Tri-Counties Genealogy & History by Joyce M. Tice
Directories of Chemung County, New York
Bradford County PA
Chemung County NY
Tioga County PA
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1874 Directory Table of Contents
FOR 1874.

Abbreviations Used In This Directory—Ab., above; al., alley; av., avenue; bds, boards; bel., below; bet., between; cor., corner; do., ditto; E., east; ft., foot; h., house; la., lane; n., near; N., north; r., rear; rd., road; R.R., railroad; sq., square; S., south; W., west.


Aarons, Jacob, clerk, 205 E. Water, bds 412 Carroll

Abbot, Aaron B., (Beers & Abbot,) h 407 N. Main

Abbot, A. H., machinist, h 103 E. South ave n Erie R.R.

Abbot, Catharine, widow Charles R., h 102 W Hudson

Abbott, Charles sexton Woodland Cemetery h do

J. H. Barney’s Coal Office, 110 Baldwin Street.

Abbott, Edwin R., proprietor Rathbun House, Water cor Baldin (see page 5)

Abbott, Frank B., physician, 224 W Water, h do

Abbott, Harriet M., widow Fry, bds 610 W Gray

Abbott, James, carbuilder, h Diven ave n Baldwin

Abbott, James, conductor, h O’Gorman n Northern Central R.R.

