Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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1874 Directory Table of Contents
FOR 1874.

DAVIDSON JOHN T., lawyer, room 5 Arcade building, 111 Lake, h Pennsylvania av cor Henry

Davies Benjamin L., foreman rolling mill, h 666 Columbia

Davies David O., puddler, bds 966 Magee

Davies Gershom T., student, bds 110 Broadway

Davies John M., straightener, h Stowell ab E Washington av

Davies Levi, rail-straightener, h 110 Broadway

Davies Levi M., engineer, bds 110 Broadway

Davis Alvin, painter, h 656 Park place

Davis Benjamin M., puddler, bds 809 Davis

Davis Benjamin O., carpenter, h Walnut cor Hart

Davis Charles, painter, bds 240 W Water

Davis Charles B., machinist, h Elm n S Main

Davis Charles H., clerk, 119 E Church, bds 310 Hine

Davis Charles H., (Cargill & Davis,) bds 218 William

Davis Charles H., saloon, 373 Railroad av, h do

Davis Charles H., telegrapher, 150 Baldwin, bds 218 William

Davis Clarence, tinsmith, bds Homestead Hotel

Davis Cora, dressmaker, bds 433 Railroad av

Davis Daniel, puddler, bds 155 E Seventh

Davis David, laborer, bds 966 Magee

Witney’s Celebrated Children’s CARRIAGES, at DEXTER’S

Davis David R., puddler, h 155 E Seventh

Davis George E., fuller, h 812 Factory

DAVIS GEORGE L., justice of the peace and lawyer, 316 E Water, h 212 De Witt

Davis Henry A., clerk, 336 E Water h 310 Hine

Davis Herman C., switchman, h 812 Lincoln

Davis James, carpenter, bds 755 E Market

Davis Jennie L., weaver, bds 812 Factory

Davis John, laborer, h Day n Oak

Davis John, jr., clerk, h 163 Orchard

Davis John, farmer, h 757 E Market

Davis John, machinist, bds Elm n S Main

DAVIS JOHN A., saloon, 331 N Railroad av h do

DAVIS JOSEPH, dry goods, 160 Lake, bds 417 E Market

Davis Joseph, shoemaker, bds 127 Harriet

Davis Julia A., widow James, h 369 W Second

Davis Lyman, mason, bds Day n Sullivan

Davis Maria E., grocery, Davis cor Second h Second n Davis

Davis Matthew, laborer, h College av n Reformatory

Davis Philip T., clerk, 160 Lake, bds 755 E Market

Davis Reese, puddler, bds 911 Magee

Davis Robert, shoemaker, h 127 Harriet

Davis Thomas, laborer, bds 121 E Church

Davis Thomas, puddler, h 809 Davis

Davison Charles S., bookkeeper, 121 E Second bds 210 High

Davison Elmer, restaurant, R R ave h 507 Park Place

Davison Jason T., carpenter, h 316 W Fifth

Davison Lizzie, widow Albert, h Pennsylvania av n Ann

Davner William, shoemaker, h 116 S Main

Day Philip, porter, Pennsylvania House

DAYTON CENCLARE, carpenter, h 860 E Church

Dayton Hattie S. Mrs., dressmaker, h 118 W Fifth

Deal George, laborer, bds 715 Baldwin

Dean Benjamin R., carpenter, h 712 Harper

Dean Harvey, h 271 W Henry

Dean Lansing, switchman, h 656 Lake

Dean Louis, news-agent, h 712 Harper

Deane Amanda, clerk, 112 N Main

Deane Carrie, clerk, 112 N Main

De Castro Noal, barber, h 527 E Union

De Chambord Charles, jeweler, bds 311 Columbia

Deck John, painter, bds 800 John


Deck Samuel, painter, bds 754 John

Deckel Sarah, widow Simon, h 105 W Market

Decker Albert, stonemason, h 759 E Church

Decker Casper S., (Palmer & Decker,) h 507 W Water

Decker Charles, carpenter, bds 154 W Fifth

Decker Charles, laborer, bds Luce n Robinson

Decker David, tanner, Wellsburg, h 302 W Clinton

Decker De Witt, (D. Decker & Co.,) h 355 Columbia

Decker D. & Co., (De Witt Decker and Robert Covell,) groceries, provisions, &c., 200 W Water

Decker Ernest O., cigar-boxes, bds 624 W Gray

Decker Esther A., widow Jeremiah, h Day n Sullivan

Decker George, laborer, bds Luce n Robinson

Decker Gilbert, bds 507 W Water

Decker James R., farmer, h Luce n Robinson

Decker John, (Covell & Decker,) bds Rathbun House

Decker John, blacksmith, bds 127 Railroad av

Decker Morris S., see Noble’s Manufacturing Co., h 854 N Main

Decker M. S. Miss, dressmaker, 310 E Water h do

Decker Peter, peddler, h 520 W First

Decker Philip, hostler, h 715 Canal

Decker Samuel T., wood-turner, h 624 W Gray

Decker William, tanner, h 710 E Clinton

Dee James, laborer, h 414 Elm

De Graw Andrew W., harnessmaker, h 203 Ann

De Groff Hannah W., widow David, bds 417 Davis

Delchert Henry, laborer, h 658 E Clinton

Deichert John, blacksmith, bds 127 Railroad av

Deidrich, see Diedrich

Deister Eliza, domestic, 254 Clinton

Deister Jacob, blacksmith, h 769 Jay

Deister John, laborer, h 701 Jay

DEISTER JOHN, jr., grocer, 765 E Church h do

Deister Matthew, laborer, bds 701 Jay

DEISTER MICHAEL, saloon, 322 E Water h do

Deister Morris, coffee-roaster, 112 W Water

Deister Nicholas, policeman, h 855 E Church

Delahanty Patrick J., shoemaker, h 406 Elm

Delam Charles A., cabinetmaker, h Thurston n Lake

Delamarter Eugene, tinsmith, bds 454 W First

Delamarter William F., carpenter, h 707 E Church

De Lancey Albert, engineer, h 501 Columbia

De Lancey Maria, widow John, h 501 Columbia

ALL new styles of CROCKERY & CHINA, at China Hall, Lake St.

