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In Their Own Words - Diaries and Letters of our Ancestors
Diary of Thomas B. Hulsander
Township: Sullivan Township, Tioga County PA
Year: 1903
Transcribed by Linda Rashidi 2018
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 Installing phone lines, Farming, and shopping from the Sears & Roebuck Catalog;

365 days in the life of Tom Hulslander

Thurs. Jan. 1, 1903: Stamford Conn. A nice pleasant day. I am not to work today as this co. I am to work for The Southern New England Telephone Company gives the day with pay to its employees. Wrother letter to Norton & Vera.

Friday 2: Cloudy but warm. Minor & I worked in Arcade building part of day preparring to put in three telephones in new bank then went on trouble to Sound Beach also up Summer St to Dillons place.

Sat. Jan. 3, 1903: Cloudy & warm a light rain part of time. Minor & I put in tele.  up Summer St, came back and connected up one in the new bank. Afternoon we went up to Dillon’s and transferred wires from old poles to new ones. I read a reg letter from Louie containing $25.

Sunday 4: Cloudy & warm.  I put lock on trunk this morning. I wrote to Louie.

Monday 5: Cloudy and warm.  Minor & I run wire on Broad St and moved telephone from Greenwich Ave. Received a letter from Nell.

Tuesday 6: Rain & Snow but warm a very nasty kind of day. We moved around office and I healped cable men in afternoon. I bought a Gem Safety Razor. I received a letter from Burt.

Wed. Jan. 7, 1903: Cold raw day. I went on trouble part of time. Then Minor and I run new  jumpers wires on cable pole by R.R. bridge on Atlantic St. I rec’d a letter from Vera.

Thursday 8: Cold raw day. I went on trouble and Minor & I finished runing new jumpers on Atlantic St cable pole by R.R. bridge. I wrote letter to cousin William Hulslander.

 think it's safe to say that the telephone poles showing in these 1910 era Stamford postcard were installed by Tom Hulslander and his work buddy, Minor.

Friday 9:  Very cold. Minor & I began work in cellar of the Fusidom Block putting in cable. We got a load of four ft wood at office. We cut some of it for furnace.

Saturday 10: Cold & windy. We went on trouble cut some wood and worked in cellar putting in cable. Received our pay. I rec’d a letter from Louie Wright.

Sun. Jan. 11, 1903: Cold, snowed and rained. Susie & I went out just for supper. I wrote to Vera & Burt.

Monday 12: Very cold day. Minor & I chased trouble moved a tele for Scofield & Miller and worked drilling hole through cellar wall. I rec’d a letter from Bro Erna.

Tuesday 13: Very cold. We worked in cellar of Millers store drilling hole through wall for cable into Lawrence drug store. I rec’d letter from Nell.

Wednesday 14: Cold wintry day. Minor & I worked in cellar most of day went on trouble some. Susie & I went out to hear Band play tonight. I wrote to Louie Wright.

Thur. Jan. 15, 1903: Weather a little warmer. Minor & I worked in cellar running okonite and cutting over some of the parties.

Friday 16: Weather warmer thawed some. Minor & I fixed guy on Cannal St. Put in telephone on Strawberry Hill, went on trouble and I tied in wire on South Atlantic St. I recd letter from Burt saying Mother had broken her wrist. Wrote a letter to Nell tonight.

Saturday 17: Fine warm day. Minor & I run loop of wire for Scofield & Miller down Cannal st and connected up their telephone in morn. We cleaned up exchange in afternoon.  L.D. Whitlock called at exchange in afternoon.

Sunday 18: Fine warm day. Susie & I went to opera last night. The play was the James Bro. I wrote to E.M. Besley.

Mon. Jan. 19, 1903: Cold raw day. Minor & I went on trouble and put in telephone in Fidelity Trust Co.

Tuesday 20: Cold but got warm. I went to Boliners Point on trouble got back at 12.30 M. afternoon Minor & I moved a telephone at Church House at South End. I recd a letter from Louie.

Wednesday 21: Warm rained very hard in morning but cleared off about noon. Minor & I worked in cellar in morn and put on arms in afternoon on Broad St. Cable pole. I recd letter from Harry also one from Will.

