Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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1874 Directory Table of Contents
FOR 1874.
Cherry John, laborer h 361 Railroad av

Cherry John jr., laborer, bds 361 Railroad av

Cherry Lawrence, mason, h 110 Partridge

Cherry Leonard K., cartman, h 410 Standish

Cherry Michael, laborer, h south av n Junction

Cherry Patrick, mason, h 114 High

Chevalier Alphonse, shoemaker, h 704 John

Chicdester A., carpenter, bds 516 DeWitt

Chicsey George W., clerk, 137 E Water h 366 W Gray

CHITTENDEN DANIEL J., physician and surgeon, 709 N Main h do

Chisler George, mason, 222 Chestnut

Chisten Charles, water, Frasier House

Christen Joseph, tailor, h 565 E Water

Christen Joseph, waiter, Frasier House

Christian John, porter, Hathaway House

Chubbuck Austin E. Rev., (Judson & Chubbuck,) h 713 E. Church

Chubbuck Charlotte L. Miss, preceptress, Elmira Female College bds do

Chubbuck E. Hibbard, jeweler, h 713 E Church

CHUBBUCK HOILIS S., physician, 258 Baldwin h do

Whitney’s Celebrated Children’s CARRIAGES, at DEXTER’S

Chubbuck Manley T. (Weaver, Worrall & Co.,) bds 925 College av

Church Edwin F., student, bds 213 College av

Churchill DeForest, harnessmaker, h 256 W Hudson

Churchill Enoch, mason, bds 307 Franklin

CHURCHILL FRANK G., city editor Elmira Gazette, bds 306 college av

Churchill Jud, mason, bds 307 Franklin

Churchill Thomas W., machinist, h 306 W Church

Churchill William, carpenter, h 307 Franklin

Churchill William, teamster, bds 307 Franklin

Cilley Joseph g., machinist, h Kinyon n W South av

Clain Mary, domestic, 100 W Water

Clancey Michael, laborer, h 348 W Seventh

Clancey Patrick, carpenter, h 369 W Second

Clancy Edward, flagman, h 203 DeWitt

Clancy James, cigarmaker, h 372 W First

Clancy John, laborer, h 152 E Washington av

Clancy Michael, laborer, h 348 W Seventh

Clancy Timothy, hooker, bds 415 W Fifth

Clapp M. George, shoemaker, h 116 Orchard

Clapp Stephen G., (J.H. Fountain & Co.,) h 677 Columbia

Clarebeeck Giles, tailor, Partridge n Harmon h do

Clark Alfred E., teamster, h 418 N Main

Clark Catharine, widow Charles W., h 200 DeWitt

Clark Charles, painter, bds Pattinson House

Clark Charles H., time-keeper, bds 378 W Fifth

Clark Charles W., laborer, bds Day n Sullivan

Clark Clarence E., clerk, 152 Lake bds 551 E Church

Clark Edward L., lumberman, h 365 Pennsylvania av

Clark Elisha, bds 365 Pennsylvania av

Clark Eugene, brakeman, h 403 High

Clark George, laborer, h Harper n Oak

Clark Glode W., clerk, 331 E Water, bds 200 De Witt

Clark Harry H., engineer, bds W South av n Lewis

Clark Henry W., contractor, bds 159 Madison av

Clark Horace, cartman, h 355 E Washington av

Clark Ira J., blacksmith, h Fifth cor N Oak

Clark Isaac, blacksmith, h r 121 E Church

Clark Jacob, teamster, h Hall n Centre

Clark James, marblecutter, bds 707 John

Clark James, teamster, h 208 Harriet

Clark James H., (Wyckoff Paving Co.,) h Cononge cor Market

Clark James M., mason, h 373 W Fifth

Clark Jefferson B., h 311 W Church

Clark John, cigarmaker, bds 321 E Union


Clark John, (Clark & Spencer,) h 609 Market

Clark John, laborer, h 707 John

Clark John C., real estate agent h 213 Madison av

Clark John S., mason, h 308 Orchard

Clark Joseph, engineer, h 208 W Water

Clark Joseph, hostler, 664 Park place

Clark Joseph G., carpenter, h 371 Pennsylvania av

Clark Mary, domestic, Sullivan cor Second

Clark Mary, domestic, 313 Columbia

Clark Rosa, domestic, 361 W First

Clark Samuel W., flour, feed and grain, 200 E Water, bds 159 Madison ave

Clark Sarah M. Mrs., boarding, h 505 Magee

Clark Susan, widow Ira J., h 705 Clinton

Clark William, clerk, 313 Carroll, h 521 E Union

Clark William, laborer, h 962 E Union

Clark William, jr., laborer, bds 521 E Union

CLARK WILLIAM, superintendent rolling mill, h 378 W Fifth

Clark William B. Mrs., h 505 Magee

Clark William V., (R. A. Hemingway & Co.,) bds Hathaway House

Clark & Spencer, (John Clark and Orrin D. Spencer,) meat market, 609 Market

