Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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1874 Directory Table of Contents
FOR 1874.
Flett George, clerk, 161 Baldwin bds 102 Ferris

FLETT JAMES C., meat-market, 161 Baldwin h 102 Ferris

Flinn Johanna, domestic, 113 E S Water

Flood Albert H., physician, 505 E Water h do

Flood Henry, physician, 420 E Water bds 501 do

FLOOD JOHN M., physician and surgeon, 114 Lake bds Haight’s Arbour Hotel

Flood Patrick H., laborer, h Stowell ab E Washington av

FLOOD PATRICK H., physician, 505 E Water h 501 do

FLOOD THOMAS S., druggist, 420 E Water h at Dubois

Florence Peter, boat-caulker, bds 657 Baldwin

Flynn Daniel, laborer, bds E Third n Oak

Flynn Dennis, laborer, bds 103 E Seventh

Flynn James, marblecutter, bds 103 E Hudson

Flynn James, shoemaker, bds 110 W Water

Flynn Johanna, widow Thomas, h 58 S Washington

Flynn John, laborer, bds 103 E Hudson

Flynn John, laborer, h 213 Park

Flynn John, laborer, h 501 Sullivan

The best Imported and Domestic GLASSWARE, at DEXTER’S.

Flynn Martin, helper, h 372 W Third

Flynn Mary, domestic, 261 Baldwin

Flynn Michael, janitor, h 103 E Hudson

Flynn Patrick, laborer, h E Third n Oak

Flynn Patrick, shoemaker, h 608 Jay

Flynn Stephen, laborer, h 813 Canal

Flynn Thomas, laborer, bds 450 W Second

Foley Henry, stonecutter, h 717 Columbia

Foley Johanna, bds 408 Magee

Foley John, clerk, 106 W Water bds 166 De Witt

Foley Mary, domestic, 1019 Factory

Foley Patrick F., (Foley & Erisman,) h 166 De Witt

Foley Sarah Mrs., milliner, h 164 De Witt

Foley Thomas, laborer, h 822 Lincoln

FOLEY & ERISMAN, (Patrick F. Foley and Henry Erisman,) stationery and wall papers, 106 W Water

Follberth Herman, shoemaker, 708 E Water h do

Follett Ralph, laborer, bds 367 W Third

Ford Anthony, iron-worker, h 513 Harper

Ford D. R. Rev., professor Elmira Female College

Ford Edward, laborer, h Maxwell av n Division

Ford Edward E., clerk, 319 E Water bds Hathaway House

Ford John, carpenter, h 803 Magee

Ford John, laborer, h 557 E Third

Ford Kate, domestic, Rathbun House

Ford William W., shoemaker, h n Carr’s Corners’ Fordham Anna, widow George, bds 515 Sullivan

Fordham Rebecca S., dressmaker, 569 E Water

Forker Samuel P., policeman, h 857 E Water

Forman Samuel W., (C. B. Hanyen & Co.,) h 420 E Market

Forrest George R., (G. R. Forrest & Co.,) 419 W Church

FORRESTER GEORGE R. & CO., (George S. Bailey,) wholesale tea and grocery house, 148 W Water, (see adv)

Forrester J. Henry, salesman, 148 W Water h 504 Pennsylvania av

Forsyth Ira L., painter, h 471 W Water

Forsyth William B., clerk, 146 W Water bds 471 W Water

Foster Charles, engineer’s asst City Hall, bds 209 S Water

Foster Francis, bds 450 E Market

Foster Henry W. B., student, bds 209 W S Water

Foster Luther C., principal School No. 1, h 209 W S Water

FOSTER MARY E. MISS, h 722 W Water

Foster Myron H., (foster & Hudson,) h 418 W Church

Foster Patrick, clerk, bds 710 Magee


Foster Sarah, domestic, W Hudson n Railroad av

Foster William, carpenter, 669 Baldwin h do

Foster Winfield S., printer Advertiser office, bds 221 De Witt

Foster & Hudson, (Myron H. Foster and Adelbert Hudson,) boots and shoes, 331 E Water

Fountain Jabez H., (J. H. Fountain & Co.,) h 657 Park Place

FOUNTAIN JACOB, livery stable, 416 and 418 Carroll h 121 Fox (see adv)

Fountain James H., hay, straw and feed, 434 E Market bds 657 Park Place

Fountain J. H. & Co., (Stephen G. Clapp,) flour and feed mills 623 and 625 Railroad av

Fowler Harriett, grocer, 410 Washington av h do

Fowler Harry, clerk, 165 Lake

Fowler John, heater, h 706 E Second

Fowler John, iron-worker, bds 630 William

Fowler John, saloon, 120 W Water h do

Fowler Joseph, heater, bds 410 Washington av

Fowler Joseph, machinist, bds 120 W Water

Fowler John H., heater, h 706 E Second

Fowler William, lawyer, h 202 W Washington av

Fox John, shoemaker, h 260 W Henry

Fox Robert, laborer, h 405 Baldwin

FOX ROSETTA MRS., cigar-manufr, 615 Lake h do (see adv)

Fox Simeon D., engineer, h 615 Lake

Foy Lester, domestic, W Church cor Woodlawn av

Foy Thomas Laborer, h 432 Herrick

France James, laborer, h 521 W Second

Francis David S., roller, h 966 Magee

Francis Thomas S., hammerman, h 101 Broadway

Francisco Sarah, domestic, 455 W Gray

Franck Josephine, domestic, 804 W First

Frankenstein Aaron, clothier, 138 E Water h do

Table CUTLERY and Plated Ware, at Dexter’s DOUBLE STORE, Lake St.

