Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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1874 Directory Table of Contents
FOR 1874.


Hart Jacob, shoemaker, h 409 Standish

Hart Moses, cigarmaker, bds Homestead Hotel

Hart, Nora Miss, domestic, 160 Clinton

Hart Solomon, confectioner, 107 College av. h do

Hart William E., (W. E. Hart & Son) h 217 W Gray

HART WILLIAM E. & SON, (Frank P.,) dry-goods and carpets, 325 E. Water(see

adv top lines)

Hart & McGuire, (Erastus P. Hart and Jeremiah McGuire,) lawyers, 120 Lake

Harter Lewis, melter, bds 864 Lake

Hartigan Patrick, car-inspector, h 409 Powell

Hartigan Roger, laborer, bds W Henry n Harmon

Hartman Carrie, domestic, 653 Baldwin

Hartman John, laborer, h 163 E Washington av

Hartman Mary, domestic, h 718 College av

Hartney Ann, widow Martin, bds 809 Railroad av

Hartney Michael, laborer, h 809 Railroad av

Hartung Franklin, shoemaker, h 708 E Water

Harvey Charles, mason, h 862 Factory

Harvey Francis, clerk, 151 Lake, h S Water n Railroad

Harvey Francis, laborer, h E S Water n Railroad av

Hasenstab Frank, (Rose & Hasenstab,) h 753 E Water

Coal Oil Chandeliers, Brackets & Lamps, at Dexter’s, Lake St

Haskell Erastus, h 902 College av

Haskell Peres, farmer, h Carr’s Corners

Haskin Frank B., clerk, 126 W Water, bds 465 W Gray

Haskin Rhodema, widow Hiram P., h 465 W Gray

Haskins Osman, awgninmaker, 160 Baldwin, h do

Hasmaear John, tanner, h 615 W Water

Hassett Mary, domestic, 208 Columbia

Hassett Patrick, policeman, h 812 N Main

Hastings Luther S., flagman, h Miller n O’Gorman

Hastings Sophia D., bds 450 Oak

Hatch Charlotte B. Mrs., h 409 Main

Hatch Harry, mill-wright, h 212 W Gray

HATCH WILLIAM B., manufacturer R. R. car-furniture springs,

162 Washington, h 700 E Market (see adv)


and manufacturer of



For R. R. Car Seats and Backs, Berths in Sleeping Cars and Ocean Steamers, Carriage Seats and Backs, Furniture, &c.

162 Washington Street, Elmira, N. Y.

HONESTY is the best Policy – to be found at Byington Bros.,119 Baldwin St

CLOTHS and CASSIMERES in great variety at W. E. HART & SON’S.


HATCH WILLIAM N., h 409 N Main

Hathaway Helen M., widow Thomas S., bds 115 E Hudson

HATHAWAY HOUSE, S. H. Wadsworth, proprietor, Lake cor Market

(see adv front cover)

Hathorn Andrew, storage, commission, etc. 100 W Fourth, h 708 Park Place

Hathorn Ccharles B., clerk, 100 W Fourth, bds 708 Park Place

Hathorn James P., h 711 College av

Hathorn John, clerk, Lehigh Valley R. R., h 708 Park Place

Hathorn John W., farmer, h 1333 College av

Hathorn Louisa, (Bevans & Hathorn,) h 220 W Water

Hauenstein Charles H., clerk, 328 Carroll bds 220 Maple av

Hauenstein Henry, laborer, bds 509 Harper

Hauenstein Henry jr., mason, bds Maple av cor South av

Hauenstein Wenner, varnisher, bds 605 Dickinson

Haupt Andrew, tailor, h 109 De Witt

Haupt Henry, tailor, h 109 De Witt

HAUPT JOHN, grocer, 466 E Water h do

Haupt Matthew, tailor, h 556 John

Lehigh Coals are the best. Order from J. H. Barney, 110 Baldwin St.