CLARKE BROTHERS, (Sylvanus M. and John,) architects and builders, 107 E Church

Clarke George W., painter, bds 1024 Lake

Clarke Henry, laborer, h 413 Columbia

Clarke John, (Clarke Bros.,) h 709 Park place

Clarke Sylvanus M., (Clarke Bros.,) h 110 W Church

Clatworthy James, carriage-painter, 225 W Water, h 901 W Water

Clatworthy James H., bds 901 W Water

Cleeves Elizabeth J., widow Joshua, h 240 W Water

Cleeves Julia Miss, bds 240 W Water

Clements James, steam-fitter, h 54 Pennsylvania ave

Clendenin Henry H., bridge-builder, h Guiltanen cor W South ave

Clendenney Theodore, photographer, bds 720 Walnut

Cleveland Edward H., clerk, 126 Lake, bds 708 Market

Cleveland Frank E., baggage-master Erie depot, h 511 College ave

Cleveland James H., car-builder, h 708 E Market

Cleveland Morgan R., teamster, h 415 Standish

Cleveland Will., printer, Gazette office, bds 511 E Water

Cline Caleb A., clerk, 301 E Water, bds 313 W Fourth

Clinton Adelia, domestic, Frasier House

Clinton Jane, bds 800 Hatch

Cloake John, laborer, h 956 Magee

All new styles of CROCKERY & CHINA, at China Hall, Lake St.

Cloake Katie, domestic, 206 W Washington av

Clock, see Klock

Close Reuben H., clergyman, h 370 S Main

Cloverdall John, carpenter, h 502 E Clinton

Cloves Archibald, shoemaker, bds John cor De Witt

Cluery John, laborer, h 614 S Main

Clum A. E. Mrs., dressmaker, 153 Lake

Clum Henry A., mechanical scientist, 153 Lake

Coakley Mary, domestic, 403 William

Cobb Marietta S., teacher, bds 106 W Market

COBURN PARLY, prin School No. 3, h 211 Pennsylvania av

Cochlan Mrs., washerwoman, h 464 W Second

Cochran John, laborer, h 857 Railroad av

Coddington John M., lumber, Spencerport h 501 Baldwin

Coddington Wesley N., carpenter, h 382 W Water

Coe Emma, domestic, 112 W Church

Coe Julia A., domestic, 381 W Fourth

Coe Lucy, domestic, 751 E Washington av

Coe Walter, painter, h Pratt ab Matthew

Coen Lafayette, carpenter, h r 663 college av

Coffee John, laborer, h 713 Canal

Coffin William B., resident engineer Erie depot, bds 657 Park Place

Cogswell Chauncey C., grocer, 657 Baldwin h do

Cogswell Julia, domestic, 657 Baldwin

Cohen Abram F., fancy goods, 304 E Water h at Buffalo

Cohen Marcus, clerk, 304 E Water

Cohen Mark, peddler, h 108 High

Cohn Maurice, painter, h 369 Railroad av

COKE E. M., baker and confectioner 102 W Water bds 100 do

COKE FREDERICK, baker and confectioner, 318 E Water h do

Coke Levi, confectioner, W Water bds 100 W Water

Coke Philip, bds 365 W Gray

Coke William, cabinetmaker, 401 W First h do

Coke W. J. Mrs., dressmaker, 318 E Water h do

Cole David, clerk, 155 Baldwin bds 261 do

Cole Elisha, brass-finisher, h 402 W Church

Cole George W., engineer, h 207 Hazlett

Cole John A., florist, bds 701 E Second

Cole Lucy, domestic, 1019 College av

Cole Lyman, carriage-trimmer, bds 121 Fox

Cole Myron H., insurance-agent, 8 Opera Block h 501 Lake

Cole Samuel R., h Balsam n Franklin

Buy your COAL of J. H. BARNEY, 110 Baldwin Street.

Cole Webster J., grocer Penna av cor Lewis bds Penna av n W South av

Coleman Hugh, laborer, h 317 Hathaway

Coleman John, express-messenger, bds 309 W Second

Coleman John, helper, h 213 Broadway

Coleman Laurence, clerk, 106 E Water

Coles Abraham Rev., h 524 Baldwin

Coles Ada E., student, bds E S Water n Railroad av

Coles Arthur C., laborer, bds 605 W First

Coles Samuel, carpenter, h 605 W First

Coles Sheridan E., printer, Advertiser office bds 605 W First

Colgrove Samuel, h 110 E Water

Colligan Hanora, widow Michael, bds 115 High

Colligan Mary, domestic, 106 W Water

Colligan Michael, woodworker, bds 115 High

Collin Charles A., (Collin & Atwill), h 117 Walnut

Collin Fred, law student, 208 E Water bds 117 Walnut

COLLIN & ATWILL, (Charles A. Collin and Joseph F. Atwill) lawyers, 208 E Water

Collingwood Robert, (Collingwood & Vincent,) h 113 W S Water

Collingwood & Vincent, (Robert Collingwood and J. R. Vincent,) jewelers, Water cor Baldwin