Thursday 22: Fine weather. Mnor & I put on crossarms until 9.30 A.M. then Minor quit work for the day to attend a funeral. I went on trouble and also to Sound Beach and began dragging a guy anchor hole. Wrote to Burt tonight.

Fri. Jan. 23, 1903: Fine weather. The Directories for the Telephone cam last night so we all worked distributing them today.

Saturday 24: Fine weather wind began to blow toward night has the appearance of storm. We went on trouble and got wire through pipe for underground cable at Wilson’s Noroton. I rec’d weeks pay also a letter from Father.

Sunday 25: Snowed last night also is snowing today. Wrote letter to Father also one to Louie Wright.

Monday 26: Fine weather. Minor & I put in tel at Wilsons on Post Road. Frank & I changed a wall set to disk stand on new line I built last summer. I had my hair cut tonight after supper. Today is Susie’s birthday 18 yr.

Tues. Jan. 27, 1903: Fine weather got quite warm. Minor & I buried a deadman and put on guy at Sound Beach also went on trouble.

Wednesday 28: Rained in morning. Frank & I put in extension telephone for Dr. Phillips at Glenbrook moved one for Dr. Munson and installed one at Presbyterian Church. Received a letter from Vera.

Thursday  29: Warm rained in afternoon. Minor & I strung wire on Manhattan St. and worked on telephone at Fidelity Title Trust Co Bank. Susie deposited $15 in Fidelity title & trust Co. Bank.

Friday 30: Rainy & quite cold finished telephone in Bank and went on trouble done other odd jobs. Mr. Mix was taken sick.

Sat. Jan. 31, 1903: Cold wind blew very hard. Went on trouble and worked around office sawing wood also Frank & I changed telephone for Mrs. Scofield on South St. I rec’d letter from Father saying he had bought B. Monro farm.

Sunday, Feb. 1: Rainy nasty kind of day. Mr. Brown & Miss Knapp came over and Susie and I went walking with them to see Mr. Brown’s automobile came back and I wrote to Billy Brown.

Monday 2: Warm light rain cloudy all day. I worked around office most of forenoon went on trouble on trunk lines afternoon took train for Noroton fixed line came back and done a little more work in office. Rec’d letters from Morton & Nell.

Tuesday 3: Nice warm day. Minor & I drove to Sound Beach and strung wire for tel at Dr. Smith’s came back at noon & Frank & I put in telephone on Greenwich Ave. I rec’d letter from Louie Wright. I wrote to Cousin William Huslander tonight.

Wed. Feb. 4, 1903: Rainy cloudy day. We done odd jobs. Minor & I went to Sound Beach and finished putting in Dr. Smith’s telephone. We dug a few clams and cooked them when we got to office. I rec’d letter from Billy Brown. I wrote to Louie W.

Thursday 5: Wind blew very hard. I took train and went to Darien and put up new wire at Post Office. Afternoon we all worked in cellar. I am tapping my shoes.

Friday 6: Fine warm day. Minor & I fixed guy went on trouble packed up moter and ran new loop in to Eckharts on Strawberry Hill. Rec’d our weeks pay.

Saturday 7: Nice pleasant day. Minor & I went on trouble and worked on Broad St cable pole in morn. Afternoon went to Boliners Point and fixed one pair cable also put glass on line.

Sun. Feb. 8, 1903: Rained hard all day. Susie is quite sick so we did not go out for anything.

Monday 9: Windy & cold. Minor & I worked in cellar’s drilling walls in forenoon. Afternoon went on trouble. Susie has a very sore throat.

Tuesday 10: Fine warm day. Minor & I worked on Broad St. cable pole transferring wires & taking off old crossarms. Susie keeps about the same.

Wednesday 11: Cloudy began raining afternoon rained very hard all afternoon. I filed saws all morn afternoon. Minor & I changed wall set to desk stand on Grove St. then went on trouble. Susie is not any better. I rec’d letters from E.M. Besley & from Louie Wright.

Thur. Feb. 12, 1903: Fine weather. Minor & I went on trouble and cut off top of Broad St Cable Pole. Jennie keeps about the same but I think is improving some.

Friday 13: Fine weather more like April than February. Minor & I cut some wires over on Myrtle Ave then changed Tel at Freight house done some other small jobs. I wrote to Billy B and Father tonight.

