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In Their Own Words - Diaries and Letters of our Ancestors
Diary of Thomas B. Hulsander
Township: Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
Year: 1904
Transcribed by Linda Rashidi 2018
Sullivan Township Page
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Fri. Feb. 12, 1904: We worked dragsawing wood for father. In evening Band held box social at our place. A fine time Band cleared $4.60.

Saturday 13: We all worked cutting wood for Father. Byron Fergueson is healpting us.

Monday, Feb. 15, 1904: We finished dragsawing wood for Father. The weather exceeding cold & windy.

Tuesday 16: Election day, one of the roughest days of winter cold & windy. Father sick, Homer Monro and I went to election at Mainesburg.

Wednesday 17: Father better. We boys sat circular saw and finished cutting wood for father then Father & I shod old team of horses. The boys ground chop.

Thursday 18: I worked on place at home in morning after noon we killed two hogs at Father’s also fixed telephone for father.

Friday 19: Jennie & I went to Troy where I ordered some artificial teeth made. The roads are in very bad condition.

Saturday 20: Father & Burt went to Troy to mill. I went and fixed telephone for Rockwell. Jennie visited at Clarence Ellcotts. Band meeting was a fizzle tonight.

Sun. Feb. 21, 1904: Burt & I worked part of day digging up water pipe and trying to get it running again but did not succeed.

Monday 22: Cold & windy. Burt & I went to Elk Run in morning came home built water trough and placed by spring on B. Monro farm also moved circular saw.

Tuesday 23: Father, Burt & I worked fitting wood for circular saw in forenoon it began snowing in afternoon.  Clarence Ellcott & wife visited Jennie & [rest cut off bottom of page in image].

Wednesday 24: rough cold & windy did not do much in forenoon after dinner Burt & I went to Homer Hagers and got his sugar pans tubs & boiling pan for Father.

Thursday 25: Wind blew and was terrible rough. Burt & I sawed some chuncks for me. Byron came back from Richmond.

Friday 26: We drew straw for horses on both places then worked rest of day fitting wood for circular saw.

Sat. Feb. 27, 1904: Burt & I drew apple tree limbs off from hill for wood for me. Afternoon I cleared out barn and done a few other jobs. Held bandmeeting tonight.

Sunday 28: hailed quite hard in morning. Byron, Harry, Jennie & I visited at Wills and Elijsh’s H. Harry brought from Troy sat my artificial teeth.

Monday 29: Snowed very hard. E.M. Besley came and got their piano. Burt brought me two more calves.

Tues. March 1, 1904: Burt, Jennie & I went to Troy fine sleighing. Mrs. Edd Smith came visiting Jennie tonight while boys attended Band meeting.

Wednesday 2: Father, But, Morton, Byron Fergueson and I worked in sugar bush prepearing wood and laying plans for new sugar house.

Thursday 3: Stormed rain & snow. Father & I fixed fills for buggy. Byron went to Sylvania and got his horse shod.

Fri. March 4, 1904: Byron F. brought his horse here for me to take care of for him. Burt, Morton & I fixed water so it ran into trough. Afternoon we all cut sugar wood.

Saturday 5: Jennie & I went to Wright’s to see Louie about some telephone work. Awful icey.

Sunday 6: Warmer today. Jennie and I went up to Fathers and ate dinner. Its beginning to storm tonight.

Monday 7: Rained hard all day. I fixed harness and tinkered around.

Tuesday 8: We brought Engine down and began sawing my wood. Charles Curtis healped us.

Wednesday 9: Very windy & cold. We finished sawing. My wood and got Engine back home. I recd letter from Louie Wright saying he couldn’t healp me do telephone work.

Thur. March 10, 1904: Cold. We began building sugar house. Charles Curtis healped us got a fine start on it.

Friday 11: Worked on sugar house got part of roof on. Mother started for Corning to visit Nell.

Saturday 12: I stayed at home in forenoon and c leaned out barn. Afternoon worked on sugar camp got roof all on and sided up.

Sunday 13: Cold raw kind of day. Byron Fergueson sold his horse to Ripley today. Jennie and I went up to Fathers tonight.

Monday 14: Raw cold wind began snowing about 11 P.M. We changed hogs up in morning took one up to Fathers.

Tuesday 15: Snowed wind blew so I split wood in woodshed. Burt & Curtis brought down here four cows and one bull which makes 16 head of cattle on this place.

Wed. March 16, 1904: Weather pleasant. Fannie gave birth to a baby boy today about 1.30 P.M. Burt went to Mansfield for mother but she did not come.

Thursday 17: Done chores and waited on wimen. Went after mother at noon got her home about 2.30 P.M.

Friday 18: I stayed in house all day suffering with Grip. Jennie went up to Fathers to healp mother. Morton came down and done chores tonight.

Saturday 19: My Grip is better. I went up to Father’s and back. Harry came home was awful mad at news. Father & boys ground feed. Bandmeeting tonight.