Collins Cornelius, bds al n Davis ab Cemetery

Collins Dennis, helper, bds 419 Railroad av

Collins Dennis, laborer, h 220 W Third

Collins Dennis, laborer, h 705 E Water

Collins Ettie, domestic, Orphans’ Home

Collins Frank, fireman, bds 552 S Main

Collins Hannah, domestic, 225 William

Collins Harrison, painter, h Main cor W Water

Collins Isaac, laborer, h E Fourth cor Dickinson

Collins James, laborer, h al n Davis ab Cemetery

Collins James T., scroll-sawyer, bds 458 E Clinton

Collins Jeremiah, laborer, h 306 Broadway

Collins John, laborer, h O’Gorman n Northern Central R. R.

Collins John, laborer, h 418 Standish

Collins John, laborer, bds 534 W Church

Collins John, stoves and tinware, 505 Main h 609 Magee

Collins Julia, domestic, Hathaway House

Collins Lewis B., carpenter, h 411 Pleasant

Collins Margaret, domestic, Delavan House

Collins Michael, laborer, bds al n Davis ab Cemetery

Collins Michael, rail-finisher, h W Washington av cor Lincoln

Collins Patrick, helper, h 820 Hatch

Collins Rose, domestic, 822 W Water

The best Imported and Domestic GLASSWARE at DEXTER’S.

