Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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1874 Directory Table of Contents
FOR 1874.

Boak James C., yard-master, h 222 W Second

Boardly Adam, barber, bds 418 Perry

Boardly Catharine, widow, Adam, h 418 Perry

Boardman John, mason, h 804 John

Bocard Thomas, blacksmith, bds 211 DeWitt

Bochmer Henry, peddler, h Benton cor Norton

Bockram Edward, grocer, Clinton cor Baldwin h do

Boerem Catharine, widow Townsend, h 214 W. Henry

Boerem Harry T., machinist, bds 214 W Henry

Boerem Nathaniel K., machinist, bds 214 W Henry

Bogardus James H., painter, h 219 Park

Bogardus John C., carpenter, h 762 E Water

Bogart George H., painter, h 359 W Fifth

Bogart George W., h 853 E Water

Bogart Louis, mason, bds 401 Railroad av

Bohlke August, tailor, h 506 DeWitt

Bointon Leroy, bds 114 W Henry

Boland Peter, laborer, h 815 Walnut

Bolstridge John, carpenter, h 916 Magee

Bolt Henry D., clerk, 344 E Water h 116 Harriet

Bolt Marlin S., carpenter, h 207 Gregg

Witney’s Celebrated Children’s CARRIAGES. at DEXTER’S

Bolton Angelina, widow Zopher H., h 112 E Second

Boman Mary A., widow John, h 223 W Water

Boman Nathan, laborer, bds 223 W Water

Bomfield Mary, domestic, 320 Lake

Bond Washington, shoemaker, h 309 College av

Bonham Sarah G, widow David H., bds 312 Lake

Bonnell Jonathan, (Bonnell & Owen,) h 404 S Main

Bonnell & Owen, (Jonathan Bonnell and Jesse Owen,) commission merchants, 210 W Water

Boone Samuel, machinist, bds 118 W S Water

BOOTH, DOUNCE, ROSE & CO., (Irvin D. booth, William and O. H. Dounce, Stephen Rose and Fred Barker.) hardware, paints, oils, &c., 340 to 344 E Water

Booth Henry D., machinist, h 501 W Fourth

Booth Irvin D., (Booth, Dounce, Rose & Co.,) h 111 S Water

Boothe Abigail, widow, Elijah D., h 402 W Church

Boothe Eilijah, explorer, bds 402 W Church

BOPP JACOB, Continental Hotel, 408 E Water h do

Bopp Rosa, bds 408 E Water

Bosley Nellie Mrs., dressmaker, 203 E Water h do

Bosley William, boilermaker, bds Penna av n Lewis

Boston William, bartender, 140 E Water bds do

Botsford Josiah, grocer, 113 S Main h do

Bottcher William, carpenter, h 602 Dickinson

Boughton Charles H., engineer, bds 201 E Gray

Bouille Andrew, stonecutter, h 1110 Walnut

Boulton John, carpenter, h 108 W fourth

Bountain James M., salesman, h 758 E Water

Bountain Sarah, domestic, 128 Harriet

Bovay Anna Mrs., h 107 W Sixth

Bovier Charles B., paper-box manufacturer, 126 Lake h 369 Pennsylvania av

Bovier James M., clerk, 156 Boldwin h 369 Pennsylvania av

Bovier Nancy Mrs. h 107 W Sixth

Bowe William, carpenter, h 416 W fifth

Bowen Jane, widow James, bds 171 W Water

Bower Charles, laborer, h 621 Lake

Bower George, (Bower, Romer & Co.,) h 763 E Second

BOWER, ROMER & CO., (George Bower, Antone Romer and John Haas,) merchant tailors, 216 E Water

BOWERS SAMUEL A., life insurance agent, 14 Arcade block Lake bds William

Bowles Solomon, h 381 W Church

Bowman William N., blacksmith, bds Hoffman n W Hill


Bowman George R., salesman, 119 Railroad av, h 507 Park Place

Bowman Henry Mrs. h First n city limits

Bowman James W., lumber dealer, h 414 Fulton

Bowman John, bus-driver Rathbun House

Bowman Lawrence K., janitor Grammar School No. 5, h do

Bowman Wallace E., laborer, bds 414 Fulton

Boyd Andrew (Boyd Cousins), directory-publisher, office with Hall Brother, 313 E. Water, house at Syracuse, N. Y.

BOYD COUSINS (Andrew and W. Harry Boyd), directory publishers, office with Hall Brothers, 313 E Water

Boyd W. Harry (Boyd Cousins), directory publisher, office with Hall Brothers, 313 E Water, house at Pottsville, Pa.