Sunday 20: Fine pleasant day. Jennie was sick. Harry stayed all night with us last night. I went up to Fathers and got mild this morning.

Monday 21:  I was sick with Grip. All I done was chores on this place. Clarence Ellcott & wife visited us tonight also was Bandmeeting.

Tues. March 22, 1904: My throat was very sore all I done was chores.

Wednesday 23: My Grip a little better. Father went to Troy. Burt, Morton & I went into woods and tapped a few trees. Band met tonight. Pigs was born this morn.

Thursday 24: We all worked in sugar bush fixing arch and tapping trees.

Friday 25: Burt went to Pumpkin Hill and brought Vera home. Father, Morton & I worked in woods. The Band went to State Road Church and played tonight.

Saturday 26: We went into woods and gathered sap & boiled some. I stayed at home in afternoon & cleaned out barn split some wood & got milk for jug.

Sunday 27: cold froze last night very hard. Burt & Norton came down and brought the single horse for me to drive.

Mon. March 28, 1904: Jennie drove me to Mainesburg where I went to work putting crossarms on poles for Samuel Jackson. Jennie returned and went to E. Besley.

Tuesday 29: Finished putting on arms for Jackson and returned home. Jennie came home by Wrights and Louie came to healp me put on arms for telephone co at Mansfield.

Wednesday 30: Jennie took Louie & I to Canoe Camp where we began work toward Mansfield for tel co. We stayed tonight with Verne O’Dell of Frost Settlement.

Thursday 31; Rained part of forenoon. We finished work for telephone co at noon and came home. Jennie met us with horse part way.

Fri., April 1: Louie went home. I done chores & odd jobs. Afternoon Will & Helen came visiting us.

Saturday 2: I fixed smokehouse began smoking meat then I sorted apples & Potatoes and cleaned out cellar. Had 2 ½ bu apples and 11 ½  bu potatoes left.

Sun. April 3, 1904: Cold raw day with snow squals. This is Easter Sunday.

Monday 4: I stayed at home and split wood all day.

Tuesday 5: We all worked in sugar bush gathering sap & we shod horses this morning.

Wednesday 6: We worked in sugar bush gathering sap and getting wood.

Thursday 7: We worked in sugar bush gathering sap and getting wood. Father, Harry & I sowed grass seed on wheat.

Friday 8: Harry, Burt, Morton & I worked with two teams drawing manure from barn down here.

Sat. April 9, 1904: Father went to Troy. I split wood at home and built a table for kitchen. A very heavy thunder shower at night.

Sunday 10: Cameron from Sylvania held meeting in school house. Jennie & I attended. Louie came up about 3 P.M. Edd Smith & wife, H. Monro & wife called in evening.

Monday 11: Jennie drove Louie & I to Mainesburg where we began putting up telephone wire for the Jacksons.

Tuesday 12: Very cold rough day. Louie & I continued putting up wire for Jackson & Whittaker.

Wednesday 13: Louie & I continued putting up wire for Jackson. We reached the outskirts of Mansfield tonight.

Thursday 14: Louie & I finished work for Jackson today noon at Mainesburg. He paid us $7 each. Jennie came for us. We then went to Louie’s to begin work in morning.

Fri. April 15, 1904: Louie & I made a wire real then began stringing wire at Roseville toward Austinville. Had a dance at Wrights tonight good time.

Saturday 16: Louie & I strung wire until 4 P.M. when we quit and I came home where Jennie & I arrived at 6 P.M.

Sunday 17: A fine pleasant day. I went up to Fathers shod horse.

Monday 18: Jennie went over to Besley’s took me over to Soper’s. Louie Wright & I finished putting up wire for Rutland Hill telephone co tonight.

Tuesday 19: Jennie went to Besley Creek and Vera. I cleaned Barn and built fence by house. Bandmeeting tonight.

Wednesday 20: Very cold & rough snow squals. I drove to Mrs.L. Squares and fixed telephone.

Thur. April 21, 1904: I drove horse to L. Wright;s got him and we went to Roseville and fitted up & drew out 50 crossarms also put on 23.

Friday 22: I stayed at L. Wrights last night. We went back to Roseville and finished up our telephone job. I came home tonight.

Saturday 23: We boys gatheres sap in forenoon. Afternoon Harry & I drove to L. Soper’s tried to buy a horse did not. Burt & Morton plowed ground for oats.

Sunday 24: Fine warm day. Jennie & I attended meeting at school-house this afternoon.

Monday 25: Burt plowed the rest of us gathered sap and buckets. Finished our sugaring today & began drawing stone & dragging for oats.

Tuesday 26: Drawed stone dragged & sowed 5 acres of oats. I fixed fence around garden afternoon. Band-meeting tonight.

Wed. April 27, 1904: Rained hard all day. I split wood in shed cleaned yearlings pen in barn & done chores.

Thursday 28: Rained most of day. I cleaned Hot pens. Harry & I went looking after norse stopped at Smith’s Banktaring (?). Shod Horses in afternoon.