Collins Sarah, grocery, W Washington av cor Lincoln h do

Collins Stephen, iron worker, h 808 Hatch

Collins Thomas, laborer, h 169 Harriet

Collins William, tailor, h 207 Sullivan

Collins William F., clerk, 505 N Main bds 609 Magee

Collson Warren M., wagonmaker, 209 S Main h 118 Ferris

Collson William, mail-agent, h 212 W Hudson

Collver Sarah E., widow Richard, bds 203 Ann

Colson Frederick B., shoemaker, h 358 S Main

Colson James, shoemaker, h Pratt n Matthew

Colton Stephen, polisher, h 513 W Second

Colvert William, mason, h 604 Dickinson

Comerford Patrick, saloon, Reformatory, cor College ave h do

Comfort Eli C., physician, 750 John h do

Comfort Hannah, widow James, bds 718 Columbia

Commey Thomas, waiter, Rathbun House

Compton Carmy, farmer h Hoffman n W Hill road

Compton E. S., harnessmaker, h 330 E Water

Compton Jacob, farmer, h Carr’s corner

Compton John W., tentmaker, bds 169 Baldwin

Compton Livingston helper, bds 411 William

Comstock Malcom M., clerk, 305 E Water, bds Rathbun House

Comstock Samuel G., hats, caps and furs, 209 E Water, h 370 W Church

Condol William H., whitewasher, h 525 Pennsylvania ave

Condon Mary, weaver, bds 811 Factory

Condon Nicholas, cutter, h 504 College ave

Condon Richard, shoemaker, bds 102 W Water

Condon Sarah, widow Patrick, h 811 Factory

Cone Lafayette, carpenter, h r 663 College av

Coney Franklin, teamster, bds 713 E Water

CONGDON ANNA D., boarding house, 154 W Fifth n Main

Congdon Anson, U S Collector, 111 Lake, h at West Clarksville

Congdon Benjamin S., hackman, h 154 W fifth

Congdon Charles F., carpenter, h N Oak ab Fifth

Congdon George, maltster, E Market n Rail Road ave, h 523 W Church

Congdon James R., carpenter, bds N Oak ab Fifth

Congdon Lafayette, laborer, bds N Oak ab Fifth

Congdon Sarah, domestic, 1019 Factory

Congdon Tyler, clerk, 1 Opera Block, h Norton n Benton

Conklin David, farmer, h 1031 Hoffman

Conklin Edward S., harnessmaker, h 330 E Water

Conklin Edwin P., conductor, bds W S Avenue n Lewis

Conklin Ichabod, carpenter, h 113 E Church


Conklin James R., farmer, h 1001 Hoffman

Conklin Samuel, brakeman, bds W S Avenue n Lewis

Conklin Sarah, h 605 E Church

Conklin Walter W., grinder, h 354 E Fourth

Conklin William H., painter, bds 114 E Church

Conkling Albert, hackdriver, bds 433 Railroad av

Conkling Joel, hackdriver, bds 433 Railroad av

Conley Katie, domestic, 323 William

Conlin Farrell J., shoemaker, bds Pennsylvania House

Conlia Thomas, blacksmith, h Miller n O’Gorman

Connell Anna, widow Patrick, h 114 W First

Connell Daniel, clerk, 101 E Water

Connell John, painter, bds 114 W First

Connell John O., mason, h 428 W fifth

Connell Julia, domestic 610 Main

Connelly Catharine, domestic, 406 W First

Connelly Catharine, widow Timothy, bds 409 W Hudson

Connelly Cornelius, laborer, h South av bel Erie

Connelly Cornelius, laborer, h 409 W Hudson

Connelly Cornelius, shoemaker, bds 815 John

Connelly Daniel, laborer, h 107 S Walnut

Connelly David, laborer, h 308 W Hudson

Connelly Dennis, laborer, h 218 S Walnut

Connelly Dennis, laborer, h 303 W Hudson

Connelly Dennis, mason, bds South av bel Erie

Connelly Eliza, domestic, 313 Lake

Connelly Ellen, domestic, 110 W S Water

Connelly Ellen, widow John, h 416 Madison av

CONNELLY HUGH, Rolling Mill House, 805 Canal

Connelly James, carpenter, bds 101 W S Water

Connelly Jeremiah, cigarmaker, h 452 W Hudson

Connelly Jeremiah, laborer, bds E South av n River rd

Connelly John, blacksmith, h 156 W Clinton

Connelly John, laborer, h 120 Fulton

Connelly John, mason, h 224 Hine

Connelly John, sheares, h Stowell ab E Washington av

Connelly John, shoemaker, bds 551 John

Connelly John B., engineer, h Casey n W South av

Connelly Margaret, widow Thomas, bds 115 Harmon

Connelly Mary, domestic, 129 E S Water

Connelly Mary, domestic, 417 E Market

Connelly Michael, laborer, h Hudson cor Hine

Connelly Michael, brakeman, bds E South av n River rd

Connelly Nora, domestic, 370 W Water

Table CUTLERY and Plated Ware, at Dexter’s DOUBLE STORE, Lake St.

Connelly Patrick, laborer, h 156 W Clinton

Connelly Patrick, laborer, h 216 S Walnut

Connelly Thomas, blacksmith, h Miller n Hazlett

Connelly Thomas, blacksmith, h 822 S Main

Connelly Thomas, laborer, h 815 John

Connelly Timothy, cartman, h 157 Harriet

Connelly Timothy, laborer, h 309 W Hudson

CONNER HENRY C., general agent Singer Sewing Machine Co., 142 W Water, bds Pennsylvania House

Conner Johanna, widow Bartholomew, h 407 Elm

Conner John, laborer, h 412 Washington ave

Conner Joseph, bds Pennsylvania House

Conner Mary, domestic, 171 E Washington av

Conner William W., (Conner & Lobdell,) h 113 Henry

CONNER & LOBDELL, (William W. Conner and Philip F. Lobdell,) meat market, 613 Railroad av

Conners Cornelius, laborer, bds Partridge n Hine

Conners James, trackman, h 720 S Main

Conners Terrence, laborer, bds 419 Railroad av

Conners Timothy, laborer, h Partridge n Hine

Connolley Hannah, domestic, 1123 Pennsylvania av

Connolley Maria, domestic, 112 Pennsylvania av

Connoly Cornelius, mason, h Jones n Robinson

Connoly Cornelius, jr., shoemaker, bds Jones n Robinson

Connor James, carpenter, 1353 Benton

Connors Daniel, laborer, bds 271 W Henry

Conroy Daniel, laborer, bds 361 Railroad av

Conroy Thomas, laborer, bds 419 Railroad av

Considine Annie, seamstress, bds 709 Davis

Considine Thomas, car-inspector, h 803 Railroad av

Constantine Mary, domestic, 215 Church

Converse Anna M. Mrs., bds 124 W Second

Converse Georgie S. Miss, teacher School No. 2, bds 311 William

Converse Isidore C., shoemaker, bds 102 S Elm

CONVERSE M. S., general agent Equitable Life Assurance Society, 220 E Water, h 311 William (see adv)

Converse William W., shoemaker, h 102 S Elm

Conway John, helper, h 801 Magee

Conway Mary, domestic, 410 S Main

Conway Michael, laborer, h South av n Erie

Cook Daniel, hack-driver, bds 504 N Main

Cook Edward, carpenter, h 3310 W First

COOK E. H & CO., (James Walker,) plumbing, gasfitting and steam-heating, 122 Lake (see adv front cover)

For the best kinds of COAL, go to J. H. Barney, 110 Baldwin St.