Abbott, L. Guy, clerk 144 W Water, bds 408 W Gray

Abbott, Oscola H., painter and paper-hanger, h 610 W Gray

Abbott, Robert, brakeman, bds 309 W Second

Abelizky, Morris, peddler, h 712 John

Aber, Daniel jr., clerk, 148 W Water, bds 208 S Main

Abriel, P., peddler, bds 659 E Water

Abt, Joseph, saloon, 605 Railroad av

Achason, William, shoemaker, bds 112 W Water

Achker, Emma, domestic, 412 N Main

Acker, Fannie, domestic, 315 E Market

Acker, Henry, bartender, 324 Carroll, bds do

Ackerman, James B., hack-driver, h 303 E Water

Ackerman, Peter, fireman, bds 154 W Fifth

Ackerman, Sarah A., dressmaker, 202 E Water h do

Ackerson, Abraham, farmer, h 1319 Lake

Ackerson, John H., teamster, h Norton cor Hall

Ackerson, William, bds 1319 Lake

Adams, Charles, carpenter, bds 716 Benjamin

Adams, Cornelia, domestic, 325 Lake

Adams, Erastus D., clerk, 111 Lake, bds Homestead Hotel

Adams Express Co., 152 Baldwin

Adams, James A., (C.E. Vinton & Co.) bds Pennsylvania House

Adams, John, bootmaker, 507 W Second h do

Adams, John Q., bookkeeper, 143 E Water bds 507 College av

Adams, Robert W., whitewasher, h 708 Baldwin

Adams, Samuel, laborer, h 408 DeWitt

Aegle, John, carpenter, h 505 E Water

Aegle, Michael, bricklayer, bds 606 E Water

Aegle, Patrick, laborer, 606 E Water

Aichele, George F., marble worker, bds 603 Railroad av

Alabaster, John Rev., h 318 W Church

Alair, Frank, shoemaker, bds John cor DeWitt

Albers, John, carpenter, h 654 Dickinson

Albert, Sarah, tailoress, bds 309 W Second

Albertson Charles W., photographer, 306 E Water, bds 710 Benjamin

Whitney’s Celebrated Children’s Carriages at Dexter’s

Albertson, Eugene, clerk, 314 E Water, bds 710 Benjamin

Albertson, George W., engineer, h 710 Benjamin

Albertson, Virgil, stone-quarrier, h 521 Harper

Albro, Frank, brakeman, bds 213 Madison av

Albro, Walter H., salesman, 308 Carroll, bds 213 Madison av

Albro, William B., cigar-manufacturer, 420 Carroll, bds 213 Madison av

Albro, William W., foreman, 420 Carroll, h 213 Madison av

Alderson, Ettie A., student, bds 507 W Clinton

Alderson, Paul, carpenter, h 515 W. Clinton

Aldrich, Albert A., sash and blindmaker, bds 662 Columbia

Aldrich, Alice, teacher, No. 1, bds 310 Washington

Aldrich, Charles D., blindmaker, h 414 N Main

Aldrich, Esther, dressmaker, bds 655 N Main

Aldrich, Ethan A., sash and blindmaker, h 662 Columbia

Aldrich, Oscar E., sashmaker, h 414 N. Main

Aldrich, Schuyler, Rev., pastor Free Baptist Church, h 913 Lake

Aldridge, Hubbard, printer, bds 160 Clinton

Aldridge, Sarah, dressmaker, bds 114 W Church

Alexander, James W., barber, 116 S. Main, h 213 W Third

Alexander, J. W., Mrs., dressmaker, h 213 W Third

Alexander, Miner, watchman, bds 304 Penna av

Allen, Almina, widow Enos, h 116 Ferris

Allen, Asa T., printer, bds 215 DeWitt

Allen, Charles A., marblecutter, bds 116 Ferris

Allen, Frank E., clerk, Railroad av, h 509 Park Place

Allen, Isaac, brakeman, h 3 Erie

Allen, John, miller, h foot E Water

Allen, John S., foreman Advertiser office, h 215 DeWitt

Allen, Joseph, carpenter, h S Main bel O’Gorman

Allen, Mary A., widow Samuel, h 857 Magee

Allen, Matilda, domestic, Davis ab Cemetery

Allen, Morris, clerk, 143 E Water, bds Magee

Allen, P. Thomas, carriagemaker, bds 544 E. Church

Allen, Samuel S., conductor, bds 857 Magee

Allen, Sarah T., bds 657 Park Place

Allen, William S., cashier Erie Freight office, bds 116 Ferris

Allerton, Frank H., clerk, 324 E Water, bds 319 Baldwin

Allerton, George C., machinist, h 319 Baldwin

Allison, Nathaniel, carpenter, bds Canal n Railroad av

Allison Oscar W., painter, h 516 W First

Allman, Richard, laborer, bds 630 William

Allshouse, Kate, domestic, 506 W Clinton

J. H. Barney Southport Coal Yard

Almon, Hannah, domestic, 311 Lake

Alton, Cyrus, carpenter, h E Thurston n Lake

Amaker, Jacob, bartender, 503 Railroad av

Amann, Jacob, laborer, h 830 Walnut

Amberg, Fred, grocer, 601 Lake cor Clinton, h do

Amberg, Sophie, widow Clement, bds 601 Lake

Ambrose, Michael, engine-wiper, h 518 College av

Amos, Alexander, carpenter, h Howard n Factory

Amsden, Benjamin, clerk, bds 309 William

Anders, Henry, barber, 115 W Water, h 468 E Water

Anderson, Dora, teacher No 1 School, bds 706 E. Second

Anderson, E. S., agent, bds 253 Baldwin

Anderson, John G., carpenter, h 708 E Second

Anderson, Matthias, carpenter, h 913 N Main

Anderson, Wesley, bds 370 W Church

Anderton, Austin, milk-peddler, bds 603 Hoffman

Andrews, Benjamin (J. Andrews & Son), bds 463 W Water

Andrews, Edwin W., clerk, 301 E Water, bds 463 W Water

Andrews, Jennie, domestic, 100 W Water

Andrews, John (J. Andrews & Son), h 463 W Water

Andrews, John W., clerk, 113 Lake, bds 507 Baldwin

Andrews J & Son, (John and Benjamin), saw manufacturers, 111 E Market

Andrews, Merritt, dry goods, 113 Lake, h 507 Baldwin

Andrus, Elihu S., carpenter, h 217 W Second

Andrus, George F., shoemaker, bds 309 W Gray

Andrus, Laura, widow Gideon H., bds 210 W Third

Andrus, Lemuel M., carpenter, h 608 Walnut

Andrus, Leonora, domestic, 103 E Church

Andrus, William L., peddler, bds 217 W Second

Angell, Horatio, agent, bds 807 E Market

Anhalt, Abraham, auctioneer and commission merchant 200 E Water, h 109 Orchard

Anhalt, Julius, furrier, 200 E Water, h 415 E Church

Annes, W. Edward, machinist, bds 101 W S Water

Ansorge, Hannah Mrs., John cor Harriet

Ansorge Marcus P., clothing, 109 E Water h at Corning

Appleton, Charles, boatman, bds Sullivan cor Carpenter

Appleton, Charles, laborer, h 54 S Washington

Appleton, William, laborer, h Sullivan cor Carpenter

Archer, James, peddler, h 414 E Clinton

Archer, Robert, perfumer, h 807 E Market

Archibald, Mary, widow, bds 412 College av

All New Styles of Crockery & China, at China Hall, Lake St.

Argetsinger, Druzilla, Miss, teacher, bds 523 W Clinton

Argetsinger, Peter, painter, h 523 W Clinton

Armstrong, George, painter, bds South av n Northern Central R. R.

Armstrong, George N., slater, h 108 Ferris

Armstrong, Jane M. widow Wesley, h 604 Dickinson

Armstrong, John, laborer, h 412 Perry

Armstrong, Joseph M., baggage-master, h 154 W Fourth

Armstrong, Moses C., carpenter, h South av cor Jefferson

Armstrong, Sarah, dressmaker, bds 154 W Fourth

Armstrong, W. A., farmer, West Elmira, n Carr’s corners

Arnold, Edwin P., carpenter, h 333 Weber pl n College av

A Anhalt, Auctioneer & Commission Merchant and Dealer in Crockery andGlass-Ware, Dry Goods, Clothing, Notions, Table Linens, Table and Pocket Cutlery, Plated-Ware, Watches and Jewelry, Furniture, Carpets, etc., etc., etc. 200 East Water St., (Cowen’s New Block), Elmira, N.Y. Cash Advance on Consignment. Outside Sales Promptly Attended To.