Friday 29: We all worked pulling out apple trees. Harry went to Mansfield in afternoon.

Saturday 30: I went to Roseville and worked with Louie repearing tel line in Village. Rained in afternoon some.

Sunday, May 1: Nice pleasant day. Harry came down. We played on violins.

Monday 2: Jennie & I drove over to Wright’s afternoon Louie & I went and done a telephone job for $3.50. Jennie & I came home by Shaws and got of him 200 strawberrys plants for 60 cents.

Tuesday 3: I plowed ground for strawberrys plants early this morn then fixed fence and worked at water trying to get it to run.

Wednesday 4: Morton came down and dragged ground for straw. plants then Jennie & I sat them out and trained up raspberrys bushes.

Thursday 5: I helped Father stone up blind ditch in forenoon. Afternoon Father came down ad we worked trying to start water running did not succeed.

Friday 6: I began digging up pipe at Fathers that run milk to Hog pen. Band held ice-cream social at E. Smiths tonight clared $7.50.

Saturday 7: I dug up pipe in fornoon. Father went to Roseville in afternoon. Homer came and altered pigs. Harry & I worked at water some this afternoon.

Sunday 8: Nice morn. We found that the water had started to house when we go up this morn.

Mon. May 9, 1904: Dug pipe up for father in forenoon. Afternoon James Lay came over and we sodered old pipe on this P.

Tuesday 10: I finished digging up drain and cleaning it out covered it over again in forenoon. Afternoon worked at Fathers awhile then came home and began plowing garden.

Wednesday 11: Finished plowing garden then worked at Fathers laying stone ditch & picking stone off of oat field. I was sick so I came home about 8 P.M.

Thursday 12: We laid pipe for milk at fathers this morn. Afternoon I dragged garden and began planting it.

Friday 13: Planted potatoes in garden fixed fence around it in morn. After dinner we boys rolled oat ground.

Saturday 14: I worked for Elk Run & Austinville telephone co stringing wire. Had a very heavy shower about 5.30 P.M.

Sun. May 15, 1904: Cooler rained some yet this morn. Ralph & Milton York came calling.

Monday 16: Milton York & I went to Austinville and began putting up wire for Austinville Elk Run telephone co.

Tuesday 17: Milton & I continued work for Austinville tel co. I came home tonight and attended Band Meeting.

Wednesday 18: Milton & I continued work for Austinville Elk Run tel co finished up at 6 P.M. started raining at 5 P.M. We got soaking wet as we was in Roseville.

Thursday 19: I stayed at home about sick. Father went to Troy. We boys fixed little fence and turned out your cattle over hill.

Friday 20: I went to Austinville met L. Wright and we began stringing wire for Basket St. tel co worked all day came home at night.

Sat. May 21, 1904: I did not do any work. I was so played out. Jennie & I did manage to sow beets and few other garden seed.

Sunday 22: Band Boys met and marched this morn. Suttons stayed with us last night. Jennie & I went to church today.

Monday 23: I worked at home. We drew out stone & planted potatoes, vorn. Light shower in afternoon rained awful hard at night.

Tuesday 24: I worked for Austinville Elk Run tele co finished stringing wire for them worked ¾ od day.

Wednesday 25: Drew stone off from land above school house and began planting potatoes. Shower in afternoon. A. Austin hung paper for Father.

Thursday 26: Planted corn & Potatoes o piece above school-house got about three fourths done.

Fri. May 27, 1904: Finished planting corn in forenoon. Father & Jennie went to troy. Burt & I cut door into cellar for Father in afternoon.

Saturday 28: Cultivated strawberry plants & fixed fence in morn. Afternoon I moved Sam Rockwell’s telephone.

Sunday 29: The Band met and drilled marching. Jennie & I went to Father’s in afternoon. Merit & Anna Edgerton called on us in evening.

Monday 30: The Voltus Band played at Roseville to Decoration Day services. As it rained did not parade.

Tuesday 31: I made two milking stools in forenoon. After dinner Clarence Ellott & wife came visiting Jennie & I.

Wednesday, June 1: Jennie went to E. Besley’s & stayed while I & Louie strung wire for Basket St. tel. co. Louie did not come in forenoon.

Thur. June 2, 1904: Louie & I stayed with H. Garrison last night. We finished stringing wire for tel co at Basket St. tonight & Jennie & I came home.

Friday 3: I done a few little jobs in forenoon around house. After noon I went to Mansfield and drew $2.15 from bank.

Saturday 4: Milton York & I went to Elmira and purchased a black mare of J. Carpenter which he is to deliver at Col X Roads June 6. Awful hard shower about 5 P.M.

Sunday 5: Rained a little about dark. Will & Helen & family came visiting us. We all went up to Fathers in afternoon.

Monday 6: Jennie & I went to Columbia X Roads where I rec’d Balck mare from John Carpenter for which I paid him in full.