Saturday 14: Fine weather. Minor & I done odd jobs. I quit work tonight for Southern New England telephone co.

Sunday 15: Rained. Jennie & I packed up our trunks bought our RR tickets to Bingo N.Y. & visited at Miss Knapps on Banks St. Frank Baxter called on us in afternoon.

Mon. Feb. 16, 1906: Rained snowed some last night. Miss Knapp, Jennie and I took train for N.Y. at 9.40 AM where we met Charley Brown who showed us around N.Y. until 2.45 PM when Jennie & I took Erie train at Jersey City and came to Binghamton where we arrived at 8.55 P.M. were met by Billy Brown & wife.

Tuesday 17: Snowed & wind blew snow about 14 inches deep. I visited around Binghamton until noon when Jennie & I took train came to Elmira changed cars came to Col X Roads where we were met about 9 P.M. by Burt & John Hacket who brought us on home.

Wednesday 18: Wind blew and was very cold. I found folks all well at home. We did not do anything but chores. Mercury stood 10 degrees below zero.

Thursday 19: Cold weather. Father went to Mansfield with Whitlock. We boys shoveled out road o to hill and done chores.

Fri. Feb. 20, 1903: Cold but wind did not blow. Leon Wood came with his team and healped us get some logs over hill to house. In afternoon we ground some chop feed.

Saturday 21: Wind blew quite hard. Father, Harry & I went to Troy. Father bought B. Monro farm of Mr. & Mrs. Besley for $3300. The deed was drawn by Lawyer David Fanning in his office at Troy. We got home about 6 P.M.

Sunday 22: Weather a little warmer did not go out of house.

Monday 23: Fine weather. Burt & I drew saw logs to sawmill and prepaired for a trip to Mansfield.

Tues. Feb. 24, 1903: Fine weather. Burt & I went to Mansfield to mill and got two loads of coal. Nice sleighing.

Wednesday 25: Fine weather. Burt & I cut and put up three loads of ice. I wrote to Frank Baxter tonight also to Western Electric Co.

Thur. Feb. 26, 1903: Fine Weather. Burt & I finished packing up went and got load of sawdust. Then Father, Burt & I drag-sawed also split shingle bolts.

Friday 27: Waether got quite warm bean to rain about dark. I took team and took too loads of shingle bolts to Sylvania. John Hulslander & Frank Korbet was here visiting. Harry,  Vera, and Susie went to Burt Styres tonight to a party.

Sat. Feb. 28, 1903: Rained some. Snow about all went off. I went to A.A. Richmond to fix his telephone afternoon finished sawing shinglebolts took up drag saw and ground grist for Richmond. At night Harry & I went to Austinville to Lodge roads was very muddy.

Sun. March 1, 1903: Cold froze up hard. We all stayed at home. I hardly went out of house.

Monday 2: Fine weather. We sawed wood with circle saw about noon the packing blew out of engine which delayed us about two hours.

Tuesday 3: Fine day. We finished sawing wood and took saw over to Oris Mudge. Afternoon Burt and I drew wood to its place and piled it also went over in woods and got boiling pan.

Wed. March 4, 1903: Fine weather. Father, Mother and Susie went to Troy. Burt and I trimed up apple trees on B. Monro place which was first work we done on new farm.

Thursday 5: Rained part of day. We tinkered in shop in morning. Afternoon Father, Burt & I trimed apple trees. The Voltus Band was reorganized tonight with 11 members.

Friday 6: Fine weather. Father went to sing at Gray’s funeral. Burt and I began cutting wood for Frank Beardsley.

Saturday 7: Cloudy with light rain. Father went to G.A.R Post meeting at Roseville. Burt, Morton, Harry and I cut wood for Beardsley.

Sun. March 6, 1906: Cloudy & warm. I am pretty lame from effects of sawing wood. Wrote letter to Minor Dribble, Louie Wright.

Monday 9: Very warm & muddy. Father and I had such bad colds we did not go out of house.

Tuesday 10: Warm & muddy. Stayed in with cold ground chop in afternoon.

Wednesday 11: Weather continues the same. We split some wood. Father picked chop stome (?). Burt, Morton and I finished cutting wood for school house.