COOK ELISHA H., (E. H. Cook & Co.,) bds Rathbun House

Cook Eliza, domestic, 309 Madison av

Cook Elizabeth, widow Almon, h 504 N Main

Cook George, teamster, h 604 Jay

COOK JAMES H., laundry, 413 Madison av h do

Cook Jennie, widow Edgar, boarding, h 314 Penna av

Cook Lizzie, domestic, 115 W Second

Cook Mary, widow Michael, bds 121 W Market

Cook Matthew V., shoemaker, bds 328 Baldwin

Cook Robert, carpenter, bds 218 W Second

Cooke Annie, domestic, 420 W Water

Cooke Cynthia, widow Aaron, bds 507 W Church

Cooke Ella, domestic, 408 W Water

Cooke Frederick J., collarmaker, h 219 Sullivan

COOKE GEORGE J., h 507 W Church

Cooke John, mason, bds W Hudson n Fulton

Cooke Michael, mason, bds 118 W S Water

Cooke T. Bates, clerk, 307 E Water, bds 304 W Water

Coolbaugh J. R., farmer, bds 920 W First

Coolbaugh Porter, carpenter, bds 1024 Lake

Cooledge Frank, domestic, 324 E Water

Cooley Cynthia, bds 654 College av

Cooley Dwight, trainer, W Water n city limits

Cooley Jesse L., cashier rolling mill, h 912 Lake

Cooley Levi J., insurance-agent, 101 E Water h do

Cooley Libbie A., bds 654 College av

Coom Isaac, fireman, h 625 Erie

Coon George W., traveling agent, h 706 E Church

Coal Oil Chandeliers. Brackets & Lamps, at Dexter’s Lake St.

Coon Theron M., clerk, 421 N Main bds 426 W Fourth

Cooney Anna, domestic, Rathbun House

Cooney Thomas, blacksmith, h O’Gorman n Miller

Cooper Allen, sheriff, county jail, h do

Cooper Ella, widow George, h Main cor W Water

Cooper George M., moulder, bds 319 Hathaway

Cooper George W., machinist, h S Main n Jacob

Cooper James, clerk, bds 109 S Main

Cooper J. G., founder, h 322 William

Cooper John, photograph copyist, h r 369 W Fifth

COOPER JOHN L., blacksmith, 209 S Main h 112 W Hudson

Cooper John N., (Reid & Cooper,) h 322 William

Cooper Joseph J., farmer, h 224 Sullivan

Cooper Josiah, foreman, Elmira City Foundry, h 319 Hathaway

Cooper Lester P., packer, 113 Railroad av h 146 W Water

Cooper Richard F., brewer, 121 Second bds Mansion House

Cooper Sarah, dressmaker, bds 311 Washington

Cooper Selvin D., laborer, bds Stowell N End

COOPER WILLIAM R., cradle manuf’r, 901 Lake, alderman 7th ward, h 995 Lake

Copeland I. Seymour, printer, bds 107 E Hudson

Copley John G., county clerk, h 259 Baldwin

Copley Lauren, farmer, bds 212 W S Water

Copp Etta, widow James M., bds 458 E Clinton

Corbett John, engineer, bds 156 W Third

Corbett John, puddler, bds 624 Baldwin

CORBETT WILLIAM G., prop’r Mansion House, 400 Railroad av h do

Corbit John, laborer, h 520 W Clinton

Corbit William A., helper, h 407 Walnut

Corcoran Jeremiah, laborer, bds College av n Reformatory

Corcoran Thomas, hotel 803 Canal

Corcory Joanna, domestic, 534 W Church cor Grove

Corey Asenath, widow Samuel, bds 612 W Church

Corey Augustus F., bookkeeper, h W Church cor Davis

Corey Edward M., fireman, bds 382 W Church

Corey Thomas, laborer, bds 379 W Fourth

Lehigh Coals ARE THE BEST Order from J. H. Barney, 110 Baldwin St.

Corey William F., cashier Second National Bank, h 378 Church

Corkery Margaret, widow Dennis, h 505 College av

Cormody Cornelius, laborer, h 516 Elizabeth

Cornell Charles, shoemaker, bds 407 DeWitt

Cornell James S., farmer, h 514 W Hudson

Conrell Judson L., letter carrier, h 106 Lake

Corretski Elizabeth, widow Crago, bds 116 Ferris

Corrigan Bernard, bds 400 Broadway

Corrigill Jessie, widow Peter, 121 E S Water

Cortright Marcus P., basketmaker, h 408 W Third

Cortright Margaret, widow Jacob, bds 354 E Fourth

Corwin Henry H., carpenter, h 431 Standish

Costello Bridget, domestic, 419 W Church

Costello Bryan, laborer, h Miller n O’Gorman

Costello Bryan, plumber, h 804 S Main

Costello James, laborer, h 268 W Henry

Costello James, plumber, bds 267 W Henry

Costello John, laborer, bds 435 W Fourth

Costello John B., (Costello & McLaughlin,) h 115 High

Costello Mary, domestic, Delavan House

Costello Michael, plumber, bds 267 W Henry

Costello Patrick, engineer, bds Lyon House

Costello Patrick, laborer, h 267 W Henry

Costello Stephen, machinist, h 435 W Fourth

Costello Thomas, furnaceman, bds Main ab blast furnace

COSTELLO & McLAUGHLIN, (John B. Costello and Joseph P. McLaughlin,) boots and shoes, 114 W Water

Costigan Susan, bds Davis cor Fourth

Cotrell Stephen H., (Cotrell & Hankins,) h 715 College av

Cotrell & Hankins, (Stephen H. Cotrell and Zachariah T. Hankins,) carpenters and builders, 200 E Second