Tuesday 7: I drew out manure at Fathers in forenoon. After dinner drew out some on Bean patch cultivated potatoes and Burt & I started plowing for beans.

Wed. June 8, 1904: Rained hard until 11 A.M. afternoon Jennie took me to Sulvania where I began work putting up wire for Farmers Valley Telephone Co.

Thursday 9: Rained about all day. Louie & I worked about two hours putting up wire then we came home. Jennie met us part way.

Friday 10: Louie & I went back to Sylvania and worked all day putting up wire came home tonight. The Band held an ice cream social at our house tonight proceeds $7.50.

Saturday 11: I cultivated & hoed potatoes in garden sat a few cabbage & done other garden work.

Sunday 12: Fine warm pleasant day.

Monday 13: I began work for Farmers Valley Tel Co. again this morning. Worked 12 hr today. We are stayeing over night at Jim Kenyon’s.

Tues. June 14, 1904: Worked for Farmers tel co all day came home tonight. Jennie met me part way with horse. Wesley Reynolds buried his wife today.

Wednesday 15: The boys fitted ground and we planted beans and potatoes. Had shower about 9 P.M.

Thursday 16: Fine weather. Father & I changed steel points in Separator, finished planting potatoes. Burt & Morton plowed for Buckwheat.

Friday 17: Father & I went to Troy with lumber wagon andgot three Barrels of salt & other things $1.76, .50.

Saturday 18: We cultivated Potatoes & corn & hoed potatoes. Ben Vedder & wife came visiting. I bought organ of R.D. & Owens payed him for it in full $75.

Sunday 19: Fine pleasant day. Father’s Birthday. 57 years old. Clarence Elliott & wife came visiting Jennie & I in Evening. Jennie & I went calling on Father & Mother.

Mon. June 20, 1904: Cultivated & hoed corn at noon I cultivated potatoes and other vegetables in garden. Ralph York healped hoe in afternoon.

Tuesday 21: We all hoed corn until noon. Then we boys & Father put salt on paint brush. Band met tonight and purchased coats of Kline. 14 for $84.

Wednesday 22: I hoed strawberrys plants and also some hoeing in garden in forenoon. After dinner Father, Harry & I put salt on paint brush and laid up stone wall.

Thursday 23: We worked on road by Fathers House. Did not obtain a road machine.

Friday 24: Worked on road. Father, Harry, Morton, Burt, myself & two teams. Our tax this year was $27 with mine & Harrys. Mother taken sick.

Saturday 25: Very hot. Mother no better. Harry & I cultivated potatoes & corn. Burt went to Troy bought us 100 lbs sugar took note against Band boys tonight.

Sun. June 26, 1904: Mother no better. Band met & marched. Mr. Phil Brandel of Alba came visiting us.

Monday 27: Harry & I cultivated corn in morn then rolled Buckwheat ground.

Tuesday 28: finished rolling one piece of Buckwheat ground fixed fence. Mother a little better.

Wednesday 29: Cultivated corn. Harry and I rolled Buckwheat ground.

Thursday 30: Rolled buckwheat ground drew stone & burnt brush in morn. Afternoon rained.

Friday, July 1: Fixed fence, drew stone, started to roll ground but it rained.

Sat. July 2, 1904: We finished sowing Buckwheat in forenoon. I went to Troy in afternoon and bot Band coats. Nellie came home today.

Sunday 3: Fine pleasant day. I turned Band coats over to Boys when they met today.

Monday 4: I went with Band and played to Grange Picnic at Basket St. also in evening at Sylvania where Band serve d ice cream and gave a dance. Proceeds of day $20.

Tuesday 5: I & Jennie about sick did not do anything but sat out cabbage plants it rained hard all afternoon.

Wednesday 6: Went to Father filed saw and cut wood in morning. Afternoon we cultivated corn.

Thursday 7: Rained last night. We worked fixing lumber wagon in morning. Cultivated corn in afternoon. 

Thur. July 14, 1904: Finished drawing out straw on hill. Burt went to Troy and got Hay tedder rest of us drew in hay on Hill. 8 loads.

Friday 15: We all sat up hay tedder then rolled it and drew in Hay from orchard. 9 loads. Harry mowed after supper.

Saturday 16: Burt & I cultivated Beans. Harry mowed. Afternoon we drew in 3 loads of Hay from side hill above house. Band meeting tonight.

Sunday 17: Fine pleasant day. We made ice cream. Homer & wife, Mrs. York & Ralph came and helped us eat it.

Monday 18: We drew in Hay on side hill above orchard. 10 loads. Awful hot. Ralph York helped us. I got sick in afternoon.

Tuesday 19: Very hot light shower. We finished drawing in hay on side hill. R.A. York helped. Band meeting. Mr Benson & sister called in evening.

Wed. July 20, 1904: Harry mowed in morn. The rest of us drew in Hay. A little cooler today.

Thursday 21: We drew in hay above Barley then went on hill and began Hay stack. Harry mowed below road.

