cor Hart

Jackson John R., lumber, 501 E Church h 503 E Church

Jackson John J., laborer, h 671 Dickinson

Jackson Katie, domestic, 316 W Gray

Jackson Luther J., shoemaker, h 358 Hoffman

Jackson William, horse-trainer, h Hudson n Wilcox Park

Table CUTLERY and Plated Ware, at Dexter’s DOUBLE STORE, Lake St.

Jackson William, teamster, bds 523 Harper

Jackson William H., laborer, bds Walnut cor Hart

Jacobs Charles, laborer, h 552 E Clinton

Jacobs Edgar, foreman, bds 121 Fox

Jacobs Emma, domestic, 425 W Clinton

Jacobs Henry, teamster, h 310 E Clinton

Jacobs Moses, peddler, h 117 Harriet

Jacot Agathe Elise M’lle, preceptress, Elmira Female College bds do

JAMES EDWIN W., decorative painter, Main cor W Water h do (see adv)

James Elizabeth, laundress, h 853 Factory

James John, wool spinner, bds N Oak cor Harper

James Richard, laborer, h N Oak cor Harper

James William H., carpenter, h 413 Standish

Jarvis Adolphus, h 212 Ann

Jarvis Frank A., clerk, 325 E Water h 212 Ann

Jarvis Jane, widow Seeler, bds 722 Baldwin

Jay Peter, machinist, bds 505 Magee

Jeffers Asenath W., widow Josiah, bds 458 E Clinton

Jeffers Edward W., bookkeeper, bds 519 Lake

Jeffers Samuel G., scroll sawyer, h 458 E Clinton

JEFFERS WILLIAM M., saw and planing mill, junction Lake and William h 519 Lake

Jenison Eva, domestic, 107 Madison av

Jenkins Alice, domestic, 360 W Water

Jenkins Edward S., machinist, h 114 W Hudson

Jenkins Isaac, porter, Rathbun House

Jenkins John T., puddler, bds 101 Broadway

Jenkins Lewis, laborer, bds 654 Baldwin

Jenks Sybil C., boarding, h 709 Baldwin

Jennings Conrad L., clerk, 100 Lake bds 311 E Water

JENNINGS JOHN P., D. M., clairvoyant physician, 313 E Water h do (see adv)

Jennison Luther P., shoemaker, h 611 Hart

Jennison Luther P. Jr., shoemaker, bds 611 Hart

Jennison Nathan B., shoemaker, 609 Hart h do

Jervis Clara, widow James W., bds 308 Washington

Jervis Joel, teamster, h 213 DeWitt

Jesse Henry, cigarmaker, bds 718 Benjamin

Jetta Frank, carpenter, h Junction n Erie R. R.

Jeudevine Wm., supervisor Northern Central R. W. h 363 W Fourth

Jewell Harriet Mrs., bds Rathbun House

Jewett Arthur L., express-messenger, bds 701 College av

Jewett Thomas M., h 701 College av

Johnson Alonzo, shoemaker, h 655 College av

For the best kinds of COAL, go to J. H. Barney, 110 Baldwin St.

Johnson Catharine L., widow Israel G., h 110 W Market

Johnson Charles B., painter, h Lake cor E Washington av

Johnson Charles L., laborer, 603 Hoffman

Johnson Elizabeth Mrs., bds 405 W Clinton

Johnson Emiline, widow William, h 358 W Third

Johnson Emily, widow David, bds 250 W S Water

Johnson E. T. Mrs., bds 220 W Water

Johnson F. Adela, bds 220 W Water

Johnson Franklin, laborer, bds 212 Mt. Zoar

Johnson Herbert, druggist 435 Railroad av h 220 W Second

Johnson Isaac, mason, bds 580 High

Johnson Isaac R. Rev., h 653 Dickinson

Johnson James, mason, h Oak n Pattinson

Johnson Jane, widow William M., h 106 DeWitt

Johnson John, laborer, bds Main ab blast furnace

Johnson John J., moulder, h Stowell N End

Johnson Libbie, domestic, 350 W Water

Johnson Lorenzo, bds 250 W S Water

Johnson Martha A., bds 666 Baldwin

Johnson Mary, domestic, 360 Columbia

Johnson Melissa Mrs., 60 Pennsylvania av

Johnson Michael, carter, h 504 College av

JOHNSON MILLARD G., shingle machine manufacturer, Church cor Canal h 736 W First (see adv)

