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FOR 1869/70

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And Dealers in PRODUCE of all kinds
No. 13 Baldwin Street
First Door South of the Post Office, Elmira, N. Y.
E.M. Knapp C. H. Knapp
Knapp, C. H. (Knapp Bros.), 13 Baldwin
Knapp, E. M. (Knapp Bros.), 13 Baldwin
Knapp, W. B. harnessmaker, 75 Water
Knolton, W. photographer, 176 Water
Kolb, B. billiards, 25 Carroll
Kolb, J. saloon, 139 Railroad Ave.
Krowl, A. Lake near Market
Labar, F. D. (Labar & Ells), Market foot William
Labar & Ells (F. D. Labar and W. Ells), carpenters, Market foot William
Laffin, E. milliner, Water
Lamberton, H. B. & Co., (E. Beard), grocers, 155 Water
Langdon, J. coal dealer, 6 Baldwin
Larkin, J. E. photographers, 118 Water
Lee, C. C. physician, High cor. Market
Lessey, Jennie stamping, 79 Water
Levy, Joseph segars, 15 Railroad Ave.
Levy, Maurice segars, 8 Baldwin
Lewis, E. P. flour, 25 Railroad Ave.
Lindsey, J. dressmaker, 49 Main
Loggie, J. H. hotel, Railroad Ave. cor. Second
Loomis, Wm. B. & S. G. Styrker, oils, Lake near Market
Losey, R. M. (S. C. Brownell & Co.), 123 Water
Lormore Bros. & Reid (W. J. & T. J. Lormore and J. R. Reid), grocers, 37 Carroll
Loring, J. H. & Co. (E. W. Hersey), grocers, 168 Water
Lormore, T. J. (Lormore Bros. & Reid), 37 Carroll
Lormore, W. J. (Lormore Bros. & Reid), 37 Carroll
Luce, J. R. & Co. fruits, 21 Baldwin
Lyke, John hotel, Baldwin cor. Market
Lynch, J. M. hotel, 105 Railroad Ave.
Lyon, Harriet E. dressmaker, 141 Water
Maas, Ferdinand baker, 45 Railroad Ave.
Machol, Lewis shoes, 9 Baldwin
Mahony, Thomas grocer, 111 Railroad Ave.
Mander, A., brewer, Tuttle Ave. cor. Church
Marple, S. W., drugs, Lake cor. Clinton
Marsh, W. painter, 172 Water
Matthews, F., jeweler, 182 Water
McCallum, J., hotel opp. Erie Railroad Depot
McCarthy, O. M. saloon, 192 Water
McCoy, Thomas, hotel, Railroad Ave. cor. Second
McGreevy & Pickering, livery, Lake cor. Market
McInerey, M., blacksmith, 67 Water
McIntyre, H. W., shingles, 31 Railroad Ave.
McKee, T. W., blacksmith, 63 Water
McKirgen, Alexander, dentist, 115 Water
Mead, George W., (Wells & Mead), 29 Lake
Mead, J. T., drugs, 242 Water
Mechanics' Society, J. Bartholomew, pres.; F. A. Stowell, secty.
Meisel Bros. (H. & M.), drugs, 35 Lake
Meisel, H. (Meisel Bros.), also physician, 51 Baldwin
Meisel, M. (Meisel Bros.), 35 Lake
Merrill, E. C., (Merrill & Willis), Church corner Railroad Ave.
Merrill & Willis (E. C. Merrill and C. A. Willis), flour, Church cor. Railroad Ave.
Merwin, Wakeman, (Merwin & Dickinson), 141 Water
Merwin & Dickinson (Wakeman Merwin and H. B. Dickinson), harnessmakers, 141 Water
Metzger, F. X., (Clark & Metzger), Railroad Ave. near Second
Miles Bros. (N. and R. P. Miles), grocers, 33 Lake
Miles, N. (Miles Bros.), 33 Lake
Miles, R. P., (Miles Bros.), 33 Lake
Miller, A., grocer, Main cor. Hudson
Miller, E. B., liquors, 15 Baldwin
Miller, J. M., American Hotel, Railroad Ave. cor. Third
Miller, O. M., grocer, Main cor. Hudson
Miller, W. F., Buffalo House, Railroad Ave. cor. Third
Millius, H. E., (Millius & Taylor), 8 Gray
Millius & Taylor (H. E. Millius and S. Taylor), lumber, 8 Gray
Mills, J. H. (Theo. Mills & Co.), 19 Lake
Mills, Uri (Theo Mills & Co.), 19 Lake
Mitchell, E. W., supt. U. S. Exp. Co., 16 Baldwin
Mitchell, J., (Mitchell & Mosher), 244 Water
Mitchell & Mosher (J. Mitchell and H. J. Mosher), butchers, 244 Water
Moore, Benjamin, livery, 118 Railroad Ave.