Delaney John, shoemaker, h 302 Fulton

Delaney Michael, brakeman, bds 122 W South av

Delant Mary, widow Dennis, bds 416 DeWitt

Delant Patrick, cigarmaker, h 416 DeWitt

Delant Thomas, foreman, h 210 Madison av

Delany William, h 364 W Fourth

Delap Lucy, domestic, Maple av n city limits

Delap Martha, domestic, 510 W Church

Delavy Mary, domestic, 608 Park Place

Delay John, porter, Delavan House

Delo Thomas B., clerk Northern Central R. R. shop, h 451 Pennsylvania av

DeLong Edmund, quarryman, h Tuttle av n East av

Demorest Woodruff, farmer, h W Water n city limits

Dempsey Bartholomew, laborer, h 323 N River

Dempsey Bartholomew, mason, bds 467 W Hudson

Dempsey Catharine, widow John, bds 300 Fulton

Dempsey Dennis, mason, h 265 W Hudson

Dempsey Dennis, shoemaker, bds 123 W Hudson

Dempsey Ella, waitress, Hathaway House

Dempsey Ellen, domestic, 102 S Main

Dempsey Ellen, domestic, 111 Madison av

Dempsey Fenton, laborer, h 467 W Hudson

Dempsey James, laborer, h 368 Railroad av

Dempsey James, machinist, bds 368 Railroad av

Dempsey John, bricklayer, n Jones n Robinson

Dempsey John, machinist, bds 368 Railroad av

Dempsey Julia, widow Michael, h Elm n Fulton

Dempsey Maggie, domestic, Hathaway House

Dempsey Mary, widow Thomas, bds W Hudson cor Hine

Dempsey Patrick, laborer, bds 419 Railroad av

Dempsey Rick, laborer, bds 419 Railroad av

Dempsy Michael, laborer, bds 419 Railroad av

Deneen Ellen, domestic, 352 W Clinton

Denison Lizzie, housekeeper, 901 East av

Denison Margaret, widow John, h 818 Factory

Denison Mary, weaver, bds 818 Factory

Denney Charles, laborer, h 720 Baldwin

Denney Charles, porter, Rathbun House

Denney John, laborer, bds 509 Park Place

Dennis Charles, laborer, h 430 Broadway

Dennis Mary, operator, bds 214 Orchard

Dennison Elizabeth, widow Henry, bds 504 College av

Buy your COAL of J. H. BARNEY, 110 Baldwin Street.

Dennison May, domestic, Frasier House

Dennison Viola M., dressmaker, bds 501 College av

Densmore Joseph D., sign-painter, 25 Opera block h 79 Woodlawn

Denton Ann, widow, bds 309 William

Denton Lewis A., medical student, bds 1001 Davis

Denton Lucretia, widow Seymour R., h 312 W Third

Denton Morris B., (Hamilton, Caldwell & Co.,) h 202 E Gray

Denton S. F., widow Seymour, h 312 W Third

De Peu Jesse, conductor Erie R. R., bds 508 College av

Depew Henry, brakeman, bds 552 S Main

Depew Henry, laborer, h 661 Dickinson

Depui Benjamin, clerk, 156 Lake bds 159 Madison av

Depuy Richard, teamster, h 516 Perry

Derby Abner L., salesman, h 104 W S Water

Derby Alden, shoemaker, h 75 Walnut

Derby Charles S., carpenter, h 368 W First

Derby Frank, harnessmaker, bds 202 E Gray

Derby James, shoemaker, bds Centre cor Benton

Derby John M., carpenter, h 406 W Church

Derby Loring W., foreman, 119 Railroad av h 331 Centre

Derland Daniel T., h 628 W Church

Deroche Louis, shoemaker, h 706 John

De Shields Esther, h 704 Dickinson

Desmond Jerry, upholsterer, 405 De Witt

Deven Martin L., marblecutter, bds 505 Park Place

De Vine Edward, heater, h 665 Magee

Devitt John, laborer, bds 807 Magee

DE VOE ARCHIBALD N., sec Elmira Gazette Co., h 315 Baldwin

Devoe Benjamin T., shoemaker, h 470 W Second

De Voe Frederick A., cashier Southern Tier Savings Bank, h 315 Baldwin

Devoe Martin, saloon, h 146 W Water

Dewan Helen, domestic, 381 W Second

De Waters Wright, (Grant, De Waters & Brown,) h at Southport

Dewey Mary, domestic, 306 E Church

DeWitt Abram B., (DeWitt & Spence,) h Pennsylvania House

De Witt Abram M., h 155 Baldwin

De Witt Charles G., clerk express office, bds 608 W Water

De Witt George H., bartender, 154 Baldwin bds Pennsylvania House

De Witt Henry M., clerk, Pennsylvania House bds do

De Witt Isaac T., clerk, 308 Carroll, bds 703 E Market

De Witt Jacob, laborer, bds 217 De Witt

De Witt James, lawyer, h 205 Orchard

The best Imported and Domestic GLASSWARE. at DEXTER’S.

De Witt Roscious S., student bds 169 Madison av

De Witt Stephen, plumber, bds 217 De Witt

DE WITT SUTHERLAND, agent United States and Adams express companies, 152 Baldwin, h 608 W Water

De Witt Thomas M., clerk express office, bds 608 W Water

De Witt William P., gunsmith, 418 E Water, h 159 Madison av

De Witt W. P. Mrs., boarding, h 159 Madison av

De Witt Wyntge, h 217 De Witt

DE WITT & SPENCE, (Abram B. De Witt and Thomas Spence,) Pennsylvania House, 115 to 119 W Water (see adv.)