Frankenstein Benjamin, clothing, 319 Railroad av h do

Frankenstein Dora, widow, Isaac, bds 124 Harriet

Frankenstein Elias, clothier, 428 E Water and 313 R R av h do

Franklin Harry M., barber, h 511 Madison av

Franklin Myra, widow Benjamin, h 169 Baldwin

Frantz John, car-inspector, bds Mansion House

Fraser Drew & Co. (Schuyler D. Fraser, Ebenezer D. Drew and James A Bristol), notions and hosiery, 130 W Water

Fraser Schuyler D., (Fraser, Drew & Co.,) h 634 W Water

Fraser William, mason, h 273 W S Water

Frasier Frederick A., h 418 N Main

FRASIER HOUSE, 441 Railroad av Uriah Bartholomew, propr

FRASIER LEVI M., carpenter and joiner, 712 Park Place, h 513 Davis

Frawley Henry F., tinsmith, bds 322 Pennsylvania av.

Frawley Martin M., laborer, 322 Pennsylvania av

Freedman Henry, tailor, h 708 E Church

Freeman Caroline, widow Edward B., bds 615 W Church

Freeman C., H., harnessmaker, bds Pennsylvania House

Freeman Charles (Freeman & Shoemaker) bds Delavan House

Freeman Clara, domestic, 551 John

Freeman William, laborer, 315 W First

Freeman William, shoemaker, bds 551 John

Freeman William, jr., shoemaker, bds 551 John

FREEMAN & SHOEMAKER, (Charles Freeman and James M. Shoemaker,) Delavan sample rooms, 519 Railroad av

French Asa, builder, h 313 Franklin

French Belle, domestic, 312 W Fifth

French Charles I., bricklayer, bds 119 W Henry

French Ephraim, blacksmith, h 214 W Second

FRENCH GEORGE W., contractor, h 208 Washington

For the best kinds of COAL, go to J. H. Barney, 110 Baldwin St.

French Horace C., clerk Northern Central R. W., h 657 Davis

FRENCH JAMES S., treas Elmira Mechanics society, 8 Opera block, h 200 Madison av

French John M., storekeeper Northern Central R. W. shops, bds Pennsylvania av n Lewis

French Joseph, mason, h 760 John

French Margaret A., widow Benjamin, h 119 W Henry

French Norman, bricklayer, h 309 Franklin

French Philip, tinner, h 905 E Market

French Robert, police-constable City Hall, h 621 W Water

French Samuel, mason, h 207 E Market

French Samuel A., mason, bds 313 Franklin

French William, laborer, bds 905 E Market

French William, auger-filer, h N Oak n Harper

Friedenberg Christian, cabinetmaker, h N Oak ab Fifth

Friedman Frank, brickmaker, h Sullivan n Pattinson

Friedman Henry, tailor, bds 708 E Church

Friedman Leopold, brickmaker, bds Sullivan n Pattinson

Friedman Raymond, laborer, h Sullivan n city limits

Friend John, (Friend & Metzger,) h at Southport

FRIEND & METZGER, (John Friend and Jacob Metzger,) butchers, 116 W Water

Friendly Brothers, (Theodore, Samson and Myer,) saddlery-hardware, 114 Lake

Friendly Myer, (Friendly Bros.,) bds 852 N Main

Friendly Samson, (Friendly Bros.,) bds Rathbun House

Friendly Theodore, (Friendly Bros.,) h 852 N Main

FRISBIE EATON N., prest Pittston and Elmira coal co., 114 Baldwin, h 115 N Main

Frisbie Fred J., plumber, bds Pattinson House

Frisbie John W., engineer, bds 1309 College av

Frolley Frank, laborer, h Benton n Centre

Frommel Edward, piano-tuner, h 761 E Market

Frost Horton, blacksmith, 500 E Clinton, h 700 E Church

Frumberg S., peddler, h 714 John

Frydenborg Christian, cabinet maker, h 709 E Oak

Frye Joel E., shoemaker, 217 W Water h 118 do

Fudge Albert W., machinist, bds 102 S Elm

Fudge Alice, domestic, 510 W Church

Fudge James, machinist, h 123 Partridge

Fudge Luke, machinist, h 102 S Elm

Fudge William, machinist, h 318 S Main

Fuery Dennis, laborer, h 208 Park

Fuery Patrick, laborer, bds 208 Park

Coal Oil Chandeliers, Brackets & Lamps, at Dexter’s, Lake St.

Fuhrman Martin, dispatcher, h 206 Mt. Zoar

Fuller Anne, widow William, h 217 W S Water

Fuller Daniel, carpenter, r 115 W First h 115 W Second

Fuller Frederick, miller, bds 219 Franklin

Fuller George F., miller, bds 309 W Gray

Fuller George W., carpenter, h 505 E Third

Fuller George W., well driver, h 237 W Water

Fuller James H., tobacco cutter, bds 237 W Water

Fuller John L., carpenter, h 331 Weber n College av

Fuller Kate, widow John, h 219 Franklin

Fuller William, boxmaker, bds 217 W S Water

Fuller William, machinist, bds 160 W Fifth

Fuller William, planer, h 127 Judson

Furey George, engineer, h 713 Baldwin

Furman Samuel B., lumber dealer, h 358 Fulton

Fury Patrick, laborer, h 702 Jay

Fybush Casper, peddler, h 502 E Water


Gabriel Benedict, carpenter, h 376 W Clinton]

Gabriel Deja, clerk, county clerk’s office bds 376 W Clinton

Gaffney Margaret, domestic, 379 W Fourth

Gage David, carpenter, h 907 John

Gager A. E. Miss, dressmaker, 217 Baldwin h do

Gahan Michael, boilermaker, h Miller n O’Gorman

Gait Sydenham, h 114 W Second

GALATIAN ANDREW B., editor and publisher Advertiser and Free Press (of Andover,) office 338 E Water h 371 W Clinton