Friday 22: We finished Hay stack also haying on hill then drew in hay below road. The Band held ice cream social at Fred Suttons tonight.

Saturday 23: Father went to Troy. We boys fixed fence turned out calves cultivated potatoes, ground feed & Harry mowed. Charley Love came visiting.

Sunday 24: Charles Love & wife stayed with us last night went home at noon. Jennie went to Fathers and ate ice cream.

Monday 25: We drew in one load of hay at Fathers then came to Monro farm and drawed in hay in afternoon.

Tues. July 26, 1904: We draw in hay untill 4 P.M. when it rained. The Band met tonight.

Wednesday 27: Cloudy poor hay day. We got in 6 loads.

Thursday 28: Rained in morn. Jennie & I went berrying until 11 A.M. came back and we got in 9 loads of hay when it rained again. Burt cut wheat with Binder.

Friday 29: Nice pleasant morn. We drawed in Hay. This eve Jennie, Burt & I went to Elk Run.

Saturday 30: Burt cut Barley. The rest of us finished drawing in what hay we had cut. Harry cut some more after supper tonight.

Sunday 31: Fine day. Jennie & I went to E.M. Besleys visiting.

Mon. Aug. 1, 1904: Harry finished mowing on Monro farm. Burt cut Barley with Binder. Charley Love healped us & we got in 9 loads of hay.

Tuesday 2: Rained hard last night. Fred Sutton visited Harry and helped us draw in loads of hay. Father went to Troy.

Wednesday 3: Jennie & I went berrying in forenoon. After noon we all drew in hay. Harry finished mowing grass today.

Thursday 4: A fine pleasant day. We finished haying tonight. Harry held a dance here tonight.

Friday 5: Fine day. We put away mowing machine & tedder then drew in two loads of barley, hauled out manure and began plowing for wheat.

Saturday 6: We boys drew in Barley. Father had a calf die last night. Father went to Roseville to Post meeting in afternoon.

Sun. Aug. 7, 1904: Jennie & I stayed at home all day. Homer Monro called and I clipped his hair.

Monday 8: Burt & Morton took hogs to Col X Roads. We drew in wheat and Barley. I am about sick trouble in small of back.

Tuesday 9: We finished drawing in Barley and worked at wheat ground plowing & drawing manure. I am feeling better today.

Wednesday 10: Rained in morn also evening. I did not do much had lame back. Band served Ice Cream at Sugar’s. Smith reunion today. 5 pigs born.

Thursday 11: Harry plowed for wheat. We other boys drew manure on ground. Charley Love healped Father mow around fences.

Friday 12: Drew manure from Hog pen this forenoon. After dinner Burt cut grass-seed & Love, Father & I cut around oats on Hill

Sat. Aug. 13, 1904: We cut & sat up oats on hill also cut around field above road. Band met tonight voted to go to reunion.

Sunday 14: H.B. Monro called. Jennie went to church.

Monday 15: Father went to Troy to mill. We boys cut & sat up oats. Band met voted to go to Roseville Sat.

Tuesday 16: We finished cutting oats above road and cut quite a little on piece over hill by woods.

Wednesday 17: We finished cutting all of our oats today. Afternoon Morton & I fixed fence in woods.

Thursday 18: Jennie went to Troy. We drew in grass seed and two loads of oats. Father & Harry began building a hay rack.

Friday 19: We finished building hay rack then drew in oats got two fields all into barn. Jennie went to Besleys.

Saturday 20: Rained some. We unloaded oats picked up apples. Got H. Monro cider mill, went with Band to Roseville tonight and served ice-cream.

Sunday 21: I made a little cider this morn. Blanch & Pauline came visiting us. I took C. Love nearly to Mainesburg on his . . . [cut off bottom of page]

Monday 22: We drew in oats untill 2.30 P.M. when it began to rain.

Tuesday 23: We worked on threshing machine until noon. Afternoon we sat out oats.

Wednesday 24: Harry went to picnic the rest of us went in woods & got sleyers for barn on hill also drew in three loads of oats.

Thur. Aug. 25, 1904:  We finished drawing in oats this forenoon then put away reaper binder. I dug a few potatoes. Another heavy shower tonight.

Friday 26: Cold & windy in morn. We went to Family reunion at Mansfield. The Band went & played. Had a good time.

Saturday 27: Fine pleasant day. We all worked fixing up threshing machine.

Sunday 28: Fine day. Jennie went to church. I laid around all day.

Monday 29: We sowed wheat did not finish rolling it. I cleaned hen-house put on wheat ground.

Tuesday 30: Jennie & I went to Troy and attended Sawtells Circuse pretty good show.

Wed. Aug. 31, 1904: We threshed Barley. Had 175 bu. wheat 4 bu. Father went to reunion of co this afternoon.

Thursday, Sept. 1: I made table, fixed cider mill and begin to prepair for social. I wroter to Advertise Co about paper.