Dexter Charlotte, widow Aaron, h 322 W Gray

Dexter Hamilton P., bds 322 W Gray

DEXTER JOHN M., china and glassware, house-furnishing, &c., 100 and 102 Lake cor Water, h 207 W Gray (see adv, centre line)

Dexter Seymour, (Turner, Dexter & Van Dazer,) h 213 W S Water

Deyo Andrew, bridge builder, bds 104 E Henry

Deyo James H., salesman, 142 W Water, bds 221 do

Diamond Reuben, shoemaker, bds 109 S Main

Dias Sidney S., painter, h 661 N Main

Dick John, carpenter, bds 303 Railroad av

Dickerson John, shoemaker, bds John cor De Witt

Dickinson Cora, dressmaker, bds 318 E Water

Dickinson Emily, tailoress, 124 Lake, h do

DICKINSON GEORGE S., groceries and provisions, 159 Lake, h 305 William

Dickinson Henry B., (Merwin & Dickinson,) h 501 Lake

Dickinson James A., shoemaker, h 422 W Second

Dickinson Jane, widow Alexander, h W South av n S Main

Dickson Catharine Mrs., h 618 Baldwin


DIEDRICH WILLIAM F., grocer, 562 E Church cor High, h do

Diehl Jacob, baker, 305 Railroad av, h do

Diehl Jennie, domestic, 138½ W Water

Diehl John, tailor, 208 Ann, h do

Diester, see Deister

Digby James, clerk, h 311 Washington

Dildine Henry H., laborer, h 256 W Hudson

Dildine James, laborer, h 335 Broadway

Dildine Lydia, widow Dennis, bds 335 Broadway

Dillon Daniel, helper, bds 419 Railroad av

Dillon Gregory, shoemaker, bds 505 Park Place

Dillon Mary, domestic, 108 E S Water

Dimmick Almeda, domestic, Orphans’ Home

Dimmick Amanda, h 221 Gregg

Dimmick Lorenzo, bricklayer, bds 221 Gregg

Dimmick Louise, housekeeper, 113 Madison av

Dimeen John, laborer, h 206 Chestnut

Dinninny F. C. jr., coal dealer, bds 812 W Water

Disbrow Isabella, teacher No. 1 School, bds 755 E Market

Disbrow Noah, shoemaker, h 755 E Market

DISMORE JAMES A., merchant tailor, 118 Lake, h 106 Madison ave. (see adv page 96)

Disney James, clerk, 148 W Water, bds 760 John

Disney Thomas S., laborer, h Elm cor W Third

DIVEN ALEXANDER, vice president and treasurer, Elmira Water Works, 212 E Water h willow Brook

DIVEN ALEXANDER, S., President Elmira, Water Works Co., also president Elmira and Horseheads Railway Co., 212 E Water, h Willow Brook

DIVEN EUGENE, bark extract manufacturer, 717 Baldwin h 502 W Church

Diven Franklin, laborer, bds Baldwin cor Thurston

DIVEN GEORGE M., lawyer, 210 E Water h 957 Lake

Diven John, clerk, 212 E Water bds Willow Brook

Diverny Timothy, laborer, h 163 Harriet

Doane Addison, laborer, h 213 Judson

Doane Albert H., coachman, bds 418 W Second

Doane Cecelia, domestic, 552 S Main

Doane Clarissa C., widow Ezekiel P., h 418 W Second

Doane Jane B., widow Abiathar, h 217 W Second

Doane Roberson, teamster, h 903 Benton

DOBBINS HORACE G., secy Elmira Slate Co., bds 460 W Church

Table CUTLERY and Plated Ware, at Dexter’s DOUBLE STORE, Lake St.

Dobell Stephen, cartman, h Oak n Pattinson

Dobson Annie, bds 658 Baldwin

Dobson Margaret, widow Thomas, h 658 Baldwin

Dodd Alfred, cigarmaker, h 813 E Market

Dodd Edward, moulder, h 711 E Church

Dodd Edward K., augermaker, bds 711 E Church

Doharty Maggie, domestic, 302 W Clinton

Dohm Martha A., bds 214 W Water

Dohoney John, machinist, h Jefferson, n South av

Dolan Johanna, domestic, Hathaway House

Dolan Mary, waitress, Hathaway House

Dolan Patrick, laborer, h E Third n High

Dolaway George S., laborer, h 157 Fox

Doling Charles A., carpenter, h 801 McDonald

Dolphin John, salt-agent, bds Rathbun House

DOMAILLE JENNIE, saloon, 450 E Market h do

DOMIDION GUSTAV A., hotel and casino, 412 Carroll h do

Donahoe Peter, laborer, bds 808 E Market

Donahue Annie, dressmaker, bds 325 Railroad av

Donahue Catharine, widow Patrick, h 325 Railroad av

Donahue Cornelius, heater, h 210 Broadway

Donahue Daniel, laborer, bds 655 Lake

Donahue Dennis, grocer, 301 Broadway h do

DONAHUE FLORENCE E., grocer, 405 Railroad av h 156 DeWitt

Donahue John, blacksmith, h 305 Broadway

Donahue John, mason, h John n Washington

Donahue Michael, laborer, h 556 E Market

Done Madison, teamster, h E Fifth n Oak

Donlan Margaret, domestic, 521 Pennsylvania av

Donnell Julia A., dressmaker, bds 202 E Gray

Donnelly Luke, fireman, h 116 W S Second

Donnelly Peter, machinist, h 420 S Main

Donnelly Thomas H., buggy-runner, h 114 W Fifth

Donohue James, laborer, h 102 S Walnut

For the best kinds of COAL, go to J. H. Barney, 110 Baldwin St.