Galatian Cornelia, h 305 W Clinton

Galatian Frances J., h 305 W Clinton

Galavan Edward, laborer, h 115 Harmon

Galavan James, laborer, h 264 W Hudson

Galavan James, jr., clerk, bds 264 W Hudson

Galavan John, laborer, bds South av n Northern Central R R

Galavan John, mason, bds W Hudson n Fulton

Galavin James, laborer, 829 Canal

Gale John B., supt Orphans’ Home, 436 Fulton h do

Gale Mary I., saleslady, 327 E Water

Galivan Bridget, domestic, Elmira Female College

Galligher James G., clerk, 127 Lake bds 269 Baldwin

Gallagher John C., machinist, bds 711 Railroad av

Gallagher Michael, painter, bds 156 W Third

Gallagher Patrick, laborer, h 808 E Market

Gallagher Timothy, street commissioner, h 711 Railroad av

Lehigh Coals ARE THE BEST Order from J. H. Barney, 110 Baldwin St.

Gallavan Matthew, engineer, h 374 Fulton

Galligher James, shoemaker, bds 110 W Water

Gallivan Matthew, laborer, h 210 Fulton

Gallivan Patrick, (Sullivan & Gallivan,) bds 214 Chestnut

Gamman Alfred, student, bds 309 William

Gamper Henry, helper, bds Main ab blast furnace

GAMPER JOHN A., grocer, 156 Sullivan h do

Ganane Mary, domestic, W Church cor Davis

Gannon Dennis, laborer, bds 157 E Seventh

Gannon Francis, laborer, h 157 E Seventh

Gannon Richard, tanner, h 704 John

Gano Stephen, ticket-agent, 521 Railroad av h First cor Grove

Ganoung Austin C., laborer, bds 908 Factory

Garahy Bartholomew, heater, 806 N Main

Gardiner Frank H., printer, Advertiser office h 304 High

Gardner Chauncy W., division supt Erie depot, h Clinton cor Magee

Gardner Elizabeth, widow Nelson, bds 452 W Water

Gardner Hannah L. Mrs., bds 817 E Water

Gardner Henry, butcher, bds Pennsylvania House

Gardner Hiram, laborer, h 57 First av

Gardner J. H., widow Lewis, h Church n Gray

Gardner Lysander B., hackman, h 121 Sullivan

Gardner Maggie, domestic, South a n Erie

Gardner Otis B., coachman, 254 Clinton

Garlick Frederick, engineer, bds Mansion House

Garlock Charles H., clerk, 115 Lake, bds 116 W Water

Garlock Cora, widow Edwin W., h 116 W Water

Garr Scott, conductor, bds 1325 Lake

Garr Urana, widow Jacob, h 1325 Lake

Garrett Jacob, carpenter, h 851 E Church

Garrett James, carpenter, h 627 W Gray

Chinese, Japanese & Choice Fancy Goods, at Dexter’s Lake St.

Garrett Truman, baker, h 651 E Church

Garrison Gilbert, clerk, 105 E Water, bds 518 W First

Garrison Tartulas J., cartman, h E Church cor Harriet

Garritt Edward, mason, h 921 E Church

Gartenschlager Charles, tailor, bds 605 Dickinson

Gartlan James, laborer, h 716 Baldwin

Garvey John, blacksmith, h 334 W Seventh

Garvey John P., blacksmith, h College av cor First

Garvey Mary, domestic, Rathbun House

Garvin John, Valley House, 417 Railroad av

Gaskill J. Hayes, machinist, h 413 Standish

Gaskill Lorentus J., carpenter, h 517 Harper

Gates Rachel, widow Whitney, bds 415 E Market

Gaudereau Adda, domestic, 110 W Water

Gaudereau Louis, shoemaker, h 110 W Water

Gaudereau Mary E., dressmaker, bds 110 W Water

Gault Mary, domestic, 703 Park Place

Gaumer Cornelius, engineer, h 506 W Clinton

Gausline George F., laborer, bds Norton cor Benton

Geary John, laborer, bds 763 E Market

Geary Michael, laborer, h 763 E Market

Gebbie James, farmer, h ft E Water

Gebhard Lucinda K., seamstress, h r E S Water n Railroad

Gee Giles, carpenter, bds Balsam n Franklin

Geer Charles M., news-agent, bds 703 W Water

Gegan Catharine, h 461 Powell

Geist Joseph M., painter, h South av cor Miller

Geist Sarah J., dressmaker, South av cor Miller h do

George Augustus C, Rev., h 328 Baldwin

George Edson C., printer, Leader office, bds 322 Baldwin

George Henry, grocer, 658 E Water h do

George Lewis, puddler, bds 958 N Main

Georgia Anna, widow Daniel, bds 812 Factory

Georgia George F., carpenter, r 207 E Church h 604 Beach

Georgia Harmon, mason, bds 607 Tuttle av

Georgia Roswell S., mason, h 607 Tuttle av

Georgia William, hackman, 1006 East av

Gerchum Thomas H., laborer, h Park cor Clinton

Gerity Clayton R., clerk, 321 E Water bds 511 Baldwin

Gerity Thomas, builder, h 511 Baldwin

Gerity William S., (Geirty & Morrell,) h 510 Baldwin

GERITY & MORRELL, (W. S. Gerity and G. O. Morrell,) wholesale druggists, 126 Lake