COTTON GEORGE H., drayman and city sealer, 59 First av

Cottor John, laborer, h Oak cor Standish

Cottor William, laborer, bds Oak cor Standish

Couch Arthur S., bookkeeper, bds 160 Washington av

Couch Charles, turner, h 710 E Water

Couch Stephen B., (Couch & Thomas,) h 160 Washington

Couch & Thomas, (Stephen B. Couch and David Thomas,) tanners, Tuttle av n Water

Coughlin Hanora, widow Dennis, h 462 W Second

Coughlin James, filler, bds 104 W Washington av

Coughlin John, filler, bds 104 W Washington av

Covell Edward, (Covell & Fay,) h 312 William

Covell Elmina, widow Miles, h 437 E Water

Chinese, Japanese & Choice Fancy Goods, at Dexter’s Lake St.

Covell Henry C., speculator, h 511 E Water

Covell Jacob M., clerk, bds 437 E Water

Covell Lyman, h 441 E Water

Covell Robert (Covell & Decker,) also (D. Decker & Co.,) bds Rathbun House

Covell Sarah D., widow William, bds 441 E Water

COVELL & DECKER, (Robert Covell and John Decker,) dry goods, 329 E Water

COVELL & FAY, (Edward Covell and Cyrus W. Fay,) clothiers 301 E Water cor Baldwin

Covert Henry C., carpenter, h 125 E S Water

Covert Mary Mrs., bds 125 E S Water

Covert Sidney, (Covert & Terneur,) h 261 Baldwin

COVERT & TERNEUR, (Sidney Covert and Henry Terneur,) grocers, 155 Baldwin

Cowan Dell, domestic, 109 W S Water

Cowell Edward J., street railroads and real estate, 500 Lake h do

Cowell Harry, supt Elmira and Horseheads Railway, bds 500 Lake

Cowell John V., student, bds 500 Lake

COWLES AUGUSTUS REV. D.D., President Elmira Female College, h college av opp Female College