Donohue John, bartender, Rathbun House

Donohue John, clerk, bds 417 Railroad av

Donohue John, laborer, h 330 Broadway

Donohue JOhn, mason, h 605 John

Donohue Margaret, domestic, 419 Railroad av

Donohue Nora, widow John, bds 330 Broadway

Donohue Patrick, laborer, bds 419 Railroad av

Donovan Dennis, laborer, h 1111 Davis

Donavon Frances, housekeeper Water Cure, 1019 East av

Donovan Hannah, saleslady, 304 E Water

Donovan Hannah, widow John, h 721 Dickinson

Donovan James W., machinist, h 451 Mt. Zoar

Donovan Johanna, widow Jeremiah, bds 367 Railroad av

Donovan Kate, domestic, 510 Lake

Donovan Maggie, domestic, 218 Baldwin

Donovan Michael, shoemaker, h 217 Harriet

Donovan Patrick, laborer, h 217 Chestnut

Donovan Richard, laborer, bd. 605 Jay

Donavon Timothy, saloon, 367 Railroad av. h do

Doolittle Thankful C., nurse, bds 428 Standish

Doran Isaac, laborer, h 353 Railroad av

Doran John, laborer, h 909 Railroad av

Dormaul E. H. & Co., (Elias H. Dormaul and Henry Goodman) dry goods, 313 E Water

Dormaul Elias H., (E. H. Dormaul & Co.,) bds Rathbun House

Dormaul Horace, clerk, 313 E Water

Dorn George, J. R. Jones & Dorn,) h at Painted Post

Dorr David S., shoemaker, h 105 Columbia

Dorsey Edward, laborer, bds 505 Magee

Dorsey Hense, laborer, h 357 Railroad av

Dorsey Katie, domestic, 409 E Church

Dotterweich George, laborer, h Factory n Badger

Doud Lititia Mrs., h Stowell n End

Dougherty Charles F., cigarmaker, h 319 Washington

Dougherty Edward, brakeman, bds Keefe n S Main

Dougherty William D., oil-refiner, h Stowell ad n Stowell

Douglas Andrew, foreman woolen mills, bds 812 Factory

Dounce Eunice J., widow James, bds 514 W Church

Dounce Fred N., student, bds 514 W Church

Dounce Lizzie, milliner, 201 E Water

Dounce Oliver H., (Booth, Dounce, Rose & Co.,) h 508 William

Dounce Will I., bookkeeper, bds 514 W Church

Dounce William J., (Booth, Dounce, Rose & Co.,) also (Wm. J. Dounce & Co.,) h 514 W Church

DOUNCE WILLIAM J. & CO., wholesale dealers in pig iron and Lehigh coal, 105 E Fifth

Coal Oil Chandeliers, Brackets & Lamps, at Dexter’s, Lake St.

Douty William, bartender, h Factory n Sullivan

Dove Frederick J., bartender, 120 W Water bds do

Dove Willie, boxmaker, bds 417 Columbia

Dowers Joseph, carpenter, h Day n Oak

Dowers Joseph, shoemaker, h Hoffman n West Hill rd

Dowling James, baker, bds 373 Fulton

Dowling James, laborer, h 821 Hatch

Dowling John J., puddler, bds 821 Hatch

Dowling Mary, widow Longkin, h 371 Fulton

Dowling Matthew, catcher, bds 821 Hatch

Down George, carpenter, h 409 W Second

Down George S., machinist, bds 409 W Second

Downs Norah, domestic, 413 N Main

Doxey Elizabeth, widow Augustus, h 107 E Washington av

Doxey Herbert H., roller, bds 107 E Washington av

Doxey Nicholas, clerk, h 655 N Main

Doyle David T., tinsmith, bds 709 Park Place

Doyle James, laborer, h 815 Magee

Doyle Johanna, domestic, 553 E Church

Doyle John, teamster, bds Pratt n Matthew

Doyle Kate, domestic, Rathbun House

Doyle Mary, waitress, Hathaway House

Doyle Michael, carpenter, h 660 Columbia

Draiss Adam, shoemaker, h 359 S Main

Drake A. Eliza, domestic, 722 Columbia, h 318 Orchard

Drake Andrew J., carpenter, h 409 W Church

Drake Andrew J., foreman car shops, h 367 W Fourth

DRAKE FRANK B., bookkeeper, Elmira car works, bds 367 W Fourth

Drake George, conductor, bds W South av cor Casey

Drake H. A. Dean Mrs., physician, 214 Baldwin, h do

Drake Henry E., jeweler, 330 E Water, bds 417 E Market

Drake Louis, carpenter, h 1030 Oak

Drake Louis, jr., carpenter, h Oak n Lake

Drake O. Edsel, tinsmith, h 156 W Third

Drake Samuel, drayman, h 522 W Clinton

Drake Theodore M., baker, 421 Railroad av, h 304 Sullivan

Drake William J., carpenter, h 214 Baldwin

Drew Arthur, boilermaker, h South av n Erie R. R.

Drew Delia, bds 354 Railroad av

Drew Ebenezer D., (Fraser, Drew & Co.,) h 634 W Water

Drew Samuel, bootmaker, bds 113 W Market

Dreyfus Mary, widow John, h Standish, bet Lake and Oak

Driscol Fleury, laborer, bds 1014 Magee

Lehigh Coals ARE THE BEST Order from J. H. Barney, 110 Baldwin St.

Driscol Mary, h 213 Judson

Driscoll Ellen Mrs., h Elm cor S Walnut

DROWN THOMAS A., saloon, 317 Railroad av, h do

Drummer John, shoemaker, h 510 Madison av

Drury Orlando A., salesman, 111 Railroad av, h 107 W Market

Dubendorfer John, cigar-manufacturer, 116 S Main, bds Pennsylvania House

Du Bois Ellis D., painter, bds 116 Ferris

Du Bois J. H. Mrs., milliner 313 S Main, h do

Du Bois John H., painter, h 313 S Main

Du Bois William M., bds 316 Lake

Dudley Abram, conductor, h Casey n W South av

Dudley Ward, h 758 E Water

Duel Amos, mail-agent, bds 309 W Second

Duerr Joseph, watchmaker, h Washington av n R R

Duhl Louis, blacksmith, bds 151 High

Dullin Frederick, h 304 Washington

Dullin George, pianomaker, bds 304 Washington

Dumars James H., (Fitch & Dumars,) bds 466 W Water

DUMARS ROBERT R. R., treas and supt Advertiser Association, Lake cor Market, h 466 W Water