Gernan Bridget, domestic, 711 E Market

Gernard Mary, widow Thomas, h 424 W Third

J. H. BARNEY’S COAL OFFICE with J. Langdon & Co. 110 Baldwin St.

Gernard Michael, laborer, h 424 W Third

Gerow Gardner A., machinist, h 503 Park Place

Gerow Hannah, widow James, bds 503 Park Place

Gerran James, hostler, Delavan House

Getchell Earl I., teamster, 308 Carroll h 703 E Market

Getchell Edward, clerk, 127 Lake h 223 Gregg

Gettings Albert C., clerk, bds 310 E Church

Gettler John, carpenter, h W S av n Burdick

Gibbons Thomas, laborer, bds 505 College av

Gibbs Mary, widow Levi, h 316 W First

Gibbs Simon, laborer, bds 408 Standish

Gibbs Vincent, carpenter, h 408 Standish

Gibson A. Fowler, (W.L. Gibson & Son,) bds 409 Baldwin

Gibson Allen S., millwright, h 114 W Church

Gibson Frank, shoemaker, bds 551 John

Gibson John, switchman, h south av ab Maple av

GIBSON J. O’KELLY, grocer, 510 N Main h do, (see adv next page)

Gibson W. A., bds 114 W Church

Gibson William L., (Baldwin, Gibson & Bixby,) also (W. L. Gibson & Son,) h 409 Baldwin

Gibson W. L. & Son, (William L. and A. Fowler,) insurance, 3 Stancliffe Hall block

Gifford Nelson D., clerk, 146 W Water bds 218 Washington

Gilbert George W., laborer, h Prospect av n East av

Gilbert Henry K., (Fancher & Gilbert,) h 326 Baldwin

Gilbert J. C. Rev., h 213 W Third

Giles Charles A., machinist, bds 109 S Main

Giles Charles D., cabinetmaker, h Hall n Division

Giles Joseph H., sash and blindmaker, h 443 W Fifth

Giles Joseph W., carpenter, h Hall cor Division

Gilgon Ann Mrs., h McDonald n W Sixth

Gilgon Della, domestic, 403 Lake

Gill Christopher, cigar-manufacturer, 172 Lake h 209 De Witt

Gill Eliza, domestic, 322 William

Gill James, segar manufacturer, 171 Railroad av h 239 Washington

Gill John, city-express, h 609 E Second

Gill William, cigarmaker, bds 209 Washington

Gilldea Irwin B. W., carter, h r 369 W Fifth

Gillespie J., Edwin, clerk, 152 Lake bds 313 William

Gillet Lewis, h 208 E Church

Gillingham Harry A., brakeman, bds 508 College av

Gillmore Lewis, laborer, bds 516 De Witt

Gillmore George, machinist, bds 220 Gray

Willow & Cane Sewing STANDS & BASKETS, at China Hall, Lake St.

GILMORE JOHN, Central House, 114 E Water h do

Gilmore Mary, cook, Orphans’ Home

Gilmore Norval, teamster, h 405 Railroad av

Gilmore Norville, laborer, bds 106 W Second

Gilmore William, brakeman, h 133 W Water

Gilner Frederick, laborer, bds 962 N Main

Gilrein Stephen, shoemaker, h 272 W Hudson

Gilsdorf Anton, tailor, h 759 E Water

Gilson James A., sample rooms, Hathaway House, h 219 Ann

Ginaene Michael, shoemaker, bds 103 E Hudson

Ginane Kate, domestic, 124 W Second

Ginane Mary, domestic, 108 W First

Ginane Patrick, bds 869 Magee

Ging Lawrence, blacksmith, h S Main n Jacob

Gingginger Albert, brakeman, bds 309 W Second

Gingraw John, shoemaker, h 556 E Market

Githler Rachel, domestic, 359 W Church

Givans Elizabeth M., domestic, 1004 Walnut

Givens Jesse B., student, bds 201 Columbia

Givens Jesse S. (Givens & Mowry), h 201 Columbia

GIVENS & MOWRY, (Jesse S. Givens and George H. Mowry), boots and shoes, 202 E Water

Gladke Henry J., clothier, 332 E Water, h 164 De Witt

Gladke Joseph, h 164 De Witt

Gladke Morris J., clerk, 332 E Water, bds 164 DeWitt

Gleason James, laborer, h 508 Sullivan

Gleason John, laborer, h 209 Harriet

Gleason Patrick, stonecutter, bds 663 College av

Gleason Rachel B., physician, Water Cure, bds do

Gleason Silas O., (Gleason & Wales,) Water Cure, 1019 E Factory

GLEASON & WALES, (S. O. Gleason and T. A. Wales,) physicians, Water Cure, 1019 E Hill or Factory

Buy your COAL of J. H. BARNEY, 110 BALDWIN ST.

Gleason Dennis, stonecutter, bds 217 Ann

Glines Helen, widow Zina B., h 215 Gregg

Gines Merritt, h 216 DeWitt

Glynn William, cooper, h 206 College av

GODDARD EDWARD, dentist, 310 E. Water, h 662 Main

Goddard John W., bds 662 College av

Goddard Levi, shoemaker, h 662 College av

Godfrey John H., turner, h 712 E Church

Godfrey R. Jane, nurse, 129 E Hudson

Godfrey William H., machinist, h 129 E Hudson

Goesberry Franklin, laborer, bds N Oak ab Fifth

Goesberry Harriet, widow Samuel, bds N Oak ab Fifth

Goettle Thomas, mason, bds 664 Lake

GOHRING GEORGE E., tailor, 112 E S Water, h do

Golden Ella, waiter, Pennsylvania House

Golden James, carpenter, bds South av n Northern Central R. R.