For Goods at Bottom Prices, call in and see the Byington Bros., 119 Baldwin St.

Carpets of all kinds at W. E. Hart & Son’s, 325 E. Water St.

Arnold, George W., conductor, h 123 W Water

Arnold, Lillie, domestic, 517 W First

Arnold, Philip, groceries and provisions, 400 W Church h do

Arnold, Warren, carpenter, h 324 Railroad av

Arnot, Harriet, widow John, h 235 Lake

Arnot, John Jr., mayor, cashier Chemung Canal Bank, 413 E Water also (T. Briggs & Co.), h 254 W Clinton

Arnot, Matthias H., ass’t cashier Chemung Canal Bank, 413 W Water, bds 235 Lake

Arnot, Stephen T., vice prest Chemung canal Bank, also sec’ry, treas and supt Elmira Gaslight Co., 413 W Water h 211 Lake

Arnott, Charles, mason, h 213 Sullivan

Arnsmyer, Joseph, machinist, bds Penn’a av n Lewis

Ashbacher, William, upholsterer, h 423 W Fourth

Ask, Samuel, machinist, bds 864 Lake

Aspinwall, Harriet, widow Judson, bds 361 W First

Aspinwall, Nathaniel P., h 361 W First

Assauer, Christian, h Pennsylvania av a Hudson

Atkins, Christopher C., tailor, 317 E Water, h 358 W Water

Atkins, Eugene, carpenter, bds 109 S Main

Atkins, Joanna, widow Christopher C., Jr., bds 358 W Water

Buy Your Coal of J. H. Barney, 110 Baldwin Street

Atkins, Robert T., cigar manufr and tobacconist, 153 Baldwin, h 202 W Gray

Atkins, Theodore V., news agent, Erie depot, bds Hathaway House

Atkins, William P., clerk, 158 Baldwin, h do

Atkinson, Frank H., sec’ry Pittston and Elmira Coal Co., h 410 N Main

Atwater, Dwight, boot and shoe manufr, 119 Railroad av, h 534 W Church cor Grover

Atwill, Joseph F., (Collin & Atwill), bds Rathbun House

Atwood, Bennett C., bookkeeper, bds 518 Pennsylvania av

Atwood, Mercy, widow Abner, bds 520 W Church

Audinwood, Lizzie, saleslady, 327 W Water, bds 159 Madison av

Ault, Cora, domestic, 111 College Av

Austin, Alonzo, farmer, h 505 Pennsylvania av

Austin, Edward R., carpenter, h 611 W Gray

Austin, George H., train dispatcher Northern Central R.R., E Fifth cor Hatch, bds 709 N Main

Austin, Peter, farmer, h 509 Pennsylvania av

Auten, Alfred C., carpenter, h 114 W Partridge

Auten, Charles E., building mover, bds 114 W Partridge

Averill, Edward, agent lime, cement, etc., Erie Railroad n South av, h S Main cor Jacob

Averill, Levi (Stowell & Averill), h 711 E Market

Rowland’s Carburetted Stone., Fire and Frost Proof

Avery, A.J., brakeman, bds 216 W Second

Avery, A. W., engineer, h 216 W Second

Avery, E.W., teamster, bds 216 W Second

Axtell, Charles, teamster, h 122 Sullivan

Ayers, Albert, blacksmith, bds 408 College av

Ayers, Allen W., marble-works, 442 E Water, h 110 S. water

Ayers, John T., carriage maker, 503 College av, h 408 do

Ayers, John T. Jr., messenger, W.U.T., bds 408 College av

Ayers, William, blacksmith, bds 204 Hoffman

Aying, Margaret, widow William L., bds 204 Madison av

Ayrault, Miles, (Hobbie, Ayrault & Co.), h 367 W Church

Ayres, Edward H., clerk, bds 320 Lake

Ayres, Ellison W., teamster, h 466 Franklin

Ayres, Henry, clerk, bds 640 W Gray

Ayres, S., jeweler and insurance-agent, 400 E Water, h 320 Lake

B Babcock, Ellen, widow John, h 801 E Market

Babcock, Erastus F., lawyer, 2 Opera Block, h 322 W Church

Babcock, Ezra D., carpenter, h First n Hoffman

The Best Imported and Domestic Glassware, At Dexter’s

Babcock, Hiram, laborer, bds 107 E Washington av

Babcock, J., machinist, bds 516 DeWitt

Babcock, James, polisher, h 502 E Clinton

Babcock, Layman W., blacksmith, h Main, cor W Water

Babcock, Martha, widow Elias, bds Main cor W Water

Bachli, Jacob, saloon, 509 Railroad av h do

Bachman, Charles D., painter, bds Railroad av ab Second

Bachman, Charles M., bookkeeper, bds 304 E Water

Bachman, Martin J., painter, h 125 E S Water

Bachmann, Aloysius A. Rev., pastor St. John’s German Catholic Church h 717 Benjamin

Backer, Emily, teacher school No. 3, bds 213 Mt. Zoar

Backer, Henry, farmer, 213 Mt. Zoar

Backer, William, foreman, 101 W S Second, h 505 S Broadway

Backman, Charles W., express messenger, bds 820 W Church

Bacon, Bezera P., laborer, h N End Stowell

Bacon, Calvin, farmer, h 714 E Clinton

Bacon, Kate M. Miss, teacher Elmira Female College, bds do

Bacon, Mary, widow Philip, bds 211 W Gray

Bacon, William J., laborer, h 431 Standish

Bacorn, Garrett, speculator, h 407 W Sixth

Badger, Harwood M., farmer, h 901 East av

Go To Byington Bros. For Your Groceries, cheap and reliable 119 Baldwin St.