Hause Hhenry K., law student, 120 Lake bds 207 N. Main

Hauser Christian, carpenter, h 407 Railroad av

Havens Mary, widow Frank C., h 717 John

Havens Robert C., sawyer, h 518 W Hudson

Havens William H., (Burris & Havens,) h 315 E Washington av

Haviland Addison T., foreman, 215 W Second h 304 E Second

Haviland Albert P., clerk, bds 208 De Witt

Haviland Hannah, widow John W, bds 304 E Second

Haviland John W., machinist, bds 304 E Second

Hawkins Anna, widow Thomas, bds 550 E Market

Hawkins Daniel, clerk, h 550 E Market

Hawks Carlton H., salesman, 107 W Water h 317 W Gray

Hawks Nicholas, machinist, h 467 W Water

Hawks Orville F., cutter, bds 110 W Gray

Hawle Melville, laborer, h 107 High

Hawley Edward, engineer, h 405 Pennsylvania av

Hawley Maggie, domestic, 157 W Fourth

Hawley Sarah R., dressmaker, bds 369 W Fifth

Haws Thomas J., laborer, bds 373 W Fifth

Haxton Maggie, domestic, 369 W Fourth

Hay John, plumber and gasfitter, 165 Lake h 205 Columbia

Hay Martin, engineer, h 354 Railroad av

Hay ------, machinist, bds 109 S Main


CEMETERY FENCES of elegant designs, of the CARBURETTED STONE


Hayes Daniel S., clerk, 161 Baldwin bds Pattinson House

Hayes Edward, laborer, bds 655 Magee

Hayes Henry, mason, h 606 Walnut

Hayes James C., engineer, h W South av n Lewis

Hayes John, clerk, h 523 Lake

Hayes Michael, tinsmith, bds 655 Magee

HAYES WARREN H., architect, 118 Lake bds 159 Madison av (see adv)

Hayley John, laborer, bds 1010 Magee

Haynes Carrie, millinery, 419 N Main h do

Haynes John C., carpenter, h 419 N Mmain

HAYNES SANFORD D., carriage-trimmer, 225 W Water h 203 W Hudson

(see adv)

Hayton David T., fireman, h 233 Mt Zoar

HAZARD CHARLES, editor Elmira Gazette, h 217 W First

HAZARD JAMES E., teller Bank of Chemung bdss 217 W First

Hazard Josiah, clerk, bds 217 W First

HAZARD LOUIS A., treasurer Elmira Gazette Co., bds 217 W First

Hazard Phoebe, widow James, h 217 W First

Chinese, Japanese & Choice Fancy Goods, at Dexter’s Lake St.

Hazen Paul, laborer, h 169 E Seventh

Healey James, laborer, bds 364 Railroad av

Healy Austin, grocer, 464 W Sixth h do

Healy Thomas, laborer, bds 464 W Sixth

Heath Henry, builder, h 523 E Union

Heath Nancy, widow Abner, h 651 E Market

Hebe Henry, brakeman, bds Jacob cor S Main

Heckendorn George M., flagman, h 206 Mt Zoarr

Heckman James, painter, bds Pennsylvania House

Hedges Phineas, farmer, h Broadway n city limits

Warren H. Hayes,


118 Lake Street, Elmira, N. Y.

Special attention to designs for

Dwellings, Churches and School Buildings

Byington Bros., Shippers of ORANGES and LEMONS, 19 Baldwin St

Go To HART & SON’S for the largest assortment of MOURNING GOODS.