Morris, R., grocer, 102 Water
Morse, H. C. (Owen & Morse), 11 Baldwin
Morse, R., physician, 27 Main
Mosher, George, grocer, 216 Water
Mosher, H. J. (Mitchell & Mosher), 244 Water
Moulton, Wm. J., (Moulton & Stowell), 27 Carroll
Moulton & Stowell (W. J. Moulton and F. A. Stowell), stoves, 27 Carroll
Mowry, T. G., dressmaker, 149 Water
Muller, W. L., lawyer, 20 Lake
Murdock, J. (Murdock & Stephens), 101 Water
Murdock, L. N., sashes & c., 253 Water
Murdock & Stephens (J. Murdock and R. Stephens), lawyers, 101 Water
Murphy, T. & Co. (B. Dempsey), grocers, Water cor. Railroad Ave.
Mye, G. M., varieties, 133 Water
Naefe, Augustus, painter, Railroad Ave. near Church
National Bank of Chemung, Tracie Beadle, pres.; H. W. Beadle, cashier; Baldwin cor. Carroll
Newcomb, T. W. (Weller & Newcomb), 180 Water
Nichols, J. K., milliner, 105 Water
Nichols, M. (Hamlin & Nichols), 14 Baldwin
Nichols, M. C. (Hamlin & Nichols), 2 Water
Nicks, John I., segars, 152 Water
Nobles' Manufacturing Co. (D. Decker, pres.; S. L. Gillett, treas.; W. W. Kellogg, Supt.), tools, Fourth cor. Wisner
Noonan, John, shoemaker, 63 Railroad Ave.
Norman, J. G., blacksmith, Market foot William
O'Connor, John, grocer, 238 Water
Ogden, William, drugs, 116 Water
O'Maher, James, hotel, 58 Railroad Ave.
Osburn, J. P., (Brown, Osburn & Parmenter), 151 Water
Owen, G. H. (Owen & Morse), 11 Baldwin
Owen & Morse (G. H. Owen and H. C. Morse), drugs, 11 Baldwin
Palmer, Charles, telegraph, Rathbun House
Palmer, E. H., (Palmer & Decker), Ann cor. South Lake
Palmer, O. W., (Palmer & Sly), lawyer, 135 Water
Palmer & Decker (E. H. Palmer and C. S. Decker), tanners, Ann cor. South Lake
Palmer & Sly (O. W. Palmer and James M. Sly), ins. Agents, 135 Water
Paret, Wm. Rev. Episcopal Church, 22 Main
Paris, Anna, dressmaker, First near Main
Parker, R. T., wagonmaker, Water near Main
Parkhurst, G. H., physician, 230 Church
Parmenter, O. H. (Brown, Osburn & Parmenter), 151 Water
Partridge, H. M. (Hatch & Partridge), Church near Canal
Patrick, E. L., lawyer, 20 Lake
Perry, John K., drugs, 118 Water
Perry, Thomas (Perry & Scott), 103 Water
Perry & Scott (T. Perry and E. A. Scott), ins. Agents, 103 Water
Petit, S. J., milliner, 129 Water
Phelps & Murphy, milliners, 2 Lake
Pittson & Elmira Coal Co., 10 Baldwin, (E. N. Frisbie, pres.; F. H. Atkinson, secty.;)
Plum, H. A., carpenter, First cor. Elm
Post, William T., postmaster, 15 Baldwin
Potter, C. T., livery, Carroll near Lake
Prall, F. G., dentist, 147 Water
Pratt, D. R., pres. 2nd National Bank, 38 Lake
Pratt, D. & R., agents, Clinton Woolen Mills, Sullivan near Tuttle Ave.