Boyce George, painter, h College av ab Reformatory

Boyer William, butcher, 323 Carroll, bds Pattinson House

Boylan Daniel W., printer Leader office, bds 856 E Market

Boyle Elizabeth, domestic, 316 Lake

Boynton Sarah, bds 400 William

Boylan Squire, conductor, bds 216 W S Water

Braden James R., mason, h 164 Sullivan

Bradfield Charles R., flagman, h Burdick n W South av

Bradley David A., manager, Hathaway House

Bradley E., carpenter, bds 505 Magee

Bradley Edward W., gardener, h Mt. Zoar n city limits

Bradley Eugene, moulder, h 459 Powell

Bradley Rose A., widow Mark, h 122 E Hudson

Bradley Thomas, laborer, bds Hoffman n Washington

Bradley Thomas, oil producer, h 122 E. Hudson

Bradley William B., roller, bds 656 Baldwin

Bradshaw Alfred, laborer, h 108 Spring

Bradshaw Floyd M., machinist, bds 531 Pennsylvania av

Bradshaw George, engineer, h 123W Water

Bradshaw George, laborer, h 108 Spring

Bradshaw Henry, laborer, h 531 Pennsylvania av

Brady Hugh, blacksmith, bds 101 W S Water

Brady Mary A., boarding, h South av n Northern Central R R

Brady Peter, foreman, h 101 W S Water

Brady Thomas, laborer, bds 101 W S Water

Brand Gustav, upholsterer, h 353 E Clinton

Brand John, (John Brand & Co.,) h Maple av n Caldwell av

Brand John, jr., bookkeeper, W Fourth cor Railroad av bds Maple n Caldwell av

BRAND JOHN & CO., (John Brand, Edmund Miller and Jacob Lowman,) leaf tobacco dealer, W Fourth cor Railroad av

Brandow Eugene, shoemaker, bds 121 W Water

Brandow Martin B. shoemaker, h 121 W Water

All new styles of CROCKERY & CHINA, at China Hall, Lake St.

Brant John, mason, bds 509 Railroad av

Brassington Henry B., clerk 313 E Water bds Hathaway House

Brasted John, bds, 111 E Hudson

Bravo Elizabeth S., teacher, school No. 3 bds 310 Penn’a av

Breathwate Jacob, laborer, h Oak ab Fifth

Breen Margaret, widow Thomas, h 208 Orchard

Breen Simon, laborer, bds 706 Magee

Breese Albert, bds 315 E Washington av

Breese Alexander M., carpenter, h 957 Sullivan

Breese Wallace W., clerk, 119 Baldwin bds 505 Madison av

Breese Willis, carpenter, h 315 E Washington av

Breidenbecker George, baker, bds 305 Railroad av

Brennan Patrick, laborer, h 708 Davis

Bresnahan John, helper, h Elizabeth cor Grove

Bresnaham Mary, domestic, 650 E Market

Bressington A. H. clerk, bds 218 Washington

Brett James, laborer, bds 916 N Main

Brewer Aaron J., shoemaker, h 711 W Water

Brewer Edgar A., machinist h 550 Church

Brewer Harry F., express messenger, bds 362 Columbia

Brewer Joel R., teamster, bds 736 W First

Brewer Lucas, painter, 112 Columbia h do

Brewer Mary E., bds 818 E Church

Brewer Samuel I., clerk, 300 E Water, bds 630 W Gray

Brickwedde Caroline, bds 412 W Third

Brickwedde Ferdinand (H & F Brickwedde.) h 652 E Market

Brickwedde George, bookkeeper also agent Cunard steamship line, 139 E Water h 412 W Third

Brickwedde Henry (H. & F. Brickwedde,) h 659 E Market

Brickwedde H. & F. (Henry and Ferdinand,) stoves and tinware 116 Lake

Brickwedde Joseph, tinsmith, h 158 DeWitt

Bridgman Ella, saleslady, 327 E Water, bds 369 W Water

Bridgman John, farmer, h Hoffman n Washington av

Brien Dennis, laborer, h Perine n South av

Briesler George F., painter, Horseheads h 408 W Fourth

Briesler Georgianna, bds 408 W Fourth

Briesler Sarah S., widow George, bds 408 W Fourth

Briggs Isaac P., h 308 W Water

Briggs John B., clerk, Advertiser office bds 507 E Water

Briggs Mary (McBride & Briggs,) bds E Water

Briggs Thomas (T. Briggs & Co.,) h 327 Baldwin

BRIGGS T. & CO.,(Thomas Briggs, John Arnot jr., and William Ustick) maltsters and brewers 121 E Second