Dumas Joseph, shoemaker, bds 110 W Water

Dummer James, stone-cutter, bds 417 Railroad av

Dumphy James, carpenter, bds 406 Magee

Dunbar Garrett R., painter, h 404 William

Duncan Howard, veterinary surgeon, h 310 Grove

Dundas Fred W., clerk, 152 Lake bds 450 Sullivan

Dundas John B., clerk, bds 450 Sullivan

Dundas William, sec and teas Queen City Woolen Mills, h 450 Sullivan

Dunham George, laborer, h 519 High

Dunham Joseph E., engineer, h 536 Pennsylvania av

Dunkel Harriet, widow John, h 606 Jay

Dunlap John, shoemaker, h 146 W Water

Dunn Bernard, machinist, h Davis cor Fourth

Dunn Daniel, laborer, h 427 W Fifth

Dunn Elizabeth, laundress, bds 416 De Witt

Dunn Isaac B., pension-agent, 100 Lake bds 425 E Market

Dunn John, root beer manufac., 500 Oak h do

Dunn Owen, spinner, h 816 Factory

Dunn Owen jr., cloth-shearer, h Howard n Factory

Dunn Patrick, foreman gas works, h 404 Madison av

Dunne Maggie, widow John, h 908 Magee

Chinese, Japanese & Choice Fancy Goods, at Dexter’s Lake St.

Dunning Edward J., carpenter, bds 451 Mt. Zoar

Dunning John B., commission merchant, h 308 College av

Dupra Julian, shoemaker, h 756 E Market

Durbon Augusta J. Miss, teacher School No. 2, h 527 W Church

Durbon Julia C. Miss, teacher School No. 2, h 527 W Church

Durkin Sarah, widow John, bds Union House

Durland Charles O., (Durland & Barton,) h 114 W Church

Durland Daniel T., (Durland & Pratt,) h 628 W Church

Durland & Barton, (Charles O. Durland and Robert W. Barton,) spice mills 112 W Water

DURLAND & PRATT, (Daniel T. Durland and Timothy S. Pratt,) dry goods and carpets, 305 E Water

Duryea Virgil Y., harnessmaker, h 410 Fulton

Dwire Margaret, bds 469 W Second

Dyer Howard, cutter, h 113 W Market

DYER MORGAN, founder, 208 E Market h 108 S Water

Dyer Morgan, moulder, 213 Harriet

Dyke Simon, steward, h 207 E Market

Dyke William, whitewasher, h 663 Dickinson

Dyott John C., foreman car shop, h Kenyon cor W South av


Eachelmann John, laborer, h E Seventh n Canal

Eagen Annie, domestic, 505 Lake

Earl James, stonecutter, bds 710 E Clinton

Earl Clara, domestic, John cor DeWitt

Earl William D., mason, h 123 Judson

Eastabrook Emerson B., harnessmaker, bds 376 W Water

Eastabrook Fred, shoemaker, bds 376 W Water

Estabrook Reuben B., shoemaker, h 376 W Water

Eastabrook W. N., assistant train master, Northern Central R. W. E Fifth cor Hatch, bds 713 N Main

Easterday Catharine, h 722 Baldwin

Easton Albert, laborer, h 315 W Hudson

Easton Mary, widow William, bds 518 W Hudson

Eaton A., h 657 E Market

Eaton William H., fireman, bds 508 College av

Eberle Jacob, hairdresser, h Perine ab Franklin

Eckenberger Haman, miller, h 514 Pennsylvania av

Eckenberger Henry C., telegraph-operator, bds 518 Penn av

Eckenberger Sarah, widow Charles, h 518 Pennsylvania av

Eckenberger William H., fireman, h 211 Franklin

J. H. BARNEY’S COAL OFFICE with J. Langdon & Co. 110 Baldwin St.

Eckert John, puddler, h Savery n new Bridge rd

Eckleman John, laborer, 160 E Seventh

Eckstein Killian, grocer, 716 John h do

Eckstein Reinhart, clerk, 716 John bds do

Eddy Catharine, widow Nathan, bds 518 E Union

EDDY SARAH M., physician, 513 E Union h do

Edgerly Marie M. Mrs., music-teacher, h 518 W First

Edgerly William, confectioner, 105 E Water h 518 W First

Edgerton Frank M., (Wood & Edgerton), h 306 College av

Edie Mary F. C. Mrs., teacher, bds 374 W Gray

Edsell Austin, meat-market, 114 S Main h Pine Woods

Edwards Bloomia, domestic, 376 W Sixth

Edwards Jeremiah, warden county jail, bds do

Edwards Joseph, painter, h 460 W Second

Edwards Lida Mrs., dressmaker, 111 Lake

Edwards Osmer W., salesman, h 128 W Water

Edwards Perlie, domestic, 331 Railroad av

Edwards Thomas P., carpenter, h 412 W Fourth

Edwins A., machinist, bds 505 Magee

Egbert William M., architect and builder, h 358 Columbia

Eichorn Emanuel, carpenter, h n Carr’s corners

Eisenacher August, machinist, h 601 E Water

Eldred Daniel L., stenographer, h 221 Gregg

ELDRIDGE EDWIN, prest Elmira Iron and Steel Rolling Mill Co., 210 E Water, h 52 S Main

Eldridge H. V., pianos, bds 505 Park Place

Elias Levi, peddler, h 59 S Washington

Elliot William H., engineer, h 417 Standish

Elliott Ann, widow, bds 712 Baldwin

Elliott Charles, brakeman, bds Miller bel O’Gorman

Elliott Charles L., bds 859 E Market

Elliott Frank, brakeman, bds Miller bel O’Gorman

Elliott George W., (Smith & Elliott,) h 363 College av

Elliott James E., bds 859 E Market

Elliott Margaret D., widow Isaac, h 859 E Market

Elliott William Y., iron worker, h 712 Baldwin

Ellis Mary J., h 214 W Water

Ellis Willis S., carriagemaker, h 50 S Washington

Ellison James, carpenter, h Hall n Centre

Ellison Lucy A., laundry, h 217 W Water

Ells James, machinist, h 715 E Clinton

Ells Mary A., bds 609 E Church

Ells Warren L., carpenter, bds 404 High

Ells William W., carpenter, h Thurston n Lake

Willow & Cane Sewing STANDS & BASKETS, at China Hall, Lake St.