Hefferman P. J., bartender, bds Rathbun House

Heffern Morris, bricklayer, bds 417 Railroad av

Heffernan Bridget, tailoress, bds 508 College av

Hefner Mary, domestic, 722 W Water

Hefron Alice, waitress, Pattinson House

Hegbom Peter, paperhanger, h 705 Railroad av

Hegeman Henry B., manager Hathaway House

Hehle Elizabeth, washerwoman, h 161 Baldwin

Hehle Joseph, tanner, h 161 Baldwin

Hehle Joseph, teamster, bds 800 John

Heilbronner Jonas, clerk, 315 E Water h 459 E Water

Heinbach Charles, clerk, Water cor Baldwin

Heine Hammond, laborer, h 375 W First

Heine Henry, saloon, 206 and 208 Baldwin h do

Heivly Henry H., heater, h 430 Standish

Helin Ellen, domestic, Union House

Helin Mary, domestic, Union House

Helin Patrick, blacksmith, bds Union Houuse

Heller Carrie, domestic, 206 W S Water

Heller, Charles, farmer, h W Elmira

Heller Imri, mason, h r 206 Mt Zoar

Hhelme Phineas h 160 W Clinton

J. H. BARNEY’S Coal Office with

J. Langdon & Co. 110 Baldwin St.

Helme Smith, farmer, bds 160 W Clinton

HELME WILLIS B., booxmaker, h Main cor W Water

Helms Amelia A., widow Morris, bds 209 Orchard

Helms Elizabeth, domestic 308 William

Helms John S., printer Advertiser office, bds 400 Madison av

Hemenway Charles R., (Hemenway & Son,) h 356 W Gray

Hemenway George, pumpmaker, bds Oak n Fifth

Hemenway Henry, bds 708 E Clinton

Hemenway Palnyra, bds 708 E Clinton

Hemenway Seti, (Hemenway & Son,) h 708 E Clinton

Hemenway & Son, (Seth and Charles R.,) pumpmanufacturers,

325 Carroll

HEMINGWAY R. A. & CO., (Richard A. Hemingway and W. V. Clark,)

wine and sample rooms, 154 Baldwin

Hemingway Richard A., (R. A. Hemingway & Co., ) bds Rathbun House

Hendrick Burr H., clerk, 307 E Water, h E S Water cor Pennsylvania av

Hendrick Jerone P., city-express, h 353 Clinton

Hendrick Orva, butcher, h Hart n Walnut

Heney James, laborer, h 312 E Washington av

Henkelman Louis, clerk, 100 W Water, bds Pennsylvania Hotel




Hennessey Ann, domestic, 422 W Gray

Hennessey George, gardener, h 109 Washington

Hennessey Mary, widow Martin, h McDonald n W Fifth

Hennessey Timothy, laborer, h 212 W Water

Henney Mollie E., dressmaker, bds 110 W Water

Hennigan James, bricklayer, bds 663 College av

Henry Barney, oil-refiner, h 216 W Third

Henry Bridget, domestic, 315 Madison av

Henry Bridget, widow James, h W Washington av n Lincoln

Henry Ellen, domestic, 713 E Church

Henry Mark, carpenter, h Balsam n Mt. Zoar

Henry Mary, domestic, 507 Lake

Henry O’Conner, shoemaker, h 340 E Water

Henry Patrick, student, bds 216 W Third

Herbert Bartholomew, carpenter, h 513 Sullivan

Herbert Emma, domestic, 158 W Fourth

Herbert William, laborer, h 500 High

Herbison Matthew, laborer, bds Main ab blast furnace

Herman Frank, fireman, bds Guiltanen n W South av

Hermann Daniel, clerk, 205 E Water, bds 110 Madison av

Hermans Edwin J. Rev., presiding elder Troy district, h 459 W Church

Willow & Cane Sewing STANDS & BASKETS, at China Hall, Lake St.

Hern Ellen A., domestic, 309 William

Hern Jane, widow John, bds 210 W Second

Hern John, (J. & W. B. Hern), h 210 College av

HERN, J. & W. B., (John and William B.) bakers, grocers and confectioners, 421

Railroad av

Hern William B., (J. & W. B. Hern), h 210 W Second

Herrick Benjamin F. (Herrick & Seeley,) h 204 De Witt

Herrick Frank, painter, h 813 E Market

Herrick & Seely (Benjamin F. Herrick and John C. Seeley,) carriage manf.

Church cor William

Herrington Cornelius W., shoemaker, O’Gorman, n Northern Central R. R. h do

Herrington Earl R., teamster, h 315 Fulton

Herrington Helen, domestic 424 W Clinton

Herrington Pauline, dressmaker, 112 E Water h do

Herrington Stephen, miller, bds foot Water

Herrington William, carpenter, bds 309 W Second

Herron Glorena Mrs., h 109 W Gray

Hersey Elijah, h 206 Columbia

Hersey Frances E., widow Edward, h 323 W Church

Hert H., cabinetmaker, bds 515 Railroad av

Hess Lla Grand, carpenter, bds 419 Balsam

Hess Moses C., carpenter, h 419 Balsam

FAIR PLAY is a Jewel. Go where your interest demand

to Byington Bros., 119 Baldwin St.

Full stock of House Furnishing Goods at Hart & Son’s, 325 Water St.