Pratt, H. D. V., supt. Erie Railroad Depot
Pratt, T. S., (Durland & Pratt), 122 Water
Prescott, W. H., liquors, 40 Carroll
Preswick, C. (Preswick & Dudley), 114 Water
Preswick & Dudley (C. Preswick and J. T. Dudley), stationers, 114 Water
Price, John, barber, 188 Water
Purdy, H. H., physician, 31 Baldwin
Pursell, John, grocer, Lake cor. Clinton
Putnam, E. A., dressmaker, 123 Water
Quick, S. P., gents' furnishing goods, 135 Water
Ransom, R. H., lawyer, 139 Water
Ransom, R. S. (Tomlinson & Ransom), 143 Water
Read, J. H. (Read & Hutchinson), 31 Lake
Read & Hutchinson (J. H. Read and C. D. Hutchinson), ladies' furnishing goods, 31 Lake
Redfield, D. S., freight agent Northern Central Railroad Depot
Redfield, J., supt. Northern Central Railroad Depot
Reid, J. R. (Lormore Bros. & Reid), 37 Carroll
Reid, Louis H., insurance agent, 28 Lake
Reynolds, G. G., teas, 15 Carroll
Reynolds, S. C. (W. R. Sturges & Co.), 24 Water
Reynolds, S. T., secy. Elmira Agricultural Works, Clinton near Conongue
Rhodes, C. W. (Rhodes, Son & Co.), 34 Lake
Rhodes, J. P. (Rhodes, Son & Co.), 34 Lake
Rhodes, Son & Co. (J. P. and C. W. Rhodes and A. W. Beebe), dry goods, 34 Lake
Rice, D. O., grocer, Railroad Ave cor. Church
Rice, Leman, drugs, 156 Water
Rice, R. C. (Risdon & Rice), 8 Baldwin
Richardson, Jackson, shoe manuf., 207 Water
Richardson, Michael, notions, 6 Lake
Richardt, G. H., saloon, 137 Railroad Ave.
Risdon, J. C. (Risdon & Rice), 8 Baldwin
Risdon & Rice (J. C. Risdon and R. C. Rice), roofing, 8 Baldwin
Robertson, A. (Smith, Robertson & Fassett), 34 Lake
Roberts, Wm., dyer, 69 Water
Robinson, J. M., furniture, 43 Lake
Robinson, Lucius & David C., lawyers, 34 Lake
Robinson, Orrin, insurance agent, 34 Lake
Robinson, R. W. (Ingraham & Robinson), 28 Lake
Rockwell, I., butter, 41 City Market
Roe, D. E., wire work, 9 Carroll
Roll, M. L., saloon, 29 Carroll
Romer, A. (Bower & Romer), 149 Water
Ronan, Patrick, grocer, Water cor. High
Roof, John (Strauss, Greenbaum & Co.), Lake cor. Market
Roosa, A. P., gilder, 6 Lake
Rosbrook, F. (Rosbrook & Seely), 36 Lake
Rosbrook & Seely (F. Rosbrook and S. T. Seely), dry goods, 36 Lake
Rose, S. (Ayrault, Rose & Co.), 24 Lake
Rowe, M. A. (J. H. Fountain & Co.), Railroad Ave. near Depot
Rowland, C. H. (Rowland & Beadle), 130 Water
Rowland & Beadle (C. H. Rowland and C. M. Beadle), hardware, 130 Water
Ruppers, K., saloon, 77 Water
Russell, Wm. C., shoemaker, Baldwin near Market
Ryan, Edward (Ryan & Toole), 167 Water
Ryan, Francis A. (Ryan & Son), 79 Water
Ryan, George W. (Ryan & Son), 79 Water
Ryan & Son (G. W. and F. A.), paper, 79 Water
Ryan & Toole (Edward Ryan and John B. Toole), grocers, 167 Water
Sackett, Richard, pumps, 61 Water
Salt Co. of Onondaga, Magee's Dock
Samuel, Albert (Strauss & Samuel), 166 Water
Samuel, N. Coe, grocer, Baldwin cor. Second
Satterlee, A. S. (E. B. Satterlee & Co.), 21 Lake
Satterlee, E. B. & Co. (A. S. Satterlee), dry goods, 21 Lake
Schlasser, Jacob (Troub, Schlasser & Co.), 247 Water
Schludder, M., saloon, 19 Railroad Ave.
Schoeneman, Louis, hotel, 93 Water
Schuyler, L., milliner, 104 Water
Schwenke, F. W., confectioner, 240 Water
Schwenke, G. W., hotel, 117 Railroad Ave.
Scott, Edwin A. (Perry & Scott), 103 Water
Sebresky A., tailor, 169 Water
Second National Bank, 38 Lake; D. R. Pratt, pres.; William F. Corey, cashier
Seely, C. H., saloon, 196 Water
Seely, N. R., physician, 132 Church
Seely, S. T. (Rosbrook & Seely), 36 Lake
Sellen, A. S., physician, Water cor. Main
Selner, Israel, clothier, 67 Railroad Ave.