Buy your COAL of J. H. BARNEY, 110 Baldwin Street

Briggs William G., carpenter, h 421 N Main

Brigham Phineas, clerk, bds 595 Magee

Briles Preston, whitewasher, h E Clinton n DeWitt

Brink Alfred C., (O’Brien & Brink,) h 611 W Water

Brink Andrew, engine despatcher, h South av n Northern Central R R

Brink Chandler, carpenter, h 135 W Water

Brink James H., farmer, h 226 Mt. Zoar

Brink Mary A. Miss, newsdealer, 316 E Water h 703 E Market

BRINSMADE HOBART, manager Howe Machine Co., 118 Lake h 405 W Clinton

Briso Moses, polisher, h 520 Baldwin

Bristeo Linus, traveling agent, h 210 W Henry

Bristol Bartholomew, teamster, h Sullivan n city limits

Bristol James A., (Fraser, Drew & Co.,) h at Athens, Pa

Britton Emma A., bds 527 E Union

Britton Frederick, saloon, 527 E Union h do

Broakman Elisha T., carpenter, bds 751 E Water

BROAKMAN SAMUEL M., carpenter, 751 E Water h do

Broakman Thomas M., carpenter, bds 751 E Water

Brobre Nicholas, laborer, h Fulton opp cemetery

Brobst Peter, tailor, bds 353 Railroad av

Brockway Ira H., fireman, h 1104 Walnut

Brockaway Rebecca Mrs., h Luce n Robinson

Broder Hannah, widow John, bds 463 W Third

Broderick Ellen, domestic, Willowbrook

Broderick Peter, tailor, h W Hudson n Fulton

Brodey Mary, milliner, 100 Lake bds do

Brodie Bridget M., teacher No. 1 School

Brodman Catharine, hotel, 827 Canal h do

Brody Patrick, laborer, h 411 Pennsylvania av

Brody Thomas, mason, h 417 High

Brogan Joseph, shoemaker, h 110 Fulton

Broich Cornelius, machinist, bds 118 W S Water

Brokaw William W., express messenger, bds 160 W Fifth

Bronson Anna M. Miss, lady principal Elmira Female College, bds do

Bronson Henry S., brakeman, h 418 Madison av

Brook John, laborer, h 518 W Gray

Brook Walton W., builder, bds 518 W Gray

Brooks Charles S., bds 815 College av

Brooks Elijah P., lawyer, 208 E Water h 815 College av

Brooks Ernest D., draughtsman, 609 Baldwin bds 160 W Fifth

Brooks George, laborer, h Clinton place n Clinton

Brooks Harry S., printer Gazette office, bds 503 E Union

The best Imported and Domestic GLASSWARE, at DEXTER’S.

Brooks Homer, carpenter, h 741 W Church

Brooks Homer, laborer, 1019 Factory

BROOKS HORACE A., sec Southern Tier Leader Association, 153 Lake bds Hathaway House

Brooks James R., clerk 137 E Water, h 729 W First

Brooks John, laborer, bds 416 Perry

Brooks Julia, dressmaker, h 414 E Water

Brooks Lucy, saleslady, 167 Lake

Brooks Phoebe L., widow Henry S., bds 510 Lake

Brooks Porter D., carpenter, h 423 E Washington av

Brooks Roxana, widow Thesius, bds 815 college av

Brooks Ruth, widow Cable B., h 429 Standish

Brooks Seely, laborer, bds 429 Standish

Brooks Solon H., carpenter, h Maxwell av n Centre

Brooks Tracy B., bds 815 College av

Brooks William A., butter dealer, 109 N Main, h 503 E Union

Brooks W. W., painter, bds 505 E Water

Brophy Patrick, h 212 W Second

Brosnan Eugene, helper, h 105 E Washington av

Brower Peter, engineer, h 80 Walnut

Brown Ammi A., carpenter, h 258 W Hudson

Brown Andrew J., bookkeeper, 313 Carroll h 119 Orchard

Brown Bessie, dressmaker, 209 W Henry bds do

Brown Bridget, domestic, 425 E Market

BROWN BROTHERS, (William and Thomas,) oil merchants, 12 Arcade Block, Lake, and at Erie, Pa., (see adv page 4)

Brown C. Franklin, student, bds 114 Columbia

Brown Charles W., carpenter, h 317 Hine

Brown Clara, clerk, 421 Railroad av

Brown Comfort S., teacher, h 504 Sullivan

Brown Daniel D., carpenter, h 824 S Main

Brown David B., insurance agent, 102 Lake h 114 Columbia

Brown David H., mason, bds Pattinson House

Brown Edmond, carpenter, h 258 W Hudson

Brown Edmund, puddler, bds 705 N Main

Brown Edward, mason, bds 127 Railroad av

Brown Emma, dressmaker, h 331 E Water

Brown Enoch, puddler, h Canal ab E Washington av

Brown Evelina C., widow Benjamin, h 662 Dickinson

Brown George, carpenter, bds 468 E Water

Brown George, laborer, h 701 Dickinson

Brown Guy P., meat market, 313 Carroll h 109 E. Henry

Brown Harriet, domestic, 410 W First

Brown Henry, teamster, bds 405 W Second


Brown Henry W., laborer, bds West Hill rd n Walnut

Brown Horace H., mason h 160 Orchard

Brown Howland, conductor, bds 160 Clinton

Brown Ida, domestic, 715 Baldwin

Brown J., whitewasher, h 463 E Second

Brown Jacob C., carpenter, h 204 High

Brown James L., (Hoag & Brown) h 422 W Church

Brown Jane, widow George, h 314 W Third

Brown Jerome B., cement papermaker, h 963 Davis

Brown John, carpenter, h 713 Railroad av

Brown John (Grant, DeWaters & Brown) h at Webb’s Mill

Brown John, laborer, h 322 W Seventh

Brown John, laborer, h 650 Clinton

Brown John C., butcher, 313 Carroll h 59 S Sullivan

Brown Joseph, shoemaker, h 59 S Sullivan

Brown Judson E., carpenter, bds 359 Division

Brown Lafayette D., carpenter, h Hall cor Division

Brown Lendall, cutter, h 449 W First

Brown Leroy, painter, bds 154 W Fifth

Brown Louisa, teacher, bds 118 W Second

Brown Mary, waitress, Pattinson House

Brown Mary, widow Amos, h 1061 Walnut

Brown Mary, widow John, h 59 S Sullivan

Brown Mary G., widow Col. J. S., h W Gray cor Davis

Brown Oscar Z., conductor, h 667 College av

Brown Ruben, laborer, bds 621 Baldwin

Brown Richard, laborer, h West Hill rd n Walnut

Brown Samuel, clerk, h 110 Columbia

Brown Susan, domestic, 154 W Fifth

Brown Thaddeus R., groceries and notions, 421 N Main h 426 W Fourth

Brown Thomas (Brown Bro’s), h at Erie, Pa.