Cowles Frederick, bookkeeper, bds College av opp Female College

Cowles Ralph G., bookkeeper, bds College av opp Female College

Cox George H., express-messenger, h 509 College av

Cox William J., (Golder & Cox,) h 515 Main

Coykendall Andrew J., livery-stable, 604 Pennsylvania av, h do

Coykendall Fannie Miss, h Pennsylvania av n South av

Coykendall Isaac B., clerk, Pennsylvania av cor Lewis, bds 604 Pennsylvania av

Coykendall Moses, bds Pennsylvania av n South av

Coykendall, see also Cuykendall

Coyle John, laborer, bds W Hill rd n Carr’s corners

Coyle John, laborer, bds 361 Railroad av

Coyle Lizzie, domestic 423 W church

Coyle Peter, helper, h 515 Elizabeth

Craig James, tinsmith, h Thurston n Lake

Cramer George M., engineer’s-assistant, City Hall, bds Pratt n Matthew

Cramer Mary J., milliner, bds 107 W Church

Cramer William, music-teacher, bds 417 E Market

Cramer William, (Wheadon & Cramer,) bds Homestead Hotel

Crandall George H., carpenter, h 950 East av

Crane Ann Eliza, widow Hiram, h 329 W First

Crane Cyrus C., (H. C. Spaulding & Co.,) h 412 W Clinton

Crane Cyrus S., doormaker, h 708 College av

J. H. BARNEY’S COAL OFFICE with J. Langdon & Co. 110 Baldwin St.

Crane Frank B., clerk, bds 412 W Clinton

Crane L. A., Mrs., dressmaker, 324 E Water h do

Crane Richard K., laborer, bds 708 College av

Crane Sarah, widow Abijah, bds 510 De Witt

Crane Theodore W., (J. Langdon & Co.,) bds 303 N Main

Crane William, bartender, Frasier House, h do

Cranmer Hannah, widow Jeremiah, bds Hoffamn n North

Cranmer Isaac J., mason, h Hoffman n North

Crans A. W., policeman, h Arcade Block Lake

Crans Frona, dressmaker, bds 308 College av

Crary Ella A. Miss, teacher School No. 2, bds 420 W Gray

Crascall James, carpenter, h 510 N Main

Crawford Fannie R., bds 51 Fulton

Creaton Hannah, widow Owen, h 210 Sullivan

Creed James A., (Northrup & Creed,) h 371 W Water

Creed James A., jr., painter, h 371 W Water

Creelman Matthew, tailor, 377 Railroad av

Crehan Mary, domestic, Delavan House

Creighton Mary, domestic, 150 Madison av

Crellman Alice, washerwoman, h 375 Railroad av

Creton Alexander, blacksmith, Stowell N End

Criddell James, organmaker, bds 611 Lake

Crippen Kate Mrs., domestic, Miller n O’Gorman

Crispin George, miller, bds 663 College av

Crittenden Albert W., photographer, 201 E Water

Crittenden Emma, domestic, 406 W Gray

Crittenden Richard G., blacksmith, h John cor Washington

Crocker Margaret, housekeeper, Delavan House

Croel Jennie, domestic, 441 E Water

Croger George, porter, h 108 W Water

Croke Bridget, domestic, 114 N Main

Crole Martin, laborer, h 407 High

Cromer August, hackman, bds 107 E Hudson

Cronan Cornelius, laborer, bds 655 Lake

Cronan Daniel, helper, bds Stowell ab E Washington av

Cronan Ellen, widow John, h Stowell ab E Washington av

Cronan James, shoemaker, bds 413 High

Cronan Jeremiah, bricklayer, bds Homestead Hotel

Cronkright Clarrissa, widow Grant, h 206 E Water

Crook Henry P., puddler, h 958 N Main

Crook John, laborer, h Reformatory n College av

Crook W. Henry, helper, bds 958 N. Main

Crosoer Patterson, painter, bds 156 W Third

Cross Charles, livery and sales stables, 200 E Gray h 506 W First

Willow & Cane Sewing STANDS & BASKETS, at China Hall, Lake St.

Cross Edward P., brakeman, h 413 W Fourth

CROSS SAMUEL, wood and coal, 513 Park place h 409 W Clinton

Cross Sarah, domestic, 110 W Henry

Cross Susie, domestic, W Water n city limits

CROSS WILLIAM T., teaming, h 411 W Fourth

Cross Willis, confectioner, Baldwin cor Thurston h do

Crow Bridget, domestic, College av cor Washington av

Crow David Rev., h 400 Pleasant

Crowe John, shoemaker, h 302 Fulton

Crowe Patrick, helper, h 721 Railroad av

Crowe Thomas, blacksmith, h S Main n W South av

Crowell Abram, blacksmith, h 218 Orchard

Crowlay Ellen, domestic, 318 E Water

Crowley Hannah, domestic, 322 Baldwin

Crowley Hanora, widow Dennis, h 851 Magee

Crowley Jeremiah, laborer, h Perine cor South av

Crowley John, laborer, h 255 W Hudson

Crowley John, laborer, 605 Jay

Crowley Julia, domestic, 306 De Witt

Crowley Maggie, domestic, 318 E Water

Crowley Thomas, laborer, h 210 Madison av

Cruikshanks Charles S., clerk, 323 E Water, Bds 319 William

Cruise George W., salesman, 313 E Water bds 311 W Sixth

Cruise James H., florist, h 311 W Sixth

Cruise John, bds 311 W Sixth

Cuddington Peter B., h 518 Baldwin

Cuddington Samuel, clerk, bds 518 Baldwin

Culbus Bernard, laborer, bds 611 Pennsylvania av

Culbus Ernest, laborer, bds Pennsylvania av n tollgate

Culkeen William, laborer, bds 655 Lake

Cullen Patrick, helper, h 450 W Second

Cullinan John, heater, h 108 W Washington av

Culling Bridget, domestic, Elmira Female College

Cully Patrick, laborer, h 450 W Second

Culp Harriet Mrs., h Fox n Carroll

Culp James, carpenter, h College av n Reformatory

Culp John, wagon maker, bds 59 S Sullivan

Culver Mary A., widow Youngs, bds 1314 Lake

Cummin William, carpenter, h 116 W Partridge

Cummings Anna, domestic, 703 Park Place

Cummings James, mason, h 108 W First

Cummings Kitty, dressmaker, bds 149 W Water

Cummings Mark, carpenter, h 750 Jay

Buy your COAL of J. H. BARNEY, 110 BALDWIN ST.

Cummings Mary, widow Edward, h 323 Railroad av

Cummings Mead M., carpenter, h 706 Jay

Cummings Pearson, laborer, h Madison av n Lake

Cummins Elizabeth, domestic, 433 E Water

Cunningham Frank, clerk, bds 106 E Water

CUNNINGHAM HAINES D., associate editor Elmira Gazette, bds 212 W S Water

Cunningham Isaac H., carpenter, bds Pennsylvania House

Cunningham John, laborer, bds 709 Baldwin

Cunningham Mary, h 168 High

Cunningham Michael J., clerk, 102 Lake, bds Mansion House

Cunningham Michael, gas fitter, Gas office, bds Homestead Hotel

Cunningham Nellie, domestic, 317 W Gray

Cunningham Seneca L., carpenter, h 352 Railroad av

Cunningham Thomas, blacksmith, h Miller n Northern Central R. R.