Johnson Milton, laborer, h 704 Baldwin

Johnson Richard, laborer, h 716 Dickinson

Johnson Samuel, auctioneer, h Fox n Carroll

Johnson Susan E., widow Porter, bds 212 Mt Zoar

Johnson Thomas, watches and jewelry, 115 Lake h 159 Madison av

Johnson William, laborer, h 515 Madison av

Johnson William H., salesman, 1 Opera Block h 112 Sullivan

Johnston Isabella, widow William, h 815 Walnut

Johnston John, stonemason, bds 410 E Washington av

Jolls Jeremiah, train dispatcher Erie depot, bds Delavan House

Jones Alonzo, laborer, bds 460 W Hudson

Jones Amanda, widow James, bds 414 N Main

Jones Caleb, puddler, bds 663 Lake

Jones David, helper, bds 150 E Washington av

Jones David P., engineer, h 861 Davis

Jones Edward E., student, bds 211 W Third

Jones Edwin P., painter, h 969 East av

Jones Elmer E., carpenter, bds 505 Park Place

Jones Eunice, widow James F., bds 308 Washington

Jones Frank, barber, bds Homestead Hotel

Coal Oil Chandeliers, Brackets & Lamps, at Dexter’s, Lake St.

Jones George, puddler, h 911 Magee

Jones H. Elliott, engineer, h Elm n School No. 3

Jones Henry B., (Haight Jones & Co.,) h 154 Washington

Jones James, wool-carder, h 813 Factory

Jones John, farmer, h 11321 College av

Jones John, helper, bds 656 Baldwin

Jones John, puddler, bds 155 E Washington av

Jones John B., laborer, W Water n city limits

Jones John C., carpenter, h 518 Perry

Jones John D., heater, h Stowell ab E Washington av

Jones John R., (J. R. Jones & Dorn,) h 315 E Church

JONES J. R. & DORN, (John R. Jones and George Dorn,) wholesale butter dealers, 156 Baldwin

Jones Laura, domestic, 202 W Washington av

Jones Maria, widow Samuel, bds 310 Baldwin

Jones Mary, cook, Mansion House

Jones Millard R., law student, bds 314 W Clinton

Jones Priscilla M. Mrs., dressmaker, h 211 W Third

Jones Richmond, lumber, Church h 314 W Clinton

Jones Sophrona, domestic, 211 W Hudson

Jones Thomas, puddler, h 666 Baldwin

Jones William, wool-spinner, bds 813 Factory

Jones William H. W., clerk, 156 Baldwin bds 315 E Church

Jordan James, mason, h 314 Orchard

Jordan John, shoemaker, h 103 E First

Joslyn John R., lawyer, 112 Baldwin bds 423 W Church

Judd Charles, brakeman, bds South av n Northern Central R. R.

Judd H. B., engineer, bds 513 Pennsylvania av

Judd Theodorus, h 356 W Sixth

Judgson Helen, domestic, 106 W Second

Judson John W., clerk, bds Lake cor Diven av

Judson W. Henry, bds 408 N Main

Judson William E., (Judson & Chubbuck,) h 408 N Main

Judson William R., real-estate, 108 Lake, h Lake cor Divan av

Judson William T., carpenter, h 559 E Second

JUDSON & CHUBBUCK, (William E. Judson and Austin E. Chubbuck,) coal, 101 E Gray

Juma Joseph, shoemaker, bds 218 Baldwin


Kahn Adolph, dyer, bds 315 Railroad av

Kalvriski I., (Kalvriski & Davidow Bros,) bds 416 E Water

Kalvriski & Davidow Bros. (I. Kalvriski, H. Davidow and S. Davidow,) dry goods, 416 E Water

Kanary Matthew, laborer, h 419 W Fifth

Lehigh Coals ARE THE BEST Order from J. H. Barney, 110 Baldwin St.