Brown Thomas, laborer, h 110 W S Second

Brown Walter R., engineer, h 146 W Water

Brown William, (Brown Brothers), h at Southport

Brown William, laborer, h Hall n Centre

Brown William D., bookkeeper, 128 W Water, h 118 W Second

Brown William E., carpenter, bds 509 Park Place

Brown William H., engineer, h 211 W First

Brown W. R. Mrs., dressmaker, 146 W Water h do

Brownell Elias J., fireman, bds W South ave n S Main

Brownell Joel J., (Brownell & Naglee), h 212 W South av

Brownell Philip T., dentist, 218 E Water, h 371 W Church

Brownell & Naglee (Joel J. Brownell and Joseph C. Naglee), meat market, 217 S Main

Table CUTLERY and Plated Ware, at Dexter’s DOUBLE STORE, LAKE ST.

Browning Clara, teacher, bds Mt Zoar cor Herrick

Brownlow James, carriage ironer, h 300 High

Brubaker Conrad, stone mason, h 511 Columbia

Bruen John H., (Bedell, Shoemaker & Co), h 369 W Fourth

Brunson Mary A., widow Henry L., bds 316 W Gray

Brush George A., lawyer, 338 E Water, h Church cor Columbia

Bruso Moses, finisher, h 529 Baldwin

Bryan Platt V., clerk gas office, h 653 Park Place

Bryant John, carpenter, h 272 W Hudson

Buchaltz Emil, traveling agent, bds 160 Clinton

Buchanan Frank D., clerk 321 Carroll, bds 415 Elm

Buchanan George N., confectioner, bds 415 Elm

Buchanan James F., machinist, h 415 Elm

Buchanan Jennie, domestic, 856 N Main

Buchanan William C., machinist, bds 415 Elm

Buck Abner, carpenter, h 126 W Henry

Buck Frank, mail agent, bds 309 W Second

Buck William C., clerk Towanda coal co., h 413 Baldwin

Buckbee Alanson, engineer, h 52 Penna av

Buckbee Elven D., (M. Buckbee & Son), Homestead Hotel

Buckbee Joseph M., farmer, h Carr’s Corners

BUCKBEE M. & SON, (Eelven D), proprs, Homestead Hotel 425 E Water

Buckbee Samuel P., manager Homestead Hotel 425 E Water

Buckhout John H., carpenter, h 373 Centre

Buckley Daniel, laborer, bds 111 E First

Buckley Grace, bds 440 E Water

Buckley John M., restaurant, 140 E Water h do

Buckley Mary, widow James, bds 209 Harmon

Buckley Patrick, shoemaker, h 209 Harmon

Buckley Sarah E., h E Clinton n DeWitt

Budd Clayton, farmer, h 458 Mt. Zoar

Budd David M., butcher, h 371 Pennsylvania av

Budd Elijah, carpenter, h Benton n Centre

Budd Henry E., clerk, 220 E Water, bds 1217 Benton

Budd Joseph, carpenter, bds 625 W Church

Buell Celia A., widow Charles H., bds 426 W Church

Bugbee Frank H., shoemaker, h 751 E Washington av

Bugbee Frederick A., shoemaker, h 322 Orchard

Bugbee Dexter, shoemaker, bds 322 Orchard

Bullard Almon B., leather and findings 103 W Water h 591 do

Bullard Almon M., clerk, 103 W Water bds 501 do

Bullard Cynthia, widow Joseph, bds 266 W S Water

Bullard Edwin D., postal clerk, h 266 W S Water

Bullard George A., (G. A. Bullard & Co.,) h 515 W Water

For the best kinds of COAL, go to J. H. BARNEY, 110 Baldwin St.

BULLARD GEORGE A. & CO., (George W. Bullard,) drygoods, 146 W Water

Bullard George W., (G. A. Bullard & Co.,) bds 515 W Water

Bullard James M., carpenter, bds 266 W S Water

Bullard Josephine, teacher, bds 266 W S Water

Bunce R. M., carpenter, bds 719 Columbia

Bunchart Michael, quarryman, h 724 Hatch

BUNDY BROTHERS, (Oscar F. and Jabin A.) grocers, 127 Lake

Bundy Ellen Miss, domestic, 715 College av

Bundy Jabin A., (Bundy Bros.) h 269 Baldwin

Bundy Lois Miss, bds 267 Baldwin

Bundy Oscar F., (Bundy Bros.) h 267 Baldwin

Bunnell Daniel K., shoemaker, John cor DeWitt h do

Burnell Elizabeth L., matron Water Cure, 1019 East av.