Curley John, mason, h 211 Harriet

Curley Patrick, hotel, 171 E Washington av h do

Curran Catharine, widow Daniel, h E Third n High

Curran James, laborer, h 157 E Washington av

Curran Johanna, waitress, Hathaway House

Curran John, mason, h 703 Dickinson

Curran Michael, plasterer, bds E Third n High

Curran Thomas, clerk, 152 Lake h Harriet n John

Curren James, tanner, h 157 Harriet

Curren Thomas, clerk, bds 157 Harriet

Currie George E., clerk, 313 E Water bds Hathaway House

Curry Ann E., widow Michael, h 813 Railroad av

Curry George, barber, bds 615 W Church

Curry Michael, helper, h Casey n W South av

Curry Patrick, cigarmaker, bds Casey n W South av

Curtin Andrew, agent, bds Frasier House

Curtin Charles, tanner, 110 Spring

Curtin John, tanner, h 110 Spring

Curtin Margaret, domestic Arbor Hotel

Curtin Patrick, cigarmaker, h 171 Railroad av

Curtis Dexter D., division clerk Erie road department, h 350 W Water

Curtis Elizabeth R., music-teacher, bds 351 W Sixth

Curtis Frank, shoemaker, bds 315 E Market

Curtis John J., bookkeeper Bank of Chemung, h 401 W Gray

Curtis William L., clerk, 119 Railroad av bds 225 William

Curtiss William S., druggist h 531 E Union

Cue John, laborer, bds 315 Railroad av

French GLASS SHADES & Wax Material, at Dexter’s Lake St.

Cushing John, salesman, 104 Lake bds 452 W Water

Cusick John, laborer, h 411 Powell

Cusick Patrick, boilermaker, bds 806 S Main

Cusick Patrick, helper, bds Miller n O’Gorman

Cuykendall Catharine Miss, bds 500 William

Cuykendall, see also Coykendall


Dabelstein Christian, widow Charles, bds 961 East av

Dacie Mary, domestic, h Walnut cor W Third

Cacie Mary, domestic, 419 Walnut

Dager Albert, oil-refiner, bds 121 Fox

DAHON THOMAS, grocer, 208 Harriet h do

Dailey Catharine, widow Patrick, bds 106 W Water

Daily Delia, waitress, Homestead Hotel

DALE GEORGE W., book-agent, h 306 Orchard

Dale John, brakeman, bds Guiltanen n W South av

Dale Mary A., widow John D., bds W Fifth cor College av

Dale Patrick, laborer, h E Third n Oak

Dale William, conductor, bds 258 W South av

Daley Dennis, engineer, h 116 Washington

Daley Dennis, laborer, h Jones n Robinson

Daley Martin, laborer, h Oak n Day

Dalrymple Silas, teamster, h 315 Fulton

Dalton Mary, widow Michael, bds 659 Magee

Dalton Michael, laborer, h 1001 Davis

Dalton Michael, watchman, h 659 Magee

Dalton William, laborer, h 658 Baldwin

Dalton William, mason, h 422 Washington av

Daly Dennis F., planer, h Pratt ab Matthew

Daly James, music-teacher, bds 470 W Second

Daly John, shoemaker, h 466 W Second

Dame William R., foreman, 107 W Water h 551 John

Dana George C., patent rights, h 105 E Second

Danaher Thomas, laborer, h 315 Weber place n College av

Dane William, shoemaker, h John cor DeWitt

Daniels Albert J., student, bds 312 S Main

Daniels E., carpenter, h 820 W Church

Daniels Henry, express-messenger, h 162 Sullivan

Daniels Mary, widow William, h 162 Sullivan

Daniels Walter J., carpenter, h 312 S Main h do

Daniher Catharine, widow Richard, bds 955 Main

Daniher Michael, laborer, h 955 Main


Danks Orris, livery, Market n Baldwin bds Arbor Hotel

Darby Frank, harnessmaker, bds 202 E Gray

Darby Frederick, shoemaker, h 116 S Main

Darby Patrick, shoemaker, bds 100 W Water

Darkin Patrick, laborer, bds McDonald n Washington av

Darling Willia t., sign-painter, bds South av cor Miller

Darrin Frank W., clerk, 111 Baldwin bds Gray cor Elm

Darrin Lanson, laborer, h College av ab Reformatory

Darrin Matthew K., travelling-agent, h 108 Elm

Darrow Elizabeth S., cook, bds 211 W Third

Dates Jennie, domestic, Davis ab Cemetery

Dauberstein Magdalene, domestic, 1013 Lake

Davage John, grocer, 301 E Fourth, h 215 Sullivan

Daved Harriet A., vestmaker, 137 W Water

DAVENPORT A. B., plumbing, gas and steam fitting, 338 E Water, h 714 College av (see adv back cover)

Davenport D. Romayn, (Bement & Davenport,) h 111 Madison av

Davenport James, brakeman, bds Kinyon n W South av

Daveridge John, laborer, h 215 Sullivan

Davey Martha, widow Usher H., h W South av n Lewis

Davidow H., (Kalvriski & Davidow Bros.,) bds 701 E Water

Davidow S., (Kalvriski & Davidow Bros.,) bds 701 E Water

Davidson Elmer, restaurant, 611 Railroad av, h 507 Park Place