Badger, Lucius M., silverplater, 307 W Fourth h do (see adv)

Badger, Minor C., clerk, 300 E Water, bds 307 W Fourth

Badger, Rollo M., dispatcher, bds 616 College av

Badger, Russell M., deputy sheriff, h 616 College av

Badger, William, bds 901 East avenue

Badger William L., farmer, bds 307 W Fourth

Bagley, William A., blacksmith, h 1314 Lake

Behan, John, laborer, h 518 High

Bahan, Stephen, printer, Gazette office, bds 513 High

Bahen, Margaret, widow Patrick, bds 204 Broadway

Bailey, Benjamin M., insurance agent, h 146 W Water

Bailey, David, blacksmith, Pennsylvania av n E S Water, h 216 Harmon

Bailey, Frank, carpenter, bds 376 W Clinton

Bailey, George S., (G.R. Forrester & Co.), h at Eddy Town

Bailey, Isaac, painter, h 115 Madison av

Bailey, James E, wagonmaker, h 127 W Hudson

Bailey, Nettie Mrs., dressmaker, h 112 E Water

Bailey, Oscar, machinist, bds 513 E Union

Bailey, Virgil E., salesman, 167 Lake, bds Hathaway House

Bailey, William, brakeman, bds Kinyon n Northern Central R.R. shops

Try Lehigh Coal, from J. H. Barney’s Coal Yard

Bailey, Zenas Y., carpenter, bds Guiltanan n W South av

Bainbridge, Clement D., student, bds 104 College av

Baird, Phoebe J. Mrs., nurse, 104 E. Hudson

Baker, Abner K., axemaker, h Oak cor Factory

Baker, Amelia, laundry, 332 E Water, h do

Baker C., Hamilton, clerk, 2 Opera Block, h 119 E Hudson

Baker, Charles, carpenter, bds 715 College av

Baker, Charles T., laborer, h 241 W Water


The Subscriber is Prepared to do All Kinds of Electro Plating & Gilding, all Work Warrented. All Dents Removed From Silver Spoons. Prices for Repairing:

Per Doz. Extra Per Doz. Double

Plain Teaspoons $1.75 $2.50

Fancy $2.00 $2.75

Fancy Desert Spoons & Forks $3.00 $4.12

Plain Desert Forks $2.62 $3.75

Plain Tablespoons and Forks $3.50 $5.25

Fancy Tablespoons and Forks $4.00 $5.50

Knives from $5.00 to $6.00 per Dozen. Cups and Goblets, (Replated and Gilded), from $1.00 to $2.50 each. L. M. Badger, 307 West Fourth Street, Elmira, N.Y.

Rowland’s Carburetted Stone, as durable as the Natural Stone

Baker, Delia, widow Josiah, bds 381 W. Church

Baker, E. C., carpenter, h 402 E Water

Baker, Eunice F., widow William, bds W Gray cor Davis

Baker, Frank, marble polisher, h 332 E Water

Baker, Henry, stonecutter, Main n First, bds 417 Railroad av

Baker, Howard E. (Preswick, Morse & Co.), bds 1002 Lake

Baker, James M., farmer, h 1030 W Water

Baker, Jeremiah, laborer, h city limits n Woodlawn Cemetery

Baker, John, clerk, 152 Lake

Baker, John R., clerk bds 857 Magee

Baker Lanah, dressmaker, h 1003 Oak

Baker, Leroy A., (Wright & Baker), bds 211 W Hudson

Baker, M. S., seamstress, h 402 E Water

Baker, Nathan, h 1002 Lake

Baker, Nicholas, laborer, h 563 Beech

Baker, Richard, farmer, h 211 W Hudson

Baker, Richard, machinist, bds 101 W S Water

Baker, Thomas C., laborer, h 307 E Clinton

Baker, Thomas E., blacksmith, h Clinton cor Dickinson

Baker, V.C., conductor, bds 857 Magee

Baldwin, A. H., contractor, 316 E Water, bds Hathaway House

Table Cutlery and Plated Ware at Dexter’s Double Store, Lake St.