Semple, James, plumber, etc., 15 Baldwin
Sheckles, R. L. S., barber, Water
Sheffield, C. C., sewing machines, 6 Lake
Sheidlen & Walzer (E. Sheilden and P. N. Walzer), furniture, 179 Water
Shepard, C. C. (Clark & Shepard), 159 Water
Sherwood, Joseph, hotel, Baldwin near Fifth
Simmer, Jacob (Trout, Schlasser & Co.), 247 Water
Simmons, G. A., insurance agent, 22 Lake
Skinner, Charles W., wines, liquors, & c., 3 Opera House Block
Sly, James M. (Palmer & Sly), 135 Water
Smith, C. G. Homestead House, 72 Water
Wholesale Sealer in Foreign and Domestic
No. 3 Opera House Block
Carroll Street, Elmira, NY
Agent for all the finest California Wines.
Water Street, First Door East of 
Chemung Canal Bank,
Charges Resonable. Elmira, NY
Smith, G. L. (Smith & Hill), 149 Water
Smith, George S., grocer, 194 Water
Smith, H. B. (Smith, Robertson & Fassett), also agent Erie Railroad Depot
Smith, J. S., dressmaker, 15 Hudson
Smith, L. M. (Smith & Hall), Baldwin cor. Carroll
Smith, Robertson & Fassett (H. B. Smith, A. Robertson and N. P. Fassett), lawyers, 34 Lake
Smith & Hill (G. L. Smith and D. B. Hill), lawyers, 149 Water
Smith & Hall (L. M. Smith and F. G. Hall), bankers, Baldwin cor. Carroll
Synder, Jacob, saloon, 138 Railroad Ave.
Synder, Louis, saloon, 85 Water
Soper, R. R. & Co. (J. A. Frisbie), brewers, Water 
Spaulding, C. H. (H. C. Spaulding & Son), 
Spaulding, H. C. & Son (C. H. Spaulding), lumber, 38 Fifth
Spaulding, T. S., lawyer, 159 Water
Squire, T., physician, 136 Church
Stagg, William, saloon, Erie Railroad Depot
Stahl, Jacob Rev. Synagogue, 10 High
Stanchfield, J. K., physician, 3 Main
Steger, Michael, meats, 25 Carroll
Steger, M., saloon, 133 Railroad Ave.
Stephens, Robert (Murdoch & Stephens), 101 Water
Stevens, Henry P., Rathbun House
Stiles, Isaac Jr., shoes, 87 Water
Stilson, Lyman, dentist, 133 Water
Stilwell, W. M. (Kinne & Stilwell), 41 Railroad
Stobe, John, shoes, 152 Water
Stoll, Joseph C., grocer, 97 Water
Stowell, F. A. (Moulton & Stowell), 27 Carroll
Strachen, John, blacksmith, Baldwin near Clinton
Strang, H. W. (Collingwood & Strang), 147 Water
Strauss, H. (Strauss, Greenbaum & Co.), Lake cor. Market
Strauss, Louis (Strauss & Samuel), 116 Water
Strauss, Greenbaum & Co. (H. Strauss, H. Greenbaum and J. Roof), springs, Lake cor. Market
Strauss & Samuel (L. Strauss and A. Samuel), dry goods, 166 Water
Struppler, G. A., hotel, opp. Erie Railroad Depot
Stuart, C. B. (Stuart & Ufford), 17 Lake
Stuart & Ufford (C. B. Stuart and D. E. Ufford), clothiers, 17 Lake
Sturges, W. R. Co. (S. C. Reynolds), grocers, 24 Water
Sullivan, E. milliner, 158 Water
Sullivan, E. L., milliner, 158 Water
Sullivan, F., news agent, 15 Baldwin
Swan, Charles, insurance agent, 15 Baldwin
Sykes, J. F., harnessmaker, 73 Water
Taylor, S. (Millins & taylor), 8 Gray
Tenny, D. W., wooden pipe, near Rolling Mill
Terry, E. C., dentist, 117 Water
Thomas, D., iron founder, Washington Ave. near Canal
Thompson, E., barber, Baldwin cor. Clinton
Thro C. & J., saloon, 140 Railroad Ave.