Ellsworth George, shoemaker, bds Pennsylvania House

Ellsworth George H., shoemaker, bds 253 Baldwin

Ellsworth Robert, fireman, h 219 W Water

Ellwood Martin, painter, h 606 Jay

Elm William, machinist, h n Woodlawn Cemetery

Elmendorf Charles L., clerk, 300 E Water h 630 W Gray

Elmendorf George, painter and grainer, h 626 W Gray

Elmendorf Rebecca, widow Samuel, h 607 w Church

Elmendorf Truman, baker, bds 607 W Church

Elmendorf William, dining rooms, 317 Carroll h 101 W Water

Elmendorf William F., clerk, 157 Lake bds 101 W Water

Elmer Edwin R., blacksmith, bds 448 W Fifth

ELMIRA ADVERTISER ASSOCIATION, Charles G. Fairman, prest; R. R. R. Dumars, treas; Ausburn Towner, sec; Lake cor Market (see adv.)

ELMIRA AGRICULTURAL WORKS, Henry C. Rogers, agent, 509 E Clinton


ELMIRA CITY TEA POT, Richard Morris, prop’r, 109 Lake

ELMIRA GAS LIGHT CO., office Chemung Canal Bank Building, 413 E Water

ELMIRA GAZETTE CO., David B. Hill, prest; A. N. Devoe, sec; Louis A. Hazard, treas, 419 Carroll (see adv)

ELMIRA IRON AND STEEL ROLLING MILL CO., Edwin Eldridge, prest; H. W. Rathbone, sec, treas. and sup’t, Canal ab E Fifth

Elmira Nobles Manufacturing Co., augers, axes, &c., J. S. Thurston, treas. 601 Baldwin

ELMIRA SLATE CO., E. R. Wheeler, prest; H. M. Smith, treas; H. G. Dobbins, sec, 116 Baldwin (see adv page 2)


Elmore David, clerk, 149 W Water, h 109 S Water

Elmore Orville D., grocer, W Hill rd cor Hoffman, h do

Elmore Thaddeus O., clerk, W Hill rd cor Hoffman, h 707 Park place

ELMORE THADDEUS W., china and glassware, 149 W Water, h 109 W S Water

Elore Alexander, engineer, h 318 High

Elston James C., farmer, h 805 E Water

Elston Jesper M., clerk, 325 E Water, bds 805 E Water

Elstone Jane B., h 456 Oak

Elstone Mary E., h 456 Oak

Buy your COAL of J. H. BARNEY, 110 BALDWIN ST.

Elstone Sarah, h 456 Oak

Elsworth George H., shoemaker, bds 253 Baldwin

Elwell Andrew, laborer, bds 414 W Water

Elwell Josephine, h 212 W Water

Elwell Sarah, widow John, h 414 E Water

Emblen Jasper W., carpenter, h Norton n Benton

Emerson Charles N., shoemaker, h 403 Pleasant

Emhoff Michael J., boarding-house, 509 Park Place

Emmerson Joseph J., agent, bds Rathbun House

Endel George, fireman, bds 423 Railroad av

English Michael, shoe-cutter, bds 111 W Second

Enk Eliza, h 412 E Clinton

Ennis Catharine, washerwoman, 807 Railroad av

Enright Margaret, widow Michael, bds 703 E Second

Ensworth Elizabeth, widow A. L., h 407 Madison av

Ensworth Joseph W., harnessmaker, h 361 E Fifth

Epping Frank, moulder, h Day n Oak

Eppler Robert O., bartender Mozart music hall, bds do

Erb Kate, domestic, 206 Madison av

Erisman Henry, (Foley & Erisman,) h 216 Harmon

Erixon Joseph, waiter, h 205 E Church

Erlich Barney, dry-goods and groceries, 324 E Water, h 110 De Witt

Erlich Harry, clerk, 324 E Water, bds 110 De Witt

Ersly Warren, blacksmith, h Partridge n Harmon

Ervin Bridget, widow Robert, h 518 Broadway

Ervin John, butcher, bds 518 Broadway

Ervin, Patrick, laborer, h Miller n Northern Central R. W.