Hevener Jacob, h 465 E Water

HEWITT FRED K., hotel, 121 W Water h do

Hewitt Thomas B., flagman, bds Jacob cor S Main

Heylen Robert F., assessor, h 306 Baldwin

Hibbard Edward, carpenter, bds 719 Columbia

Hibbard Joseph, carpenter, h 719 Columbia

Hibbard Solon A., carpenter, h 405 W Fourth

Hickey Martin, laborer, h 118 W Henry

Hickey Mary, domestic, h 708 College av

Hickey Mary J., dressmaker, bds 422 W Fifth

Hickey Thomas, printer Advertiser office, bds 118 W Henry

Hickok Charles, baggage-master, bds Lynon House

Hicks James I., clerk, 361 E Washington av h 3 E Market

Hicks Joseph, fireman, bds Kinyon n W South av

Higgins Catharine, widow Thomas, h 337 W Seventh

Higgins James, laborer, h 718 Baldwin

Higgins Kate, domestic, 320 W Fifth

Higgins Minnie, domestic, 214 W First

Higgins Norman L., h 317 W First

Higgins Patrick, laborer, bds 707 Railroad av

Higgins Patrick, tailor, h 215 Orchard

Buy your COAL of J. H. BARNEY. 110 BALDWIN ST.

Higgins Susan, domestic, 723 Columbia

Higgs Caroline Mrs., h 61 First av

Hill Charles, coachman, Hathaway House

Hill Charles J., clerk, h 668 Dickinson

HILL DAVID B., lawyer, also prest Elmira Gazette Co., 308 E Water

bds 503 Lake

Hill George, shoemaker, bds 110 W Water

Hill George B., machinist, h 554 E Second

Hill James, chief police, City Hall h 410 High

Hill James, clerk, 121 Baldwin

Hill James, clerk post office bookstore, bds 100 W Water

Hill Jerome S., saloon, 151 Baldwin h S Water cor Main

Hill John T., (Rapelyea, Richards & Hill,) h 158 Elm

Hill Kingston, porter, h 610 Jay

Hill Leander, carpenter, h 218 Mt. Zoar

Hill Lewis, carpenter, h Sullivan n Carpenter

Hill Robert, carpenter, h 619 Davis

Hill Robert N., wagonmaker, h 158 S Elm

Hillabrant John W., wood and tie agent, h 514 W Clinton

Hillis William, cloth presser, h 819 Factory

Hillis William J., painter, bds 819 Factory

Hills James, laborer, bds n Carr’s Corners

Hinchey Mary, domestic, 318 Gray




Hinckley Mortimer B., clerk, 305 E Water bds 111 E Hudson

Hinkel William, laborer, bds 115 E First

Hinkleman Lewis, cigarmaker, bds Pennsylvania House

Hinman Portus L., clerk, 121 Lake h 505 Baldwin

Hinman Wealthy, widow Stanley S., bds 505 Baldwin

Hinman Willis W., carpenter, h 206 De Witt

Hinnis Catharine, widow, h 807 Railroad av

Hirsch Aaron, clerk, 139 E Water bds Rathbun House

Hisom Fred. H., machinist, bds 122 W Hudson

Hisom George, h 122 W Hudson

Hisom Josephine, teacher, bds 122 W Hudson

Hisom William, bds 270 W S Water

Hisserich George J., barber, 400 E Water h 725 W First

Hitchcock Albert T., bookkeeper, 323 Carroll bds 409 William

Hitchcock Harmon, (Hitchcock & Lowman,) h 409 William

Hitchcock & Lowman, (Harmon Hitchcock and Lyman L. Lowman,) meat-market,

323 Carroll

Hite Thomas M., (Hite & Carman,) h Plank road

HITE & CARMAN, (Thomas M. Hite and G. Smith Carman,) lawyers, 314

E Water

Hitt Valentine M., baker, h 255 W Henry

Hoag Jane N., widow George, bds 381 W Fourth

French GLASS SHADES & Wax Material, at Dexter’s, Lake St.