Kane Cornelius, laborer, h 106 Spring

Kane Dennis, express-messenger, h 661 Columbia

Kane Ella, domestic, 366 W Gray

Kane James, laborer, h 457 Pennsylvania av

Kane Julia, domestic, 101 W S Water

Kane Margaret, widow Morris, h 63 S Washington

Kane Martin, laborer, h 722 Davis

Kane Mary, domestic, 124 W Second

Kane Mary, widow Dennis, h 750 Jay

Kane Patrick, blacksmith, h 163 Sullivan

Kane Simon, laborer, h 1011 Main

Kane Thomas, laborer, h Day n Pratt

Kane William, laborer, h 716 Dickinson

Kaniry Patrick, laborer, h Day n Pratt

Katzwenkal John, butcher, bds Clinton cor Baldwin

Katzmarovski Michael, shoemaker, 522 Lake, h 412 E Clinton

Kavanagh Andrew, roller, bds 831 Canal

Kavanagh James W., roller, bds 831 Canal

Kavanagh Patrick V., helper, h 831 Canal

Kaven Ann, widow Thomas, h 155 High

Kaven Jennie, shoemaker, bds 155 High

Kaven John M., mason, bds 155 High

Kaven Mary, domestic, 217 W Hudson

Kay John, axmaker, bds 611 Lake

Keating Patrick, laborer, bds Miller n O’Gorman

Keating Stephen, section-boss, h Miller n O’Gorman

Keator William B., engineer, h 419 N Main

Keck Jacob, boilermaker, bds 518 Pennsylvania av

Keck Louis, laborer, bds 515 Railroad av

Keck Solomon, boilermaker, h 207 Hudson

Keech Eliza, widow William, bds 720 Walnut

Keef Ann, domestic, 243 Lake

Keefe Arthur O., laborer, h 360 W Fifth

Keefe Daniel, constable, h 219 Gregg

Keefe James, laborer, h 819 Hatch

Keefe Michael, laborer, h 460 W Second

Keefe Patrick, laborer, h 105 W S Second

Keeton Frank A., (Thompson & Keeton,) bds 721 College av

Keller William, bartender, 408 E Water bds do

Kelley Matthew, laborer, h McDonald cor Weber

Kellogg Charles, clerk, 344 E Water bds 319 W Church

Kellogg Lovell (Kellogg & Bartholomew), h 1013 Lake

Kellogg Seth W., painter, h 506 E Third

Kellogg William W., traveling agent, h 319 W Church

KELLOGG & BARTHOLOMEW, (Lovell Kellogg and John Bartholomew,) druggists, 220 E Water

Chinese, Japanese & Choice Fancy Goods, at Dexter’s Lake St.