Friday 2: I tapped three pair of shoes, finished fixing for sociable. The Band held Social here tonight proceeds $6. I was 28 yr old today.

Saturday 3: I healped Jennie clean up from sociable got things to place also finished digging potatoes in garden.

Sunday 4: Jennie went visiting with Ellotts. I took Harry to Penny Ville where he is going to teach school.

Monday 5: I stayed all night in pennyville got back home at 1 P.M. got dinner the went to Smiths Sanatarium and put up telephone for them.

Tues. Sept. 6, 1904: We boys took thresh machine and threshed for F. Beardsley. Got through about 5 P.M.

Wednesday 7: We moved machine and threshed for Mark McDowell got done and moved engine home.

Thursday 8: I went to Roseville and put on crossarms for G. Shaw in forenoon got home at 1 P.M. rained most of afternoon.

Friday 9: We drew out dirt back of engine house in morn then cut Buckwheat. Clarence Elliott cut it for us with his reaper.

Saturday 10: We cut and sat up buckwheat. Clarence worked all day. Band meeting tonight.

Sunday 11: Jennie went to Col X Roads with M.H. York. She came back and visited with Besleys. I kept house.

Mon. Sept. 12, 1904: We cut buckwheat in forenoon whe  we finished. After dinner we drew out manure on Monro place.

Tuesday 13: Father went to Troy. Burt, Morton & I drew out manure.

Wednesday 14: Cloudy & cool. We all finished drawing out manure on Monro place. Rained tonight.

Thursday 15: We drew out manure on hill also old buck-wheat straw.

Friday 16: We began digging potatoes on Monro place got out 60 bu today. M.Edgerton came calling tonight.

Saturday 17: We dug 20 bu more potatoes this morn after dinner we began pulling beans. Band met tonight.

Sun. Sept. 18, 1904: Quite warm. Jennie went to Edgertons in afternoon.

Monday 19: We cut corn by school house did not get it quite done. Father went to Elk Run and paid taxes.

Tuesday 20: We finished cutting corn by schoolhouse. It rained about 10 A.M. we cut corn on hill back of orchard in afternoon.

Wednesday 21: Burt went to Sylvania and got slit saw. Morton & I got thresher and moved it on hill. We finished pulling beans.

Thursday 22: We moved Engine on hill sat machine and threshed buckwheat on piece above corn 112 bu. Jennie went to fair.

Friday 23: We thresh buckwheat moved machine and threshed some oats cold & windy heavy frost last night.

Sat. Sept. 24, 1904: We threshed oats on hill in all up there we had 360 bu. got through at 4 P.M. Rained very hard tonight.

Sunday 25: Stayed at home. Jennie & I went up to Father’s about 5 P.M.

Monday 26: Rained a little in forenoon. We moved machine and threshed oats in afternoon.

Tuesday 27: threshed oats finished about 4.30 P.M. Jennie & I went over to Wrights to attend party.

Wednesday 28: about sick did not do much of anything.

Thursday 29: Jennie went to Troy. I was quite sick so did not do much of anything.

Fri. Sept. 30, 1904: Windy. We made potatoes crats at Fathers.

Sat. Oct. 1: Father went to Troy. We boys dug potatoes got out 30 bu. I brought cow down here.

Sunday 2: Rain about all forenoon. Jennie & I picked up a few chestnuts and called on Fathers folks.

Monday 3: We dug 22 bu potatoes. Burt looked up calves in forenoon. Afternoon we moved thresh machine and began threshing our buckwheat.

Tuesday 4: Elijah & Will came up and healped us thresh buckwheat got through about 3 P.M. and moved machine to Elijah’s.

Wednesday 5: We all help Elijah thresh his buckwheat drew it out of field.

Thur. Sept. 6, 1904: We finished threshing for Elijah moved to Wills and threshed his buckwheat.

Friday 7: We boys threshed Wills oats sawed him 5 cords of wood moved to Elijah’s and sawed him 4 cords then brought Engine home. The band met tonight.

Saturday 8: Burt & Morton helped Edgerton thresh in forenoon. I draw in beans also load of apples & pumpkins for hogs. Elliott & wife, Jennie & I went to Mansfield took tran for Niagra Fall [bottom cut off].

Sunday 9: We arrived at Niagra at 9 A.M. saw falls went on Canada side & took train home at Niagra at 7 P.M.

Monday 10: We arrived in Mansfield at 4 A.M. stayed in Mansfield until 11.30 A.M. whe Joe Stout met us with team and brought us home. Cost us on trip $6.37.

Tuesday 11: I went up to fathers and help make potatoes crates. Rained very hard this morning.

Wed. Oct. 12, 1904: It rained. I graded around house in morning. After dinner Clarence Elliott was here and we ran a barber shop.

Thursday 13: We moved machine and began threshing for Clarence Elliott. Father lost another calf this morning with Black leg making three dead with it.

Friday 14: We finished threshing for Elliott also Sanford S. and moved machine home. Band held dance at Sylvania tonight.