Baldwin, Alfred V., painter, bds 260 Baldwin

Baldwin, Alice, widow Isaac, bds 236 Lake

Baldwin, Charles H., bookkeeper, 114 Baldwin, h at Southport

Baldwin, Elisha G., deputy collector U.S. int revenue, 111Lake h 115 Madison av

Baldwin, Erwin J., lawyer, 210 E Water, bds 220 William

Baldwin, George, carpenter, h 313 Orchard

Baldwin, Gibson & Bixby, (G.W. Baldwin, W. L. Gibson and E.D. Bixby), ice dealers, 3 Stancliffe Hall Block

Baldwin, Gordon, W., (Baldwin, Gibson & Bixby), h 214 W First

Baldwin, Henry, weighmaster, Main ab North, h Reformatory n Main

Baldwin, S. Davis, coal, 101 E Market, bds 236 Lake

Baldwin, J. Scott, clerk, 101 E Market, bds 236 Lake

Baldwin, Thomas W., mason, h 807 E Market

Baldwin, Vida, bookkeeper, bds 111 Penn’a av

Baldwin, William I., h 220 DeWitt

Bales, William S., patternmaker, h 115 Sullivan

Ball, Alice J., widow Joseph, bds 122 W Henry

Ball, James, laborer, bds 658 Dickinson

Ball, Mary I., Miss, h 657 Park place

Ballard, Hiram, laborer, h 512 DeWitt

BYINGTON BROS. Are Dealers in Choice Fancy Groceries 119 Baldwin St

BLACK and FANCY SILKS, at W.E. HART & SON’S, 325 E. Water St.

Ballard, William W., contractor, h 272 Baldwin

Balls, Albert, laborer, h 652 Dickinson

Balls, James, laborer, bds 652 Dickinson

Bally, Jennie E., milliner, bds 311 Columbia

Bally, John, jeweler, Water cor Baldwin, h 311 Columbia

Bally, Louis F., clerk post office, bds 311 Columbia

Bally, William, student, bds 311 Columbia

Balton, Patrick, laborer, h 326 Weber n College av

Baltz, Richard, cooper, h 505 E Market

BANK OF CHEMUNG, Tracy Beadie pres’t, H. W. Beadie cashier, 150 Baldwin

Banker, Andrew, laborer, h 563 E Water

Banks, George, roller, h 713 Benjamin

Banks, Samuel, painter, h 113 Harriet

Bansback, Frederick, tailor, h 753 E Water

BANTLEY CONSTANTINE, Elmira Wire and Screen Works, 326 Carroll, h Jay n Oak (see adv p 3)

Barber, Abbott, mason, h 403 W Church

Barber, Charles H., machinist, bds 109 S. Main

Barber, James W., mason, h 309 Orchard

Barber, John, miller, h 219 Franklin

Barber, Oliver A., mason, bds 403 W Church

For the best kinds of COAL, go to J. H. Barney, 110 Baldwin St.

Barbour, Matthew S., weaver, bds 306 W First

Barden, Mary J., widow, Ranson, bds 121 Fox

Bardwell, Ransom P., Supt Queen City Woolen Mills, h 450 Oak

Bardwell, Wallace E., clerk Second National Bank, bds 450 Oak

Bardwell, Willis H., machinist, bds 450 Oak

Barker, Fred (Booth, Dounce, Rose & Co.), bds 417 E Market

Barker, William, painter, bds 111 W Second

Barlow, James, carpenter, bds 454 W First

Barned, Robert, moulder, h 127 Partridge

Barnes, Charles, engineer, h 612 Baldwin

Barnes, David, carpenter, h 459 W Third

Barnes, Floyd A., carpenter, bds 459 W Third

Barnes, George W., liveryman, h 14 Opera Block

Barnes, Mary, bds Elmira Surgical Institute

Barnes, Sarah, widow Rufus, bds 806 N Main

Barnes, Ulysses, shoemaker, 371 W Water, h do

Barnes, William, carpenter, h E Thurston n Lake

Barnett, Jeremiah, laborer, h 58 Fulton

Barnett, John, laborer, h 820 Hatch

BARNEY, JOSEPH H., coal and wood, 110 Baldwin and 101 W S Second, bds 117 W S Water (see adv)

Barney, Luther L., insurance agent, h 115 W S Water



Barney, Olive, widow Henry, bds 115 W S Water

Barnhart, Alvin G., carpenter, h Oak n Carpenter

Barr, Nicholas, baker, h 806 E Market

Barraclough, Adelia Mrs., h 215 S Main

Barras, Samuel A., shoemaker, h 123 W Water

Barrett, John, bricklayer, bds 411 W Sixth

Barrett, John F., painter, h 317 W Fourth

Barrett, Katie, domestic, 650 E Market

Barrett, Mary, domestic, 711 College av

Barrie, Lizzie, domestic, Davis ab Cemetery

Barron, Joseph H., (White & Barron), h Beech cor Clinton

Barry, John, car inspector, 102 W Henry

Barry, Julia, widow, David, h 107 S Walnut

Barry, Mary M., h 210 W Water

Barry, Robert, laborer, h 817 E Church

Barry, William F., machinist, h W South av n Lewis

Bartell, George, barber, Frazier House, h Second cor Railroad av

Barter, Richard H., rigger, h 467 Powell

Barth, Ferdinand, carpenter, h 121 Harriet

Bartholt, Rachel Mrs., tailoress, h 379 W Gray

Bartholt, William H., clerk, 301 E Water, bds 379 W. Gray

Bartholomew, Charles, watchmaker, 218 E Water, bds 115 Columbia

Coal Oil Chandeliers, Brackets & Lamps, at Dexter’s, Lake St.