Kelly Albert F., clerk, 122 Lake bds, 356 Columbia

Kelly Bridget, domestic, 267 Baldwin

Kelly Bridget, domestic, 313 Lake

Kelly Bridget, widow Michael, bds 408 Washington av

Kelly Elmira, seamstress, bds 524 Lake

Kelly G. Mrs., bds 500 E Church

Kelly James, policeman, h 805 Magee

Kelly Jennette E., widow Luther, h 356 Columbia

Kelly Johanna, widow Patrick, h 806 Magee

Kelly Johanna, widow Seth, h 106 W Market

Kelly John, laborer, h 408 Washington av

Kelly John, stonemason, h 1105 Davis

Kelly John W., clerk, 701 Railroad av bds 114 Washington av

Kelly Margaret, domestic, 502 William

Kelly Martin, heater, h 806 Magee

Kelly Martin, moulder, bds 114 Washington

Kelly Michael, moulder, h 114 Washington

Kelly William D., sec McIntyre Coal Co., 110 Baldwin, h 356 Columbia

Kelsey Ellen M., widow John, bds 111 E Hudson

Kelsey George H., bookkeeper 118 Lake bds 417 E Market

Kemp Christopher G., bootmaker, 327 E Water h 219 High

Kemp Mary E., widow Samuel, bds 320 E Water

Kempton Frank, shoemaker, h 128 Harriet

Kench Louisa, domestic, 615 Railroad av

Kendrick Michael, laborer, h 152 W Washington av

Kenfield John jr., eating house, 103 E Church h do

Kenfield Lorenzo D., druggist and confectioner, 200 and 202 S Main h do

Kennard Eliza, widow William, bds Main cor W Water

Kennard George W., carpenter, h Main cor W Water

Kennedy Bridget, widow Michael, bds 708 Benjamin

Kennedy David, carpenter, h 358 E Fifth

Kennedy Isaac, tobacconist, bds 100 W Water

Kennedy James, laborer, h Oak n E Clinton

Kennedy John, grocer, 106 E Water h do

KENNEDY JOHN W., restaurant, Erie depot h 608 Park Place

Kennedy Michael, captain night police, City Hall h 158 Washington

Kennedy Michael F., saloon, 100 W Water bds 158 Washington

Kennett Stephen, painter, h 371 W Second

Kenney Hannah, widow Dennis, bds O’Gorman n Northern Central R. R.

J. H. BARNEY’S COAL OFFICE with J. Langdon & Co. 110 Baldwin St.

Kent Frank R., machinist, bds 521 W First

Kent James O., clerk, 209 E Water bds 521 W First

Kent Margaret, widow Phineas, h 521 W First

Kent Ralph, bds 521 W First

Kenyon Almon C., farmer, h Pennsylvania av n toll-gate

Kerley Bridget Mrs., bds McDonald n W Sixth

Kershner William S., stenographer, 210 E Water bds 124 W Second

Kersted Ella, widow James, bds 160 Washington

Kersten Frank, upholsterer, h 309 Washington

Ketchum David L., bridge-builder, h 148 W Water

Kevin John, laborer, h 226 Chestnut

Keyser Edward, clerk, 428 E Water bds 369 Railroad av

Keys Horace G., brakeman, bds 552 S Main

Keyser Joseph, clothing, 369 Railroad av h do

Keyser Tobias H., bds 455 W Water

Kickbush John M., tailor, h 220 High

Kidder Alonzon, carpenter, h 57 S Orchard

KIES LOUIS, bookbinder, Hathaway Block Market cor Lake h 804 W First, (see adv next page)

Kieschewskie Peter, laborer, h Fifth n Sullivan

Kilbourn Kate Miss, artist, bds 381 W Church

Kiley Julia, domestic, Mansion House

Killion Mary, domestic, 515 Railroad av

Kilmer John, blacksmith, h 129 Judson

Kimball Calvin S., division clerk, Erie depot bds 657 Park Place

Kimball John H., traveling agent, h 523 W Water

Kimball Mary R., student, bds E S Water n Railroad av

Kimber Addie G., domestic, 406 W Church

King Enos, cutter, h 412 W Gray

King John, laborer, h 664 Dickinson

King John, letter-carrier, h 134 W Water

King John C., machinist, bds Elm n S Main

King John R., photographer, bds 414 William

King Kate, domestic, 459 W Water

King Lottie, milliner, bds 309 W Second

King Marietta, widow John, bds 134 W Water

King Mary M., widow Leonard, bds 520 W First

King Michael, shoemaker, bds 438 E Water

King Theron, carriage-trimmer, h 414 William

KING RUFUS, lawyer, 306 E Water bds Rathbun House

King William, organbuilder, 107 E Church h 208 College av

King William E., livery, E Market n Railroad av h 214 College av

Kingman William L., station-agent, Erie depot h 208 Columbia

Willow & Cane Sewing STANDS & BASKETS, at China Hall.