Saturday 15: We dug potatoes by school-house and put Engine in its house. Father went and sang to Sally Richmonds funeral.

Sunday 16: Fine day. Jennie and I stayed at home about night Jennie drove up to Father’s and got milk. Ralph York called.

Monday 17: We finished digging our potatoes total crop 246 bu. We drew in pumpkins 8 loads. Jennie went to Roseville.

Tues. Oct. 18, 1904: We gathered 6 loads of pumpkins. Father & I made a ladder after dinner we all picked apples.

Wednesday 19: I went and strung wire for Dick Garrison. We got up 9 mi. to the Vaness school house.

Thursday 20: I went stringing wire got through at noon came home and fixed fence around hog lot.

Friday 21: Rained awful hard last night & this morn. Jennie is sick. I am awful sore & lame. Harry came home tonight. Jennie & I went to Elliotts to card party.

Saturday 22: Harry & I picked apples. Burt & Morton plowed. Father husk corn. Band meeting tonight.

Sunday 23: Jennie & I layed around house. Blanch Kiff came up here. Jennie and Blanch went to church.

Mon. Oct. 24, 1904: Father went to Troy in afternoon to get plow points. Burt & I gathered apples. Morton plowed.

Tuesday 25: Father & I picked up apples.

Wednesday 26: Cold and rainy picked up apples in A.M. and plowed in P.M.

Thursday 27: plowed in A.M. gathered cabbages in P.M. and picked up corn. Homer Monro & Ralph York called this even.

Friday 28: Father and I husked corn and put it in crib we got 85 bu.

Saturday 29: Father & I picked up apples in A.M. in P.M. Burt & Morton healped us. We all got 200 bu picked up today making in all to date 377 bu from B. Monro orchard.

Sun. Oct. 30, 1904: I had sore eye. Jennie went to cousin Wills was not to home so she drove to Besleys.

Monday 31: Burt & I took hogs to Troy which weighed 993 lbs at 5 cents. We got home at 2 P.M. husk corn in evening went to Elk Run where I bought a leather coat.

Tues. Nov. 1: We all husk corn in field in A.M. P.M. we killed pig picked up husk corn and put it in crib.

Wednesday 2: We drew in corn stalks also the rest of corn that hasn’t been husk. Cut up pig which dressed 150 lbs.

Thursday 3: Father & I picked up apples in morn. Afternoon I got side hill plow of M. Edgerton and tried to plow but couldn’t make it work.

Friday 4: Father and I Husk corn in morn after dinner I plowed with flat plow in orchard. We held a card party here tonight.

Sat. Nov. 5, 1904: plowed in morn it rained so we did not plow after noon. Father, Harry & I shod Nell horse.

Sunday 6: Earna, Ruth & kids, Blanch Kiff, J. Beardsley, Merriott Edgerton & wife came visiting us. Wind blew raw and cold.

Monday 7: Raw cold wind. Father went to Troy. Burt & Morton plowed. I husk corn.

Tuesday 8: Father & I finished husking corn then went to Election. Burt & Morton finished plowing stubble ground. Jennie & I called on Merrit Edgerton & wife.

Wednesday 9: Done odd jobs in morn. After dinner Jennie took me to Sylvania where I met Soper & Wright. We then went to Troy to put up telephone wire to Leona.

Thursday 10: We put up crossarms strung some wire and sat guy stub. Soper lost my plyers today. We attended Band Fair tonight.

Fri. Nov. 11, 1904: We raised poles across R.R. and strung wire also put on some more crossarms. We rec’d new plyers from Elmira tonight.

Saturday 12: We put on crossarms and strung wire got through in Troy at noon. We came home at 4 P.M.

Sunday 13: Cold raw wind began snowing about 4 P.M. Jennie & I moved our kitchen stove. Burt & Morton healped us.

Monday 14: Burt & Morton took 100 bu buckwheat to Troy shipped to Winfield. I drove my team down also took grist.

Tuesday 15: I went up to Fathers and shod my horse Kitty in morn. Father sang to B. Jones funeral.

Wednesday 16: I worked grading around house all day.

Thur. Nov. 17, 1904: I worked grading around house in forenoon. Burt went to cider mill.

Friday 18: In morning we altered stock after dinner we took up wire fence moved it and put it up again. Went to M. Edgerton tonight attended card party.

Saturday 19: about sick. Jennie was sick all day. I went to Roseville in afternoon with Father. We got plane lumber and wire for fence.

Sunday 20: Nice pleasant day. Jess Oldrold called.

Monday 21: Jennie took me to Col X Roads where I met L. Wright & Soper then we began stringing wire again put it over R.R. at Fair ground.

Tuesday 22: Jennie & I stayed at E. Besleys last night. Whe took me to work again this morning putting up wire got to Leona with one wire.

Wed. Nov. 23, 1904: We put up wire all day then came home at night. I walked part way from Col X Roads. About tired out so did not attend Band Supper tonight.