Thur. March 12, 1903: Ground chop for L.D. Whitlock in morn. Afternoon Burt, Morton and I tapped sugar bush. Wesley Reynolds and Charles Kelley came over to see Father.

Friday 13: Warm did not freeze, but a little. Burt & I went in morning on B Monro farm to cut some wood. Afternoon we all went into sugar bush and tapped some more trees. Father & I fixed arch for boiling sap.

Saturday 14: We gathered Sap had about 8 barrels finished tapping trees. Afternoon Harry, Burt and I worked at sawmill drawing logs on skids and takeing care of lumber had 2480 ft sawed. My cold is quite bad tonight.

Sunday 15: Nice warm muddy morning. My cold is a little better this morn.

Mon. March 16, 1903: Fine weather. We gathered sap in morning afternoon Father boiled and Morton, Burt & I worked getting wood for house on B. Monro farm. I sent Reg letter to Sears Bobuck & Co ordering household furniture to the Amt of $55.

Tuesday 17: Fine weather. Father, Burt, Morton and I worked getting wood for me at other house. The Debating Society met tonight and debated on which us more useful to country the farmer or Manufacturer.

Wednesday 18: Fine weather. Father, Burt, Morton and I worked getting wood for me on B. Monro farm.

Thursday 19: Fine weather. Father and Jennie went to Troy. Burt, Morton & I worked getting wood for me on B Monro farm. Voltus Cornet Band met and was permanently organized tonight.

Fri. March 20, 1903: Fine weather. I worked for the Elk Run and Mansfield Telephone Co stringing wire from Leon Smiths toward Elk Run. There was a party tonight at E.M. Besleys. I was so tired I did not go the other young people here all went. Fathers Sugar House and contents burned today noon.

Saturday 21: Rained a light show in morn they stopped but began again about 3 P.M. and rained very hard. I worked for telephone co finishing putting up their wire. Jennie Preston and children came here visiting.

Sunday 22: Fine weather a little colder this morn.

Monday 23: Rained very hard. We boys ground feed and Father & I made a stoneboat. L.D. Whitlock brought grist and his horses ran away.

Sat. March 28, 1903: Fine weather. I worked for Elk Run & Mansfield telephone co putting in telephones and stringing wire.

Sunday 29: Fine weather. Earna Besley visited us at Fathers in morn. Afternoon Father and I went visiting at Uncle Elijahs.

Monday 30: Cold raw wind this morning began Raining at 3 P.M. had an awful storm. I worked part of day for Grays Valley telephone co stringing wire from Mainesburg to Sylvania.

Tuesday 31: Rained a little this morning. I moved Susie’s and my things from Fathers place down to the other house where Susie and I are going to live. Debating Society met tonight.

Wed. April 1, 1903: Fine weather. Harry and I worked for Telephone Co. stringing wire from Mainesburg to Sylvania. We got along to Robbins Hill.

Thursday 2: Very windy. Harry & I worked stringing wire for telephone co we got as far as Joe Stranges. Had Bandmeeting in new Band Hall tonight.

Friday 3: Windy rained some this morning. Susie & I moved into house on B Monro farm. Harry & I worked for Telephone co in Grays Valley this afternoon.

Saturday 4: Wind blew awful hard snowed some. Was very cold. Harry & I worked stringing wire for Grays Valley telephone co. Received a letter from Frank Baxter also one from Sears Roebuck & Co.

Sun. April 5, 1903: Fine weather from very hard last night but is warming up today. Louie Wright came up to healp me on line tonight.

Monday 6: Very windy. Louie & I worked for Grays  Valley Telephone Co putting on crossarms from Sylvania toward Mansfield.

Tuesday 7: Windy with showers. Louie & I worked part of day for telephone co came home and done some odd jobs around house. I got ten hens and one rooster from home tonight.

Wednesday 8: Nice & pleasant in morning. Afternoon rained very hard. Louie & I worked 6 hrs each for telephone co. We got very wet before we got home, Wrote to Frank Baxter tonight.

Thur. April 9, 1903: Fine weather. Louie and I worked for Gray’s Valley telephone co. finished stringing wire for them to Sylvania got through about 5 P.M. Had Band Meeting tonight in New hall.