Burbage John, shoemaker, Miller cor Jacob h do

Burbage Joseph, bds Jacob cor Miller

Burbage Joseph, h 357 W Gray

Burchell Abram, marblecutter, bds 857 John

Burchell Arthur, farmer, h Burchell n Jones

Burchell Catharine, widow Abram, h 857 John

Burchell Hattie, hair goods, 328 E Water

Burchell William, cigar-maker, bds 857 John

Burchill Hannah, saleslady, 304 E Water bds 857 John

Burdick William P., real estate, h W South av cor Burdick

Burgess Frederick, tinsmith, bds 408 S Main

Burgess Millard, mason, bds 258 Baldwin

Burgett Alvin R., conductor, bds 527 W First

Burgett Robert, h 527 W First

Burk Eli S., carpenter, h r 317 W Fourth

Burke Edward, laborer, h 659 Lake

Burke John, laborer, h 314 E Second

Burke Mary, widow Benjamin, h Howard n Factory

Burke William, switchman, bds 314 E Second

Burley Silas, cooper, h 133 W Henry

Burnett Thomas, mason, h 515 High

Burnett William, physician, Main cor W Water h do

Burnham Charles, farmer, h 850 E Market

Burnham Julia, waitress, Pattinson House

Brunham Julia J. Mrs., boarding house, 253 Baldwin

Burningham John, hack driver, bds 373 Railroad av

Burns Anna, domestic, 371 W Church

Burns Cornelius C, brakeman, bds Guiltanen n W South av

Burns David, brakeman, bds Guitanen n W South av

Burns Dennis, laborer, h 825 Hatch

Coal Oil Chandeliers, Brackets & Lamps, at Dexter’s, Lake St.

Burns Frank, plumber, bds 116 W S Water

Burns Hanora, widow Rodger, h Guiltanen n W South av

Burns Henry, laborer, h 501 Pennsylvania av

Burns Henry jr., laborer, bds 501 Pennsylvania av

Burns John, clerk, 404 E Water bds 116 W South Water

Burns Maggie, domestic 405 W Clinton

Burns Martin, laborer, h 960 Magee

Burns Michael, laborer, h 507 High

Burns Patrick, laborer, h 469 High

Burns Patrick jr., cigarmaker, bds 460 High

Burns Sarah, domestic, 507 Baldwin

BURNS THOMAS, grocer, 404 E Water h 116 W S Water

Burr T. E. Mrs., operator, 118 Lake bds Wilcox Park

Burris George, (Burris & Havens, h 420 E Washington av

Burris & Havens (George Burris and William H. Havens,) blacksmiths, 359 E Washington av

BURRITT JOHN G., agricultural implements, 361 E Washington av h at Horseheads

Burrows Henry, bds 439 W Fifth

BURROWS JABEZ T., hairdresser, Delavan House 528 Railroad av h 439 W Fifth

Burt George J., tanner, Webb’s mills, h 112 Penna av

Burt Henry J., conductor, bds Guiltanen cor W South av

Burt Mark A., clerk, 216 E Water, h 119 Pennsylvania av

Bush Alson P., carpenter, h 207 Hudson

Bush Charles W., painter, bds South av cor Miller

BUSH DANIEL, carpenter and builder, Orchard cor John h 112 Orchard

Bush George R., bartender, 154 Baldwin bds 511 Main

Bush Joseph, clerk, 119 W Water, bds 113 do

Bush William, machinist, bds Winslow House

BUSH WOLFE, saloon, 113 W Water, h 135 do

Bushby Joseph H., painter, bds Pennsylvania House

Butcher Annie, domestic, 801 Davis

Butcher Charles, painter, bds 852 Factory

Butcher Daniel F., clerk, bds 205 Gregg

BUTCHER EDWARD, jr., boots and shoes, 138 W Water h 205 Gregg

Butcher Edward, jr, clerk, 138 W Water, bds 205 Gregg

Butcher Fred, painter, bds 852 Factory

Butcher Henry, painter, bds 852 Factory

Butcher Mary, widow William, h 852 Factory

Butler Bridget, domestic, 262 W Fourth

Lehigh Coals Are The Best Order from J. H. Barney, 110 Baldwin St.

Butler Cornelius, mason, h 233 Mt. Zoar

Butler Edward, blacksmith, bds 319 W Fourth

Butler Edward, car-inspector, h S Main n W South av

Butler James, puddler, h Maxwell av n Division

Butler Maggie, domestic, Elmira Female College

Butler Mary, domestic, 159 Madison av

Butler Mary, widow John, h 310 W Fourth

Butler Michael, laborer, h Reformatory, n College av

Butler Patrick, blacksmith, h 359 W third

Butler Sophia, domestic, Lyon House

Butler William, laborer, h Reformatory, n College av

Butler William, pianomaker, bds 468 E Water

Butler William F., laborer, h 312 Sullivan

Butman William H., shoemaker, 203 Railroad av, h do

Byington Albert J., (Byington Brothers,) bds 595 Madison av

BYINGTON BROTHERS (Henry C. and Albert J.,) grocers and fruit-dealers, 119 Baldwin (see adv bottom line)

Byington Henry C. (Byington Brothers), h 595 Madison av

Byrne Anna F. Miss, teacher school No. 2, bds 113 W Gray

Byrne George W. (J. Byrne & Son, h 519 Baldwin

Byrne James S., heater, h 806 Hatch

Byrne John (J. Byrne & Son), h 113 W Gray

Byrne John C., clerk Northern Central R. W. freight office h 111 W Gray

Byrne J. & Son (John and George W.), coopers, 521 Baldwin

Byrne Mary C. Mrs., teacher No. 5, h 519 Baldwin

Byrne Thomas G., horse shoer, h 851 John

Byrns Sarah, domestic, 111 Penna ave.