Bartholomew, Edmund H., builder, bds 401 Columbia

Bartholomew, John (Kellogg & Bartholomew), h 310 Baldwin

Bartholomew, John H. fireman, bds 115 Columbia

Bartholomew, Joseph, millwright, h 115 Columbia

Bartholomew, Josiah, carpenter, 170 E. Water, h 310 Baldwin

Bartholomew, Theodore, carpenter, bds 401 Columbia

Bartholomew, Uriah, prop’r Frazier House, 441 Railroad av cor Third

Bartlett, C. L. shoemaker, h 133 W Water

Bartlett, E. L. Mrs., seamstress, bds 110 W Water

Bartlett, George L. clerk Northern Central R.W. freight office, bds 801 N Main

Bartlett, John S., ticket agent Erie depot, bds 327 Baldwin

Bartlett, Lizzie E. F., seamstress, bds 110 W Water

Bartlett, Patrick, mason, h 658 Columbia

Barltey, Patrick, laborer h 658 Columbia

Barto, Mary H., widow Gideon, h William cor E Third

Barton, Jane A., widow Henry, bds 374 William

Barton, Robert W., (Durland & Burton) h 374 W. Church

Bartroff, Charles, butcher, 166 Lake, bds do

Bardwell, Arthur, shoemaker, bds John cor DeWitt

Bassett, Fred P., carpenter and joiner, 307 W Second bds 410 W First

HONESTY is the best Policy to be found at Byington Bros., 119 Baldwin St.

Bassett, Palmer H., (Stone & Bassett) h 410 W First

Bates, Emma, domestic, 502 W Water

Bates, James, laborer, h 212 Hoffman

Bates, John, tanner, bds 212 Hoffman

Battelle, Roger S. carpenter, h 407 Walnut

Battersby, John, laborer, h 219 Broadway

Battersby, John Jr., helper, bds 219 Broadway

Battersby, Robert, filler, bds 219 Broadway

Batterson, Horace H., mason, h 508 Herrick

Batterson, Robert C., boarding, h Penn’a av n Lewis

Battison, Edmund, mason, h 374 S Main]

Baty, George, saloon, 401 Railroad ave bds do

Baty, Johial, lawyer, h 522 Fulton

Baty, Joseph Jr., carpenter, h Kinyon n W South av

Bauer, Charles, laborer, h 621 Lake

Baum, Peter M., lawyer, 314 E Water, h 510 W Clinton

Bayard, Emery, shoemaker, bds 716 John

Beach, Albert D. (Beach & Camp), bds Rathbun House

Beach, Charles H., mason, h 58 S. Washington

Beach, Jesse, marblecutter, h Balsan n Franklin

Beach, Wilbur A., cler, 309 E Water, bds 106 Madison av

Lehigh Coats are the best Order from J. H. Barney, 110 Baldwin St.

Beach, William, bds 308 William

Beach & Camp (A.D. Beach and F. A. Camp), civil engineers, 113 Lake

Beadle, Chauncey M., Hardware & C., 307 E Water h 400 Lake (see adv, front cover and p 52)

Beadle, Henry W., cashier Bank of Chemung, h 404 Lake

Beadle, Ralph W. bds 400 Lake

Beadle, Tracy, pres. Bank of Chemung, h 400 Lake

Beam, Jacob, laborer, 410 N. Main

Beaman, Augustus, shoecutter, bds 159 Madison av

Beaman, John B., insurance agent, bds 402 William

Bean, George, engineer, h 201E Gray

Bean, Peter, mason, h Carpenter n Oak

Bean, W. H. S., clerk, 344 E Water, h 759 E Second

Beardslee, Drusilla Mrs., boarding, h 111 E Hudson

E. J. BEARDSLEY, Dealer in GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS, Cor. Main and Third Sts., Elmira, N. Y.

Belton, Samuel, blacksmith, h 404 High

Beman, John B., canvasser, 338 E Water, bds 402 William

Bement, Edward P., (Bement & Davenport), h 219 W Second

Bement, Eliza W., clerk, 311 E Water

Bement, Susan A., clerk, 311 E Water

BEMENT & DAVENPORT, (Edward P. Bement and D. R. Davenport), chromos, frames, toys and fancy goods, 311 E Water

Bemish, Marion E., bds 318 W Church

Benedict, Charles, teamster, h 413 Plesant

Benedict, Charles A. watchmaker and jeweler, 136 W. Water, bds 100 do

Benedict John H. carpenter, bds 709 N. Main

Benditson, Samuel, peddler, h 138 Spring

Benham, Farley, tailor, h Rathbun Block

Benham, L. H. Widow Horace, h 304 E Water

Benight, Rheuby, widow Thomas, bds 380 W Water

Benjamin, Elizabeth, widow George E., bds 104 W Fourth

Benjamin, Fremont A., clerk 311 E Water, bds 217 W Second

Benjamin, Hannah, widow Stephen, h 609 Dickinson

Benjamin, Joseph A., tinsmith, h 104 W Fourth

Willow & Cane Sewing STANDS & BASKETS, at China Hall, Lake St.