Golden Joe, domestic, 353 Columbia

Golden Patrick, laborer, h 609 Walnut

Golder Richard, (Golder & Cox,) bds 515 N Main

Golder & Cox, (Richard Golder and William J. Cox,) contractors, 506 N Main

Goldsmith Charles H., mason, bds 702 E Water

Goldsmith George H., mason, bds 702 E Water

Goldsmith John J., clerk, 200 Baldwin, bds 702 E Water

Goldsmith Margaret, widow John, h 702 E Water

Goldsmith Richard, blacksmith, h 424 E Water

Goldstein Marks, merchant-tailor, 326 E Water, h 108 High

Gollus William, engine-wiper, bds 506 W Clinton

Goodell De Bruce, foreman Erie R. R. machine-shop, h 429 W Clinton

Goodell De Bruce, jr., law-student, bds 429 W Clinton

Goodenough Edmund, manufacturer root-beer, 851 E Water, h do

Goodhue Josiah C., bds 603 W Water

Goodman Henry, (E. H. Dormant & Co.,) h at New York

Goodman Richard D., agent, bds E Fifth n Oak

Goodman William F., physician, City market n Baldwin h E Fifth n Oak

Goodrich Chauncey S., toolmaker, h 374 W Gray

Goodrich John R., h 316 W First

Goodsell Sarah W., widow Lewis H., h 554 John

Goodwin Francis R., watchman, h 709 Canal

Good Ralph W., painter, h 503 E Third

Gordon John, blacksmith, h 812 John

French GLASS SHADES & Wax Material, at Dexter’s Lake St.

Gordon Mary, domestic, 721 College av

Gorman Dennis, saloon, 427 Railroad av

Gorman Edward, laborer, h 408 Magee

Gorman Ellen, widow John, bds 152 W Washington av

Gorman Eugene, clerk, 114 W Water bds 507 Magee

Gorman James, iron-worker, h 956 N Main

Gorman John, bds 519 Oak

Gorman John, laborer, h 200 E Washington av

Gorman John, laborer, h 811 Hatch

Gorman Mary, widow James, bds 956 N Main

Gorman Mary, widow John, h 509 Madison av

Gorman Michael, mason, h College av ab Reformatory

Gorman Patrick, helper, bds 811 Hatch

Gorman Patrick, laborer, h 451 W Sixth

Gorman Simon, laborer, h South av n Erie

GORMAN THOMAS, grocer, 519 Oak h do

Gornee William H., carpenter, h 238 Mt. Zoar

Gother Lucinda, domestic, 311 Columbia

Gould Francis H., grocer, 300 S Main h do

Gould Frank K., clerk, 323 E Water bds Pennsylvania House

Gould James R., painter, bds 154 W Fifth

Gould Mary C., widow Ralph W., bds 316 W Seventh

Gould Sarah Miss, bds 213 Mt. Zoar

Gould Talcott, tinsmith, bds 300 S Main

Goulde Charles, printer, bds 310 High

Goulde Joseph, cabinetmaker, h 310 High

Gove Elizabeth, widow John, bds 667 College av

Gowens George F., porter, Rathbun House

Grace Patrick, laborer, bds 651 E Water

Gradey Michael, mason, h 670 Columbia

Gradwell Bridget, widow Thomas, h E Third n High

Gradwell Robert, laborer, bds E Third n High

Gradwell Thomas, mason, bds E Third n High

Grady Michaol, helper, h 157 E Seventh

GRADY RICHARD, cigar-manufacturer, 103 E Water

Grady Thomas, supt Eldredge Park, h Baldwin cor Thurston

Graedy Bridget, domestic, 919 W Water

Graff John, (John Graff & Co.,) h 603 Lake

Graff John & Co., (Louis Straub,) butchers, 603 Lake

Graham Edward, confectioner, h 203 De Witt

Graham Jennette, widow James A., bds 758 E Water

Graham John, laborer, bds 104 E First

Grandin James L. S. Rev., h 123 W Henry


Graner Charles, upholsterer, h 110 Sullivan

Grant, De Waters & Brown, (Israel P. Grant, Wright De Waters and John Brown,) agricultural implements, 128 W Water

Grant Israel P., (Grant, De Waters & Brown,) h at Horseheads

Grant Oscar J., laborer, bds 107 E Washington av

Grant Stephen, laborer, W Hudson n Railroad av

Granteer L. K., carpenter, bds 505 Magee

Graves Charles O., conductor, h 424 W Clinton

Graves Harry, agent, bds Pennsylvania av n Lewis

Graves Peter H., agent, h 304 High

Graves William, coachman, Willowbrook

Gray Abba A., dressmaker, bds 426 W Church

Gray Dunham, brakeman, bds 552 S Main

Gray Guy H., carpenter, h 118 W Partridge

Gray Hiram Hon., h W Water n city limits

Gray John, laborer, h McDonald n W Sixth

Gray John, machinist, bds W South av cor Casey

Gray John, marblecutter, bds 116 Ferris

Gray John H., clerk, 209 W Water, bds W Water n city limits

Gray Lottie, domestic, Frasier House

Great Wilhelmina, widow Adolph, h Oak n Pattinson

Greatsinger Eliza, bds 751 E Second

Greatsinger William, farmer, h 751 E Second

Greek Charles, teamster, bds 714 E Clinton

Greeley Joseph, laborer, h W First n R. R. av

Green Albert W., watchmaker, 330 E Water bds 112 E Hudson

Green Augustus H., carriagemaker, 357 Washington av h 150 W Fifth

Green Benjamin, laborer, h 614 Baldwin

Green Bridget, domestic, 159 Madison av

Green E. J., machinist, h 356 W Gray

Green Evert, carpenter, h 507 W Clinton

Green Frank, hostler, 433 E Water

Green George, laborer, h Lake cor Division

Green George G., carriagemaker, bds 150 W Fifth

Green George H., porter, 110 Baldwin, h 524 Baldwin

Green Hannah, widow William G., h 410 Perry

Green Henry F., gardener, h 604 Dickinson

Green Kate, widow James, h 702 Jay

Green Libbie, widow George, h 517 De Witt

Green Mary, domestic, 243 Lake n Church

Green Samuel, mason h 331 Broadway

Greener G. Charles, clerk, 209 E Church, bds do

GREENER JACOB, piano manufacturer and music dealer, 209 E Church h do (see adv)

Whitney’s Celebrated Children’s CARRIAGES, at DEXTER’S.