Kingsbury Catharine, widow Horace, bds 662 N Main

KINGSBURY ELISHA, architect and builder, 609 Baldwin bds Hathaway House

Kingsbury Emily, widow George, h 317 W Water

Kingsbury George, farmer, h n Reformatory

Kingsbury G. W., foreman, 344 E Water h 208 Madison av

Kingsbury Henry F., clerk, 124 W Water h 221 S Water

Kingsbury Lucius S., (La Fever & Kingsbury,) h 370 W Gray

KINGSBURY O. C. & FERGUSON, (Oliver C. Kingsbury and William H. Ferguson,) produce dealers, 131 and 133 W Water

Kingsbury Oliver C., (O. C. Kingsbury & Ferguson) h 406 W Gray

Kingsbury Sarah, widow John, bds 307 S Main

Kingsbury William A., grocer, 124 W Water h 118 W Market

Kingsley Andrew, carriagemaker, h 321 Washington

Kingsley Daniel B., teamster, h Carrs Corner

Kingsley Edward, laborer, h 805 Magee

Kingsley Ellen B., teacher, school No. 4, bds 321 Washington

Kinkade W. Henry, carpenter, bds 102 W Water

Kinnan John, laborer, h W Henry n Fulton

Kinner John V., machinist, h 416 College av

Kinney Ann, domestic, 378 W Church

Kinney Daniel, machinist, bds 400 Powell

Kinney Emeline, widow Peter, bds Kinyon n W South av

Kinney Thomas, laborer, h 400 Powell

Kinyon Clayton, clerk, bds 424 Herrick

Kinyon Edith, teacher, bds 424 Herrick

Kinyon Harrison A., farmer, bds Pennsylvania av n toll-gate

Kinyon William, laborer, h 424 Herrick

Kirchenbauer Ernst, yard-man Frasier House

Kirk William G., carpenter, h 917 E Church

Kirkland James, (Kirkland & Carey,) h 213 Gregg

Buy your COAL of J. H. BARNEY, 110 BALDWIN ST.

Kirkland & Carey, (James Kirkland and William Carey,) painters, 331 E Water

Kirsch John, segarmanufacturer, 401 Railroad av, h 721 W First

Kirsh Matthew, harnessmaker, h Oak n Jay

Kizer John, laborer, h 964 East av

KLAPPROTH AUGUST, saloon, 162 Lake, h do

Klapproath Charles, clerk, 156 Lake, bds 162 do

KLEIN JACOB, saloon, 523 Baldwin, h do

Klein Joseph, tanner, 523 Baldwin

Kline Adam, meat-market, Davis bel Second, h 1127 Elm

Klines John, laborer, h 412 Perry

Klippenstein Emil, upholsterer, bds 108 College av

Klock George W., hotel, 303 Railroad av, h do

Klock Jarvis, mason, bds 516 Sullivan

Klock Peter, mason, bds 303 Railroad av

Klock Sandford, contractor, h 516 Sullivan

Knapp Augustus, conductor, bds Casey n W South av

Knapp Daniel P., carpenter, h 372 W Fourth

Knapp Dwight, finisher, h 519 W Clinton

Knapp Edward R., hostler, bds 358 N Main

Knapp Edward R., hostler, bds 358 N Main

Knapp John M., painter, h 211 W Second

Knapp John S., detective, bds 160 Clinton

Knapp Lasker W., teamster, h 51 Hoffman

Knapp Margaret A., tailoress, h 209 W Third

Knapp Margaret, widow George, h 609 William

Knapp Richard B., traveling-agent, h 616 Columbia

Knapp Stephen A., tailor, h 511 N Main

Knapp William B., harnessmaker, h 502 E Church

Knapp William R., carriage-painter, bds 502 E Church

Kniffin Doran J., clerk, 121 Lake, bds 118 W Hudson

Kniffin Herbert, clerk, 110 W Water, h 118 W Hudson

Kniffin Phoebe R., widow Dennis, h 118 W Hudson

Knight John J., clerk, h 309 W Second

Knight Mary W. Miss, music-teacher Elmira Female college, bds do

Knoll Henry, baggage-master, bds 309 W Second

Knolton, C. C., agent, bds 207 W Third

Knott Christopher, carpenter, h 435 W Fifth

Knott Robert H., carpenter, bds 310 E Second

Knott Willis, carpenter, bds 435 W Fifth

Knowles Henry, foreman finishers Queen City Woolen Mills, h 815 Factory

Knox Anna Mrs., housekeeper Rathbun House

French GLASS SHADES & Was Material, at Dexter’s, Lake St.