Eschbaum John, cabinetmaker, h 211 W Third

Eschenburg Frederick, carpenter, h 217 Ann

Eschenburg Jacob, upholsterer, bds 217 Ann

Espey Daniel, heater, h 200 E Washington av

Espey Martha, widow John, bds 657 Lake

Ettenberger Frank, laborer, h Sullivan n Pattinson

Ettleson Louis, peddler, h 206 Ann

Etz Alfred, fish-market, 325 Carroll h 13 Opera House block

Etz Frank, clerk, bds 109 W Market

Etz George S., photographer, 317 E Water, bds 109 W Market

Eustace Alexander C., clerk, 344 E Water bds 209 Mt. Zoar

Evans David, helper, bds 958 N Main

Evans David, puddler, bds 155 E Washington av

Evans David jr., puddler, bds 908 N Main

Evans Diana, domestic, W Gray cor Davis

French GLASS SHADES & Wax Material, at Dexter’s Lake St/

Evans Eleazer, puddler, h Stowell ab E Washington av

Evans James, puddler, bds 966 Magee

Evans James T., puddler, bds 966 Magee

Evans John, puddler, h 823 Canal

Evans John M., stonemason, h 104 Broadway

Evans Samuel, machinist, bds 400 W Hudson

Evans William S., clerk, 100 Lake

Evarts Michael, laborer, h 206 Ann

EVENDEN GEORGE, florist, 204 E Church h do

EVENS JACOB C., furniture, &c., 206 W Water h 361 W Gray

Evens Nathan B., agent, h 512 Williams

Everard William, (Farrington & Everard,) h 762 Market

Everett Oliver, furniture-finisher, h 507 E Water

Everetts Joseph J., carpenter, bds 709 N Main

Everitt Edward A., druggist, 524 Lake h 606 John

Every A. Wheeler, engineer, h 218 W Second

Every Emmet W., teamster, bds 218 W Second

Ewing James, carriagemaker, Market cor William h 206 William

Ewing Stephen, bookkeeper, Market cor William bds 206 William

Ewins George, clerk, Frasier House bds do


Fabian Adolphus, cutter, 301 E Water h 218 Sullivan

Faester John, laborer, h 619 Lake

Fahs Caroline, domestic, 403 Lake

Fairhurst Edward, coppersmith, h South av n Junction

Fairlee Sidney, gents furnishing goods, 111 Baldwin bds Rathbun House

FAIRMAN CHARLES G., pres and chief editor Advertiser Association, Lake cor Market, also Postmaster, h 219 W Church

Fairman John K., assist-postmaster, Baldwin opp Carroll, h 204 Madison av

Fairman Seymour B. Mrs., h 219 W Church

Falker Richard, switchman, h 220 W Church

Fall Maggie, domestic, 355 W Gray

Fallahan Bridget, domestic, 614 Park Place

Fallihee Ellen, widow William, bds 701 Railroad av

Fallihee John J., clerk 701 Railroad av bds do

FALLIHEE JOHN W., grocer, 701 and 703 Railroad av h do

Fallihee Margaret, widow Cornelius, h 710 Magee

Fallihee Patrick J., clerk, 701 Railroad av h 710 Magee


Fallis John, bds 611 W First

Fancher Sutherland (Fancher & Gilbert), h 709 E Market

Fancher & Gilbert (Sutherland Fancher and Henry K. Gilbert), leather and findings, 101 W Water

Faney John, laborer, h 107 E Market

Farley Carrie E., bds 269 Baldwin

Farley Christopher, engineer, h 523 Lake

Farley James, lamplighter, h Madison av cor Harper

Farley Mary Miss, teacher school No. 2, bds 523 William

Farley Matthew, laborer, h 416 Standish

Farley Peter J., clerk, 429 Railroad av bds do

Farley Thomas, bds 523 Lake

Farmer Michael, painter, h 106 W Water

Farnham D. Alonzo, printer, Advertiser Office bds 109 W Market

Farnham George W., carriage-trimmer, h 224 De Witt

Farnham Harvey, printer, bds 109 W Market

Farnham Sarah L., dressmaker, 511 Lake h do

FARNHAM WHITFIELD, city engineer, City Hall h 208 W S Water

Farrell Kate, domestic, 360 W First

Farren James S. (J. S. Farren & Co.,) h at Baltimore

Farren J. S. & Co., (James S. and William,) oysters and fruit, 137 E Water

Farren William (J. S. Farren & Co.,) h at Baltimore

Farrington Fred, clerk Erie R. W. freight office, Railroad av bds 124 W Second

Farrington James B., (Farrington & Everard), h 558 E Church

Farrington Peter J., insurance-agent, h 501 Lake

Farrington Ward E., clerk, bds 558 E Church

FARRINGTON & EVERARD (James B. Farrington and William Everard) fire brick and sewerpipe manufrs., 900 E Church (see adv)

Farrow John, drayman, h W Fifth cor Columbia

Farwell Samuel P., clerk, h 918 College av

Fassett Newton P., (Smith, Robertson & Fassett,) h 460 W Church

Fassett S. M., agent, h 108 Pennsylvania av

Fausey James S., mason, h 817 E Water

Fausnaught Elizabeth, widow John H., h 519 Harper

Fausnaught John H., stonequarrier, h 525 Harper

Fawl Mary, domestic, 311 W Church

Fay ---, clerk, bds 657 Park Place

Fay Cyrus W., (Covell & Fay,) h 429 W Water

Fay Hugh, puddler, h 710 Hatch

FAY JULIUS W., architect and builder, h 456 W Gray

Fay Martin, bds McDonald n W Sixth

Fay R. H., clerk Northern Central R. W., E Fifth cor Hatch bds Sixth cor N Main

Featherman Jacob, engineer, h Miller n O’Gorman

Featherston Barney, tanner, h 704 E Clinton

Feeney John, laborer, h 107 S Market

Feeny Frank, puddler, bds 3313 Hathaway

Feeny James, laborer, h 313 Hathaway

Feeny Luke, laborer, bds 313 Hathaway

Feeny Michael, laborer, h 412 Standish

Feeny Peter, shoemaker, bds 470 W Second

Feeny Robert, blacksmith, bds 156 W Third

Felker Maggie Miss, domestic, 669 Park Place

FELL JOHN A. T., carpenter and joiner, bds 306 Sullivan

Felter Charles B., carpenter, h 218 W Second

Feaner Benjamin P., (Palmer & Fenner,) h 608 Park Place

Fenner Philip, laborer, h N Oak bel Harper

Ferguson Alfred, mason, bds 310 Pennsylvania av

Ferguson Chas., tinsmith, h Kinyon n Northern Central R. R. shops

Ferguson Charles H., switchman, h South av n Erie

Ferguson William H., (O. C. Kingsbury & Ferguson,) h 600 W Gray


Ferman Mary, domestic, Main cor First

Ferris Benjamin, bookkeeper, 221 Railroad h 118 N Main

Ferris Charles, brickmoulder, bds 515 Mt. Zoar

Ferris Franklin, teamster, h 515 Mt. Zoar

Ferris Henry A., agent, h 214 W Water

Ferris Joel E., engineer, h Judson n Market

Ferris Myron H., lumber, Wellsville h 118 N Main

Fetherman Bernard, peddler, h 115 Harriet

Fielding Harriet, widow John, h 554 E Water

Fielding John S., clerk, 100 Lake, bds 554 E Water

Fields George, brakeman, bds 552 S Main

Finch George, student, bds 405 W Gray

Finch Martin, traveling-agent, h 405 W Gray

Finucane Patrick, laborer, h 316 Hathaway

Fincout William H., carpenter, h 625 W Church

FINGAR JACOB W., supt Carburetted stone-works, Railroad av cor Church, bds Mansion House

Finley Daniel, hostler, 235 Lake

Finley John, engineer, h South av n Erie R. R.