Cable Fanny, domestic, 1019 Factory

Caddigran Thomas, laborer, bds 1010 Magee

Cadmus Cecelia M., hair worker, bds 258 W Water

Cadmus John A., h 258 W Water

Cadugan James, puddler, bds 162 E Washington ave

Cadwell Guy C., musician, h 316 E Water

Cafferty Ellen, domestic, 1002 Lake

Caffrey Thomas, laborer, bds 916 N Main

Cahaley Daniel, cigar manufacturer, 376 W First h do

Cahill Anna, domestic, h 708 Park Place

Cahill Annie, domestic, 3312 Columbia

Cahill Edward, laborer, h 425 W Fourth

Cahill Ellen, domestic, 1800 Lake

Cahill Ellen, widow Thomas, bds 1016 Lake

Cahill Henry, carpenter, h 407 Railroad ave

Cahill John, clerk, h 651 E Church

Chinese, Japanese & Choice Fancy Goods, at Dexter’s Lake St.

Cahill John P., blacksmith, 716 Lake h 511 Harper

Cahill Katie, domestic, 112 College ave

Cahill Lizzie Miss, domestic, 357 N Main

Cahill Maggie, domestic, 110 College ave

Cahill Martin, laborer, h 462 W Sixth

Cahill Michael, blacksmith, bds 220 W Third

Cahill Robert, laborer, h 220 W Third

Cain Josephine, domestic, Mansion House

Calahan Cornelius, laborer, h Jones n Robinson

Calahan John, clerk, 139 E Water, bds Powell cor Franklin

Caldwell David, (D.Caldwell & Son), h S Water cor Lake

Caldwell David, Jr., (D. Caldwell & Son), h 115 W Hudson

Caldwell D. & Son (David and David, jr), grocers, 107 N Main

Caldwell James, bds 117 College ave.