Knox George W., student, bds 410 William

Knox Mary A. Miss, music teacher, Elmira Female College, bds 410 William

Knox Morris H., laborer, h 417 Pleasant

Knox William E. Rev. D. D., h 410 William

Knurr John, carpenter, h Lewis n W South av]

Koch Adam, foreman boilermakers Northern Central R. W. shops, h Miller n O’Gorman

Koch Jacob, builder, 517 Baldwin, bds 102 W Clinton

Koenig Mary, domestic, 513 Railroad av

Kohn Marks, peddler, h 108 High

Kohnjoskie Anthony, laborer, h E Seventh n Canal

KOLB JACOB, billiard room and Exchange Hotel, 513 Railroad av (see adv next page)

Kolb Baldwin, saloon, 406 E Water h 114 Lake

Kolbus Betsy, domestic, 312 William

Koll Caroline Miss, bds 151 High

Konieczny Joseph, tailor, h 852 John

Koop Augustus, laborer, bds 654 Dickinson

Koop Charles, shoemaker, 329 Carroll h 961 East av

Koop Henry, carpenter, h 654 Dickinson

Koop William, laborer, bds 654 Dickinson

Kopezynski Andrew, laborer, W First n Railroad av

Kouch see Couch

Kowfelt Philip, shoe cutter, h 830 W Church

Kraft Johanna, domestic, 717 Benjamin

Kraut Frederick, laborer, h Sullivan n city limits

Krause Louis, segarmaker, bds 569 E Water

Krause Henry, bookkeeper, 308 Carroll h 569 E Water

Kress Canzonette, widow George, h 801 E Market

Kress William B., insurance agent, h 315 W Church

Kriger Barbara Mrs., bds 504 N Main

Kriger Edward, laborer, h 504 N Main

Kromer August, coachman, 652 Park Place

Kromer John, puddler, bds 624 Baldwin

Kromer William, iron worker, h 630 William

Krowl Abraham, horseshoer, 416 E Market h 218 Orchard

Krowl Charles, plumber, bds 218 Orchard

Krowl George, plumber, bds 218 Orchard

Kruger Mary, domestic, 158 S Elm

Kyle John, laborer, bds McDonald n Washington av


Labar George, carpenter, h 605 E Second

Labar Louisa, widow G. William, bds 755 E Second


La Barr Freeman D., builder, h 800 E Market

Labo Eugene, painter, bds 156 W Third

Lacava Pascal, watchmaker, bds 709 E Church

Lacey Elizabeth, domestic, 115 E Hudson

Lackey John, clerk, bds 420 W Gray

Lacy Julia, domestic, 168 High

Ladley J. Harlan, foreman Leader office, h 750 Jay

Ladue Daniel, carpenter, h 200 E Washington av

Ladue Hiram, carpenter, bds 200 E Washington av

Ladue Hiram W., carpenter, h 200 E Washington av

Lafayette Isaac, carpenter, h N Oak bel Harper

Lafayette Mary, widow John, h N Oak n Harper

La Fever Elsie, widow Reuben, h 211 W Gray

La Fever Eugene, carriage-painter, h 305 E Second

La Fever Nelson R., (La Fever & Kingsbury,) h 119 W Hudson

La Fever Sophia Miss, dressmaker, bds 211 W Gray

La Fever & Kingsbury, (Nelson R. La Fever and L. S. Kingsbury,) green grocers, 122 W Water