Theo, Mills & Co. (J. J. Theo, Uri and J. H. Mills), grocers, 19 Lake
Theo, J. J. (Thro, Mills & Co.), 19 Lake
Thurston, A. S., lawyer, 15 Lake
Tice, Sarah, milliner, 15 South Main
Tieney, A. M., liquors, Baldwin cor. Market
Tillman, J. M., harnessmaker, 9 Carroll
Tomlinson, S. B. (Tomlinson & Ransom), 143 Water
Tomlinson & Ransom (S. B. Tomlinson and R. S. Ransom), lawyers, 143 Water
Tompkins, S., painter, 156 Water
Toole, J. B. (Ryan & Toole), 167 Water
Trout, M. (Trout, Schlasser & Co.), 247 Water
Trout, Schlasser & Co. (M. Trout, J. Schlasser and J. Simmer), blacksmiths, 247 Water
Tuch, Morris, tailor, 83 Railroad Ave.
Turner, R. T. (Turner & Dexter), 149 Water
Tuthill, D. H., dry goods, 132 Water
Ufford, D. E. (Stuart & Ufford), 17 Lake
Up De Graff, J. B., dressmaker, 156 Water
Up De Graff, Thad. S., physician, 151, 153, and 155 Water
U. S. Express, 16 Baldwin
Ustick, W. (T. Briggs & Co.), Second near Railroad Ave.
Vaughn, J. H., architect, 20 Lake
Velder, L., physician, 110 Lake
Vinton, C. E., liquors, 20 Railroad Ave.
Wagner, A. (Hasse & Co.), 121 Water
Waldron, D. T. (Waldron & Griffes), 7 Baldwin
Waldron & Griffes (D. T. Waldron and W. G. Griffes), gents' furnishing goods, 7 Baldwin
Walzer, Peter N. (Sheidlen & Walzer), 179 Water
Ward, J. R., lawyer, 135 Water
Ward, Wm. A. (Hotchkin, Ward & Co.), Water foot College Ave.
Waters, C. W., painter, 8 Baldwin
Waters, R., hardware, 112 Water
Watts, R. M. (Wheeler & Watts), 26 Lake
Webb, W. (Jones & Webb), 18 Baldwin
Wedemore, George, saloon, near Erie Railroad Depot
Wehnes, Michael, saloon, 79 Railroad Ave.
Weldner, George, shoemaker, 73 Water
Weller, L. (Weller & Newcomb), 180 Water
Weller & Newcomb (L. Weller and T. W. Newcomb), shoes, 180 Water
Wells, H. F., tanner, 18 Carroll
Wells, Ira, leather and findings, 18 Carroll
Wells, N. (Wells & Meade), 29 Lake
Wells & Meade (N. Wells and G. W. Meade), shoes, 29 Lake
West, Charles F., flour, foot Water
Western Union Telegraph, Rathbun House
Weyer, Phillip, grocer, Lake cor. Clinton
Wey, Wm. C., physician, 68 Water
Wheeler, E. R. & Co. (H. M. Smith), slate dealers and roofers. 10 Baldwin
Wheeler, O. H. (Wheeler & Watts), 26 Lake
Wheeler & Watts (O. H. Wheeler and R. M. Watts), job printers, 26 Lake
Wilbur, William, shoes, 107 Water
Willis, C. A. (Merrill & Willis), Church cor. Railroad Ave.
Wilson, C. (Barten & Wilson), 108 Water
Winslow, J. T. (Corbett & Winslow), Baldwin cor. Market
Wise, A., cigars, 25 Lake
Woods, James L., lawyer, 149 Water
Wright, Peter, wagonmaker, 251 Water
Wyckoff, A. (Wyckoff Bros. & Co.), 14 Railroad
Wyckoff Bros. & Co. (A., C. W., and Geo. W.), wood and gas pipe manuf., 14 Railroad Ave.
Manufacturers of
Pumps, Tubing and Wyckoff's Patent Imperishable
Water and Gas Pipe for Water and Gas Works
Nos. 10, 12 abd 14 Railroad Ave.
Wyckoff, C. W. (Wyckoff Bros. & Co.), 14 Railroad Ave.
Wyckoff, Geo. W. (Wyckoff Bros.& Co.), 14 Railroad Ave.
Young, L. M. (E. W. Cook & Co.), 23 Lake
Young Men's Christian Association, 15 Baldwin
Young, Thomas, lumber, Church near Canal
Yundt, Wm., saloon, 185 Water

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