Benjamin, Kate E., music teacher, h 217 W Second

Benjamin, Sarah L., dressmaker, bds 153 Baldwin

Benjamin, William F., steward Elmira Female College. h 714 Main

Bennett, Andrew J., carpenter, h. 255 W Hudson

Bennett, Barton, carpenter, h 360 Pennsylvania av

Bennett, Catherine, widow Patrick, h 111 E First

Bennett, Edwin, painter, h E Church cor Harriet

Bennett, J., miller, bds 160 Clinton

Bennett, Julia, widow Barrett, h 354 Railroad av

Bennett, Michael, laborer, bds 364 Railroad av

Bennett, Nathaniel, (Bennett & Preston), bds 110 W Water

Bennett, Richard, laborer, h 108 W Fifth

Bennett, Thomas, stonecutter, h 711 Davis

Bennett, _____, teamster, h 318 Hathaway

BENNETT & PRESTON (Nathaniel Bennett and Benjamin G. Preston) shoemakers, 217 W Water

Benson, James G., fireman, h Guiltanen n W South av

Benson, John, laborer, bds Stowell al n Stowell

Benson, Joseph, laborer, h 714 Baldwin

Benson, Luther A., car-inspector, bds 816 Factory

Benson, Melvin J., steward, Rathbun House

Bent, John, keeper, bds Main ab blast furnace

FAIR PLAY is a Jewel. Go Where Your Interests Demand to Byington Bros., 119 Baldwin

Full Stock of House Furnishing Goods at Hart & Son’s, 325 E. Water St.

Bentley, Barbara, domestic, 221 Lake

Bentley, H. S. Mrs., boarding, h 218 Baldwin

Bentley, Oscar L. conductor, h 214 Park

Benton, Henry P., surveyor, h 109 W Gray

Benton, Martha, domestic, 505 Baldwin

Benzaquen, John, cigar maker, bds Pattinson House

Bergan, Jerry, supervisor Northern Central R. W., bds Frazier House

Berger, Charles, laborer, h 600 Dickinson

Berger, George, hotel, 509 Railroad av

Berhalter, Jacob, tailor, h 56 S Orchard

Berner, Adam, grocer, 601 E Water h do

Berry, Andrew, stonecutter, bds Davis ab Cemetery

Berry, David, carpenter, 160 Sullivan h do

Berry, Hiram B., (Berry & Walker), h 214 Washington

Berry, James H., baker, bds 365 W Gray

Berry, James W., painter, h 421 W Fourth

Berry, John, painter, bds 500 E Church

BERRY & WALKER, (H.B. Berry and E.T. Walker), gents furnishing goods, 113 Baldwin, (see adv)

Bertholf, William, blacksmith, h S Main n Jacob

Berthough, Edward, laborer, bds 656 E. Clinton

Buy your COAL of J.H. BARNEY, 110 BALDWIN ST.

Bess, Mary, waitress, Homestead Hotel

Best, Henry A., grocer, 56 Pennsylvania av h do

Betger, Henry, engineer, h Casey n W South av

Betson, Peter, laborer, h N Oak n Harper

Bettis, William, laborer, h 603 Beach

Betts, Alonzo, shoemaker, bds 308 College av

Betts, John W., painter, bds 106 W Gray

Betts, Randolph, shoemaker, h 121 W Water

Betts, Sylvanus H., shoemaker, h 421 W Clinton

Betts, William W., painter, h 106 W Gray

Bevan, Frederick, clerk, bds 663 College av

Bevans, Louisa, (Bevans & Hathorn), 220 W Water

Bevans & Hathorn (Louisa Bevans and Louisa Hathorn), boarding house, 220 W Water

Bialostosky, Philip, peddler, h 712 John

Bickerstaff, Agnes L., domestic, 312 College av

Bidwell, Gilbert, cattle-dealer, h 400 Pennsylvania av

Bidwell, Marshall S., druggist, 303 E Water, h 718 College av

Bidwell, Martha L., teacher, h 400 Pennsylvania av

Bien, George, laborer, h N Oak ab Fifth

Bien, Kate, domestic, 600 Jay


Bien, see also Bein

Bigelow, John A., druggist clerk, bds 111 Pennsylvania av

Bigelow, Julius, coachman, 317 Madison av

Bigelow, William A., boot and shoe manufacturer, Railroad cor Second, h 111 Pennsylvania av