Greener Sophia, housekeeper, 311 Baldwin

Greenman Florence M., bds 409 N Main

Gregg Byron, mason, h Centre cor Hall

Gregg Clarissa, widow Andrew K., bds 153 Madison av

Gregg John H., h 150 Madison av

GREGG W. H. & CO., (William H. Gregg,) wholesale druggists, 111 Lake

Gregg William H., (W. H. Gregg & Co.), h 153 Madison av

Gregg William M. General, h Sullivan cor Second

Greggs Elliott, h 1059 Walnut n Hart

Greggs James, painter, bds 515 W Clinton

Greggs Samuel, painter, bds 515 W Clinton

Gregory Eugene, carpenter, h 416 W Clinton

Gregory Fred, clerk, bds 311 Washington

Gregory Martin E., express messenger, h 210 Gregg

Gregory Oscar, carpenter, h 750 E Church

Gregory Theodore M., carpenter, h 114 E Second

Greineisen Louis, cabinet-maker, h 655 College av

Greves Ann M., widow John, h 357 Columbia

Greves John C., clerk, Chemung Canal Bank, h 357 Columbia

Gridley Charles H. (G. A. Gridley & Son), bds E S Water n Pennsylvania av

Gridley Emily T., bds 240 W Water

GRIDLEY G. A. & SON, (Charles H), hardware, stoves and tinware, 334 and 336 E Water (see adv)

Gridley Grandison A., (G. A. Gridley & Son), h 132 E S Water

Gridley Samuel F., cutter, 121 Lake, bds 119 do

Griff Augustus, laborer, bds 600 E Church

Griffes Mary, widow Stephen, bds 511 E Union

Griffes Wilber G. (Waldron & Griffes), bds 511 E Union

Griffin John, blacksmith, h 369 W Clinton


Griffin Kate, pastry cook, Hathaway House

Griffin Margaret, widow Michael, bds 435 W Fourth

Griffin Michael, laborer, h 113 W Henry

Griffin Michael, mason, h N Magee cor Centre

Griffin Michael A., bricklayer, bds 435 W Fourth

Griffith David, blacksmith, h 810 Walnut

Griffiths John, puddler, bds Oak n Washington av

Griffths Roger, puddler, h Oak n Washington av

Griffiths Thomas, puddler, 156 E Washington av

Griffiths William, puddler, h Stowell ab E Washington av

Griggs Frederick W., mason, bds 1055 Walnut

Griggs George W., carpenter, h 511 W First

GRIGGS JOSEPH M., mason, builder, &c., h 1055 Walnut, (see adv)

Grimes Mary, domestic, 52 S Main

Grippin Louisa, widow William, h 404 W Church

Griswold Aaron, shoemaker, h Davis cor Second

Griswold Gideon, laborer, h Baldwin n Norton

Grodski Maximilian, cigarmaker, h 171 E Seventh

Grossarth Amelia, domestic, 356 W Water

Grotevant Henry, painter, h 208 De Witt

Groves Lewis, laborer, h 115 E First

GRUMME HENRY, upholsterer, 109 College av h do, (see adv)

Guiltanen Michael, hotel, Guiltanen n Northern Central R. W. shops

Guinnip Guinn, clerk, 327 E Water bds W Water n city limits

Guinnip Morgan, bds W Water n city limits

Guinnip R. H., h W Water n city limits

Guion Richard L., bookkeeper, 336 E Water h 356 College av

Guion Sylvanus D., boatman, h 507 College av

Gulick J. G. Rev., h W Gray cor Davis

All new styles of CROCKERY & CHINA, at China Hall, Lake St.

Gundel Morris, peddler, h 553 E Second

Gundy Thomas, laborer, bds 896 Hatch

Gurnett Johanna, domestic, 403 W Gray

Gurnett Mary, domestic, 222 W Church

Gurnett Michael, trackman, h 424 W Third

Gustin William, h 610 Main

Guttenberg Max, (Guttenberg, Rosenbaum & Co., h at New York

GUTTENBERG, ROSENBAUM & CO., (Max Guttenberg, Lehman Rosenbaum, Joseph Wittenberg and Louis Holtzheimer,) dry goods, 201 E Water

Gyret Rose, dressmaker, 462 Pennsylvania av bds do


Haas John, (Bower, Romer & Co.), h 523 William

Haase Ferdinand, grocer, 600 E Church h do

Hackett John J., painter, bds 759 E Church

Hackett John P., painter, h 417 Powell

Hackett Mary, domestic, Frasier House

Hackett Mary A., widow Matthew, h 759 E Church

Hackett William, machinist, South av n Erie R. R.

Hackley Fred D., clerk, bds 213 Railroad av

Hackley Henry D., agent, Elmira Gazette, h 213 Railroad av

Hackley Ralph G., clerk, 327 E Water bds 213 Railroad av

Hadden Arthur, carpenter, bds 754 John

Hade Justus, grocer, 1128 Lake h do

Buy your COAL of J. H. BARNEY, 110 Baldwin Street.