Lafflin Kate, hairdresser, 326 E Water bds do

Laffin Philip, teamster, bds 661 Lake

La Forrist Hannah, widow Samuel, bds 301 College av

La France Asa W., music-teacher, bds 408 S Main

La France Clarrissa, widow Willis, bds 408 S Main

La France Lemuel L., watchmaker, 318 E Water h 314 S Main

La France Manufacturing Co., junction of Erie and Northern Central R. W., Roy Stone, president; Eugene Diven, secretary and treasurer; T. S. La France, supt

La France Olin, carpenter, bds 723 Lake

La France Peter A., (La France & Holden,) h 209 W Hudson

La France Sherman J., bds 209 W Hudson

La France Truckson S., sup La France Manufacturing Co., h 408 S Main

Whitney’s Celebrated Children’s CARRIAGES, at DEXTER’S.

LA FRANCE & HOLDEN, (Peter A. La France and Hiram B. Holden,) sign and ornamental painters, 203 E Water

Laidlaw John, (Humphrey, Laidlaw & Turnbull,) h 217 W Hudson

Laidlaw John F., plumber, and steamfitter, h 123 E Hudson

Laidlaw William W., student, bds 217 W Hudson

Laing Eugene, painter, h South av n Fulton

Lake Kate, nurse, bds 381 W Fourth

Laman John J., civil engineer, h 120 W Second

Lambert Clark, painter, bds 218 Baldwin

Lambert Clark, painter, bds 135 W Water

Lambert Matthew, carpenter, h 515 Sullivan

Lamoureux Albert, salesman, bds 506 Park Place

Lamoureux Charles W., clerk, 114 Lake h 512 College av

Lamoriaux William, grocer, S Main cor Pennsylvania av bds 532 Pennslyvania av

Lamparter Charles, saloon, 603 Railroad av

Lampher George, salesman, bds 127 Railroad av

La Munyon Charles F., teamster, bds 1114 Lake

La Munyon Henry J., painter, 1114 Lake

La Munyon Philip F., stonequarrier, h 1114 Lake

Landen Andrew, laborer, bds Day n Oak

Landergan Daniel, laborer, h 109 Fulton

Landers Margaret Mrs., grocer, 256 W Hudson h do

Landon Elisha, carpenter, h 713 Lake

Landy Catharine Mrs., washerwoman, h 102 E Henry

Landy Charles A., machinist, bds 102 E Henry

Landy Charles A., machinist, h 205 E Market

Lane Betsy A., widow Harvey, h 521 Harper

Lane James B., machinist, h 434 W Clinton

Lane Melville H., laborer, bds 521 Harper

Lane Peter, stovefitter, h 706 Baldwin

LANEY SAMUEL H., poultry-breeder and dealer in rags, paper, &c., 308 High h 311 Washington (see adv p 40)

Lang Ann E., widow John, h 308 Columbia

Lang Eva, domestic, 319 High

Lang John, student, bds 308 Columbia

Lang Weston D., insurance, h 378 W First

Langdon Charles J., (J. Langdon & Co.,) also prest McIntyre Coal Co., 110 Baldwin h 303 N Main

LANGDON J. & CO., (estate of J. Langdon, J. D. F. Slee, C. J. Langdon, and T. W. Crane,) coal miners and shippers 110 Baldwin

Langdon John, boilermaker, h 565 Broadway

Langdon Joseph, farmer, h r 603 Hoffman

Langdon Oliva, widow Jarvis, h 303 N Main


Langford James, foreman, 470 E Water h 358 W Water

Langford Sarah, widow Prentice, bds 358 W Water

Langley Thomas E., boot and shoe manufacturer, 114 W Water h 75 Walnut

Langstein Jacob, rail-inspector, bds 127 Railroad av

Lantry Charles F., clerk, 311 E Water bds 219 S Second

Lappe Charles G., bookkeeper, 301 W Water h 119 Partridge

Larey Daniel, shoemaker, h 706 Hatch

Lariew Almeron, painter, h 811 E Church

LARIEW ALSON, grocer and carriage and sign painter, 1026 Lake, h 1024 do (see adv)