Friday 10: Fine weather. We brought Engine down. I got Richmonds circle saw and sawed up my wood. Louie healped me all day. Homer Monro healped in afternoon. Burt & Father healped saw.

Saturday 11: Fine weather. We took machine over to H. B. Monro and sawed his wood got through at 2 P.M. Moved engine back home. Louie healped Home saw. Burt & I worked with engine. Louie gave his time to me for collection of $.75.

Sunday 12: Cloudy light rain and cold. As this was Easter Susie & I went up home and had dinner with Father and Mother.

Mon. April 13, 1903: Fine weather. Burt & I plowed in field below horse barn. The rest ground feed.

Tuesday 14: Rained awful hard all day. Burt & Morton came down and healped me split wood in the woodshed.

Wednesday 15: Rained all day. I split wood in shed afternoon Harry and Burt came down Harry cut my hair and shaved me.

Thursday 16: Cloudy rained some in afternoon. Father, Harry, Morton, Burt & I trimmed apple trees.

Fri. April 17, 1903: Fine weather. We all worked trimming trees. Harry went to Mansfield in afternoon.

Saturday 18: Fine weather. Burt and I went to Troy where I got some furniture from Sears Roebuck & Co also some tools. I went to IOOF tonight with B.G. Bradford.

Sunday 19: Fine warm weather. Homer & Minnie visited us in morning. Harry went to Mansfield today to begin going to school tomorrow.

Monday 20: Fine weather. We dragged piece of ground on hill by Bradfords and sowed oats. Homer Monro sent his man with team to healp us drag in afternoon. E.M. Besley came and took telephone out of house today.

Tues. April 21, 1903: Fine weather. We dragged and sowed piece of ground on side hill above woods.  Milton healped today.

Wednesday 22: Fine weather. We dragged and sowed piece of oats on side hill in field where stone heap is. Father & Burt ground chop. Milton healped until noon.

Thursday 23: Fine weather. We drew some hay in horse barn finished plowing below road by horsebarn then came down here and began plowing field on hill by orchard.

Friday 24: Fine weather. Burt & I plowed some by orchard was too wet so we plowed my garden and started plowing yard in forenoon. Afternoon dragged and drew stone on hill. Father, Vera, Jennie & I went to Elk Run tonight where Father practice singing for Edgertons funeral which is tomorrow.

Wed. April 29, 1903: Fine weather quite warm. I worked all day putting in telephones got in 9. John Woodard healped me.

Thursday 30: Nice day but quite windy. I worked for telephone co until 3 P.M. Burt came back home to work again this afternoon.

Friday, May 1: Fine weather. Burt and I plowed Barley ground on B Monro farm by orchard finished about 5 P.M.

Saturday 2: Fine weather. I went this afternoon to Mainesburg to connect wire on switch board did not get quite done because did not have wire enough.

Sun. May 3, 1903: Fine Day. Harry called in morning. Ruth Besley came visiting. Held Bandmeeting in hall this afternoon.

Monday 4: Fine weather. We dragged ground and sowed Barley on B Monro farm by orchard.

Tuesday 5: Fine weather. I dragged garden in forenoon. Father and I went to Troy in afternoon. I got stove, couch, mattress and telephone. Payed Waldo & Soper $6 for use of line one year. Had Bandmeeting in Hall tonight.

Wednesday 6: Fine weather. Sat up stove in morn. Afternoon planted potatoes in yard and Garden also two rows of sweetcorn; peas, onions, radishes.

Thur. May 7, 1903: Fine weather. Father & I fixed fence in forenoon. Afternoon I drilled oats for L. D. W. Burt & Morton rolled oat ground.

Friday 8: Fine weather. Burt & Morton Rolled oat ground. Father and I worked new wooding roller of L.D.W. finished about night and started to roll some with it.

Saturday 9: Fine weather. Father, Burt, Moron and I rolled oat ground in forenoon. Afternoon Father went to Roseville. Burt, Morton & I went fishing. Susie went visiting to Burt Styres. Had Bandmeeting tonight.

Sunday 10: Fine pleasant day. Father and Mother came down and ate dinner with us. I wrote to Sears Roebuck & Co about stove.