Hadley John J., shoemaker, h 1118 Walnut

Hadsley Thomas, brakeman, h South av n Junction

HAGADORN CHARLES, 306 E Water, h 128 E S Water

HAGADORN M. B. MRS., millinery and ladies, furnishing goods, 306 E Water h 128 E S Water

Hagen Frederick, meat-market, 464 E Water h 1121 Elm

Hager Frederick, music teacher, h 412 Madison av

Haggerty Brink, laborer, bds 226 Mt. Zoar

Haggerty David, laborer, bds 308 W Hudson

Haggerty James, laborer, bds Kinyon n W South av

Haggerty John B., auctioneer and commission merchant, 146 E Water h 355 W Gray

Haggertry John R., clerk, 146 E Water bds 355 Gray

Haggerty Kate, domestic, Elmira Female College

Haggerty Nora, domestic, Elmira Female College

Haiden Martin, mason, bds 505 Magee

Haight Benjamin, cooper, h 409 W Hudson

Haight Benjamin W., foreman cooper-shop, bds 761 Jay

Haight Cornelius, laborer, h Hudson n Wilcox Park

Haight Johanna, widow Silas, h 107 W Hudson

HAIGHT, JONES & CO., (Maxwell Haight, Henry B. Jones and Lawrence Murray,) propr’s Arbor Hotel, 108 and 110 Lake

Haight Maxwell (Haight, Jones & Co.,) h 110 Lake

Haight Rida M., bds 203 Baldwin

Hailstock D., mason, 580 High

Haines Anna, bds 512 W Second

Haines Randolph, machinist, bds 156 W Third

Haire John, laborer, bds 108 College av

Hakes Samuel, laborer, h 608 Baldwin

Hakes Samuel B., laborer, h 705 Baldwin

Hale Charles H., (P. Wydkoff & Co., ) 117 Lake

Hale Justice W., clerk, h 609 Lake

Halestine David, mason, 580 High

Haley Frank, laborer, h 509 Magee

Haley James, laborer, bds 362 Railroad av

Hall Agnes, laundress, bds 109 W Water

Hall Alonzo, teamster, h 108 E Church

Hall Andrew, cooper, 357 S Main h do

Hall Andrew W., cabinetmaker, bds 150 W Fifth

Hall Augustus, laborer, bds 224 Harriet

Hall Bray D., farmer, bds Lake cor Division

HALL BROTHERS, (Frederic and Charles C.,) books, stationery and wall papers 313 E Water, (see adv back cover)

HALL CHARLES C. (Hall Brothers,) h 510 William

The best Imported and Domestic GLASSWARE, at DEXTER’S.

Hall Charles L., shoemaker, h 208 Hoffman

Hall Charles T., bookkeeper Chemung Canal Bank, bds Hathaway House

Hall Francis, 315 E Water bds 213 College av

Hall Francis G., (Smith & Hall,) h 325 Lake

HALL FREDERIC, Hall Brothers,) h 213 College av

Hall George, lather, bds Lyon House

Hall George A., machinist, 118 Lake h 529 W Water

Hall Henry M., farmer, bds 1219 Lake

HALL JAMES A., physician, 251 Baldwin h do

Hall James A., plasterer, h 804 E Market

Hall John S., traveling agent, bds 505 Magee

Hall Melville, ice-peddler, h 107 High

Hall Samuel, farmer, h Lake cor Division

Hall Samuel G., farmer, h Lake cor Division

HALL S. W., civil engineer, 410 Maple av h do

Hall Temperance, widow John, h 224 Harriet

Hall ---, carpenter, bds 709 N Main

Hallenbeck Ambrose, moulder, bds 328 Baldwin

HALLER ALBERT, painter and paperhanger, 513 N Main h 502 Columbia

Hallern Bridget, domestic, 702 E Market

Hallern Patrick, laborer, h McDonald n W Fifth

Halliday Armenia, widow Selah, bds 465 W Gray

Halliday Martha, widow Charles, h 752 John

Halliday Samuel B., student, bds 110 Columbia

Halliday Sarah, widow William, h 211 High

Halliday Selah, mason, h 165 Sullivan

Halliday Smith, engineer, h 114 W S Second

Halliday William H., mason, h 363 W Fifth

Halliday William H., jr., hooker, bds 363 W Fifth

Hallin Michael, laborer, h Miller n O’Gorman

Halloc William, carpenter, bds 314 Penna av

Halloran James, heater, h Madison av cor Harper

Halloran John, cigar-maker, bds E third cor Clinton Place

Halloran John, laborer, h 717 E Washington av

Halloran Martin, laborer, h E Third cor Clinton Place

Halloran Mary, domestic, 603 W Water

Halloran Michael, laborer, h 110 Fulton

Halloran Michael, laborer, bds 816 Factory

Halloran Patrick, laborer, h 719 E Washington av


Halloran Thomas, laborer, bds 717 E Washington av

Halloran see also Holloran

Ham Albert, teamster, h 901 John

Hamer William F., h 509 E Church

Hamilton Adelbert S., clerk, 313 E Water bds 415 W First

Hamilton Amelia E., widow Charles, h 403 Madison av

Hamilton Annie, domestic, Crescent av cor Hall

HAMILTON, CALDWELL & CO., (Henry C. Hamilton, L. D. Caldwell and M. B. Denton,) wholesale fruit dealers and grocers, 200 and 202 Baldwin