Finley Mary, domestic, Rathbun House

Finley William, shoemaker, h 407 De Witt

Finn Timothy, laborer, h 420 College av

Finnel Bridget, widow James, h 808 Magee

Finnel James, laborer, h 808 Magee

Finnel Thomas, laborer, bds 808 Magee

Finnell T. J., engineer, bds 219 Railroad av

Finnell John, laborer, h 100 E Washington av

Finnell Michael, laborer, h South av n Erie

Finnell Patrick, laborer, h South av n Erie

Finnigan Ellen, widow John, h 407 High

Finnigan Thomas, grocer, 409 High, h do

Finsilber Moses Rev., h 114 Spring

Finukane Patrick, stone-mason, h 316 Hathaway

First National Bank, E Water bel Lake

Fish Fernando C., clerk, 415 Carroll, bds Homestead Hotel

Fisher Frank E., clerk, bds 510 W Church

Fisher Harris, peddler, h 117 Harriet

Fisher James A., painter, h 801 John

Fisher Samuel, carpenter, h 374 S Main

Fisher Stephen, piler, h 207 Park

Fishler George W., architect, h 1221 W S Water

Fitch Albert B., bookkeeper, E Fifth cor Canal, bds 1005 Walnut

Fitch Albert M., (Rice & Fitch,) h 363 College av

Fitch Arthur S., (Fitch & Dumars,) h 654 College av

All new styles of CROCKERY & CHINA, at China Hall, Lake St.

Fitch Charles B., carpenter, h 208 Orchard

Fitch Elijah, bds 114 W Church

Fitch F. Ellery, train-master, Northern Central R. W., h 663 Davis

Fitch Henry A., clerk Railroad av cor E Church, bds W Washington av cor Main

FITCH HENRY B., Carburetted stone-works, Railroad av cor Church, h W Washington av cor Main (see adv top lines)

Fitch Hettie M., h 53 Lake

Fitch Lewis, farmer, h 1003 Walnut

Fitch Lewis W., clerk, 101 E Church h 356 W First

Fitch Orson H., farmer, h 402 W Water

Fitch Townsend B., clerk, E Fifth cor Canal bds 1003 Walnut

Fitch William H., (Stilson & Fitch,) bds 114 Church

FITCH & DUMARS, (Arthur S. Fitch and James H. Dumars,) booksellers, newsdealers, stationery, wall paper dealers, &c., 308 E Water

Fitten Michael, stonemason, h 407 Davis

Fitz John, laborer, h 501 Oak

Fitz Thomas, cigarmaker, bds 507 Oak

Fitzgerald Daniel, roller, h 1016 Lake

Fitzgerald David, laborer, h Clinton Place n E Clinton

Fitzgerald Hannah, domestic, Hathaway House

Fitzgerald Kate Miss, domestic, 351 N Main

Fitzgerald Maggie, domestic, E S Water n Railroad av

Fitzgerald Mary, widow Conrad, h 702 Magee

Fitzgerald, Michael, laborer, bds 958 N Main

Fitzgerald Patrick, laborer, h 323 Weber

Fitzgerald Patrick, laborer, h 552 E Third

Fitzgerald Robert, fireman, bds 508 College av

Fitzgerald Sarah, h 272 W Hudson

Fitzgerald Sarah, domestic, h 519 W Church

Fitzgerald Thomas, shoemaker, bds 116 Chestnut

Fitzgibbon Anna, domestic, Elmira Female College

Fitzgibbon Ella, domestic, Elmira Female College

Fitzgibbon James, gardener, h 216 Park

Fitzgibbon Mary, domestic, Elmira Female College

Fitzgibbon Michael, laborer, h 715 Railroad av

Fitzgibbons Bridget, domestic, W Fifth cor College av

Fitzgibbons Gerald, roller, h Park cor Main

Fitzgibbons Maggie, saleslady, 201 E Water

Fitzpatrick Daniel A., printer Gazette office, bds 116 High

Fitzpatrick Hugh, laborer, bds 116 High

Fitzpatrick John, helper, bds 150 E Washington av

Fitzpatrick John J., printer Leader office, bds 116 High

Fitzpatrick Joseph, laborer, bds 217 W Third

Buy your COAL of J. H. BARNEY, 110 Baldwin Street.

Fitzpatrick Joseph, mason, 419 Railroad av

Fitzpatrick Matthew, iron-worker, bds 709 Railroad av

Fitzpatrick Mary, domestic, Rathbun House

Fitzpatrick Mary, widow Hugh, h 118 High

Fitzgerald Patrick, laborer, h 552 E Third

Fitzpatrick Patrick, laborer, h 808 N Main

Fitzsimmons Ellen, dressmaker, h 1315 Lake

Fitzskofskie Michael, laborer, h 724 Hatch

Fitzwilliams Thomas, laborer, bds Lyon House

Fishave Julia, widow John, h Railroad ab blast furnace

Flanagan Ann Mrs., washerwoman, h 123 W First

Flanagan John J., dry goods, 114 W Water bds 118 W S Water

Flanagan Mary, widow James, bds 916 N Main

Flanagan Patrick, laborer, bds 916 N Main

Flanigan Martin J., shoemaker, bds 100 W Water

Flannigan Mary, domestic, 912 Lake

Flannigan Michael, laborer, h 915 Main

Fleming Robert J., shoemaker, h 401 Columbia

Flesh John, blacksmith, bds 202 E Gray

Fletcher Oliver M., (Fletcher & Seymour,) h 622 W Water

FLETCHER & SEYMOUR, (O. M. Fletcher and E. C. Seymour) scroll sawing and mouldings 622 W Water (see adv)

Flett Alexander, plumber, bds 102 Ferris