Hoag Philo, (Hoag & Brown,) h 309 William

Hoag & Brown, (Philo Hoag and James L. Brown,) druggists, 319 E Water

Hoagland Burr C., carpenter, h Jacob n Pennsylvania av

Hoagland Lyman, carpenter, h Mt Zoar cor Herrick

Hoard Sibilla, tailoress, h 309 W Second

Hoats Jonas, blacksmith, bds 109 Madison av

HOBBIE, AYRAULT & CO., (Isaac S. Hobbie, Miles Ayrault and John A. Hobbie,)

wooden water and gas pipe manufrs, 120 and 122 N Railroad av

Hobbie Isaac S., (Hobbie, Ayrault & Co.,) h 702 E Market

Hobbie John A., (Hobbie, Ayrault & Co.,) h 212 Sullivan

Hoffman Ernest, laborer, bds Factory n Water Cure

Hoffman George W., farmer, h 603 Hoffman

Hoffman Jacob B., farmer, h 603 Hoffman

Hoffman Susan A., h 421 N Main

Hoffman William, (Hoffman & Huston,) h 502 W Water

HOFFMAN & HUSTON, (Wm. Hoffman and John W. Huston,) hats, caps and

furs, 310 E Water (see adv)

Hoffman Frederick, woodcarver, h 405 Railroad av

Hogan Daniel, laborer, bds 709 Railroad av

Hogan Dennis, laborer, h 813 Railroad av

Byington Bros., dealers in choice Groceries, Flour & Provisions, 110 Baldwin St

W. E. Hart & SON, D R Y G O O D S, 325 E. Water St.


Hogan James, laborer, bds 709 Railroad av

Hogan John, helper, bds 511 Harper

Hogan Larry, shoemaker, h 166 DeWitt

Hogan Matthew, tobacconist, bds 100 W Water

Hogan Michael, laborer, h 364 Railroad av

Hogan Michael J., machinist, bds 518 Pennsylvania av

Hogg Augusta, domestic, Pennsylvania av cor E S Water

Hogg Charles, engineer, h 203 Ann

Hogg John, foreman, Pennsylvania av cor Ann h 476 High

Hogg John, tanner, h 456 High

Hogicamp Charles, painter, h 311 W Second

Holbert George R. C., grocer, 806 Madison av h do

Holbert Thomas, teacher, h 375 W First

Holbert William L., newsagent, Madison av cor Lake bds do

Holden Delos L., grocer, 111 Railroad av h 211 College av

Holden Hiram B., (La France & Holden,) h 407 W First

Holden James, bookkeeper, h 407 W First

Holden Minnie, dressmaker, bds 223 W Water

Holdren Elizabeth, widow Richard, h 202 Ann

Holdridge Harrison, silverplated ware, 110 N Main h do

Holdridge Hattie, saleslady, 146 W Water, bds 110 N Main

Holland Alfred, teamster, h 711 Dickinson


Holland Margaret, widow Patrick, h 604 E Water

Holland Mary, domestic, 254 Clinton

Holland Mary, domestic, Elmira Female college

Holland Michael, laborer, bds 816 Factory

Holland Peter, shoemaker, h 515 DeWitt

Holland Sarah, widow William, bds 504 Columbia

Hollatz John, laborer, h 118 E Second

Hollearn Abbie, widow Michael, h Stowell ab E Washington av

Hollearn Annie, domestic, 110 W Water

Hollearn John, helper, bds Stowell ab E Washington av




Umbrellas, Gloves, Mittens, &c.

No. 310 East Water St., Elmira, N. Y.


Rowland’s Carburetted Stone Works, cor. Railroad Ave. & Church St.


Holleran John, roller, bds 165 E Seventh

Holleran Michael, laborer, bds 105 E First

Holleran Michael, laborer, bds 165 E Seventh

Holleran Patrick, painter, h South av n Northern Central R. W.