Thursday 24: Nice weather. I feel a little better this morn but ugly. Thanksgiving Day. Jennie went to Sylvania got oysters in eve. Mother, Father, Fanny, & Vera came down and ate oysters with us.

Friday 25: We fixed cellar began putting apples up. Father banked his cellar.Elliott was over here.

Saturday 26: Father & Harry went to Troy. We boys done chores put apples in cellar &. Band met tonight. Earnest Besley was up also Sam Wilson.

Sunday 27: Cold Wintry day. Edd Watkins & wife called also Homer & wife Jess Olyroid.

Monday 28: Jennie took me to Col X Roads where I met Wright & Soper. We then went to Leona arrived at noon strung wire in afternoon toward East Troy.

Tues. Nov. 29, 1904: We strung wire all day stayed at Mr. Buck’s tonight. We also called upon Mr Griffith.

Wednesday 30: We strung wire all day got one wire into East Troy at night. Stayed with Mr. Buck and played Redro tonight.

Thursday, Dec. 1: We finished stringing wire for these people today settled with them and came home. Jennie met me in Troy. We got home at 9 P.M.

Friday 2: We done odd jobs got new water-in-trough in place, sawed wood, ground feed, banked house & water pipe. Jennie & I went to Cousin Will tonight.

Saturday 3: I made feed boxes for calves in afternoon Band had wood:-bee. Got up 3 cords.

Sunday 4: Stayed at home. Ralph York called. Father & Mother went to Uncle Elijah’s. Jennie & I called on Monro in evening.

Mon. Dec. 5, 1904: We killed pig & yearling in forenoon. Afternoon snowed some so we done odd jobs.

Tuesday 6: Father went to Troy. I banked the house, split wood, took pigs up to Fathers.

Wednesday 7: We boys healped Ralph York dig icepond. Burt & Morton did not healp in afternoon. I wrenched my back.

Thursday 8: About laid up with lame back all I could do was chores. Wind blew & snowed all day.

Friday 9: Done chores built wind brake by water-in-trough. Burt & Morton went to Troy with butter which father sold at 22 cents.

Saturday 10: Snowed & wind blew. We boys threshed beans & done chores. Harry & friend called on us in afternoon.

Sun. Dec. 11, 1904: Very cold last night. I stayed by fire all day troubled with lame back. Jennie & I called on Merriot Edgerton & wife in evening.

Monday 12: Warmer wind in Soouth. I worked at water in forenoon.

Tuesday 13: I had lame back done chores. Jennie and I went up to Fathers in afternoon.

Wednesday 14: Went to Fathers in forenoon. We drew load of straw. After dinner I banked up water-in-trough. Jennie & I called on Elliott tonight.

Thursday 15: We all worked in woods getting out wood. Jennie went to troy.

Friday 16: I went to Col X Roads and healped Wright & Soper put tel wire. The boys did ot get there untill noon. We came home at night. Attended card party. [bottom line cut off]

Sat. Dec. 17, 1904: We boys went back to Col X Roads put up wire also changed cross arms at R.R. crossing by Dillon Mill near Troy. Came home at night.

Sunday 18: Done chores part of day. Homer Monro called in Evening.

Monday 19: I worked with Wright and Soper on line at Col X Roads. We got line done and I came home at night.

Tuesday 20: Went to Fathers then we all went into L. Whitlocks woods and got out wood.

Wednesday 21: The water stopped running here last night. I worked up till noon getting it started. Afternoon I built wind brake by trough.

Thursday 22: I went to Mansfield. Father went to Troy. I bought an ax. Its warmer tonight rains a little.

Fri. Dec, 23, 1904: We boys sawed wood in forenoon. After noon we shod horses two teams and fixed wagons for trip to Coal mines. Band met tonight.

Saturday 24: Burt, Morton & I took two bulls & one cow to Mainesburg (sold for $45). Morton came back home. Burt & I went to mines & got two loads of coal 3 tons.

Sunday 25: Snowed wind blew & rough all day. Clarence Elliott called. In evening Jennie & I went to Fathers had Oysters for supper with nuts & candy. A very [cut off bottom].

Monday 26: I unloaded coal went up to fathers fixed Monros wagon & returned it home. Then cooked feed for hot drew oats to barn & done other odds jobs.

Tuesday 27: Shod my horse in morn. Afternoon Father & I went to Elijahs tried to buy his calves. Bandmeeting tonight.

Wednesday 28: Wind blew like sixties. Burt went to Troy in afternoon. Jennie & I called on Yorks tonight.

Thur. Dec. 29, 1904: I went up to Fathers. Ground hand ax also double butted ax.

Friday 30: Father & I worked ceiling up separator room at his home. The band celebrated their 1st anniversity tonight with oyster supper.

Saturday 31: Louie & Leon were here in morning. We planed another ell. Went to Sanatarium fixed wire so it didn’t hum came home and worked on wire reel.