Caldwell John O., shoemaker h 425 Gray

Caldwell Lizzie, bds Penna ave cor E S Water

Caldwell Louis, (Hamilton, Caldwell & Co.,) h 117 College ave

Caldwell Luther, (Lormore Bro’s & Co.), h 117 College ave

Caldwell Luther S, bds 117 College ave

Cale John, mail agent Post Office, h Orchard n Church

Calhoun Hammon, farmer, h 328 Hine

Calkins John L., bds 313 College ave

Calkins Nathans S., clerk, 411 Railroad av h 313 College av

Calkins William F., telegrapher Erie depot, bds First cor College av

Call Purington B., trimmer, h 520 W Church

Callaghan Patrick, laborer, h 715 Dickinson

Callahan James H., printer Advertiser office, h 320 E Water

Callahan John, clerk, h 114 Franklin

Callahan Mary, widow Daniel, h 114 Franklin

Callery Michael, shoemaker, bds 171 Railroad av

Calligan Kate, dressmaker, h 366 W Church

Calligan Lida E., music-teacher, h 366 W Church

Callihan Eliza, domestic, 401 W Gray

Callinan Patrick, laborer, h 100 W Washington av

Camp C. A., civil engineer, bds Rathbun House

Camp Eugene F., shoemaker, h 161 Washington

Camp Frederick A., (Beach & Camp,) bds 611 College av

Campbell Alfred T., (H. Campbell & Co.) bds 861 Factory

Campbell Anna M. Miss, teacher School No. 2, bds 381 W Church

Campbell Barney, laborer, h 957 Main

Campbell Bidger, laborer, h 666 Baldwin

Campbell Charles (H. Campbell & Co.,) h 861 Factory

Campbell David, laborer, h Powell n S Elm

Campbell Duncan P., Painter, bds 298 De Witt

J. H. BARNEY’S COAL OFFICE with J. Langdon & Co. 110 Baldwin St.

Campbell Edgar, engineer, bds 861 Factory

Campbell Frederick, laborer, h 665 Dickinson

Campbell Gabriel, laborer, h 401 Powell

Campbell George H., storekeeper P. P. Car Co., h 423 W Fourth

Campbell Georgiana, domestic, 123 W Water

Campbell Gilbert, laborer, bds Main ab blast furnace

Campbell Harriet B., widow Duncan, h 208 De Witt

Campbell Henry, (H. Campbell & Co.,) bds Rathbun House

Campbell Henry L., blacksmith, h 414 Washington av

Campbell Horace, barber, Pennsylvania av cor South av bds do

Campbell H. & Co., (Henry, Charles and Alfred T. Campbell), tanners, 857 Factory

Campbell James, brakeman, h Lewis n W South av

Campbell James, laborer, h 715 Dickinson

Campbell James, laborer, bds Reformatory av n College av

Campbell James, plumber, h 207 E. Market

Campbell James, plumber, bds 611 Williams

Campbell James E., grocer, 605 E Second h do

Campbell John, laborer, h 103 E Washington av

Campbell John, laborer, h 157 E Washington av

Campbell John, laborer, bds 611 William

Campbell Joseph A., machinist, h 611 William

Campbell Kizzy, domestic, 450 W Gray

Campbell Mary, domestic, 500 Baldwin

Campbell Michael, laborer, h 802½ Hatch

Campbell Michael B., car inspector 118 W S Water

Campbell M. P., shoemaker, 438 E Water h do

Campbell Patrick, shoemaker, h 107 Sullivan

Campbell William, fireman, h Junction n South ave

Cane Mary, domestic, 213 W S Water

Cane Patrick, blacksmith, h 163 Sullivan

Canfield David A., engineer, h 413 Magee

Canfield Jennie Mrs., bds 313 Lake

Canfield ----, salesman, bds 127 Railroad ave

Cannan Clara, domestic, 555 E Water

Cannon James, clerk, h 517 W First

Canny Mary, cook, Hathaway House

Cantine G. A., clerk, bds Hathaway House

Cardnell Hannah, nurse, bds 110 W Church

CAREY DE FOREST B., shoemaker, 725 Lake, bds 519 Harper

Carey Edward E., painter, bds 316 Orchard

Carey Francis W., tailor, h 316 Orchard

Carey Frank, shoemaker, h 558 Norton

Carey Matthew J., crimper, h 502 Madison Ave.

Willow & Cane Sewing STANDS & BASKETS, at China Hall, Lake St.

Carey Michael, carpenter, h 363 W Third

Carey William R., (Kirkland & Carey) h 316 Orchard

Cargill Rosewell G., (Cargill & Davis), also organist, h 129 N Main

Cargill & Davis(Rosewell G. Cargill and Charles H. Davis), artists 134 W Water

Carl Harry, h 115 Lake

Carlan Cornelius, tailor, bds 253 Baldwin

Carley Martin, porter, Hathaway House

Carley Thomas, mason, bds Centre cor Hall

Carlisle James, gardener, bds 127 Railroad ave

Carman G. Smith, (Hite & Carman,) h 654 E Water

Carman William H., (Carman & Rich), h 425 W Clinton

Carman & Rich (William H. Carman and Richard H. Rich), carriage manufacturer, 231 W Water

Carmer William, music teacher, bds 417 E Market

Carmody Bridget, domestic, Delavan House

Carmody Edward, carpenter, h 893 Railroad ave

Carmody Ellen, domestic, 501 W Water

Carmody John, saloon, 309 Railroad av h do

Carmody Mary, widow John, h 408 Walnut

Carmody Michael, expressman, h McDonald n W Sixth

Carmody Michael, tallyman, Eric depot h 721 McDoncil

Carmody Simon, laborer, h 954 East av

Carners James, foreman, h Miller bel Northern Central R. R.

Carney Martin, laborer, bds 257 W Henry

Carney Mary, widow Martin, h 257 W Henry

Carney Michael, bds 507 Columbia

Carney Thomas M., boot and shoemaker, 507 Columbia h do

Carpenter Amos G., teamster, h Canal n Railroad av

Carpenter Clara E., bds 400 William

Carpenter Effie, saleslady, 146 W Water, bds 240 W Water

Carpenter George E., (Smith, Lawrence & Co.), also (M. Richardson & Co.,) h 400 William

Carpenter George E., bottler, bds 202 Pennsylvania av

Carpenter John B., fireman, h South av ab Erie R. R.

Carpenter John Y., letter carrier, h 907 Lake

Carpenter Mary, domestic, 381 W Church

Carpenter Nelson E., clerk, 310 E Water bds 212 W Hudson

Carpenter Townsend, butcher, h 106 Magee

Carpenter Z. R., turner, h 603 W Hill

Carr Bernard, blacksmith, h 726 Hatch

Carr Elizabeth, domestic, 1019 Factory

Carr Elizabeth, widow Austin, h 411 Baldwin

Buy your COAL of J. H. BARNEY, 110 BALDWIN ST.

Carr Emily C., teacher school No. 5, bds Carr’s Corners

Carr Fannie E. Miss, teacher school No. 2, h 411 Baldwin

Carr Lewis C., carpenter, h Madison av n Lake

Carr Mary, domestic, 215 Gregg

Carr Mary A., domestic, 1019 E Factory

Carr Patrick, machinist, bds 726 Hatch

Carr Samuel M., farmer, h Carr’s Corners

Carr Silas T., carriagemaker, h 705 Jay

Carr Stephen, laborer, h 807 Hatch

Carr Thomas F., hooker, bds 726 Hatch

Carr William, brakeman, h 217 W Second

Carr William S., bookkeeper, 305 E Water h W Water ab city limits

Carrier Courtland F., clerk, 152 Lake h 309 De Witt

Carrier George H., barber, Frazier House bds 161 Lake

Carrier Joseph, carpenter, h 518 Lake

Carrigan Ellen, widow James, h 711 Canal

Carrigan James, helper, h Maxwell av n E Washington av

Carrigan John, hooker, bds 711 Canal

Carrigan Miles, straightener, bds 711 Canal

Carrigan Nellie, domestic, bds 107 E Washington av

Carrigan Thomas, helper, bds 711 Canal

Carroll Frederick, teamster, h 207 E Market

Carroll Hugh, shoemaker, bds 218 Baldwin

Carroll James, laborer, h O’Gorman n Northern Central R. R.