Hamilton Charles, foreman, h 415 W First

Hamilton Daniel S., watchmaker, 159 Baldwin h 104 Fox

Hamilton Frederick, painter, bds 104 Fox

Hamilton George, machinist, h 415 W First

Hamilton Henry C., (Hamilton, Caldwell & Co.), h 801 E Water

Hamilton Lylia, domestic, 1019 Factory

Hamilton Peter, brickmaker, h 214 Judson

Hamilton Susan Mrs., h 707 E Water

Hamlin Lydia S., widow John, bds 441 E Water

Hamlin Samuel S., bds 325 Lake

Hammel John, teamster, h 800 John

Hammond Edwin W., teamster, h Stowell N End

Hammond Jason E., clerk, 327 E Water, bds 220 W Water

Hanahan Mary, domestic, 272 Baldwin

Hand William, shoemaker, bds 261 Baldwin

Handerhen Nora, domestic, 408 N Main

Handrehan Bridget, domestic, 269 Baldwin

Handy Guy, brakeman, bds 552 S Main

Hanford Nancy, widow Thomas, bds 105 W S Water

Hanifin Jeremiah, bds 851 Lake

Hanifin Jeremiah, policeman, h 310 E Washington av

Hanifin John, laborer, h 308 E Washington av

Hanifin John, laborer, bds 310 E Washington av

Hinifin Timothy C., mason, h 851 Lake

Hankins Zachariah T., (Cottrell & Hankins,) h 719 College av

Hanlon Samuel, h 325 Lake

Hanly Dennis, laborer, h Miller bel O’Gorman

Hanmer Mary, widow Nelson, h 217 S Main

Hannah Warren, peddler, bds Benton n Norton

Hannahan Mary, cook, Main cor First

Hannan Bridget Mrs., washerwoman, h 119 W First

Hannasy Timothy, laborer, h 212 W Water

Hannery Kate, domestic, 418 William

Hannon Anna, domestic, 323 W Church

Hannon George R., clerk, 118 W Water bds 508 College av

Table CUTLERY and Plated Ware, at Dexter’s DOUBLE STORE, Lake St.

Hannon Harriet M. Mrs., boarding, h 508 College av

Hannon Matthew, drayman, h 508 College av

Hannum Clara H. Miss, teacher, Elmira Female College bds do

Hanrahan David, laborer, bds 106 W Church

Hanrahan John, h 513 Sullivan

Hanrahan John, teamster, h 720 Oak

Hanrahan Mary, domestic, W Church cor Walnut

Hanrahan Michael, laborer, bds 334 Seventh

Hanrehan Charles, laborer, bds 513 Sullivan

Hanrehan John, laborer, h 513 Sullivan

Hanst John, laborer, h 52 S Washington

Hanyen Abby, widow William, h 449 W Fifth

HANYEN C. B. & CO., (Samuel W. Foreman,) grocers, 314 E Water

Hanyen Cornelius B., (C. B. Hanyen & Co.,( h 163 Washington

Hanyen Cornelius S., teamster, bds 507 E Third

Hanyen Joshua, bds 507 E Third

Hanyen Thomas B., carpenter, h 507 E Third

Haradon Mary A., widow Isaac C., h 1315 Lake

Hardung Frank, (Volbrecht & Hardung,) h E Water

Hardy James H., lawyer, h 214 S Main

Harkness Frank, farmer, bds Kenyon n W South av

Harman James, laborer, h Walnut cor W Third

Harman Jerry, cigarmaker, bds Woodlawn av cor W Third

Harman Margaret, widow John, bds Elizabeth cor Grove

Harold Edward, flagman, bds 508 College av

Harold Thomas, brakeman, bds 508 College av

Harper Charles C., fireman, h W South av n Pennsylvania av

Harper Henry M., clerk Northern Central R. W., h 661 Davis

Harper Joseph, h 151 W Third

Harrington Bartholomew, laborer, h 511 High

Harrington Jane D., dressmaker, h 149 W Water

Harrington Mary, domestic, 219 W Church

Harrington Michael, fluemaker, h Miller n Northern Central R. W.

Harrington Miles, farmer, h Maple av beyond city limits

Harrington Norah, domestic, Guiltanen n W South av

Harrington Park G., shoemaker, bds 149 W Water

Harris A. B., peddler, h 701 E Water

Harris B., provisions, 430 E Water h do

HARRIS CHARLES T., bricklayer, h 411 W Sixth

Harris Della, domestic, 611 W Water

HARRIS EBENEZER J., manufr and dealer in lumber, 223 W Henry h Plank rd n Bulkhead

Harris Hannah, domestic, 220 W Second

For the best kinds of COAL, go to J. H. Barney, 110 Baldwin St.

Harris Howard, laborer, h Hart n Walnut

Harris Irene, domestic, 418 N Main

Harris Jason, carter, bds Franklin cor Jefferson

Harris Justus H., clerk, 223 W Henry h Franklin cor Jefferson

Harris M. P., widow Cyrus, bds 320 Lake

Harris Philip, peddler, bds 113 High

Harris Samuel, carpenter, h 378 S Main

Harrison Jerome B., shoemaker, bds 240 W Water

Harrison John, lumber-dealer, h W Fifth cor Davis

Harrison Thomas, mason, h 363 W North

Harsh William, carpenter, h 762 Jay

HART ABRAHAM P., photographer, 306 E Water h 957 East av

Hart A. P., photographer, bds 220 W Water

HART CHARLES, saloon, 312 E Water h do

Hart Charles L., clerk Chemung Canal Bank, h Lake n Thurston

Hart E. Langdon, law student, 120 Lake bds 309 William

Hart Erastus P., (Hart & McGuire,) h 321 Madison av

Hart Frank P., (W. E. Hart & Son,) h 405 W Gray

Hart Harriet, widow Erastus L., bds Lake n Thurston

Hart Henry, shoemaker, 665 Lake h 1116 Lake

Hart Ira F., physician, 306 E Church h do