Holleran Thomas, laborer, h 165 E Seventh

Holley George, puddler, h 154 E Washington av

Holley M. Mrs., millinery, 320 E Water, h do

Holley Robert, cattle-dealer, bds Maple av cor Sly

Holley Seth E., baggage-master, h 110 W S Second

Holloran Bridget, domestic, Pennsylvania House

Holloran Bridget, widow Patrick, bds 441 W Fourth

Holloran John, hack-driver, bds 569 E Water

Holloran Mary, widow Michael, h 108 Partridge

Holloran Thomas, laborer, bds 709 Baldwin

Holloran Thomas, mason h 441 W Fourth

Holloran, see also Hal’oran

Holly Amelia M., widow George, bds 400 W Church

Holly David, painter, h Thurston n Baldwin

Holly Jane, widow William, bds Stowell ab E Washington av

Holly Robert, clerk, 305 E Water

Holmes Charles, laborer, bds 515 Madison av

Holmes Horace H., conductor, h 659 College av

Whitney’s Celebrated Children’s CARRIAGES, at DEXTER’S

Holmes William, laborer, h 659 Dickinson

Holrand Mary, domestic, 156 W Third

Holt Edwin C., blacksmith, h 416 W Fourth

Holton Katiie, domestic, 412 Clinton

Holtzapple Adam G., blacksmith, h 513 Pennsylvania av

Holzheimer Louis, (Guttenberg, Rosenbaum & Co.) h 461 E Water

HOMESTEAD HOTEL, M. Buckbee & Son, proprs, 425 W Water

Honscheid William, machinist, bds 603 Dickinson

Hooker Catharine, widow Warren T., h 656 Baldwin

Hooker Edson, iron worker, h 1010 Walnut

Hooker George, roller, bds 656 Baldwin

Hooker Helen M., teacher, Grammar School No 5, bds 356 W Clinton

Hooper Charles, porter, h 403 Madison av

HOPPE CHARLES, hair dresser, 304 Carroll h 112 Baldwin

Hoppe John, laborer, bds 112 Baldwin

Hoppe Louise Mrs., hair goods, 114 Baldwin h 112 do

Hoppe Nathan, peddler, h 108 Sullivan

HOPSON GEORGE, grocer, 600 Dickinson h 665 do

Horciczka Florian, laborer, h 704 Dickinson

Byington Bros. are Shippers of EARLY FRUITS and Vegetables, 119 Baldwin St.

Go To HART & SON’S for UPHOLSTERY GOODS. 325 E. Water St.


Horigan John, laborer, bds 427 Railroad av

Horner Benjamin S., bookkeeper, 108 Baldwin, bds 311 Washington

Horrocks Joshua, printer Gazette office, bds 405 W Gra

Horton Alonzo L., laborer, bds 410 Standish

Horton Blandena, domestic, 410 Church

Horton Horace, painter, bds 515 W Clinton

Horton James, carpenter, h E Fifth n Oak

Horton Peter, laborer, h 410 Standish

Horton William W., merchant, h 603 W Water

Hosford Seymour A., carpenter, h 415 Walnut

Hoskins Frances D. Rev., rector, Grace church, h 114 N Main

Hossley John, laborer, h Benjamin n Canal

Hossley Richard, catcher, h N Canal ab E Washington av

HOTCHKIN SAMUEL, flour and feed mills, 301-3-5 and 7 W Water, h 660

Park Place

Hotchkiss Anna, teacher No 1 school, bds 106 W Market

Hotchkiss Henry D., law student, 216 E Water, bds 417 E Market

Hotchkiss Thomas W., lumber, bds Rathbun House

Hotchkiss Viola P. Miss, teacher school No 2, bds 106 W Market

Houlahan James, laborer, h Reformatory n College av

Howard Anthony, trackman, h 118 W Fifth


Howard Catharine, domestic, Rathbun House

Howard Dennis, laborer, h 113 W First

Howard Johanna, widow James, bds 721 Railroad av

Howard John J., upholsterer, h 512 Perry

Howard Joseph, farmer, h 261 W Clinton

Howard Mary, domestic, Columbia cor Fourth

Howard Mary, domestic, 616 Columbia

Howard Mary, domestic 957 Lake

Howard Mary, domestic, Rathbun House

Howard Michael, fireman, bds Pennsylvania av n Lewis

Howard Oliver H., painter, h 750 E Church

Howard Ovel T., shoemaker, h 58 S Orchard

Howard Rachel A., washerwoman, h 667 Baldwin

Howard Susan C. Mrs., sewing, h 906 Stowell

Howard Theodore, carpenter, h 428 Standish

Howard Thomas, helper, bds 118 W Fifth

Howard Thomas, shoemaker, 203 W Clinton h 511 N Main

Howe Henry F., oil producer, h 404 W Clinton

HOWE MACHINE CO., H. Brinsmade, manager, 118 Lake

Howell Edwin W., blacksmith, 225 W Water h 204 Hoffman

Howell Eunice E. Miss, teacher School No. 2, bds 416 W Gray

Howell Frank, blacksmith, bds 204 Hoffman