Carroll John, laborer, h O’Gorman n Northern Central R. R.

Carroll Mary, domestic, 410 N Main

Carroll Mary, domestic, 112 E S Water

Carroll Patrick, laborer, bds College ab n Reformatory

Carroll Patrick, teamster, h 254 W Hudson

Carruthers Addie, domestic, 602 W Water

Carruthers Robert, butcher, bds 615 Hart

Carruthers William, gardener, h 615 Hart

Carswell James, perfumer, bds 897 E Market

Carter Alvey, milkman, h 717 John

Carter Elizabeth, widow Edward, h College av cor First

Carter Frank A., shoemaker, h 220 E Water

Carter George, coachman, 403 Lake

Carter John A., student, bds College av cor First

Carter Joseph, clerk, bds 717 John

Carter Levi, laborer, h 616 Baldwin

Carter Levi, laborer, h 616 Baldwin

Carter Thomas O., shoemaker, bds 100 W Water

Carter William H., carpenter, h South av n Pennsylvania av

Cartledge James C., stonecutter, h 108 E Henry

Cartledge Joseph, foreman, 442 E. Water h 123 Sullivan

French GLASS SHADES & Wax Material, at Dexter’s Lake St.

Cartwright Stephen, manager rolling mill, h 716 Hatch

Casady Frank R., law student, 340 E Water bds 220 W Water

Casady George B., express clerk Erie depot, h 411 De Witt

Casady, see also Cassidy

Case George, teamster, bds 456 Oak

Case Henry, mason, h 309 W Hudson

Case Joshua J., teamster, bds 805 E Water

Casey Bridget Mrs., domestic, 306 W Gray

CASEY DANIEL, grocer, 272 W Hudson h do

Casey Daniel, laborer, h 1019 Oak

Casey Joseph, organmaker, bds 611 Lake

Cashman John, blacksmith, bds 107 Fulton

Casper George, carpenter, h 114 E Second

Cass John, U S gauger, 111 Lake, h 211 Madison ave

Cassal Charles M., clerk 105 E Water bds 709 E Church

Cassal Henry M., jeweler, 105 E Water h 709 E Church

Cassidy John L., shoemaker, h 858 E Market

Cassidy Michael H., shoemaker, bds 858 E Market

Cassidy Thomas, shoemaker, bds 116 High

Cassidy see also Casady

Casson Joseph, brakeman, bds South ave n Erie R. R.

Casson Martin, laborer, Erie n South ave

Casterlien Elminia Mrs., 711 John

Casterlein Jacob, segarmaker, bds 711 John

Casterlein Jennie, dressmaker, 711 John

Casterline Horace, guns, pistols, &c., 121 W Water, h 754 John

Casterline Jane G., laborer, h N Oak bel Harper

Catlin Ann E., widow Orin, bds 464 W First

Caulking Willard A., printer, h 750 Jay

Causer Joseph, roller, h 911 Magee

Causer Joseph, jr., roller, h Stowell N End

Cavanaugh Bridget, widow John, h 722 Hatch

Cavanagh Michael, coachman, 957 Lake

Cavenaugh Jeremiah, carter, h 447 W Fifth

Caverly John, iron-worker, bds 1016 Magee

Cavin Mary, domestic, 357 N Main

Cawfelt Philip, shoemaker, 830 W Church

CHADBORN JOSEPH K., clerk Erie Depot, bds 657 Park Place

Chadborne William S., clerk bds Rathbun House

Chamberlain Charles D., clerk E. R. R. depot, bds 912 College ave

CHAMBERLAIN HORACE E., Collector Elmira Gazette, also bill poster, h 119 W S Water

Chamberlain John W., salesman, 308 Carroll h 212 W Gray


Chamberlin Asahel B., general Auditor Erie R R also Supt Towanda Coal Co., h 713 Park Place

Chambers George J., laborer, bds Mansion House

Chapin Hannah, domestic, 102 Ferris

Chapman Benjamin, laborer, h 366 W Third

Chapman Charles, clerk, bds 315 E Market

Chapman Henry, laborer, h 362 E Fifth

Chapman James J., foreman, h 110 W Henry

Chapman Mary, widow George, h 110 W Henry

Chapman Samuel A., farmer, h W Elmira

Chapman Thomas, spinner, bds 713 Railroad ave

Charbarnout Adolph, laborer, h 220 Harriet

Charbarnout August, laborer, bds 220 Harriet

Chase Cornelius B., machinist, h Lewis n Jacob

Chase Fred M., clerk, 327 E Water h 115 E Hudson

Chase Walter P., clerk, 344 E Water h 432 W Water

Chase William H., whitewasher, h E Fifth, h E Fifth cor Dickinson

CHASE ZALMON F., physician and surgeon, 769 E Church h do

CHEMUNG CANAL BANK, 413 E Water bel Lake

Cherry Annie, domestic, 418 W Church

Cherry Electa, saloon, 218 E Market h do