Biggs, Edward C., peddler, h 422 Broadway

Biggs, John, soap boiler, h 507 E Union

Biggs, John Jr., clerk, bds 507 E Union

Biggs, Mary, milliner, 301 E Water h do

Biggs, Peter, (Peter Biggs & Co.), h 414 Baldwin

Biggs, Peter & Co., (Henry Sayles), soap manufacturers, Baldwin cor Fifth

Bilc, George, peddler, h 109 E First

Billette, J. Frank, mason, bds 720 Walnut

Billette, Theodore, moulder, h 720 Walnut

Billings, David T., farmer, h Hoffman n Hart

Billings, Edgar E., shoemaker, h 651 E Market

Billings, Edward, clerk, bds 308 Columbia

Billings, Edward B., clerk, 100 Lake bds Rathbun House

Billings, Hosmer H., clerk, 311 E Water, bds 313 do

Billings, J. L. saloon, 422 E Water, h do

Bills, George, carpenter, bds 1001 Davis

French GLASS SHADES & Wax Material, at Dexter’s, Lake St.

Bingham, Edwin F., shoemaker, h 411 W First

Binney, Alexander, laborer, h 412 DeWitt

Bird, Isaac J., waiter, h 507 Madison av

Birdsall, Melissa, widow Oliver, h 509 Lake

Birmbaum, Moses, peddler, h 659 E Water

Birmingham, Daniel, heater, h McDonald n W Sixth

Birmingham, James, laborer, h 514 Baldwin

Birmingham, John, cigar maker, bds E Third n High

Birmingham, Mary, widow Michael, h E Third n High

Birmingham, Mary, widow Patrick, h E Third n High

Birmingham, Michael, laborer, bds 171 Railroad av

Birmingham, Michael, laborer, h 312 DeWitt

Birmingham, Nellie, domestic, 159 Madison av

Birmingham, Timothy, helper, h 813 McDonald

Bishop, James S., farmer, h Reformatory n Main

Bissell, William D., blacksmith, h 417 Davis

Bixby, Eliakim D., (Baldwin, Gibson & Bixby), h 119 High

Bixby, Pollie, widow John, bds Oak n Lake

Bixby, R. W., carpenter, h 1126 Oak

Black, William M., hostler, 107 E Hudson

Blackman, George, painter, h 461 Powell

Blackman, James M., agent, h 373 W Gray

Blackman, Jared C., salesman, 110 N Main, bds 373 W Gray

Byington Bros., Dealers in Choice Groceries, Flour & Provisions, 119 Baldwin St.

W. W. Hart & Son, Dry Goods, 325 E. Water St.

Blackmon, A. J., farmer, h 1029 W Water

Blades, James H., machine operator, h 705 W Water

Blair, Addison D., lawyer, 102 Lake, h do

Blair, Henry, blacksmith, bds 514 DeWitt

Blaisdell, Adeline, domestic, 160 W Fifth

Blake, Albert A., ladies straw goods, also bleacher, 112 N Main, h 107 W Church

Blake, Catharine, widow John, h W Hudson n Fulton

Blake, John, laborer, h 324 Weber Place n College av

Blake, John, machinist, bds W Hudson n Fulton

Blake, M. E. B., Mrs., h 657 Park Place

Blake, Michael, helper, h 204 Broadway

Blakeslee, D. A., Principal, School No. 2, h Second cor Walnut

Blakeslee, Russell, bds 709 Baldwin

Blampied, Benjamin, clerk, h 462 W First

Blampied, John G., commercial agent, h 402 W First

Blampied, Louisa, saleslady, 151 Lake

Blampied, Samuel (Morse & Blampied), h 311 Madison av

Blanchard, Edward M., painter, h Sullivan n Washington av

Blanchard, Edward S., laborer, h 621 Baldwin


Blanchard, James, hostler, bds 121 Fox

Blanchard, John, butcher, h 220 Mt. Zoar

Blanchard, Porter H., carpenter, h 552 S Main

Bland, Jennie, domestic, 407 W Church

Bliss, Melissa W. Mrs., bds 466 W First

Bliven, Asa, machinist, h 219 Railroad av

Blivin, Charles H., machinist, h 415 E Washington ave

Bliven, George G., machinist, h 514 W First

Bliven, Mary, bds 106 Lake

Bloch, Samuel, clerk, 200 E Water

Block, Max, peddler, h r 119 Harriet

Blodgett, Gardner A., fruit-dealer, h 423 Standish

Blondon, Anna, domestic, 356 W Clinton

Bloodgood, Dwight I., bookkeeper, 111 Railroad av, h 302 W Water

Bloomer, Erastus R., engineer, h 659 N Main

Bloomer, J.J. Rev., h 379 W Fourth

Bloss, Frank, shoemaker, 519 E Union, bds Western Hotel

Bloss, George, grocer, 763 E Water, h do

Blossom, Frank M., clerk, Chemung Canal Bank, h 118 W Market

Blossom, Harriet Mrs., bds Rathbun House

Blum, Joseph, tailor, h 605 Dickinson

Blundon, Harry D., ass’t engineer, Erie depot, bds 657 Park place

Bly, Albert J., barber, bds Pennsylvania House